The artificial way is the boring way. The Spirit of God makes us who we are.
Do not limit yourself because of your personality. Meet God at the Cross. 1 Kings 14:1-4

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11472
7:30 PM on 5/16/2018



P. Schaller

Is he real? Is he alive? Has he risen from the dead? Has he done something the world can’t do? Has he overcome death without money? How did he do that without money? He did it with his character and nature. We are the Body of Christ.

Convention last week of June is coming and we are getting news from abroad. We’re going to see people face to face.

1 Ki 14:1, I want to say something about being authentic and Spirit filled.

We also have sketch board over here. When we go out on the streets and set that up, we do a painting. I remember when we were doing it in Hungary. We were making up these sketch board messages. You have to find a current event and bring it out. Put over the title [?] that’s a name of a Russian submarine that sank in the Bearing Sea north of Norway. I put up a submarine and a clock and we gave a message. The submarine was under water. Nobody could save it; no one could reach the submarine. The British tried, the Norwegian navy, the Russians and 118 men on the submarine and time was passing. Then they all perished. They were knocking on the haul of the submarine trying to make contact. Our message was we are not in a submarine but we are in the world and time is passing. Are you knocking? Are you wanting to be saved? Do you want someone bigger, someone great and mighty to save you? We would give that message in the streets and sometimes we had a big crowd. One day a man in the back row came up to me. He was Russian, so he didn’t know what it was saying but recognized the name and that it was a submarine because my drawing was so good! [Laugh]. He said I was on that submarine, before it sank obviously. We shared with him. Our days in Hungary were amazing in many ways. One of our brothers there passed into eternity. A Finnish businessman we met in 1991. He was lost and he was in the bar room and lonely and he had a problem with alcohol but he was a businessman doing his thing. He was drawn to us because we had a lot of Finnish people on our team. He was not a believer. He had light skin being a Finn and he would turn red for different reasons. If he got angry or embarrassed, he would turn red. I remember him in our meetings. He didn’t want to be a believer. He didn’t want to be religious. I would preach and sometimes he would turn red. I didn’t know if he was angry with me or if he was convicted. Months passed and I met him in the summer. In the month of October, about the middle of the month, he wanted to talk to me and he said I’ve been wrestling with this and I want to get saved. I said awesome. He got saved and became like a team member. He followed God. It was such a joy.

1 Ki 14:1-2, I started to think of all the stories where someone is disguising themselves. I’m the preacher and I should tell you what they are! A woman went for Joab before David and she was set up to talk to David. Saul when he went to the witch disguised himself to find out if he could talk to Samuel. It was illegal in the country and he didn’t want her to know who he was. Ahab disguised himself when he went out to battle. Common thing for all of us to disguise ourselves. In the church it isn’t what we always are in the home. What we are when people are watching us is not what we are under pressure. We say one thing one day and another thing another day with different people. This is the human race to be honest. The human race is presenting itself and we wonder what is really there.

The heart is deceitful, Jer. 17:9. My sin has turned me away. My sin is so bad I don’t know how bad it is and how it affects my way of thinking.

vs. 2-4 we have a woman disguising herself plus a blind prophet. He’s a man of God, a prophet and he can’t see physically but he can see. I’m excited about Convention because I know when we get together, we are able to see what others can’t see. Honest. I believe that. I believe when someone comes and we are brothers in God and we are together in Christ we see that. We see it. I might be old and my eyes are dim but I can see spiritually. We can see.

I called Pastor Niyazi today who lives in Toronto and had an amazing time listening to him as he shared about his life, his children and church and ministry. We love P. Niyazi and Irada very much. He said Pastor it’s amazing the church gets together on Saturday and they pray and see each other and go on outreach. He said I have been to four or five churches here and they never think of that. He said it’s so healthy we agree we’re going to talk to people about Christ and we get together and meet each other and pray and go do it. Wow.

There are many things we have learned about in life, – listen to this. I don’t think so much we are disguising ourselves. I think this is really who we are and this is such a joy for us that this is who we are. It’s what we think. It’s what we believe. This big business guy in the world hanging out with us and I remember seeing it happen. He would make maybe a dirty joke or something and we didn’t laugh and he’s trying to figure out who we are. He’s trying to understand who we are. Are you wearing a disguise? It’s amazing. I’m not. I am but we are not any different. We have a sin nature but it’s boring to be artificial. It’s empty to play the game. Have you noticed what is going on in our country on many levels? Have you noticed the people playing games in life are sometimes found out? Sometimes the veil is ripped away and they are standing there. What? You found out? You are saying you are realizing. We are saying not just recently but all of human history is about this, that we are found out. God has a way of finding out who we are. I was thinking about marriage.

I’ve been married 42 years and it’s been an amazing thing. Sometimes it’s really tough. What’s so funny! You and your wife and it’s not smooth and it’s rough going, pressures, misunderstandings; you say the wrong thing. Maybe you don’t love each other as much as you used to or you don’t express it. We learn it’s upside down, a mess, and okay I don’t have the patience for it. But I want to be committed in such a way before God to life that I’m not going to wear a disguise if I can help it. I believe I am crucified with Christ and now I live and it’s not me. It’s Christ in me. Some people say no that’s not real. You have to live in your circumstances. That’s the way the world is. That’s reality. Your boss might say this is how it is. Get with the program. That might be how the world is but that’s not how I am. In your case why don’t you consider getting a divorce? That’s not the way I understand my life. That’s a disguise. The world has a lot to say. This is the way it rolls in the world. I don’t get with that program. Your program is Halloween every day. Mine is to live by Christ’s love and grace and find God’s reality. I don’t want to be artificial. The millennials are saying they wanted authenticity. Good news for them, there isn’t any outside of Jesus Christ. You’re as phony as a two dollar bill and so am I. We put on a disguise.

vs. 5-6. I’ve gone to church that way. I’ve got my disguise on. Oh come in. We know who you are. Come on in. You are crucified with Christ, raised with him, baptized into the Body and you have the mind of Christ. Thank you for telling me. I put on for an hour my makeup because I’m insecure but meet the people of God and find myself edified in the ways of God, the mind of God, and the thoughts of God. I cannot believe people from China can come and be with us and when they do, there is no disguise. It’s like the Lord is here. People from France come and other Europeans and Afghan and South American countries. We say, do you know what I know? God showed up and went right to our face. When the Lord said seek my face, the face of God I will seek….it is the source of our edification. When God speaks to you as to who you really are, it’s very edifying. I did hesitate, bock, didn’t know for sure, and had moments of insecurity. I was kind of hiding a bit but when you find me, I am found. I am loved, edified, and understood, encouraged and you are able to build me up. When Jonathan and David were together, there was no disguise. In a marriage you have to be committed. You have to be committed to God’s reality, not yours or the world. The world says this is the way it is. This is the way it is. This is how we roll. You have to decide. I don’t care about what you are saying. This is not the way it is in me. You got it. This is not the way it is in me. I don’t do that. That’s not the way it is in my life. You go to some jobs and the people tell you the way it is and you can believe whatever you want but I’m not persuaded. I got something. I go to bed with something in my heart that I’m thankful the Spirit of God is coming in my heart and this is who I am. It’s that amazing. This is who I am on vacation, at work, in my marriage when I’m having trouble, in front of people. This is who I am in my life. Remember my last message on love not the world.

Some have a hard time taking the mask off. Take it off yourself or one day somebody will rip it off and even worse one day it’s gone and you have to face God and you won’t have the mask that day. You’ll stand before God. We have a choice. Wear the mask and play the game or have it ripped off now. When that happens the Spirit of God is saying I am with you. I will lead you. You will be who I want you to be. Do not limit yourself by your personality. Someone might say I can’t be a servant of God because of my personality. Who cares about your personality? That’s not the criteria. The cross is where we meet God, where we die and then we live. This is the Spirit of God flowing out of our belly. Find the joy in serving God.

We have a new brother, Ryan. Anu met him in the street and he said come to Bible college and he sat in class Monday night. He said so much what you said relates to my life. I’m believing God. I’ve had a hard time. My dad died and I fell into depression.

Every one of us have something. God’s grace is greater. God’s Spirit speaks. Show up in your prayer times and listen to God. Do something beyond your natural life. Live in service and find the face of God shining on your face…don’t live in murmuring and complaining….Moses is face to face.

Don’t live based on what the world is saying. You got to get in step with the age we live in. You want us to put on a disguise and play a game like you are. Watch God promote you in the reality of who he is.

We go from wisdom to righteousness to righteousness. That’s the message. Amen.



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