World wants to say to me — You need me. We do not need the world. Don’t buy that lie. Don’t be a friend to the world. Love of God is in you, you start to think with Him. Receive from the world what God has for you in it. World wants to replace God in our lives. This planet is ours. We belong here. We don’t the world. (James 4:4; 2:23, 1 John 2:15, 2 Kings 3:14)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Alan Leitner
Sermon # 11471
6:30 PM on 5/13/2018


P. Schaller

Convention is coming up pretty soon. We are praying for it and thinking a lot about it, anticipating the Spirit moving amongst us during the Convention week. To have a focus in your heart of expectation and coming to the Convention, as people come, they are starting to come now, with prayer and saying in our hearts God, when we assemble in faith and come looking at him and he is ministering to us. We have real expectation for that. We’re going to give a short message on love not the world.

James 4:4 those are strong words. What he means the Jewish people understood adultery was on one level a real sin. Man in a sexual relationship with a married woman or vice versa and this is in Israel loving the world. When Israel loved the world, God was being betrayed. That happens with us when we love the world.

vs. 4. Friend of the world. If you go back to chapter 2, Abraham in vs. 23 is called a friend of God. Friend of God or friend of the world. You betray God and become a friend of the world – that is spiritual adultery.

1 Jn 2:15, love not the world. The world wants to say to me all the time you need me. You won’t get a paycheck without me. What would you say to them? I don’t need you. I give you a paycheck, a diploma, your reputation, I gave you connections. You say you didn’t do that. God did it. God gives me a paycheck, a job, friends, my character, – God gave it to me. World says no. I did it. You need me. You need my wisdom, my advice, my power. You need me. What do you say? When you buy that lie that I will not have anything without the world, then you are a friend of the world. Not only do I believe that but I enjoy it. It’s the world. You get the idea. Believers love the world.

vs. 15. This is what happens when LOG is in you. You start to think the world is fine. I live in it. I have a house, a job, whatever I do. I buy a sandwich and the company that sells it could be wicked and evil. I don’t care. That’s not my battle. We are in the world and I’m not here to change the world. I’m in the world receiving from God what God has for me and I don’t love it but I use it. I use it. These are tools but it doesn’t have me. I have it. When Jesus needed a donkey, he had it because the world needed it. It was a worldly donkey owned by a worldly man. Who knows but the world has need of him. We don’t love the world. It wants to replace God in my life. It wants to say you don’t need God. I’m here giving you a paycheck, making you healthy. Your political party. I’m here for you. I am the world. I’m here for you. You are here but I don’t need you. I have God. He is my life. He is bigger than the world. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. We are here using our cars, going to MVA, getting our driver’s license, our passports and operate in the world. This planet Earth is ours. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. When the sun comes up and it’s a beautiful morning you can say thank you God. I love being here on your planet in your time and way but this world doesn’t have me. I have you and you have it and we are ordained to love you with all our heart, mind, soul, strength and you will take care of us in this world. The world will say you are crazy when you find God. To get you to say I need the world. We don’t need the world or love the world. It’s for his glory and we are here as the crown of his creation.



P. Alan Leightner

What a great message. I can’t wait until the next part of it. The Bible is so practical, isn’t it? It’s a practical book. It shows us how to live our lives. It gives us secrets, amazing insight. It connects us to God. Christ himself comes in the volume of the book and reveals himself to us.

Heb. 12:11-12 we were speaking about it a little at outreach at our table. I was thinking the first time I heard it I didn’t understand it. The drooping hands and weak knees didn’t strike home to me. Then at a Bible study with P. Bruce Johnson he preached on it and it came alive. It’s very practical. In the verses before it talks about how your fathers chastised you and you respected them. Then it talks about God chastening you. You were punished when my dad punished me. Is God going to punish me that way? When you are put in time out, when being disciplined, when I’m out of sorts or doing something I would want to be doing. You’re washing dishes instead of playing football because you’re being punished. You’re not doing what you want to be doing. Those weak hands and legs are dragging yourself in a process you didn’t want to be in but were put in. Make straight paths. There is a possibility if you don’t you could be put out of joint. You’re dislocated. If ever dislocate something, it’s a painful process. When you’re in the situation, make straight paths for your feet and you’ll be healed. There is a healing that comes. You weren’t planning on being where you are now. God says I have a healing for you in it. Make straight paths for your feet. You’re doing the dishes and don’t want to be. These dishes are going to sparkle. I’m going to scrub the floor and wipe down every counter. I’m going to make a plan with God. Make straight paths is the redemptive plan with God. Instead of thinking this is the situation I don’t want to be in, I’m going to think what are the tools I got at my disposal? This is my world. It is my inheritance. I’m very happy to give you the kingdom. We have tools at our disposal. How can in this situation I have a redemptive plan. Maybe I’m in a situation with a group of people. God has a redemptive plan for that group of people.

Rev. 3:15-18, you’re neither hot nor cold. I think I’m not where I want to be. Isn’t that easy to be in that place. I like how he says you’re not hot. I want you to be hot. God is saying you are not hot and you’re not cold. I could work with you in either one of those situations. The picture I get is a few weeks ago we were playing with our niece and nephew. You hide something and go look for it and when get closer, getting warm, burning up. If in the other direction, getting cold, freezing now. They are looking for something. In one sense looking and is the right direction and in the other looking and not the right direction. You have droopy hands and sliding those feet. I want you to make a transaction with me. Buy from me. What’s the currency? Believing. The church of Laodicea is rich and has everything they need. Wouldn’t it be easy to say I’m saved? I have everything I need. I believe in eternal security. It would be better if you were cold. Make a transaction with me. Buy gold, the divinity of God. Jesus is good for your situation. Gold refined in the fires of our problems and difficulties. We’re looking for Jesus in there. You’re getting hot. No, you’re getting cold. The righteousness put on our account. We have been made clean by the blood of Jesus. If I think I’m okay, I’m blind and pitiful. The R of God makes me right with God. That gold is good for the situation. It can be refined in the fire and come out purer than it was. Eye salve so your eyes are open to the possibilities of living in time and space. Maybe things aren’t the way you wanted them to be. The other one is I’m fine. Everything is fine. Make a transaction with God. The message tonight is to make a transaction with God. Make a decision. I have been loving the world and mixing faith and going in a different direction. I’m repenting. I’m turning to Christ because of the message I’m hearing tonight.



P. Schaller

Like Pastor Scibelli said today failure is not final. A perfect message for Mother’s Day. He showers us with grace and gives us the Spirit of God and focus.

We’re going to go to 2 Kings. I’m going to do something challenging. I have to get moving and we have to have a peppy message as we finish out our message.

In two weeks, will be Missions and Faith Promise. Friday night, very affordable. We want to have families come. We’ll have a bouncy house for kids and hamburgers and hotdogs. 12 days from now. Convention. Can you think of one person living abroad that you want them to come to Convention and you’ll think about them and pray for them? We’ll have Grace Hour here for Convention. We’re multiplying around the world. Imagine in Japan. We were just in China and there is no way to explain it except God.

I love the Asia direction because we believe we are in the end times. There is a harvest and God is doing the work and it is awesome. I spent the afternoon in the church in my office in the quiet. I spent time thinking, praying, waiting on God, reading this portion in 2 Kings, Chapters 1-5. I read the end of 1 KI 22 about Ahab. I want to share a few things about these chapters. Ahab was ungodly and worshipped other gods. A perfect example of a godless leader who is misleading a country into idolatry. There was a prophet in the south, Elijah. There is Elijah and Elisha so I say Elijah I and II. Elijah I was considered an enemy by Ahab. Elijah said I am not the enemy. The world considers anybody who has the Holy Spirit as an enemy. The world will say you can do anything you want, this is a new age mentality, believe anything you want but don’t be serious with God, a true worshipper of God. You can be religious all day long. If you immigrate to Israel, you can be a Jew who is a Buddhist, a Muslim, an atheist but you can’t be a Christian Jew, generally as a policy. You may not be accepted into the country. Pharaoh is saying you can worship God. Leave your children and cattle here but don’t be serious about this thing because this is my country and you are my slaves. Because you are thinking about it, I’ll make you work harder. I expect more from you. When God shows up, there is a challenge with the world. God says we’re out of here. Pharaoh, you are not God. I am God and these are my people. I made a promise and they will come out and I’ll bring them out. I’m not negotiating with you. I’m telling you let my people go. It’s going to happen just as sure as I made little green apples. The world is too strong in the lives of some people. Your identity is an amazing aspect of your victory over the world. You’re able to say I don’t need you. They don’t like it. Of course you need us. You need our government, our services, our medicine, our education. Of course you do. When my God is my God, he can use the services that are here but you don’t have my heart. I don’t love the world system that lives without God. I love God more than I love the world. I have found a new love. This is only by the H.S. The H.S. did this. Short diagram. Here’s a king Ahab and his story about the world. He didn’t want to dress like a king. The enemy said we are targeting the king of Israel. Jehoshaphat was dressed like a king but realized he wasn’t one. Ahab was dressed as a common soldier, incognito. An archer drew at a venture and launched an arrow and it had Ahab’s name on it. In between the crease of the armor it found its mark. He died that night bleeding together.

Over against him is Elijah. Ahab’s son Ahaziah, 2 Ki 1:1 he falls from a high place. He was up in his home and something gave way and he fell. It’s another message but I like to think how the proud fall. How their world collapses. The fall of the devil. So beautiful and intelligent yet he fell. Adam and Eve in the Garden and they fell. Only one not fallen and he visited us in the upper room. We have an upper room where you don’t fall. The H.S was sent in the upper room in Pentecost. God has not made you to fall but to be honored and respected. We drink from that fountain. We would be able to say with God you are enough for me. You are my door, my way, my shepherd, my bread, my manna, my priest, the answer, the captain of my salvation, the bright and morning star, the creator and Savior of mankind. I honor you. Hallowed be thy name. God does not make us to fall but the world falls. Ahab’s other son takes over Jehoram.

1 Ki 2, Elijah and Elisha. He has twice the spirit. He has the same kind of ministry. He doesn’t like these guys. They are enemies of God. They are idolaters. They are worldly, of the world. They love the world. They are rich, powerful men but they fall. They are men looking for connections with the kings of Judah. Jehoshaphat is here during this period and they say Jehoshaphat. He’s godly but he’s going for the bait with Ahab. He goes for the bait with Jehoram. Elisha follows Elijah and he is a man of God. It’s amazing. If you can be following tightly to a man of God, some day that will come off of you. One brother came this morning and he goes like this, I got to get some of that on me! I want to get it. I got to get it. The world is powerful. The world and my sin nature. I want to be accepted. There is something I’m overlooking but here we read about a man of God who follows another man of God very closely, wherever he goes he’s with him. I’m not going to leave you. This is a great aspect for life with us. I got to get close enough so some of that H.S. ministry is received by me. A lot of times I don’t know how much is getting into me. Why not use my time and in my heart seek the living God. He will baptize me into the Body and connect me with my brothers and sisters. I want to say to the audience for Convention. Church is like Chicago and Nashville and Toronto and Montreal, and Pastor Obed coming and (he’s naming more) we are part of the family and God has ordained for us to have a portion that will be helpful for our sisters and brothers and they have a portion for us. Ken Fyers called me up and they are not doing the van but they are going to fly up. P. Perkins told me yesterday we are coming to Convention. We’re excited about it. In a way, we are like Elijah and Elisha. We are one or the other and as churches this is part of our life and upbringing. In a sense the world is vying for our hearts and our interest and our time and devotion and dedication to the world. I think I can be a professional person but God has my heart and fills me with the Holy Spirit in my working place. Abraham Lincoln, I’ll tell you in my own words. He was working hard on his speech. He did 175 speeches on slavery. He focused on ending slavery. He was invited to New York and learned there would be 1,500 listening to him…he said I can’t go. I have to go to my hotel room, lock the door, and concentrate on my lecture. I have to focus on what I’m doing. He changed the nation. He delivered a message and shortly after he is elected as president of the United States and inaugurated. A preacher is no less than a president or a man that has something on his heart burning. I believe God put that on his heart. We are men of God and Elijah was someone who had something going on. This king, Jehoshaphat hooked up with the ungodly king of Israel. He was king of Judah.

They called Elijah vs. 14 chapter 3. 2 Ki 3:14 he’s the godly king but compromising by being with Jehoram. The prophet is saying if it wasn’t for me honoring King Jehoshaphat, I would not look toward you or see you. I have nothing to do with you, Jehoram. Why didn’t he care about him? He didn’t care about him because Elijah has something. He has the H.S. I want to say something about it. You better be able to walk away from some relationships. They are not good for you. You fight for other relationships that you are in that are right from God and beautiful. In your marriage you fight for your marriage. You work towards wining people but some you say I don’t even see you. I don’t even look at you. I don’t have anything to do with you. I don’t trust you or depend on you or need you. I don’t even look at you.

Remember hang up the phone Eric. We made a big deal about it. I don’t know where he went but he started picking up the phone. One guy in prison said he threw his phone out the window. He ended up going to jail. Some of these people don’t get it. You don’t get it. Are you kidding me? Elijah is saying I am so serious about God and truth and so tuned in like a laser I don’t care about you. Let God save you. I’m not saving you. People hang out and gossip and criticize and accuse the church, they accuse P. Scibelli, P. Schaller, P. Stevens and anybody else. You listen to that garbage day and night. What is the point of our conversation? You want to take me out? I leave the church. Where am I now? With you? Hanging out and drinking and partying and your life is dead in the water. He said if it wasn’t for Jehoshaphat, I wouldn’t look at you. Wow. That’s real stuff. We are too wishy washy. We don’t have convictions about things. We don’t know about spiritual warfare. We are more like Jehoshaphat. We say he’s a nice guy. We’re all working together. Let’s get along. It’s international politics. Elijah is saying I have the Spirit of God and I’m happy and don’t have to be popular or be the majority. The world is not giving me a damn thing. Every time I get a sandwich, I say thank you God you gave me that food. McDonalds is saying no we gave you that food, or whatever restaurant you want to pick. We can go to town on that one. We need a lot of it. There are Christians that love the world. They do. They love the world and don’t know what the love of God is.

When you love God, you love the people in the world. You reach them and care about them and your heart gets big. We love the people that are lost in this world. We are like Jesus. We are not compromising with it. We have a spirit of truth in us and know the difference. We have a good word in season and have to get angry about things too.

Jesus was awesome and extraordinarily sharp and clear and very angry sometimes with people playing the religious game and just as worldly as any adulterer or gossiper. He didn’t buy it and he had a sharp word for them.



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