Jesus came as a root from dry ground. There was nothing in Christ that seemed  honorable. Unto us who believe, however, He is everything. Human heart was made for honor. (Proverbs 22:1)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11468
7:30 PM on 5/9/2018


P. Schaller

I was surprised when I stood up here for I saw a dear brother from the Himalayan mountains, P. Rajan, a GG pastor sitting right here. You know why he’s so suntan? When you are up so high, you are closer to the sun. (He’s sharing and praying for our service). The mayor of the city he is in, Nepal, asked him to join him to meet the mayor of Kansas City. So he went there and shared the message and managed to squeeze in two days in Baltimore.

Prov. 22, I like that music and the style and spirit of the music.

vs. 1. What is on my heart is the subject of honor. For a few days I have been thinking about it. I haven’t heard much preached about it lately and I’m the preacher! We got to fix that I think. Say a few things about it in our meeting. It’s amazing when honor exists and honor happens vertically with God honoring you and you honoring God and the people you are with and honoring people. Honor your mother and father was said to the Jewish children and carried it to the world as a commandment. What is it and where does it come from and how does it work?

Prov 22:1, 4; Solomon was given one wish and God said if you could have one thing what would you wish for? He didn’t wish for the death of his enemies or long life but wisdom to guide and lead the people of Israel.

Because you have answered in such an honorable way, God said, I’ll give you everything, riches, long life and your enemies won’t disturb you until 1 Ki 11 when that all started. When the Ayatollah Khomeini was living in Paris, France and flew back to Iran and took over the country. That happened in Israel when Solomon started to live in sin, his enemies started to rise up. They started to move in and take over because Solomon lost the honor that he had for God and lived in sin and he found himself in a lot of trouble. We have the word used in many ways in our New Testament.

I have a page from Vines Greek dictionary. TIME – it means a valuing, a price paid or received, a sum. We also have the word costly, precious and dear as synonyms. It is used for the preciousness of Christ.

I read in the Hebrew today – turn to Is 53 regarding Christ when he was on the earth as a man it says in vs 2. (He’s reading it). I read there is a Hebrew word here and it is the word honor and it says here that Christ did not have honor. There was nothing in him that we would see was valuable. He wasn’t honorable. Exactly. When they saw him, walked with him, evaluated him, they threw him away. No honor. No preciousness, no value. When we saw him, we did not make a calculation that he was precious. That he was valuable, that he was honorable. That sounds strange to us because unto us which believe he is precious, invaluable. He gave us his life and his wisdom, his mind and his H.S. I was also reading about the H.S. in the believer’s life.

In Acts they believed but there was no real filling of the Holy Spirit without the laying on of hands in two places in Acts 8 and 19.

When Paul came into Ephesus in chapter 19, they said what baptism are you baptized with? John the Baptist. Have you heard of the Holy Spirit? No, we haven’t heard such a thing. Paul put his hands on them and they received the filling of the Spirit. It doesn’t mean we are practicing that but it does mean that I believe when P. Scibelli or P. Shibley just came back from Costa Ricca… I would like to believe there is a church and a ministry and God wants that ministry to be connected with us, with experienced people that are sure and clear about the doctrine. Not saying we are apostles but there is a governmental order in the Body and when God wants to say something, he may have one of these men that goes to a country and minister and there is a manifestation of the Spirit and people say they want to be in Greater Grace or I want to hear that man of God because he is a tool to bring a blessing into my life. On the other hand, the filling of the Spirit happens when we are walking by faith in him. It’s not the laying on of hands but it might be. I’m having a problem. I’m dead as a door nail. I’m a believer but haven’t sensed the fresh oil, not moved in my heart or touched by his word for a long time. I go to the Convention in Baltimore and we gather in his name. I decide now I want to come and be submitted to God and his people. The Holy Spirit falls and I am refreshed and renewed and realize what side my bread is buttered on. He has honored me, restored me. But I have honored him and his way. I honor the doctrine I am understanding in the Scriptures and I’m understanding how this whole thing called a word of God revival works. It’s beautiful. We learned more than 40 years ago that the word of God revival does not end. It’s his nature to edify.

I water my garden every moment, Is 27:3. How much? Every moment. Are we the plantings of the Lord? Are we the garden of God? Is the seed the word of God? Absolutely. Does he water and take care of it every moment? The word of God revival is here to stay. The word is used of a sense of the value of human ordinances, not any value in the flesh, not honoring the flesh but the honor of God on the believer or esteeming. It’s used in the worship to God. When a believer is worshipping God, he is honoring him in his heart. Have that as a mentality in your life. I am honoring God in every area of my life. I am relating to him as the ultimate reference for everything in my life. A high regard for him.

A great treasure and precious value. Honor was bestowed on Christ by the Father, Heb 2:9.

It’s bestowed on man in Heb 2:7.

It’s bestowed on Aaron’s priest in Heb 5:4.

To be the reward hereafter to come on us at the bema seat on the part of tried saints, 1 Peter 1:7. Used of the believer who is a vessel unto honor and qualified for the master’s use.

2 Ti 2:21, study to show yourself approved unto God. A workman is honored that God in heaven has an interest in you and I as individuals. As I was going to sleep last night, this thought came to me through the day. I was feeling in my heart the honor that comes on us as believers. Has God honored you in your life? I’m not saying everything is a rose garden, everything has turned out great. Can you feel or sense in your spirit that God has honored you in your life? Do you have peace in your heart? Do you have a sense of direction? Is everything okay because our heavenly Father has put his honor of his Son on every one of us with all spiritual blessings. Aren’t we made for it? When you think of Jesus being ugly, valueless, hanging on a cross, alone, a throwaway, homeless, without clothing, the lowest place in human life and you think of him being completely rejected. That was his status before human beings. How much people are hungry for honor. They want to get money so they can be honored. They want a title so they can be honored. They want in the right circle of friends so their name can be used in a conversation. Hungry for someone to look in their face and be told I love you as you are. Maybe some have never been told I love you. In the Footsteps program, one of our people said this is the first time I ever got any kind of graduation certificate my whole life. Well, they got a Bible and a paper and that meant a lot to them. People are looking for it but don’t know how to find it. They don’t know how to get you to listen to them. I had one brother say how do you get people to listen to you? Nobody listens to me. I said I understand. How could it be explained? The human heart is made to be loved and honored and valuable and precious and be important and many do not find it and they can’t get it and it is not enough for them. It’s shallow or superficial. It is a reward to those that are patient in well doing. I think there is a lot of people amongst us that have been patient for decades in well doing. I believe the Spirit visits you and says to you in your heart, I am with you in everything you are doing. I am with you in your faith, your work. I’m hearing your prayers. I ‘m getting this done. You are patient in well doing and you are getting a reward for that. That is one of them here.

Given to all to whom it is due in Rom. 13:7 as an advantage to be given to believers one to another instead of claiming it for you all, or self. If we have some honor that comes from God in our spirit, we are able to love and give honor one to another. It’s so much fun to take somebody and sit with them and honor them by giving time, our attention, our heart. It’s clear when you and I have the Spirit of God in our hearts and loving them and be with them and honor them and have a respect for them because this is the nature of Christ. He was with these 12 disciples and honoring them with his teaching and prayers and care.

We are having a Convention in 6 weeks. I’ve been on the phone and P. Fyers called this morning ad we talked about Convention and thinking about it at our staff meeting. What is the point of our Convention? We are honoring God, his word, honoring each other with our time and attention and attitude. We want to reach the whole world with the gospel. We want to lay hands on young men and ordain them to preach the gospel and bear fruit. We are here to shed the honor of God on each other. We cannot be lazy or indifferent and wake up after Convention and say did the Convention happen? I wish I had gone. We need to blow the horn now. Get on the horn and start blowing it. It’s only some weeks away. I believe if we gather in Christ’s name, God will honor us with revival and with what God wants to do. It’s been going on year after year.

Then it says it’s to be given to elders that rule well. Double honor.

1 Tim 5:17 to be given by servants to their master.

Like you employer, 1 Tim 6:1 wouldn’t it be amazing every Christian gives honor to their boss. Some kind of attitude of the spirit and ministry and a testimony of grace to people who work around us. 1 Tim 6:1 a servant or slave honoring the master.

To be given to wives by husbands. Husbands honor your wife. 1 Thes 4:4, honor her. Treat her like something precious and valuable. Listen to her or hold her hand or have a prayer or kind word. It might release her and help her and bless her. To single women in the Body and the Spirit to move amongst us and to feel my life is valuable. I am in a rap and the Spirit anoints us and speaks to our hearts.

We were talking about Owings Mills this summer with outreaches on Tuesday nights. Go there and by September have a church service there and start a church plant in Owings Mills. P. Gary wants to do Lake Montebello with a team and Steve Morello with Parkside Gardens. Don’t tire in the work of God. God is with us in it.

When Paul was shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea and they were in that island, the inhabitants honored Paul. That is true about many people in the world today that know something about us. They say that is a good church. Those people are preaching the gospel. I met those people and something good came out of their efforts. They didn’t ask for money or cheat me but preached Christ to me and I honor those people. I honor that assembly that meets three times a week. I honor them because they have good counsel for marriage or raising children. That honor is in this world toward us. Thank you, Lord. Let us also say there are many things precious in life and we hold them lightly. Be careful to hold some things lightly because they may be gone tomorrow. Paul said I don’t count my life dear. I’m not honoring my own life like I have to have it.

I can lose it in Acts 20:24. I hold it lightly. We have to hold our lives lightly, our things because they come and go.

One thing most precious and dear to us, the blood of Jesus Christ is precious. So much honor put on the blood of Jesus Christ. He washed our sin away and made us just before our God. That we hold tightly. It’s the blood of Jesus.

Another thing precious are the promises, 2 Pet 1:4. We hold them tightly, embrace them. Exceedingly great and very valuable by which we are partakers of his divine nature. We are like Christ in this world.

Third is Jesus. Jesus is precious. Just his name. Like ointment poured forth. His presence in our life. Quietness before God. God honors you. A good name is better than silver or gold. He knows your name, your character, your integrity, your nature.

What God has done by his grace in us. It’s so valuable and precious to us. We are in a world where there is none. That guy was in the newspaper or you know what kind of car he drives. There is honor like that but it says when the wicked perish, so does their dreams, their affections, their imaginations are gone to. They cannot hold water. They can’t take God’s reality. We made a radical decision and decided to believe in a God we can’t see, follow Christ who hung on a cross on our behalf. We decided to step in and believe. Jesus said if you honor me, my heavenly Father will honor you and you will be where I am.

Jn 12:24-26 where is he? On a throne. We will be where he is on a throne. Wow. Thank you, God. Amen.


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