Made us alive from the death of trespass and sin, we now hear our conscience and know the truth as God’s mind for us. We once lived according to prince of this world’s atmosphere. But God directs us, and we ride the horse of our souls and bodies controlled by Him. (Ephesians 2:1-6; 1 Corinthians 11:1-3; Ezekiel 28:2, 12-15)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11458
11:00 AM on 4/22/2018



P. Schaller

How many of you walk around the house singing like that? Some of you do. That’s amazing. That’s so good, isn’t it? When we are done preaching here and you have a prayer concern or you want a pastor to talk to you for a minute or have prayer with you, you can come down and go right out that door. And these pastors will go out the door and you can go right to them semi-privately after the service and share your heart with them. I feel sometimes when people come to church they are listening to a message and it’s edifying and important. It’s what I need. The bottom line is I need a word from God. But then the function of the Body of Christ, a personal word, a word of counsel might be very much needed. How many of you are following the sermon card? This is the fourth week and the title is Spiritual Coverings for Life. We’ve had some good times here these last weeks after the play and this morning here from this portion.

1 Cor 11, Before we start would you stand with me please. Say in your heart thank you God for a good attitude. You’ve given me a good attitude. Do I have a good attitude? Do you? Not all of you maybe. Put it on. Put on a good attitude and say God is good. God loves me.

1 Cor. 11:1, who is writing? The Apostle Paul. Someone asked me, P. Schaller, who are you submitted to? Who is your covering? I said that’s a good question. I said my elders, 11 men, and P. Scibelli who is older than me, very experienced, mature and not sentimental. He would correct me if he needed to. I got to be accountable to someone. The blessing that comes from coverings. Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden and had a covering from God. When they sinned, they lost it. What did they feel? Shame, fear, guilt in their soul.

vs. 2-3. This is the order, divine order. But in practice it isn’t true that every man has Christ as his head. In practice, he is without a head. He could have other headship but not Christ. He could have the devil as his leader. He does if he doesn’t have Christ as his leader. Christ said it to the Jewish people. We know who our father is. Abraham is our father. They had heard that Jesus’ mother was not married when he was born and they said we know who our father is but you don’t know who your father is. It was the other way around. Jesus says I know who my Father is and by the way, your father is the devil. Nice to meet someone who has fire in his belly and tells the truth. Jesus is tough. You meet Jesus you better put your seat belt on. He’ll hit you where you need it. Lovingly get us corrected. Generally people don’t have Christ as their head but you do by your new birth.

vs. 3. Might have touched a nerve on that verse. I don’t have any headship. I don’t want any headship. I’ve been hurt by headship. I’ve been abused by men. I don’t want to hear it. This is not what you or I want. We want to learn what the word is saying and learn from it. We say a covering.

Ezek 28, many of you have been in the ministry for decades and know a lot of Bible doctrine. If you are new here, you will learn little by little. It’s the best way to live. This Bible is food. This Bible helps me. This book I need to listen to. This book will govern my life and give me direction.

Picture with a horse and rider (on the screen). Yesterday in our marriage weekend, we had a beautiful time. We were at Federal Hill. I shared using a conversation I had with P. Lange in Hungary. We talked about soul and spirit. He felt the soulish life is something like a horse. The horse needs to be ridden. The soulish life is strong and powerful. Which one is stronger, the horse or the rider? What do you think? It’s a good point. We see both of them and you can’t say which is stronger because they are different from each other. The soul of man is different from the spirit of a man. When you are born again, you become alive in the Spirit. The Spirit regenerates. We’ll look at that in a minute. Have this picture in the back of your mind. The soul of a man unregenerated, the soul of a man is strong, independent, and in a sense there is no rider there. There is only the sin nature of man and his own judgments. He’s like a horse independent of God, dead in his sin and alive in this world. We could say there is a rider but it’s like when I was learning to ride horses, the horse would take me for a ride. Woooe! And the horse has a mind of his own and knows how weak I am and how he’s in control. That picture. You go flying through the woods hoping you will live. The horse going to get a drink of water and I was acting with those with me like I was in control but I wasn’t. We are getting some water now. We want to run now. I gave the impression I was in charge but I was not in charge. The horse was. When we sinned, we lost our covering and our authority and our ways on many levels. We want to say something about it.

Where did this happen first but in heaven with Satan in Ezek 28:2. Prince.

Look at vs. 12. King of Tyre. Why one time prince and next time king? Because the first one he is talking to the man. When he says king he is talking to the devil. The prince of Tyre is a human being but behind the human being is the real authority, the devil. How do we know that?

vs. 13. The king of Tyre was never in the Garden of Eden but this spirit has been. He was full of wisdom and beautiful and the anointed cherub and he covered.

vs. 14. We have coverings in heaven even before God created the whole material universe. He first created spirits, angels. The head angel was this Lucifer. He was full of wisdom and beautiful. He was a covering for the other angels. Iniquity was found in him.

vs. 15. We are moving along in our message but I want you to catch some references to what we are saying and learning. This most beautiful and wisest angel in heaven and a mystery happened, the mystery of iniquity. Somehow in his freedom and independence and design of free creatures to decide to be against God or more important or interpret and perceive life independent of God. This happened to him.

Lk 10:18 he fell like lightning to this earth. He was cast out. Jesus said I saw him like lightning, like a flash. That’s what lightning is, an arc through the sky from heaven to earth. Sometimes lightning happens from earth to heaven. Christ saw it in a flash, he was here. He went to the Garden of Eden. Satan temped Eve. She was misled. Deception. I don’t know what is really going on. I’m misled. I’m tricked. Like eating chocolate and it tastes so good and oh, what was that? Poison. When I was eating it, I was deceived. I thought it was chocolate but it was poison. Eve was deceived. Adam knew very well what he was doing when he sinned. When he sinned, he lost his covering. He took fig leaves and covered himself and Eve. The shape like this and in 24 hours it turned brown and shrinks up. When it’s not working so well, after 48 hours, I have to find some new ones. I’m looking for a covering. I’m looking for reasons why I am here. I’m looking for relationships that will satisfy. I’m looking for knowledge that will guide and lead me in my life. I’d like to have a family. Maybe a family will satisfy me. So we get a family, reputation, education, and a number of things we want to have for a covering for our soul. This is a good text for us.

Eph 2, I’d like to explain some principle to you before we read it. Here’s two people. This is an unbeliever. He’s an unbeliever. Here’s a believer.

It says in Eph. 2:1 you hath he quickened. Look at that with me. You have he made alive who were dead in trespasses and sins. Because I am dead to God. There is some movie, The Walking Dead or something. Have you seen it? Don’t watch movies. P. Steve do you know about it? Zombies. They are alive but they are dead. That’s like us. We are alive to this and this and to the fig leaves and to people and life. Our soul, is like the horse without a rider. We are independent and trying to figure life out. We are dead to God. Dead to God. God could say something but I can’t really hear him.

I remember reading the Bible. A time when I was a young guy at home. I looked for a Bible and started to read it. I said I’m going to read this and I couldn’t get very far at all. Begat him. The Hebrew names. These names are strange. It was work. If I read the book, I would have earned my way to go to heaven! You read that book? You desire to be in heaven. I couldn’t read it. I didn’t have any interest. I had no pleasure in the book. It was party time and friends and sports and whatever I was doing and my projects. I was alive but I was dead to God. I didn’t know God.

We had an Easter play and I brought my neighbor. He agreed to come and he said do you think about God every day? Yeah! He couldn’t imagine. Why? We were dead in trespasses and sins. Dead. No connection. It just doesn’t work. If we had a dead body here to illustrate it, you could kick it, pull it, push it, do whatever to a dead body and it doesn’t relate. When we are dead in our sin, we are dead to God and do not relate to God.

What happened was Eph 2:2. In time past, our previous life. The world or the culture of the world, the spirit of the world, the philosophy of the world, the way of operating in the world. We learned in the world about revenge, hatred. We learned about getting back, getting even. About lust and different pleasures and getting it our way and feeling our rights and what we wanted. We were living in the world according to the prince – what prince? Satan. Prince of the power of the air. He’s here in the air. Three heavens in the Bible. The heaven where the birds are, the heaven where the stars and planets are, and then the heaven where God is. He came into this air, this world here. This planet is his domain. He’s very effective.

Tonight we will speak about Antichrist from Rev 13. We’ve been studying about it and thinking about it. There is a man that is ready, being groomed and prepared when the right time happens. Satan doesn’t know the timing because he doesn’t know when Christ returns in the Rapture. There will be more opportunities for evil because we believe we will be gone. Our prayers will be gone. Our influence will be one. The Holy Spirit in a measure will be gone. He is still here because he’s God and everywhere present…

2 Thes 2 through the Antichrist and his false prophet, his propagandist and miracle worker. This world is a lot more evil than you and I realize. Maybe you have seen it and seen it in human history how much evil can happen. 100 million people killed in 20th century by a godless regime whether Pol Pot or Natzism, Stalin and others. Satan would like to be another covering, his own covering of falsehood leading the world in deception and lies.

He will be doing it in greater magnitude during the Tribulation because he will deceive the whole world in Rev. 12:9. He works in children of disobedience. This is the higher level of social class whether they are the particular leaders of disobedience that reinforce rebellion, promiscuity, lust whether in the media, Hollywood, movies. Demons have great influence on the media because they affect large numbers of people through the media. The spirit works through these leaders affecting the world and the culture.

vs. 3. One of the things we commonly hear about in our western culture is there are no absolute truths. It’s unfashionable to say there is absolute truth. It’s morally unacceptable, not fashionable, philosophically scorned, rejected, and denied. This is how man wants to live. Truth is up to you. You decide. It’s your call. If we say something along the moral line like a truth or morally an opinion or position you have, it could be adultery is wrong. The unbeliever would say who said its wrong? What do you say? The Bible says. We say God says it is wrong. We don’t believe in the Bible. Okay but it doesn’t mean you are right. You can have your opinion but they feel we have a personal opinion about it when we are relating to something beyond us. It’s not my opinion. I’m looking for absolute truth. An illustration I think of is adultery. Is it wrong? We can say yes. The Bible says so. And then a woman could say in this case it is not wrong. I fell in love with this man and this is the way I want to live. Are you sure you are right about it? Because of my experience and feelings and what love means. This is the dialog that happens. Then there is the man and the man’s wife is over here and she finds out and her heart is broken. It devastates her and the man has some sense of guilt.

The unbeliever has two things: 1) Is it wrong? 2) What about my conscience? They say don’t have a guilty conscience about adultery. That’s old fashioned. That s from the Bible and religious people who are crazy. They don’t understand what love is. Besides they are judging us because of the way we are living and we have a right to live the way we please. We say, this is getting complicated. There is something in it the world doesn’t understand that I want you to understand. I was dead to these two things. I was dead to the idea of absolute truth. I was dead to that. I didn’t know about it or appreciate it. I just learned my parents said here are the 10 Commandments and do the best you can. I did not love the Ten Commandments and didn’t understand them or know what they were until I was born again. Because when you are born again, you end up with the nature of God inside of you. You start to say in your heart I love God. I love truth. Where is it? I want to learn it. It’s in my heart. I want to learn about it. I’m hungry for it. Where is the truth? The truth is important to me internally.

Ps 51:6, this is what happened to us.

Eph. 2:4-5 He has made us alive together with Christ and we are seated, raised us up and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Where are we seated? In Baltimore. But it says here in heavenly places. That means heaven is here. We are in heavenly places. The Spirit of God is here. It means I’m living in a mortal body but in my heart and spirit I love truth and embrace it. What about adultery? God said it’s not right. If you do the “hashtag me too” movement in our country now where women are saying me too. I was sexually harassed at work or someone is taking advantage of me. They are saying it’s not right. That sounds like conscience. Do they have a conscience? Where is it coming from? Is it Victorian 19th century or is it written in our DNA that it’s not right about cheating and lying and being unfaithful and disloyal. Even the unbeliever would like to hear a story about a hero not an adulterer. Would like to hear about someone who saved a life not murdered someone. Murdering people. How ridiculously wrong that is. Wait a minute. The modern man is saying we don’t have absolutes and don’t need a guilty conscience. Let’s get rid of both of them. Then we’ll be happy. Not according to “hashtag me too.” Not according to the child who is now an adult and says my father molested me and that was wrong. That hurt me. That damaged me. Hello? Is there anyone here who has some message and some sense?

When we are born again, we got those two things back in our lives. We got absolute truth and a good conscience. We say I enjoy my life. I love myself. I love others. I believe in truth that is not on the external but is on the internal. I have found Christ. I have found Christ as the answer. I have found mercy, forgiveness, and a new way of life. God has raised us up and made us sit together with the same way of thinking.

Be sure to stand up to these crazy ideas where people say things that are ridiculous. I heard a story in Massachusetts last summer. They took their child out of the kindergarten because a child in second grade his name was Billy and he said my name is Mary. The school got so serious about it. The kid gets in trouble. What are you talking about? You’re not Mary. You’re Billy. The kid joking with him is being penalized. The good kid is getting drawn out of the school. It’s ridiculous this mentality that is everywhere. You are expecting me to swallow that? Who is in charge? Rider better be in charge. They will call good evil and evil good and call Billy Mary and many other things.

If you get angry with me about that, that’s fine with me. You’re not even close to what it is to walk with God. I’m angry about it deep in my heart. You are a born again Christian and you cannot say we do not agree with children of disobedience and spirits in the air. We do not agree with adultery and lies around our culture. We don’t agree with the opioid addiction in our country and 175 dying every day. The drug industry is responsible for this thing in my opinion. How could they ever have this stuff go down our throats and people dying on our streets in a country that is supposed to have wise leadership? When you go in the hospital and what is your pain level is a ridiculous question. I’m not a medical person so I can say what I want! I’m not going to let people live any way the hell they want to. I’m not going to let a child dictate to me. The equipment he comes out of the womb with will determine if he is a boy or girl. The Nazi’s in Germany would walk over you and bring a devastating effect of murder. Heinous crimes and you’re in the middle of it and swallowing the whole thing.

You and I need to have a new birth that results in understanding God’s mind and having some kind of sense in the H.S. It doesn’t mean we are hard to get along with or we’re not kind and loving and caring. That’s what they want you to swallow. How you live your life is amazing if you are Spirit filled.

The woman is representing the spirit of a man who is under the authority of the Holy Spirit and has a divine covering and is able to bring that horse to a stop. I’m saying the Holy Spirit is the one who has changed our lives. Our living Christ is in this world still. We are here to be lights and helpful people and bring a great message to people who are hurting. Sin is not my friend. A bad conscience is not a good thing. The blood of Christ cleanses your conscience. You are able to say with a good conscience I love truth and am after it. I want the truth that comes from the mind of God and I want to learn to develop this ability to relate to it and discern it and walk in it. I want to learn who my friends are, how to use my time and govern my soul.

All these gifts and talents are subject to you and I’m able to do your will. I believe our country is filled with believers as many of us know in the course of our everyday life. We are on a mission, have an effect. We receive the benefit in our families and in our communities. We bring the message to other countries. We are doing it today. For this group maybe God would have that for you. Let’s bring the message. It doesn’t mean I’m an absolutist. It means I believe it exists. I say there isn’t the law of gravity. There isn’t the law of gravity. Oh, there is the law of gravity! If adultery is sin and hurts people – it does. I’m not living in denial of it.

The blessing is now we are on this side of the picture. We enjoy it, live in it and benefit from it.


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