Description: Our world is dark ruled by the devil with a pretend peace and love. We need more. Jesus made a way of approach God and we do it with boldness. It’s a gift that brings power. Be thankful with joy and gladness for this. Hebrews 10:19; 2 Kings 4:30-36; Psalm 100:1-5

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Mat Gehret
Sermon 12565
Time: Sun 11am on 08/20/2023

P. Mat Gehret –

Good morning. Welcome to church. Give the band a second. Hey guys. My name is P. Mat. I think most of you
know me. The Director of the Bible college. So, I’m here to say three quick words about Bible
college, okay. (Prayer). In Colossians 1:13-14, it says this about Jesus Christ. It’s speaking about what
God has done through his Son. vs. 14-15.

Why come to Bible college? Why come? Because we learn all about who Jesus Christ is. We
come to church to learn about Jesus Christ. You go to a Bible study to learn about Jesus Christ.
You sit in your home and open your Bible to learn about Jesus Christ. Or maybe pray so that
Christ can speak to you through his Word.

If you go through this whole passage, vs. 13-20, you see a theme start to emerge which is the
preeminence of Jesus Christ. What does that mean? It means he is the supreme authority. He
comes before all other things. vs. 17. When you come to Bible college, the very first thing you
start to learn to disregard as you’re regarding Christ is yourself. You start to learn to disregard
yourself in order to regard Christ. What does that mean? 1 John. 3:20, if your heart condemns you,
God is greater than your heart. That’s Jesus Christ. He’s greater than your heart.

If you are in a Romans 7 dilemma where Paul is talking about the things he would like to do but
he can’t, and the things he doesn’t want to do and he ends up doing anyway, you notice at the
very end of the chapter he says but I thank God through Jesus Christ. Because that’s where he
ends up finding his hope and his joy and his life and his ability to not look at himself and his sin
or his heart that condemns him for his sin.

How many of us have a heart that condemns us for our sin? I think we would all would raise our
hands. You don’t have to raise your hand. We all would raise our hands. We all have a heart
that condemns us. But when we go to the Word, when we sit in a classroom and the Word is
opened and it is preached and it is taught, you go through categorical doctrine for instance
talking about the preeminence of Jesus Christ and his role in your lives. You forget about
yourself. Your heart no longer condemns you.

What’s the second thing that condemns us in this life. It’s the devil. If you go to Bible college,
you’re going to learn categorically who Lucifer is, who the fallen angel of light is. You’re going to
learn about him. You’re going to learn about the powers that God has given him in a sense. And
how Christ’s power laid out here in Colossians 1:13-20, far exceeds the power of the devil in your life. It
goes way beyond the power of the devil.

It says in Ephesians 2 that the devil is the prince of the power of the air. That means he has authority
over what takes place in this world on a regular basis, but only as much authority as God allows
him to. So, when the devil tries to attack you or touch you or lie to you or condemn you or twist
Scripture and turn it into something that it’s not, Matthew 4, who has the final say? God. Jesus Christ.
In Matthew 4, every single time the devil twists Scripture, Jesus uses Scripture in correct application.
You can say whatever you want from the Bible; it has no life coming from you. But when I say it,
I give you the Word and it comes with life. It comes with power. And we have the Holy Spirit as
our teacher to help us overcome any lie of the devil.

So, our heart comes against us. The devil comes against us and then John. 16:33, the world
comes against us. Situations. Circumstances. Life in general. What does Jesus say about the
world coming against us in John. 16:33? Could you put that up on the screen. Thank you. vs. 33.
You will have troubles. You will have circumstances that don’t go your way, but be of good
cheer. I have overcome the world. That’s Jesus Christ. That’s who you’re coming to Bible
college to learn about. That’s the person you are sitting under to learn that he becomes a
comforter to you in time of need, 2 Corinthians 1:3-6. That’s the person in 1 Peter 5:10 that you realize
you come to, to get as much grace as you possibly need. He’s the God of all grace.

So, why come to Bible college? Why come? Cause Jesus Christ is there teaching us each and
every day. And you have an amazing opportunity to learn to grow, 2 Peter 3:18, to learn to grow in
the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Amen.

P. Schaller –

All right. You may be seated. You may be seated. Turn with me to Hebrews 10.
This morning we’re going to speak about our personal fellowship with God, and that it is a very
real thing that we have fellowship with God. And we started this on Wednesday night, and it was
so good. And then this morning. I think it will relate to you, and you will be inspired, encouraged,
and effected by it. I love when we go to church, and we take something home with us. How
about that? I love it when we have a connection with God in our personal life, and then we have
a connection with each other and the pulpit. The pulpit is ordained of God that this would be a
place where we would hear the Word and it would build us up and speak to our hearts. So,
we’re excited about that.

Turn to Hebrews 10 and I want to explain something simple here. vs. 19. What is the holiest? “Enter
into the holiest by the blood of Jesus.” Well, that is the holy place where God is. That’s in
heaven. But this is written so that we have a model. We read our Bible. We read the book of
Leviticus. We read Exodus. We see a tabernacle that was a pattern for us, so that we could
understand what it means to come before God. So, we see that pattern in our Old Testament
and how Jesus when he came, didn’t go into the pattern.

When I say pattern, I mean – have you ever seen little toy soldiers? G.I. Joe’s? Barbie dolls.
Little cars. Little plastic hot dogs. Little barbecues. You’ve seen the models of life, right? Like a
baby doll, a baby. You see a model, but it is not the reality. It’s a model. A model car, a little toy
car, an airplane and so on.

So, God taught us by building a model for us in the wilderness. When the Jews came out of
Egypt, he built a model. It was called the tabernacle. I want to say a couple things about it.
Before we do, I want you to read this. vs. 19-21. That’s Christ. vs. 22. Draw near to where or
what? Draw near to God. We are in the presence of God. Even as we sit here in Baltimore in
this location, we are at the same time in the presence of God and that we are seated with him in
heavenly places. We read that in the book of Ephesians.

So, we are in two realities. We are in Baltimore. We could call it the outside life. The world that
we are living in. And then there is the inside life where we are literally in the very presence of
God by the Spirit of God. We are in fellowship with God. We have access to God. When we are
born again, God is our Father. We are members of the family. And we have the source of our life
is God himself. Our life comes from God.

It is spiritual life. It is a gift. We would not have it. By the way, a lot of people do have, they have in the world we call it the world. The world is a common word in the writings of John. The cosmos. It says the world is in darkness, spiritual
darkness. The world did not know Christ. The world did not know him, see him, understand him.
The world did not and it never will. The world is not changing in a spiritual way. It is under the
god of this world. By the way, that is a small “g.” The god of this world. It’s 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 2:3.
The god of this world. It’s amazing. It’s a demonic god. It’s the devil. And it is in darkness.
So, if Jesus came again like he came the first time, they would crucify him again. The world
would. The world does not know him.

So, in a similar way, we are in a world where there is peace, but the peace that is of this world is not the peace that is from God. Let me write down here capital, big word “peace.” This is God. He is actually called the Prince of Peace. But in the world, there is peace but it is circumstantial. It changes. You have peace in life and then you
don’t have peace. It’s the same with love. In the world there is love, L-O-V-E, and then it is
miserable love. Jonathan Edwards preached a sermon, “Five Reasons Why the Love of this
World is Miserable.” And one of them was you can only, when you love you are loving a person
but if the person is unsatisfied with the love, they’re unsatisfied with the love, then that means
that my love is not enough.

So, I have love but it’s miserable. Or my child. I love my child but my
child is not happy. So, that makes me unhappy. Very interesting message. I don’t want to speak about that this morning, but I want to make a point. This world has peace
but it’s not like God. It has love but it is not like God. God is love. But man without God has love
but it’s not enough. And he struggles with it. He struggles in the world. The world will not make
you happy. The world will not satisfy you. You need something more.

We are gathered here this morning so we could hear a message, and I can tell you how you can
find satisfaction. How you can find God. How you can fellowship with God and find another kind
of peace. Isn’t that good? Turn to your neighbor and just say, is that why you came to church
today, to hear that message? Is that why you’re hear?

Now, let’s turn to the second text. We got three of them. 2 Kings 4, and this is about, this is a
story. It would take a little time to read the story. Maybe some of you know it. And it’s about
Elijah, Elijah and Gehazi and a dead boy. A boy has died. The boy was kind of special, because
Elijah gave a prophecy to the mother. She couldn’t have children, but he said in a year’s time,
you’ll have a son. And it happened. Later, the son grew up. The son had a headache in the field.
Maybe an aneurysm, a brain aneurysm, and he died. The boy is dead.

So, Elijah sends Gehazi. And this is his name here, Gehazi. He was a servant for Elijah. And he
gave him his staff, to lay the staff on the boy and raise him from the dead. But it doesn’t work.
Chapter 4:31, Gehazi went ahead of Elijah as he was instructed, put the staff on the boy, and it
doesn’t work. He’s gone. Cause Elijah had put him in his bed. Put him in the house. There are
two stories. Maybe I’m confusing the two, but in any case, this is what happened that Gehazi
couldn’t raise him from the dead. He couldn’t do it. It didn’t happen.

You know, our message this morning I want to talk to you and teach you how you have power
with God. You have power with God cause Christ is in you. You have power with God, because
you have the Spirit of God in you. You have power with God cause you have a fellowship with
God. But there are many Christians like Gehazi who might go through the emotions but there
has to be something deeper that’s going on in our hearts and in our lives.

vs. 32-33. It means he went into the room and shut the door. He went into the door and the door
was like he and God in that room with the dead boy. But Elijah, he speaks of something more
that you and I have in our lives and in our hearts than Gehazi had. Elijah has a walk with God.
And so do you. Elijah knows God, fellowships with God, has communion with God.
So, when he shuts the door, he’s looking to God. Gehazi wasn’t. Gehazi went in there and did
his duty, but where was his heart? Where was the communion? Where was the fellowship with
God? Did he even look to God? Did he even pray to God? It was just a formality or routine or
something he was told to do, but without heart.

But when Christ came into the world, he came to give you a new heart. A heart that hears God.
A heart that has fellowship with God. A pure heart. Holy Spirit came into our life to give us a holy
life which I want to talk about in a minute. But I want to use this story to illustrate something.
Look at vs. 34. I guess we got to memorize – let’s see. Mouth to mouth. Eyes to eyes. Hands to
hands. Let’s see. Say it with me. Mouth to mouth. Go ahead. Mouth to mouth. Eyes to eyes.
Hands upon his hands. And he stretched himself upon the child. Mouth to mouth. Eyes to eyes.
Hands to hands. What does that mean? You know, what does that mean? Connection, doesn’t
it? It’s a connection.

But the child is dead. But Elijah is alive. How did Elijah become alive? By being with God. God
is not the God of the dead; he’s the God of the living. I am the way, the truth, the life Christ said.
How many times did Christ raise the dead? I believe three times in our Gospels. When he
touched him, he touched life. You touch God. As I said in the beginning, you touch real peace.
Peace. There’s no catch. No hitch. There’s no condition. Peace from God. Love. Love. Love.

Well, my child isn’t happy. Yeah, but it doesn’t change my love. Yeah, my girlfriend dropped me,
but it doesn’t change my love. Yeah, I don’t like my job anymore. I used to love my job. I don’t
like my job. It changed. My job changed and so on. Yeah, but we’re not talking about the world.
We’re talking about entering in.

Here’s the third point of our message. Entering in and having fellowship with a holy God. This is
where your power comes from. Entering into the tabernacle and having fellowship with a holy
God. Cause in the story here, vs. 35, then he returned. vs. 35-36. that’s the mother. Look at the
story. He didn’t call Gehazi and say shame on you. You couldn’t do it. I did it. Shame on you.
Who are you anyway? You don’t have any power. I have the power. He didn’t say that. He just
said call the mother. Here’s your son. Because this is different life.

You don’t blame people. You’re not here to judge people. You and I, we are not arrogant if we have something given to
us in fellowship with God. It’s by grace. It’s a gift of God. We have the gift of grace. We have
something from the Lord. That’s the grace of God. We don’t arm ourselves to beat up people.
We are servants of God. We lay down our lives for the brethren. We care about the weak or the
unbelieving or the fearful. We have a ministry. How did you get the ministry? The ministry came
from being with God in the tabernacle. Okay.

So, now let’s go to Psalm 100. This is coming from our Wednesday night service. Some of you
were not here Wednesday night, but this is what we said. I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want
the message to be long, but you got to follow it with me. We’re talking about your life and having
a fellowship with God that changes your life. A fellowship with God where God is real for you. It
helps you and ministers to you and builds you up. I love it that our life with the living God
changes our lives, effects our lives, helps us in life. It leads us in life.

So, Wednesday night we spoke about prayer and coming to God, walking through the
tabernacle. That’s what we said. Praying through the tabernacle. I got to stop for a minute. I’m
afraid I’m going to lose you. I have so much to say. Lord, help us. Jesus. Okay. The Jews,
there’s 3 million Jews come out of Egypt. And the Lord, the first thing he does with them is bring
them to Mt. Sinai. He has Moses go up on the mountain to get a pattern or blueprint for this
model temple that’s to be used in the wilderness where people could meet God. People could
learn about God. People could realize God is not like a pagan God. You can just walk in and
make an offering. No, this is serious.

This is God. This is the real God. Not a pagan god. Not a temple made by hands. People with sacrifices, flowers and food. Maybe in our culture, we could just say things about God. Yeah, I believe in God. The guy upstairs or yeah, God, I’m afraid of him. I stay away from God. I don’t talk about God. I don’t want anything to do with any religion.
I’m good. I’m good. I’m fine. You know, I have my suspicions, superstitions, philosophies, ideas
and so on. I just live my life. And this is how people live.

But the Lord when he brought the Jewish people out of Egypt, he brought them so they could be
a holy people. A holy people. I’ll write down the word here. Holy. Separated. Set apart. Different.
Marked. Somehow like special. Different. Marked. They have a different way. They are different.
You cannot just come to God just cause – you have to come to God, God’s way. Come to God
God’s way.

So, he had them make – there’s 3 million. That’s the size, I read it’s 25 miles in diameter. The
camp of 3 million people which is from here to Belair, Maryland. And if you fill this whole area
between here and Belair, Maryland with 3 million people, that was the size of the camp. So, how
big would the worship center be if you had 3 million people? This is how big it was. It was 45
feet long and 15 feet wide. And it was in two compartments. So, it’s relatively small. The
courtyard was 150 feet long and 75 feet wide. This was the courtyard. That’s the size. And you
would go there. Hardly, it was just a small area in such a big place. And that’s where God would
meet the people.

So, our point here is the Lord is saying you come to me. You’re not fooling around. I’m a holy
God. And it’s the real thing. It’s really I am God. Not some god – this ancient story about a
Caesar in the Roman Empire. He was a pagan. He got mad a Jupiter. So, he ordered his troops to fire arrows into the sky at Jupiter. Not the planet but the god, Jupiter. It was ridiculous,
because the arrows just fall back down, right? The point is people are like that. People get angry
at God, and they just think he’s just something like them. God is saying, no. You can’t just come
to me like. Jesus came so he would become like us and make us like him. He came so that we
would be judged. He was crucified, raised from the dead. We were raised with him. We are
made a new creation. God did not take our old man, the old sin nature, and improve it. He
crucified it. We died with him.

When we come into fellowship with God, it is like that. It is a fellowship where we say to God,
you can search my heart. I am coming to you by faith and search me and see if there is any evil
way in me. Cause I am wrong and you are right. Very fundamental teaching in our
understanding of God. I am wrong and you are right. Another way of saying it, Jesus lived the
life I should have lived, and I didn’t live the life that he lived. He died the death I should have
died, and I didn’t die the death that he died. What does it mean? He exchanged his holy life for
my sinful life. And when he died, I died with him. When he was raised, I was raised with him. A
new creation.

So, we have access with boldness into this place called the holy place, the holiest of holies.
That’s already happened. It already happened to us. We are born again. We’ve been brought
into the presence of God. It already happened. How did it happen? Jesus did it. Christ did it.
Christ brought us into the very presence of God, and the presence of God is in us. We are
God’s anointed. We have fellowship with God our Father. We are indwelt by his Spirit. We have
his mind in 2 Corinthians 2:16. We have his mind. I am crucified with Christ but I live. Yet not I but
Christ lives in me. So, what’s the diagram about? It’s to teach us the model of what it is when we
come before him.

Now, there’s a couple of phases here. This is simple. The picture, I’ll just do a new one here.
Here’s the holy of holies, the holy place. This is the courtyard. And I like the idea that before I
get to the courtyard, I have an attitude and we say when we approach God in prayer, I want to
come to God with an attitude.

It happened to me yesterday. I was with people for a good part of the day. Then, when I thought
about going home and being by myself, I was excited about it. But it was more how I can be with
God by myself. I can enter his courts with praise and thanksgiving. I got excited about it. I did. I
put my heart and mind I can come before God. Before I got home and it’s not a geographical
thing about being home or being in a car or in a parking lot or something. It’s about how you and
I have access to God in fellowship. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, this psalm will take us through and we’ll look at verse 1 and make a few comments. vs. 1.
So, we have joy. We have the word “noise.” It doesn’t say a joyful voice. It says a joyful noise.
It’s in the King James. I should study it out. A joyful noise. You don’t have to be professional to
come to God. Just make some joyful noise. That’s enough. vs. 2. You have gladness. You have
joy. You have gladness. You have singing. There is a deep sense of spiritual joy from the Holy
Spirit in your heart in your life. You might say my life is miserable. Many people could say that. I
think they could say it, but that’s because on the outside of the tabernacle you have the world’s
peace and it’s not very good. You have the world’s love and that’s also deficient. But what if I
have tasted the love that never fails, the love of the Trinity? The love of the fellowship with the
living God. The love, God’s heart, God’s mind. I remember it. I get excited about it in my heart. I
can have fellowship with a living God. So, that’s how the psalm goes here.

vs. 3. Let’s put here, “he is God.” Big word. Really big word. Let’s be real humble before God.
He made the ocean and everything in it. The dirt. The ground. The sky. The clouds. I read, do
you know how much the average cloud weighs? You know what a cloud is? It’s gas up in the
sky, right? It’s water. Water being held up there. Do you know how much an average cloud
weighs? Eleven million pounds. It’s water, right? It’s up there held up. It’s in the air. God made it.
God made the birds, insects, bacteria. All the systems that make life work. Our kidneys. Our
eyes. Our ears. God. Why – he’s showing us, I am God. I am the Creator. Come before me.

That’s where you say I want that. I want to go and meet God. And yet, it is on the outside he is
not really known and many times we say to God, you make me weary. This is Micah 6:3. God
said to the Jewish people, “wherein have I wearied thee?” How have I made you tired? What
burden have I put on you? Where is, where have I burdened you? Where is it that I have judged
you? I have saved you. Wherein have I destroyed you? I am looking to save you.

You’re destroying yourselves. You are wearied in your own lies. You’ve forsaken your own mercy. You
don’t know me. I’m not the God of the dead. I’m the God of the living. I am the God that saves
and heals and forgives. I am the God of all grace. I am God. Come to me. And learn of me. I am
meek and lowly. My yoke is easy; my burden is light. Come to God. You see the problem?
People complain about God because they are out here. They’re out here. They’re wearied in
their own lives. Their lives are miserable not because of God, but because of themselves,
because of the god of this world.

Gehazi doesn’t have power. He cannot raise the child. He cannot do it just with a stick, and he
could say go away and complains it doesn’t work. It’s no good. We would say, Gehazi, do you
know who God is? Have you met God? Do you know God’s mind? Do you know his Spirit?
Have you had face to face, hand to hand, mouth to mouth, ears to ears with God? Have you
been with God? Has it been ears to ears with God? Or ears to ears with the world? Has it been
mouth to mouth with God or mouth to mouth with the world? Are you like angry at the world,
angry with yourself, angry with your neighbor, angry with your girlfriend, angry with the disease,
angry with death, angry with the cemetary, angry with the hospital, the police station and the
prison that you are living in? Are you angry with the whole thing? Yeah, I’m eye to eye with that.
So, come into this and go with what God has said to us.

Enter his courts, enter his gates with thanksgiving. This is phase #1 here. This is the entry. This is the entry right here, and it’s two things: thanksgiving and praise. Leave yourself at the cross, and come before him with
thanksgiving. And work on it. Work on it. Learn to be a thankful person. Don’t just do it like yeah,
I am thankful. Let me go through the list. I am thankful, and then you go back to your miserable
self. Like be Spirit-filled. “In everything give thanks; this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.” Like
learn to be a thankful person. Learn to process it with thanksgiving. If you’re in traffic, be
thankful you are not riding a horse. You’re in a car. If you don’t have any food, be thankful that
you had food yesterday. If you don’t have any – how’s it go? If you don’t have any shoes, meet
the man that doesn’t have any feet and be thankful that you got feet. Learn to be thankful. Learn
to edify and love. Learn to be thankful.

Enter into this tabernacle and come before God with a
spirit of thanksgiving, because you know if left to yourself, how critical, how unhappy, and how
hard it is like to just get out of ourselves. And just thank Jesus that he did it at the cross. Just
say thank you Jesus that you dealt with me, and I want this fellowship.
Now, the second thing in the furniture that goes in here, and I’m going to make this short. This is
the altar. It’s fire. I’ll put here this is fire. This is an altar where they burn the sacrifices. You put
an animal there. The priest would put his hands on the head. You put your hands on and
transfer your sins to the animal. It’s bloody. The priest kills the animal. The animal bleeds. They
cut it in pieces. They put it on the altar, and this is the starting point for entering into the

Now, notice I’m not in the tabernacle yet. That’s over here. Right here. Right here. This is where
you find that power. You do. You find the power there. There’s three articles of furniture in there,
and that’s another message. But I want it to be clear to you that this is a real thing. That’s my
main point. We’re not making it up. You actually come this way to God.

I’ve been in other countries where they have different religions. I’ve been in temples. I’ve been
to Hindu temples. I’ve been to Buddhist temples in China. I know about paganism a little bit from
the first couple hundred years of church history. In our Old Testament, the paganism, the Baal
worship, the Canaanite religions and so on. And all of it is just foolishness in a word. It’s just
nothing. It’s this stuff here. These words here. Fertility, peace, love, and there’s a weariness
there. It doesn’t work. It can’t change your life. It’s nothing. That’s why it went out. That’s why
Christianity grew. That’s why in our country we became like a Christian country, and we had

many benefits from it in our civilization, our neighborhoods, our communities. Much benefit from
revivals and people turning to Christ. But the powers of the world are present and always
against it. They don’t want you there. They don’t want you to find God. You can have god all day
long, but don’t find God. Don’t let God be real to you. If God is real to you, then you have a
message. God is real for you, you’re going to be excited about it in your heart. And the devil
doesn’t want that in this world. He wants to shut it down. Shut it down. But when you have it, it’s
your way of life.

After they slaughtered the animal, and there’s a lot of blood, they washed in a bowl. It later
became quite large like a pool, a bath for washing the blood off their hands. Cleaning up a little
bit and then entering in here. So, this is a meaning to it. The Word and then entering in. so, you
had blood, the water of the Word. This is the Word, and then you’re ready to roll. This is what
happens. You are in the holy place. You come in and you are accepted. And it is like with you
and God, it is like eye to eye, ear to ear, hand to hand. You have connection with God. You
actually feel it. You actually can sense it. Not all the time. We live by faith. But I have to say that
the Holy Spirit bears witness to you that you are in fellowship with the living God. This is the
Trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and this love is different from the world’s love. It’s
peace. Out there, the peace comes and goes. But this peace is the nature of God. And that
peace is what rules in your life.

So, Psalm 100:4-5. I think we have enough challenges in life. It doesn’t matter who we are, and I
would like to hear this message again for myself. I get in trouble or I have my hard time, my dark
moment or an evil day, I want to believe what I am saying. I know I do. And in a personal way. It
will carry you. It will carry you.

Then, one day when in the story of Elijah, when Elijah went in the boy is gone. The boy is dead.
And Elijah is there walking around thinking about it, because he has fellowship with God. And
when he lies down on him and it’s – how does it go? Mouth to mouth and eye to eye and hands
to hands, it means something. Maybe we’re not dealing with dead people like that, but we’re
looking at each other this morning. And maybe there is somebody in our midst that is like
somehow that dead boy. And your life, you have a ministry to them. And you don’t even know it.
But because your life is real with God, then you have an effect on that person. And that person
comes alive. And they go home and say I had a good time at church. You say, what happened?
You say, I don’t know.

I just know Jesus is real. I believe that. I was built up. I was edified. I need
what’s going on there. I need to go to the church. I need to go to the church. That’s another
message. That’s a good one. I need this fellowship. I need these words. I need these eyes. I
need these ears. I need these hands. I want to be alive, cause life is to be lived this way with
Jesus Christ living in us and through us and us being in fellowship in the Body of Christ and live
for this purpose. And you have it.

Let me finish. I say that one more time. You got it. You got it. It’s yours. You know it. You walk
with it. And the world around us needs it. We got to be able to say in a partcular moment, hey,
hey, hey! No, no! Jesus is alive. God is real. God does care about you. You are dead but wait a
minute. We are here. The homeless people, they need help. The drug addicts, they need help.
The divorcee needs help. The single mom needs help. The teenager needs help. They had a
great time at Camp Life. I talked to Bolivia on the phone. They just had an amazing time this
week in Bolivia. Gary Groenwold coming from many places. Beautiful testimonies. And in
Europe, the group that went around to different – listen. Come on, Lord. Yes, Lord. Thank you,
Jesus. That’s it. These people in the world around us and Baltimore city. You put us here. Help
us to touch people. Amen. Would you pray with me, please.


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