Darkness has its power. Even Jesus had to stop talking and face the night. Christ died, but then He rose. The hour of evil is limited. It shall end. He gives us His armor and so we stand with His strength. (Luke 4:18-30; 22:52-53; John 14:30; Ephesians 6:10-18)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Eugene Davis
Sermon 12549
11:00 AM on 07/23/2023

P. Eugene Davis –

Good morning. Just for an introductory thought this morning. Pastor in the first service was talking
about that there’s a day, a difficult day. Our Bible calls it in Ephesians an evil day. I was thinking
about this during the break, and just speaking with different Body members. And this thought
just spoke to me.

In Job. 23:2-6, speaks about Job’s plight. HE talks about his complaint, his difficulty, his trial.
Many times when we are in those tight places, we may think that we’re all alone. No one knows
what we are going through. We’re going through a situation, and maybe people don’t
understand. And we go maybe further, and we say maybe God doesn’t understand my unique
situation. We say ah, no. I’ve never said that. But if you’ve been in a tight place, it may not want
to be your confession; but it could be your confession.

Job says this in vs. 2-3. This is the idea. Job is alone. He’s searching for God. vs. 4-5. And vs.
caught my eye. “Would he plead against me with his great power?” No. No. It’s like speaking to
my soul. Am I alone? No. Is God far away from me? No. Maybe God has forgotten me. No.
Maybe God doesn’t care for me anymore? No. I begin to counsel my soul, and I say this. He will
put strength in me.

God’s strength is very personal. Hebrews 13:5-6 says he will never, no never, no never leave me.
He will never, no never, no never forsake me. Cause God’s very presence in my situation is how
he strengthens me. He comes near. Though he may seem very far off, he is very near.
And we see this example in Daniel 10. Daniel is a prophet, a man of God. We also see it in the life
of Jacob in Genesis 32. For Jacob, he’s fearing his brother Esau. He sets a plan to protect his life.
And it says Jacob was alone. But do you know who was with Jacob when he was alone? God.
The wrestling is with God. The amazing thing is though I am wrestling with God, I’d rather
wrestle with God than wrestle with a man.

I’d rather wrestle with God than wrestle with the devil,because I know the character and nature of God towards me. Even though I am Jacob, he transforms my name from Jacob to Israel cause God’s been with me.
This is amazing. In Daniel 10, Daniel is a prophet. Whether you are a prophet or a trickster, God
is still with you. It’s amazing. Daniel 10, Daniel says this many times. Alone in the vision, vs. 7.
vs. 8, “I was left alone.” He says in the second part of vs. 8, “I had no strength.” But after 21
days of Daniel wondering is he a prophet? Does God hear my prayer? Does God understand?
What’s going on? Vs. 10. Personal God.

A hand touched me. It didn’t say a hand beat me. I didn’t say a hand rebuked me. It said a hand touched me. vs. 10-11. We stop right there, because this is the thing as believers we never get old with. We never become familiar with.
God is with you. It may not seem that God is with you. But the Word of God says God will never
leave you or forsake you. He cannot deny you, because denying you would be denying himself.
The Holy Spirit lives inside of us.

Sealed in Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:30, 2 Corinthians 1:22. God’s with us. And
this is the thing that in our unique situations it becomes beautiful, because God is with me.
Maybe we are here today, and we don’t know what God is doing. We don’t know why God is
doing it. We don’t know what’s the purpose of why we are in the situation. But one thing we
know: God’s with us. God’s with us. And this is the thing that encourages us. Let God be with
you, and enter into the rest that God has for you. And the rest is himself.

Let him love you. Let him strengthen you. Let him build you. Maybe even let him change your name from Jacob to
Israel. But the one thing we know this: God is with us. Amen. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Let’s rehearse that for a minute, cause it’s so good. God is with us, huh? Okay.
God is with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. God is with us. Job said where is God? If
I could find him, I could talk to him? Would he destroy me? No, he would put strength in me. I
would give an answer. He would help me. God is my Advocate, Job 23. Isn’t that good?

Daniel 10:8, was it? That he felt the corruption. He felt the weakness. He was very weak, and
then an angel touched him and strengthened him. Good word, pastor. Thank you. Wow! Good
word. That’s great.

This is the offering. I just want to thank the church for your prayers and your love and your
giving. We really have expenses. All the things that are done in this property and maintaining it
and all that we do. How many beautiful things that God has given us. That rain garden out there.
That patio. All kinds. The entry way. The gym at the end of the property. The day school. The
Bible college. International students coming for Bible school. Our services. IT. A.V. All the
technology. Worldwide what we get to do with our podcasts and ministry. Counseling ministry. P.
Hadley and the team. Inreach.

Women’s ministry. Helping people that are shut in. Food service.
Helping people that are in trouble in their soul. Just need a home. Just need to come and sit and
be with us.

The Lord has ordained for the church to be the salt and the light in our society, and we’re so
thankful that we are here for a short time. How long are we here? 1 Corinthians 7:29, “the time is short.”
Turn to your neighbor and say, how many years do you have left? Maximum. Maximum. It’s
limited. We are here for a period of time, and what’s going to happen in the future. We know
some things for sure. Other things we don’t know.

But one thing is sure. What are some of the things that are sure about life? Death. Taxes. Death.
What? Yes, resurrection. We’re going to come up out of the grave, all of the believers
throughout history. Wow! Jesus is coming with a better world, better life, better kingdom, better
government. Jesus is coming. He is the Messiah. He is bringing the kingdom on the earth as it
is in heaven. Hallelujah! That is sure.

Why not in your short lifetime give 10% of your income. Ten potatoes. Why not bring one to the
church? The potato storage is down at the end of this sidewalk! Bring a potato to church. If you
don’t have potatoes, you got dollar bills. And bring a portion of it. And give with joy.

How much money goes through my fingers? How about it? How much money goes through
your – at the gas pump. The insurance company, huh? The food. The refrigerator. Health. All
kinds of things. Money comes in and goes out. Save money if you can, but for sure priority. Give
part of it to the church, and may God test you in that. Malachi 3. Go ahead. Prove me. The Lord
doesn’t say that very often. He says prove me. Test me. Bring your tithes and offerings. Do you
know that portion?

Turn to Malachi 3 just to make it very clear I am quoting from there. He doesn’t say this often. Prove
me. Remember Jesus said to the devil, “you shall not tempt the Lord thy God.” He did. But here
God is inviting you. He goes, test me. Go ahead. Look at Malachi 3:8-10.

“Will a man rob God?” It sounds ridiculous. How can you rob God? He owns the cattle on a
thousand hills. How can you rob God? God, how can you rob his storage room? How can you
get in there? How can you rob God? Yet, you have robbed me. “You say, wherein have we
robbed you? In tithes and offerings.” You got to have it in your mind that the money part of your
life belongs to God. You’ve got to hand that in your mind and heart. Work it in your heart. Come
on. Work it in your heart and mind that my money – come on! It’s a joy to give it to God.

Who could you trust more? Your own heart? Huh? Your own heart or God’s heart. Why not trust
God’s heart? Come on. You can do that. Bring that before God in tithes and offerings. Bring it
before God. Isn’t that amazing, cause money is a weird thing. Just turn to your neighbor and
say, money is a weird thing. Money will grab ahold of your heart and not let you go. Money is a
weird thing. People get weird with money. You talk about money, they get weird. They get funny.
Money. Money. It’s a strange thing, but not when you’re the – it’s a terrible master, but it’s a
great servant. It’s a tool. Like use the tool. It’s in the hand of God.

Just like a gun. A gun in the wrong hands is dangerous. But put the gun in the hand of God, and
it’s a tool. God can use it. God can use you, your life, and also our money. vs. 9. It’s hard to give
counsel to someone, and they say my life is miserable. I don’t have enough money. My jobs are
never good enough. I’m always struggling. My life is miserable. And then you could use this
verse. That would be tough to do as a counselor. Let me turn to Malachi 3:6. You are cursed with a
curse, for you have robbed God even this whole nation.

Well, we don’t usually counsel people that way, but I want to bring it to your attention. There are
some people that are suffering, and they can’t figure it out. But sometimes, I’d like to draw
attention to his particular part of life. Like the Lord would like to help me and pour the blessing
and so on.

And we are not manipulative. This ministry, we do not use money to manipulate people. I don’t
want you to give anything for any other reason, but from your own heart with joy and by faith.
But it’s here in the Scripture. You can remove me from the whole thing, and remove Greater
Grace from the whole thing. I don’t mind that at all, cause it’s not about us. It’s about you and
your blessing and you’re walk with God. And money is part of that walk with God.

vs. 10. The storehouse is that central place where you bring it to the congregation, to the local
assembly. vs. 10. Go ahead. You can test me. Go ahead. Test me. I will show you. I will do it. vs.
10b. I really believe that God wants to bless his people, and pour out that blessing and help us
in our lives. We don’t need a lot. With food and rainment we are content. Maybe we can just
give away what we have, and be blessed with what we have. And be satisfied with what we
have, because the Lord has taken covetousness out of our hearts. He has given us a better

The world will sell you and sell and sell and sell. The world will say give me. Give me. The world
will do it all the time. But we are people that have found a better way, and that is contentment.
Godliness with contentment is great gain. Okay. Good word today, isn’t it? All right. Let’s leave it
there. (Prayer).

Okay. You may be seated. I forgot to mention a group left for South Dakota this morning early to
fly out there. They’re out there for nine days at an Indian reservation ministering Christ to people
with P. Ramire. So, that’s encouraging.

This morning I’d like to speak about spiritual warfare, and also the armor of God that we read
about in Ephesians 6. Before we go there, I’d like you to think with me about the world that we live in.
And is there such a thing as spiritual warfare? Turn with me for the first verse is 1 Timothy 1:18.

Warfare. I know a lot of us don’t like to think about it. We would just like to be in sipping our ice
tea in a garden safe and protected from war. Who would like to live in a world that is just the
context of it is warfare? I’d like you to see, turn to where Jesus began his ministry in Luke 4, and
see what he stepped into when he came into this world. Luke 4:18-19. This is where he was
reading in the synagogue in his home town out of Isaiah 61. vs. 20. This is the manuscript. The

The scroll of the prophet Isaiah rolled it up and gave it to the minister and sat down.
vs. 20. Because they knew. The Spirit of God was in the room, and they knew when he was
reading it that actually it was about him. vs. 21. What a beautiful picture of Christ reading Is. 61.
It’s about him. And he came into the world for this kind of ministry. Those six things mentioned.
He’s preaching to the poor. Healing the brokenhearted. Recovering of sight to the blind. What an
amazing description. And he sat down, and they could have worshipped him. They could have
worshipped him, but they didn’t.

vs. 22-24. And on it goes. vs. 28-30. He went his way in his ministry. He went on in the authority
of the Father for his hour had not yet come.

I want to draw a picture of the world. Here’s the world. Here’s God filling the whole universe.
And then around the world we have this atmosphere, and we have small g, the god of this
world. Did that come up? Okay. Probably it will. Will it? Pastor Eugene, is that them or us?
What? Okay. Thank you.

Okay. So, we have, turn with me – I think the point is they wanted to kill Jesus. They led him to
the brow of the hill and to throw him down the cliff, but he passing through the midst went on his
way. Okay. So, they did not have the authority to kill him. Why not? John 7:5-6. My time has not
come. So, there’s a time where Christ is in the world, and there’s a time for him to leave the
world. Okay. Do we have that? Let’s do it again.

We have, we’re talking about warfare. We have the world. We have the god of this world in the
air. It says the air is the god, prince of the power of the air. vs. 2-3 and 2 Corinthians 4:4. He’s called the
god of this world. There’s many names for Satan. He’s called the, the tempter. He is the father of
lies. He is, actually he is the star, the morning star. He’s replaced by Christ. Christ is more.
Christ is the bright and morning star. Lucifer, Satan – Lucifer becomes Satan cast to the earth.
And he is the god of this world. He has authority. He has real authority. We’ll look at that in a
minute. He has real authority.

And when Christ came, we can put Christ on the earth, and Christ did whatever his Father
wanted. He had the authority and he did the will of the Father. The Father had him silent for 29
years, silent in the sense that he had not started his public ministry. The Father could have him
Son of God did no miracle. He did not speak the parables or the teachings or the healings. And
he was silent. Those silent years of Christ. This is the authority of God the Father with the Son.
The Son is always obedient to the Father.

Now, he starts his public ministry and Satan is against him. Satan is the god of this world would
like to destroy him. Even as he begins in Luke 4 his public ministry in the synagogue by reading
the Scripture, and he has the authority. But they could not take him and throw him down the cliff,
cause they did not have authority at that time. It was not yet his hour. It was not yet his time. He
was working.

Look at John 9:4. “The night comes when no man can work.”What does that mean? The night
comes when no man can work. Is there such a time when there isn’t anybody that can do any
work, cause the night has come. The darkness is on the earth. The power of Satan is in the

So, here we have – I just want to draw it, and make it so you can think with me. Sometimes,
drawings are only just to slow it down for you to like think about. The power of darkness that is
in the world. The amount of deception. The amount of murder. The amount of violence. The
amount of propaganda and misleading whole nations. The amount of atheism. The amount of
religion that is in the world. The kind of darkness that is in the world by the work of the devil. And
the devil being a very real person who is a fallen angel in the world.

Does he have authority in the world? That’s a good question. Does he have authority in this
world? Is the world, is it in darkness in some degree? Yes. But then there is God that calls
Abraham. God that blesses Abraham. God that his hand is on Joseph. The Jewish people in
Egypt. The hand of God with the Jews bringing them out of Egypt. The hand and the work of
God in an evil world. In an evil world. Fascinating, isn’t it? Is it real? To what degree? And Christ
was on the earth, and he’s saying I am working. My hour has not yet come.

What hour? My hour has not yet come. I am working. In other words, I am able to move around.
The devil is here, but he’s nothing to me. I can rebuke the sea. I can rebuke the wind. The
storm, the Sea of Galillee. That is no problem. I can raise the dead. I can heal a leper. There is
no problem here. I have the authority of God. I am the Messiah. I am the Savior. I am a teacher.
I have authority. I am making disciples. My hour has not yet come.

What hour? The hour of the power of darkness. Read it with me. Turn to Luke 22:52-53. He’s in
Gethsemane. Christ is in Gethsemane. Let’s turn to John. One more before we go there. We
have John 14:30. That’s for working on this. The folks that put the Scriptures up. I appreciate it.
John 14:30. It’s hard to follow me maybe, cause I move around. But here we go.

vs. 30. When is he talking? What’s the context? Last Supper. I’m going to be done talking. I’m
done talking. No, Jesus. You can keep talking. No. I’m done talking. I finished my talking
ministry. I finished my teaching. I’m not going to be talking anymore. Why? The prince of this
world. Who’s the prince of the world. Up here on the screen. The god of this world comes, and
he’s going to have authority over me. The god of this world is going to crucify me. The god of
this world.

Now, wait a minute. You might say the Father did it. Yes, the Father did it, but he used the devil.
The Father led Jesus to the slaughter, but he kind of took his hand off of protecting Jesus. And
because now, his hour, it’s the time. It had to happen on a certain day. It had to happen on a
certain cross with a certain government in charge. Caiphas and Pilate. It had to happen for 30
pieces of silver. It had to happen by a disciple betraying him. It had to happen to fulfill the
Scripture. And who did it? The god of this world. God of this world comes.

Look at it. vs. 30. Wow. I love that. Isn’t that a good memory verse? He has nothing in me. What
do you mean, Jesus? Jesus could say there’s nothing evil in me. There’s no – you know how
luggage, luggage has a handle. You pick something up by the handle, right? We all have
handles. Our smartphones and our houses and everything. To get into our stuff, it all has some
kind of a handle. Well, how do I get into your stuff? With Jesus, he’s saying he doesn’t have any
handle with me. He cannot find any way to get in me. He doesn’t, he’s not in my nature. I’m not
in him. He doesn’t have me.

But I’m being offered up as a sacrifice for the church, for us. I’m being slaughtered by evil. He
says that here. Turn to John 14:30 and now go to Luke 22:52-53. This is in Gethsemane. He’s in
Gethsemane now. I think I got to slow down here for a second. We’re talking this morning about
spiritual warfare, and this event, series of events in Christ’s life shows us that he had authority
over the devil until it was time in the Father’s plan to lead Jesus to the slaughter. And the evil
would have power over him. The evil would have their hour of darkness. The evil would be able
to say, aha, aha! I got you. Evil would be able to nail him to the cross, and mock him and spit on
him and beat him. The evil was allowed.

Where is that written? Luke 22:53. But this is your hour and the power of darkness. This is your
hour. This is your time. You got it. It’s yours. I’m the victim. My hour is now come. My hour to be
offered up. My hour to have evil people have authority over me. They have authority over me.
They have authority over me. We’re not making it up. They beat him. They slap him. They spit
on him. They scourge him. We’re not making that up. That’s the hour of darkness. That’s the
power of evil in the world. That exists today. We are in an evil world.

How can we explain the insanity, the violence, the murder that happens on our streets? How
can we explain the lies, the different mechanisms and tools that people use to manipulate
people and steal from them and control them and infect their minds and hearts. And say there is no God. Or if you are a religious person, you’re crazy. If you are a Bible believer, you’re narrow-
minded, bigoted, racist, homophobic or whatever? Is that constantly in the world? Is that the world we live in? It is. But are you part of it? Jesus was not. He was not. He had nothing in me.

Satan had nothing in Christ. He was perfect, pure, holy, powerful. He was powerful. He could
just like that, and the whole universe would be gone. Everything. Held together. The very people
that were accusing him with their mouths, wagging their tongue, mocking him, and their minds
mocking him; all of that is held together with the Word of his power. He is God. He was holding
the world together for him to be crucified in the hour of the power of darkness.

Let’s say a couple things about it. Let’s have fun for a minute. It’s your hour. Go ahead. Give it
your best shot. Go ahead. It’s your hour. Caiphas, you got your wish. Your dream come true.

You’re crucifying Christ. Caiaphas. Pilate. You’re in power, Pilate. Enjoy it. Order the men to
crucify him. It will be done. This is your hour. The mockers, the scribes, religious system, it’s
your hour.

We can even go further today. This is your hour. Pornographic businesses mocking, ridiculing.
Thieves. This is your hour. You only have an hour. It’s going to end. For in the story, three days
later he rose from the grave. And he ascended into heaven forty days more. Their hour is
actually short. Christ has authority, and he’s given that authority to us; so that we don’t have to
be part of this evil that is in the world.

Let’s say it again. Hollywood, enjoy your time. This is your hour. How are you doing making your
billions and millions and billions and polluting the minds of children and leading people into
devices and tools of evil and wickedness. This is your hour. CEO’s of big companies. Your hour.
Governments of nations with military operations. Big. Powerful. Your hour, Big Tech. This is your
hour. Enjoy it. It’s going to end. It’s going to end. Everyone will stand before God. Everyone
must give an account for everything they have done. Everything. Every word they have spoken.
This is your hour. This is your party time. Enjoy the part. Party is ending one day.

Do whatever you want. Go ahead. Now, if you want to live in that life, and you know what it is.
Cause we’ve lived there. We’ve been there. I don’t like it myself. I’d rather be with Jesus. I’d
rather walk in the Spirit with Jesus. I’d rather live in the authority of what Christ has promised to
us, so that we can be free in this evil world and not be part of it. Not part of it. We’ll get ours
later. We’ll get our reward later. We have a secure hope.

Remember Paul said in 2 Timothy 1, “henceforth is laid up for me a crown of righteousness.” What
kind? Righteousness. That’s the difference. The world is unrighteous. They lie and cheat, and
they manipulate and do whatever. They can say whatever they want to, cause this is their hour.
This is how they live and operate. But I love this. They have nothing in me. I’m not drawn to it.
We are with our sin nature. We’re drawn to it. We would like this to be our hour, too. We would
like to have a party also. But haven’t you been in those parties?

Haven’t you had enough of them? Haven’t you lied enough? Haven’t you lusted enough? Haven’t you followed and run after things enough to realize the day is coming to an end. One day my life is ending, that I will face
an Almighty God, a holy God. And I have found while we’ve lived on this earth, we have found
what it is to be born again and Spirit-filled. We have found what it is to live by faith, and find the
authority of Christ in our hearts.

So, though we are in the world, we are not of it. We have been translated from the kingdom of
darkness into the kingdom of his dear Son. We have found a better way. A new and living way.
We have found God. Isn’t that good? Almost done. One more part.

How are you going to live? How are you going to live in this life? We know these things, and the
world has their party. What do we have? We have Christ. We eat the bread and drink the wine.
We eat the Lamb. We have the sincere, the true – we have received the engrafted word. We
have received unleaven bread of sincerity and truth. Unleaven bread of sincerity and truth. We
have found the living Word that is engrafted in our hearts. That feeds us, and makes sense to
us. Inherently coherent. It fits together like the nature of it. It fits together like in the world we are

I said in the early service, in the ancient world, and I recommended this book to get. “The Rise
of Christianity” by Rodney Stark. And you can go through like how the pagans when they had
children, they would kill the girls; cause they didn’t want girls. They wanted men. Boys. So, the
population distribution changed in the pagan world. Many more men than girls. So, how do they
get married, and how do they find a woman?Well, the Christians weren’t killing their girls. So, the population of the Christian women was higher than the pagan world. So, pagans would marry a Christian woman.

They’d marry a Christian woman and they may become a believer. This is one of the things that happened in
the growth of Christianity.

Another one was the epidemic came, and the Christians would not run away. They were not
afraid to die. Generally, the pagans would run away in an epidemic, but generally the Christians
would stay and nurse the sick. And maybe die with them. But in the case where they both
survived, the pagan and the Christian, the pagan would be persuaded by the Christian’s love.
Other pagans would hear about it.

The pagan ideas of god, I’ll read that to you some time. Their ideas, the whole idea of pagan
gods, these gods were not very good. They couldn’t help you. They didn’t care about the human
race. They played tricks on people. This is in their religion, in their ideas of pagan gods. They
were not good gods. It was not appealing. But the pagans had nothing better until Christianity
came. Then, you have a living God, one God, the Almighty God who created everything who
also loves you. This was a new thing.

Why do I say this, but because when you and I are living in this world, there are differences
between us and the world. There are differences between the way we think and the way they
think. Those differences are good. This is one of the reasons why we need to put on our armor.
Let’s finish that. I’m a little short on time, but just to wrap it up here. Ephesians 6:10, let’s be strong in
the Lord. Let’s get God in our heart. Let’s believe in God with all our heart. Let’s love him with all
our heart, and the Spirit of God is in us. vs. 11.

That you may be able to stand against the tactics of the devil, the strategies of the devil, the devices of the devil. That’s another subject but a very important one. To stand against. vs. 11-12. these are demonic forces that are in the world that
crucified Christ. They had their hour with Christ. He was crucified, but he overcame them, is
above them. And we are seated with Christ above them, and have authority over them. And I am
sure that irritates them. I am sure that troubles their world that we have authority over them.
That we are able to bind them. We are able to see the hand of God operate in the world that we
live in.

Let me finish. vs. 13. What evil day? Jesus had an evil day, didn’t he? Huh? Let’s put here evil
day. Jesus had an evil day. That day. What kind of evil day? The power of darkness that came
against Christ. We may have also an evil day. We may have something that happens a certain
day. There might be a time. There will be a particular effort to take you out. There will be an
effort to destroy our faith. An effort to hurt us to an amazing degree.

One brother at the 9:00 came to me after the service. He said I have an evil day in my life. It’s
on July and he gave the day. I said why an evil day? He said cause my son was murdered that
day. Seven years ago. And on that day, I can’t function. I said, are you getting better? Cause
he’s new in our church. I said thank you for talking to me. Thank you for talking. I think God will
help you, and you’ll be able to manage. And you are. He actually is, but he has such a sadness
about what happened, because it was such a tragic thing that happened. And I don’t wish this
on anybody. Of course not. Nobody. But I’m telling you just to encourage us and teach you

Jesus said my hour has not yet come. Through his life he said my hour has not come. Then he
said now it’s coming. I will not talk. Now, this authority is given against me. And I will be
destroyed. I will be destroyed. I will be crucified, but I will overcome. I will overcome. So, here’s
the leson. I do not know about how this relates to us. That’s a unique thing. But I would like to
say we are in a world, and we are on the right side of things. We have a living God, and he’s
telling us something. There is warfare. There is the work of evil. There are things that happen to
us. But he said all things work for good for you that love God and are called according to his
purpose. I’m persuaded that neither death nor life nor principalities nor powers nor any other
thing can separate us from God’s love.

Then, we could also say put on the armor of God. And get ready. Be prepared. Don’t be
destroyed. But be built up in your faith and walk and finish your course, your life. Finish it
victoriously with a testimony, cause our God is not like other gods. Our God is a living God. The
one that loves us and knows us and speaks to us. Amen. Would you pray with me.


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