Do you have vision? How close are you to following after God? Let’s be on the move in the Finished Work. We are in a great wilderness but we do have a voice. (2 Kings 2:1-5)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Ken Feyers
Sermon # 11347
7:30 PM on 10/11/2017


P. Feyers (Miami)

Thank you for praying for Miami. We know we are covered because of your prayers. I don’t say that lightly. It’s so important to us in the Body and what God is doing. It’s beyond what we can tell you or show you with pictures. It’s lives being changed one at a time. The camera in the back. Can everyone say “Happy Birthday” to my wife?!

(Hab. 2) Prayer. Whatever way you pray and all the prayer requests on your heart. Think of all the prayers you send to God. All of them. Every one of them. Some are praying for finances, health, jobs, and wives praying to change their husband, all the prayers that go up. All of them unto God. There are many aspects of this way of praying. Praise is prayer. Meditation is prayer. Intercession, meditation, thanksgiving. All prayer. There comes the time where, we talked at the lunch rap about the time we wait and God speaks back. Sometimes that becomes difficult and we run into hindrances. It’s soul surrender, concentration, still before God and waiting. We look at the watch because we have a schedule. We’re busy. Waiting. Silent surrender. Having our capacity expanded. I learned it becomes an art. My mind wanders during this time. We want that quick fast answer and the answer that appeases me. This is why I’m praying and what I want. We approach it that way. The wandering part and settling of the mind becomes a challenge as we wait on God. My mind drifts to, did I give the dog a bath this week? I never bathed her in my life! Habakkuk as a minor prophet, God spoke to the prophet and the prophet to the people and he was the opposite. He went to God for the people. He was wondering why God wasn’t answering or changing my situation. This is the way it should go. I’m going to you, God.

He cried out in chapter 1. He couldn’t get around that.

Chapter 2 after he pours everything out and waits for God vs. 1. Part of waiting is watching. It’s never inactivity. This is warfare. This was a cry of welfare during warfare. It’s the welfare of the people. Do you hear the cries of your people, God?

vs. 1. He’s going to wait and watch. It’s not like a running time clock but that’s how we feel God should answer. Sometimes the answer comes and we don’t know it because it’s not what we are looking for. God says it’s already been sent.

vs. 3. He says I’m going to give you a vision and write it down. Write it in the tablet and in stone. Put your vision down. I’m going to start writing my visions. The people of God need a vision. It has to be revisited and explained and retaught. We so easily forget it, because it’s nothing we can hold or touch or grab onto. Write it down and know it, God says.

vs. 3. I’m going to give you it. You’re going to write it down and you’ll have to wait for it. The people will hear it. Just keep waiting for it. It will come. vs. 4. When God speaks and he gives you an answer, your soul lifts up out of depression, worry, faint, being wounded. Your soul gets healthy because you’re hearing God.

vs. 4. That vision will be “the just shall live by his faith.” What were we asking for? What was the answer? Keep living by faith. Live by every Word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by every Word of God. If hear for the first time, keep coming and keep hearing. Come seven times. God will speak to you. Mix what you hear with faith.

Heb 4:2 it didn’t profit them because they failed to mix what they heard with faith. Simple prayer life. The answer was faith.



P. Schaller

That’s good. That’s great. Thank you, pastor. What did pastor just say, Pastor Feyers? How about living by faith? I don’t want to. I’m in a mood. You get out of your mood by faith. How about that? Ready? That was a good one, Pastor Feyers. Prayer. Few of the points. Waiting on God, the vision written. We need to rehearse it. There is a vision by faith. Praying and waiting on God and thinking, did I give the dog a bath?! I’m waiting on God!

The Turkey team, have you heard about that? They are not giving out visas right now. What do you do when your plans are not working out? You make adjustment and pray.

Can I say a little about what you said the other day, Dana? A single woman having the question, Am I going to get married or not? And asking God that question and God answering her and this was in the class she shared. And God said it’s none of your business! Woe! Lord, am I going to get married or not? I’m not the manager of the skating rink! [From the joke P. Gary shared]. I am God and it’s none of your business! If I go to the mission field or I stay, what do I need? I need a word. I need the H.S. to teach me and guide me. What’s the plan? You will teach me, guide me. I’ll be a soul winner here, a blessing in Federal Hill. I will be a blessing in Baltimore City. It may be such a blessing when my things whatever they are – Turkey team is God’s plan. I have no doubt. But I say it because it relates to the few things I want to say tonight.

(2 Kings 2:1-2). Relationships are the greatest thing going on in the world today. Love. Connection with people. Imperfect people but people. It’s so much fun to live with imperfect people. It’s great to be Spirit-filled and live with people. Elisha was with Elijah and said I will not leave you.

P. Satellite gave a message in June at the Convention and said never leave your church. I will always remember that. It spoke to me because I was thinking of leaving! I need a word in season!

2 Kings 2:3, that’s one category, that’s one way, that’s one response we have with regard to life. We may have K and we may be correct about things like in this text. Yes, I know he’s going to take my master away from me but we’re not talking about it. I’m going somewhere and thinking about something bigger than just what is natural. My master will be taken away, yes, but that’s not the big deal. There is a bigger deal. There is something I got my eyes on. There’s something I’m looking at. There’s something that I see.

vs. 9. Do you know that the Lord will take you master away from you? Yes, I know it. It’s said a few times here.

2 Kings 2:9 double portion of thy spirit. Pastor Feyers said it, too. What’s my vision? What is the Spirit doing? Walking in the Spirit. When we gather in Jesus’ name there he is in our midst. It feeds us. I get so many phone calls and text messages from around the world. How many remember Miles McGee? He lives in Spain and he is writing books, and he built us up a lot.

People are saying finished work. P. Scibelli, we did Facetime with P. Davis before service and P. Scibelli said Tianjin was amazing. P. Satellite said usually after P. Scibelli preaches a message, people are excited. In this case everyone was weeping. That’s the anointing.

Do you know your master will be taken away? Yes, I know, but I’m on the move in the Spirit of God. We are doing this. People are hearing about the finished work and it changes our relationships with each other.

P. Stan shared about in Latin America this one brother likes to go and listen to a legalistic message. He doesn’t like the people in the church so he goes late and leaves early. He hears the message but doesn’t like the people. He said in Greater Grace, I like the people but not the message! It’s not Greater Grace, it’s the message of Christ, the finished work. Not legalism but grace builds our relationships. To be honest we are different. But we enjoy it. We enjoy the diversity. We love it we are not cookie cutter Christians. We love it we are not judging each other.

When you get with Elijah, you are starting to walk in the mystery. Do you know that…this kind of thing. I probably know a lot of what you are talking about but I’m not living there. I’m hungry for twice the Spirit of Elijah. Isn’t that good. I’m hungry for this.

When God said to Dana, none of your business about your future. She received it lovingly from our heavenly Father. It’s not like arrogance. God is saying to us, you don’t know it all but follow me closely and I’ll take care of you. I’ll give you twice. Elijah said that’s a hard thing to get twice what I have.

vs. 10. He said you have asked a hard thing. When was the last time we asked a hard thing? I am looking to God. I want God. I want to see the glory of God. I’m waiting on God. A couple points on waiting on God.

P. Feyers said waiting on God is hard. God, I have seven minutes. Can you deal with this? The Lord says, really? The sacredness of what it means to be before God. Isn’t that beautiful. Waiting on God Hearing from God.

I read it on Grace Hour, about Cho’s ministry. I think it was 1958. “I started ministering in 1958 in a suburban area of Seoul. It was a slum area. From the beginning the Holy Spirit taught me the foundation of the church was prayer. I tried to win souls for the Lord for more than six months. During that time I preached, I couldn’t lead one soul to Christ. In less than one year I had packed my suitcase more than eight times to leave my ministry. I was sure at that time that I had not been called to be a pastor. I had not even dreamed that I would become a pastor of a very large church. Then my dream was to have a church of 30 people. And I began to pray five hours every day. I tell you it’s not an easy job to pray for five hours. I struggled and I fought against the flesh. Then great things started to happen. I was changed. Then my people changed. And the whole town began to change. In three years I had led 600 people to Christ. We built a beautiful church in the slum area in 1961. Then we moved downtown Seoul. I had experienced a little success with 600. I wanted to build a church among the very big. People laughed at me. I was young and inexperienced, so I resorted to prayer. I was praying very, very much and God began to move. My mother- in-law was especially inspiring to me. She would call me at 4:30 in the morning and say, what are doing? And he said, I’m sleeping. She said, you’re supposed to be up and praying. Especially the minister can never sleep beyond 4:30 a.m. Every morning, my mother-in-law would dip a towel in cold water and put it on my face. Many times I would get up and sit on the edge of my bed.” So, okay. “The devil is not afraid of you coming to church. The devil would also be silent while you study the Bible, but the devil will resist you when you start praying. The devil can’t stand your praying. When you pray, the devil will cause trouble.”

Like, did I give the dog a bath this past week? “But when you pray more, the devil will leave you. You don’t know how much the devil is causing trouble among yourselves, your families, children, businesses, churches and things that are very important to your life. Many people say well, this is the 21st century. We don’t believe there is a devil. Well, even that is a scheme of Satan. Jesus spent much time casting out devils. When you cast out the devil you will have a great movement of God in your church. And only through prayer, God will answer your life’s problems.” Okay. Great stuff. There is a little book that I’m getting this stuff from. Dr. Cho, you’ve heard of him with a million people in the church. Prayer Mountain and a beautiful story of prayer. But I would like to go to this and just say this tonight. Do you know that the Lord is going to take your master away from you today? Yeah, I know. Shh. I know. I’m going to follow him. We should study and analyze this whole thing. My heart. When I’m with him, my heart is moving. My heart is strangely warmed. The heart. I find the Holy Spirit. I’m after God and the Holy Spirit is moving. I’m following him. Don’t you know this and that? How about this one, don’t you know you can’t get a visa to go to Turkey? Don’t you know that this and that? Don’t you know? What was the other one? You could say many things. Don’t you know that Donald Trump is president? Don’t you know that Putin…? Don’t you know? Okay. Yeah, what are you doing with your life? What are you after? What do you want? What are you hungry for? And this is not in regards to our activities. This is in regards to something much deeper. A young person may be sitting home but have a vision in their heart for God in a particular way. They go for a walk and they’re dreaming and thinking about. What is the Spirit saying? What is the Spirit doing? Maybe they are thinking about this book like I could learn the book and it will deliver me from much evil. Maybe they’re thinking I need some new friends. How would that happen? I will follow closely to God and God will give me a friend like Jonathan. Maybe someone can say my life is some kind of a disaster. I’m a voice crying in the wilderness, John the Baptist said. I’m in the wilderness but that’s ok. I am a voice. Let me repeat that. I am in the wilderness, and it’s a wilderness, and it’s okay because God has given me a voice. It’s all that I got. I don’t have much but I got my heart and I have a voice. This is a beautiful thing. Let’s finished this.

It says, it’s a hard thing you are asking, vs. 10-11. Won’t that be fun when the Rapture happens? We’re just walking and talking and there it is.

vs. 12-13. I want to say lastly to all of us in my heart I’m more and more wanting to have the Lord help me and the Lord speak and love us more and more. I want to hear what the Lord has to say to my heart. I want to stay away from sin because I know how destructive it is. When I’m proud I want to learn humility. The H.S. can teach us things the world will never teach us. The H.S. will teach you. Be filled with the Spirit. Walk in the Spirit. Discern the Spirit. Listen to what the Spirit says to you. Bring it home with you. Maybe you live with someone that doesn’t care. Maybe you live in a problematic, or some problem. Carry with you. Carry it with you and bring it home and know that God can change things. God hears many of our prayers. God will answer us. He is very close to us.

In the story, after Elijah was gone, the prophets came and said let’s go try and find him. He may have landed on this hill or on that hill. And Elisha’s got the inside scoop. You not going to find him. He’s gone. No, no, no. We got to go. So Elisha being kind or wanting to be conciliatory, he went with them and they looked for three days but couldn’t find him on any hill because he wasn’t on any hill. He went up. And when you and I get to walk with God in these difficult days. They’re not really so difficult actually, but we often say that and it is scriptural. So, it is though I hesitate to say it.

Actually, in these days who knows about tomorrow, but I can get serious about following Elijah and I’ll get the inside scoop and I’ll be far off from the mark. That’s for all of us.



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