Storms are rocking this world and we are in the same boat with so many in need. We are God’s people. Let us come out of our sleep. Our ways must be right. Political solutions are not the way. The greatest political influence is for us to lead people to Jesus. We need to reveal our convictions. Let exalt our Creator. (2 Chronicles 7:14; Romans 1:21-32; Jonah 1:3-8)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11954
11:00 AM on 9/13/2020

P. Schaller –

Good morning. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiving us of our sins. He has forgiven us of our sins and given
us eternal life. Praise the Lord! Lord, you are glorious. You are awesome. We praise you. We
praise you. We thank you for this assembly today. We have Pastor Jambuloni over here. He’s
the pastor of the Greater Grace Church in South Africa. He’s here and it’s great to have him. P.
Scibelli I believe is in Miami. Is he? Is he swimming with the sharks down there? He’s preaching
the Gospel. This morning the message is about being awake. Elbow your neighbor and say it’s
about being awake. Awake thou that sleepest. On September 26 th down in Washington, D.C.,
there is a prayer march for the country with Franklin Graham. We have one bus I know. Maybe
two buses. You are welcome.

There is a lot of walking maybe. Or just be there for prayer. There is a little video with Franklin Graham right now. That’s the kind of song you can just keep singing. Why don’t we do that? I don’t know why we don’t do that. Let’s do it again. Let’s do it again. I don’t know if they will. Do it again. When it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Keep it going.
Wasn’t that good? Wow! I love that. You are God alone. There is a message there. You are God
alone. Isaiah 44, God says sarcastically, is there another God? I know not any. Isn’t that cool? There
isn’t any. You are God alone. 1 Timothy 1, we got something to say today. Praise the Lord! We got
something to say and we hope we can say it. Patricia, calm down! Calm down! Security! Keep
an eye on row #2 over here! Ha, ha. I don’t know any. There isn’t any. We have in America I
want to share something with you about what we see happening in our culture in the West. We
all know about it and we are concerned.

1 Timothy 1:17, eternal, immortal, invisible. Anybody seen God lately? He’s invisible. What’s next? The only wise God. You know what that makes me think? Other gods are stupid. Is that another way of saying that? What does it say? The only wise God. The other gods are stupid. I want you to say that a couple times. Turn to your
neighbor. The other gods are stupid. Are they wise the other gods? They are not. They are
foolish. They are foolish. In college campuses, they are teaching people to reject the Bible,
Christianity and extremist Christian morality. That’s what they teach. Extremist Christian
morality. But why do I and you embrace this morality that we embrace? No fornication, no
adultery, no homosexuality, no lying, no stealing, having no other gods before us. Why do we
do it? Because we worship what kind of God?

The only wise God. He’s the one that told us. He’s wise. But they say that’s crazy. “In the future, among the young people the Bible will increasingly be viewed as irrelevant, meaningless, but to us what God says is important because he is the only wise God.” That’s why I embrace what he says above what we say in our own
hearts. By the way, don’t follow your heart. Follow God’s heart, God’s mind. He’s the only wise
God. Look at the world we live in. What happened? Foolishness. It’s crazy. Foolishness.
“Mysticism and subjectivism will increasingly be the means why people discover religious truth.
The ideal is if it feels right, it must be true.” What a minute? If it feels right, it must be true. I
don’t know about that because there are some things I do I don’t have any feeling about it, or I
don’t feel that way or I do it because I worship the what? The only wise God. He knows. He
knows. Isn’t that good. My title this morning is “Awake thou that sleepest” so you are going to
get yelled at a few times.

Elbow your neighbor and say, what is going on? It’s going to come out okay. The message will be good. Say that to yourself a few times. You don’t need to say anything about it. I’m reading here “when the Son of man returns it will be like it was in Noah’s day. In those days before the flood, people were enjoying banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat. People didn’t realize what was going to happen.”
Why not? Because they didn’t worship who? The only wise God. When there is a flood coming,
the best thing to do is walk with the only wise God because the other gods are not going to help
you out. Right? Okay. “We’re living in a time when people say I have my own truth. The highest
good in society – this is the one that we are living in – is finding yourself and living by what is
right for you.” That’s what they do. They find themselves and live according to what is right for
them. That’s not how you live.

You don’t want to live like that. You found Jesus. When Jesus came into your heart, he gave you the Holy Spirit. You discover truth and the truth set you free. That freedom in the Spirit, that worship of the only wise God is very satisfying to you. You find yourself satisfied with God. He builds you up. He speaks to you. We are living in a time “where anything goes. People are making moral decisions based not on the Bible but based on self.
They have a much more liberal attitude on many ethical issues. 71% of Americans now believe
divorce is morally acceptable. 68% of Americans believe sex between an unmarried man and
woman is okay.” By the way, when the world says something and you defend what the world is
saying, if you defend an immoral lifestyle or a lie or some foolishness, then you are not walking
with the only wise God. The only wise God, God is the one that guides you in truth and sets you
free and leads you in a deeper life and a satisfying life.

Instead, immoral life doesn’t satisfy so they live that lifestyle and take medications for depression and anxiety medications and they have fear and they are empty and go from one thing to another because they are not
worshiping the only wise God. Isn’t that interesting, But in Romans 1, it talks about people that
know God and walk away from him and say, no, God. No God. I don’t have any God. It’s about
me. I am at the center. It’s about me finding myself and doing what is right for me. This is right
for me. How is that working out for you? How is that working out for you? Because we love
people and I am one of those. However, you and I have been born again. In our new birth we
have a capacity for the only wise God, the only one that is wise is God who is eternal, immortal,
and invisible. Come on! Who is he? What is going on? Let’s know him.

Let’s walk with him. We are living in a world that is going to eventually see us, and they do, as extremists. They see us as a bit old fashioned or weird or narrow minded or bigoted, many of these words that are said. I
want you to get used to it. I want you to get comfortable with it. We are worshiping a wise
God that is going to guide us and lead us in our lives. He’s going to help us, and we are going to
find ourselves satisfied with God as he promised us. We’ll look at the text in a minute, but I
want to continue with these percentages, but I don’t know that it is so edifying, but anyway.

“63% of Americans now believe that co-habiting, living outside of marriage is okay.

63% believe it is okay to enjoy sexual thoughts or fantasies about someone other than your spouse.

63% of Americans believe that gay and lesbian relations are okay when the Scripture consistently calls
homosexuality a sin (Leviticus 18:2, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

61% of Americans believe it is fine to have a baby out of wedlock when actually God has ordained that to happen with marriage.”
Yes, I’d rather have the baby born, no doubt about it, but still sex without marriage is not right.
It’s not ordained of God.

69% believe that euthanasia is acceptable. More than half of them support a doctor assisted suicide.

53% of Americans believe it’s okay to have sexual relationships with someone of the opposite sex to whom you are not married.” Which means adultery. “More than half believe that adultery is okay.”

More than half. We are in a world that is moving away from God. So Franklin Graham is saying let’s meet together and pray. I’d like to change, not change anything but help you understand it. 2 Chronicles 7, I want to make a point. It’s not my message but I want you to see something. Vs. 14. Does that say American people? Does
it say Finnish people? Swedish people? How about my people. We are Americans in this room,
but we are not his people unless we are born of the Spirit. If my people, not all of America, but
my people that are in America. My people that are in Albania. My people that are in India. My
people who are in China. Vs. 14. If they seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. Will
America turn from her wicked ways? No, maybe not. I don’t know. We don’t have a promise
about them but about me.

Me. If I turn from my wicked ways. I humble myself. If I. Abortion, pornography, lying. I. It’s not about them out there. It’s about me with the only wise God being my counselor. If my people will seek my face and humble themselves and they will turn from their passivity, indifference, ignorance, their foolishness, they will turn from paganism. They will
turn from the world. If they will turn from their evil ways then I will heal their land. Who knows
how many it takes. A thousand, Lord? A thousand Christians in America humbling themselves
before you and they turn from their evil ways and you affect the whole country? I will heal their
land. It’s happened three times in our history where we had a great awakening. We had a
turning to God. It’s happened at different times in our history and a fourth time can happen. It
can happen. If my people, my people.

Not the American people. The whole nation will not do that. They will continue with their foolish gods, me, myself, and I. That will happen. “34% of Americans believe viewing pornography is morally acceptable. There is a time when
persecution is coming against Christians. They redefine tolerance. It used to be back in the 50s
and 60s, tolerance was when your neighbor had the radio on too loud. You would tolerate it.
When your son or daughter had a shirt or pants that were not matching, or their hair was
longer, you tolerate it. Being tolerant never meant condoning immoral behavior.” When we say
we are tolerant, we are flexible and we understand, but it’s not 2 + 2 = 5. That’s not tolerance.
That’s plain straight up wrong. It’s called math. Math. By the way, my mother is my mother.
She’s not your mother. She’s my mother. If you think I’m being intolerant, I’m not intolerant.
That’s my mother.

Back off! I don’t have another mother. I got one mother. How many gods do I have? I got one. He’s the only wise one. You can follow anyone else you want, but you won’t end up in a wise place. Our God is a wise God. He’s an only wise God. You say I’m intolerant. Oh really? No, I’m just right. Just like 2 + 2 is 4. We’re ridiculous. We’re stupid. We’ve become fools and it says that in the Bible. Turn to Rom. 1. This is a fun message. I hope it stirs us up. Vs. 21.
“When they knew God” – that means they were a child on the beach and they believed in God
and God was there and then they are a teenager, and they do something wrong and feel guilty
about it. God is there speaking to them and then maybe they hear a Sunday school class and
meet a Christian and they know something about it and God says walk in the little light you
have. Walk in little light you have, and you will get more light.

That’s how it works. I can be in the dark but there is a little lamp, a little candle a mile away but I can see it. I just walk in that light and it gets better. These say, no. I don’t want God. Vs. 21. They become foolish. Their
hearts and imaginations take them into foolishness. I said in the earlier service that at college
there was a guy that had deer antlers and he put ping pong balls on the end, and he put it on
the wall and said this is his god. He’d worship it and so on, but he was stoned. High on drugs
and this is what he said and did. Was he joking or real? I don’t know but it was not funny. There
are tree huggers that are connecting with the world, the vibrations through the trees and the
stars lining up and everything in creation. They worship the creation and not the Creator. They
end up foolish. Vs. 22.

Yeah they did. I’m a fool except I got something going for me and so do you. You are the worshiper of the only God that is wise. Because you are a worshiper of God, God gives you an understanding and it satisfies your heart and fills you in the spirit. You wake up and realize, wow. This is good. Vs. 23. Birds are gods. Four-footed beasts are gods. Creeping things. Insects are gods. Snakes are gods. All kinds of things are gods. Mountains and rivers are
gods and stars and the moon. God gave them up in vs. 24. God gave them up and in the Greek it
means they are unapproved. They are rejected. It’s like taking your microwave oven out of your
kitchen and saying this doesn’t work anymore and just throwing it in the dump. At the dump is
all this stuff. It’s all ADOKIMAZO. It’s all unapproved. It’s all unacceptable. You might say does
that happen to human beings? Does that happen to human beings? I’m sorry to say it does.
They have sown. Their hearts are foolish and darkened.

They continue in a way and it becomes evident to others that this is not right. I’m out of here. They come to the Christian. Honestly that happens. They come to the people that found something. They come to the people that
are saying something. They come and they say what’s going on? I heard an interesting story
from P. Ron who is sitting over here with a mask on. We went to the Eastern Shore yesterday
soul winning and he had his little motor cart. That’s how he gets around. We are going down a a
quiet little sleepy town and there is a guy mowing his lawn going back and forth and back and
forth and back and forth. P. Ron parks his cart and stares at the guy. The guy is going back and
forth, and P. Ron just stays there staring at the guy. Finally the guy pulls up to P. Ron and he’s
staring at him. They are both staring at each other saying nothing.

The guy is old, in his 70s. He goes, what? To pastor Ron. What? He didn’t say a thing. They had a talk. P. Ron led that guy to the Lord. That guy was a nice guy, but P. Ron told him you have to be saved. You have to accept
Jesus. It was a good talk. Foolishness versus Jonah in the ship. Jonah in the ship. We’ll look at
that in a second. I have to go to the ADOKIMAZO point one more time. Vs. 24, 26. What does it
mean vile affections. A woman with a woman. A woman changing the natural use into that
which is against nature. Is that about – they didn’t have surgery, sex changes back then but in
the mind it was there. In the mind changing my sexual orientation against nature. Hello? Wow!
Is that a foolish thing. It’s a foolish thing. Is it a foolish thing for a man to sleep with a man? It’s
a foolish thing. It’s an abomination. Well, look at that.

The Christians are saying those things. Don’t they know we should be tolerant. We say I’m talking about wisdom. The only wise God is the one who tells me how to live my life and he tells me that is foolish. It’s dangerous. It’s not
satisfying. It’s empty. It’s not the solution to the yearning in my heart. It’s not what I am really
looking for. It’s not what I really need. It’s a twisted, perverted way of thinking. It’s just straight
up wrong. It’s not right. Many of us realize this and know this but we are trying to say something about where we are in our society because it’s not getting better unless the only thing we can do is evangelize. We can pray. We can live right ourselves. And we can evangelize. That’s the greatest thing we can do politically. The second greatest thing is we can vote, and not vote in people that are immoral. If a fool is living like a fool and now he is governing me, do
you think he’s going to make a wise decision about me and about you? Don’t you think if a fool
is a fool in his home, he’s going to be a fool in his office.

Don’t you think if he is a fool this way, he’s not going to be someone I can trust later? I need somebody who has some sense, common sense, somebody who has some sense of righteousness and fearing and respecting and their
responsibility because there are a lot of people involved. There is a lot of our freedom, our
faith, our belief, our freedom to be an individual. Not in society. I’m not voting for society. I’m
voting for God and righteousness and truth. Yes, I’m a part of society but back off. I’m not with
that group. I’m not part of that gang. I don’t agree with that. I’m a different person. I’m
separate. I don’t believe that. I have to stand and fall before God. O king Nebuchadnezzar, our
God is able to deliver us from this fiery furnace. We are not careful to answer you in this
matter, but if he does not deliver us, we will not bow down to your image.

Daniel 2. Where does that come from? That’s the Spirit of God in you. That’s the Spirit of God in you saying I
want the only wise God not some stupid gods. Some stupid gods made up for stupid people
that do not want God. I do not want stupid people that have other gods that are shoving it
down my throat and telling me I am wrong when 2 + 2 = 4. Napoleon Bonaparte was not
Chinese. He was French. And my mother is not substituted by another mother. I know you are
all thinking, what does that got to do with anything? Do you know what that means? I got one
mother and listen to this: I got one God. He’s not another one. He is this one. They say gods are
all the same. No it isn’t. Just like mothers are not all the same. Mothers are not all the same.
People are not all the same. No, it’s not all the same. That’s foolish. There is discernment. There
is a distinction between things.

There is a right and there is a wrong. There is a wisdom that comes from God, so you are able to live a profitable life. The more you believe lies, the more you suffer. The more you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, the only wise God will fill you and satisfy you and teach you this book. Jonah. I’m stirred up about the whole thing. It’s beautiful. What happened to Jonah? He found a ship going to Tarshish in Jonah 1:3. He found a
ship. I bet it was a half price ticket. There are people that are like that, by the way. I don’t know
how it is today, but it used to be the casinos up in New Jersey and you catch a bus maybe from
Dundalk or somewhere. I don’t know because I never did it and I don’t care about it. But
someone saves us $300 or $700 and they give you a free bus ride up to New Jersey or half price,
so they go. Why do you go to a bad place? Because it’s half price. Half price ticket. What am I
going to do? I get on the—okay.

Where did he go to catch a ship because he’s running away from God and he’s going to fall asleep on it too. Vs. 4-5. Wake thou that sleepest. To the church, wake thou that sleepest. To people in America that are believers in Christ, wake thou that sleepest. What are you wrapped up in some foolishness? That’s stupid. What are the
sailors doing? They are worshiping their gods. They are running around on the deck. They are
throwing stuff over. We got to solve our problem but the only wise God in heaven, he’s the one
that knows what is really going on. He knows what is going on. I wonder what will happen to our economy in the future? I wonder how long God will allow us to live in our lies? I wonder
how long he will allow us to abort our babies? I wonder how long he will allow us to live in our
filthiness and unbelief? I wonder how long he is going to let the church go to sleep in the
bottom of the boat and not be ministering and preaching. How long are churches going to be
shut down and closed up?

What? Are they out of their minds? What kind of God is God? I’m
going to die. A vending machine is going to fall on me probably. The other possibility is the
corona. I wonder which possibility is higher? The vending machine falling on me or the corona?
I’m not dying from the corona. I’m not dying from that. If I do, that’s God and I’ll take it. Thank
you, God. You know what I think? This is a crazy world. Why am I saying this? It’s because I see
a lot of foolishness on a lot of levels, so I am losing my trust in everything people are saying. I’m
losing my trust in their guidance, in their judgments. I’m losing my trust in what is happening.
I’m down in the ship. I’m the answer but I’m a sleep. But I’m the answer to the thing but the
church is sleeping. Where is the church in America? Where is the church in America? It’s here.
Thank you, Lord. Where is the church, the Spirit, the living God, the Almighty God, the amazing
God, calls fire down.

Raises Jesus from the dead. Speaks to the church. Sends Pentecost. I once
was addicted to drugs. Now I’m not. I’m worshiping the only wise God. I once was lost in my
sinful ways. Now I got the only wise God. He’s the one. The only wise God. He was asleep. Vs. 5.
Let’s all do the snoring together. Go ahead. Pick it up. Some of you guys I know you are really
good at it in real life. Hey, what happens when you sleep? You’re sleeping. The thieves come in.
What happens when you’re sleeping? You’re detached from your consciousness and the
environment and what is happening. You are sleeping while the house is on fire. You are
sleeping while the thief is in the house. You’re sleeping while there is a revolution out in the
street. You’re sleeping while they are making big decisions in some office somewhere and they
are stealing your money.

You’re sleeping when someone is taking from you something precious
and valuable. You are asleep. Jonah is sleeping in the ship when they need help. They need a
message. They need God. They need God on the ship. They need an answer. They need God.
That’s all. Wake thou that sleepest. So the head of the ship – somehow they knew something
about this. Vs. 6. Let’s tell our neighbors, what meanest thou, o sleeper? Turn to the person
behind you, what meanest thou, o sleeper? You are sleeping while your kids in the public school
in kindergarten are being taught about sex. You’re sleeping while the teachers at the public
school and every other place and a filthy foolish mind are talking to little children about things
they should know nothing about. It’s perversion.

It’s abuse. We are sleeping when we should be saying something and believing in something and loving people, not judgmental but just say, no thank you, sir. My kids are precious to me. You cannot steal them. I’m shutting it down. I’m taking it down. I’m shutting it down. No, it cannot be. Our teenagers are on pornographic sites
and the parents are what? Sleeping. Our kids are running with the wrong crowd and the
parents are? I want to be gracious about it because kids are tough to raise and we all – I mean,
if it ever turns out good, I say Lord, that’s a miracle. Thank you, Jesus. If it doesn’t, God is bigger
than our pain and our suffering and our heartache. It’s sad sometimes what happens. Anyway,
I’m sleeping. I’m in the health club, but I’m sleeping. I should be in the church. I’m out on a
soccer field with my kids. Come on! They don’t need soccer. They can do it Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday but not Sunday. They need God. Our kids need God.
They need to be in a Sunday School, and they need to be in a church. What meanest thou, o
sleeper, Jonah? Lastly, vs. 6. Arise, call upon your God. Maybe your God will be the answer.
Arise. Who is your God? What is your God going to do? Vs. 7-8. Let’s figure out who is
responsible for this mess. Jonah is there like with a short straw! You got me! I’m the reason. I’m
the reason. But I’m also the answer. They knew and they didn’t want to throw Jonah over, but
Jonah said throw me over. That’s in the story, but that’s for another time. I just want to say we
are the salt. We are the people that America is looking to. Please stand up. Please say
something. We don’t like what is happening. Please stand up. Please have some conviction.
Please lead us in a godly way.

Let us follow God. I don’t know who God is, but we need God. We
need help. Our economy will crash. We will have civil strife. We’ll be fighting with each other all
the day through Christmas and through the next year and the next year. We’ll be in trouble as a
nation. We need something what can you say. God, please bring a revival. Please save souls.
Please change hearts. Please fill churches with pastors that will preach the gospel. Please help
our teenagers. Please send a revival. Please God. We need you. We ask you to do it. We are
your people and we are in your name here and we are asking you. Please, in Jesus’ name.


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