The World meets truth as Christ met Pilate. The word “sin” is not used today. Psychology invent labels to eliminate guilt from our psyche. Let’s cry out and tell God we are wrong. Guilt is very real thing, the Son has come to set us free and we shall be His Bride. Revelation 19:7-9

Speaker(s):  Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11443
6:30 PM on 3/25/2018


P. Schaller

We had a beautiful day today in the Lord. We had an amazing morning. I said to P. Adam Speedy send me an email saying where is Les. I got the answer already. There he is. Thank you so much. You want to have some fun here tonight? It’s a big subject. It’s amazing. It’s a big one. I think it could develop into an excellent message. For the sake of the folks not here this morning. Let’s have a prayer. This morning we did the signs of the times. By the way, we had a Syrian family came this morning. For one month they had been contacting me. I met them at Rocky Point. They said can you visit us at our house? I said come to church. They came. They are from Aleppo, Syria. The lady had seen her brother shot to death in front of her. The dad lost two brothers in the civil war. A real family immigrated here that is hungry to be loved and hungry to be in the U.S. They’ve been here 14 months. These are people searching and we have a play this week and we are out there inviting and serving and loving. I’m so excited in my heart. Signs of the times. This is the end times series. We went through this in the last few weeks. Then the Rapture. The Rapture happening and we anticipate it. We know it’s going to happen any time. There are not conditions to be met. He will take us to heaven as his bride. We will be decorated with our righteousness through the bema seat. The judgment seat of the believer or the bema seat. We had a list this morning. I’ll mention a few of them. We will be judged without condemnation. There is not any judgment that produces guilt, only the sense of loss. When the lights go on and we realize God’s reality, we will see it in the context of our new life. Because of our new life, we had actually the heart of God. Many things we did in this life were in accordance with his will.

We treated other believers with a glass of water, Mt. 10:41. We used our given talents and gifts and redeemed the time. We gave money for orphans and widows and to help the local assembly and to do mission work. This will be seen at the bema seat. God will search our hearts.

We had amazing services this morning, where I felt the Spirit searching our heart and speaking about the importance of having a pastor teacher, Heb 13:7, 17. Be a part of the assembly and not forsake the assembly but to show up. There where God is speaking by his Spirit the masters of assemblies. General Motors assembly line where the goads and nails are fastened in our lives. We remember teachings from the past that were revolutionary. One brother came for the first time. He met me at the door and said that was amazing. He followed me to the cafeteria [café] and said that was amazing! It was so edifying. It doesn’t have to be amazing in one sense, but we are here because God has given words, words of wisdom from one shepherd, that’s Christ. He has given us words. We remember messages from 30 years ago. These are nails that connected us with God’s eternal purpose. At the bema seat of the believer, we will see our life was not in vain. That we had value. I want to speak a little later about closure. How things can be put away and sealed and gone and dealt with. We are living in a world crying out for Barabbas.

Mt 27. Pontius Pilate and Christ are there together and Pilate has no idea of the import of the moment. The profundity of this event. That we would be speaking about it forever and ever. That Pilate and Christ meet. Pilate says what is truth? Pilate says who are you? Don’t you know I have power to release you and on it goes in that exchange with a few words? It has not changed globally now. The world is meeting Christ. And the world does not know what truth is. Christ is standing there. He is saying I am truth. I am the answer for all your problems, Pontius Pilate. I am the answer for your guilt and diseases, for your excuses, for your political future. I am the resurrection and the life. I am God’s wisdom incarnated. I am what you need but you don’t know that. Pilate is in a politically difficult situation. The crowd is crying crucify. He is saying I can let somebody go free. Who should I set free? Barabbas or the one called Christ? Barabbas! Barabbas! Let me read a piece to you.

The fun part I wanted to do tonight I don’t know if it will happen. But the fun part was have you ever met someone who has some sickness or problem and they label it with a disease label? You walk away and wonder is it a disease or an excuse? Have you ever met someone that talks about their problems, misfortunes, disabilities in the context of a disease? Whatever happened to the word “sin”? It’s not used today. There is a lot written about it. Many ways of explaining it away.

“An FBI agent was fired after he embezzled $2,000, gambled it away in a single afternoon in a casino. Later he sued arguing that his gambling addiction was a disability, so his firing was an act of illegal discrimination. He won the case. Moreover, his therapy for the gambling addiction had to be funded under his employer’s healthcare insurance just as if he had been suffering from appendicitis.”

Wow! You know the story. Alcoholism is a disease, right? Sometimes forms of rebellion with young people can simply be attention deficit disorder. It seems that the psychologists are busy inventing names and labels because we want Barabbas to go free. It’s only a thought. I don’t want to make a case and argue it with people that do have legitimate problems. I understand that. But I’m trying to say something. The evangelical church that is saying guilt is an absolute part of a person’s psyche. That guilt is a reality. That guilt is something that the world of psychology is trying to excuse it and eliminate, and say you’re not guilty. You just need a better self- image. Get rid of guilt. That is old fashioned. Guilt is no longer a part of our life. This is the idea.

“These days everything wrong with humanity is likely to be explained as an illness. What we used to call “sin” is more easily diagnosed as a whole array of disabilities. All kinds of immorality and evil conduct are now identified as symptoms of this or that psychological illness, criminal behavior, perverse passions, every imaginable addiction have all been made excusable by the crusade to label them medical afflictions. Even common place problems such as emotional weakness, depression, anxiety are also almost universally defined as quasi medical rather than spiritual. The American Psychiatric Association publishes a thick book to help therapists in the diagnosis of these new diseases. The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, histrionic personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder. There are dozens, multitudes of parents influenced by diagnoses refuse to punish their children for misbehavior. Instead they seek therapy for ODD or HDP or whatever new diagnosis fits the unruly child’s behavior. In the words of one author, the disease model approach to human behavior has so overwhelmed us as a society that we have gone haywire. We want to pass laws to excuse compulsive gamblers when they embezzle money to gamble, to force insurance companies to pay to treat them. We want to treat people who can’t find love and instead go after dopey, superficial men or women pursue endless, or men, pursue endless sexual relations without finding true happiness and we want to call all these things and many, many more “addictions.” What is this new addiction industry meant to accomplish? More and more addictions are being discovered. New addicts are being identified until all of us will be locked into our own little addictive worlds with other addicts like ourselves defined by the special interests of our neuroses. What a repugnant world to imagine as well as a hopeless one. Meanwhile, all the addictions we define are increasing.”

And on it goes. Think about it. You go to a church like this one and we say, where is our responsibility? What is it are we to relate to? Are we to excuse ourselves for our misbehaviors, for my sexual addictions, my alcoholism or my drug addictions or my whining or crying and complaining or my race or background or my upbringing or how my mom treated me or my dad or my unemployment or whatever it might be. Come on! We say set Barabbas free. Think about it. Barabbas was a murderer. He was a criminal. But in that little world of Israel with that leader Pontius Pilate and Christ the world is speaking. The world is saying, Jesus touched a nerve with us. He went where he shouldn’t go. We don’t like him. He put his finger on us. He is saying we are proud and blind. We as a nation. These are the leaders of the Jewish people. The Jewish people loved Christ and received him gladly. He did amazing things for the common people. The same thing is happening in our world. They don’t want Christ. They want the excuses. They don’t want Christ. They want some way out. They don’t want Christ. They don’t want the cross. They don’t want the truth. They don’t want the reality.

Listen to it: the addictions, addictions, addictions and I’m recovering addict. Recovering. I never end up recovered. It’s not over. It just continually processes therapies, money, big industry, identify that psychosis, identify that problem and go to your therapist, go get help and training and the thing goes on and on and we end up being a sick nation. Really. Our country is getting sicker.

“The therapist extend their treatments over a period of many years even after the original problem that provoked the client to see counseling has been solved or forgotten. They go on for so long and the client becomes so dependent on the therapist that a special period of time, sometimes extending to six months or more is required to get the client ready to leave. Recovery. The code word for programs modeled for Alcoholics Anonymous is marketed as a lifelong program. We’ve grown accustomed to an image of a person who has been sober for 40 years, standing up in an AA meeting saying I am Bill. I am an alcoholic. Now all addicts are using the same approach. I am a sex addict. I am a gambling addict. I’m a nicotine addict. I’m an anger addict. I’m a wife beating addict. I’m a child molesting addict. I’m a debt addict. I’m a self-abuse addict. I’m an envy addict. I’m a failure addict. I’m an overeating addict. Whatever people are suffering from this goes on and on and they are saying I am recovering” but they don’t come to the end and say, I have been recovered. It is over. It is done.

Now think about it. When they said Barabbas, Barabbas, the problems just started. They didn’t go away. Pilate washed his hands. Hey, I don’t have anything to do with this. This is your problem. I’m done. You know what happened to Pilate? That was in 32 AD and 36 AD he is called back to Rome and takes his life. Four years later. No one knows why. He’s in trouble with the Roman Empire. Probably this thing plagued him and he could not get away from it. There is one place I need to go in order to have God deal with my guilt in a real and final way. It is over. And that is God. Pilate, come to Christ. He will take your guilt away. Pilate, you messed up. You sinned. Say the word “sinned.” Sinned. I sinned. I have sinned. I am held accountable for my action. I have sinned. I got to show up.

Job 38:2. Job stand up on your feet. I’m talking to you.

Again Job 40:2 or 5, Job, stand up. I’m talking to you. I got this disease and I’m heart broken and God says stand up. Show up. I’m talking to you. Like Pilate. You are guilty. You have crucified the Christ. The good news he is resurrected. He came for you, Pilate.

Believe in him in your heart and he takes your guilt away by his blood, Heb. 9:14 How much more shall the blood of Christ purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God. This was going to be fun, wasn’t it! I guess it didn’t turn out that way! I think it might so down better if we had fun doing it! Some people are edgy. They are just about to get out of here. I just find it fascinating. I find it amazing. We have a little thing in our family called Schaller guilt. We have a sensitive conscience about everything. Have I done that right or this right?

There is a guilt called a weak conscience in Rom. 14.

There is such a thing in 2 Chron. 34:17 the king had a weak conscience. He was overly sensitive.

That is not a spiritual conscience in Rom 14 where it says whatever is not of faith is sin. God doesn’t care about some things you and I care about. He doesn’t care if you eat meat or vegetables. He doesn’t care if the Sabbath is Saturday or Sunday. There are some things he does care about and gives you a healthy conscience in life. Peace, freedom and victory. If you are wrong, admit it. If you are guilty say I have sinned. I am selfish. I am wrong. I cried out for Barabbas but I am wrong. I need Christ. When Christ fills us with his Spirit we are not guilty. People go bad decision, guilty conscience, they try to rub it out and deny it but don’t get any further. They don’t get any further. They can’t get free from it. They are trying to excuse it away, read about it away. Have better self- esteem, be more positive and optimistic and believe what these people in the world are saying. But God is saying guilt is a real thing and one way to get rid of it is by the blood of my Son and the H.S. filling you. So you are free indeed. Really free. Judgment seat of the believer. We are going to be rewarded and all these great things that happen in our lives because of our freedom.

How we control our fleshly appetites we will be rewarded, 1 Cor 9:25. We will be rewarded for facing truth when it hits us right between the eyes. Yes God. I cried out for the lie but I’ve been corrected. Truth is higher and better. I want it even if it hurts me. I’ll accept it as it is and I expect you to release me in it and liberate me in it. So that I love my husband, I love my wife, children, calling, church, I love what you are doing and I believe you for everything you have said in this book. Your name is Christ. Then we will be judged how many souls we brought to Christ. How we speak to others about him. Also how we look at the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ. We’ll be rewarded. How faithful we are to God’s word and God’s people and don’t get angry at me. Don’t get angry at me. I just love it. We have a place to go to. It’s a safe place. It’s a good place, where my friends will tell me the truth. It’s a place where our faith will grow. We are getting prepared to meet Christ and will meet him one day. Don’t get angry at me or the Bible because the Bible is telling you something you might not want to hear. We are learning it and being built up in it. We are capable of holiness and being a righteous person. Capable of telling the truth and walking in our faith and trusting God in every area. We will also be judged how we support others in our heart in the ministry. How we love each other. The people we don’t see. All the pastors laboring in the word in the U.S. and how we support them in our heart.

We will be judged with our tongues in Mt. 12:36 and give account for the things. If you have sinned with your tongue, confess it. It will never be brought up again. God has washed it away with his blood and it is not brought up.

If you have a habit of gossiping and get away with it, a habit of excusing or blaming or attacking the brethren, that will be before us as a great loss when we face God in James 3. Marriage of the Lamb. I want to show it to you.

Rev. 19. Do you want to see? The angel said.

vs. 7. Great noise of many waters like Niagara Falls. Halleluiah. The Lord God omnipoteth reigneth. Let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to him for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his wife has made herself ready. Esther when prepared to meet the king had to bathe for six months. I’m sure that didn’t help her skin. She put on oils and perfumes. I believe it was six months. She was being prepared to be brought before the king. That was an earthly story but now the bride of Christ, we are being prepared to meet Christ. Christ is in your life. Not your excuses. Not your way out of responsibility. But God leading you in your heart and guiding you in what he wants from you. Lord, I want to show up. I want to be there. I want to believe you. God will say what I am asking you is impossible. And you say God with you it is possible.

I will believe you and walk by faith in what you say, Heb. 11:6. All this beautiful stuff comes upon us. She was arrayed in fine linen clean and white. The character of Christ is covering us as his bride. This is the bema seat judgment where she is so beautiful. She is dressed in this beautiful manifestation of God she has gotten in a life of faith. Your life of faith is producing the treasure in heaven that will one day adorn us. vs. 6. We will be clothed with his righteousnesses.

It’s a plural word in verse 8. Blessed are those called unto the marriage supper. Marriage and marriage supper or the reception. Are you called to the marriage reception? We had a wedding in here and in Fellowship Hall the reception. You are called to the reception. What is the reception? All the friends and family members come. It may be the marriage supper of the Lamb goes into the millennium. It is in heaven during the Tribulation and then it may extend into the millennium. Believers that survive the Tribulation period will be guests in the house. This marriage supper of the Lamb if it is 1,000 years long, we really don’t know but if it is, it is a constant manifestation of Christ and his beautiful bride which is us. Believers through the century that have believed not the lie but the truth. I have sinned and confess it and I’m forgiven and it’s gone. This is what the world can’t do. They do not say you have sinned that Christ forgives you. Instead I have made a mistake. I have a poor self-image. A psychiatrist has diagnosed it. I go to therapy. I’m still in recovery. Hopefully, I will get through it and be a super person. That’s the idea. They have labels for it but it’s not sin. It’s labels. But they escape that. I got to say to you and me and I’m happy I got hit between the eyes growing up in the Lord and saying, you better call your sin a sin and grow up and get right with God and God will meet you there. Hold it. Wait a minute. This means God is in the picture. In this one God is not in the picture. It’s a label, and an explanation and therapy and understanding yourself. And it’s really not fair. I got to read one crazy story of this that is in our world.

An old man was beaten in NY. He was beaten up and the attacker ran away and was shot. The attacker was paralyzed by the bullet. He sued. Here it is. The argument of the attorney for the man who attacked the poor man that was beaten up at the subway. This man ran away. He was shot. Paralyzed. He went to court to sue NY City. It worked out this way. The argument was that the “man attacking him was driven to crime by economic disadvantages. The lawyer said he is a victim of the insensitivity of the man who shot him. Because of that man’s callous disregard for the thief’s plight as a victim, the poor criminal will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He needs redress. The jury agreed. They gave him a large settlement, 4. 2 million dollars. Several months later, the same man was arrested committing another robbery…permanently paralyzed…4.8 million dollars in compensation from the New York Transit Authority. The man he mugged, the cancer patient is still paying doctor bills. McComings, the mugger, is now a multimillionaire and the man he mugged is having a hard time paying his bills for his cancer.”

It’s crazy how we cry out Barabbas. In principle, I don’t know. I know it’s complicated. You get the idea. The Twinkie Defense. Have you ever heard of that one? A man murdered a fellow supervisor and he acted irrationally. The attorney said it was “Hostess Twinkies.” The diet of the sugar made him act irrationally. A lenient jury bought the line and produced a verdict of voluntary manslaughter rather than murder. They ruled that the junk food resulted in diminished mental capacity which mitigated the killer’s guilt. He was out of prison before…next term would have been completed. .whom he also murdered.”

Crazy stories. It’s repeated in many ways. Many turns and twists can be taken on the story of what we are looking at in this world. To be very honest it’s fun when you can say I am guilty. Train me. Show me. Convict me. Lead me to the truth. I will take it. God help me. I have sinned. I am responsible. I take responsibility and please set me free. When that freedom comes into your heart you say yeah. We can do this thing. I don’t want to hear excuses. I want to believe God can lead me beyond my capacity. I don’t want you to make excuses for me. I can smell them out ahead of time. Don’t give me an excuse. Give me faith. Teach me I can walk on water. Don’t tell me that I can argue my way out of this and kind of blame it on him and blame it on them and blame it on my country, my community, and blame it on my race or my education or whatever it might be. Don’t tell me that stuff. I want to know God. And I believe if God can visit a man in prison and make him a mighty man like Joseph, I believe God can visit me in prison. And by the way I don’t want to go there. I believe if God can take a disabled person and get him to rise up and believe God. Tell me that. Show me that. The Gump guy, Forest Gump. What’s the story? Forrest Gump. He doesn’t know much but he has character. There is something about him refreshing to the American mentality. Don’t explain him away and marginalize him and push him to the side. He is the man God has made him to be, and when he shows up, there is something that will happen from the hand of God. That’s what I want to hear. That’s what I want to follow. That’s what I want to believe. They will shove this stuff down your throat, you and me, all day long. And say Barabbas, set Barabbas free. We will say no.

I want to know who Christ is. I want Christ to be the answer for my life. And then the next one we did the tribulation of the world, and that one is coming up this spring too. Amen.


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