Daniel was of an excellent spirit and people knew it. Some tried to silence him, but God preserved him. We are sinners, saved by grace, but we are miracles given to reveal Him to the world. We have the Spirit and this gives us His Voice for our days. (Daniel 6:1-8; Numbers 23:18-21)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11962
11:00 AM on 9/27/2020

Schaller –

Yesterday, a group of us went down to Washington, D.C. and we had a celebration time together and prayer at the
Lincoln Memorial and down through the mall. A couple hundred people from here went down
to meet Franklin Graham and other believers. The crowd was very large. We – maybe you’ve
seen it, – we have a little short video and I want to use that to be the context for our message
this morning as we think about what the church is. We saw the church there yesterday as we
see here this morning. It kind of struck me in many ways. We talked a little about it on the way
home and what we saw and witnessed as believers who were not protesting but praying and
praying for our country and for the Gospel to be preached in all the world. I realized as I looked
at the crowd in 2 Timothy 2:7 it says Paul said these important words. Think over what I say for the
Lord will give you understanding in everything.

I don’t now if it’s happened to you but there was something I learned in high school and many years later I realized what they were teaching me. I didn’t understand it at the time but then I understood it later, decades later even with
some things. It’s the same with the church. We can see the church but then how much do we
understand about us individually as a Christian. I understand some things but then together
what do I see. Who is the church? There are many things to say about it. We have three
different portions. I’ll introduce it by asking you to turn to Numbers 23:18. Two words you
probably don’t know in that discourse: Balaam and Balak. Balak was a prince I think he was
Moabite. He knew that the Jews had come out of Egypt and the talk on the street so to speak
was how did the Jews come out. How did it happen? Who are the Jews? They were slaves in
Egypt. Haven’t you heard they came through the Red Sea. No? Yes, they did. What else about
these people? They have been given promises.

They have a God. The God of their fathers visited them and said he’s going to give them this land. Balak is saying, no. This is our land. Balak the king or prince hired Balaam a sorcerer, a witch to curse them. You know there are
different ways to control a group of people or to militarily resist them. Wipe them out. A
genocide. Destroy these people militarily. Balak had the idea that the devil or cursing the Jews.
Curse them. So he hired Balaam to curse the Jews. He had them up in the wilderness up on a
rock looking down on the nation, a big sea of people, kind of what we saw yesterday in
Washington. A big sea of people and the devil is saying curse them. Curse them. How could we
get rid of them? I am afraid of them. I don’t want them here. Get rid of these people. Why
would the devil want to get rid of these people? Because they are different.

They have another spirit. They have God. No, their God is nothing. Their God is the real God, the real God. Curse
them. So he hired Balaam and Balaam looked at them and this is what he said in vs. 19. As he
said what? He said to Abraham I will give you this land when Abraham was few and small in
number. Seventy-five people came down into Egypt and came out a couple million. Stop these
people. Curse them. Balaam said God is not a man, the son of man that he would lie. What he
said he will do, and you cannot stop it. They are special. They are different. I want you to think
about Jesus coming into this world and calling us to be his people. He’s given us something we
never earned, and it’s called our standing. I want you to learn two words, actually there are
four words. Standing and state. My standing is my legal right, my standing before God.

Like a young man is in a family. My father’s name is, and this is my father, and this is my standing is I am in this family. My state is I’m rebellious. I stole a car the other day. I’m 14 years old but my
father says he loves me. In my life I’m in trouble. This is my state. Standing and state. If my state
is bad, does it change my standing? If I’m in trouble with the police, does it change the fact I am
in this family? My father’s name is. With God, we are called by God’s name. I found your word
and I did eat it and it was the joy and rejoicing of my heart. I found this book and I ate it. I ate
the doctrines. I understood the poetry. I was learning the history. I understood the parables. I
heard the miracles. I understood who I am. I found your word and I ate it for I am called by thy
name, O Lord God. That’s us. That’s new. We are a new creation. God is our Father. So we have
standing and state.

You could say, “Pastor Schaller, what about there is standing and our state being good?”.

That’s normal. The Spirit filled Christian has an amazing standing and an amazing state. He has peace in his heart, wisdom given him from God, unity in the Body, baptized into
the Body, drinking the Spirit and built up and encouraged in the faith. Yes, that’s our state
sometimes with some believers. I have to tell you many believers are immature, and some are
carnal. Some don’t understand what their standing is. They don’t know who they are. They
don’t know their new identity. They are always negative and kind of discouraged and maybe
analytical and maybe have strong feelings and so on. When Balaam is hired to curse them, he
cannot. If you are blessed through Jesus Christ, then you are blessed. Ephesians 1:3, blessed us with
all spiritual blessings. That means it is in God’s heart and mind to bless Israel. This is in the Old
Testament. To bless Israel in a similar way and that blessing on Israel cannot be changed. I have
blessed Israel.

I am for Israel. I will bring Israel into the Promised Land. I am the God of Jacob,
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That’s what I saw yesterday with this sea of people. I understand
and believe we are the church. We are members of the church. We are blessed of God. We
have a different spirit. We are not of the world. We are of God our Father. We are called by his
name. We have privilege and honor. The grace of God is upon us. Vs. 20. Where did the
command? This witch, Balaam who was of the devil, was hired to curse but the Spirit of God
came upon him and he said I am commanded to bless. Who is commanding? God. Balaam is
saying God is commanding me to bless. I cannot do otherwise. Vs. 20. I don’t know if you
understand this, but there are things that God cannot change. When he decided in his mind
about you and I, that decision is made in himself based on wisdom, Ephesians 1:6 and he cannot
change it. Here’s a little story.

Remember Isaac liked the venison and Jacob goes and gets meat
and puts hairy arms on like his brother Esau. He’s going to steal the birthright. He comes in with
hairy arms and he smells like the field. He brings the food. His father is blind. His father says
who is it? It is Esau! He goes you brought it so soon. Come closer. Let me smell you, feel you. It
was hairy and he smelled him. You have the arms of Esau, but your voice is like the voice of
Jacob. Who are you? I am Esau. So he blessed him. He goes out of the room and the real Esau
comes in. He says, father, I brought the meat. Who are you? I’m Esau. No! No! I blessed. Who
was that? No! And Esau says, yes. Has my brother deceived you? Yes. I have blessed him, and I
cannot reverse it. I have blessed him, and I cannot change it. Do you realize that’s like us, the
cheaters, the liars, the prostitutes, the sinners, the pornographers, the wicked deceitful. Who
do you think you are? Who do you think you are? You are a sinner saved by grace and when
God decided to bless you, he did it righteously through Jesus Christ.

Romans 3 and he cannot reverse it. It cannot be changed. You are blessed. I sometimes see people don’t like it because they have no idea how deceived they are. They say it’s unrighteous. It’s not correct. It is. The
only thing that makes it right is Jesus Christ. That’s the only difference. The reason you are
blessed is not because of you. It’s because of Jesus Christ. If it was because of you, you’d be in
hell. If it’s God saving you by his grace through the blood of Jesus Christ, then it is the grace of
God. If he has decided to do it, then it is the way it is. You can take your self-righteousness and
your legalism and your whole religious self and have a party on your own. This party is a
different one. Luke 15, Jesus is sitting with the publicans and sinners. It’s like a circle. Just
outside the circle are the Pharisees. They are listening to Jesus. They are proud and religious,
and they don’t like Jesus. They are trying to catch him in his words.

Jesus is with the publicans and he’s talking to them but has the Pharisees in mind. He talks about three things that are lost: the lost sheep, the lost coin and lost son. He’s saying that to these publicans. They love the
stories. Every story is followed up there was great joy. I left the 99 and found the sheep and I
brought it home rejoicing. There was a lost coin and the woman searched the house and found
the coin and then there was rejoicing. Then the son was lost, and he came home and there was
a big party. All the people in this circle, the ones closest – yes, yes. God saving us. God saving
us. The Pharisees are on the outside like what is he talking about? What is he saying? He
doesn’t know the law? Who is he? A false teacher. He’s demonized. You don’t know. You don
have a clue about how wicked and wrong you are.

Because of that you cannot enter into the party of God, the party of grace. You can’t enter into the Spirit of grace and the ways of God and the mind of God. If you understood it, you would be in the party with the publicans and
sinners. But you can’t get it because you have a different spirit. Down in Washington D.C.
yesterday, you can be sure there are people unbelievers on the outside watching and looking
and there is a different spirit there. They don’t get it. Who are you? What are you doing? What
is happening? You can be sure the devil is out there saying how can we curse these people?
Balaam is saying, I can’t. I can’t do it by a demonic curse. Their prayers are too strong. Their
spirit is different. I cannot seduce them. I cannot manipulate them. I can imprison them and
crucify them like I did Jesus. I can ruin their party by teaching legalism.

Unfortunately that does happen in churches where there is no party in the church. There is no celebration. There is no joy. There is no freedom. It’s just something strange. They have a bad state instead of a joyful
state and they should have because the standing is so filled with grace. The standing is such a
privilege. Finish it please with me. Vs. 20-21. Would you look at the screen please? When we
were in that group, I was amazed at how quiet, how orderly, how gentle the crowed was. You
are standing with them, but the Holy Spirit was there, the presence of God. Vice President
Pence spoke. Franklin Graham. Others. We prayed down through. Maybe you saw it on social
media. The police were there, and they were very thankful.

Wow. So awesome to be dealt with by respectful, loving people. Little huddles of prayer groups down through the mall as we walked from the Lincoln Memorial where that was taken down to the Capitol Building. To think
that the church is very real, very amazing and with a different spirit. Our prayers for our country
because the laws can be bad laws that we pass. Bad laws can be passed easily. We see it in
history. For evil to succeed all it takes is good people to do nothing. We just do nothing, and they take over. Hitler’s Germany for example and many examples in history. We must be a vigorous people, an intelligent, Spirit-filled people, an enlightened people, an understanding people and realize what evil is and we learned that in the church. We are people of the Spirit of God and we are here. I could just imagine being in heaven with people, so many the number could not be counted in the Book of Revelation and think there is nothing between us but

I thought how many of these people before were alcoholics and liars and deceivers and
cheaters and prostitutes and how many were proud and all of this type of thing. Of course our
standing before God and then our state. Even though we are not a perfect people, what grace
has done, what Christ has done, what he did to save us, how much he is for us, how many
prayers are answered, what is happening here, how we want our country to be a righteous
country. We want to be salt and light in the world. This is in our heart. This is the Spirit that is in
us. We could feel that and sense it and see it as people stopped in little groups and all over the
place as we went down to that direction. I would say it was historical. P. Scibelli had a group of
prayer people in the Fellowship Hall.

Then people at home watching on social media and praying with them. I’m very encouraged by it. We’ll speak later a little bit more about it from the book of Daniel. Would you stand with me please? Jett Benoit is here from Atlanta, Georgia from back in the Lenox days. Haven’t seen him for 40 years maybe and there he is. He hasn’t
changed at all. Praise the Lord! Wow! Would you turn to your neighbor and say something
meaningful to them in the Lord. Love them and encourage them. Turn to your neighbor and
say, good to see you. Are we ready to hear a good word today? A good word on Daniel. We’ll
look at Daniel 6. Tonight we will have a little more on what happened yesterday and through
this week. We have good news. We have 50 new students in our freshmen class in Bible college.
It’s an answer to prayer and the Body is just very real.

We are different like we said this morning. I like you to see it in this story as I believe there is so much relevance to the day we are living in through the Scripture. When we learn this book bit by bit little by little, it says in
Isaiah 28:9-10. Growing up and maturing and no longer feeding on milk. That means it takes
time for you to learn and get it little by little. Our prayer is every time you come here, the Holy
Spirit will say something to you, and you can take it home with you. One of our families that
normally is sitting over here, the Washington Family, Peggy and Richard, have been in the
ministry for 21 years. Richard passed away two days ago with a stroke. They were married 41
years. Precious couple from Owings Mills. She said to me on the phone yesterday we have
learned so much in Greater Grace. You are my teacher. You are my pastor. I understand. I am
learning the Bible. There is so much to learn, and I have been learning and learning and I know
God has a plan even though it’s hard and sad. I lost my husband of 41 years, but I am prepared.
Those are my words.

This is what came across to me from our talk. I am prepared. The Bible
prepares you. The Bible will speak to you. The Bible will counsel you. The Bible is the doctrinal
reference for life. How to understand life. The gift of wisdom is a great gift. If any man lack
wisdom, let him ask of God who gives liberally and does not hold back, James 1:5-6. The books
of wisdom, the first – 1 Corinthians 12 when he gives a list of the gifts, the first gift listed is wisdom.
The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. What is it? It’s wisdom above not wisdom below. In
our government we have both. We have wisdom below and then we have some people that have a wisdom that is a different kind. It’s a wisdom from above. In the church, you can have
wisdom below and then there are some that have a wisdom that is above, that delivers us from
the hell below.

That’s all in James 3, Proverbs 14:12 and many proverbs. There is a spirit in a man.
This is not intellect. This is a spirit, Job 32:8. There is a spirit in a man that gives him
understanding. Proverbs 20:27, that means the inner part of a man. It compares with Palm 51:6.
God requires truth on the inner part. The spirit of a man. This is where we live. I believe
yesterday when I saw that crowd when I was walking with them and being with them, I just
believe we are people with a different spirit. We are different. Our thoughts are different. Our
motive is different. Our direction is different. We are straight up different. This is John. 17 and
Jesus’ prayer at the end, his high priestly prayer. Father, I have kept those you have given to
me. I manifest your name to them and I’m asking you to keep them. I think seven times, “keep
them.” “Keep them.” “Keep them.” We are different. The world doesn’t know us. They don’t
understand us. The world has another spirit, 1 Corinthians 2.

They don’t understand us. Barak said how can I curse these people that came out of Egypt. I’m afraid of them. I don’t trust them. I don’t know where this is going. Instead of militarily defeated Israel, I would like the devil to curse
them. I hired Balaam to curse them but when he goes to curse, he cannot. The Spirit said to him
I have a command to bless. I bless and I cannot change it. It’s like I would like to so I can get
paid for cursing, but it can’t. I can’t. That’s an amazing story. That’s an amazing story. The story
goes on and there’s a lot more but let’s leave it at that. Daniel 6. I think that’s a good
illustration of what I just said. Vs. 1. He’s the king of Persia. Satraps. Satraps. What does that
word mean? It means princes. Like governors. 120 leaders over his whole kingdom that
stretched from India to Ethiopia. It’s a huge empire.

He appointed these princes to be over and over the 120 were three special men and Daniel was one of them. Vs. 2. That means tight run government without loss. Everybody would be empowered to govern. Vs. 3. Why? An excellent
spirit was in him. Who is in you? The Holy Spirit. Can’t get a more excellent spirit than the Holy
Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in you. The Holy Spirit was in those people yesterday in Washington.
The Holy Spirit is in us. The devil could be up on a rock looking down and saying how can I curse
them? How can I take them out? How can I curse them? You can’t. Greater is he that is in us
than he that is in the world. You can’t. The devil is saying yes I can. I can take out Daniel. How
are you going to do it? By law. Read it with me. Vs. 3. The king planned to set Daniel in the
highest position. He was going to reorganize it.

He wouldn’t be one of the three. He would be over the other two or whatever that would be, but Daniel would be number one. That was the king’s mind. Why? Daniel is different. Daniel is like Christ. Daniel is like Solomon in his good days. Daniel is like you and me. You and I are different from the world and the way of the world
and the mind of the world and the spirit of the world. The devil is the god of this world. He’s
saying it’s almost like this. This group of people that are having a party with Jesus and these
Pharisees looking at it and saying you got to get rid of him. We got to get rid of him. This is over.
We are getting rid of him. It’s the same thing. It’s spiritual. It is. It’s spirit. It’s a spirit of the
world against the Spirit of God. It always will be that way until the end.

Cain kills Abel. It’s the same thing. Jesus is crucified. The same thing. And Daniel is in trouble. Vs. 4. Why? Jealousy you think. Why? They resent his spirit. Why? The king likes him. Why? To get rid of him. Why get rid of us in the United States of America? Why get rid of all those precious people down there
humbly praying for the country? There’s no protest. There is prayer. Why get rid of them?
Because they are having a party and they know God and because God is with them and blessed
them and it can’t be changed. Because they are the people of God and we are in an evil world
that is saying, no. No way. Not on our watch. Not going to happen. Daniel, we are going to get
rid of you. Vs. 4b.-5. Do you know what the law of his God is? Listen to this commandment:
“You shall have no other god before you, but you shall worship the Lord thy God and him only
you shall serve.” Let’s take that and make a law.

You cannot pray to any other god except this king Darius for 30 days. There’s no other god. You cannot pray to your own god. You have to honor Darius and worship him for 30 days. Daniel is saying, no. Daniel went to his house right
away and prayed three times in front of the window in defiance and he did it because of the
Spirit of God in him. There are things about us that are the way they are because God is our
God and we have no other God before us. Not our culture. Not what the people are saying. Not
the laws of the land. No, we have a spirit and wisdom that is understanding God and his ways.
When they come into conflict, you better know where you stand. I encourage you in that, that
you would know where you stand in your heart regarding God. It’s always like this. There is a
book called “Hitler’s Cross” by Lutzer. He goes through the history of what happened in Nazi
Germany and how the thing went. Hitler was not really afraid of Christians. He kind of over
looked them. He worked with some Catholics and the Protestants. He realized he could roll
over them.

There were a group of Christians, an association of about 275 churches that would
not. They basically said Nazism is over there and don’t touch the church. We are the church.
You don’t tell us what we preach. We are preaching before God and we are saying the truth
from God. Amazing. That’s like Daniel. Daniel is saying whatever laws you make those are your
laws, but they can be bad laws. If you make a bad law and it’s in defiance of what the Spirit of
God is teaching me and leading me as a person. I’m not a bad person. Actually we are the ones
that you need. You need Daniel. There is nobody like him. We are the people needed in our
society. We are not looking for a fight. We are definitely in fellowship with doctrinal truth and
fellowship in the mind of Christ by the grace of God.

We are not perfect at all. My state may not be great, but my standing is awesome. If God says he’s my Father, then he’s my Father and you can’t change that. Even if you find iniquity in Jacob you can’t really find it because in my
standing it’s all taken care of through the blood of Jesus Christ. Vs. 6. I like the word “princes”
better than “satraps.” It sounds better. Satrap, that’s a trap! That’s misleading. What king
doesn’t want to hear that. You are the greatest. You’re the best. You are the highest. You are
the most reverent. You are awesome. You are highly exalted. O King Darius! Thank you very
much. Live forever. Vs. 7. We made all this law up. We all got together and made this law. If
anybody violates it, they are to be thrown into the lion’s den. He goes, O, King. I accept that.
Bad decision. Bad decisions are made.

Bad laws are passed. We are going to vote in November. We’re not going to tell you who to vote for but just let me tell you that you and I are responsible in our society as believers to be involved and engaged because you’re not stupid. You’re not stupid. You’re willing to get off the couch and go. You are willing to be informed.
You’re willing to walk with God in an evil day. Some people say I’m walking with God in an evil day and I’m praying. Well, thank you very much. That’s very good but that’s like Hitler’s
Germany. I’m sure they were praying but look at what happened. It was a disaster. Why was it a
disaster? Because good people and people with the Spirit of God and who have some sense
about what is true can resist a lie. Resist a lie. Resist a lie. In Europe, they are liberal minded.
They have been that way for 100 years. But their abortion laws are not as bad as ours. They
abort babies but early. Ours, you abort them at the end.

That’s legal. At the end. A fully developed human being brought into the world and we murder them. What laws are bad. What laws are bad and who is in power and who is saying what. Well then what about?
Whatever happens, I will be fine the next day. I got God. Whatever happens with an election.
I’m not bent out of shape. You and I live and walk before God. By the way, it isn’t when the bad
times. It’s not if they come. They are coming. They are coming. Bad times are coming. Not if
they are coming. They are coming. Can you see it? Do you realize that? They are coming. We
are – we walk with Jesus and we do this kind of thing and we are praying in our homes and we
are saying, no. No. Can’t happen. I don’t believe that. You cannot pray. You cannot pray for
thirty days to any other god. You cannot. No. No. You mind your business and I’ll mind mine.
We’ll throw you in a den of lions. Then let’s see what happens.

Let’s see how the story goes. Throw me in. O King Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer you in this matter. If our God is able to deliver us from this fiery furnace, but if he does not, we will not bow down and
worship this image.” Daniel 3. What spirit is that? That’s the spirit that is in you and me. We go
about our ways. We raise our families and we teach our kids. That’s another thing, teach your
kids. Teach your kids. You don’t turn the kids over and let them decide on their own. I met this
8-year-old child. What religion is your child? I let her decide on her own. How old is she? Eight
years old. Are you crazy? Does she decide on her own what time she comes home at night?
Whether she’s going to drive a car tomorrow or not? What school she goes to? Whether she
eats lunch or not? It’s her own decision? And if she showers and brushes her teeth and does
her arithmetic? Is that her decision?

That’s crazy. Education is having an influence to guide and direct our children in a way that they should go, Deuteronomy 11:18. We decide what goes in the heart and mind of a child. We decide. What? Are you out of your mind or have no mind at all? Let’s go to the text. We’re almost finished. Vs. 8. Sign the document. Just sign the document. Please, just sign it. Someone put him on drugs so he can sign the document. Just sign the document so
it cannot be changed. Vs. 8-9. Give him another drink. Give him another drink. Give him another
drink. Have him sign the document. Now it’s in law. Vs. 10. By the way, I always thought the
United States of America and the laws were all good and righteous. I grew up that way. I
respected the law so much. I was afraid of breaking the law. If I got a parking ticket, my world
was collapsing. I am a law-abiding citizen.

Everything about it was subject to the laws of the land. That’s how I lived and was brought up and now I’m learning something else. I’m learning something else. Wake up! Wake up! They will take your lunch. They will take your child. They will take your job. Wake up! They’ll take your newly born child. They’ll take your liberty. They’ll
take your freedom. They’ll take your rights. They’ll take your Bibles. They’ll take your churches.
That’s a great thing to preach. That was so much fun to say that! You can’t believe how much
fun that was!. That was amazing. Come on! Wake up! Wake up! Are you a student of history or not? You can go back to George Washington and he would say a similar thing. He said the
country will survive based on religion. He did. It has to be based on moral people. Not the
garbage that you hear in some weird way in the context of selfishness. It has to be done on a
principle that is deep and precious.

How our country is precious. I’m all about civil disobedience when it comes down to what Daniel did. What did Daniel do? Vs. 10b. You’re not supposed to do that Daniel. You’re not to do that. That’s illegal. Daniel, that’s illegal. That’s wrong. You are defying the government. Romans 13. You are disobeying the authorities. Daniel, that’s wrong. You are disobeying. You are violating what the Bible is saying. That’s wrong. Daniel is saying, okay.
My Bible says I cannot worship any other god. I’m not worshiping the king or anybody else.
Did you know that the Nazi’s would say to the church you have to be against the Jews. You
have to say that the German race is superior to other races. You have to have respect for Hitler.
By the way, the Gestapo will come and arrest you at midnight. They will come and take you
away and be destroyed, put you in prison. They murdered the gypsies. They murdered the
Jews. They murdered Christians.

They murdered Catholics. They were ruthless murderers, the whole group of them. Their ideology was demonic. Their force was powerful. They were very strong, but I have to wonder if Christians stood. I got to wonder if we couldn’t have changed it. I wonder why that evil took wings and flew. That devastating force took out a whole generation of people. It makes you angry. More of Daniel. More of Daniel has to be in us. More of
understanding what the times are. More of understanding what is going on and having the
Spirit of God like this humble group of sheep that gathered yesterday in Washington and said
we are praying for God to show us and minister and help us. That is what happened. Daniel was
arrested. Vs. 12-13. We had him on video. Three times a day. His name is Daniel. The one from
Judah. The Jew from Judah. His name is Daniel and he is defying you. He must be thrown into
the lion’s den. That’s the story. We’ll leave it at that. You know how the story ended up. God
delivered Daniel. He sent an angel to shut the mouth of the lions.

By the way, those people, Nancy Pelo–, Chuck Schumer and all those guys were thrown into the lion’s den. Oh, I’m sorry I said their names! Oh, my gosh! Did I say that? I don’t know! Who ended up in the lion’s den?!
They guys that conspired against him ended up in the lion’s den. Be careful when you play
around with God. Be careful when you go against God’s people. Be careful what you are doing
in the activities of this life and understand what side you are on and I don’t mean a party. I
mean the spirit of the world, the ideas of the world and the laws of the land. Be a fighter. Have
something going on in your heart and believe in him and walk with him.



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