God blesses the courageous church. In face of fear, let us raise our standard of witness. Walk on water with good cheer for He is there. Let us confess often and with boldness. (1 Samuel 17:32; Daniel 6:10; Leviticus 10:1-7; Hebrews 4:13-16; 1 John 1:9)

Speaker(s): Alfred Zekah, Steve DeVries, Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12326
11:00 AM on 6/26/2022

P. Schaller –

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Okay. We had a Convention here this week and a lot of us are filled with life,
encouragement, words. So, we’re going to have a service now. It goes from 11:00 to about
12:15, the latest 12:30 and we want to be lively. We got to be lively. We can express ourselves. I
mean, okay. Wait a minute. Hold it. Calm down. Calm down.

Maybe I don’t want to talk to anybody. I don’t feel that good. I just showed up. I crawled in
here today. We love you. We’re happy you’re here and just be at home and it’s kind of get
under the shower, the shower of God’s blessing and you get restored and encouraged and
edified and you feel that you are loved and that God is for you and not against you. Isn’t that
good? We’re happy about it. Thank you, Lord for that. Okay. Okay. Hold it. Now, don’t cut into
my time! Wait a minute just for a second.

My attitude. Do I have a good attitude. The Lord loves me. We love the Lord. We love each
other. So express that joy, love, and peace to each other right now for a minute. Just turn to
your neighbor and say, you’re looking good today. Thank God he brought you to church. We got
a good attitude. We are thankful for everything God has given us. Praise you, Jesus. Thank you,
Lord. God is good. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! He’s for us. Yes, Lord. Thank you,
Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Praise the Lord! Thank you, God. Thank you. You are for us. Halleluiah!
Thank you, God, for the Word of God. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Okay.
You may be seated. Yes, halleluiah!

A lot of folks after the 9:00 service they went to the airport. A lot of folks got in cars. They went
to Maine. Some went to France. If you are here from abroad, I am so happy. Please stay as long
as you can. We are not done. We just have whatever time and we also have a wedding
tomorrow night. That will be fun. That’s Avery Powers and Karelia. Wow! We’re excited.
Beautiful couple. Super.

Also, this morning we have two speakers. We had P. Devries who lives in Kentucky. He’s a
pastor. He planted a church in S. Korea as a missionary, him and his family. He lives in Kentucky.
He’d love to have a Greater Grace church there in Kentucky. Do they wear shoes in Kentucky?
Anybody want to go to Kentucky? Oh, there’s two down here pastor. We’re happy in Baltimore.
Are we happy in Baltimore? Hey, wait a minute. Paul said to Titus, I send you to Crete and to
appoint elders in Crete but I got to warn you. They are liars and slow bellies. Is that like God
sent us to Baltimore because why? Because the people are awesome. Because God’s will.
Wherever God sends us I need the help. I need the Body of Christ. I need the Word of God. I
need the leading of the Spirit. We got that this week at our Convention.

We heard many messages and many men and women. Wow, the women sessions were
amazing I heard. I’m going to listen to Carolyn Peter’s and her famous presentation. Was that
Friday morning? How many ladies heard it? Saturday morning? Saturday morning. Should we have her do that to the whole church? Do we have to pay her money for that? Okay. So, we’ll
do that one day. So, last night was also really a good service. I loved it. wow! It was great.
So, P. Devries is going to come up after P. Eugene. P. Eugene is going to lead us in some
announcements. Then we’ll have P. Steve. We’ll do the offering, a song, and then we have the
pastor from Liberia. I forgot his name! What’s his name? Alfred. P. Alfred from Liberia. So,
welcome. I’m having such a good time up here I want to stay up here. I’m having a good time.
Halleluiah! Hey, wait a minute.

The summer is not over. Put it in your heart to be around, be available. Jesus loves us. We have the grace of God with us. We have a great purpose. We’re going to be in Richmond, Virginia. We’re going to have a team there for the whole month of July. At the end of the summer, we want to have a church in Richmond. This is our plan. We
want to have churches from New York City down to Richmond. We want them all over
Pennsylvania. We want them in Philadelphia. We want them in Maryland. This is our prayer and
God’s work but not being driven by it but just being led and prayerful and the city of Baltimore
and the area – Glen Burnie, Pasadena, Catonsville, Owings Mills, the whole area and then out
western, Maryland. Silver Spring. Gaithersburg and everywhere. Sykesville. I saw Gary here and
Heidi. Good to see you. I spotted you. You guys are awesome. Welcome, P. Eugene.

P. Steve Devries – Good morning. I had an amazing week. Amazing week. Is the sign still here?
It’s incredible. I just love this theme this week. Take Courage. So, we’ll just start reading the
Bible here. Leviticus 10 and Hebrews 4. Leviticus 10 and Hebrews 4. It’s been such a privilege to be here. This is
such an awesome place. Do you know how blessed you are? I mean, do you know? Don’t be
familiar with it. This is amazing. Leviticus 10:1, the setting here is the newly constructed tabernacle.
The newly constructed tabernacle. The holy of holies. The tent, the holy place, the holy of
holies, the veil. Vs. 1. The KJ says strange fire before the Lord. Vs. 2-7. That’s the old covenant.
Hebrews 4, are you ready for the New Covenant?

This is actually why this letter is being written to these Hebrew Christians. They’re saved. They’re believers in Jesus. But they are feeling very insecure and they are going back to the temple service. They’re going back. They’re tempted to go back because the temple was still there. Hebrews 4:13-16. Let’s pray. (Prayer).
So, I don’t know how many of you heard P. Christian spoke a very fresh message about the
genealogies in Genesis yesterday. I had been reading and looking at some of those names. In
Genesis 4 and 5 we have the same name, two different men. The name Enoch. The son of Cain if
you remember in Genesis 4. Cain had a son and he named him Enoch. The name Enoch means to be
dedicated. Dedicated for, dedicated unto. It literally means to be constrained, narrowed, for a
purpose. Dedicated. Your purpose, Enoch, is for a purpose that his father, Cain, determined.
And what was it? We heard the message yesterday.

It was to live independent of God. Dedicated to go and build a city. Cain built a city and it was dedicated to make my own way. Here’s my son. He is dedicated to live and thrive and prosper without God.

But in Genesis 5, the fifth from Adam we have another Enoch. He is also dedicated. His life is not
just for anything he wants. He is dedicated to walk with God. He’s dedicated unto the Lord,
narrowed down, constrained. Enoch, this is your purpose. We need God. This is an amazing
thing for us to realize.

This theme, Take Courage. We could take it one way or another. In the world, take courage.
Believe in yourself. Right? Be bold. Be yourself. God isn’t there. We can do this. We can do this.
What was it a few years ago, Boston Strong. You can repeat throughout the world we hear
these words, take courage, but in what? Take courage in what? We learn in the Scriptures this
is our theme. We are taking courage. Take Courage. Don’t be afraid to have your life
constrained into this very narrow road. This very narrow place. Dedicated holy and completely
unto the Lord. Don’t be afraid of that. Don’t fear that.

This story in Leviticus 10, these two priests they were not careful about the holiness of God. They
went in and they presumed and they brought their own fire. They brought their own worship
into the very presence of God. And the wrath of God shot out from the holy of holies and killed
them on the spot. But that wasn’t the end of it. Moses said to Aaron, you may not weep. You
may not mourn lest you die also and this wrath goes on all the people. God is holy. And it’s very

We have a very similar thing in the book of Acts, Acts 5. Ananias and Saphira. What happened?
They lied to the Holy Spirit. Boom, they’re dead. And the fear of the Lord came on all the
assembly. Holy fear of God. Don’t take courage in your own way, in your own thinking, in your
own plans. And then think you can bring it into fellowship with God. This fellowship with God is
actually very narrowly constrained to as God has determined so we’re not taking courage in our
own provision. We’re not taking courage in our own way, in our own thoughts, in our own
plans, in our own lives. It’s like beware. Beware. We fear God. There is this holy fear of God. It’s
so awesome.

We let the Word of God – I didn’t read it in Hebrews 4:12. That Word that same Word brings us into
fellowship with the Holy God through Jesus Christ, and now the message is take courage. Take
great courage, great boldness. Don’t fear God anymore. You are accepted. You are completely
welcomed. The veil is rent. The veil is removed. Come. When? In your time of need. In your
time of weakness. In your time of not knowing. In your time of confusion. In your time of

I just have a few points here. I wanted to make this very practical for us, right? Be bold about
using 1 John 1:9. Take courage to use 1 John 1:9. Do you know what that verse says? Don’t be shy
to use it. Use it every single time that the flesh arises. I John 1:9 when we sin, what do we do?
Confess it. just confess it. Confess. Agree with God. That was sin. Oh, Lord. There was my flesh
coming out again. But go back to Rom. 7. That’s not who you are. That’s not your identity.

That’s your flesh. You are the new creation. So, to return back to fellowship with God in the
new creation, 1 John 1: 9. Don’t be shy to use that. Rebound. Rebound. Rebound. Quickly.
Quickly. Amen. Be bold to use 1 John 1:9 who said that, I am? That’s good. I am. I am.
What is the solution for sin? It’s not to defeat it in our flesh. Try harder. What is it? it’s 1 John 1:9.
We agree with God and then he is faithful and just to cleanse us and forgive us of all
unrighteousness. That’s it. it’s so simple. Don’t be shy. Take courage every single day no matter
how many times it takes. Let’s have a contest. Who can use 1 John 1:9 the most today? Right.
Jerry, how many do you got? A lot. Okay. You got me beat already.

Second, take courage. Don’t be afraid to give God your whole heart. Proverbs 23:26, the whole
thing. Don’t be afraid. Love God with your whole heart. Take courage. Surrender the whole
heart to him. Leave nothing back. Don’t be afraid. Take courage. He’s worthy of it. He’s worthy
of your whole heart, your whole treasure, hour whole value system. Everything.

#3. This is two in one. Romans 1:16 and 17. Take courage. Preach the gospel. I am not ashamed of
the gospel. It is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes. Preach the gospel.
Speak the gospel. Minister the gospel. Take courage. Don’t be afraid. These are words of life
and there is no other salvation. Today is the day of salvation. Minister the gospel. Speak the
gospel. And #2, is vs. 17. The righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith. The just shall
live by faith. Take courage. Live and walk by faith. Live by faith. Don’t live by sight. Be
courageous in faith. Believe God. Take God at his word. Take courage. Believe God. Live by
faith. You are one that is living their life today by faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God
and we are walking by faith according to what God says and the righteousness of God is
revealed through our lives in this world.

The next one is the last one. 2 Corinthians 3:6, take courage to be a minister. You are sufficient. God
makes you able to be a minister of Christ. To lay your life down for one another. Don’t be
afraid. Yes, I know it’s uncomfortable. It’s inconvenient to serve one another, to lay our lives
down for one another. Don’t be afraid. God is glorified there.

Husbands, minister to your wives. Be a minister of Christ to your wives. Wives, minister to your
husband. Minister to your children. Minister to the Body of Christ. Every joint supplies.
Everyone knit together. Don’t be afraid. Take great courage. This is where the abundance of our
life is found in ministering loving and laying our lives down for one another. God is glorified, so
glorified. Don’t be afraid. Take courage. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Yes, okay. Instead of strange fire – what was the strange fire? The sons of Aaron
offered a common strange fire. It looks like in the Scripture those sons might have been drunk.
They were drinking. So, when they went to serve God, they’re inebriated. They’re drunk. It

looks like that in chapter 10:7 and God is saying, no. You cannot come to me that way. You
cannot come to me that way. I am a holy God. You have to come to me the right way.
So, you and I mess up. Okay. Turn to your neighbor and say that to your neighbor right now.
You and I mess up. We do. We mess up. Alright. So, what happened to the sons of Aaron? What
did God do to them? What? They died. They died. What hope do we have? Listen to me. He
said it so well. Christ came and he was not drunk. Christ was holy, obedient, submitted. He
honored his Father and what happened to Christ? Christ died and was raise by the Father,
ascended up to a throne and he has authority. What do you have? You come boldly to Christ.
Christ has accepted us. Our life is a new life. We are accepted in the beloved. We are accepted
by God.

There are two men. There is the guy that is not serving right and he dies and then there is Christ
who serves and it’s accepted. He’s accepted. Therefore, we are accepted. We come boldly to
God and say, here I am. Here I am. I hate to re-preach the message but I have to say something
about it cause it’s so good. That was such a good message.

Get used to coming to God in the name of another. Come in the name of another. Get used to
coming to God in the name of Christ. Illustration: Jacob is stealing his birthright. I’m sorry. Jacob
was stealing his birthright from his father, Isaac. Give me the blessing. Isaac says who are you?
My name is Esau. I am Esau. You’re not Esau. I am Esau. Come closer. I want to smell you. I
want to touch you. His dad was blind. So, he had the fake, hairy arms and the voice said I am
Esau. I am Esau. Let me feel you arms. Oh, you are Esau. What do you want? I want you to bless
me. The father blessed him. He goes out. I got the blessing! I’m actually Jacob. Right. Did I get
the names right? I’m actually Jacob but I got the blessing! I got the blessing! I’ve been blessed.
I’ve been blessed.

The real Esau comes in and says, father, give me the blessing. I already gave it away. And I
cannot reverse it. I already gave it away. I cannot reverse it. Do you know what that means?
You got to get used to coming to God in the name of another. I don’t say – God says who are
you? I don’t say Tom Schaller. Follow the story with me. I am Tom Schaller. It’s like I could burn
you up in a second. You are an unholy man. You’re a sinful man. You’re unaccepted to me.
But instead, I say, father, bless me. I come in the name of Jesus Christ. I come in his name. I am
promised by you that I have all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. I come by faith. I come in your
name. I come in the name of Jesus. Get used to coming to God boldly in the name of another.
You got it? Get used to living another life. He said it. come boldly. Get used to confessing your
sin. Say God I have sinned. Tom. I have sinned. Your blood has washed my sin away. I come in
your name for the same thing seven times seventy times in a day. That was a very good
message and let’s pray for the offering right now.

P. Alfred (Liberia) – It’s easy to come to a Convention and hear all the great messages, have all
the great fellowship with all the good people you want to be with. It’s another thing to go with
something or without something. So, I started working on myself. The cross. Cross examining
myself and this is how I started.

Genesis 41, how did a 17-year old boy who was the most hated among his brothers who got thrown
in a well and then they decided we can’t just leave him right there. We can get a few bucks out
of him. And they got him out. Sold him for something. And then he got in trouble and went to
jail and came out of jail and then he became the second man in command. How in the world did
that happen? What did he do? What am I missing here? What did he have that I don’t have?
What is it about him that he will come from the lowest point of his life to the highest point
anybody could ever expect. What am I missing here? What does he have that I don’t have and
that I need to leave this convention with?

1 Samuel 17:32, another example. Another teenage boy. This time, a bread delivery boy. Goes to
deliver food and he pierces through the line of the army and he sees himself standing in front of
the most notorious, killing guerilla killer. And he didn’t even stop there. He didn’t even keep
quiet. He opened his mouth in vs. 45 and dared say to that man you cone against us today with
your sword and your arrow but this army comes against you today in the name of the living
God. Am I getting anything wrong? What does he have that I don’t have that I need to leave
here with? That will be a hallmark in my life, that will turn my whole life around; that would
make me to be a good follower of Christ.

Esther 4:16, she calls together all the Jews. I need you to pray along with me for three days and
three nights. No eating and no drinking. I will go back and tell all my minions to also do the
same with me. And she goes, if I perish, I perish. And then I will go in unto the king and I will put
before him my petition. She had nothing to lose. She stayed right in there as a king and any of
us can live anywhere in the world any how we want to live but what am I getting wrong? What
am I missing here? What does she have that I don’t have and I need to leave this convention
with and be a different believer and walk with God?

Daniel 6:10, Daniel was fully aware of all the politically correct people that were behind him and
watching him to see what he was going to do in this case. Daniel goes into his house and opens
the window wide. Everybody is looking at him. He faces Jerusalem and boldly preaches to the
living God and they see him doing it. Am I getting something wrong here? What did he have
that I don’t have and that I need to better my walk with God?

Matthew 14:22, John 6:16, Mark 6:45, Jesus is walking on water. He’s approaching the disciples. The
disciples are freaking out because in their history, no normal human being walks on water. Only
ghosts can walk on water and ghosts wasn’t a good thing. So, they are freaking out. They are
crying. They are screaming, not even because of the wave but because of the object coming

towards them. Jesus comes to them and he says three things I don’t ever want to forget. #1. Be
of good cheer. #2. He says it is I. #3. He say, be not afraid. These statements are repeated in all
of the references we’ve just given.

During covid 19 shutdown in Liberia, it was fear that destroyed a lot of preachers and their
churches. But this is what you as a local church here has been able to empower us to do. What
we decided to do, people in the community who don’t like the church, who hated us, because
we were at the church every day from Sunday to Sunday called the police on us. They are
meeting again. Every time the police came late when we were gone. This time, it was the final
meeting we had so we could split the church in groups of 20’s, 30’s, 25 and direct them where
to go Sunday morning and we would drive to them with the gospel.

By the time the police truck came, we had finished our meeting. They had instructions and
they’d gone with it. Sunday morning what we did was we mounted the gasoline generator on
our pickup truck, and we put the P.A. system in the car. We cranked the generator and blasted
gospel music all around town and we went to one area and the congregation was there waiting
for us. We preached God’s Word. We went to another area and the congregation was there
waiting. We preached God’s Word just like that and it was even better than meeting in one
location because it’s just one preacher but this time it was a car full of preachers.

When the shutdown came to an end, and when the government told those who shut their
churches down to reopen, we didn’t shut down. This is what happened as a result. Can we get
the picture of the church there please if it’s possible? It was amazing. We could not get any
seat. That’s the Bible college class. The church. It was amazing. We couldn’t get a seat all the
people who came. That’s the ordination. We couldn’t get seat for everybody who came, so
what did we do?

They came and a guy came to our church service and I asked him – with his family he came and
I said, do you have a picture there of the church in the chapel? No? Okay. Graduation. So, this is
just what we did and we did not have a seat for people. We had to put our own people out. So,
I asked the guy, I said because I knew he came from another church. I knew the guy very well
and I knew the church he’s from. So, I asked him what happened? Churches have opened. Why
didn’t you go to your church today?

He said, I’ve been following you all through this lockdown for more than one year, and I want to
be in a church that never closes. Where do you think we got it from? Everywhere on social
media this door was open. That’s where we got it from. But we know that the church is not only
about the saved. The church is not only about the saved ones. This is the reason we keep our
doors opened. Every time we kept our doors opened, strange things happen. Strange people
walk in. And God does an amazing work on them and they turn around to be gems in the future
for Christ.

That’s why the church door needs to be open. Yes. That is what happened the first time we
ever opened to celebrate our continuation which we copied from you as a local church. And one of you came to celebrate with us. That’s him right there! So, what we did was we broke
even our Bible college in groups of 10’s and 13’s and 15’s and then we rented different rooms
in different parts of the town. The we drove there…and taught Bible college. We did not miss
any time on Bible college. That was our recent Bible college picture you saw there. We never
closed down because of you because you never shut down.

It is fear that destroys some men of God and some of their churches. It is total fear that
destroys them and we do not entertain fear in this ministry because times have come and gone
and we are still here. I am pretty sure when some of us aren’t here anymore, this church will
still be here. This church will still be here. We got 1,784 according to the how do you call it?
Whatever name that has. Pastor’s quitting every thirty days. Statistics!

Every time I come here, I look around for all the great pastors we have here and the number is
still the same. Even if they have to crawl to come here. Hats up to you, P. Schaller. Thank you.
Fear is destroying men of God and their churches around the world today. And the man who
fears suffering is already suffering from the things he fears the most. That’s Job. 3:25. A man
who fears to suffer, his suffering has already begun. He is already suffering from the things he
fears the most.

My friends, if people are going to believe that people are going to become and people are going
to belong, it starts with a church that never closes its doors. It starts with a courageous church.
What kind of church is that? A church is not an organization to be entertained. A church is an
army to be prepare for war. This is just what you are here and we thank you for doing just that.
Every time we turn our internet on, something is going on here, some kind of devotion. Some
kind of thing. Sometimes when we are burned out, guess what? In our staff meeting and in our
Bible college classes we encourage ourselves with some of these devotions. Thank you for
being here. A church that is a living place. It’s a place of life.

My last word will go to you as the local church here. A church as a church when God blesses
you, I am just so thankful that when he blessed you so much with such great leadership here,
with such a great pastor here, who is after God’s heart, you did not raise your standard of living.
Thank you for your simplicity. You raised your standard of giving. You raised your standard of
fellowship. You raised your standard of prayer. You raised your standard in different ways that
supported these men to do what they do to keep us going forward all around the world. I want
to thank you for being such a church. God bless this church. God bless the great country of
America. Thank you.


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