Caleb was man with the right spirit after God. He stood on the promise of the Lord regarding the land. His heart desires the victory he believed was
coming. Flesh can be self-righteous and judgmental. Flesh also has a poor memory. (Numbers 13:28-14:11; 11:5)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12518
6:30 PM on 5/28/2023

P. Schaller –

Alright. Hey, turn to Luke 9. Wow! Beautiful worship. Great. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Lord. You know not what
spirit you are of Jesus said in Luke 9. Why did he say that to the disciples. You know not what
manner of spirit you are of in vs. 55. Why do you think he said that? The context here is vs. 54.
Where did they get that idea? What? Yeah, it happened in the Bible, didn’t it? Elijah called fire
down on the sacrifices, and the fire burned up the sacrifices. And also, is it 2 Kings 1, there were
50 men and didn’t Elijah call down fire in that case? Yes. I corrected myself. I mean Elijah, fire
could come down. Wow! There’s a lot of power in that. And when we read the Bible, we might
wish to be able to do the same thing to people we don’t agree with. So, ask your neighbor. Have
you ever wished that you could do the same thing to your neighbor? That’s one way to deal

The word I want you to notice is what spirit are we of. This morning, we had P. James Dididas
give an excellent message about magnifying Christ, and the Apostle Paul writing Philippians 1. And
then at the 11, we preached about walking in the Spirit, taking up the cross, losing my life. And
losing my life so that the Holy Spirit would be filling me, and I would have the Spirit of God. I
kind of think – well we know. I don’t think. 1 John 4:1, there are many spirits in the world. 1 Corinthians
2:11, there is the spirit of the world, and there are many spirits. Sometimes, we are of a weird
spirit. We better admit that. That sometimes I don’t have it right. What could be wrong with me in
my heart? It’s explained here actually. Jesus said it. This is what he said right after that. “For the
Son of Man has not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.”

I think we could put different words in there that could express the basic drives of my heart in
the natural. We call it the old sin nature. The basic drives for living to protect myself. He did it to
me, so I do it to him. He’s destroying me; I’m destroying him. Criticism. He criticizes me; I
criticize him. He doesn’t love me; I don’t love him. There are many ways it could be seen. Let’s
look at a couple of them.

Numbers 13 at the end of that chapter. It’s an amazing text here when the spies went to the Promised
Land and they looked it over. They got it wrong. There were ten of them. They did. They got it
wrong. Numbers 13:26 to the end of the chapter. vs. 27. There’s the good news. vs. 28-29. It’s like
okay, okay, alright. We’re out of here. There’s a lot of reasons.

We moved down here to Baltimore in 1987, and there were many good things about it. Then,
you could also meet people who had other things to say like in everything. Wherever we are,
there are different spirits that people have. We know one thing about our flesh. The flesh cannot
see when good comes. The flesh gets it upside down or wrong or emphasizes the wrong thing.
Magnifies the wrong thing. That was a good message this morning. Magnifying Christ.
Magnifying the right thing.

Now, there are two men in the group. There are 12 men in total. Ten men are very strong, and
we heard about this before. We will say osn or old sin nature. We have then men and they
agree. It can be said many ways. Conspiracy is one of the words you can use. Or them
agreeing and they can be overwhelmingly powerful in affecting the group, but what spirit are
they of? Just because they are ten, it doesn’t mean it’s right. What spirit are they of? Isn’t that a
good thought about walking in the Spirit.

Because we read in Numbers 14, God said about Caleb that he had a different spirit. Look at, let’s
target that verse. Numbers 14:24, now some of us are familiar with the theme that we are referring to
here, but I want to take our time with it, because I know you are interested in it as I am.

So, we have the new birth and this is the gift of God a new heart and new spirit. We have two
elements: heart and spirit. This is from our Bible Psychology class quoting Ezekiel 36:26. This is
the key to your life, your new heart and spirit. This is the key to my life. It is the key. It is a big
theme in our Bible. It’s a very good one. It’s constantly in front of us in our New Testament. Paul

taught a lot about it. Set your affections, your mindset on the things above. Many verses. You
are very familiar with them, I think, and walking in the Spirit.

And P. James Dididas quoted this morning Philippians 2:12-13. It’s God that works in me to will. To
will? We just had my mind, my affections. My emotions are linked with my mind and my will. And
what an amazing combination regarding our psychological health, our spiritual health and what
it means. So, you are capable. You and I are capable. We are like Caleb. We have another
spirit. We are not like that group we read about in Numbers 13 who said got a lot of reasons. I got all
these people: the Amalekites, the Hittites, the Canaanites, the Amorites. And all this and big
cities, walled up to the heavens. Giants are in the land. Who are we? Who are we? Who are

We feel this many times in our own lives many times. Many times. You leave me to myself, and I
can be very prone to have an introspective, pessimistic, fatalistic, woe-is-me mentality; and yet
God would like me to walk close to him and be very serious in hearing what he has to say.
Because the link in this diagram here between God and us is the spirit and the heart and the
Word. This is the big difference between people. If we can hear what God has to say to us, this
is the key. This is how Jesus overcame the devil.

Now, notice something about Jesus Christ. He had no sin nature. But he was like sin. He was
like sin. I always think did Jesus sweat? Did Jesus ever sweat? Remember God cursed Adam
and he said by the sweat of your brow. So, when Jesus was working, was he sweating? The
answer is yes. Because he was made like sinful flesh, right? He was weak sitting on the well in
John 4, tired and exhausted. And he was also thirsty. He was tired on the boat. He was a human
being, absolutely, 100% but without a sin nature. Meaning he never, Hebrews 2:17, he never sinned
personally. But he knew what it was to be a human being, and he knew what temptation was in
Matthew 4. And we read when the devil came and tempted him for 40 days, and by the way, when he
was tempted for 40 days, it was constant.

This is what Kenneth Wuest brings out in the Greek language. Forty days and we have three temptations recorded for us in the Bible that show us the tendency that we all have for power and for notoriety, for significance. We all have a need for security like we mentioned this morning.

Christ overcame the devil by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, and so do you. Little young
men, you overcome the wicked one, because the Word of God abides in you. That mind. That
Spirit. And it is in our text here because we’re not done in Numbers 13 and 14; we see how things can
go upside down. I’d like you to notice it with me.

Numbers 13:30, now how did he say that? How did he say that? What made him say that? How could
Caleb say this? But the Spirit of God in him. It was the Spirit of God. It wasn’t arrogance. It was
spiritual. Confidence. We can go up right now. We can go do it right now. Now, not everybody
that says that can be saying it from the Holy Spirit. Cause maybe the Holy Spirit is saying back
off. Withdraw. It happened with David. And if you read David in 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel, you
would see he would go to God and ask God, and sometimes he said to David, don’t attack or
back off or don’t move or stay put. Like it’s – yes, yes, there is an authority, but there is also
authority to be quiet. There is also an authority to be sitting in your house after some argument
with your wife or your husband and the Spirit says just be quiet.

Be patient. Be kind. Don’t destroy. Don’t destroy. You don’t know what spirit you are of if you want to destroy, call fire
down. Now, let them have it. When you let them have it, are you sure that’s the Spirit of God. I’m
not saying. I don’t know. But I mean I – if it’s destructive, it says the Son of Man came not to
destroy, but he came to save. To be a servant. To be there for others to help others find their
way. To love, right? Galatians. The fruit of the Spirit is love and joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.
Now, this text is good. Follow it with me. vs. 31. So, there is a different spirit in the group. The
ten and the two. You know what I’m saying, right? There were 12 spies.

Ten said no way. Two, Caleb and Joshua, are saying yes. vs. 32. So we see that in vs. 33. Grasshopper is an insect, right? A jumping insect. Not a compliment. We usually don’t say talk to each other about being
grasshoppers. But isn’t there the Buddhist, the Buddhist grasshopper! Okay.
So, we were grasshoppers in their sight. How do you know you were grasshoppers in their
sight? Joshua 5:1 says the people were afraid of the Jews. Rahab said we are afraid of the
Jews. We have heard you have came out of Egypt out of the Red Sea. We are afraid of you.
That’s what Rahab said and then the people in Joshua 5. But now, this is how it goes in the flesh.
Sometimes, I think that there’s a bad marriage, and I just think what if they lived in the Spirit.
What would happen if they lived in the Spirit.

There’s trouble at work. What would happen if I lived in the Spirit? In a family. I’m in a family and things can be problematic. Somebody has a bad day or ten family members have a bad day. What spirit am I of? Do I want to destroy or tear down? What spirit am I of? In a church, what spirit are we of? Okay.
Now, watch what happens in 14. We’ll finish up here in a minute. vs. 1. Well, I wonder how
much of that happens. You get in the flesh in the day, and the people weep at night. We’re in the
flesh in the daytime. There’s discouragement at night. The children are crying. I don’t know if I
should say this, but we moved to Hungary in 1990 as a family.

There was weeping that night. I’m not kidding. And we have family stories about it. We have teenagers weeping at night. Don’t want to be there and so on. Maybe you’ve had that in your family. Yes. This is life. This is real.
The people wept that night.

vs. 2. Now comes the bad news against Moses and against Aaron. You can just see this
mounting authority that is happening with the group. Now, unfortunately we all have a religious
context for this. We know the history of it and so on, but it would be great for us to see how it
can develop and snowball in an office building. It can snowball and build up in a family. It can
snowball and build up in a church. And how this spirit can affect a group of people, and I can go
with that group. Like it’s very easy to come under the influence of other people when they talk a
lot, when they have authority. They sound angry or they have convincing arguments, and they
can really lead a group.

We can imagine that happening. We see it happening actually I think in our country. There’s a
lot of authority with a certain group of people that are pushing and pushing and pushing. And
what spirit am I of? Right. That’s the blessing in your life. The blessing in your life is that you are
filled with the Holy Spirit. You are not conforming to the world. You are filled with the Spirit, and
your thinking is to be the right kind. And it happens by the Word. God will guide you with the
Word and show you the way.

Now, look at chapter 14. I want to go down to maybe vs. 4. Look at vs. 2. You’re going to get
your wish fulfilled, because you are going to die in the wilderness. And God lead you into the
wilderness. Look at this. Make a note of this. Deuteronomy 8:2-4, I led you in the wilderness to prove you.
I didn’t make it easy for you. I made it harder for you, so that you would turn to me and you
would learn that man does not live by bread only, but he lives by every Word that comes from
God’s mouth. He lives by being filled with the Spirit.

Okay. Look at vs. 3. And of course, your children are important to you. Let me draw a family
here. Here’s a man. Here’s a woman, and here’s some kids. And that’s a family. How important
is that family? Very important, and I am saying we will die and our wives, our children will die in
the wilderness. And they are about right. They will. They are. Except the children not. God will
take this generation, the younger ones that don’t know, and they will go into the Promised Land.
Who will go into the Promised Land? The children, that generation. Who dies? The parents.
They die in the wilderness. But God is going to give grace to the children. They’re going to go
into the Promised Land. They are going to grow up in the 40 years that are in the wilderness,
and they are going to go on into the Promised Land.

I would like to suggest to all of us, don’t build your life around your children. Build your life
around God. Don’t build your life around your family. Build your life around God, and be filled with the Spirit. The best thing we can do for our family is to be Spirit-filled. That we can lead
them by the Spirit and teach them how to live. Best thing we can do is to love our family by the
Holy Spirit. Not destroy it, but build it up. To love them. To be wise. To guide them. And I would
like to be in Caleb’s family, because Caleb had another spirit. And it does say Caleb entered the
Promised Land and his family inherited the land. Remember. And there was a time when in that
particular clan there weren’t any boys or men, so the clan leader said we are of the seed of
Caleb, and we don’t have any men. Can the girls inherit the land? And God said, yes they can.
The ladies got the land. Give it up for the ladies! Come on. Man, they are God’s secret weapon.
They are. They are great.

Now, I want to look at this here for a second. I want to show you something. Chapter 14:3, by
the way, I never – my wife and I when we raised our family I’m just saying it as a testimony, we
never – it wasn’t child centered. We met their needs. We loved them. They went to Christian
school. And they’ve grown up and we have the four of them, and we have grandchildren and so
on. And you could say how could this happen? My wife and I could say, we have no idea. We’re
not writing a book about it, that’s for sure! It’s the work of grace. It’s the ministry of God. It’s Body
life. It’s the Body teaching people how to not complain, but how to love. Teaching children not to
be entitled, but to be responsible.

I hope you follow it with me. I just want to say that. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m happy the way
we think. Just to guard yourself regarding the fact that I do have a tendency to tear down. I do
have a tendency to withdraw into myself. To sit down and quit. I do have a tendency to say I’m
done. I’m finished. Not doing anymore. I have a tendency to withdraw and be destructive and
judge people.

This is another good point about being in the flesh. Okay. Flesh. My sin nature is very self-
righteous. And I want to explain what that means. Romans 10:2-3, right? Everybody is like this.

Everybody is self-righteous. All of us. Very self-righteous. Who does he think he is? Who am I?
Am I a judge? Yeah, I’m a judge. That person is poor. Okay, they are poor. How do you judge
them. They’re poor. Why couldn’t they have a job? The poor man over here is self-righteous.
The rich. They never do anything for me. Who are they, the rich people? It’s constant. Our
nationality. Romanian, Hungarian. Latino. I don’t know. Brazilian, Argentinian. Every neighboring
country. It’s like they’re in a contest. Chinese and Japanese and Korean and wars in history and
self-righteousness. Self-righteousness. That we are better.

And we are judgmental. We judge people by what we see. We judge people how we think of
people. We judge people by the cars they drive, jobs they have, schools they go to, the color of
their skin, their appearance, their old age. They’re old or they’re young. The old people judge the young people, and the young people judge the old people. It’s constant. It’s called self-
righteousness. Who are you to judge another? Romans 2:1, wherein you judge, you do the same

thing. Who are you? Jesus said, I didn’t come to judge, but to lay down my life. I came to save. I
came to serve. I came to love. The Holy Spirit in us is a Spirit of serving, not judging. It’s a Spirit
of loving, not judging. It’s a Spirit of giving. It’s a Spirit of being there to love and care. That’s
what’s in you. The Holy Spirit is in you.

Now, let’s go to the text and look at this. Numbers 14:4, let’s make a captain, and you know what?
We’ll go back to Egypt. Wow! Why would you want to go back to Egypt? Because there’s fish
and onions and leeks and melons. Don’t you remember? Yeah, don’t you remember?
Now, notice something about the flesh. The memory is not very good. The memory is not very
dependable. Your fleshly memory you…inflate what you left back home. And you think – I have
this idea of this home where I’m from, Rome, New York. Upstate New York. Very quiet little town,
and a big field behind our house and a big tree in the back. That tree is a beautiful tree. I’ve
thought about, wow! If I went back home, that tree is there! Wow! And there’s a nice little coffee
shop and it’s quiet. Man. Talk about heaven on earth!

Are you trusting your memory, your affections, your thoughts regarding the past? Do you think
that the former days are better than these? How about Lenox? Do people have an inflated idea
about what happened in Lenox? Where is it – I mean, we have a blessed memory. Actually, in
Proverbs. Is it 10? it says blessed is the memory of the just, and I believe we have a very good
memory. I don’t know about all that. I just move on. Forgetting the things that are in the past, I
move on. If I had been mindful of the country I came out of, I might have had a good, cheap bus
ticket back home. What spirit am I of? What spirit am I of?

My wife and I sometimes talk about the state of Maryland, and how much we love it here. We
got the Chesapeake. We got this beautiful climate. We like it very much. And of course the
church means so much to us. Many good things about it. We look at the good things about
where we live, and what we are doing and what we are part of. And yet that’s not as important
as what spirit we are of. Because we could live in Hungary which we did, and you’ve lived in
many places and so on.

So, here it is. Let’s look at it. vs. 4. Here’s a good question for these guys. Okay. You’re going to
make a captain and go back to Egypt. Listen to me. It’s not how a think starts, but how does it
finish? Are you going to make it back to Egypt? You think so? Yeah, we’re going back. Yeah.
Woe. We’re going back to Egypt. Okay. We’ll see. Bye bye. Let’s check it out, because you
might not have the right spirit. You might never make it back. You might find that you are
resisting God. You might find it’s not going to be what you think. It’s not going to – you think you
got dreams about the cuisine. You got dreams about the oak tree in the backyard or the
finances or you got dreams about new friends or new phase of life. It’s like a good illustration for

So, my job. I’d like to change it. What spirit am I of? My wife, I’d like to change her. God forbid.
Bad example! I take it back. Are you sure about what you are doing? Do you know what spirit
you are of? Right? What am I doing? What am I believing?

By the way, I think a lot of these people in this story had no idea. They had no idea. But they
were large numbers of them. They didn’t know. Let’s walk carefully with God and be Spirit-filled,
and recognize how wrong I can be. That’s a thing I want to – not to condemn us, but just be
aware of the fact. There are times when I am sure and some I recognize. I don’t have it right. It’s
not humility. It’s not love. It’s not Body life. It’s not encouraging. It’s not envisionary. It’s not
scriptural. It’s not kind. It’s not wise. And why don’t I just be quiet and step back and pray, and
ask God to show me and help me. Cause right now it’s very confusing to me.

vs. 5. They didn’t have anything to say about it. It’s over. The water broke over the levee. The
horse is out of the barn. Let her run. We can’t do anything. Let’s go down on our face and pray.
And then vs. 6, 9, 11. I actually thought that in 14 we had the onions and leeks portion. Now, I
remember. It’s 11, right? Yes, I want to read that and finish. Numbers 11:4-5, to be honest, it sounds
like a great menu. Recipe. It’s a great recipe right there. That was their favorite dish probably.
Okay. But how could they eat like that when they were slaves in Egypt. Did they have their
favorite cuisine in Egypt? Did they see the Egyptians eating like that, and they were slaves
eating oatmeal or whatever they threw to them. So, where did it come from?

I think this was a useful lesson for us tonight. Is it? Okay. A few words. On being Spirit-filled. Be
light hearted. Be thankful for everything. My son, Justin, said that the PGA has donated 3.5
million dollars to teaching wounded warriors how to golf, so he joined into the program. Not for
the money, but I don’t know anything about that. The point is that they want the wounded
warriors or have lost an arm or a leg. Even blind. He said even blind men golfing.

So, the PGA teachers are being trained by the PGA to use devices like to help a guy with one
arm to have some device so he will be able to golf. Or one leg or no legs and so on. And I’ve
always thought about that. When Dr. Chung was here, one time we went down to Bethseda
Hospital cause he’s a navy surgeon, and he was doing work on men who flew from Afghanistan
and lost limbs. Kyle and I – Kyle was in high school and thinking about medicine. So, we made an appointment. We went down and we saw these precious men. Wow. It breaks your heart. To
meet somebody who has a spirit, the Holy Spirit.

Let’s pray for these men, that the Holy Spirit would do it for them. Because to be frank, they have a lot to complain about. A lot that they’ve lost. What if the Spirit has that power, and the Spirit is able to make us thankful. The Spirit is
able to say to us your life is not in vain. And the Spirit to build us up.

Well, these men are unfortunately in that state, but what do we have to complain about? No, the
Lord is good to us to teach us. Let us guard that in our hearts. Every day we wake up. Every
day we could say a word. Every day we see somebody. Every day that we are alive. In a word,
we want, Lord, we want to be filled with your Spirit every day. And be the most loving, kind,
encouraging people on the planet. Amen. Would you pray with me. (Prayer)


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