The Lord’s way is through preaching. This is how people hear the Gospel and learn of Him. Words are put in men’s mouth. People like Paul and Barnabas are sent. Doctrine is spoken, the mind of God communicated, Christ is exalted. People are added to the Church by this. (Romans 10:2-3, 14-15; Acts 2:41-42)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11846
11:00 AM on 3/1/2020

P. Schaller –

Singers, iPad, beautiful, great iPad. Would you stand with me and praise the Lord. However you want to do it.
Get thankful and praise God and thank him. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.
Wow! Thank you, Lord. There ain’t nothing going to steal our joy because in his presence is
fullness of joy. At his right hand are pleasures forevermore. The tree of life is our feeding
ground. He that overcomes will eat at the tree of life in the paradise of God. Thank you, Lord.
Anybody hurting here today? Don’t confess it! No, you can. You are hurting maybe. Anybody
here? Let’s think about it.

Maybe somebody guilty for something they did yesterday or the day before. We want to tell them they are forgiven. Confess it to God. He cannot remember it anymore. It is God. All our sins in the deepest sea, gone. Behind his back. Gone. Can’t see them. Gone. Thank you. How about a broken heart. Anyone have a broken heart? God gives us a new heart and new spirit and calls us by his name, fills us with his Spirit. Thank you for your Spirit.
Anoint us in our sermons and visit us by your great grace. (prayer). You may be seated. Romans 10
and this is our text for today. We have taught about the birth of the church in Acts 2. We said
that they continued steadfastly in apostolic teaching or doctrine.

This is Acts 4:22. There is a list of things they did which I think the order of the list relates to our life. Doctrine comes first. Then we have fellowship. Then the breaking of the bread, communion, which we did this
morning. They continued in their prayers and then 5) God added daily. Souls were added to the
church. When 3,000 people become believers, they don’t know much. I don’t know if that
happened to you. That happened to me. When I became a believer, I just didn’t know anything.
I was told by the brother that led me to the Lord that I was born again. I was very interested in
what that meant and what does that mean. I didn’t know anything.

Then I started to go to church and I started to read my Bible. The Spirit gave me a friend and then another friend and
we had fellowship. Maybe that friend I had wouldn’t be one I picked. But it was someone God
put with me. He and I had fellowship in the Spirit and in our purpose. One of the big words here
is this word “purpose.” There is a new purpose you have. The first word here “doctrine” – some
don’t like to hear that word. Like dogma, right and wrong, truth and error. Who are you to say
you are right and others are wrong? This is how they react. But we don’t think like that. We
think Jesus is right and all of us are wrong. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. I sometimes
explain to people if I had 100 people in front of me and asked them what they believe, I could
have 100 different ideas or 70 or maybe even 120.

Then if I put myself in the crowd, I’m just another one of them. I’m not saying I am the answer, or I am the truth, or I know the truth in the way that other people – in other words, I’m just another one of the 100 who have their own
ideas or opinion until I find that Jesus is the one. He is the one. We preach not ourselves but
Christ Jesus, him crucified, glorified, resurrected, ascended, seated at the right hand of the
Father and has sent the Holy Spirit in the world and into us. The Holy Spirit teaches us about
Jesus Christ. We have nothing to glory in except him. He is God’s revelation. We want to know
God. It’s not a battle about who is right and wrong. I’m more interested in who God is and
glorifying him and discovering him and knowing him.

This is amazing. I was very thankful for the first church I was in for maybe 4 months. Then I moved away, and God led me to Maine. There I met this church and discovered how much of the Bible we can actually learn. The whole Bible, chapters and verses and the whole Bible becomes alive. How much we love it. How important it
is for the second word, fellowship. The doctrine leads to fellowship. Which means we also break
bread and our prayers are powerful and also God adds to our lives people. People that are
looking for Christ and not knowing about Jesus. Look at what we just heard about the
Cambodian population. How many did he say? 17 million and 2% are Christian. What are they
generally? Buddhists. They’re people like you and I.

They are made in the image of God. Who is Christ? They need to know. Who is Christ? How will they get to know who Christ is? That brings us to Romans 10. That’s where we’ll turn. He’s speaking about the Jewish people that did not believe in Jesus Christ. This is a concern of the Apostle Paul. He doesn’t hide the fact but is
saying the Jewish people as a nation, and we read it in Acts. Galileo said regarding these people
– the Sanhedrin had crucified Christ. It was very difficult to accept that he was the Messiah. The
tomb is empty. They didn’t want to hear about it. There is a man healed miraculously in Acts 3
and say to the apostles stop talking about this name.

You are forbidden to speak this name, to say this name. It’s the name Jesus. Stop it. Stop it. They want to kill the apostles. Gamileo said, and he was a wise rabbi that was much respected, he said leave these people alone. If this thing is not of God, it will come to nothing. If it is of God, you cannot resist it. You will not overcome
it if it is of God. Sisters and brothers, this morning where we are celebrating and worshipping
with Cambodians in a boat on a river over there in Phnom Penh who have realized and
understood this Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The Jewish people whom we love very much and
care about as a nation, have officially rejected him.

On the other hand, many individuals have come to the knowledge as David Stambowski’s father, rabbi, Stambowski did at the end of his life. He realized his son David had been born again and that Jesus Christ is indeed the Messiah.
Romans 10:2, they have a zeal of God. Ever met anyone who has a zeal of God but not according
to knowledge? Muslims have a zeal of God, some of them. Buddhists, Hindus, a zeal of God or
gods. Christians, zeal of God. Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant but it’s got to be linked to the right
understanding. It’s got to be linked to the right teaching. People may have a zeal of God but is it
according to the truth. Is it based on the teaching? Is it based on what the Holy Spirit is saying?
Jesus said I go away but send another one like me who will guide you in the truth.

But Jesus is the truth important? Yes, it’s very important. You can have a zeal of God and not based on
truth. Truth must be revealed, made known to us by the Spirit of God. He is our teacher. There
has to be some effort on our part to be a hearer, to be humble, Psalm 25:9. The humble will hear.
The meek will he teach. Martha, Martha you are very busy, but Mary has chosen the good thing
that will not be taken from her in Luke 10:42. The book of Proverbs. My children give ear to the
words of knowledge. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. God will let us go in our zeal.
We are proud in our zeal. We are proud in our religion.

We are proud in our strength, in our activity, in our work, in our dedication. We can be sincere but sincerely wrong. We can be zealous but without knowledge and they crucified Christ because of their zeal but it wasn’t
based on truth. Vs. 3. Oliver is here this morning. Thank you, Lord. The word “ignorant” is a key
word there. I don’t know. Ignorance. I don’t know. I do not understand. As we get older, we feel
like that more and more. I think I do somehow. I don’t have so many ideas and opinions about
things so much. I don’t see the big picture. This I am so happy I have something rock solid. I’m so happy I got the Bible. I’m so glad, honestly I am. I don’t know about this, I don’t know about
that, but I know.

You know what I mean? If any man seems to think he knows he doesn’t know
as he ought to. His knowledge must be rooted in something spiritual. It must be rooted in
wisdom. It’s the beginning of wisdom. I always thought it’s the beginning but there is nothing
about the end of wisdom. Why? Because there is no end to wisdom. You just get the beginning
right and you’re on the rocket ship of wisdom which has no end. How things end up are really
important, but you don’t know about how it will end but I am supposed to be responsible for
how it begins. The fear of God is the way to get it right in the beginning. If we get it right in the
beginning, we’ll probably end up okay. Vs. 3.

Praying over my macaroni’s in some religious sanctifying prayers for kosher food or praying about this or I’m going to be unclean or defiled walking through a cemetery. I touched some body fluid or blood of some kind and I’m unclean or defiled and I’m very zealous about it. God is saying, hello? Hello? If you eat shrimp it’s not
going to change my mind toward you. I love you. If you are going to walk through a cemetery,
it’s not going to defile you. My Son overcame the grave and there is no grave on earth that can
separate my love for you, from you, for you. My love is greater than the grave and tons of
shrimp and every other thing that could contaminate you and anything you could ever do or
ever say. I want you to know the Gospel. Vs. 3.

I think we could make a picture of it. Here I am and I establish my own righteousness. I can make it like a box. This is the system I live in and God is way beyond my box saying, do you know me? Do you know me? Do you know my mind, my heart? Do you know who I am? How tragic. Do you know me? If you had a family or you
could imagine it you lose a friend because they didn’t really know you. How many moms and
dads have woken up and had breakfast with a teenager, and they look across the table and
wonder if your own son and own daughter actually know you? They don’t know you. They just
know you wouldn’t give them the keys to the car yesterday, and they are rippin angry about it.
They don’t know you.

They just know you are against their boyfriend or their lipstick or some
how you are fighting against them. They don’t know who you are. That happened in Luke 15
with the man that had two sons. The son that ran away didn’t know the father and the son that
stayed at home didn’t know the father. Neither son knew the father. When the son failed and
decided to come home and get employed by his dad as a business employer, he came home
and discovered who the father was.

That’s what this verse is saying. They were ignorant of God
and went about to establish their own way of doing it and did not submit themselves unto God.
They were blinded. The good news in our message this morning is there is a gospel message for
the Cambodian people. We’ll draw it like this. The gospel and I don’t mean it offensively. I mean
it to me, too. I could say the Buddhism and me, too. The me-ism. Me and my pride and my way
and my world. You are hungry because you are here this morning because you want to know
something about God. You’d like God to be real for you.

You’d like the Holy Spirit to fill you and help you on a Monday morning and on the beltway and when you get your kids ready for school, when you go to bed at night, when you’re sick and tired. When you fail and your heart is
broken and worried because of something that happens in this crazy world. My daughter
showed me a little history piece about a mountain of coal in Wales, I think 1966, and it gave
lose and came down on a small village in Wales. It buried the school. 80 children buried alive.

All of them gone in a moment. They had the funeral of 80 children and the people singing
praise and prayers and Bible verse and their whole attitude. The heart broken, tragic living and
– I’m not saying. You understand me. We have no words sometimes in life. We have no words.
We’re not proud saying we know like a little box here. We are just trusting. In that trust there
has to be comfort. There has to be an answer. Why? Why? Why? I had a friend in a bus accident
in Finland years ago. There were a lot of people on the bus with music instruments. They were a
Christian rock and roll band.

The bus early one morning went off the road and rolled over three
times. He said it was like a meat grinder inside the bus. The bus finally rested in a field. He had a
broken vertebrae and was cut up. When the bus rested there was groaning, why, why? Silence
and then, why? The big “why.” That was Yuka Bori whom some of you know. We have that
question without an answer. No answer, only the Son of God and the peace of God that passes
knowledge. I don’t know the answer, but we’ve got the peace of God. I don’t know why but we
have love that passes understanding. That’s what it says.

Therefore, we have a ministry. This ministry didn’t come from the invention of your own mind and you own heart. It comes from the right hand of God. It comes from the throne of Christ. This ministry comes to us. We are
people that don’t know actually much about life, but we know about Jesus. This is the ministry
that we bring. This is the ministry at Eurocon in a week or so when we are over there. This is the
ministry in Cambodia as they share. It is written here in chapter 10:14. These are Greeks and
Gentiles and Jews also who have not heard. How shall they call on him in whom they have not
believed? Let’s make a short list here.

How will they call if they have not believed? How will they believe if they have not heard? How will they hear unless there is a preacher? There has to be a preacher. How can there be a preacher unless he is sent? Cambodians. How will they call on Jesus unless they believe in Jesus? How will they believe in Jesus unless they heard about
Jesus? How will they hear about Jesus unless there is a preacher? How could there be a
preacher unless he is sent? With what authority? From the right hand of God to the church that
the church is edified and understanding spiritually who we are and what is the gospel.

Not what is Buddhism or Hinduism or the Catholic church but what is the gospel. If we understand the
grace of God and the message of Christ and we have a message of salvation. A Cambodian can
say I don’t understand, and we say, you will understand. Believe in Jesus. He is the answer and
Jesus Christ will show you. That’s how it works. Vs. 15. It’s amazing when people go places only with the
gospel. They may go for business or as a tourist but it’s another thing when someone goes with
the gospel, to preach the gospel. To be on a team and share the gospel. To be going somewhere
with the power and the authority of the gospel.

By the way, sometimes when I’m in the city of Baltimore but it’s wherever I go, I like to bring the gospel. I meet these young kids on the street. I did on Friday. They were these tough kids, you know, 16 year old guys on the street. They look at me. They don’t know who I am. I tell them straight up I want to talk to you about Jesus. They
doubt it and question it and then they get relaxed and start to listen. In a Muslim country to be
able to share the message and love people and listen to them, sit with them, talk to them.

You are sent. You are actually sent by God. Jesus said, as the Father sent me, so I send you in John. 20.
What’s our message? Didn’t you get the message in the church? Yes, I did. I know I got the
message. I know what I can say to people. I know I can say he is risen. I got the Old Testament and the New Testament. I got messages about comfort, about love, about forgiveness, about
your future and about your purpose. I can say to a Cambodian you have an eternal purpose.
The Cambodian can say you don’t even know me. I speak another language and I’m Cambodian.
And I just came from the rice patty. I live in a different world, a different country.

You say it has nothing to do with what I’m doing here. I want to tell you that Jesus Christ has been raised from
the dead and he’s the answer for your life. I don’t need to know you but actually do know you
because you are a sinner like me. I know what jealousy is, hatred, murder in the heart. I know
what unbelief and fear and insecurity is. I’m here to tell you good news. Jesus Christ is God
almighty seated at the Father’s right hand and he has sent us to come and share with you the
gospel, the power of God unto salvation.

The Cambodian, I’m telling you. You know the story. He goes home. He’s lying in bed and Jesus has gotten ahold of him. He’s thinking of Jesus day and night. He’s saying Jesus is real. Who are these people. One day he says thank you for coming here. Thank you for coming here. The other side could be why? What has happened
here. Jesus has come into my life and changed my life. I’m not afraid of death anymore. I’m not
thinking about my sin. I’m not worried about my family. I have found peace. Jesus has visited
me in the night season. He has become my teacher.

I want you to start a Bible school. That happened to me. Somebody came to me and said could you start a Bible school here in our country? Could you start a Bible school. I said I guess I could. I have never done that before.
Yeah, you could do that. Start a Bible school and teach us whatever you got. God will use you.
God will speak to you. God will open the Bible. It happened. You and I have been sent into this
world with a message of the gospel and we read it in the book of Acts. Paul is writing it here
and saying it clearly.

These dear people don’t know who to call on because they don’t know
who to believe. Because they haven’t heard the gospel. They haven’t heard because there isn’t
any preacher. There isn’t any preacher because he’s studying at the local university engineering
or business or he’s a drug addict in Dundalk or Glen Burnie. Or he’s in a pool hall somewhere.
He’s on the streets of Baltimore. He’s in your backyard or my backyard. Why hasn’t he been
sent? Because he hasn’t come. If he comes and he sits, and he’s taught, and the Spirit will speak
to him and teach him apostolic doctrine, he’ll get established and growing.

As he grows, he can become a messenger or a helper to a messenger or a preacher and they are going to hear from God and believe, and they are going to walk in something that is way beyond themselves. They
are going to end up saying in Cambodia, our church is on a boat. But we are in charge of the
whole river. We got the whole country. No, we are the center of the universe! Why do you feel
like that? Because Jesus makes you feel like that. He makes you feel like you got something. He
makes you feel like you got a message. He makes you feel and sense that God is with you hat
you have been sent, that your life is not an accident. Wow!

This is so and we are very honored people. Maybe you can bring that to your job Monday morning. Why do you need your job? Because I need a paycheck. You need a paycheck, but you’ve been sent. You’ve been sent by
God to meet those people and be with those people and do that job. If you want a different job,
you can pray for that and God can send you there, too. You got something bigger than a
paycheck. You’ve been sent into this world. Same in our neighborhoods, same in our state, the
state of Maryland. And reaching out in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia.

Starting up a Bible study. We go to a little town in New Jersey and pull into a pizza shop and say we’re going
to bring some people in here. We’re going to open up the Bible. Is that okay with you? Yeah,
sure. As long as you buy some pizza. Okay. I’ll buy some pizza and open up the Bible at the
same time. That’s fine with me. Bring as many as you want. Our kids on our street need that.
We’ve been sent. Wow! We have. We’ve been sent into the public school and in the university
campus and in our neighborhoods. We’ve been sent door to door. We’ve been sent into this
world. Our days are limited.

Our days are numbered. Our years are few maybe. Who knows
how long. We have been sent on a mission because we have something the world doesn’t know
about. Because of their ignorance, they have gone about to establish their own righteousness.
They have their own Cambodian righteousness. We are nationalists. This is the way we do it
here. We honor and respect that in a way. We respect them as people and love and care for
them. Not in any way superior or belittling.At the same time say I am an American and I am. I have my thing too. When I met Jesus, it went to another level where you say I want to be a good Cambodian citizen but I’m on a mission. I know Jesus is the answer for this world. He is the answer for my life and the place where I am living. That’s the message.



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