Say “I am here” with an open heart to the call of God. We have been drawn to Him and we are bonded with Him and His Body. He puts strength is us and we resist evil with Him. Job 23:5-6; 2 Samuel 23:11-12; Zechariah 11:7

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12092
7:00 PM on 5/12/2021

P. Schaller –

Alright. Hello. Okay. Thank you. Praise the Lord. Introductory thought for tonight. Praise the Lord! How many
are going to graduate from some school this spring. Stand up. GGCA, MBC&S, 8th
grade, college campus. Anyone? Uneducated! Illiterate! Jamil, good. Thank you. Awesome.
Congratulations. I love this time of year. The weather. Being outside. The time. The fellowship.
The Body. When I pulled in tonight and saw the police car here, our campus car, the security
guys, Body members, the deck, – my heart was so, what’s the word? Empty! Disappointed? I
was so happy! I was happy when they said let us go to the house of God. Huh? Zechariah 11:7, this
verse is a little warm up. Then we’ll have a song, and the offering, and then a short message.
Zechariah 11:7, Flock of slaughter. Imagine they are going to be fed and led to the slaughter, but
he’s going to feed the flock. How will he feed them?

How did Christ feed the flock in the gospels? How does he feed the flock at Greater Grace here? How does he take care of his church around the world? He has two elements here in vs. 7. These two words I have here,
beauty. Agreableness, delight, suitableness, spendor, grace, pleasantness. Christ, these two
staffs, staves, plural. Two staves are two ways he feeds the flock. Beauty. Beauty. Delight.
When you spend time with God, it becomes beautiful. In which way? It’s pleasant. It fits. It’s
agreeable. When he speaks to your heart, it’s agreeable. It draws you. You might say that was a
beautiful time. We don’t mean it like you see a painting or a picture of beauty or something
beautiful. It may be but it’s deeper. I am drawn to it when Jesus speaks at the sea of Galilee and
people are coming and he teaches them it is beautiful, pleasant, agreeable. It touches me. I like
it. Let’s stay here. One day, two days, third day. He said we have to send them away and they
don’t have enough food to get home.

That is how attractive he was as a person in his teaching and ministry. I’d like to be there. I’d like to be there with Jesus. When he said at the Last Supper I’m going away. You know, they were very upset about it. They were troubled by it. We will go with you. Where are you going? We will die with you. Alright. So two staves. One is beauty. I
feed my flock by being pleasant, not hard, not angry, not legalistic, not manipulative, but by
being beautiful. That’s the ministry of Christ. It’s beautiful. Remember the rap sessions with Dr.
Stevens through the years. Michael Toll in his newsletter wrote about one theologian in America
that he met and the man said, Oh, yeah. I know Dr. Stevens. I remember I met him one time in
Texas. I remember Dr. Stevens and he had something that I never saw anywhere else. And
Michael Toll said what was that? He said, he had something called rap sessions. I don’t know
anybody else that did that but Dr. Stevens did it. What do we remember about them? They were
pleasant. They were instructive.

We were drawn to them. We would finish one here. Where is pastor going? Go to the donut shop and then some people follow him home. It was just fun. It was just fun. It was like grown up fun. It was fun to be with him, to jump in his car and be with him. It was just fun. How does Jesus pastor the flock. Two elements in this verse. Beauty is one
of them. And we are trying to explain what that is. The second one is bands. vs. 7. The word
“bands” is a rope, a measuring line, a district, an inheritance, a noose, a company, a throw, a
ruin and the word bonds. Let’s stick with that word or rope or connection. Bonds. Cords. I will
draw you to my Father and you will be attached to my Father. You will be drawn to each other
and attached in a godly way to me and my Father and each other. This is what the devil is
against. He is against these two things. That beauty that is in the Spirit, that is in the love, that
beauty in the face, in the heart.

That beauty in dedication. That beauty in trust. Like a marriage. Loving each other. When I was in Hungary, my wife was here, I would call her sometimes on the pay phone that was broken. And I could talk a long time. Yes, P. Scibelli and I have criminal backgrounds! Yes! So, you know, I loved my wife though I didn’t see her. I loved her more than
ever, because it was beautiful what she was doing for me and for God and for the ministry. You
will see beautiful things in your life from God. That’s why we have the Convention here in June.
By the way, to all the people that are abroad and maybe you are thinking of coming, buy your
tickets now when the borders are closed cause plane tickets are cheap. Buy your tickets now.
The borders are opening up in a week and then your tickets will go up in price. I’m selling them
in the back room after this meeting! Hah! Listen, why do we gather in Convention? Beauty.
Beauty and bonds. Beauty and bonds.

The devil said in Psalm 2 wherefore do the kings imagine vain things against the Lord and against his anointed, and they say let us break their bands asunder. Let’s break them up into pieces. Let’s break their bands asunder. Where is it? vs. 10. I took the beauty, the staff called beauty, and broken it in two because God was upset with his people. Then you see Jesus come to his people and it’s beauty again. Beauty again and then
the bands. I want you to think about this. I feel our bands run deep because they are not
sentimental. They are not human. They are spiritual. That’s why we must be also firm in the
truth with each other. And in the world that we live in. That will be the second part of the
message, how I must learn to stand and resist. So that will come later. Okay. Amen. Would you
have a word for a minute with your neighbor and explain to them what I just said in the last ten
minutes and go over it. Two things to pastor people: beauty and bands. Okay. Go ahead. Okay.
Anybody have a word on it?

Pastor Jerry, do you have a word on it? I caught you at a bad time. Anybody have anything on it? Okay, beauty draws me and kind of catches me and I love you. Love and I love you. I’m with you. This is where I am. Isn’t that good? Has that happened to us? Anybody else? Yes, Rene. Yes. He said bands, rope is a tether and we tether each other.
Beauty of holiness. Bands are built by the appreciation of the holiness. Beauty of holiness. The
Body life. The fellowship. Mystery of the fellowship and the amazing commitment and dedication
that comes into your heart because you know God has captured you by something beautiful.
Actually, we look at the cross and it’s a kind of beauty. It’s beautiful that he would do that for me,
that he would suffer for me and it draws us, doesn’t it? So how do we shepherd people? It’s a
similar thing. We hope that people would see the beauty of holiness and be drawn to it and be
hid with Christ in God. One thing have I desired of the Lord that I will seek after to behold his
beauty, right? And to inquire in his temple.

I want to see that. How many of you feel you have seen the beauty of the Lord? We have. And if you haven’t you will. Walk by faith before him and you will see that, and that’s a beautiful thing. Okay. Would you stand with me for a moment and just change your position. Rejoice in a minute and thank the Lord and praise him. Amen. Thank
you, Lord. What are you expecting tonight out of the word? This is our message. There are
times when I have to resist the devil. Say that with me. There are times when I have to resist the
devil. Alright. That’s it. How did that go? Pretty go. Hey, I’m done! There are times when I have
to say no. You may be seated. P. Jason do you want to come down front. Come on down. Do
we have a microphone? He was in Frederick, Maryland and a demonized person confronted
him and said go back home. Okay. Go ahead. Tell them.

P. Jason –

Good evening, by the way. We had a great time in Frederick. This was actually a few
weeks ago. I was telling Pastor we were doing some soul winning and it’s always amazing when
you just initiate life. We met a woman that just as we started – actually, P. Dennis was with me
as well – we just started to share the Gospel. It was definitely a demonic encounter. She got
really strange. Just you know how you spirit just starts to – all your antennas go up. So, she
started saying some really weird things. We just began to present the Gospel and I kept
mentioning the word “Jesus” to her. And she kept backing up every time I mentioned that word
“Jesus.” She said half way through the conversation, she said you know what? I’m here to scare
you to go back home. We don’t want you in Frederick. It was like a demonic confrontation. And I
said well, we’re not scared but you can leave! So, anyway, it was incredible. It was actually kind
of like one of those things where you don’t know what’s going to happen until you’re in it but the
Holy Spirit resisted her. She left and afterwards Jesse Feyers and others had a great
sketchboard and preaching. The atmosphere totally changed. We had authority in that whole
area for the rest of the day. It was amazing.

P. Schaller –

Great. Thank you. Turn to 2 Samuel 23. I think in the days that we are living, the
Spirit wants to teach us that we must receive from Christ and be filled with the Spirit and take a
stand on many levels. There’s a need for us to stand and be used by God. When Joseph was in
Egypt and was put in prison and interpreted two dreams, one the man died. He was hanged. He
was the cook or the baker. The butler was free and he forgot about Joseph and then Pharaoh
had a dream. The butler said I know a Jew. I know somebody who can interpret your dream.
When they called Joseph, it says he shaved. And he changed his clothes and he came before
the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh said can you interpret my dream? Joseph said this, he said it is not
in me. It is not in me but God can interpret your dream. I like that because I think many times in
my life I don’t think I can do this or I don’t have the right idea or I don’t know how to answer this
question or solve this relationship problem I have with another brother or sister. But it’s not in
me but I know God can do that.

This is a great way of thinking. I think that a musician, a mathematician, an engineer, a medical doctor, a researcher, an accountant, a business manager, a nurse, a teacher, a homeless person. Somebody who has fallen on bad times. I
believe that it’s not in me but I believe God is able to give it to me. God is able to speak to me
and build me up in my faith and this is something that I stand in. I believe this. It happened to
Moses when he was told to go to Egypt. He really didn’t want to go. He was a refugee. What is
the word? A fugitive of justice. A fugitive away from Egypt. God sent him back. It was not in
Moses in this sense. God gave it to him. God gave him a ministry. God gave him a word. God
gave him the courage. God gave him the desire. God gave him the faith. God gave him the
friends. His brother Aaron and sister Miriam. God gave to him. God delivered the Jews out of
Egypt and it was really by a man Moses that was able to stand. And you and I are those kind of
people in this hour that we are living. We have to say, it’s not in me but God can do this for me.
Honestly. It’s God that does this for you and me. It’s really real.

So in this portion, 2 Samuel 23:11, – by the way, pray for Israel as we see they are being bombarded by missiles from the Hamas. There’s Ben and Ramona who are very precious to us and others in the country. And pray for
Israel and the peace of Israel. Pray for God to work and do his work in what he wants to do. The
Jews have been under attack many times through their history and individually. We see that
with Daniel. We see that with Joseph. We see it through history and now we are also in this
because we are covenant people. As I said, beauty and bands is what pastors us and leads us
in our purpose to live here in America at this time and to have a stand. Have an opinion. Have a
conviction that comes from outside of us to our spirit and mind. We all need that. This is an
example in vs. 11-13. So, where does the standing come from? Resisting the devil. That story
by P. Jason was interesting to me because when we were in Cincinnati, something similar
happened with one of our little teams we sent out soul winning and knocked on this door of this
man who might have been high on drugs.

He was supernaturally charged. He was charged, whether it was by drugs or the devil, but he was very aggressive, very belligerent and threatening. That’s a radical example. But I like the things that we are seeing in our society
when people in academia stand up to a lie. When people in politics stand up to a lie. When
people on the street stand up to a lie. When you are able to discern the difference and be able
to say this is where I stand and this is what I believe. So how does it happen? Beauty and
bands. Beauty. Have you seen a beautiful family? A mom and dad. A dad caring for his kids and
the kids responding. Maybe they don’t like it but they respond to the instruction and they abide
and they grow and they learn and they have a reference for their own life in the future. It is
beautiful. Bands in a family. When a family finds it’s valuable to be drawn to the church. In the
church, mom and dad worship God and maybe I do too. I am following in that path. That’s what
God told the Jews in Deuteronomy 11, chapter 10, chapter 6 to teach the children.

Guide them in the way that they should go. Where do we stand when it comes to say church life? Where do I stand
regarding family life, my friendships and mission. Where do we stand? We cannot help but
reflect on the Apostle Paul and say he is all about teaching the church how the church is in
these days like now we are like Timothy, 2 Timothy 3, but you know my manner of life. You know
my doctrine. You know my persecutions. You know how I have lived and I want you to be drawn
to that. And know that from a child you have known the Scripture. And the Scripture does not
come by the will of man but holy men of God spoke. They were moved by the Holy Spirit. It is
God breathed. And it is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in
righteousness. This is where we stand. But it isn’t hard because it’s beautiful. It isn’t hard, cold
religion. It’s a warm family of interaction with love and joy and faith and peace. It seems that the
world is aggressively after the Christianity that we know of through the last two millenium. They
do not like our boundaries.

They do not like our borders. They don’t like our lines of inheritance
in Psalm 16. They don’t like our convictions. They don’t like when we say something is right and
something is wrong. They don’t like the accountability and the responsibility but we do because
it’s beautiful. We are attracted to it. I want the accountability. I want the responsibility. I think the
way the world is saying no responsibility, no accountability. Just take care of my feelings and
understand me. I like this other message which is wake up! God said stand up on your feet. I
am talking to you in Job 38:2. I like it when we are called to accountability. We will one day at
the judgment. And we are called to accountability and why don’t we face that today and say
here I am Lord like Abraham said. Here I am. Noah said it. Samuel said it. Here I am. Let us say
it with an open heart to our heavenly Father and say, here I am.

Job said I know that when I meet him he would not argue with me, but he would put his strength in me. What an amazing verse. We got to look at it. We’re going to finish in a few minutes here. I think it’s a great, Job 23. Okay. Got it. Job 23:5-6. This chapter is about Job wanting to meet God. I want to meet
God. I want to talk to him. I am suffering so much. I am hurt so much I want him to give answers
to me. vs. 5. Will he plead against me with his great power? No. Do you hear that? I got to make
it clear. Will he plead against me with his great power? NO. What does it mean? He is beautiful.
He will not crush me. He will love me. He will uphold me. Will he be a tyrant and say you are
wrong and crush me with his great power? No. He wouldn’t do that. No, not my God. He is not a
tyrant. He’s not a hard man. He’s not a judge in that sense. He is one day, but in this life how
does he reach people? On the cross. Not his great power to crush you but his great power to
love you, lay down his life and be humble.

Job said it this way, vs. 5-6. How do you stand? By being loved. How do you stand? By the truth speaking to your heart. I think the world is a great ripoff. You don’t have any responsibility. Whatever reality you have, you can live in. That’s your call. That’s your rights. You live your life your way and it’s all about you. It’s a great ripoff. It’s a
lie. It’s like I am God. I made you in my image. Come to me. I will love you. I will put my strength
in you. I will show you something beautiful and you will have bonds with me. You will be
attached to me. You will be my son and my daughter. You will be my children. You will be my
servant. I will anoint you with fresh oil. I will die on the cross. I will wash your feet. I will take you
sin away. I will shed my blood. I will put my Spirit in you. I will bless you and you will stand in
that reality. That’s where it is. When the Philistines come in to take the ground, I’m not leaving.
I’m not leaving. This is where God put me. This is God’s ground. I’m not leaving Frederick. You
know what I mean? I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving the city of Baltimore.

I’m not leaving. I’m not going anywhere. This is where we stand. God will lead us, order our steps. God is our God. We
don’t live as normal, average people live. We have God as our God and he will uphold us and
we are drawn by something beautiful and something that grabs ahold of our hearts and fills us
and satisfies us. That’s why we stand. Are you standing because you are belligerent, rebellious
people? No. We just don’t agree. We are standing here and we are Americans. We have our
freedom. We have our rights to our religion. We have our convictions. This is my life. The
government is not telling me how to worship God. The government is not telling me how to meet
and when to meet and where to meet. The government is not in control of my children or my
lifestyle. Maybe they want to be, but the government is not the primary issue in any of our lives.
Here is where we stand.

When Martin Luther made that great statement, he said, “Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise.” he was before the most powerful religious system in the world, the Catholic Church. And he was called to account for his “heresy,” his teaching. And when he first went to the Diet of Worms, this was in Germany this place where he was called to be
accountable. The first day he fainted. He was under so much stress, and then the second day
he said it. He said, I cannot take back any of my teaching. These are my words, but I’ll get to his
part in a second. I cannot recant. I cannot take back any of my teaching. This is what I believe
and he said, “here I stand.” And he would have been killed except the prince with the castle
hijacked him and kidnapped him and brought him to the safety of his castle where he lived and
translated the Bible into the German language.

That translation stands today. He did that over nine months or whatever it was. I like the point that our church is filled with historical references to people that just said beauty has caught me. The bands are real. I’m not afraid. This is where I stand. This is what I believe in. I’m not trying to dramatize or speak in any heroic terms. I’m only trying to say to each and every one of us, you better get some conviction in your heart regarding what you believe cause the church is under attack. If we don’t have some biblical orientation and we don’t have some fire in our belly, and some oil on our head and some spiritual vitality in our heart – if we slide into sentimentality or compromise or we’re afraid of the people or we are
afraid of what will happen, then we are selling out with a great honor and blessing and privilege
of being Spirit filled, Bible believing, salt of the earth, Gospel carrying preachers and teachers
and comforters and encouragers and counselors because the world is choking on the lies, the
propaganda, the lies that are everywhere. They are choking. It is not a good deal. I’d rather be
with Job and say I would come before God and he wouldn’t crush me. He would not crush me.
He would put his strength in me and I could answer him.

That’s a beautiful picture of what has happened to us. Joseph said, they said could you interpret the dream? It is not in me. I don’t have that ability. I don’t have that talent. I cannot do this but I know who can. That’s God and he
can. And he did and Joseph was highly promoted. So amen.

Would you pray with me please.


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