Our hearts are bigger than the toys that could occupy us. Our hearts, we need to guard them. We are anointed as Jesus said to preach to the poor, to minister to the broken, blind, and shattered. Luke 4:18; Proverbs 4:23

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Roger Robbins, Jon Post
Sermon 11992
7:00 PM on 11/18/2020

P. Schaller –

Praise the Lord! I came to church tonight just to have my heart stirred up. That’s what I’m feeling. I’m
thinking about that. Just to stir our hearts. P. Jon Post, could you come up here and sit up here?
After Roger Robbins shares for a minute or two, I’d like you to stir our hearts up a little. I met a
man the other day, Cody, – there he is – and he and I had a few words. Cody, are you okay?
Seriously. He and I, Cody, just for a minute, I had seen him at Federal Hill some months ago and
he said he got saved. Right, Cody? You got saved. A couple months ago was it? Two months. Do
you know what that means when someone gets saved? What do you think? Talk back to me.
New life. All heaven is rejoicing over what? One what? Very bad sinner! One sinner. This is
serious, isn’t it? A sinner lost and saved, born again. Washed in the blood. Alive to God. Isn’t it
amazing? I’m telling you if we want our hearts to be warm, if we got ahold of that in our hearts
and realized what God is doing, what he does when he saves a soul. Imagine. He sent his Son.
He sent the Holy Spirit. He raised up people like you and me. He trained us. Long hours of
learning to live by faith. Prayer and faith and love and someone hungry.

When you were a kid did you ever have a jack in the box? If you’re over 50 years old. What’s a jack in the box? It’s a
box about this big and a crank you crank it up and what does it do? It plays music. I think today
they have more modern versions. It plays music. It does a dance. It flips over. The jack in the
box comes up and what’s the end? It ends. It ends. That jack in the box is like life. There is a lot
of gymnastic and vibration and get wound up and then the grave. He’s dead. Bury him. Jack in
the box. It’s crazy. When Jesus came into my life, he said this is not about Jack in the box. This is
about me. I made you to be like me. I made you to live forever. I’ve given you myself.
Relationship. This keeps our heart on fire. I think some Christian lives are like jack in the box.
You wind them up.

They go through the thing and it’s kaput! It’s over. Where did the heart go?
Where’s Jesus? On the other hand, it’s so awesome when he loves me. He loves me. He loves
me again. He loves me. He’s with me. We’re quiet. We’re encouraged. We’re loved. He loves
me. God loves me. Never ends. Love is eternal. It goes on and on and we shall never die. It’ s
never over. God loves you. This is our theme tonight to stir our hearts in love and that
relationship, that person that is in our life. It’s not a game. It’s eternal purpose. It’s not noise
and vibration. It’s divine purpose. Roger Robbins and his family went over to Turkey. P. Jon Post
and his family went years ago to Kalingrad, Russia. David and Daniel and Krissy grew up there
speaking Russian as little kids and playing outside. They went to Kyrgyzstan and served there
and then they came back here. Then they went to Nepal. These people are precious. No Jack in
the box. No. Souls. Salvation. Cody. Wow! That’s a treasure. That’s eternal. That’s precious.
That’s God. God calls us by name. Isn’t that good. That stirs my heart. It’s a beautiful thought.
Let’s have Roger come up and be with us.

Roger Robbins –

Hi, Everyone. I’m here to say hi and give greetings from Izmir, Turkey. So,
hello! And hi! Clap for Turkey! I give greetings from my wife Liz Lange Robbins. For all of you
that don’t know her, she is a Lange and I’m a nonblood. I’m on the outside but I came here this
week to work. To physically work and support myself back in Turkey. I come here with some greetings and I just want to say hi to you. I go back tomorrow night. I want to put in front of you
some names of people so you can hear names. When I hear the name Cory I hear about
someone that is saved and someone that is in God’s family. There’s names like Devine, Dolin,
Akeem, Ali, Bayerk, Barak, Yasmeen, Gilia, Yeshua, Hasrat (and more). So many more names.
These are names of people in our church, people we minister to. It’s incredible to think that
what we like to do as missionaries, as Paul said in Acts 17:27 when he talked to the people in
Athens, he said God is not far from you. He’s not far from you.

When we go to Turkey and Nepal and Kyrgyzstan and all these amazing places, we are showing that God lives in us and he’s not far from each and every person, so I encourage you to pray for Turkey and to pray for
Central Asia. Actually, last year we took three of our Turks to Kyrgyzstan to be with P. Emil in
Bishkek and then we went to Alma Ata. There were tears in their face to meet brothers and
sisters, other believers in Central Asia. We had an amazing service while I was gone and had
new people come. One couple in particular, his name is [?]. He sat down with my wife and a
couple of the other Turks and they kind of all shared their faith with them. They said we come
here seeking. We want to know more. We are open minded like the Bereans were. As they
shared the response to what they heard was I have only known a God that is one sided. That he
is only one way, and there is no relationship there. What you are telling me is there is a
relationship. What you are saying what the Gospel is there is a relationship, and to have that
happen very week it takes a team. It takes an amazing group of people and it starts here in
Baltimore by being sent out, by being supported by the people here that are in our lives like
you. To be fed by messages, support, texts, emails, prayer. It all starts here. Then the team we
have I would say please pray for Brittany Howard. She is the greatest team member anyone
could ever have. She’s got Syrian and Jewish blood in her, so she walks around claiming the
streets of Turkey as her own. It’s pretty awesome. She’s mapped out where she is from which is
near the Turkish border, so she kind of thinks she’s returned home. She sends her greetings to
you guys. There’s one other young kid that joined our team from another church in Texas. His
name is Jonathan. He’s been a blessing. Pray for us. Pray for this season and I ask that you just
do that. Lift us up in prayer. These names, many more names coming to the kingdom of heaven
because God is very close to them, very near to us. Thank you very much.

P. Jon Post –

I think one of the greatest dangers we have is not counting our blessings. Not
recognizing what incredible opportunities we have. I was teaching by Zoom in Nepal today. That
is a privilege. That is a privilege. They are a people that have such – the country is so steeped in
false religion. In Hinduism, where almost everything is a god. You get 12 years in prison if you
kill a cow because a cow is a god. Yet they are going forward. It’s illegal to convert anybody. But
our pastor says don’t worry about that. Only God can convert a soul so go ahead and share the
Gospel. That’s a five year prison sentence. We have, I want to say we have such opportunities
here. It is amazing the freedoms we have here. It is amazing how many hearts God has
prepared here. We go out on the streets and we open our mouths and speak to people. We tell
them the Gospel and Satan wants to intimidate us and keep us from sharing that good news.
People here are open. Baltimore is a mission field.

Thank God for those that are going out and putting enough faith in God and they say God I’m nothing, but if you want to use this earthen clay vessel, I’m yours. Go ahead. What’s going to happen? Maybe someone won’t like me but instead sometimes we find people that say yes. Like the other day with Angina and I. I had the
privilege to soul win with her on a Saturday. She was sharing with this young man. He plays the
drums in a church, but he also said he wasn’t saved. People, there are opportunities here and
his heart was open, and he prayed. So I think we here have a great opportunity and we want to
take that opportunity. We don’t want to leave it behind, leave it on the table. We have an
opportunity here and of course what is God’s heart? He came to seek and save that which was
lost. One day that which was lost was you. And one day that which was lost was me. We found
our Shepherd. We found the place of life. We want to, I mean God’s heart is still seeking and
saving the lost. He will use you. We take steps of faith. Come out to outreach even if it’s cold.
Bring an extra hat. And when you are in the grocery store and at the gas station. Do the strange
thing and let God use you. Open your mouth and take a step of faith. We have such a privilege
to do that. We have such a privilege to do that. Eternity will reveal that. Let’s pray.

P. Schaller –

I noticed the difference between you standing on a Sunday and a Wednesday.
You’re a lot slower on a Wednesday. Would you stand please? Thank you. Praise the Lord.
Wasn’t that beautiful. Thank you. This is our service on our hearts tonight for a few minutes
and how we have each other in our hearts and what we believe in our hearts. Cody, you just
gave me great words the other night and I just thank you for that. That was so good. And he’s
just like shining and saying I got saved. I love to hear you say that. Can you say that out loud?
Okay. Very good. Proverbs 4:23. Keep your heart. You can finish the rest of it. How many know the
verse? It means guard your heart. We guard our houses. We guard our cars. We guard our
reputation. We guard maybe our friends. But do we guard our heart. Guard your heart. You
heart means a lot to you. Your heart. Hearts get cold. Hearts get stony. Hearts get deceived.
Hearts change. Hearts don’t care. People get old and hard.

Our heart. It says if riches increase, set not your hearts upon the riches. Can money change a person? Just do a google search on the lottery winners and how many lives are destroyed by money. My heart. How many of you
feel like your heart is important to you? Your heart is important, right? What’s in my heart?
Sometimes you feel like you are a child in your heart, Matthew 18:2. We need to be like children in
our hearts. That’s how we enter the kingdom by that simplicity and trust. Guard, vs. 23. Maybe
it goes sideways. You know how we say that. Like an airplane. Once it goes a certain way, there
is no way to change it. It’s going to crash. It just goes sideways and it’s over. Maybe my heart
goes sideways and there is something I’ve forgotten or something I am not rehearsing, or
something not taken care of or maintaining. We maintain our cars, our houses; sometimes our
relationship with each other. We maintain our minds. We don’t want to lose our mind. We
maintain our bodies with vitamins and exercise and water.

But do we do anything to keep, guard, maintain our hearts? We don’t know after this whole change in our society with what has been going on, we don’t know it’s effect on people. I don’t want to talk about it in any
detail, only that I think that I need to pay attention to what is happening inside in my heart. You
help me with that a lot. These brothers when I listen to them and when I read a book about missions and I get stirred up in my heart about the Gospel. The Gospel is the power of God unto
salvation. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. It is the power of God to save somebody. You can
ask Cody and others. Just get stirred up in you heart. That’s what is going on. That’s the
important thing. I read this little piece. How do you hide an elephant? He said even mice could
hide an elephant if you have enough mice. His point was many little things can hide an
elephant. What’s my purpose? We are on the earth with this high and holy calling to know God
and to worship him. Walk by faith in Him.

Trust him. Keep it big. Keep it clear. What’s the real point? Not jack in the box, a lot of motion, activity and then. You know. Plunk! That was fun. Let’s stuff him in and crank it up and do it again. We do it for hours. One other portion but go to vs. 23 one more time. It does take effort. If you just let it go, you might end up in a bad place.
Just let your heart be whatever. Watch whatever you want to. Listen to whatever and agree
with everybody and let your heart go like the gardener in Proverbs 24 just let the garden grow and
the weeds grow. The fence falls in and the house and the whole thing. He said I consider it. A
little folding of the hands and a little slumber and my poverty comes as a armed bandit. If I let
my heart just go and be whatever, I might find this horrible way of thinking. This spirit of
judging and negativity and the whole elephant is covered with very small things that bother me
and trouble me. When the mind and the heart is a new heart that affects my mind and I can
read the Bible and listen and think about the important things. The big things that count. Vs. 23.
Out of the heart are the issues of life. You can sit in a room by yourself and out of your heart
comes treasure, precious treasure.

The issues of life. I think, turn to Luke 4. Out of it are the issues of life. This is what happened from Jesus’ heart in Luke 4:18. He was reading in the synagogue and found in the book of Isaiah the Scripture that speaks of his ministry. You could say those same words tonight yourself. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. Upon us. The Spirit of
the Lord. Maybe in a sense by way of the analogy this is the elephant. The Spirit of the Lord has
something for us that is huge, big. You can’t miss it in life. Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord is
upon me. Why? Vs. 18. I have to say as we learned in this ministry, why – let me say this the
right way. I have to say that the only thing I feel that I love so much is the anointing of God.
That’s what I love so much in the ministry. It’s the anointing of God. It’s what we all love so
much. It’s the anointing of God. It’s not our abilities or whatever is happening on some level. It
isn’t that. It’s that the Spirit of the Lord is upon us and has anointed us. That he wants
something to happen in this world. Where there is not an anointing, there are other hearts and
spirits. There are strange hearts and strange spirits in the world.

You and I are stirred up in our heart when the Spirit of God has anointed us. What for? Why has he anointed us? There is a list here. He’s anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. You know that does stir your heart
when you see poor people. When you see poor people and there are a lot of them. It stirs your
heart. It’s beautiful. My heart. Do I care about the poor people? Jesus did. He was anointed to
preach to the poor people. Do we care about? I might not go to Africa, but I could see pictures
and think about it. It stirs our heart. If my heart doesn’t care about poor people, it’s kind of like
the whole point of ministry is for salvation, for a changed life. For a person to be redeemed.
When we hear these stories, I want to hear another one. I want to hear another one. I want to
see a miracle. Is there a miracle God? Do you still do miracles? Yes, I do. I want to see one.

Could I see one? Yes. Blessed are the pure in heart. They shall see God. Oh, Lord, I want to see
one. That’s the heart. Keep my heart. Not cynical but keep my heart diligently because God is
here and he’s doing his work. Vs. 18. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted. Wouldn’t that
be fun to meet someone who is brokenhearted. Brokenhearted because of their family.
Brokenhearted because of their marriage. Brokenhearted because of their boss or job.
Brokenhearted because of what happened in high school. Brokenhearted because they were
passing all their tests through school and then they failed out of school. When they failed
school, that was the end. They lost it. They lost it. They disappeared. They’re gone. They are
brokenhearted. I met a man in Towson at the circle.

I was soul winning one day by myself. I sat on the bench. I talked to this man who was homeless, and he told me his story. He was very sensible, intelligent guy. He said I was doing really great at 35 years of old and then my life
changed. I said how? He said my wife died of cancer. When my wife died – how old are you
now? 42. Do you have children? I have two sons, but they will not talk to me. I had cars. I had a
house. I had a business. I lost everything. Wow! Does that stir your heart? I don’t know the
details. I don’t know what happened. I can see that. Jesus said I am anointed to preach to those
people, to heal the brokenhearted. Isn’t that what he says here. We are not preaching like he
did but in another way we do. We are here in his place. We have his words. We have his
parables, his message, his Gospel. We have the Word of God and it’s in our hearts. Vs. 18b.
These are people really bound like in shackles. I think of demonic bondage. I think of people
that have orange hair and they are a barista in a Starbucks or something.

They have a nose piercing and earrings and chains that go around their body and everything. You think in your
heart are you looking for attention with your flaming orange hair? Are you looking for
attention? You got it with me. You got my attention. Talk to me. I want to know what is going
on inside of you. I have a heart like God has a heart. God talks to people. God wants to know.
God cares about you. We are anointed long before we are on the street. We are anointed in our
home, in our prayer closet. We are anointed in life. Being in this meeting tonight is like an
experience. It helps me in my life. Just being in the presence of God and in the presence of
God’s people helps sharpen my edge, helps waken me up. There is a guy with orange hair and
purple hair and chains galore and tattoos everywhere. I don’t know if he will listen to me but
maybe nobody talks to him except his circle and maybe Jesus is saying I am anointed to preach
to people in captivity. They are in captivity. They are bound. They are in some kind of trouble.
Some kind of darkness.

This is exciting. This is meaning our heart is bigger than our small – you
know what I mean. Our heart is bigger than the jack in the box story which is really a dead end
story. The jack in the box story is how people are living. The NFL won a champion. Some team
won and the jack and the box comes up and goes like this and that’s the end. Your favorite
team wins. You buy a new car. You have a girlfriend. The favorite thing, the best thing that
happened to you ever and then. We are anointed to say no. No. No, there is something going
on inside our heart, inside our mind, inside our lives that is including people that we love and
know many times. Recovery of sight to the blind. Look at all these things. How many are
there? Six things he came to do. I would say if my heart is cold and stony, none of these things
would be in my heart. In my heart are like the little mice that are covering the whole thing up and I don’t know if my heart is somehow fascinated with weird and stupid and foolish things.

If my heart shrivels up like a prune, a grape becomes a raison, a plumb becomes a prune if I just
dry up and become something less. If God would anoint us with this freshness. How does it
happen? Let me say a couple closing things on it. My daughter Bethany is over here. She’s a
precious person. Many of you know her. She loves her family so much, her and John. She has a
son in the Marines in Hawaii, John John. Tomorrow is his birthday, right? Tomorrow is his
birthday. He’s a marine. He’s 22 tomorrow. Okay. Emma is going to be 17 in a couple days. This
is a family talk! How do you keep your heart soft? Your children, your family, your friends. I’m
amazed at P. Scibelli. We know him so well and his love and passion and fervency, but his heart
is so much he loves. He loves the people in Africa. He loves the pastors. He loves the churches.
Can we say it keeps him alive? Pastor? What keeps you? How about a little picture of your mom
and dad on the desk? How about a memory of something in the nature or the forest. A walk.

How about a good book that you could read and reread? How about when you meet God in
some book, and this is a man of God writing from his heart and it stirs your heart. That’s how it
happens. How about a class and you go away saying wow, that was very, very refreshing. I
needed that. That was precious to me. How about a prayer meeting in the closet by myself and
something is moving and working by the Spirit. The Spirit is sent into the world. Let us not
grieve him. Let us not quench him. Let’s not fall into the little mice category. You get all these
mice and they cover up the most important, big thing that God has called you into. He has
called you into being a minister. He has called you into faith. Ministry isn’t simply doing things.
Ministry is more like what we are talking about tonight. It’s our hearts. It’s in our hearts. People
are captive. They need to be released. People are blind. They need to see. Then he said to set at
liberty them that are bruised.

This is the closing part. Bruised means shattered. If I had a clay pot and knocked it over it would break into maybe 7 or 10 pieces depending on how hard it falls. But if I take that clay pot and I just smash it and it’s shattered. That’s the meaning of this word. Vs. 18. To set at liberty them that are shattered. They’ve been hurt so much. They’ve
been hurt. Devastated. Every one of these is why Jesus came. He came for people. People, I
read some crazy things. There’s more money now spent for animals. There’s animal hospitals.
Was it more money given to the cause of nature, the animal, saving animals than given to poor
people. More is given for those causes than the poor people. Why? Because our hearts are
different maybe. We are not bringing money necessarily. We are bringing the gift of eternal life,
the Gospel. We are bringing the power of God unto salvation. We are bringing a clean
conscience, a new life, born again, saved, forgiven. My name in the book of life. We are bringing
the message and the ministry that makes a difference in the lives of people. This stirs our hearts
very much.



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