Christ is a King and Priest after a different order, that of Melchisedec. On Abraham was a blessing made and it is an eternal, everlasting blessing. One higher and greater now sits in intercession at King and Priest forever for us. (Hebrews 6:20-7:7; Genesis 14:13-24; Psalm 110)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor George Arman
Sermon # 11274
6:30 PM on 6/4/2017

P. George Arman

Halleluiah. When I say halleluiah, you say amen. God is good. All the time. Amen. Malawi. Carol and I have been there three years. We love it there. She ministered to women and I teach in the Bible college ministering to men, fill in preaching. We have inter- denominational prayer. God looks down and sees the Body as one. Why is prayer so important? I’ve been into this seriously for the last five years when it started out looking for churches to pray with. A praying church controls the destiny of the nation. Why are people poor in Africa? Because of the principalities and powers that control the land. We need to pray and seek God’s face in his presence. When you have that you have answered prayer. I believe that. We have inter-denominational prayer in Africa. We started with 250 in the Bible college. People love to learn the Bible in Africa. You don’t have to sell that. People drop out because of attendance. We love being there and did a mission trip to Mazuzu. I came back with diarrhea for a week and a half! We are sending out native people in the winter months. They evangelize the lands they go out to. Hopefully we start churches in those areas.


P. Schaller

There is a species of fish that is attracted to shiny things. That’s why when Jesus told Peter to pay the tax, that’s what happened. She happens to buy the fish that picks up the keys. That would be a shocker. Are you ready? Are you edified? Are you light hearted? Joyful? Thankful? Broken? Needy? Searching? Disengaged? Detached? Psychotic?!! I hope not. Seeking for the mind of Christ and to be edified in our lives and in our ministry.

In Heb 7 there are two points to make tonight. One of them is amazing. It’s great and I never really said it before. It’s when we meet Jesus what happens?

In Hebrews, we read that Christ is entered into the holy of holies in heaven at the end of Chapter 6. He is after the order of Melchizedek.

Heb 6:20. We have a particular order that’s used in the classification of living things. There is order, species, family, and genus, – there is a category, a particular kind of person and his name is Melchizedek. The H.S. who wrote the Bible has put in the Bible a person whose name is Melchizedek. The name sounds strange to us but he was a king. But in Jewish world, genealogy means a lot. In Genesis you see the genealogies and the lineage which is important in the Jewish mind. There is no mention of his father or mother or any relatives or his grave, his death. There is no tombstone with Melchizedek born this year and died this year. This information is not there. It seems this obscure person that comes into history and blessed Abraham and he is a type or picture of Christ. This king Melchizedek was also a priest. Not in the Jewish sense. Abraham is the first Jew.

He has no children at this point in Ge 14. All of history is in Abraham’s loins. In his loins or in his DNA we would say is his son Isaac, grandson Jacob, and great grandchildren the 12 sons of Jacob and one of them is Levi. All of that is in Abraham when he meets this priest. It’s just outside the wall of Jerusalem. The land was filled with Canaanites and Philistines. Nation of Israel nonexistent except by promise. These warring tribes had kingdoms there. Kings got together and these are small territories when we think of kings today. They warred against the king of Sodom. Abraham had his nephew lot there. This invading army takes Lot and his family and steals out of the town of Sodom and Abraham decides to go after them to rescue his nephew. He has a small army of 318 people. He goes out and succeeds. He defeats the opposition. It’s miraculous, and he gets Lot and the king of Sodom is amazed. He wants to meet Abraham and pay him. Give him something. Before he makes the offer, Abraham is just outside of Jerusalem in the valley of Siddim and meets this priest. It’s kind of strange and is supposed to be. This priest is also a king. It says he blessed Abraham. I’m telling you the paraphrase picture before we read it. When Abraham was blessed, get ahold of this idea, Abraham was anointed, blessed in communion and he met Melchizedech. We want to bring in the word Christ there. He met Melchizedek. Some say it’s a typology or a Christophany. What did they eat? Bread and wine. What does that sound like? The last supper, communion, kingdom, eating bread in the kingdom of God. Abraham ate bread and wine with the priest Melchizedek and Abraham is so amazed at it he pays tithes. He pays 10% to the priest and the priest blessed him. It’s not written how that blessing is. When you meet Christ and he blesses you. Let’s say you are walking this far off the ground, light hearted, Spirit filled, and then Abraham meets the king of Sodom. He said you are the man that saved my city, my people. You are the man that did all of this and I want to pay you. Abraham said I don’t want anything from you. I don’t want a shoe latchet. I am blessed of God. This is the meaning of this text.

Ge 14:12-18 The Most High God, the name of God.

vs. 19-20. Whenever Christ meets us and I believe that happened this morning. Christ met us and blessed us. We go out the door and someone offers us something and we say I’m good. I was just in church. I met God in the prayer time. I’m good. I don’t need what you have to offer me. You can give it to someone else. I ate the bread and drank the wine and God has blessed me. The keys came out of the belly of the fish. I’m ok. Our high priest who gives us his blessing. Maybe we could go through many examples. Peter was in distress because he denied the Lord. Peter could say I’m good. Don’t worry about me. My priest is taking care of me. I’m ok. Those five miracles happening on the Sea of Galilee. This is what Abraham was feeling. This is what was happening in his life.

You might say it’s not happening with me. I’m telling you it’s there for you. Keep on. Don’t back off. Trust God. Shake the dust off. Trust him. He will take care of you. He is the high priest that doesn’t die. This man is a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. The priest of Levi also offered up animals but our priest offered himself and shed his own blood. Priest of Levi never sat down. No chairs. But our high priest sat down at the right hand of the Father. He has visited us and blessed us with an eternal blessing of the Spirit. Abraham feeling this.

vs. 22. When did you do that Abram? When I went out after my nephew and after the enemies, was believing God because he promised me a son and land. He promised me to be the head of a great nation but I’m not anything. I met my high priest. I met the man making this possible. I met my high priest who is there in my place. In God blessing me I bless others. My blessing is not from me. It’s from my high priest. I lift up my hand to the highest God who will take care of me and shower me with what I need. You can have a yard sale king of Sodom. As for me have something going on.

vs. 22. Ge 14:23 sometime we need a shoe latchet or a thread. It’s not wrong to take it. There is a taking that we have because we don’t have a blessing. If I don’t have a blessing, I’ll be a taker. If you have a blessing, you end up being a giver, a servant. Abram was saying you can’t even believe how much I’m blessed. All your warehouses can’t measure up to all I got from my high priest. He came to me. God made a covenant with me. My high priest came to me. Isn’t this an amazing priesthood? We have been brought into the same priesthood. Our living God cares for us every day and washes our feet, fills us with the Spirit. God has blessed me. Who can curse me? If God is for me who can be against me ultimately. I want to say that so clearly. H.S. wants to say I am for you.

P. Scibelli mentioned 245 churches in Africa and started with a small group of people. You can start a Toyota dealership in Africa, a Chinese restaurant in Africa, but to have those churches and be in the presence of those people, the only way that can happen is the priest of the Most High God meeting us and blessing us and commissioning us. Have a message beyond time and space. Meet the priest of the highest God.

Ps 110:23. Maybe we are deprived of things so people say I don’t know how that happened in his life. He didn’t have half a brain, half a dollar, half a family, half a human body. I can’t believe it. Nobody can say I made him rich. All we can say is God visited him and made him rich.

Ps 110:4 in the genealogy in the Jewish families he had Moses pick Levi and line after line. If you were of the tribe of Levi, you were a priest. If you were a goof ball it didn’t matter. You were still a priest. Your birth qualified you. That’s all. I could be immoral, that’s wrong, but if you are in that family you are a priest and God will not repent. It means he is not changing his mind centuries down the road after he has a couple hundred goofballs for priests. This is what he ordained. He dealt with the people who went off the rails like Eli and sons and made judgment on them. If you are born as a Levite into that family, you were given that function in the nation as a priest. He doesn’t change easily. If this is the way it is, this is the way it is. It was a failure in many ways. The priesthood couldn’t produce anything lasting…It could teach law but not change a person’s heart. It couldn’t bring anyone to heaven. Blood of bulls and goats can’t take away sin but the blood of the Son of God can take away sin. 500 years earlier he has Abram meet Melchizedek and we can say he met Christ. God is not going to change his mind about it.

vs. 4. He’s talking to Christ.

vs. 1 is how we know. That’s the Christ.

vs. 4. You are a priest forever. Why after the order? Melchizedek has no father or mother in the genealogy or end of days, no marriage, no children. Nothing is recorded. This man comes in blessed Abraham and he’s greater than Abraham. Whoever is able to bless another is greater than the other.

vs. 7. We could almost cry about it. It’s amazing. You are a priest. Blows our mind. I’m ok. I have a priest who is forever sitting and like in the story of Abraham, when you meet him, I am better than you can ever imagine. I ate with him and drank in the kingdom of God. I’m looking for a city whose builder and maker is God and I found him. He found me in the valley of Siddim.

Heb 7. There are only two Old Testament verses that mention Melchizedek but from them is this explanation.

Heb 7:1, Salem, Jerusalem, place of peace. This Melchizedek is the king of peace.

vs. 2. In the title is another total message.

Let’s put down the two things:

1) He’s king of righteousness. Prov 11 and count how many times the word R is there. It’s the very key. This king is a R king. This king is unique. Kings are usually unrighteous. They are arrogant and powerful but this king is a R king.

2) He is king of peace, Rom 14:17, the kingdom of God is R, peace, and joy. We can put here joy. He is R, he is peace. And then we have joy. This kingdom is different from others. Others start with lying and protecting myself and my ego. This king is different. King of R first and then the King of peace. How can I get peace? Be righteous. You live like hell, you won’t have peace. Live like God. And you’ll have peace like a river.

This world looks for peace but won’t live in R. You get peace by R. Jesus was always R and he loved R and hated iniquity. The minute you are restless and don’t have peace or depressed and melancholic, think of what you really need. The R of God. Seek first the kingdom of God and his R. All the other things will be take care of. I am blessed. How did you get that? R. What? The world says he’s weird. They don’t know. I expect you to know that. I expect you have tasted it. If you seek R, you will find it and it will be satisfying to you. People say God loves. God loves. There isn’t any hell people say. God is love. They love that message. He is love but the first thing in the list is R. That’s why he died on the cross. Righteousness. That’s why the world is crazy. They talk about love and my way and my feelings met. Is anyone seeking R? Maybe I’m wrong or there is something wrong with me or I want life my way. Meet my needs. Even if we gave everything we could to make you happy, it still won’t work unless we find R. That will work.

Heb 7:3 that’s why we say it’s a typology because he’s made like unto the Son of God.

vs. 4. He gives an explanation why Jewish people need to recognize who Melchizedek was.

vs. 5-6. He wasn’t Jewish. His descent is not from Abraham. He came before. He’s from some other. The point that Christ came into the world and wasn’t of the law. He fulfilled the law. He was of the tribe of Judah not Levi. He brought in another kingdom that had no end. A risen Christ who is at the right hand of the Father. Able to save them for the uttermost. Christ cares about anybody that would believe in him. Has no end and his name is Prince of Peace, mighty God, everlasting Father.

vs. 6-7. Meaning it can’t be questioned. The less is blessed of the better. Abraham was blessed of somebody better than him. No question. We are blessed of the better. Abraham was blessed of someone who represents our Christ. The transition of some better priest, better person, better than Moses and Joshua, better than the angels, better than Abraham, better. There is a better covenant and promises and a better city not the Jerusalem below but Jerusalem that is above.

We’re going to have our convention and I’m believing it’s going to be better. Something extraordinary. We are going to meet the Lord and he’s going to bless us. You go to battle and come home exhausted. You might even be confused. You meet the king of Sodom. I’m exhausted and tired and I go in that way. When I go out to battle I want Christ to come to me and refresh me and anoint me. They can offer me the world but I say I’m good. I’ve been refreshed. I met Christ. I had communion. I got keys out of the belly of the fish. I saw Jesus feed the 5,000. I met my priest. I’m ready to go to work tomorrow, meet someone on the street tomorrow. I met my priest. I met my Christ, the living God who satisfies and helps us and edifies us.

I saw a documentary on a town in West Virginia. 8,000 people and 11 pharmacies selling the numbers of pills in one year sold out of the 11 pharmacies in a small town. They said how many x number of pills per person in that town. Everyone is walking around high. What about jobs, families, purpose, God.

I go and live like others because I haven’t met Melchizedek returning from the battle of the kings when wiped out and exhausted. I need him to visit me in the night season. I need him to help me so when I go out there, I’m able to say to these people that are offering me their stuff, may God help us in that all the time.



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