Regenerated by the Holy Spirit, we possess confidence in the Lord. We let the Bible speak to us and we can stand for Truth in His Name. We can shout for the Lord and shout a new song to Him. Our nature is to glorify Him and reveal His heart even in the face of opposition. (Proverbs 28:1; Ecclesiastes 8:1-5; Daniel 3:13-18)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, John Hadley
Sermon 12254
11:00 AM on 2/20/2022


P. Hadley –

Good morning. Psalm 33, please. vs. 1-3. Are you well today? The sun is shining. God is so good to us. Amazing. Are
we enjoying good health? What a gift. What a gift it is to have good health, and when we don’t
have it, what a gift it is he will never leave us or forsake us. What is he doing? What will he do in
the midst of our time of weakness? He will be imparting something and then “put a new song in
our heart even praise to our God.”

Psalm 33:1-3, Shout for joy (He whispered it). Oh, I’m sorry. I misread that. Shout for joy! O ye
righteous. I wonder who they would be? Certainly not here, right? No, no. We have come
together here to be washed by the water of the Word. This is a place where we get cleaned up,
and it’s not by legalism. It’s by the flowing water of the living Word, right? vs. 1-3. It is fitting the
righteous should praise the Lord because he has been so good to us. I think that’s a ten string –
I’m not sure what that is. I’ve never had one but it’s in the Bible and it must have sounded pretty
good. vs. 3. That means a fresh song.

You got a fresh song in your heart? It says sing a fresh song, not the same old song. God’s tired
of the same old song. He wants a fresh song, so we can give him a fresh song, right? And it is a
fresh song in accordance with our circumstances and something God is doing that has caused
our heart to rejoice and words bubble up on the inside and they come out and God says I like
that song. Your voice doesn’t even have to be good, because God looks at the heart. vs. 3b.
This is in the Bible. It starts out with shout for joy, and the end of verse 3 says play skillfully on
the strings with loud shouts.

So you’re probably saying I hope he doesn’t tell us to shout loud. I could maybe. I don’t know.
Loud shouts. Anyways, that’s up to you. If you do it, I’ll say halleluiah. We can take a shout
pause if you want. You want a shout pause? Hey! Hey! Halleluiah! Yeah! Obey the Bible. Have
a good time! Okay.

Just thanksgiving to the Lord because sometimes I think – I really, maybe my 21 years of not
being saved, it probably wasn’t so bad. You know what I mean? I don’t know what you think
about your life, but I’ve had that reflection but I do cast it down because it’s a whopper of a lie.
Then sometimes I think as we age, sometimes my sins come back to me. I remember them, and
I am horrified. I am horrified at my old life. I am horrified and broken. When I think that one of
those sins was enough to send me to hell forever. You put them all together and what does it
look like? It looks like a man nailed to a cross, unrecognizable, torn open, swollen, bleeding,
because of my sins, because of our sins.

Sometimes we can think Jesus died on the cross because after all, I’m just irresistible. He had
to die for me because after all, you know, hey! Look who I am. And sometimes the culture can
present the cross like that. It is so wrong. It is so wrong. It’s the me, me, me culture. This is how
it really is. Why did Jesus have to suffer so inhumanely? Be tortured in such an inhumane way?
Be scourged almost to death, so weak he couldn’t carry the cross. Nailed to the cross,
suffocating in his own blood and however horrible that was. “Father, forgive them for they know
not what they do.”

You know what that is? Jesus on the cross in that condition was not my being, our being
irresistible. It was the horror, the horror of the evil of our sins. That’s what that was. So
therefore, we have reason to shout for joy and make a loud praise before the Lord cause Jesus
took it all on our behalf. He has put a new song in our heart. We have something to sing about,
something to celebrate. We have a Gospel to share for which we are not ashamed, no not at all.
Glory be to God! That’s really all I want to say today. Yes. We are in for a wonderful message,
awesome message and let’s close in prayer this part. (Prayer).

P. Schaller –

Okay. You may be seated. Turn with me to Proverbs 28:1. You and I have been born
of the Spirit of God. P. Hadley said as a result of faith, we are justified and God has sent his

Spirit into us so we have fellowship with God. That is one of our great honors that God has
given to us that we are indwelt by him. “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.”
Who is the “he” that is in the world? Satan. He that is in the world – I would say Adam, the first

There are two Adams in the Bible. The first one and the last one. Who’s the last Adam? Christ.
First Adam is? The Adam that was in the Garden of Eden who sinned and we all have his
nature. Do we have a sin nature? Turn to your neighbor and say, I’ve noticed that you have a
sin nature! I’ve seen it. Yes, I’ve seen it. Lively crowd here today. Really.

Regeneration is the theological term, Titus 3:5, for the new birth. You must be born again to
enter the kingdom of heaven. What does it mean to be born again? It must be that Christ comes
inside, that he’s born in us, that the Spirit of God dwells in us, that Christ is in us (Colossians 1:28). We
are sealed with the Spirit, Ephesians 1:13. We are regenerated so we have two natures. We have my
sin nature and then we have the Christ nature in us.

If you live in unbelief as a way of life and you just live naturally, undoubtedly most of your life will
be dominated by your sin nature. But you’re a Christian. But you’re a Christian. Yes, I am a
Christian. But are you living? Have you put on the Lord Jesus? Have you put off the old man?
Are you living by faith? Faith in God’s grace. Simple prayers are powerful.

When you get up in the morning, on your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth, you can say
the prayer. You can get on your knees and jump out of bed and have a simple – Lord, I am
putting on Christ today by faith. Fill me with your Spirit. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

You get up off your knees and walk by faith. Will God answer us, Luke 11:11-13? If you ask for
bread, will he give you a stone? If you ask for the Spirit to fill you, will he not do it? He’ll do it. He
loves you. He is for you. So we have that nature. Today, we’re going to speak about that nature
and what it is. That new nature and what it means.

The Proverb is 28:1. Would you read that out loud. “The wicked flee when no man pursues.”
He’s afraid. He runs away. Nobody is running after him. He is fleeing when nobody is there.
Why? Why does he run? Why? Why does he run? Why does he live in a state of insecurity or
fear? Just turn to your neighbor and give the answer to your neighbor. You can’t speak both at
the same time. Rotate. Go ahead. Why? Why does he run?

P. Steve had a good answer. He’s haunted by the ghosts of his past. I have a little story. How
many of you used to do prank phone calls? Let me think. Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
Well, let him out! Is your refrigerator running? How about this one. I know everything. The
person hangs up immediately and leaves town. They leave town cause they feel that somebody
knows everything and they flee. There’s a couple teenagers on the other side of town laughing
about the joke and the person is packing their bags. They’re fleeing.

When Adam sinned, he hid. He hid from God. He was running from God. I wonder how many
people at the airport are running one way or another from God? Fleeing. It’s sad. So, the next
part of the verse is about you and me. But the righteous are bold as a lion. How do lions
operate? They’re in charge but they are nocturnal I understand. They lie down and are calm
during the day but at night they are hunting and they do big circles and they’re kind of in charge
and they are very bold. Not afraid. They’re not afraid of anything. Are you like that? What does it
mean when we are bold, confident, and have some authority?

I met a man he had a five hundred – he had a Camaro, a big muscle car, five hundred horse
power. I talked to him on the street. I said, how much horse power do you have in your car? He
said five hundred horse power. I go, wow. How do you drive? I just cruise down 40 miles an
hour going down the street. That’s nice for me. I said because you know you have authority. He
said that’s a good word. I got authority. I don’t use it. I’m not using it, but I got it. I got it if I need
it. I got it.

You and I are righteous because of Christ. We have authority in our life. We are bold. I want to
give a couple examples. Turn to Eccesiastes 8:1. I think wise men and women are such a treasure.
There is so much needed in raising a family, running a church, operating a mission. Wisdom is
powerful. Wisdom is a blessing to us. We have it. You have it. You have it. You have wisdom.
God has given us his Son. A greater than Solomon is here. The wisdom of God. He is the only
wise God. He speaks to us.

The name of our ministry before we took this name, Greater Grace World Outreach, was the
Bible Speaks. I like that name a lot. Cause even my enemy has to say the Bible speaks. I like it
because it’s true. The Bible speaks. It speaks to us. The Holy Spirit, your new nature, your new
nature is wise. Your new nature is confident, has authority. You have authority in your life.
There’s an interesting court case going on in Finland. The trial of Paivi Rasanen. Maybe many
of you know about it. It’s globally. It’s everywere on the news. She is a medical doctor. She is a
grandmother of seven grandchildren and she’s on trial with Juhana Pohjola, bishop of the
Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland. And for the fact that they together had written
a book and had said that homosexuality was sinful. She is now being accused of hate speech
and it’s turned into a theological trial, what Christian beliefs can and cannot be expressed in
Finland. “It is incredible this trial is happening in a modern European country and not in a
religious theocracy.

Rasanen was chairwoman of the Christian Democrat party from 2004 to 2015 and is an active
member of the Finnish Lutheran Church but she questioned her churches sponsorship of an
LGBT Pride Event in 2019. She asked in a Twitter post how the sponsorship was compatible
with the Bible linking it to a photograph of a biblical passage, Romans 1:24-27 on Instagram. She
also posted the text and image on Facebook.

It’s very interesting she is getting in trouble for this. It kind of makes you and me feel like what is
our future if there’s a ruling against her and she goes to prison for two years, a 62-year old
grandmother, medical doctor, Parliamentarian, tweeting Romans 1:24-27 and going to jail cause
that’s hate speech? You got to take that up with God. God said Romans 1:24-27 and what that is
that it is sinful. That that’s sinful.

So now we might be in trouble. But that’s okay because we don’t run. We are not afraid. It’s not
our mindset to be afraid. Jesus said, fear not. In the Bible – Richard Wurmbrand said it’s 366
times in the Bible, “fear not.” One for each day of the year including leap year. Fear not. Okay.
Read that verse please. Eccesiastes 8:1, if you’ve seen Paivi Rasanen on the news, you can see she is
at peace. She has authority in her soul. She has confidence. She’s world famous now and in a
sense her face is shining. vs. 1-5.

Maybe we should discern time and judgment. Maybe in a marriage. We had a beautiful
marriage get together this past weekend. Sedrick and Kim Tanksley Friday night they gave their
story raising four sons and getting them to memorize the Bible verses. Sedrick says he gives $5
to his son if he will memorize the Bible verse. Then he said if it’s a long difficult passage, he’ll
give $20. Afterwards, I asked him if I could be part of that program! Wow! His son learning the
Bible. He better memorize this verse: “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Okay.
He said when it’s time to go to bed and I ask my sons do they have a verse to share with the
family and Jayden speaks, he said tears comes to my eyes. My sons are learning the Bible.
That touched our hearts. It’s amazing.

The world needs people like you and I who have something to say in love, in humility, in truth,
by the Spirit, in our families. Maybe at work. Now in this particular court case, I think they rested
and now the judges are to make a decision in the next couple weeks. It will be interesting to see
if this – does this woman hate? If you look at her, you don’t see that she hates. Is it hate speech? What is it? She read the Bible, believes in the Bible saying to the leaders of the
Lutheran church that are encouraging LGBT or whatever it is, Q or I don’t know. The letters. I’m
not making fun, I’m just saying. The leaders. The leaders, come on! My old sin nature doesn’t
know. It doesn’t have a sense of time and judgment. It doesn’t know the time and can’t make a

I’m afraid. I’m afraid of people. God said in Isaiah 2:22 cease from men whose breath is in their
nostrils. Meaning they’re very fragile. When their breath is gone, they’re gone. Don’t fear man.
Proverbs 29:25, the fear of man is a snare. We can’t fear our world. We cannot fear what is
happening in our world. We cannot fear death. We cannot fear rejection. We cannot fear what
will happen to us. Our world is too small if we live in fear. We have Christ in us and we are
learning him and growing in him.

Turn to Daniel 3. In our home, in our garage actually, we have a Finnish sauna. Because when
we lived in Finland, we got in the habit as a social thing to have discussion in the sauna.
Brothers, we would gather and do it and go in a cold lake and even cut ice in the lake and go in
the freezing water and roll in the snow and go back in the sauna. In our family where we have
sauna, we put a sauna in where we live. We have a pretty good size one. We can have 8, 10,
11, 12. We packed it out with 18 people one time just joking around just packed in there. But it’s
a sweat box. It’s where you get it real hot. Even it burning your ears. Real hot. Not like in the
local club where what’s going on? This is hot. It’s really hot. We get it cranked up and we get
sweating. We can’t even talk. Then we have it when we can, but in our sauna, we’ve said these
words. “Oh King Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer you in this matter.

Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from this fiery furnace. But if he does not, we will not bow
down and worship your gods.” But if he does not, we will not bow down. If we are roasted to
death, we will not bow down but he’s able to deliver us.

Let’s read it. Daniel 3:13, because these three Jews – they were Jews. Wow! Praise you Lord! You
put your Spirit in these three guys, and Daniel wasn’t in town apparently. He’s not in the picture
here in this story. But his three colleagues are. They are serious Jews from Israel but they now
live in Babylon with pagan people. They are worshiping idols, but these three Jews are not
worshiping idols. They’re not. We don’t worship idols. Come on. Save your life. Worship idols.
No, I’m not worshiping idols. I could care less about idols. They’re nothing. Lies. I don’t care
about it. I’m not fighting you. I’m not worried about it. I’m not interested in that. I don’t do that. I
don’t do that. “Go ahead. Have a drink. Have a drink.”

Have you ever had anybody – I don’t drink, right? Ever have anybody on your case? “Come on.
Take a drink. Just a little bit. Come on. Take a drink. Come on.”No, thank you very much. You’re
very kind to offer. I appreciate it, but no thank you. I don’t drink. “Oh, come on! Just this one
time. Come on!” It’s like, oh. Oh, wow! This bothers you. Wow, this is interesting. Explain this to
me. Why are you all over me? Why is this a problem to you? What’s your problem? What’s your
problem? You got a problem. What’s your problem? I can’t be free. I make my own decisions
and you are manipulating and pushing me. Let me tell you. You sit down and listen to me for a
minute. I’m not drinking. You can take that and shove it. I don’t have anything to do with it.
Knock it off. Get away from me. I’m not into it. I’m not interested.

The wicked flee when nobody is pursuing. I don’t mean to be arrogant. I’m just saying I’m
confident. I know what I am doing. I know what I want to do with my money, what I want to do
with my life, what I want to do with my free time, what I want to do with my family, what I want to
do with my church, how I want to live my life. And if you got a problem with it, that’s your

And if the state of Finland has a problem with this dear woman, like reading from the Bible,
Romans 1:24-27 and calls it hate speech, then you got a problem with God. I don’t got a problem.
You got a problem with God. Cause God said it. This is a Bible trial. This is a Bible trial. This is a

Why am I saying it? I’ve been praying, Lord, help me not give a message that’s not, that I don’t
care about this and take it out of my heart if it’s not something you want me to say. I think it’s
worthwhile saying it. I do. Wake up people. Wake up. Wake up.

By the way, we have a political process in our country where you choose your leaders. But if all
the Christians in the world are sleeping and you say it’s whatever God wills and we’re in the end
times and we can’t change anything, then come on! We need you to make a vote. Walk away
and give it to God but participate in the process. All it takes for evil men to succeed is for good
men to do nothing. Just good men do nothing and you wake up one day and you got a totally
different situation and that’s because you didn’t participate. And of course, God is sovereign but
I’m encouraging you.

Another way of dealing with our country is evangelize. Evangelize. Win people to Christ. Save a
soul from sin, a multitude of sins and save a soul from death, James 5:20. Share your faith with
people, with your neighbors. Reach kids with the Gospel. They are hungry. I believe that
teenagers are looking. They are seriously looking. Is there anything going on? And if we are
afraid and we cannot interact and connect with people, then come on! That can’t be. We are
loving and we are caring and we are interested in helping people.

Let’s go back to the story. Nebuchadnezzar is pretty worked up about it. Take a chill pill,
Nebuchadnezzar, but no. He’s worked up. They brought these men before the king. vs. 14. No,
we don’t. You’re right. We don’t. We don’t worship them. No, they’re stones and gold and wood
and all that. No. We don’t worship them. What? vs. 15. Boys you are toast. You are done. Well,
there you go. vs. 16. Wait a minute. Translation. No, we’re not diplomatic about it. We’re not
trying to dance around it. We’re going to answer directly to you. We are not careful to say to you
it will not happen. It will not happen. We are not bowing down.

Now, I honestly think some of us as believers are not used to saying no to people. You know
how people say, I don’t accept that lifestyle as a Christian. I don’t accept that. Your life and so
on. I don’t accept it. “What? You offend me.” Oh, I offend you. Oh, okay. I guess I do. That’s
your problem. “No, that’s your problem. You are bad. You offend me.” It’s like hey, listen kids.
You know what? Got a lot of things in life that offends people. And listen kids. This is the way it
rolls. I’m not playing your game. I’m not careful to answer you in this matter. I’m not being
diplomatic. I’m not dancing around the issue. I’m not trying to get out of it. I do not care about it.
I do not care about it. That’s a beautiful thing.

Why am I saying this? I don’t know. Jesus was like this. Imagine Jesus Christ in this world
dealing with us. Jesus being tough. Jesus saying to the disciples. Jesus being tough with the
Pharisees. Come on! Lord, it’s so refreshing. Come on, God. You are God and you want us to
be like you. You have convictions and you are righteous and true. You are kind and gracious
and merciful and forgiving, but also you are the God of truth.

To say that homosexuality, a sick perversion of sexuality and many other forms of these
perverted things that are going on that are written in the book of Jude, 2 Peter 2, Romans 1, 1
Corinthians 6:17, Leviticus 18:22. It is clear. That’s just the way that is.

I’m almost finished but go to the last part of the text. vs. 17. If it be so, God can do it. But if he
does not – this is beautiful. If he does not. But if he does not. Christians are being slaughtered
around the world. They say more Christians are killed in one year – just 11 were murdered in
Nigeria for being Christians. Our God is able to deliver us. But if he does not, we will not bow
down and worship your idol. What an amazing word that is. vs. 18. Western civilization is rooted
in Christianity. Christianity has a long history of people who are able to stand against bad
government and say we are believers.

They were slaughtered in Scotland, 1685, 1688, the
Covenanters. There were civil wars in England. Europe is filled with the blood of people that
died because they simply weren’t controlled. They weren’t to be controlled by government.
We’re not to be controlled by government. We are to put into place our leaders who are
righteous. We are to vote for leaders who are righteous. We are to put into power the righteous, and whatever we have we live with it and if it’s not good, then we are not compromising our
faith. We are evangelizing.

As many of you know, I used to live over in Eastern Europe and I was often going to the Soviet
Union preaching in underground churches. I met amazing saints of God. We lived in Eastern
Europe for a number of years. We’ve been through it through the 70s through and have seen it
happen and are very sensitive to what it means. People that are fully persuaded and enjoying
righteousness. Again, not looking for a fight but being able to stand with conviction in our hearts
about what we believe and being able to say this is what we believe.

I was thinking just rule against Paivi Rasanen and I’ll be preaching quite often on that subject.
No, I won’t. No, I won’t. Go ahead. Put her in jail. Put her in jail. It will be great. Put her in jail.
The world – in Hungary, 3,000 Hungarians went to the Finnish embassy to protest. There will be
that will be saying, what did you do? What did you do? That we cannot read the book of
Romans, chapter 1. I cannot do that publicly and believe it in my heart and say amen to God?
You’re saying I cannot do that? Come on. Bring it on! Bring it on! Go ahead. Bring it on. Go
ahead. Do it. Bring it on.

You know, I believe in obeying the government but there’s another side to that. That’s Romans 13.
Jesus Christ was crucified by Pontius Pilate in the will of God. But he did not sin. He did not
compromise righteousness. He did not sin. He could not condone sin. He could not embrace
sin. He could not say amen to it. No, he couldn’t do it. It wasn’t in his nature. And because of
him, I think in many ways we stand tall and free. We are spiritually liberated and we are free in
righteousness and we have authority in our hearts. We are not running. We are not afraid. We
are righteous people. The righteous are as bold as a lion. They have authority. Wicked people
they flee. Just stand. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4. Say I don’t accept it.
That’s wrong. That’s ungodly. That is so wrong. I am so much against that. That is so wrong.
That’s so ungodly. Shame on you. “You offend me.” yeah, you need it. Shame on you. Shame
on you. That is a wicked, ungodly thing.

So, then we get in trouble and that’s how it will roll. I hope you feel comfortable being in this
room today. May God bless you and encourage you in the faith. Pray for your pastor because
he might be losing his mind! No, he isn’t. Alright.

So, amen.


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