There are powers in this world. They promote shameless evil. But God has made us a great force of righteousness and truth. We speak the redeeming power to this world. (John 14:22-31)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11560
7:30 PM on 10/17/2018


P. Schaller

Jn 3. Good evening. Praise God! We go to Israel on Saturday for 8 days. Who is going on that trip? Stand up, please. Joanne sold cookies to go on the trip. She made it.

Your prayers, love and the Holy Spirit to teach us and lead us.

You must be born again. Jn 3:3 Born again. Born again, born again, born again. D. L. Moody, some reporter asked him to give a short biography. Born 1837, born spiritually 1858 and lives forever. That’s his story. Born once, born twice, live forever.

I read about these Indians in South America that catch these yellow birds that could take the feather out and they wanted to see if the feather would grow back a different color. If they took the secretion from a toad, they pulled the feather out and rubbed it in the womb and it grew back a different color! What a great idea! There are many changes people represent in this world. Many reformations and changes that people want our society to change but the color may be different. There is no real change unless you are born again. Our society is so concerned with motivation. How do we get people motivated? With the ghetto, the ungodliness and godliness. Both are at war. Here’s a good verse for a message in the future. And there was war in heaven. Wow! That will be a great message if the Lord gives it. There was war. Where? In heaven. I’ve seen World War II movies, war in homes, in countries, civil war, and war in politics. We’ve seen all kinds of war but we have never seen the war that happened in heaven. Wow. That war in heaven has come here. That war is here. That war that came in heaven was the first war ever. It must have been incredible. God and the angels. And the fallen angels. We are looking for change but there isn’t any real change unless we are born again. There is no real change for America unless we are born again. No real change for our problems unless we are born again. That’s what we will say tonight. I’m not really good at knowing music, but I had the impression that was very good! Is that correct? Isn’t that beautiful. It was great.

Jn 14, I want to say a few things. But I’ll tell you right now what I’m trying to say. There is a little preface is how many have seen on TV these Halloween movies and evil movies advertised on television? There’s like evil in your face. Greek word in our N.T. for this is ASELGEIA. Don’t ask me to say it. It’s used a number of times over and over again. Translated wantonness. Idea of perversion and has the idea, this is the meaning, “utter shamelessness.” It is connected as an adjective with certain sins mentioned in our N.T. Utter shamelessness. Not only am I sexually active, but I am without any shame. I can advertise it, boast about it in the bar room and be out there in your face in this area. Three words. One is regarding greed, money. I am greedy. I am after your money. I’ll take your money. I don’t apologize for it. I want more. I sense no shame about how I get it or what I’m after. I’m aggressive. I’m in your face. The second one is sexual lust. Because of time and the work it would take to share all the verses, that’s not the message. The third one is drinking, drunkenness. This is translated carousing, carousal in the book of Romans. Not only am I drunk but out there without any sense of shame. I think we should understand the way this world works. There are powers in this world and people who are not only living in sin as a habit but promoting it, working for it to be propagated, encouraging it, promoting and in this sense we have this word PONEROS for evil. It’s a community communication, more than one. It is the work to propagate evil. This is happening all over our country. This is hitting people that you could call neutral. Nobody is really neutral. They are young, naïve, and they feel bad about it. They’re guilty. This direction is to tell them you are not to feel guilty. Not only do it but do it again and again and this guilt thing will go away. You get the idea. Amazing. This is what we are looking at. You and I as believers what we are doing tonight is a great force of righteousness and truth in a world that is actively moving and going very fast in a direction and bringing as many people as possible with them, knowingly or unknowingly. The shame is no longer operating in the minds and hearts of these people in Hollywood, high levels of government. Lawlessness, ungodliness, shamelessness. That brings us to our message.

I’m reading from a book on evangelism. “John Richard Green went from the university down to the wretchedness of East London.” This is the 19th century. “…where men and women were drunk, gambled and sinned. He opened libraries, taught classes, cleaned the streets, improved the homes, fed the hungry. After 10 years, he gave up in despair and said, it’s no use. They will go on drinking and gambling to the end of time.” Reading that I think of Baltimore City. Year after year and the police and the mayor, commissioners – all kinds of efforts and works and people could say it’s no use. It doesn’t change. What can be done? How could it change? “He went back to Oxford and wrote his history of England. Down into that same wretched section went William Booth and his wife Katherine. They preached the cross of Christ to these sinning men and women and gave themselves in sacrificial service. Lives were redeemed. Drunkards were made sober. Gamblers were transformed into honest men, and homes were remade. There is redeeming and transforming power in the atonement of Christ.”

That’s what we think. That’s what happened to us. We were born again. This was when Jesus was here in Jn. 14:22. How is it that you have come to us but not to the world? We have a problem here, Lord. You are with us but what about everybody else in the world?

vs. 23. That’s my answer. That’s a spiritual answer. That’s the answer. What a huge amazing problem. We could say to God where there are many parts of the world, he would say if a man loves me. If you are born again, you love God and you fed that. As you feed that, God does these great things.

vs. 25-26. All things. This is the word that comes. How many of you have been in AA in the past? You had a problem with alcohol and went to AA meetings in the past? 10 and so on. What a great work and we are thankful for it. This being born again, this new birth, these words Jesus speaks to us that goes into our inner man. This is why I continue. Not as a reformed alcoholic but as a born again child of God with a capacity to live in words. Words that we feed on. Words that keep us changing. Change happens and continues. We feed on it. We are changed from glory to glory.

vs. 27. Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives to you.

vs. 27. World does give peace but it goes away. The world gives peace for a day or a few weeks. Some medication. The minute they come off of it, they have the same problem. Peace of the world comes and goes. You may make it with people and have peace with them, but you are worried the next day you might lose it. This peace is different. It goes on and on. It’s God’s peace.

vs. 27b-28. I’ve got joy, joy, joy down deep in my heart. We got joy we didn’t have. The new birth, the change of heart. To think I didn’t have a heart for God. I did not have a heart for God. I had a heart for the Halloween horror movie that was so ridiculous. Why would I be emotionally hiding behind the – thinking of a hatchet or chain saw or murder weapon or dagger or skeleton or skull? That is my heart without God. Being born again, you grow away from shamelessness. You grow away from that bold proud, the gay pride. I am gay and I am proud. Exactly the meaning of this word. This is what that word means. Not only do I have a sin in my life, but I’m very proud about it. Don’t give me any guilt trip or talk to me about God. I am above and beyond that. This is eating like a cancer.

The war in heaven was brought here to the planet but the verse in Rev. 12 says Michael and the angels fought against the devil and the demons and the devil prevailed not. There was no place in heaven for him. There was no place in heaven for this warrior, this fighter, this spiritual demon, this devil.

Luke 10:18, Jesus said I saw him fall like lightning to the earth. That war came here and is ongoing. We see it. It’s in our faces. We are like sheep in the midst of wolves. When you are born again, you have peace that doesn’t come from the world but our heavenly Father. Our sisters and brothers who are persecuted for their faith, we pray they can stand in the face of evil. Murderous, brutal, terrible men that are evil and unreasonable men that are after and against the church. It’s worth mentioning in this context that this war is in our country. We haven’t seen the end of it. It’s in our face and we are close to them saying you Christians are the problem. You people. You are the problem. You are the reason we have these problems. Ahab said it to Elijah. They met in the countryside and they ran into each other. Ahab said you are the one troubling Israel. Elijah is like, I think you have that upside down! We are not the problem in America. We are not perfect people but there is an in-your-face evil because they are propagating to people that don’t know better. Christians without wisdom and without doctrine. Christians not Spirit-filled. They say they have a name but they are dead. There are Christians that would not dream of going out on Sunday or to a prayer meeting. That’s how we have an evil nature that we may feed. I find myself not interested in the things of God. I find my brothers and sisters who are fervent in the Spirit and with some passion about what they believe that helps me. I can feed that.

vs. 28. I’m going to the Father. My Father is greater than I. You would rejoice if you understood what that meant. You won’t see me but you will have the H.S. You will see me through the H.S. I leave you here.

vs. 29-30. We have nothing to do with each other. There is war in heaven and on earth and I’ll deal with him my way. I’ll be crucified but raised again. I’ll be seated at the Father’s right hand but give you power in this world. You are here in my name, my stead. You have my destiny. My throne is where you are going and my throne is behind the power of your life. I expect you not to enjoy the wicked, evil and advertised everywhere. I expect you to shut it off. I expect you to be spiritual minded, not to go to that movie. I expect you to make a difference in the city of Baltimore. You might say I give up. I can’t do it. If it happened in East London in the 19th century, it can happen in Baltimore in the 21st.

vs. 21. Judas was gone out of the room and he was gone. Jesus was so encouraging. He’s facing death. He’s saying I got this one. They are going to torture me before I die, bleeding, beating and hanging on a cross. Every word he said was for these disciples to say, we got this.

Let’s lift up our heads and live in the glory of God. Let’s not be petty. All of us will fall into trouble but the righteous get up and keep going. The wicked pine away in their thing. Forget it. Pray to God. God hears you. You got joy, peace, a plan, a Savior on a throne and we got a mission.

You must be born again to understand the littlest part, to understand what we said. Born again to enjoy it even remotely. Give me some of that. Let’s go in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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