We are fruitful. We are clothed with coats of many colors. Walls — God helps us stretch over them. Joseph was fired upon, but God made his arms strong.  The Lord can make us fruitful, even in times of trouble. (Genesis 37:3, 4:22-24)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11584
7:30 PM on 11/28/2018


Pastor Schaller

I read a proverb of a man who buried a dead dog and his tail was sticking out of the grave. Some things we bury we remember because we see part of it. Some sin committed in the past is gone, forgiven and washed away but I see the tail of the dog. We’re here tonight not to see any tails of any dogs but the whole thing is settled and done and taken care of. We are praising God for that. When you remember something about your past, be sure God doesn’t remember it.

Heb 8:12 it’s over and done. Wow. Who are you? Our identity sometimes is connected to our past in the wrong way. I used to live in another country, some other countries and got to know the people. Sometimes I’d ask them about their childhood and they said in school my teacher told me I’m stupid. I went to the next grade and the teachers were tough and would shame you publicly and say you are stupid. Young people freeze up and feel that’s who they are. When they came to our Bible college, they would be so afraid of tests and what you thought of them. They didn’t want to make mistakes. They didn’t have freedom. They weren’t loved for who they were. They would just carry this. When Jesus comes into your life, there is no tail you can see. It’s really clean.

It’s really over and you are a new creation. When he said that, we are a new creation, in 2 Cor 5 I mean don’t ever stop embracing that and believing it and knowing it. The Spirit of God wants to give me this freedom that I love myself because God loves me. I love others because I love myself because God loves me. Wow. You know, sometimes in family life, we feel we have to be tough on our children. I think there is a place. They have to learn how to be accountable and responsible. That’s true but we struggle with ourselves and our sin nature and failure and rebellion. We struggle with our past and so on. Never stop understanding it is love that changes me and forgiveness redefines my life. Our identity is something amazing. We are much greater than we realize. We are much greater than we understand. We are great people. We are much more powerful than we realize. We are amazing, awesome people. We are amazingly redeemed and born again. God wants us to be strong in that. This little thing creeping in with a look at the past and see a dead dog buried and remember it. It should be I don’t remember it. I have a dream. I have something in my heart. I am a child of God. I have something from God. God uses us and he knows us. P. Scibelli, tell us how great we are and encourage us in the ministry. Tell us something about great things because we have gathered together in the name of Jesus to glorify him for what he has done with us with new believers born again and saved. Did you get caught up in the rolling stones from the tomb of Christ? You were thinking about rock and roll! No, still rolling stones.

This story. I have this truck and I’m on the Beltway at 4:00 in the afternoon 60 miles an hour moving along and the brake lights start in front of me and my brake pedal goes to the floor and the truck is not slowing down. It’s fantastic! Honestly, that happened. I’m going for the emergency brake and that pedal went to the floor and later I realized that was a clutch pedal and…I’m going high speed. God’s still rolling stone. You know what happened? I was killed! No, no. That’s the wrong story! Guess what happened? I cannot stop and a space opened up and I became Mario Andretti! I’m going passed the traffic on the shoulder…I thought this is fun! I’ll keep going. I cruise and make it home without any brakes. I got home and said Lord, thank you. I’m so blessed nobody got hurt.

Ge 37, We have our Christmas season. A lot of good stuff going on. We have special Christmas tracts. Two of them with Greater Grace information and these tracts in large quantities for the Christmas season. Carry them in your pocket and share them at work. We have a schedule and a nativity walk. The schedule is out there. I love this time of year. People are thinking about it. We can invite them to our services. We have the January sermon series and the December. Mary, What Did You Know is the title of the series from that beautiful song Mary Did You Know? Mary’s wonder, Mary’s trouble, etc. A beautiful time, creative, fresh, Spirit led words. This Saturday at 9 a.m., we invite you all to the outreach breakfast. Scotty Dubay and his team will cook up a breakfast. All of you are welcome. I love that time. Saturday mornings is precious. Sunday is a special dinner at Fellowship Hall. Have it on target your warm contacts and bring them. Children too. Bring your children along. Bring them along in the Lord. It’s so much fun. The highlight of my life was bringing my children into the church and helping them and let them know adults. I love when children are comfortable with adults loving them. Christmas is a great time of year. We’ll give you updates on that. P. Pete Westera wants to do a special needs Sunday school for some of our special children in the church who need special help so this Sunday school program made for special needs children will be run by P. Westera. He has three committed Body members and is looking for two more. Lastly, this is in our hearts. Many of you know P. Carl Silva in India. His wife and P. Carl is asking the Body worldwide asking us in the next month, 40 days, to be praying, fasting and asking God for healing. God could do it. Wouldn’t it be amazing? P. Carl moving about and serving like he’s done all his life. That’s a great heart’s cry from the folks in India. We love them. Let’s do it now for a moment. Pray with me. Because of the time and you folks came out tonight, we love coming together and seeking God. I felt I should make my message short and simple. (No!) Hey, who is in charge?!! I want to respect what God wants to say to us. Maybe this is it.

Ge 37:3, do you have favorites in your family as a mom or dad? My mom and dad used to say we love you equally. God is not a respecter of persons. He wouldn’t favor us for the wrong reason. However, I believe he favors us. There are things about your life he respects. The one and only reason is Christ. Christ is in you so you are highly favored by God. He has set the godly apart for himself. By his grace he has called you a favored, blessed person. Greatly loved and favored. This was the case with Christ. He was baptized and the voice from heaven said behold my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. It means a lot. God would find someone he could have all of his heart and all his favor on that person. God would love Christ 1000% and Christ would bring great pleasure to our heavenly Father. This story is about Christ for Joseph is a picture of Christ.

vs. 3. Look at the people in this room that have coats of many colors. POIKILOS, variegated, manifold, many elements, and many parts to it is this love. This love that never fails even when you are the worst person you have ever been. God’s love never fails. It was Christ that pleased God so you and I have favor with God that is guaranteed. We have a coat of many colors also. We have many gifts given us. The Holy Spirit has many fruits and many elements to the plan of God. I feel it in a fresh way because my truck make it through the traffic and arrived safely home and I plan to use it in the morning! I’m joking. You are favored with your speech, prayers, and footsteps. You are favored by God even in our trials, our troubles.

Ge 49:22, this is the prophesy his father had. This is a beautiful Bible story. Jacob had 12 sons and went to each one. He was blind. As he was physically blind he was spiritually prophesying for each son. Rueben, you are unstable like water. When he came to Joseph, he said these words. You are a fruitful bough. You have a lot of fruit. This is a word for you and me. We are fruitful. In our good days and bad days, we are fruitful… we are special. We have a coat of many colors. We are blessed with all spiritual blessings. We are learning what this means in our church. My vision is this church would be packed full all the time. I believe there is a spiritual hunger in this world and people need to be spiritually fed.

If you are 18 years old, can you stand up? 19, stand up. 20, stand up. You’re 21, stand up. If we had the time, we’d go around to these young people and say you made it. We are with you. You made it. You are believers. Halleluiah. You’re a fruitful bough. You are a blessed people. You are sitting there. What did that mean? I think young people are such a treasure and so much potential. They’re so important.

They get a hold of this spiritual life and the Holy Spirit being poured out on us and being fruitful in Christ not because of my talent or skill but being filled with the Spirit and hungry for the living God. We get around people who worship God and we become worshippers of God. We become fruitful wherever we are. You put Joseph in Egypt and he’s fruitful, whose branches run over the wall. We have a photo of that. That’s a little anticlimactic. There it is! The branches run over the wall. What walls are there? There is a wall of unbelief, opposition, of the dead dog with the tail sticking out, of child molestation, of personal failure, identity and a problem in my life. My brothers hating me. Don’t even go beyond here. Don’t even think about it. Joseph is in the kingdom and he’s favored. This is what happens in life. There is a growth that happens in your life. I received it in my own heart. I heard God speak through the Body. I’ve seen it in their footsteps and watched it in their lives. They are motivated and sharp and keen. Their branches are going over the wall. And over and over and over into Egypt and over the wall and even into Israel and even into all the world.

We have six brothers in Morocco watching our service tonight. They got saved some years ago by P. Michel Buono. We want to give a shout out and say God bless you in Morocco. God is moving in Morocco and in the hearts of you guys because you are like Joseph. Your branches are full of fruit and running over the walls of the people this world put up.

vs. 23. The archers. Who are they? They shoot at you at work. I worked at a factory in Maine and I didn’t know where it was coming from. It came from an office in another part of the building and all the way to me. They shot the arrow at me. They slandered me. They were against me. I learned a lesson. It didn’t affect me and kept my job.

I learned a lesson, Ps. 11:2-3 the wicked bend their arrows and shoot at the upright in heart. Joseph has archers against him. You can’t do that. You can’t go anywhere. You are an arrogant, little boy and who cares if you are daddy’s favorite. We are your brothers and we will put you down. Be careful when you kick against the goads. You may end up with a thorn in your toe.

Act 9 not easy to kick against the goads. You go against Joseph and you are going against God.

Acts 5. Gamaliel gave the wisdom to the Jewish leadership. If this thing is of God, you can’t go against it. Shoot all the arrows you can.

vs. 23. Do you see it? The archers, his brothers shot at him and hated him. It’s not fun to be hated but if you are godly, you will be hated. If you are upright, there is something in this world called hatred. It’s irrational, an iniquity, a mystery. How can you hate Christ, a man that raised the dead and healed the blind and feeds the multitude? The answer for your life, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. They shot at him and grieved him and hated Joseph.

vs. 24. Help me out. Say amen. When I tell you, you can say amen! Wake up. Let’s go. We’re almost done.

They shot at him and shot at him and it grieved him and they hated him. Back in your corner, little Joseph. Joseph is saying I’m not stopping. I’m a righteous man. I’m a man of faith. We have to go into all the world with the gospel. We’re meditating on this book day and night. The archers are shooting at Joseph and trying to get them to slow down. They shoot at the children, at Joseph, at the church, at the Bible, at everything to slow us down because we are highly favored of God.

We have the gospel and no message like it. We have the message of eternal life and resurrection and there is nothing like it in all the world. There is no group of people like the Body of Christ but they shoot and shoot. I noticed you didn’t say amen! It was so good it turned out okay. It is true.

What can we say about this? I just pray that the Spirit will work in us in such a way that not the pulpit, not me, not any preacher here, but you. You are amazing people because you are hearing and what you are hearing is what you are thinking when you are alone in prayer. You’re thinking the same thing we are saying. We are saying these things and you are identifying it and hearing it and saying amen. So edifying. Then it will be easier for it to come to your mouth. You heard it in the church but also felt it in your spirit.

We have about 5 churches that have contacted us recently that said we need a pastor. We have congregations but we need a pastor. Does Greater Grace have a pastor? It happened in York with Jay Esterbrook, Jack Wheatley and on it goes. Federal Hill. There are five more saying do you have a pastor?

We are not following the money. We have lost that. We have a coat of many colors. Our bow is going over the wall. We have something bigger than a job. Our brothers and sisters learning and being focused and learning this book and these messages. People are dying. People are committing suicide. 25 % increase in the last years. Dying in our neighborhood overdosing. Kids on IPhones and no filters. They throw him an IPhone and that’s the way it is. No accountability, no responsibility. Maybe there will be a day we say it was great I grew up in poverty and didn’t have what I wanted. Over 50, can you identify? We grew up and maybe we didn’t have much. We couldn’t get everything. Our dads and moms went through the Depression and said be thankful and eat your peas. Sit up straight tin the chair. Don’t ever say a single thing about your mother or you’ll be buried in the back yard! We had spit and vinegar. You get a blessing of some kind and you say thank you. Thank you. Listen to those words. Thank you I got a dollar. Thank you that you notice me. All those good old stories. You know what I mean.

Why did we bring that up? Just fun talking about it. We are in a day when the culture is spoiling kids rotten. They don’t have accountably and people are saying whatever they want to do and whatever they want to say and many are nuts. They have a website and YouTube videos and they are crazy. I would not trust them as far as you could throw them. But if I can find a Joseph. If I can find a man of God, the way of God, the wisdom of God. If there is a little pain in it okay, I’ll take it. I’ll find the way of God, the provision of God. Joseph is full of arrows and his arms are strong. His fingers, his arms are strong. The more you shoot at him, the stronger he gets.

If you shoot at Jesus, you’ll not hurt him. He’ll increase. It should be the same as us. When you get in trouble, let it build you up. Don’t let it discourage you and go off in no man’s land and have nothing going on. Be a person like these young people that stood up. I have something going on in my life. May it be for all of us all the time.


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