Description: Have you lost anything? Of course, you have. Jesus brought losers to Him. He is such as these; He is for us. He makes us new for His wine and for His new cloth. By grace, He carries us.
Psalm 30:5-11; Mark 2:15-22

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Barry Quirk
Sermon: 12569
Date: 2023-08-27
Time: Sun 11am

P. Barry Quirk –

What a beautiful song. Beautiful service. As you are probably aware from the last few weeks, tomorrow
is the beginner of our school year, and we start at the Learning Center. We start at GGCA and at
the Bible school. And I just want to – we shared a little bit this morning at the 9 a.m. service. I
just want to give you a little shout out for your part in seeing the vision come forward for
Christian schools. You might say, well, I don’t have a child in the school. I don’t know much
about the school. The reason we have the school is because of the Great Commission, right?
The Great Commission tells us to go and to disciple and to let people know about the presence
of God.

I was thinking about this in terms of Philippians 3:10. Paul at the end of his life was saying that I may
know HIM! That I may know HIM and the power of his resurrection. This is really what the vision
of the church is that we would take opportunities to let people get to know him.
We don’t just teaching doctrine, right? I mean we do study doctrine, but we don’t just teach
about redemption. But we teach how to get to know the Redeemer. How to get to know the one
who gives us the mind to think with him on a daily basis in the details of our life.

So, we have this opportunity and this mission and this joint venture with you, the Body of Christ,
because guess what? Without the Body of Christ, we don’t have teachers. We don’t have an
administration. We don’t have a campus. God gave us this vision, and God gave us this ministry
and then he fills it with all the fullness of his Body.

So, you might not have a child in our school but congratulations. Talk is cheap. People in this
world talk a lot. They talk about all the things that you have to think. They talk about doctrine –
indoctrination is more like it, right? You need to think fairly about things. You need this. You need
that. And the Lord says, no. You need to learn how to think with me in the details of life, and to
see the things that I see as important for you.

So, we have a mission in our school. Maybe just flash that up here for just a minute. Just so you
know. And by the way, Greater Grace Christian Academy can be found, Go on there
sometimes. See what your vision is doing. What your investment is doing. I don’t mean financial
investment. That does happen. I mean the investment you have in people in our Body is paying
off directly in the vision that God has for the school. When you see this, our mission is to disciple
young people by word and example in the Spirit of God to love the Lord their God with all their
heart, soul, mind, and strength. That’s what we want students to do, right? Greater Grace will
minister to church-going parents by assisting them in fulfilling their responsibility to train their
children. We get to be the helpers. But it’s their responsibility. It’s you and I co-laboring together
with parents in their responsibility to raise students up that they might not just know redemption
but they know the Redeemer as well.

We provide a Christ-centered, Bible based environment and curriculum through which our
students acquire the skills needed to be successful in life. That’s our vision. That’s our mission
that students would learn how to be able to be in the mind of God in their lives on a daily basis.
That they would learn how to operate by faith.

You know, we get one shot at life, right? What do we do with it? Do we become successful in
our own mind. Do we think I have a pretty nice life. I have some things. I have some people who
like me I hope. Or do we say, Lord, what is it you would have me do with this. You gave me
something here very personal, and you called me. You not only called me, but you equipped me
and I can have an effect on the people around me on this Earth. And when we leave here, there
will be something eternal that’s left behind, right?

What’s going to be valuable in all of eternity? Not how big my bank account was. Thank God!
Right! Thank God! If God gave me a great, big bank account, I’m happy for you. Praise the Lord!
But guess what? The biggest bank account in the world isn’t going to please God. What’s going to please God is what did you do with the faith that I gave you? What did you do with the Word?

How did you apply it in your own life? Did you walk in it in word and deed? Was it just something
you taught people so they could just follow a nice religious system, and at the end of the day
you rolled it up, put it in your back pocket, and then you didn’t have anything to do with it? Or
was it in your pores like a person who is trying to get rid of a cold and eats garlic to get rid of
their cold? I’m talking about my brother-in-law, Tapio. Finn. Eat that garlic. It will kill the cold. And
you know what? It came out of his pores. I was playing chess with him one time with a scarf
around my face, because I couldn’t – my eyes were watering so bad. You know it got rid of the
cold, and everybody around him as well!

But, what comes out of our pores? What comes out of our pores? Why do we have a school?
Well, thank you, Body of Christ that we have a school, because we have something that we feel
is important. We’ve consumed in it and it’s coming out of us and it’s effecting people on this
earth. And in five years, ten years, fifteen years, twenty years down the road, they’re still walking
in the truth that they received because of your faithful investment, prayer, dedication, love, joy,
and prayer. I said it twice because I need it twice. Pray for this school year and pray for all that
we do that it would be to the glory of God fulfilling the mission that he’s called us to do. Amen.
Amen. Thank you.

P. Schaller –

Okay. Turn in your Bibles. Good morning. Turn in your Bibles to our text. One of
the text is Psalm 16:11. This is on the subject of joy. Yeah, yeah, God! Yeah! So, Psalm 16. We’re
going to share and speak on this subject this morning. We are helpers of each other’s joy. We
don’t have dominion over each other, but are helpers of each other’s joy. That’s in 2 Corinthians 1:24.
This verse, Psalm 16:11. What an amazing thought that at God’s right hand, there are pleasures
forevermore. When Jesus rose from the dead, he went to heaven, ascended, and sat at the
right hand. And we can’t help but think it parallels the pleasures at his right hand. And that is
actually in effect, Christ.

So, we have joy promised to us. Look at Psalm 30 with me. Psalm 30:5, many of you have had
weeping that happens in the night, and maybe a month of weeping or even more. Mourning for
a lost loved one. And it happens. The sadness. This mourning happens. But joy comes in the
morning. This is important that I would have hope that this would pass and that I would have joy
from God’s presence. At his right hand is not sorrow but pleasures forevermore.

Then, Psalm 30:11. Wow. We have an advocate down here in the front row! Okay. Amen. You turn
my mourning into dancing. Is that possible? Is it possible? Come on. Is it? Yes, it is. “You have
put off my sackcloth and girded me with gladness to the end that my glory may sing and praise
to you and not be silent.”

Okay. So, we’re going to have a good message this morning. Would you stand with me for a
moment. Just stand up and turn to your neighbor and just say, weeping for a night but joy comes
in the morning. And don’t ever forget it. You’ve turned my sackcloth into gladness. Okay. You
may be seated.

Amen. Hey, I love you guys. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Halleluijah! Praise God. God
is good to us. Bible college starts this week. Come and jump in. Just come. Just come at night.
We have classes and look at the schedule if you want. Just come at 6:00, Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday. And then you can decide to sign up. Get a good diet of the Word. A lot of great
Bible teachers. Just to learn the Word of God. What an education. Wow! How beautiful it is to be
educated in the grace of God, the mind of God, and the grace of God.

Now, very simply and many of you know this principle. It’s very simple. But we have in the world
happiness, right? Happy. Happy. Happy. We have another word in our Bible and it is joy. You
also have the word “blessed.” and they are different. What’s the difference?

By the way, I’m against happiness. Bring it on. I’ll take it all. I’ll take it all. But happiness – one of
the happiest times of my life was Friday as a school boy at 3:00. Friday afternoon.

You couldn’t find a happier kid. Happiness. Happiness depends on what happens, doesn’t it? What happens.
And we gear our life to hope for good times. Hope for something to make me happy. People go
shopping to get happy or they go to a bar room to get happy. How about Happy Hour? Happy
Hour in my mind is Miserable Hour. Just say that to yourself. Happy Hour? No way. That’s a
miserable hour. That’s an hour of destruction. I detest that hour. I don’t need that. Okay. You
follow me with that? Okay. Some of you are wondering like, I don’t know. Why are you beating
up Happy Hour?

Okay. So, what is it that we actually need is something beautiful beyond us, something
incredibly refreshing that is at the right hand of God. In his presence is fullness of joy. So, there
are times in our Bible, particular times, when things happened where there was such great joy.
So, this is Job 38:7. When God created the universe, the angels sang with joy. There was –
when the angels, God made angels and then he made the physical universe. When they saw
that, the angels sang with joy. What an experience that must have been for them.

There was another time. Matthew 2:10, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The angels again.
They’re amazed. They saw two incredible things. Creation of the universe and the Incarnation of
God. That God would be so humble that he would be born as a baby in Bethlehem. And the
angels sang to the – the shepherds were told to go to Bethlehem, and they would see the Christ
child there. And they saw and what a great thing that was.

Another time when there was extraordinary joy was at the resurrection of Christ, when Christ
was raised from the dead. The verse I have here is Matthew 28:8. Wow! What a great thing that must
have been for the angels to see that, to roll away the stone. And then for us to be told, he is not
here. He has risen. Woe! This is extraordinary. This is not in our normal life of weekly and
monthly events. This is out of the ordinary, out of the regular life. This is God visiting us with a
message of joy.

Another one was not simply the resurrection that in itself was incredible but the ascension up
and the disciples they saw him go up. And what joy. They returned to Jerusalem with joy and
they are waiting there for the promise of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came and they were
filled with joy. And of course, we are anticipating the coming of Christ, the Second Coming. And
when that happens of course, that will be incredible.

Well, what about us now? We haven’t seen any of those things personally, but we read about
them in the Scripture. But we are told by Jesus, I have spoken these words unto you that in me
you might have peace. In the world, trouble. Be of good cheer. Seven times we have that
phrase. Be of good cheer. Be of good cheer. Many times it’s said in a bad time. It’s said in a bad
time when Paul was on the boat in Acts 27. He said be of good cheer. So, I’d like to say
something about this today to encourage all of us about what it is that we have in us. We have
the Spirit. My joy I give you that your joy would be full. We have this joy in our hearts.

I remember when I first went to Bible school. This is in 1972. And after the first couple classes, I
was so filled with joy. I was so excited about it. There was something happening in my heart that
hadn’t happened. Like I became a live. I was already born again, but then when I went to the
Bible school, I just came alive. It was amazing. Whenever I hear about that or read it in history
or hear about it with brothers and sisters, I’m excited about it.

One time we were living in Hungary, and we had a mission for the whole area including the
country of Albania. So, we flew to Albania, and we were evangelizing. We were praying for one
Albanian to come to Bible school in Budapest. And the Albanians are saying we don’t want to go
east. We don’t want to go to Hungary, a former Communist country. We want to go to the west.
We want to make money. We want to go to Italy. We want to go find, need to bring money home
to our family. We were preaching on the streets there, and then this brother came.

He was saved, but he wanted to hang out with us and learn and then he listened, went to Bible college
in Budapest. It was his decision. He said, I’m already going to Italy. I’m planning. I’m going to go
to Italy by the ferry, but I got to say the Lord is speaking to my heart. And one part of me I don’t want to go there to Hungary. I want to go to Italy. But he came to Hungary. He told me, he goes
the first four days I was walking off the ground. I was just filled with the Spirit. I was so
encouraged. I had this amazing joy in my heart.

I was so happy about my decision. I went to Hungary by faith. To make a long story short, he became a great servant. He was – I just saw him here up on the platform at Convention time. He married a Hungarian. He eventually
immigrated here. Lives in Florida. It’s a beautiful story.

I’m trying to say there’s something more than happiness in life. There is what you have and what
I have is this joy. Now, there’s one lesson I want to show you from Mark 2 about where this joy
comes from. Turn with me to Mark 2:21. “No man sews a piece of new cloth on an old garment.”
Let me write it down like this. New cloth and old garment. It needs a little explanation. New
piece of cloth. When you wash it, it shrinks. If you sew new cloth on old garment, wash the
garment, the new part shrinks. It’s not a match. What’s the point of the story? You can’t mix two
different things. Two different things can’t go together. What’s the context? We’ll look at it in a
minute. But it’s really two different economies, two different mindsets, two different ways of
thinking and they don’t go together.

Let’s read the rest of the verse. This is how I understand it. It is like tearing it away. It’s like
shrinking and tearing. The point is it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. There are things in your life
that you and I live in an old economy and Jesus came to give us a new economy that is the
source of our joy. The source of joy is from God’s new way. A new and living way. The gospel. A
message of grace that is able to love you and build you up. It is the ministry of God to you by his
gift, his grace, given to you. I believe I can show it to you in a second.

There’s another one in vs. 22 saying the same thing. vs. 22. We’ll put that down here, too. New
wine. Now, wine ferments. Produces gas. That gas puts pressure on the vessel. So, the vessel
is the stomach of the goat that is elastic, and it will stretch with the gases inside from the wine.
The stomach of the goat is prepared so it can carry water, wine or whatever the person is
drinking. It’s like a canteen. That old, that elasticity goes away. And the goat’s stomach dries out
and it can break under pressure. Then it breaks and it’s destroyed. So, he’s saying new wine in
old skins is the same principle. You can’t mixed the two. The one excludes the other one. Let’s
read vs. 22. New wines must be put into new bottles or elastic, stretchable materials. Okay. All

New wine. Old skins. Okay. Speaking about joy now. We’re going to talk about joy. What we
have and how we think in regards to God and ourselves that produces joy. There is an old way.
There’s an old way of thinking, and Jesus says it doesn’t work. The old way of thinking versus
the new one, the new way of thinking. The mind of Christ, the mind of God, the new way. What
is it? Okay. So, we have two groups of people here in the text. We are looking at chapter 2.
We’re going back to vs. 15. We’re going to read from vs. 15-17. So, I’m going to use these two
groups of people to explain what this is, what this is saying, what the parables mean here. We
have words here. Sinners. Publicans. How many are there? It says many. They were with

Why were they with Jesus? Who are sinners and publicans? Who are they? What do they
represent? I know of a school that had 2,000 applicants and they would only accept 70
students. So, what happens to all those students that are not accepted? They don’t go to the
school. They’re on the outside. Has that ever happened to you? You were not chosen. Have you
ever decided to go on a weight-reducing diet and it kind of didn’t work? Like it didn’t work with
me. Have you ever been to a school and found yourself like in a lower level compared to
everybody else? Have you ever had a job and lost it? Bought a house, lost it. Had a marriage,
lost it. Have you lost anything in this life?

Have you lost things? Are you disappointed with yourself somehow? Have you failed in anyway in relationships or jobs or schooling or whatever? What do you think the answer is? It’s yes, I have. Yes, I have. These people that are with Jesus are people like that. They’re like us. The people that are hanging out with Jesus are people that
can feel or sense that he has something new, that he’s not like the other group.

Let’s look at the other group here. Chapter 2:16. There we go. Let’s write that down. Scribes. Do
you know who these are? These are the winners. These are the people that write the books
about success. These are the people that got a lot of money in the bank maybe. Been to the
best schools or school. They climb. They do good. They’re the winners. Religiously, they are the
successful people. Their reputation, their connections in society, their connections with the
pyramid of government. Their approval rating is very good. The credit rating is very good.
They’re just the good people. They’re the good people.

But actually the point is that Jesus knows that behind the layers there, they’re actually bad
people. What do you mean? Yeah, they may be good but they’re proud. They might be good but
they’re self-confident. They might be good but they’re just capable, and their world is about
them. They have religion. They have religious language. They have religious organization. They
are the winners. And where is Jesus with them? Jesus is on the outside, and Jesus is being
judged because he’s with the losers.

This is where our joy comes from. It comes from understanding that Jesus is for me when I am a loser or when I have lost or when I am hurt. He is for me when I have sinned again and again and again. God forbid. I don’t want to live in my
sin. But if it happened, if it happened, do you realize there is no answer for you or I with this
group of people here. Which side is it on? The right side. I don’t have any message here cause I
don’t fit there. I’m the guy that didn’t get in the school. I’m the guy that was kicked out of the
school. Or maybe I did succeed, but in my success I found my emptiness. I’ve found there is
something lacking, something missing.

I’ve seen that and I’m ready to admit it, and say that I
need God. I need love. I need forgiveness. I need his ministry to me. I need him. These are the
people – another way of saying it – they’re in the health club and they’re hitting all the good
numbers for their blood pressure, their workout routine. They have a mentor. They’re on the
treadmill. They’re working hard. Working up a sweat. They’re gaining in their workout. They’re
hitting it all. That’s how the world is.

There are people that think in these terms, but Jesus says something to these people that’s
extraordinary. He says you guys are working out in the health room, but I am in the O.R. My
people, they’re on a respirator. My people, they can’t even move out of bed. My people are in
such great trouble. They don’t have any message. They don’t have anything. You don’t have
anything to give them. You are the guys, you are the great people, but what can you do for
those? And actually in fact, you are not great people. You think you are, but you don’t have joy.
You don’t have the forgiveness. You don’t have the power. You don’t have love. You don’t lay
down your life. You don’t know who God is.

You’re just another, it’s another expression of the pride and arrogancy of the human heart. And you climbed up and you made it to the top but you’re on the wrong building. You climbed up the wrong ladder. You don’t even know how wrong
you are. This is the idea here.

Let’s go to the text and we’ll finish. vs. 16. This is where our joy comes from. He will eat with us.
He will be with us. He will be with you if make your bed in hell. His right hand will lead you in Psalm
139. Our God is the God of all grace. Our God is the one that we call upon him. But of course,
don’t live in sin. That’s – do not tempt the Lord God, Proverbs 1:22-31, but have a fear of God.
Respect him. Then it says in vs. 17. It means we’re in an ambulance going to the hospital, and
they’re in an SUV heading to the health club. It means they got it under control and we don’t
have. That need for God, that understanding of grace is where our joy comes from. That he
loves me. That Jesus taught us Our Father.

The Jews wouldn’t say that. Eight times in the Old Testament that God is our Father, but they didn’t use that in their prayer. But Jesus said to his disciples, pray this way: Our Father. That’s a big deal that you have God as your father and that the Holy Spirit dwells in you, and the fruit of the Spirit is love and joy and peace. And if I don’t
have that love and joy and peace, just sit here for a little bit. Sit with Jesus in the midst of people
that need him, and say he loves me. God loves me. God will never fail me.

One writer said if I’m a man of God and I have nothing in the house, I actually have everything. I
have God in the house. If I am a man or woman of God and I don’t have much at all and I have
God, then I actually have everything I need. I have God in my life. I have the God that hears my
prayer, the one that cares about me. He says listen. I’m not a sour guy. In my presence is fullness of joy. I didn’t make you to be miserable. I made you to have my joy. This is how I do it. I
take the loser – maybe I don’t know what the best word would be.

I don’t like the word “loser.” That’s like slapping me with an identity that’s not, it’s not – okay. I
am but what? He girds me with gladness for the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.
And I might have the mourning, the ashes, and the mourning and sadness of life. I’m not
denying the sadness. We’re not denying the sadness of life. In the world you will have
tribulation. But be of good cheer. There it is. I will sit with you, publicans and sinners. I’ll be with
you. I will speak to you. I will listen to you. I will carry you.

Remember in Isaiah, there was a god called Bel and Nebo. Maybe you recall it. There was this
god, Bel and another one, Nebo. And they had to carry them. Carry them on carts. And the Lord
said are you tired of carrying your gods around? Listen to this: I will carry you. Amen! Carry me,
Lord. Love me, God. Give me grace. Big word. Grace. The sinners and publicans knew they
didn’t deserve it, and they knew they could never make it in the religious world. They could
never make it in the religious – they knew they could not. But Jesus said these people need a
physician. They’re sick. And I am that physician.

I will heal them. I will speak to them. I will carry them. I will save them. I will die and bleed and shed my blood that they would be forgiven. Given a new name. Brought to heaven. Justified. And be given something that the world cannot give.
Okay. Let’s finish. The world that we are in is lacking in joy. They run after the happiness. It’s all
that they – the world that they want is a happy world. That’s all. They run after it. And it comes
up shallow and short. It’s not enough for the human heart. It’s not enough. Don’t cheat yourself
by looking for a happy life, but go for a better one. The joyful life, the holy life, the spiritual life,
the life of trusting God. You might say, I’m not spiritual. I don’t have any idea what that is. I don’t
know what that really means.

The answer for that is trust in the Lord. God knows you. God
speaks to you. God knows your every step. He knows your thoughts afar off. He will hear you
and answer you. You might say I cannot do – tell it to God. I cannot do it. That’s what he wants
to hear. He is sitting with publicans and sinners and saying I am the way. I am the truth. I am
what you need. I’ll be with you in the truck. I’ll be with you in the hospital. I’ll be with you at the
end. I’ll be with you at the beginning. I’ll be with you at the basketball court. I’ll be with you when
you have money. I’ll be with you when you don’t have money. Learn to be satisfied because I am
God, the living God, the wise God, the Almighty God.

You see, the Pharisees, they’re like old – right here – old, the Pharisees are old garments and
old skins. Have you ever gotten the feel of some old, crusty Christian who is self-righteous with
the Bible and knows the right way and has mastered prayer, mastered discipleship, mastered
the Bible. Can speak to you all day long, and he’s just very serious about it. And you just say
listen. I appreciate you. God bless you. Have a great day. I don’t know if you have anything for
me. I don’t know if you have anything to give me or share with me or help me. I need a
physician. I’m on a respirator. My blood pressure goes up and I flat line every other day! I’m a
dead man. I’m barely alive. Do you have anything for me.

I’m afraid you haven’t mastered prayer enough. You haven’t read your Bible enough. You don’t
quote the Bible enough. You’ve not discipled – I’m sorry. I don’t have anything for you. Jesus
says, give them to me. Give them to me! Give them to me. I am God. I am the God of all grace.
I’m the God that helps – I’m the one that comforts the feeble minded. I am the one that carrys
you all the way through life. I am the one that will never leave you or forsake you. When you
make stupid decisions, I’ll be right there with you, right next to you, waiting on you to come to
the end of yourself and saying I need Jesus Christ in my life. Give me your life, and fill me with
your joy and way. That’s what I need. Amen.

Should I say it again? All over again. Preach it. Hey, okay. Let’s do it one more little run on it.
Um, I’m not disciplined people. I’m not. I love it. I love that. That’s a great way to live. I’m not
against people that succeed in life. That’s fantastic. God bless them even more. But we’re
talking about a world in trouble. And there are a lot of people we cannot even handle what the
messages are that are in this world. Cause those messages are not the message of grace.

What we need is a good dosage of love. Undeserved love. Unearned love. Lost. On a bed.
Respirator. Hardly alive, and I need the living God as my life and my Savior. And that’s what
Jesus said to these people. If I take my disciples and patch them unto you guys, not going to
work. My disciples, they got to be a whole new thing, cause I don’t want them to be baptized in
vinegar. If they hang out with you, they’re going to be sour and miserable just like you are. They
will not serve. They will not reach the world.

They will not get it. They will not know it. It will just be another human thing. But my disciples, my disciples, Jesus is saying they need to be baptized with the power of the Holy Spirit, understand the grace of God in the gospel, realize
what I did on the cross; and what I did on the cross cannot be compared to anything anybody
has ever done in the history of the world. When I die on the cross, I make it possible for you to
stand in grace, grow in grace, learn grace, speak grace, and be built up in grace every day of
your life. I made it possible for you to know every day God is for me and not against me. Isn’t
that amazing. Amen.


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