All of us are in the process of conversion. The Lord who cannot change can renew us again and again. Renewal and transformation are works of Christ and the Holy Spirit. (Luke 22:32; Romans 12:1-2)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli, Pastor Stan Collins
Sermon 11852
7:00 PM on 3/11/2020

P. Schaller –

We have Eurocon online. Which means Eurocon in Budapest we canceled but there’s about 100 people gathered there online and those connecting with us online. I got some reports from Finland Hanale in one country, Pastor Risto in another. They thanked us for the morning session today at 11. Ken Fyers in Miami called me and
said it was a great session and P. Love’s session the other day. We are thankful people are
listening. Eurocon is happening wherever we are. So tonight we have two speakers in the
ministry. P. Stan Collins from Argentina is going to share an introduction and P. Scibelli is going
to give the message tonight. This is like Eurocon in Baltimore. This is great. Let’s have a few
moments of prayer for the Johnson family. We pray for Caleb and the whole family. (prayer).

P. Stan Collins –

Good to be here. I wasn’t going to go to Barcelona. I thought I made a decision
that I wasn’t going to go, and I called Latasha Brown who is already over there. Then I decided
I’d rather die of coronavirus than Latasha Brown. It was an awesome time in Barcelona. We can
tell you about it some time. In Luke 22, are there any Ecuador young people that went with me
to Ecuador? There they are. That was an instant team. I don’t know how that worked but thank
you guys. Luke 22:32, when you are converted. Is that what it says? When you are converted.
Jesus spent the last 3.5 years with this man Peter.

I can imagine Peter saying I thought I was converted? When you are converted. Ever been busted? I don’t mean by the police. Not that kind of busted. I mean broke. I don’t mean out of money. I mean you’re not working right. You
need to be fixed. Not that kind of fix that you do to your dog! This is not going the way I
thought! Maybe it is the coronavirus! By the way, the second song in the worship service we
sang, “I called, and you answered.” Isn’t that the story of our lives? That’s the story of our lives.
We called and he answered. We called about Barcelona and he answered. We called about
South America and he answered.

We keep calling and he answers. Peter says, what? It doesn’t
say that, but I can imagine he’s going, what? When you are made right. I just spent 3.5 years
and I’m not made right yet? By the way, Jesus you are leaving. You’re leaving so how do I get
made right? How does this conversion process happen? We just talked about it. We gather
together. John 3:16, For God so loved the world that he gave his Son and his Son gave his life. 1 John
3:16, let’s read it. I think this is how the conversion thing happens. We ought to lay down our
lives for the brethren. This is how the conversion happens. He’s looking at the other disciples
and they are looking at him.

Remember when the other Judas, not Iscariot, said to Judas, how is
it you have manifested yourself to us and not to the world? Basically Jesus says if you love me,
then my Father and I will come into you and we will abide with you. You will love my Word and
we will abide with you. You will be one of the sources of my conversion. We are being
converted because of the Body of Christ. We lay down our lives. One of the things we’ve been
saying in Argentina is the world thinks the church is on the earth trying to go to heaven. Those
people are meeting on a Wednesday night because they are trying to get into heaven. They got
it wrong, right?

We are in Ephesians 2:6, Philippians. 2:20 our citizenship is in heaven and we are trying to
get to the world. I just read they are going to quarantine me when I get back into the country
for 14 days. Whatever! God knows. This is amazing. We are in heaven now. We are not waiting to go to heaven. We are not trying. Maybe it’s better to have the idea I’m waiting than I’m
trying. Both are lazy theology. The idea I’m going to wait until Jesus takes me. We are in heaven
now and we have a mission to the earth. We have a mission. We come in here and we get
converted. It’s the gospel, the glorious gospel.


P. Scibelli –

Romans 12. P. Stan really got converted. One time he was preaching at a conference in
shorts and now he got pants! He had a great conversion in his life. I’m going to speak about the
same subject about being transformed. Romans 12, this really spoke to me about the importance
of being transformed by God. I’m not going to be conformed to this world. I’m going to be
transformed by the renewing of my mind. Vs. 1. I beg you. It’s a begging word from the heart of
the Apostle Paul. Not by your own efforts but by the mercies of God. Reasonable service
translated in Greek is your logical worship.

Thank you Shibley family for being in the front row. Vs. 2. I was reading and thinking about change today. There is a type of change the enemy tries to produce and it’s being conformed to this world. 2 Corinthians 11:1-4. Another Jesus, another gospel, another spirit. Vs. 13-15. There is one called Satan with his demons trying to change people, but that change has nothing to do with God. When an addict gets delivered and thank God for that
from drugs or alcohol through a program or system not from God. We are thankful a person is
off drugs, but that can be deceptive because they think something other than God can change
them. Maybe they got that but there are so many other areas of their life that need to be

I had this idea when I stopped after 17 years of narcotic use and alcohol abuse, I
got changed. Little did I know how much more is needed and still today is needed to be
changed. The word used for the enemy change is the word conformed or being transformed by
the enemy is SUSCHEMATIZO means an outward change taking place. For many years in
Massachusetts we ran two homes, one for men and one for women, that were involved in
taking people out of prison or had some kind of alcohol or drug or some kind of addiction.

We would see people change outwardly. You see people stop using this or that, but nothing is
taken place within the individual. I remember one incidence when three men were with us – I
have their names right in my brain but won’t say them because I don’t know if they are listening
somewhere. Maybe they are. They would take my car every Saturday morning – I’ve told the
story before – and it would come back glistening, amazing. Wash the wheels. Wax. It was
incredible the job that was done on the car. The police came to me and said your car is being
used in two armed robberies.

I said, Al, Willie, and Kenny, could I talk with you? I said, if you are going to rob places, just don’t use my car. Oh, Pastor. We’re so sorry. This is just the way we always live. We always do these things. I’m thinking to myself; will these guys ever change? By the way, one is a pastor today. One is pastoring a church in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s
amazing. So, change. Listen to this. Not to bore anybody but I read this today. This is what was
happening in Corinth: There was division, party spirits; they were elevating baptism. They were
foolish disputers. They were wise, mighty, and noble in their own life. They were glorying in
their flesh. They used enticing words.

They were carnal, envious, lived in strife, division, walked
as men, defiled the temple of God, were deceived, vain, gloried in themselves, judged Paul,
lived in darkness, proud, puffed up, full, reigning without God, not following God; they had leaven, malice wickedness, fornication in their group, idolatry, drunkards, extortioners, covert
shame, wrong, defiling, unrighteous, deceit, effeminates, abusers, thieves. There’s another 20
after that. Are you kidding me? Is this church going to change? How do you change that. 2 Corinthians
3:17-18 where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

And we all with open face beholding in a glass the glory of the Lord are what? Are changed from glory to glory. If this group of people can change – this is in the church. This is going on in the church. Paul writes them a very
encouraging letter filled with comfort, encouragement, strength, and love. He said in his own
mind knowing God that it’s possible for this church to change. Halleluiah! I don’t care what is
going on in my life or yours or in this world. There is an unbelievable opportunity for every
person to be changed by God. Many times in experiences in my life, God doesn’t change
another person because he is looking to change me in the situation.

Have you ever noticed that situations seem not to change, and you pray and believe and hope, and all this and nothing is changing. That’s because God wants to change me, not the situation. Are you with me? God
changing people. This is incredible. I was thinking about James and John, these are two amazing
apostles. Do you know how they began? Sons of thunder. Boanerges. That means they have
violent tempers. They won’t receive you? Let’s call down fire from heaven and kill all of them.
That’s a great message! That’s a gospel message! Kill everybody!

Luke 9, everyone should die. Then they come to Jesus and they say, Jesus, this guy over here is doing miracles and he’s not with us. They were exclusive. Not only where they vindictive with wild tempers, they lived in
exclusivity and they were intolerant. Are you with me? Then they had ambition. Send mama to
ask this question. Can we have the seats on your right hand and left hand? Ambitious! Then,
they were proud. Who is the greatest among us? They were proud. God changed these two
men. You must be joking! Vindictive, intolerant, explosive tempers, proud, ambition. It’s

God took them and through fellowship with them and ministering to them his word,
amen! Changed by yes, the Holy Spirit, but we read in Romans 12 renewed in the spirit of your
mind. Ephesians 4:23 also. Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of
your mind. My mind gets renewed. I come to church and what happens? I open the Bible and
what happens? Are you here? Halleluiah! I open the Bible and I read the Bible and I hear
preaching and the Word of God. I’m around the Body and my mind is being renewed and I’m
being changed. Halleluiah! I’m being changed just by coming.

Maybe I don’t even know it or recognize it at times. God is changing me. I come and I got this idea as I’ve been told by my mother I’m the deliverer. I had the miraculous deliverance from the first born dying in Egypt. I
come out and I’m going to be the deliverer. I’m going to take it in my own hands and kill
someone. I thought that they would have known that I was the deliverer. God says, Moses,
come with me. We are going to go over here for about 40 years, and you and I are going to
have a great fellowship meeting. We’re going to get together.

We’re going to be together. It’s going to be me, and you and you’ll come out of this rather than an oratorical genius, a stuttering, insecure person that is now available for the call of God. Are you with me? Come
apart with me. Come apart with me. Many times things happen in our lives, and we wonder
what is really going on. And it’s just God. He wants to change me. You can ask my wife but don’t

because she won’t confess it but I’m one of the most impatient persons you’ve ever met in your
life. I’m at stop lights going like how long is this? It’s supposed to be a minute. Why is this light
still red? But I’m growing. Amen! I’m growing in that. God changing us. Here is a whole group of
people that need to understand it will only be by the Spirit of the Lord. The Holy Spirit changes
people. We can put them into programs. We can have expectations. We can think if this just
happens. Have you ever been around people who try to engineer change? If I just get my
husband to be around you more.

He might get worse. I don’t know. They try to engineer change. I understand the heart behind it. They want to see change, but change comes through the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and the grace of God. Amen! Listen to these verses. All things are for your sake that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to
the glory of God. For which cause we faint not. Though our outward man is perishing, the
inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction is but for a moment but worketh a far
more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. We are changed by abundant grace. We get grace
from God, God’s nature and character.

God comes in and people are transformed. How does
Ruth get changed? How does Rahab the harlot? I was thinking of some women in the Bible
today. Rahab and Ruth and Bathsheba and Lydia and on and on it goes. They get transformed.
They are changed people. This is what God says. He doesn’t look at where I’m at. He sees who I
am in his Son and then through seeing through the finished work, loving me, giving me grace,
giving me the Word of God, giving me the ministry of the Holy Spirit, I am being changed.
Amen! I’m being changed by God.

Sometimes I don’t have an evaluation of what is taking place,
what is really going on in the life. Are you with me? We’ve seen so many people in our ministry
around the world how the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, the grace of God has transformed
people’s lives. They all have their own story. You have your own story tonight. And God says I
want to continue for this change to be taking place, all you have to do is be a receiver. Just be a
receiver of the ministry of the word, the ministry of the Spirit and the grace of God and keep
receiving and your life, my life, will be continually transformed.

Think about John Mark. He wrote Mark’s gospel eventually. What happened? Paul says get him out of here. I don’t want him with us. He deserted us in Acts 13. What happened? How did he go from deserting the
apostle Paul to eventually writing the gospel of Mark with Peter? How did that happen? That’s
interesting how it took place. 1 Peter 5:12 Peter as P. Stan said was converted. Peter took John
Mark. He said greet my son Mark. So now Peter has got John Mark. Isn’t it awesome? A denier
is going to disciple a denier. One who has victory over denying the Lord is going to disciple a
man who walked away from the gospel.

And he says my son Mark greets you. Paul says in 2 Timothy 4:11 bring John Mark with you. He is profitable for the ministry. I want him to come to me in prison. Because John Mark is changed. Something has happened in his life. We can look at ourselves and people and say I give up. It’s about time you gave up. I give up. Yeah, give up! Put
them into the hand of God and pray for them, love them, minister to them, be available to
them but God changes people. God changes Moses. God changed the idolater and made him
the father of our faith. He was an idolater in the Ur of the Chaldees.

God took him. God changed the deceiver, swindler, trickster, liar Jacob and made him Israel, one who has power with God. Who changed Jacob? Did he change himself? Ever try to change yourself? Having fun
trying to change yourself. I’m going to get better. I’m going to become a good person. I’m going
to do this and I’m going to do that. God says okay. Sometimes you make these efforts and
change takes place but it’s not from God. It becomes something very deceptive. Now a change
has taken place without God which will somehow be used in my life to think this procedure
works. On and on it goes.

A short testimony in 1976 I was sick and tired of myself. Hello? Ever
get sick and tired of yourself? The old sin nature. I wasn’t saved. I tried everything to find
peace. I tired money, drugs, alcohol, a criminal life – forget that part. I said I’m going to
Switzerland. If I can get out of America, maybe something will happen in my life. I went to
Switzerland. I’m walking on the streets of Switzerland and I’m still miserable. I’m still me.
Nothing’s happened. Location didn’t do it. If I just moved to – I won’t say the state. Somebody
rebuked me the other day for mentioning a state once on Grace Hour, a certain state.

If I just moved back to this place or over to this place or go back to the woods of Finland, things would
change. Location didn’t do it. Friends didn’t do it. Getting more education didn’t do it. Getting a
better job didn’t do it. Having more money didn’t do it. God does the changing. I came to the
end of myself with an open Bible and gun. I said God if you are there and you are real and you
don’t do something, tonight is my last night to live. You know what happened? God changed
me. I got saved January 6, 1976. God did the changing and that was the beginning, the

Now we have an opportunity to be changed day by day moment by moment by the
Spirit of the Lord. We can be in a marriage or look at our children or something like that. We
can say you got to change, change, change, change, change. God is going, wait, wait, wait, wait,
pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, be, be, be, be, be who you are in Christ and watch
them change. I’ll do the changing. I’ll do the transforming of their lives. It’s incredible what can
take place. We look at people in bondage to drugs, in bondage to alcohol, in bondage to
pornography, in bondage to a lifestyle without God, in bondage to success and in bondage to
failure. We say, what can happen?

They look in so many directions as they are looking for change because they know they need to be changed and they look in a direction and nothing takes place. Something might happen but nothing takes place inwardly. They can be conformed but not what? Not transformed by the renewing of the mind. Thank you God for your Word.
Thank you God for the Holy Spirit. Thank you God for grace. Thank you God for love, the love of
God that changes people. How does Ephesus change? Revelation 2:1-7. And how when they stop
receiving love they change right back to how they used to be.

Let’s be a people as we think tonight available for God’s life to minister to us and receive from God’s life and say I can be changed in this area. Coming clean in this area and saying God, I need help in this area, and you
are the only one that can change me. We have all kinds of natural changes that can take place.
My wife asked me about putting my sock on. She wanted to help me. I said old age. It’s
happening isn’t it? It’s awesome. I don’t look at it in a negative way, but have you noticed the
changes taking place? I think about myself how I used to do sprints.

I used to do 33 fifty yard sprints seven seconds at a time. I can’t even walk fifty yards now. I can. I’m just joking!
Something changed! Something happened. What happened here? A few operations. A few things that go wrong with hips and knees and ankles. Yet we realize that changes are taking
place. What is going on. What is taking place? I remember when I used to have black hair. Some
of you could say when I used to have hair! I remember this and that. Things are changing. We
are facing many changes in life, but they should never pull me away from that which is
produced by God himself.

Amen! That which is produced by God himself. This is so key. We just
pray God help us. We want to be people that are transformed by a renewed mind, transformed
by the Holy Spirit, transformed by abundant grace, and then we can see our lives just being
changed by God. When I know that happens and I believe that happens that means anybody in
any situation. Is there somebody in your mind that you hope would change other than yourself?
Yes, but God can do that. Amen! We can pray. We can be receivers of who God is. We can show
them it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life.

I was thinking about two of the women that were – some of you are not that old but you remember the Charles Manson murders? Some of you remember that? Those vicious murders that took place. Two of the girls are born again and they are walking with God in prison and they are living for God. Something happened. They
were what? Transformed. They were changed. What does America need? Not to be conformed
but to be transformed. Politics can’t change you.

More education can’t change you. Better job can’t change you. Making more money can’t change you. Being around people that are perfect in the natural can’t change you. Change happens by the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! Why? Because the only one that can change you is the one who stays the same. Jesus Christ the same
yesterday, today and forever. Only the unchanging one can change me. This is so key.



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