Our culture bombards us with ideas and concepts. We need an understanding of God and His kindness and His serious severity. By the Holy Spirit and the Word, we see the holiness of our true God. People are given; these are church leaders and members to help us see Him. He has ordained His means to help our growth and expansion. (Ephesians 4:11-15)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Gary Groenewold
Sermon: 12577
11:00 AM on 09/10/2023

P. Gary Groenewold –

Isn’t that great to think about praising God forevermore. Can you picture yourself in heaven and then
picture yourself on earth praising God forevermore. Amazing. Just to lift our hands in church.
Worship God and say this is where I belong. We’re home. This is the place where I get fed.
Just giving a testimony about the MBC&S retreat. It was for the juniors and seniors this
weekend. It was from Friday until yesterday afternoon. What a great time it was. We had about
20 some students there. Seven or eight faculty, like mentors, leaders there with the students.
We all lived in the same facility.

P. Mat Gehret actually cooked us breakfast in the morning. That was amazing! We just, we just – I guess we realized we’re one when we were there. These students, juniors and seniors, just with their vision to be changed by God. Their commitment to hear the Word of God. This is what they are going to do with their lives. It was just beautiful to
see and then the messages.

Like how do I give a testimony about something that I experienced, and that maybe you didn’t or
somebody else didn’t? I guess you can just come away so thankful for our Body and what we
do. Another thought of this weekend, maybe you heard it before. If you heard the theme of the
messages from P. Renaldo, P. Mat, P. Schaller and myself, you would hear this amazing
oneness of sound. It’s not confusing to the students. The students can find Jesus Christ in it.
Our students aren’t left to think alone, but our faculty is actually leading the charge and the
message we’re giving our students about who God is.

It’s really, it’s a supernatural work. It’s like the way the Bible was put together with so many authors, but it reveals one job. It’s a sense of that. When you listen to the messages of the preachers and who they’re presenting, and how
they’re presenting the nature of God. We are all marching to the same drum beat, the same
nature of God.

And these students – just this verse I want to read from Ephesians 4. It’s been in my mind this
morning. I just love this word “vocation.” It just represents a calling. It represents – actually what
it means you could say it’s a framework around our lives. Our lives are inside of that frame. The
frame is not broken. And you’re feasting on the salvation of God. This is the place of your
operation for your life. We were seeing we have students that are doing that with their lives, and
they are called out from something and called into something. They are putting their lives inside
of that frame.

We speak everything from your foundation, about who you are in Christ. How to grow, how to
have vision, and your ministry in life. That’s what we did there this weekend. We had so much
fun together. We had an obstacle course from 8:30 at night to 10:30 at night. You started off in
the air conditioning with a dry shirt and a map. And when you came back, you’re completely
drenched with sweat. You traveled five miles in two hours.

And your map is this piece of mud in your hand. You can’t read it anymore, because you sweated so much. And we would have flashlights and we would be looking at the map. You would eat gnats! You would literally eat
gnats out there. We had to move to another spot where there weren’t so many gnats. And you
would just breathe them in. It was our desert for that night! We ate so many gnats. Gilian –
maybe you don’t know – but Gilian Turk is the secretary in the Bible college. And her and her
husband Zane, they did such an amazing job of organizing all of the team-building events, the
fun activities, the scavender hunt, the Bible trivia.

It was just an amazing, eventful weekend. Then, we got to be personally with people. Bible college students. And it’s just a testimony. Did I say P. Schaller came? Yeah. Did I say P. Schaller came? P. Schaller came with Randy Rollins
and P. Sturge. It was just like they care. We have so much care in our church.
I just want to read this verse. This is Paul. He’s in prison, and he has a message. A personal
message is in his heart. Ephesians 4:1, Paul’s a prisoner not just because he’s behind bars, but
because God has done this work in his life where he’s made choices. Where he has said not my
will but thine. He’s a prisoner. And he knows his deliverance, his hope, he’s going to discover in God and nothing outside of that framework. And this is where contentment is when we are
inside of that frame and we’re not looking outside of that frame.

He’s telling people walk in that way. That’s the way that God has called you. And he has this
incredible like if there’s one last thing – it says the word “beseech.” If there’s one last thing. And
I’m not like talking to Bible college students only. It’s like if I could tell you one last thing, put your
life inside of that frame, and what you’ll discover is a prisoner is actually the freest person in the
world when you’re the prisoner of the Lord. You’re the freest person in the world. And so, I mean
this is, this is our Bible college. And I said in the earlier class, P. Mat Gehret has really taken it
on from Philippe and he’s done one year.

P. Mat has such a vision of the message, of the gospel of God’s grace to have it in the Bible college. He has a vision to handle the students with the mind of God, the grace of God. And he has vision for the Bible college in terms of number, and also vision for the Bible college in terms of where the students go and what they do in their lives.
We’re so thankful to have that in our Bible college.

Just the last thing I’ll say about the retreat. We had so much joy and fun. It’s like when you do
something together in the Body of Christ, and you’re inside that framework, you know how many
demons are not there? They’re not there. They’re just, it’s a different enjoyment of the fight.
When you’re outside of that – it even says that in Proverbs. It’s like the, you enter into the field
of the fatherless when you go outside of the boundaries. You enter into this orphan spirit when
you go outside of the boundaries. But just inside of that, there was just this continual
expectation and this edifying of one another while we are there.

So, maybe some day we could have a church-wide picnic like that. That would be absolutely
incredible where a bunch of us do something like that and it really just knits us together. That’s
just a testimony from the Bible college. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Okay. Wow. Wow. This is so much fun. Praise the Lord! Wow! That’s great. Praise
God. Yes, thank you Jesus. P. Knight. Good to see you. Micah’s doing great. Praise the Lord.
Let’s see. Melva is here from Sweden. Do you want to stand for just a second? I just want to do
a shout out. Melva. Okay. Melva’s from Stockholm. Thank you. We have Jonathan’s brother
from Finland. Jonathan, do you want to stand for a minute? And then, your brother, Benjamin.
There he is. So, they’re brothers. Andrew, James and John – weren’t they brothers? James and
John? Peter and Andrew. And we have Benjamin and Jonathan. Let’s see. Sean over here. One
of the Veaders.

The greatest of the Veaders is right here! Great to have you. All right.
So, we are looking at Ephesians 4 this morning, and praising the Lord for his work amongst us. I
want to draw a picture. I want to show you a verse. Maybe we’ll show you the verse and move
on. 1 Kings 21:29, how many know that King Ahab was a very bad king? How many of you
know that? He was a bad king. Turn to your neighbor and tell your neighbor. Ahab was a bad
king. I mean he was. He was a bad king.

All right. Isn’t that a good way to learn the Bible. Turn to your neighbor? I think maybe it works.
Chapter 21:29, Ahab was told judgment was coming from God, and then in vs. 29, God says do
you see how Ahab humbles himself before me? How could a wicked, evil man humble himself
before God but he did. So, turn to your neighbor and say, there’s hope for you! Okay. There’s
hope for you.

vs. 29. What happened to his sons? How many sons did he have? Anybody know? How many
sons did Ahab have? Seventy. Very good. Seventy. Seventy sons. What about his wife? Do we
have any mercy for his wife? Seventy sons. Of course, he had more than one wife. Okay. The
ladies are quick to correct me. No, I’m kidding! Okay.

So, what happened to his sons? They were all executed by Jehu. Okay. And they had a pile of
heads on this side of the gate. How many? Half, 35 and 35 heads of his sons. Did it happen in
his lifetime? No, he didn’t live to see it. He was already gone. All right. God was effected in his
heart by, you know – who was Ahab’s wife, the famous one? Jezebel. All right. Turn to your neighbor and just say, don’t ever be a Jezebel! Don’t ever be a Jezebel! Go ahead. It cannot
happen. It cannot happen.

So, here is our picture. Now, we’re going to move on. And you can look up a King Manasseh, 2
Chronicles  33. Similar. Very wicked man for 50 years as a king in Judah. But he was humbled in
Babylon. And he humbled himself and he was restored. He was restored. Amazing stories. I just
want you to have that in your mind, so that in the years to come in your meditations, you’ll say I
think I remember this lesson. That lesson. So, the Holy Spirit is your teacher. What happens is
you learn something, and you don’t necessarily know how it relates but in time he puts together
in your heart lessons. And you tuck it in your life and it governs in your life. It has an effect on
your life. You make decisions.

You might say I don’t know how that relates, how that will ever relate to my life. You will be
surprised. That even a very evil, wicked man could humble himself and God will say do you see
how he humbles himself. Therefore, this is what I will do for his sake. That’s another message,
but anyway.

Okay. Here is a simple principle. Here is a man and usually men think a lot about men, about
people. We think a lot about people. We study people. We know people. We know ourselves.
We study and think a lot about ourselves, our family, about life. One of the reasons is because
of love by the way.

Love, natural love. A love that is hungry for reciprocal love, community love.
We look for in our family, love. If they don’t love you, that bothers you. So, love can cause
trouble. What an interesting way of thinking about it. Love can cause trouble. What kind of
trouble naturally? Any, all of us know when you love somebody and they do not love you back,
that’s a problem. Why don’t you love me? I love you. Why don’t you love me? This is life in big,
broad strokes. I’m making a point about it.

The concept of God is small. This is God. What do you think about God? Well, I don’t know.
Who is God? I don’t know. This is unbelievers and believers. I don’t know. Who is God? God is
anything you want him to be. God is – there’s all kinds of gods through history. There’s also the
Christian God. There are other gods and so on. What do you know about him? I don’t know, but
when I’m in trouble I think about him a little bit for a few minutes, and then I think a lot about
people. I think a lot about people. I think a lot about myself. I think about my future, my
problems, my hangups, my addictions or things I can’t shake. The bad habits. The good times.
Even the things that are very good I’m afraid of losing them.

Somebody could say I have a lot of money. And I live every day afraid of losing the money. I
have a very nice family, but I’m afraid of the day when it will end. So, life is like that. There’s
something missing and it’s the picture here. Where is God? I don’t know God? That’s the
problem with the human race. They don’t know who God is.

So, the picture, what I want to talk about today is this one. Here you are and the concept of God
is our joy and imagine if this could happen to me. That my understanding of God would be so
full and satisfying to me, that yes I have my life. But it’s not the same proportion as it used to be.
I have my life but it’s not that important to me. I have found God who is better than life. His love
is better than life. What? Yeah, that’s crazy. His love is better than life. Wow! Song of Solomon,
your name is as ointment poured forth. Your name. The name of God.

Let not a man glory in his wealth or glory in his might. The mighty man in his might, but let him
that glories, glory in that he knows me and he understands me in Jeremiah 9:23. So, this is our
subject today. So, first of all, #1, let’s do it this way. Here you are and there’s other people with
you. There’s other believers with you. And you have a new heart. I’ll draw it in there. And you
have the Holy Spirit. This is Ezek. 36:26. You actually have the Spirit of God. What’s the ministry
of the Holy Spirit but to show us the Son of God. To show us the Father. To reveal to us the mind
of God.

And it is a mystery. 1 Corinthians 2 we read that this mystery has been hidden from the wise that are in
the world, but revealed to us in vs. 6. Christ said it when the seventy returned from evangelism
in Luke 10. He said, I thank you, Father. He rejoiced in Spirit. I thank you, Father that you’ve
hidden these things from the wise and prudent of the world and revealed them unto these
babes. These men. These simple fishermen. Because they saw God. They saw God. It wasn’t
that it was intellectual. They just saw God. They got it from the Spirit of God. It wasn’t emotional.
Although, they were very happy about what happened.

They saw God. They saw the work of God. They saw the Spirit of God. They saw God in their work. They saw that Jesus is on the earth to effect people in great numbers. This happened in Israel. They went to the villages and
town where Jesus was going to come after, and they had raised the dead and cast out spirits.
They had the knowledge of God and so do you.

So, how does it happen? One of the things – let’s write down here. We have the Holy Spirit who
is in the world to do this in your heart and life. You and I must learn to walk in the Spirit. We had
a message on that from Galatians 5.

I just want to tell a short story about the struggle that we have about walking in the Spirit.
Because we all have something. We have a bad habit or we have something in our life that
resurfaces and this is any number of things that can happen. It can be an attitude. It can be an
action. It can be something that plagues you, and you hate it but actually you love it. You hate it
but sometimes you like it. You hate it, but you are attracted to it.

So, you don’t really ever deal with it. You don’t deal with it. You don’t bring it to the cross. You
kind of tuck it away in the cellar, the cellar of your soul. I hate this thing, but I’m going to get rid
of it and in my heart somewhere, I don’t really get rid of it because I might need it. I use it a little
bit later. I pull it out, and that’s not what God is saying to us in knowing him. What he’s saying to
us is deal with it. Get rid of it. Drop it. Forget it. Throw it away. Cast it away. Just don’t
acknowledge it. Don’t deal with it.

We see in our society that there are people that are plagued with these things. I made up a story
the other day in my mind about a young guy stalking a woman. And he’s infatuated with this
woman. You’ve seen her on Instagram or you saw her at school or something. He has an
infatuation. What do you do with an infatuation? God, God is in our life. God is in our life. God
can deal with that. It says that in Romans 6. That we reckon ourselves to be dead unto sin.
But I don’t want to be dead unto sin. I want to deal with it, but I don’t know what you mean by
going to the cross. Let me tell it to you right now clearly.

You bring it to the cross, and you’re honest with God about it. You decide in your heart that God is greater than this thing. I don’t need it. I don’t need it lurking around in the background. I don’t need it lurking around in the
cellar of my soul. I don’t need it at all. I don’t want it. Do you believe that? No, I don’t believe it. I
want it. That’s how it is. And so, that Christian does he ever get the real understanding of who is
God? Does he ever really find out who is God? He says he is a Christian and very likely he is. I
don’t know. He could be. Yet, he’s a Christian without any power.

He’s a Christian that cannot deal with these things because he doesn’t want to. So, this picture dominates his life. That one. He has love. He has trouble. He has infatuation. He stalks the woman. He’s arrested. He’s
accused. He’s bordering on criminal activity. He’s plagued. He’s got trouble and he’s a believer.
And his sin is finding him out. And his problem is plaguing him, and he goes to the church.
Maybe this one. And he sits here and hears a message like this.

I’m saying if you and I really want to make progress with God, we cannot play games with God.
Are you going to deal with that? Am I going to bless you or not? Are you on my side or do you
have your own thing going on? That’s the story of the human race. We have our own thing going
on, and that’s why you want to go to God’s big x-ray machine and bring your life under the x-ray
machine that he has provided for us by the ministry of his Word and Spirit.

Here is the second thing. The Word or the Bible. The Spirit needs a sword. The Holy Spirit
needs a sword. That’s why we are big advocates of our Bible, cause the Bible is the sword of
the Spirit. Just like a surgeon. He’s standing next to a patient and he can’t do anything. He
knows what he can do. He can save the man’s life, but he doesn’t have a scalpel. He doesn’t
have a knife. He doesn’t have a way to do it.

So, the Holy Spirit can see the Christian somehow suffering in his life, but he needs the knife.
He needs the sword of the Spirit to do the operation in our hearts. We are suffering. Our God is
not big enough. Our God is some small, little concept that doesn’t show up in my prison, in my
bad habit, in my addiction. It doesn’t show up in my depression, in my fear, in my failure, in my
sin. God is not showing up and showing me who I am. What the Almighty God will do for me.
How do I know that God is for me? He gave his only Son. He gave his Son. If he gave his Son,
how much more will he freely with him give us all things? Come on. It’s go to work. Amen. So,
it’s got to work. That’s my point today. It’s got to work.

Now, here’s the thing. We said in the earlier service. I got to stop right now for a second. I know
I have your attention, but I’m going to lose you. So, what are we going to do about that? Can
you just tell your neighbor a word about that diagram? Just tell your neighbor about what you
just heard. It will help me.

Okay. All right. So, here’s another little picture here. Here is God. Is it possible for a Christian to
have another concept of God that’s like this one? Could a Christian have the wrong concept of
God? Yeah. What kind of God do you think a Christian could have? Just say any number of
possibilities. He could be a God that doesn’t love me. He’s a God that loves but doesn’t love me.
He could be a hard God like a legalistic God or tyrant. He could be tough. He could be soft,
passive, indifferent, ungodly, unholy. Unholy. Sexual sin. Sexual.

The culture that we live in is like all out on propagating information and ideas about God that affects us. We live in a culture that is bombarding us continually with ideas, advertisements, and so on and the Christian God
could not be – he could be somebody that I don’t really know, that I don’t really love.

But Jesus said at the Last Supper, I go but I send you another who will guide you in the truth. I’ll
send you another. He’s like me but he’s not me. He’s the Comforter. He’s the Holy Spirit. He will
show you. Now, our blessing as Spirit-filled believers is that my stuff that I had in the cellar that I
would pull out every once and a while, and I think is a dynamic thing. Not frozen like you deal
with it once and it’s done forever. I think there are things that surface out of our sin nature in the
course of our life. If you’re not in the habit of being ruthless about being serious about it; it you’re
not in the habit of bringing it and putting it on the table and saying here it is Lord. You put your
finger on me. I am unforgiving. You are showing me. I am understanding who you are. You are
very, very, very kind.

When we talk about God and his kindness, it’s unbelievable. How gentle. How kind. But also
God is serious. Severity of God. The severity of God that Romans speaks about. Behold the
goodness and the severity of God. What do you mean? Sodom and Gomorrah. The flood of
Noah. Is he serious? He is. Will the world burn up with fire one day? Yes. Will Christ return one
day? Yes, he will. Is God a serious God? He is a serious God. But he’s so kind. He’s so
gracious. He’s so patient. He’s so loving. He is somebody you want to know and grow in and
learn about.

So, the third thing here is that I believe. I’m not suggesting that we be insecure about this
diagram. I would like to believe that somehow we will know God in some measure. In some
measure and it will be correct. We will understand that he is a holy God.

The world will say believe in God all day long, but don’t say that he is a holy God. They don’t say
it with those words but I am. He is holy. He is holy. That’s why we needed the Holy Spirit to show
us God. That’s why paganism they didn’t have a holy God. They had sensual gods, ambitious
gods, fighting gods. They had all the things of the human heart are embodied in the gods of the
pagan world. They go nowhere. They cannot elevate you above yourself, because they are only a reflection of you. But our God is different. Our God is a holy God. He is the only wise God.

Other gods are stupid or foolish. We’re watching it happen in our culture as they left God and
they embrace the imaginations of their own heart. They don’t even know what sex they are.
What a ridiculous concept. What a foolish thing that is in Romans 1:23. Professing to be wise but
they become fools. Okay.

So, what do we want to say today about us. It’s #3 on our list here. This one. It’s Ephesians 4:11.
People. Let’s turn there. We’re going to finish up in a few minutes here but this is good. Ephesians
4:11, this is people. Apostles, they wrote the New Testament. Also, apostles they did great works
and they walked with Jesus except Paul, but Paul met Jesus also. We say we don’t have them
today. They did their work and they laid the foundation of the apostles and prophets of chapter

Now, Jesus gave them to us, to the church. Now, we have the Scriptures. And we have
prophets. Those are men that have a message for the hour. We have evangelists. Those are the
men that God raises up to do the work of evangelism and in all ways, in many ways we are
evangelists in some degree to share our faith. Some pastors and teachers. These are people for
the perfecting of the saints, vs. 12.

The saints maturing. Do I need a pastor-teacher? Yes, I do. One of the messages I share with people when I go about my day. I’m in Lowe’s or on the street or getting my hair cut at the barber shop or whatever. I just say, do you go to church? I’ll say to a cashier, did you go to church today? Did you go last week. No, I don’t go. Oh, you need a
church. Oh, it’s amazing. I love my church. It’s amazing. You got to go to church.

That’s, I just say it. Thank you very much. You need to go to church. Then go away. Walk away. I didn’t lead
them to Christ. I didn’t have time or it wasn’t the time or the opportunity. People say, hey! Good
day. Good day. Did you go to church? Oh, I love my church. It’s amazing. Have you been there?
If you go there, you might get born again and Christ change your life. You might hear a message
of grace. I’m not talking about our church.

I’m talking about church the way that Teddy Roosevelt told it in the Saturday Evening Post back
in 1910 or whenever it was. He wrote that Americans should go to church and he gave like eight
reasons. And google it and look it up and read about it and you can talk about it. I want people
to be born again. I’d like people to grow in the faith. And the greatest gift that I could have, I got
the Body of Christ and in the Body are the gifts of God that are operating in the Body that are
helping me to know God. Where did the gentleness come from? I saw it in somebody in the
church. Where did the wisdom come from? I saw it in somebody in the church. How did you
learn that? I heard it from the pulpit in my church. It helped me.

Where did you meet a godly person? I met them in the church. They sit in the third row right
over here. How did you get that? How did you go this summer somewhere? I don’t know. I just
jumped in and went along with the group and ended up in Argentina. It was a lot of fun. I saw
God move. I saw God answer prayer. I saw something. That’s how it goes. You need to also –
when you go to church, kind of linger. Learn about that. Linger. Learn to get to know people you
don’t know. Just be led. It’s not a program. Be led by God and the Body of Christ.

This is what happens. vs. 12. There is the maturing of the saints. They grow up. They’re
maturing. Turn to your neighbor and say, have you changed in the last two years? Doesn’t look
like you have at all! You got some gray hair! That’s all you got! You gained 15 pounds in two
years! That’s what you got! Have you changed?

Now, listen. You know, we do change but we don’t see it. We grow. This is what the text is
saying. We’ll read it. We do change cause God ordained for the Body of Christ to grow up into
him. We become like him little by little from glory to glory. A lot of believers say, I’m saved. I’m
going to go to heaven one day. And then you say to them, do you go to church? No, I’ve been
there. Done that. No. I don’t go anymore. No, I don’t have time. My answer, my attitude is it’s a
priority in my life. It’s a priority. It’s like big on my list. It helps me a lot, because of what I can see there. What I can hear. Because of the joy that’s there. The love that is there. The Spirit of God
that is there.

I always say church life is like a marriage. If you have a good marriage, it’s the greatest thing
going on in the world. If it’s a bad marriage, it’s one of the worst things going on in the world.
Really. Bad marriage is not fun. Not fun. Sad. Hard. Bad marriage. Church life is like that, too.
Church life can be hard. It can. That’s why some people don’t go. But when it’s good, when the
Spirit is teaching us, when we are learning him, learning him; church is not God but God has

Let me show you something. God uses means. Here’s God. And I’ll put here “means.” I’ll explain
what I mean by that. He wants – God wants to get the world over here. He wants to do
something. God wants to do something, so how can he do it? Well, he’s God. He can just do it
himself. But then he says to us, I want to use you. I want to use you as my means. I want to use
you as a tool. And the best illustration of that is like farming.

Here’s the earth. God has made vegetables and trees and birds and all kinds of things in the
earth. The Lord will say, I want to have a farm. We say, Lord, you are God. You made
everything. So, go ahead. Make a farm. And he goes, no. I need a means to make a farm. What
do you mean, Lord? I need a farmer to make a farm. So, he makes a farmer. What does the
farmer do? He works. He tills the ground. He waters. He plants. He works. Could God have a
farm without a farmer? And I think God would answer us and say, no. I’m not doing that. When I
made the world, I planted a garden and I put man in there. And man is the means. And it hasn’t
changed. Like God uses you.

Prayer is something like this, too. We say, why, Lord? Why do you have us pray? Why? You are
God. You can do anything. You can do things on your own and just do it. And the Lord says, no.
I need you. Why? Cause I want you to know me. I want you to walk with me. I want you to be
with me in it. I want you to wrestle with me. I want you to walk with me. I want you to sit with me.
I want you to wait on me. I want you to hear from me. I want you to obey me.

I had that illustration of my son, Justin, when he was a teenager. Put your bicycle in the shed
cause it’s going to rain. You know, I made up the story, but I don’t really remember if it happened
this way, cause I just made it up. It might have.

He didn’t do it. So, it rains and the bicycle is wet and so on. So, I had the authority and the
understanding that the bicycle needs to go undercover. But my authority stops at his
disobedience. The bicycle isn’t protected. It’s not there, because he didn’t do what I said. Life is
like that with God. I can do it. But I want you to work with me, cause you are mine. I purchased
you so that you would be different. You would obey and find and discover.

And so, get that thing out of the cellar. And deal with that thing cause I am God. I am a holy
God. You will find a blessing in your life, because my hand will be on you. And I will get things
done through you.

I am a God that uses you and I need you to know who I am so the love – here’s the thing about
this. Here’s a bad habit. How do you get rid of a bad habit that you are kind of hiding in the
cellar. Here’s the answer. If you have a stronger affection. If you have love. Not human love but
the love that is God. That relationship with God will eliminate that thing. It will. It may come back
but it will eliminate it. It may resurface but it will come back. The love that I have with God is so
good that I’ll bring that thing up out of the cellar. Put it right there. Smack it down. That baby is
right there. God, that’s your business. Deal with that thing through the cross. Thank you very
much. I know who you are.

God will say I love it that you are walking with me and we are actually – you are finding out who
I really am. That’s a testimony of your life in this world that we are living in. It is that my people
that know me do great exploits in the book of Daniel. They are great.

So, that’s the end of the message. I could go on but I want to finish and just say I think you got
it. I really want this – we didn’t – let’s do that one verse. vs. 15. Speaking the truth in love may
grow up. That’s where we are. That’s where we are ending. Right there. Speaking the truth in
love. That’s to yourself and to each other. Speaking the truth in love. It can be tough. The truth
can be tough. Wow. Please keep coming to church and learning. And have your own Bible. Start
reading it. Read the gospel of John. We have a new program starting up.

It’s called Newcomers. It’s for the newcomers and we’ll have it in the cafe on – which night is it? Tuesday night I think.
Tuesday night. We’ll start it up in a couple weeks. We’ll be letting you know about it.
Have your own Bible. Walk with the Lord by faith. Believe what I’m saying today from the
Scripture. Believe me.

Believe me. You say, can it happen to me? I go, yes. But you got to do a
little bit of work on it in your heart. Do I want it? Do I want to follow Jesus? Do I want to know
who he really is? Do I believe this is important for me? Is this a better way of living? I don’t know
about this. You have to do some hard work and ask God and be a listener. Be a listener. Listen
to messages and read good books that will edify you and stir you up in your heart. Cause I want
your life to be built up and edified in Jesus Christ, because one day we’re going to see him. It
will be such a joy. I know you. I know you. Oh, I know you. Is he going to say that to us, and are
we going to say that to him? I hope so. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me.


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