The. very one who rubs us the wrong way may be the one we need. The Spirit guides and fills us. We are changed through the Word and church life. Love leads and brings us together. Galatians 5:15-20

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Micah Stambovsky
Date: 2023-08-13
Time: Sun 6:30 PM

P. Schaller –

Okay. Great. Beautiful, huh. Praise the Lord. Jesus, thank you. We have Micah Stambowski with us tonight.
P. David Stambowski’s son. Youngest I think. No, second. Second youngest. And he’s been
living in Romania for 15 years, and had a day school. Started a day school. There were eight
students, and now 200 students and a great staff and great faith. Beautiful work of God in
Romania, Brasov.

This morning we spoke about being in the Spirit or in the flesh. And tonight, we want to do
another session on that shortly here. And this is Galatians 5. First of all, let’s recognize the fact that I
can be – we are saved by grace, standing in grace. God is our God. God cares for us. He gave
ministries to us. He leads us. He forgives us a lot. How about it. Does he forgive us? Every time
we confess, we’re bringing it before God.

I like the idea of bringing it out. I’ll put it on the table in front of God. And here it is, Lord. This is the way it is. Here it is. And he likes that. Humility is so important to God. And walking before him in the light. Not hiding, hiding our sin. We forsake our own mercy when we play games, you know. Hiding from God. But put it out there. X-ray
machine. MRI. Whatever scan machine there is. Let the Lord scan us. Search me and see if
there be any evil way in me, Psalm 139. And we benefit. We benefit by walking in the Spirit. How
about it. Would you rather walk in the Spirit or you want to do three days, and I mean one day in
the house of the Lord or three – what is it? Three years in the tents of the wicked. Go ahead.
Answer me.

All right. Turn to your neighbor. Go ahead. What do you want? The flesh. The flesh. I would
rather live in the flesh. The flesh. Wow. Okay. Explain – since you’re so talkative tonight, explain
to your neighbor what is the flesh. Here’s the list. Look at chapter 5:15, we said this morning
that’s like two wild animals fighting each other. Two lions or two bears. Two snakes. I saw a
cobra, a python go at it. Nasty. Can people be that way? Yes. Wars. Wars. Fightings.
Communities. Ethnic diversity. Hatfields and McCoys. Look it up. I believe it’s 60 years time,
revenge. Blood revenge. There were 109 dead people, 109 people killed in revenge killings in
West Virginia, Kentucky are. You know about it. All over – nobody really really knows how the
fued started. They think maybe it was somebody stole a pig. Somebody stole a pig and you
can’t forgive. That’s the work of the flesh.

Do you hae fleshly nature? Do you a sin nature? Yes, we do. Jesus isn’t changing my sin
nature, is he? Here’s my sin nature. Is he changing it? From glory to glory he’s changing me.
Now. No, he’s not. He’s crucified you. Your sin nature isn’t getting it. It’s not improving. Your sin
nature is not changing. Your sin nature is not improving. You must be born again. Have a new
nature given to you, and that’s Christ. Christ is born in you, so knock that off. You have a new
man, new man, new nature, Spirit filled. You have the Holy Spirit as your teacher. You are
listening to what God has to say to you. You’re living in faith.

You go from faith to faith. And he is, we are increasing with the increase of God. God’s Spirit is teaching us. We are gaining in wisdom. We are growing in faith. We are learning in imparted righteousness. We are growing in
our righteousness from faith to faith. This all happens in the new man.
What about the old man? This old man, this sarx nature, what about him? Ignore him. Do not
feed him. Do not live in the flesh. Do not nuture him. Do not pamper him. Do not listen to him.
Do not relate to him. He cannot have authority over you.

By the way, we should change in our lives. We’re changing. We’re growing and increasing in
God. We, we could say well in our family, we don’t forgive. In our family, we don’t forgive. We
hold grudges. Well, yes. Yes. That’s the way people are, but that’s not what you are. You are
learning. You and I are learning. We are. We are not feeding that animal there. The grudge.
We’re not feeding it.

So, we have a list here, and Paul has four categories in the list. And so, we have vs. 16. Isn’t
that beautiful to live in the Spirit and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. vs. 17. They are not in the
same mind. They’re not in the same mind. One is forgiving. The other one says he has to pay.

He has to pay. He has to be penalized or he has to be demoted or he has to be destroyed or I
hate him. I hate him. Okay. This is not the Spirit. The Spirit is not that way. The Spirit is patient.
The Spirit is kind. The Spirit is forgiving. The Spirit is prayerful. The Spirit gives grace. The Spirit
loves. The Spirit quickly he forgives. He deals with it. Communicates with the offense, but he is
also very patient and kind because God is with us. Okay.

vs. 17. So, what would I do, I would get revenge, but I don’t. Because the Spirit says do not do
that but forgive and be gracious. Okay. This is general. There’s a lot of questions that come to
mind. I’m sure, but there are many, many examples. So, let’s go to vs. 18. There’s a lot of
kindness that comes out of you because of the Spirit. A lot of understanding. A lot of peace.
That’s why people like to be with us, because of the Spirit of God that is with us. It’s attractive to
people. It’s attractive to each of, each of us. We are drawn. We are led by the Spirit. We are,
you enjoy to hear about things of grace, things of the Spirit. We like to hear about the good
things the Holy Spirit is doing. That story I told about Yemen. I brought it tonight.

Yeah, so this is in that magazine, “Voice of the Martyrs,” December 2, 2012, “heavily armed Al-
Qaeda Fighters stormed through the front door screaming Jihad. The islamists began pulling the

40 terrified worshippers, Christians, from the seats. Then, the group leader ordered to aim their
automatic rifles at the congregation. He shoved his handgun against a church member’s head
and threatened to start shooting everyone in the church one at a time. Some of the church
members cried out in terror. Young girls standing near the pastor’s wife grabbed her legs in such
desperation that they tore her clothes.

John said he was about to run toward the congregation when God gave him a vision of heaven.
I saw heaven open and heard angels singing, he said. Compelled by the heavenly vision, he
yelled, God is welcoming us. Be at peace. We are going to heaven. His unexpected response to
an imminent threat of death caused a reverent hush to fall over the congregation. All the people
stopped crying and ready to meet their Savior. The pastor explained they could feel the
presence of God. If you read the Bible when Stephen was dying, he’s not crying cause the
stones are painful. He saw heaven open and that was happening to us.

Sensing the change in atmosphere, the islamists seemed unsettled by this group of Christians
who no longer feared death. This land belonds to Muslims, the al-Qaeda leader yelled almost
defensively. He and the other militants started ransacking the church, taking the sound system,
tables, chairs, a generator, cell phones, a minibus, and even some Bibles. Before leaving, the
extremists vandalized what remained in the church and said to the congregation that they would
kill them if they ever returned to the church building. But the next day, even more church
members arrived to worship God. We all came, the pastor said, around 50 people ready to die.
The al-Qaeda fighters did not return.”

You know, I would like to think that this is a remarkable story, but I would like to think that this is
something like – even though it’s extraordinary, we are people of the Spirit. We are people that
walk by the Spirit of God. There’s something different about us. We are people not in the flesh
with our sin nature, but we are people of faith and we hae love. We don’t stay in our group like –
look at the list here of the things in the flesh in vs. 19. “The works of the flesh are manifest.” It
means that they are seen. They are made known. They are the first category is sex. The sexual
list. Adultery, fornication, uncleanliness, lasciviousness. The second category is idolatry. Idolatry
and witchcraft.

In the witchcraft, is like potions and medicines that in the ancient, they used to
do curses and healings and these things. So, that’s the second category.
The third category here is human relations. And there are eight words for these. Eight words,
and I just want to make a point of this tonight and then the number four is drunkenness and
murder. Drunkenness and murder. So, the human relations is where we, I would like to learn
that. Like what does it mean when we are in the flesh in regards to other people? What does it
mean when we are afraid of people or only feel comfortable around my group of people. Is that
the Holy Spirit? When I’m only with my particular group, people that I’m comfortable with. Is that
more about me protecting myself or is that the Holy Spirit leading me.

Like what is love? God so loved the world that he gave his Son. And he came here. But in the list here, you see the typical things. Let’s look at it, vs. 20.
Let’s make that list of eight. We have hatred. What do you do with your hatred when it’s in your
heart? Well, nobody will see it, but I have it. Nobody sees it. I can do okay because nobody
sees it. No, that’s not how you want to live. You want the Lord to take that out. You want the
Lord to deal with that. Why don’t you want to put it on the table. You want to admit it. You want to
say, Lord, I have hatred in my heart. I would not only, don’t want to ever see the person. I’d like
them to be destroyed or hurt them or take away from them their blessing.

Take it away from them. What is this? This is my flesh. This is the way people live. And it amazes me, and I’m
saying this because I have seen it long enough in church life. In Hungary, in Finland, here. I’ve
seen it. It’s all the same around the world. And that is that I have to ask the question, have we
learned what it is not to have a comfortable church life, but a church life where Jesus is really
affecting my life. That he’s really teaching me and I’m actually changing from glory to glory.
So, go to the list here, vs. 20. This is the old King James. I think that’s eight. Did I miss one?
These are all about people and how we related to the faith and to each other. A lot of strife in a
family, at church, at work. A lot of strife even in the neighborhood. Let’s think of some Bible
examples. Abraham had his nephew, Lot. And the herdsmen couldn’t get along.

They had strife between them. The herdsmen or the sheep, they just couldn’t get along, so they decided – I think it was Lot’s idea – like maybe we should separate. That’s the solution to our problem. But
look at where Lot ends up. In Sodom and Gomorrah. It might have been better that they live,
that they learned to live in the Spirit. The very person that I can’t get along with might be the
very person that I need in my life. The very person that will become my best friend or the person
that might change or that person that needs investment. I don’t need to go away and protect
myself. I need to be filled with the Spirit and invest in them. Yeah, be with them, love them, pray
for them, help them.

But the flesh can’t do that. That’s why there is so much division in society. And how it falls apart.
Ethnic strife, economical division, education, racial. All kinds of parties and groups and they’re of
that group and they’re that group and I got my group and we are protecting ourselves. But that’s
not, that’s not – Jesus came into the world to send us, to send us to love, to send us to care, to
send us to communicate, to teach what he came to teach us and to help others find. But we
can’t do it unless we are Spirit-filled. It won’t, it doesn’t happen.

Maybe we do it in a classroom and everything, but is it, it might be, it might not be in my heart. It might not be in my heart. That’s why it’s so beautiful when we do church planting, oftentimes we just go to the street and
we just share the message in the street. Because it’s in our hearts. It doesn’t have to be, it
doesn’t have to be handed to us on a platter. We just want to love people and share with people
and love people and be Spirit-filled people in a cafe or a pizza shop. People we don’t even know
them. You don’t have to know them. You are Spirit-filled. You’re able to talk to, encourage, to
teach something from the Bible. These words here are so common in human interaction that the
world talks about it.

The world says, watch. They come to this level. They go you know, you are a racist or you are
what? Capitalist. Or you are this or you’re that group or you’re of that group and that’s how they
talk, and in a way they are right. Because that’s our flesh. That’s this list. In a sense, they can be
correct. We know in our society it isn’t supposed to be that way. So, we have our rights and we
protect each other’s rights. Their rights to be who we are and so on. But go a step further, and it
is in the Spirit. We’re in the the Spirit. We aren’t even thinking about these things.

What’s the difference between a man and a woman? Well, I know there are differences, but I
want to tell you something. That woman is made in the image of God. That man is made in the
image of God. That man who doesn’t speak English, he’s made in the image of God. And that
woman who is seven years old is made in the image of God. And that old, 90-year old, 99, is
made in the image of God. And that person in the nursing home is made in the image of God.

What is the Spirit saying? The Holy Spirit is saying to us we respect people. We love people.
God made people. God has a plan for people. So, Abraham and Lot didn’t get along. So, they
separated and I believe that was a mistake. They could have done something about it and
stayed together. But sometimes it has to be – and then another case is David and King Saul.
King Saul was living in this list. King Saul was living in this list and David was not. David was in
the Spirit, and he was saying I’m for peace, but when I speak, they are for war. I don’t know
what the problem is. Why can’t they get along with me. And the answer is their flesh and the
Spirit don’t get along. The flesh and the Spirit do not get along.

Now, third case. Jesus and his disciples. Were the disciples always in the Spirit? No. You know
not what spirit you are of. Jesus was disappointed with them at different times. They didn’t have
the faith. What did Jesus do about it? Did he forsake them? No, he worked with them. He taught
them. The key was could they hear him. Could they hear him? Could they accept what he was
saying? Could they believe him?

And we know at Pentecost, the tremendous change that happened in their hearts, and their
capacity and their worship and the church is born. And what is a church? A church is a place
where there is a fellowship in the Spirit. And there’s a lot of diversity and a lot of differences, but
there is love. And in that love, there’s like edification, encouragement. We are a new creation.
And we learn to walk in the Spirit.

Now, in a family it can be crazy. Somebody’s in the Spirit. Somebody’s got issues. What do we
do? We’re patient. Love is kind. Patient. Not easily provoked. Love believes all things. Love
anticipates something. Love is believing the prodigal will come home. Love is anticipating. God,
the Holy Spirit, is saying to us, pray. Believe me. Trust me. I am at work. I am at work. I am
doing my work. So, the Spirit-filled has to have, somehow, we hold the things on the earth kind
of lightly, because they can’t get under our skin and drive us crazy. And because I have that
capacity that I am so disappointed or so discouraged or so depressed or so hurt by what
happened to me. I have to hold life kind of lightly.

Ask and give it to God and say, Lord, I’ve been hurt. But you said love endures all things. Love bears all things. Love believes all things. I am here. I’m waiting on you. I anticipate you. I believe you. I want to walk with you.
And Jesus said you know, you’re very good at faking it. You’re very good when you talk to me
religiously or you’re good in your prayers. You’re faking it. Are you serious about it? The Lord will
say, you now, if you can follow me on that, you know, yeah, yes, I know. Leave your religion at
home. Come to me. What do you really believe? What do you really think? What can I do for
you? And we do that before God with a pure heart, and I asked him to fill me with your Spirit. I
have these things in my emotions.

I have these things in my heart. I have these things in my feelings. I have these things in my life. But I believe that you will fill me with your Spirit, Luke 11:13. I ask him for bread. He will not give me a stone. If I ask him for the Holy Spirit, you will give me the Holy Spirit.

Now of course, we have the Holy Spirit . Of course, we all have the Holy Spirit being born again
believers. We have the Holy Spirit. But I’m saying create in me a clean heart. Renew a right
spirit in me. So, when Lot goes away to Sodom and Gomorrah, he later gets in trouble with
those kings. And Abraham says that’s my nephew. I can’t lose my nephew. And he said boys,
saddle up. Three hundred and seventeen people went with Abraham and they defeated five
kings, and came back with a spoil. And he met Melchizedek on the way back.

What does this mean? It means love, hey, a relative disappoints you, but that cannot break the
love you have for people and your relative and so on. You know, or a church member or how
about a church problem? I want to be Spirit-filled when our church has problems. I want to be
Spirit-filled when somebody disappoints me. I want to be Spirit-filled when my family is going
through a hard, hard patch. A hard time. I want to be Spirit-filled. That’s all that I want to say

I did want to say something about the ancient world which is shocking. I got about four pages
here. I don’t want to read it all to you, but I want to tell you a little bit about Antioch. Because our
New Testament is written not in a world that is a pretty world. This world was incredibly hard,
brutal, filthy. The ancient world. I’m talking the first 300 years. I mean Antioch was 600 years old
at the time of Paul. So we had 600 years of history there. But I want to read some of this.
“Manhattan Island has only a hundred inhabitants per acre.” By the way, a lot of people live
vertically, so if you put them off, down in Rome, the buildings could only be 20 meters high. And
the Greco-Roman cities frequently collapsed. “Rome was constantly filled with the noise of
buildings collapsing or being torn down.

Tenants lived in constant expectation of something coming down on their heads. Tenements collapsed because they were too lightly built and the less desirable upper floors housed the poor who subdivided them, that the upper floors became heavier, so they collapsed. Also, earthquakes were more frequent in Antioch. They were more
than several stories tall. Antioch was probably functionally more crowded than Rome. The
density was perhaps 300 persons per acre. To give you an idea, in Bombay, India, there’s 183
people living per acre.” This is 300 people per acre living in Antioch.

Sanitation. Sewers. Plumbing. Garbage disposal. Water supply. All of these words was just a
recipe for disease. “Upon closer examination, the notion that Greco-Roman citizens enjoyed
sewers and sanitation turns to be an illusion.” They did not. They threw their garbage and their
waste in chamber pots. The excrement. The urine and so on. Outside. They threw it out the
window into those narrow streets. There were dung pits. There were latrines. There were people
on the outside of the city, inside of the city. It was absolutely filthy.

“When outside on the street, it was a little better. Mud, open sewers, manure, crowds and
human corpses, adult as well as infants, were sometimes pushed into the streed and
abandoned. Even the wealthiest households could provide ample space and cleanliness, they
could not prevent many aspects of the filth and decay surrounding them from penetrating their
homes. The stench of these cities must have been overpowering for many miles, especially in
warm weather. And even the richest Romans must have suffered.”

And then with this came the insects. “The constant companion of filth, insects, crowding, and
crowding is disease. When societies do not have antiobiotics or no knowledge of germs…”
There was epidemics, plagues, disease, iincredibly common. People live 30 years of age.
“Greco-Roman city was a pest hold of infectious disease. There was high mortality rates of the
empire. The estimate taken from Roman tomb inscriptions was that life expectancy at birth was
less than 30 years.”

On the street when you saw people there was obvious sickness. Highly visible swollen eyes,
skin rashes, lost limbs.” This was all mentioned in their literature. So, the bugs ran riot. Outside
on the street, it was a little better. I already read that. And then, uh, yes. Okay. I got it. That’s it.
Why do I say that? This Bible is written to people that were living in that kind of life. There was a
lot of reason to fear, but did the Christians fear? They say that the Christians – what happened
was that because the pagans killed the girls, so the girl population increased with the Christians.
In the pagan world, men married a Christian.

Paul mentioned that in 1 Corinthians 7. And it was allowed if he would agree to be and that the woman would sanctify the children. And often, the pagan men would become a Christian because he married one.
And he could see how – what did he see? Was it a woman walking in the Spirit? Was it a
woman who had love in her heart? That around in a terrible life, a miserable, miserable life –
mosquitoes and insects and pain and death. He said that every child born by the time they
reaches adulthood, one of their parents was dead. And it said infant mortality, half of the children
died before they got to be five years of age. Half of the children. Imagine.

What kind of life is that compared to our lives. Compared to us, it’s amazing and yet we have
this sin nature that complains. That things aren’t fair. That’s not right. I hate somebody. And so on. How foolish and silly we can be. And yet Paul said, no. The fruit of the Spirit is love and joy
and peace, longsuffering and gentleness and goodness and faith and meekness and
temperance. Really, Paul? Come on. Yes. Yes. And the promise of eternal life. No wonder
Christianity beat paganism. The temples were empty. And the Christian, the churches were
growing, because when we have Christ in our life, he has an effect in our lives. So walk in the
Spirit. Amen. Okay.

Let’s give in the offering tonight. Let’s give in the offering. Bless the church. We have, we have a
lot. And we do. Let’s pray. (prayer).

Micah Stambovsky –

Good evening. For those who don’t know me, my name is Micah
Stambovsky. If you want, you can clap. I didn’t think I’d have to say that here, but I’ve been gone
a while. It’s good to be here. P. Schaller asked me if I could speak a little bit and I said I can. I
have the ability. And he said okay. Like Sunday night. And I said, okay, but what is like the
minimum amount of time I can speak for? And he told me five minutes. So, we’ll see. I’ll try to
make it. I’ll try to make it all five minutes.

No, actually, I just wanted to say a couple things tonight since I’m here. It’s an honor to be here.
It’s a privilege. I want to send greetings to Romania if they’re watching. They should be asleep.
It’s about 2:30 in the morning there, so I don’t know what’s wrong with them but if they’re
watching it. Hello. If they watching it later, then that’s okay. That’s much better.

And then also, I know P. Volley and Maria are here from Romania. And Timmy’s in the back.
Timmy. Where’s Timmy? Stand up, Timmy. I’m gonna make Timmy stand up. He moved. He
moved. All right, Timmy. Timmy is P. Mehau’s son. And I asked him to stand up, because the first
time I went to Romania, he wasn’t alive. And so I was seeing him in chapel. It makes me a little
bit emotional. I guess it happens when you get old. I don’t know. But I just wanted to stand up
here and send the church here in Romania.

For those that don’t know, we have an international day school there. It’s called GGIS. And if
you’re confused, it’s normal. We hae the same name as the school in Budapest. Actually, at this
moment, I have to correct something that P. Schaller said though, because I’ll get in trouble if I
don’t. At this moment, at this exact moment, there’s 189 students registered in the school for the
next school year. And yeah, it’s um, I had to correct them, because I made a deal that if there
were 200 I would – I’m supposed to go back to Romania on September 10th.

And I told them if we got 200 kids before that, I would come back early. So, there’s not 200 yet. In two weeks, I go
to the beach, so there won’t be 200 before that! After, it’s okay. But before that, no. Nothing.
Yeah. We’ll keep it, we’ll freeze it at 199 for a little bit. I’ll come up with something why we can’t
take them.

Anyway, yeah, it’s good to be here. I was thinking about so 18 years ago, I moved here from the
Berkshires and I started Bible college. I think it was P. Schaller your first year here as the pastor.
So, I really had no idea what was going to happen. But I moved down here. I ended up living
across the street, going to Bible college classses, and then three years later, I said I’m going to
do a practicum for a year in Romania. And now it’s 2023, and it’s been a little bit over a year!
Yeah. But yeah, God has been doing great things there, and I wanted to maybe telll you guys a
little bit about the school just so you have maybe a little bit of a vision.

But actually, I want to, I want to read a verse first if I can, because I’ve had this thought in my
mind for I’m not sure how long it’s been. Weeks at least but probably closer to months. And it’s
in Mark 9. I’m a little bit nervous and it’s not because of you guys. It’s because today me and
Timmy, we drank a lot of coffee. Like a lot. I think I had like five or six cups of coffee in two
hours. That’s like the majority of it. And then part of it is because I see Mrs. Perry here. Jenny
Perry. Hey. Mrs. Perry.

I saw you. And she used to be my teacher which is great but the problem
I have is that every time I’m in the Berkshires and I speak, she comes up to me after service and
goes, Micah, that was great but let me give you five verses. And the verses she gives me are all better than the ones that I used in the message. And I get so depressed. Like what am I doing?
What am I doing? And it’s like they’re perfect.

It’s like I had this thought I really wanted to express and I’m literally saying the verse without
knowing the verse. So I’m a little bit nervous now. So, hopefully, she doesn’t find a better one
than this. But I would be surprised if she didn’t. Anyway, where am I? Sorry. I’m in Mark chapter
9. I think I’m in the wrong verse. I mean in the wrong chapter. Well, honestly, I don’t need to read
the verse to you. To be quite honest, I’m not very prepared to be here tonight. I had to borrow
these pants, because I only had like shorts with me. I took a bible from the lost and found,
because I’ve been using my phone. So, I told you the minimum I was planning five minutes. I
thought I was trying to think of a good story that I could stretch it out and I’m close to my limit, so
I’m almost done here.

But actually, I think maybe we all know the story. I like how I feel now. I feel silly, because I hae
my notes and it’s, I’m looking at the Bible. I’m going to blame it on the Bible I borrowed.
Whoever lost this Bible, it’s best to leave it there. There’s something wrong with it. But anyway,
the verse, it’s the story of the man who brought his son to be healed. And the disciples couldn’t
heal him, and so he goes, he brings the son to Jesus. And he says like can you heal my son.
And we know the story. And you know Jesus says you need to believe. And what does he say?
He says, Lord, I believe. But help my unbelief. And it’s this thought has just been like stuck in my
head, and it’s been kind of messing with me.

Because if I stand here and if I could stand here for hours, really, I could tell you able the school.
Like we’re at 189 students. Last year, we started with 140. The year before that, we were at, we
started the year with 80 or 90. Like it’s been growing like crazy. We have about 30 or 40
Ukrainian students in the school this year. Yeah. It’s like 50 Christian families, non-Christian
families. We have graduates going to universities all over the world. We have a graduate in the
University of Wisconsin. We have one that’s going to this – I don’t even know. Some big
engineering school in France. I don’t, I mean, they’re like going all over the place. They’re going
to school and they’re like I’m looking at them, I’m like whoa! All right. Nice.

But then, I’m thinking to myself, like how did I do this? Because when I moved to Baltimore 18
years ago, I didn’t do any education classes. I was never prepared to be working in a school. I
was never – before I left Romania, a couple monts ago, I was in the office with a couple of the
other people there and one of the fathers of the child in the school, and he’s been trying to help
with some financial issues with the building. And things like this, and he was sitting on the chair
and his phone’s ringing and he’s silencing his phone a couple times. And all of a sudden, he
says I’m really sorry. I have to answer. It’s – and he says this guy’s name which well, I’ll say,
well, I won’t say. I won’t say but he says I have to answer. It’s this guy, this guy calling me and
we say okay. Of course, no problem. Go ahead.

And then he leaves and we’re looking at each other and you know, because we know the name
of the guy he said. The reason we know the name is because the name is the name of the
richest Romanian in Romania. The richest person in Romania and we’re just sitting there
looking at each other like that guy just called and he ignored him so he could talk to us. It’s like,
you know, it’s like okay. Like we did something here, but then I look at myself and I go, what did
I do? I didn’t do anything. Who am I? It’s like I don’t, I didn’t do anything like to get the school at
this point.

I didn’t do something great. I’m not a great man. I don’t know actually. I didn’t see if they’re –
here are Paul and Rachel. Here. Oh, they’re in the mother’s room. Yeah, so Paul and Rachel.
You guys know Rachel, because she’s from here, but Paul is her husband. And I want to, I
wanted to say I was thinking when I was sitting, I said I have to say this. I want to say about
Paul. He’s like a great man. He works at the school with me. I guess technically he works for
me. Yeah. The most important thing to know is that he had, he was born on a great day, the day,
the same day that I was born! So, we have the same birthday. And I remember when we hired
him, and I said okay his mom worked at the school too. And I was like oh we don’t want family working together. They’re going to get too familiar. And then he’s like okay.

My birthday is April 19th. I said, you’re hired! It’s the only qualification you needed. NO! But I wanted to thank them.
They work at the school, and they’re great. Really like great people. Paul is an incredible man.
He’s going to be around. Get to know him. He’s like, he’s a man of conviction which like for me
is inspiring. Yeah. Thank you, Paul. Since I’m up here, and I have the mic, I can do that.
I’m sorry. I’m a little bit all over the place tonight. I apologize.

I just wanted to say this actually. I wanted to say two things. First of all, please keep us in prayer. The school is so, we have 189 students. A couple years ago, we moved into a building, 43,000 square feet which I had to
google it because I knew square meters and so it’s 43,000 square feet, 34 staff members from
15 different local churches. Students from over 30 different countries. In April, the end of April,
we just received our accreditation. So this school year, we’ll be going to the Romanian
government to get recognition. And once that happens, we are, we’re golden. It’s like I can
retire. I can retire early.

But it obviously, it still has a lot of challenges. We are I like to say that we are an international
Christian school, not a church school. So you know, being a Christian isn’t the requirement for
the families that come. We are like an outreach really in one sense. And the craziest thing is that
people actually give us money to teach their kids about Jesus. My own Jewish relatives were
happy about that!

So, keep the school in prayer. Timmy’s in the school along with 188 other kids. But yeah, please
keep the school in prayer. And I wanted to say that’s like a little update from Romania. But I
wanted to say maybe I’m just saying it to myself mostly, but like I believe, but God help my
unbelief. Like how did I do – you could say to yourself, oh wow, he did something there. And I
would disagree. I don’t know what I did really. I don’t know. If you were to ask me how I did it, I
couldn’t tell you. Well, here’s what I would tell you. I’m going to tell you exactly what I would tell
you, so you don’t come up to me after service and ask, how’d you do it?

Because I’m going to tell you right now I’m surrounded by great team members with Paul and
Rachel and many other people over there. I’m surrounded by great, great team members who
love the kids and who love the Lord. But besides that, I don’t know how I did it. I don’t know how
I made it to this point where I’m standing in front of you today having to introduce myself to a lot
of people who don’t know me. I didn’t think that would happen here. But here we are. And I
thought like I believe but as time goes on, I just say like God help my unbelief.

And I start to doubt and I start to wonder like what am I doing here? What am I doing with my
life? Am I where I’m supposed to be? I feel like Thomas a lot and this hopefully, this isn’t getting
you down. It’s not supposed to be depressing. It’s supposed to be a little bit just like, oh, wow,
this guy’s deep. Okay. All right. This guy likes to think. Okay.

But I feel like Thomas is like if I don’t see then how can I believe? But then, if I see it, there’s no
faith. Like there has to be that element of unbelief. Not unbelief. Maybe doubt. There has to be
that in my faith, because even if I were to see Jesus here, I would be like are you really Jesus?
It’s like John the Baptist was the greatest born among men and he doubted. You like, are you
really Jesus? Sorry. I stole that from Justin. I had, I had this thought. I thought it was like a good
thought and like from God, and then I went to Fed Hill church this morning. And Justin like
talked about doubt. And I walk like oh, somebody’s stealing something but like even Thomas,
one of his disciples is like if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it.

John the Baptist is like are you really him? And so I say in an encouraging way like for all of us
tonight, like do we believe? I don’t konw. You can answer that yourself. I won’t speak for you, but
I’ll tell you what we all, we all have a little unbelief. God help us, right? Like Lord, I believe. But
help my unbelief. Why is he saying that? Jesus says your son will be healed. All you got to do is
believe, and he goes I believe. I believe. But help my unbelief. Like there’s something in us,
there’s something in us and the thing I think is like, it’s like beautiful because really that’s faith.

That’s our faith. If I was convinced of Jesus Christ, I think I’d have a bigger problem in my life.
And you could be like this guy, like P. Schaller’s reading through Galatians 5 and I’m like he’s just
talking about me up here. It’s like and then and then I come up here and I say like, you know,
don’t be sure that Jesus exists. It’s like heresies. This guy’s speaking heresies.
But all I’m trying to say is that there’s this doubt. There’s this little, this little thing inside of us and
I think to myself, okay. That’s, you know, that’s like the devil coming at me. But I don’t think it is. I
think it’s what draws me closer to him. It’s the thing that, you know, yeah. I’m not sure if he really
exists. So, what do I do? I go into my Bible.

I read some scientific journals. I start looking for him. It draws me closer to him. It’s like God, I believe. You know, I grew up in the church. I went to Bible college. I believe, but help my unbelief. Because I have it. It’s there. There’s doubt. If
Thomas doubts, if John the Baptist doubts, I’m gonna, I’m gonna break it to you guys. Everyone
is going to doubt.

If only 10% of the people understand the message, then I’m in the 90 percent. Like I’m gonna
have doubt. And as great as, as great as a pride or a joy as I feel like speaking about this
school, I’m, I never thought it would get to this point. Yeah. When I first got there, there was,
there was not many students. And I was like why am I here? What am I doing here? And it was
like this school is a work of God in this country. And I’m like God I believe, but help my unbelief.
There’s nobody here. There’s no school. And then I turn around and then there’s 200 students.
Every single day, every student has to sit in a Bible class.

It’s something. It’s something else. We get some atheists, some Muslims, some Christians. We got some Jews. We have a big family from Israel and they love me! But I’m like, I’m gonna tell your kids about Jesus. They’re
like that’s fine as long as you’re Jewish! I’m like well, sure, why not? Like close enough, right?
It’s like I believe. I believe that God is working but God help my unbelief. Like Thomas, I want to
see and that’s so natural. Maybe that comes from the flesh, but actually, you know, maybe it
does. I don’t want to be the one to say, because I’m not that smart of a person. But I know that
God is moving. I know that God has done things in my life. And I know that God has done things
in Romania and that he’s done things in the school there. And like when I was in Bible college,
there were no Romanians here.

Now, we got three here. Four here. Well, Rachel, I’ll count Rachel. Two. Five. Count me out. I’ve been there 15 years. I count let’s say six. It’s like whoo! That’s a lot. We’re not that big of a country, 20 something million. That’s okay. It’s all right. It’s like God I believe that you want me there, but help my unbelief. I don’t know if I’m supposed to
be there. I don’t know what you want from me. And yeah, that’s how I did it, so in case you guys
were wondering that’s the secret.

And just to close, I went over five minutes. I’m sorry. I knew I was gonna, because I’m very
honored to be up here. To be able to speak in front of everybody. And it’s a blessing for me. And
also, I love, I love talking about the school and the church in Romania. I honestly don’t know
what to say when I’m flying to America. People like, oh, are you flying home? And I’m, I don’t
know. I don’t know. I don’t know where I belong. Am I American? Am I Romanian? Where’s
home? And I love, I love the people there. Pastor Mehau and Mari are great. Mari, if you are
watching, I took care of Timmy so don’t worry. He got his coffee. Just in case he’s watching,
because otherwise, she’ll call me. And I love, I love what God has had me do. But like God help
my unbelief. And yeah. Amen.


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