Religion saves none. We all need the Savior. Jesus makes this clear. He declares that He came from the Father above. By His Word, the Son makes us free. We are in Him and shall not die in our sins as the lost do. (John 7:52; John 8:23-59)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12700
Date: 2024-04-14
Time: Sun 11:00 am


P. Eugene Davis –

This morning P. Schaller an amazing message. There’s a phrase that stuck with me. I was thinking of
this day and age. So, Christ was resurrected from the dead. Correct? But the world and the devil
wanted to keep him buried, because if he rose from the dead there’s what? Victory. Right.
It also would happen in our lives. The devil would like for us to keep the things of God buried
and this is terminology we hear today. “I don’t want to hear it. Don’t talk about that.” “That’s
not practical today. We don’t need that here.” But it’s interesting. There’s a portion of Scripture
in Acts 5 and I was thinking about this because this is amazing.

The disciples were doing the work of God and it says this. Excuse me. Not Acts 5. Acts 3. Acts 4. Correct. Acts 4:13-18, this is what I love, vs. 19. In other words, we’re not going to bury Jesus Christ because he’s
resurrected. In our personal lives, in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our jobs, we’re not
going to shut up. We’re going to talk about the things that God has done in our lives personally
and corporately. And this is amazing because when you do that – we had this experience
yesterday in Richmond.

We were down in Richmond with Jesse and Kaylee. An amazing team down in Richmond doing
a great work. We were on the campus of VCU – Virginia Commonwealth University talking to
young people about Christ resurrected. A resurrected Christ practically in our lives. People were
open and they wanted to hear. Tell me more.

Just short. We were at this bus stop and we gave this lady a Gospel tract and she said, oh, are
you all Christians? Yes, ma’am. She said, this is what Richmond needs. People on the street
sharing their faith. She said to us, she said don’t be discouraged. Keep going. Do it more cuz
God is working. We were like, wow! Amen! Amen.

But practically in this story, we see the kingdom of darkness, the flesh and the world would
want the things of God to be buried. Don’t talk about church. Well, they want to talk about
everything else in the world. We talk about Jesus Christ. Our young people talk about Jesus
Christ. Our teenagers talk about Jesus Christ. GGCA we’re talking about Christ. MBC&S we’re
talking about Christ. The Learning Center, we’re talking about Christ. On outreach, we’re talking
about Christ. In our families, in our lives we talk about Jesus Christ resurrected because that is
the answer for the world we live in. And just practically, people are buried. They’re buried in
finances. They’re buried in problems. They’re buried. They can’t find a way out. You know the
answer that God does? You and me. He puts us into that situation.

Ever in a situation and you’re like, hey, have you ever had a problem and you just didn’t know
what to do. We like, oh, me? Yeah, you. Uh, of course. Well, tell me about it. And sometimes
you don’t want to talk but like Jeremiah, the Word of God is a fire in your bones. It’s like
bubbling and you open your mouth and they’re like how long have you known this? About 34
years. Where do you go to church? And you tell them about church. But this morning and in our lives, we’re not burying Christ cause he’s not buried. He’s resurrected. He is risen. He’s
ascended. He’s seated. He’s interceding. And the great news is he’s coming back. And this is our
lives. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Okay. You may be seated. Let’s see. P. Andrew and Laura. Do you want to stand for
a second? This couple is moving to West Virginia to plant a church. They’re going to plant a
church. The family. In Morgantown, right? Morgantown. So, we’re going to work together and
see that happen. That will be fun. He’s going to preach the Gospel there. The Spirit will move
and work there. So, we have you in our hearts and prayers. That will be April 27 th they’re
moving there in a few weeks. All right. Would you pray with me. (Prayer).

Turn to John 7. I have a lot of things to say this morning, but I want to – hopefully we’ll make it
clear and the Lord will help us. I would like you to just see. We’re going to look at John 8 but
before we go, I want to put it in a context and notice something in John 7. That is the confusion
about who is Jesus Christ.

So, John 7 is they don’t really know. Look at chapter 7:5. This is the theme of the chapter. Who
is he? How did he get his education? Where did he come from? His family is not believing. His
brothers and sisters did not believe in him. Look at vs. 12, 15. Translation: Where did he get his
education? Who is the rabbi that taught him? How did he learn these things? Who is he?

Vs. 20, 27, 31-32, 43. You get the idea. He’s a mystery. Where did he come from? Who is he? He
has a devil. No. Yes. No. He’s a good man. No. He’s deceiving people. Okay. Vs. 53.
I kind of think that’s what happens when we don’t know him. We just go to our own house. We
kind of go to our own life. We just live our own life. When we don’t know him.

Who is he? I don’t know. Some say this. Some say – I don’t know. Just go home. I go to my own house.
So, now in John 8, we have Christ stepping up to the plate so to speak. Coming in the picture
with this authority. He’s in the picture in 7 but now we see some very strong confrontation
happening and he’s very good at it. He’s very clear. This clarity is important for you and me. This
clarity comforts us. This clarity is our authority. This clarity is love, peace, confidence,
encouragement. This clarity that comes from God from the voice of God in this world.

And this is what they lacked in John 7 in the text. It’s the same group of people in John 8 or it’s
very similar. I don’t know it’s exactly the same people, but it’s in the same environment. And
Jesus is there. It’s basically confrontation with a Jewish sect and there were many Jewish sects
in first century. There were Pharisees, Sadducees. There were Herodians. There were Hellenist
Jews. There were very secular Jews. There were Orthodox Jews and so on.

But the group that really targeted Jesus, the ones that were really angry at him and hated him
were the Pharisees. Because the Pharisees knew the Bible but so did Jesus. The Pharisees that
knew the Bible were very interested in what he was teaching. And when he was teaching in a
way that challenged them, there was a reaction. We’ll see that in John 8. I also want to set it in
a context for your life and my life in a practical way and I hope that will become clear. That no
matter what century we live in, if we don’t have the clarity, then there’s something missing in
our hearts and in our lives. If we don’t have the clarity of what he is saying and be receiving
what he has to say to us, then there’s something missing in my life and I get very much
occupied with life instead of being a worshipper of him.

Let me repeat that and just make a sketch. It’s very easy to be occupied with your life, you
know. Very easy. My life. There’s certain words. Maybe we could make a point about
condemnation. I want to explain what that is in a minute. It’s Romans 8:1 and 1 John 3:19-21. If
your heart condemns you, God is greater than your heart. If your heart condemns you. And
condemnation is a very common thing with us as people. We condemn ourselves in many ways.
Condemnation is what I shouldn’t have done but I did it. What I should do but I don’t do it.
What I should do but I don’t do enough of it.

Or what I shouldn’t do but I did it and how easy it is for us to live in condemnation even when I haven’t done anything particularly wrong. Sometimes I woke up in the morning and I ask my wife, was I hear last – I’m waking up and I
feel like I murdered somebody last night! That’s how guilty I am. I wake up guilty. I wake up
condemning myself. I live in condemnation. People do. And sometimes sensitive people are
condemning themselves for things that are kind of ridiculous. Like I parked in the wrong parking
place or something. Very silly. Or what I should have done or didn’t do. So, that’s like something
very interesting about people.

But when you hear from above, when Jesus is speaking to you from above, then that gives you
another life. Not this one but you actually end up becoming a worshipper. You end up being a
worshipper. You get focused on Christ. You hear him. You are drawn to him and you worship
him. This is your new life. This is what Jesus is saying in John 8. He’s making a distinction
between these two. Let’s say this way. Here’s me and my little world of condemnation and this
is you and me and we’ll put arms up like this and we are free and we worship and we realize
something a lot bigger than us. We are in spirit. We are understanding. We are loved. We are
encouraged. We are forgiven. We are called by his name. We are realizing something more
than ourselves.

All right. So, this is a long text from Chapter 8:23 and we’ll go verse by verse for quite a while
until we’re crying out for food and water and then we’ll dismiss you!! Vs. 23. Okay. Vs. 24.
Okay. So, we have a simple picture here of a man loses his life and he dies in what? In his sin.
Okay. He dies in his sins. Okay. What a statement that is? Really, Lord? Yes. You die in your sins.
You don’t have anything more than that. But I have good works. But your good works are filthy rags in the eyes of God in Is. 64. Yeah, but I’m sincere. Your sincerity can’t save you.

Your sincerity can’t take your sins away. You are people that – you are religious people but you will
die in your sins cause your religion cannot save you. You need a Savior. I am from above. You
are from below and you will die in your sins.

Later in the text he says your father is the devil. He’s very strong with these people. He’s telling
the how it is. They are unsaved. They don’t know who Jesus is. They need him but they won’t
come to him because they are fortified in their life. They are fortified in their worldview or in
their mindset and he’s trying to break through. He’s trying to speak to them. He’s trying to
reach them. But in doing that, he speaks to us about what we have.

What they have – we’ll make a comparison – what they have in their life we’ll see in the
chapter and what we have in our life. Okay. Turn to vs. 25. What a good question? Who are
you? Who are you? I am from above. You are from below. We don’t believe you. Then I’ll tell
you what’s going on. Vs. 25-27. Who’s the Father? God. Father God in heaven that Jesus is
saying the Father sent me and I’m here talking to you and this is you need to hear me but you
can’t hear me.

Vs. 28. I think we all understand this. There’s a transfer from the Father God in heaven to Jesus
Christ on the earth. When you saw Jesus, you saw the Father in a sense. You saw God. When
you heard him, you were hearing what God in heaven is saying. Christ is on the earth saying it.
Vs. 29-30. So, he’s actually having a ministry to these people that are – that happens to us also.
When we hear the Word, we just kind of sit back. We’re listening and watching and we hear.
We start to believe this is true. I start to believe it.

That’s another thing about human beings. We die in our sins and also we struggle with
condemnation. We as believers don’t die in our sin. I hope you understand that. A believer
doesn’t die in his sin. He dies in Christ. He’s in Christ not in his sin. I hope you know that. You
don’t go to the judgment at the White Throne. You don’t have that judgment. You’re not being
judged for your sins as the world is, the unbeliever. He dies in his sins and the books will be
open and all the works they have done will be judged. They’ll be judged out of the books and
cast into the lake of fire in Revelation 20:12-15.

But not the believer. He is not in his sin. You are not in your sin. Your sins are in the deepest
sea, Micah 7:19. Your sins are as far as the east from the west in Psalm 103. Your sins are not
remembered anymore, Hebrew  8:12. Your sins are gone. Now, that’s amazing. Your sins are gone.
Our sins are gone. God cannot find them. They are not there. He remembers them no more.
By the way, condemnation is also not in God. I said that already. You are not condemned. You
are not condemned. But these people have it. They have the condemnation because of John 3:17-19. We see it there in the Scripture. And they are condemned already. John 5:24 is another

All right. So, Turn to chapter 8:31-32. So, here we have another picture here is that you have
freedom. You have the truth. You are actually from above. You are born from above and God is
your Father and he doesn’t condemn you. But you are his and you continue in the Word. You
have the Word that you are born from by believing. An incorruptible seed not of corruptible but
in corruptible seed. The Word of God. That’s how you were born of God by believing in him.
Believing in his Word.

Then he says in vs. 32-36. This freedom point is spiritual. It’s not political freedom. It’s not being
a slave like in Egypt they were slaves. It’s not your social status. It’s spiritual. Free indeed. You
are actually free from sin. You are free from yourself. You are free from the things that burden
us so easily. We are free from guilt. We are free from fear. We are free from shame. We could
make mistakes but we are restored. We are loved. We are free. We are free indeed. So, that’s
the meaning here and it’s clear.

Vs. 37. That phrase is a good one. My word has no place in you. Let’s draw a man. There’s a
man. You can’t tell but it is! And he, the Word has a place in him. The Word is there. He
received it. It’s in his heart. I cannot describe to you what that means. I just know when it
happens. It happens to you. It does. It happens. You hear a word and it carries. It grows. It’s a
seed planted. It’s the Word. It has a place in you. You actually may be surprised it’s there and
then you have it in you and you enjoy it. The Word has a place in you.

I believe that’s what happened in your appetite as a believer. This is a big book. How could this
Word have a place in me? But what if just a part of it speaks to my spirit, my heart, and has a
place in me. Then, that’s what Jesus is saying to these people. You can’t hear me. As he
describes here in a minute. We’ll see. It’s like describing someone who is in the other room like
behind the wall over here. I’ll turn my microphone off and talk back here. Hear me? Maybe not
but you can maybe here that somebody is there. You hear that somebody is behind the wall. I
don’t know what they’re saying but I hear them talking. But I don’t know what they are talking
about. This is what he says to these people.

You hear me but you can’t understand me. You know I am here and I’m talking but you don’t
get it. You don’t have a place in your heart for me. That happens. That’s like in the world the
world doesn’t have a place in their heart for God and what God is saying. Yes, they have a place
in their heart for God, but they want God to be their own way, their own God. Yeah, I believe in
God but hey, hey. Back off. I believe in God. I got my God. I’m good. Let me alone.

Yes. I hope you are good. I don’t know that. But if Jesus could talk to you, he might say that you
don’t know. You say you do but you don’t know. He went even farther and stronger with them
and said these things.

Let’s go to what did he say actually? He said in vs. 38. Wait a minute. We’re talking about
fathers now. Yes, we are. We’re talking about fathers. What is a father? It’s like what you come
from. My father. I come from above but your father is from below. Your father is the devil. He
says that here. We read it in a second.

Look at the picture of these people. #1. They die in their sins. #2. They’re in bondage. They’re
not free. #3. Their father, he’s not a good guy. These people are lost. These people are religious.
These people are very secure and they hate him. They hate him. They’re going to kill him.
They’re not just going to push him out of town. They’re going to destroy him. They’re going to
rip him to pieces. They’re going to kill him. They’re targeting him. They don’t like it.

It’s kind of a picture of the human race like in our worst where there’s actually a target and the
target is God. It’s like if God showed up anywhere in the world, he would be targeted as an
enemy. You might say, no not good people. No, this is spiritual. And you have no idea what a
spiritual world means. If you think that just being a good person is going to get you through, it
isn’t. Just be a good guy is not the answer to this world because you’re not actually a good guy.
When you get down to it and it really goes to where reality is, it’s God against evil. And we are
on the evil side unless we are born of God. And we are by God’s grace. Let’s see where it goes

I’ve got to make note of where I stopped. Vs. 39-41. By the way, I hope you understand I am no
way antisemitic. Not even close. I am so much for Jewish people. I am so much for these, the
Bible, what the Bible has taught me. I am so much into the Jewish Scriptures. I am so much into
our faith and the Messiah and the church and what God has done. I am so much in it.
But when I read these things, I realize it’s not about, it’s not about a race of people. It’s about
the nature of the human heart and how capable we are. How prone we are to miss it and not
understand what is really happening. This is where Jesus comes in in your life so you and I
would be awake and aware.

Vs. 41. That’s a low blow. They’re suggesting Mary, your mother Jesus, we did the research.
Your mother wasn’t married when you were born. We were not born of fornication. Maybe you
were. Well, you don’t know what you are talking about. That’s the answer to that. But they’re
in battle here with him.

Vs. 42-43. By the way, I believe you could hear a preacher, you could hear the sounds, but you
may not get it what he’s saying. Because that’s happened to me many times I’m sure. I’m listening but I really need to listen and really be a worshipper and receive what is being said and
hear what God is saying in the Word as worshippers in the congregation because these words
are what we base our life on.

Because of these words, we can better raise our family. Because of these words, I can better be
a worker at work. Because of these words, I can better be a neighbor in my neighborhood.
Because of these words, I can overcome the temptations. I’m not perfect. We aren’t. But
because of these words, we have some authority in our life to live a different way. We can love.
We have joy. We have peace because of these words. Words. Words from God.
All right.

Chapter 8:43, my speech is like mumblings to you. Words behind the wall but you
cannot hear me. vs. 44. What are the lusts of their father? Their father is the devil? What are
the lusts of the devil? Power. Okay. What lust does the devil has? What does he do? What does
he want to do? He loves to destroy. He loves to rip things apart. He’s a destroyer. He loves to
deceive. He loves to cheat. He loves the broken heart. He loves to push down, bury.

When Jesus was buried in the tomb, Pilate and the Pharisees had counsel together and they
said, the Pharisees said to Pilate, he said he would be raised in three days so make sure the
tomb is secure. Pilate said I agree with you because if they steal the body – they said the
disciples may come and steal the body and it will be worse. Pilate said yeah, it can’t get worse.
It can’t get worse. Make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ve got to seal the tomb.

What’s the lust of the devil? Keep him buried. Keep him buried. Keep the Bible buried. Keep the
Bible out of the school. Keep the Bible out of the child. Keep the Bible out of the teenager’s
hands. Keep it buried. Keep mom and dad buried in their lives that they don’t have anything to
say at the breakfast table. They don’t have any love in their hearts. Bury the kids. Bury the
family. Bury the mom and dad. Bury the kids. Bury the boss. Bury the country. Destroy. The
lusts of the devil are murder, adultery, cheating, deceitful hearts. Right.

Let’s read what he says in vs. 44. You will raise up an army and destroy Europe. Who did that?
Four million man army. Adolf Hitler. He did it in a few years. Four and a half million German
soldiers to wipe out a generation and destroy Europe. Millions of people in Russia died. Millions
in Europe died. Jews died in the furnaces. Millions. Is this the devil? Is that evil? Okay.
If he is my father, what do you think? I’m going to be a professional guy, but I got the ability to
steal money using my computer. I got the ability to destroy a neighborhood. I got the ability to
oppress the poor. I got the ability to bring in addictions, to do drug deals. I can destroy on high
level and low level life. That’s what the devil does.

I’m sorry I’m emphasizing it but I can’t help it. I think we need to realize that a lot of life affects
people that are suffering and you are not part of that. You are not part of that because you are born from above. The Word has a place in your heart. Nurture that in your heart and receive it
and worship Jesus Christ with purity of heart and humility of heart. Get rid of your stuff.
I had friends – the Zola’s up in Massachusetts – and they got saved by radio program with Dr.
Stevens. They had a cabinet of hundreds of dollars of alcohol. And she told me – Se Zola, she’s a
fireball – bottle after bottle right down the toilet. Bottle after bottler. Like thousands of dollars,
I guess. I don’t know. I’m making it up probably but a lot of it. The fish were drunk. I don’t know
where – it cleansed out the whole sewer system of the city!

Now, how could anybody have the authority to do a thing like that? It must be from above.
Cause we don’t have that. We don’t have that. That’s maybe the point this morning. We don’t
have what it is that Jesus Christ came to bring. We don’t have it by nature.
Let’s go read it. I want you to leave in good time. Vs. 44. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Vs. 45-47.
You’re not of God. That’s all. That’s it. I mean it’s just Jesus saying it. Jesus is saying that. That’s
all. Vs. 48. They’re in the game. Vs. 48-53. Who are you if you could say this thing? Now we
know you have a devil. Know we know. They don’t know. He answered. Vs. 54-56. I wonder
what it means? Did Abraham see the coming of the Messiah? Did Abraham, did he see the city?
He looked for a city whose builder and maker is God. Did he somehow see the Messiah? Did he
understand it? How did he see Christ coming into the world? How did he see that? Jesus said
Abraham saw that.

Then he says, vs. 57. This is 2,000 years. Jesus is 2,000 years after Abraham, right? vs. 57. There
you go. The I AM. Where do we get I AM? Moses at the burning bush. What is your name, God?
I AM that I AM. They knew what he was saying. That he is the I AM. Before Abrham was, I AM.
God. I am God. I am God in the flesh. I am the Messiah in John 4. I am the answer for your life.
Now, I just want to say to apply it to our lives, I want you to understand that your life – people
in the world don’t have what you have. Look at it up here on the screen. What you have is
something that actually it grows. Okay. What you have is actually – this is small. This world is a
small world. Have you ever lived in a cellar? I have. Have you ever had no money? I have. Have
you ever been lost?

Have you ever been in a country, don’t speak the language, get thrown off the train, and you
don’t know where you are and you can’t speak the language and you’re in a place? I have. Have
you ever like been trapped in something small? I have. Have you ever had bad habits and can’t
get out of it? I have. Have you ever been in bondage to your sin? I have. Have you been afraid
of death? Yes. Are you afraid of going to prison one day? Maybe. Yes. The world that we live in
is not that great. I love it but on the other hand, it can catch you. Grab ahold of you. Throw you
down. Beat you. Murder you. Lie to you. Destroy you. Tear you up.

But Jesus said I came from above and you don’t have a place in your heart for me. And you
don’t have it and you will die in your sin. You are lost and the devil is your father. But if you
believe in me, you are born from above. You have the Holy Spirit. I have many things to say to
you and I set you free. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Will you still live
in the basement? Maybe. But I have joy unspeakable.

Do you still have problems like others? I do but I have something else going on in my life, too. I
have Jesus Christ in my life. I have a living God. I have a God that hears our prayer and answers
our prayer. I have sisters and brothers I never had before. I have a purpose. Life is short and
one day we will leave our body and go and be with God in heaven at a table with Abraham and
Isaac and Jacob and the wedding garment is ours.

The righteousness of the saints. And the city of God whose builder and maker is God and that city is described in the book of Revelation with 12 gates and foundation stones that are the apostles. They are made of pearl. The pearly gates.
I met a guy in Havre de Grace and he was an old retired veteran and he was sad on the porch
and also glad and we talked. He said my wife died last year and I’m here by myself. And I said,
what’s going on? He said I believe in Jesus. I told my wife I’ll meet her at the southern gate. I go
what do you mean? We have an appointment at the southern gate. I’m going to meet my wife.
There. I go really? I’m trying to draw more out of him because he’s really believing. He’s really
believing. It’s in his heart. How true that is.

What about you? Do you have anything going on in your life? Are you willing to give up on your
Christianity and not believe in it anymore? Are you willing to compromise with the devil and he
says he’s buried. Don’t let him out. He’s buried. And the devil says I’m dancing on Jesus’ grave.
The devil says I’m dancing on Jesus Christ’s grave. He’s buried and he’s not coming out. What?
How would you finish the message if you were me right now?

The devil is dancing on Jesus’ grave. He’s not getting out. Keep him buried. Keep the Bible
buried. Keep the church buried. Keep all the goodness buried. Keep it all down. Don’t anyone
know about it. Don’t ever talk about it. Just go on in our dumb, stupid, foolish, small way. No
way. No. Jesus is alive.

In the book of Acts tells us and shows us what happens when we hear it and believe it. We’re
dancing on the devil’s grave. We are believing in not what he is saying. We are believing in what
the Lord is saying. It’s growing in us. We have it and we’re thankful for it. We are victorious. We
are more than conquerors. Nothing can separate us from his love. Amen.


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