Samson lived as Nazarite in a manner of consecration. And then he got caught with the wrong woman. He lost that consecration. We need consecration and detachment from a world that’s bold about what it wants to do. Give all that you are to God. Bring everything to the Cross. (1 Corinthians 7:29-31)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12040
7:00 PM on 2/10/2021

P. Schaller –

Praise the Lord! Thank you ladies. That’s so precious, isn’t it? And the spirit in our meetings. It’s just precious to
us. We feel God is with us, preparing us, speaking to us, comforting us, encouraging us and we
are learning about suffering. We’re learning about love, the world, and what the world is saying.
We kind of scratch the surface of the world to try and find out what is behind what they say. We
find oftentimes it’s empty. Has anyone seen a sign in the front yard of a home where it says
“Hatred has no home here”? “Black Lives Matter”? “Love is love”? All those phrases. Have you
not seen those signs? Ask your neighbor if you have seen the sign? Okay, how many your
neighbor told you they have seen the sign? Raise your hand. “Love is love.” What do they
mean? They mean that when a homosexual loves a homosexual, that is love. But what if you
were to have a discussion with your neighbor or someone that puts the sign in their front yard,
what would you say to them about that? “Love is love.” Is it? Sometimes it is. Or what is love? Is
adultery love? We could ask that. “Love is love.”

A married man falls in love with another woman and he has an affair with her. Is that love? What do you think about it? What do we think about it? “Hatred has no home here.” What kind of – what is hatred? What do you mean? Why do you
say that? What is the point? If I didn’t agree with you, would you hate me? If I don’t say the
same things that you say, would you hate me? It’s a good question. I”m asking you as a
congregation to read that sign. You’ll find it in neighborhoods and on the internet. Find it and
read it and ask yourself what do you believe about that sign, what they are saying? And what
are they saying? Why? It is a test for us because we are in the world with a lot of things that are
being said. We are capable from God’s point of view to love people and also to disagree with
people. We are also able to love people and lead people. We are also able to provoke them in
thinking. Sunday night we will have our service and afterwards we will have a rap session on
that sign with love and understanding and explain it and have a good time doing it.

Why do we do this? Because we believe we are in a time when the world is very bold in saying things and
they are not being checked. Is it love when an old man, this sounds very weird and it’s wrong –
when an old man loves a little girl. Is that love? Is pedophilia love? Yeah, good question. Well
then what, what are you saying all over the country about this? Is this propaganda? Are people
thinking? Do they know what they are saying? Do they know what they represent? What are we
saying? Why are we saying this? Because Samson in the Bible was a man who was
consecrated to God and he had long hair because he was a Nazarite. His mother took the
Nazarite vow for her son to dedicate him. A razor could not touch his head nor any fruit juice or
wine, so he was consecrated. We read in the Bible because Jesus Christ has come into our
hearts and we are filled with the Spirit, then we are also consecrated. There are some things we
deny ourselves. We are different. We are different. In Samson’s case, they could look at him
and say he is different because his hair is long. He didn’t have a hair cut.

And in the story of Judge 16, you see in chapters 13 -16, how amazingly strong he was. He carried the city gates
50 miles uphill from Hebron to Gaza. He carried them at midnight. He walked up a slope 50
miles and it might have weighed 800 pounds or 1,000 pounds. He was extremely strong, and in
the Bible we see he was strong because he was consecrated like you. You are wise. You are
Spirit-filled. God protects you. Angels are round about us in Psalm 34:7. We are in a hiding place
with the Lord our God. He’s our bulwark, our tower. He’s our buckler. He’s our strength. He’s our
shield. He is the reason why we are strong. We are not strong for any other reason. We would
be just a common person except for our consecration has made us different. Consecration
means dedication, a decision, many decisions, and deciding that I will bring this to God. I will
trust God. In high school we did an exercise, a lesson and I want to read it to you. No, we didn’t
do it in the high school. We did it in the Bible college. We plan to do it in the high school.
“Imagine the following. One evening, five members of one family silently sat around a table.

For many years, they have not been able to achieve harmony amongst themselves. They come to
ask, how could this ever be done? How could we have unity?” So we taught in the class how
this can be done. How people in a family, a marriage, in a church how we can have unity. We
gave this example from a book I read. “My younger sister borrows my clothes without asking.
Instead of hanging them up after, she crumples them up into a ball and throws them under the
bed. This makes me angry and we are almost always fighting. To make matters worse, my mom
takes her side. One day, I bought a new pair of jeans. My sister wore them. After she got home,
she put them back where they belonged which I thought was rather strange until I went to wear them and discovered she had ripped them.” So there is a family problem, situation. I hate my
sister or my sister destroys my clothes. I am so angry about it. I will hurt her. I will fight with her.
I will destroy her. This is one way that people live. It’s very common.

Samson represents somebody who has something else going on in his life. We say that often with regards to the
Holy Spirit filling us, teaching us and comforting us. Can I have that iPad pastor? The picture
could look like this. We are going to look at a portion of Scripture in a minute. By the way, I
forgot to say, Valentine’s Day. The seminar Friday night and Saturday. Many of you know,
Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Also remember the singles. Singles are the folks not married, maybe
don’t have a friend or a boyfriend. Kind of alone. Remember them. We could call that
Valentine’s Day, “Friendship Day” for the single people. What do you think about that?
Friendship Day. High five your neighbor for a minute. Friendship day. Let’s go. Everybody is in
the game. Everybody’s in the game. Get a valentine for your sweetheart and then a pat on the
back for your friend! The next thing our nursery. We want to open our nursery on Sunday nights
and we need 3 or 4 workers. The nursery is open at 11 in the morning.

The nursery is on Wednesday night, like tonight. Thank God. Give them a hand. That’s amazing what they do, and
we want to also open it up on Sunday night. So we need workers for that. Could you pray for
that and act on it as God leads. The next thing I want to mention is Missions Night. That will be
a lot of fun. It’s a Sunday night here. It’s all about missions. And we’ll have food, foreign foods in
the Bible school. We’ll have a lot of fun that night. We’ll hear missions. Dress up like a native of
another country or a missionary with a hat on and all of that. That will be fun. That will be 28th of
February. And here’s the big one. Eurocon. Eurocon is March 8-13th. We are inviting all theAmerican pastors to come to Baltimore. Bring your wife. Bring your family. Come to Baltimore
for a few days or the whole week if you want to. We’ll have pastors meetings in the morning.
We’ll have services here 1:00 in the afternoon. That will be live over in Europe. We’ll be
watching a service here 1:00 in the afternoon and that will be evening time in Europe.

That will be a whole great time from Tuesday until Saturday. We’ll have the American guys here too.
Come. Come and be with us and enjoy that. Draw near. Draw near. Alright. Here is the girl, the
angry girl. Let’s put a dress on her. Here’s her sister and so there is real problem between these
two. It turned out pretty good, didn’t it? The drawing! I can see that! What happens, what
happens when your life, when you are angry or upset, what happens when figuratively speaking
someone takes your clothes, wears them, takes them off and rolls them up in a ball and throws
them under the bed and could care less about you and the clothes. What do you think? How do
you handle that? This is what we do with it. This is important. We have triangle here. God is the
one in charge. I say to God, she is ruining my clothes. They belong to me. I own them. The Lord
says to me, Give them to me. What? The clothes. Give the clothes to me. Those are my clothes.
God, those are your clothes? Yes, those are my clothes. This is my business. Bring me into this.
I am God. But I have my rights. The Lord says the right that you have is the cross.

What is the cross? It is that I could get angry about my family problem but I can also go to God. I can
believe God and worship God and I can give God the most precious thing in my life, my wife. My
life. My son. My daughter. My granddaughter. My job. I can give to God my clothes, my car, my
house. I can give to God my friend. What do you mean give to God? I mean it. I mean it. It’s
taking up the cross. Unless a man takes up the cross and follows me, he cannot learn anything.
He can’t learn. He can’t know. He can’t be strong. He can’t grow if he’s not consecrated.
Consecration is what Samson did. Consecration. Listen to this. It’s what Samson did and it’s
what Samson lost. He lost it. He lost his power. He lost his consecration. I honestly believe that
the devil would love to draw us into his swamp and fight and live in my emotions and
resentment and hatred. This is one thing that I’m saying about the propaganda of the day when
people are saying things but I’m not against good intentions. I love good intentions and many
people that are talking about these things may have good intentions.

They may not even know what they are doing. It says that about Absalom. There were 200 men that were simple and they followed Absalom, and they really didn’t know what they were doing. That’s called deception.
People follow but they don’t know exactly what they are doing because they are not, they don’t
have God, a triangle. They have this kind of a thing between two people. It’s just this fight.
That’s why families can’t get along because there is always going to be too much mustard in the
mayonnaise. You’re going to be late. You’re going to not care. You’re going to miss the birthday.
There’s always going to be something, an attitude, a feeling, a projection. There will always be something in our life that will pull us apart. It will pull us apart. It’s what the devil hates, the unity
that happens through consecration through the cross. In the story with the two teenagers, the
girl – and this is written in a counseling book. The girl took it to God. She said, Lord, these are
not my clothes. These are your clothes. I am worshiping you.

I’m trusting you. I’m asking you. I’m a steward of those clothes but I am not a possessor of them. Maybe this is the message for tonight. 1 Corinthians 7, it’s shocking. It is. It’s shocking. 1 Corinthians 7:29. By the way, thank you so much
for being here. I mean it with all my heart. I’m unworthy. That’s not false humility as far as I
know. I feel very honored. I feel people pray for us. I feel the Lord is teaching us and leading us
in love and understanding some things a little bit. But I think we have a good chance of living
through troubled times because we are learning these kind of things. These are troubled times
and we are learning things that are preparing us to meet Christ. That day is coming. Woe! Woo
hoo! Man! That’s coming! That’s amazing! I read the other day Hebrews 11:10, Abraham looked for
a city that had foundations. The only city I know in the Bible that had foundations is the one at
the end of Revelation, the heavenly city has foundations. Isn’t that cool? And it’s the apostles
and prophets. 1 Corinthians 7:29, let me add.

The time is short. Live a consecrated life. Know the difference between the clean and the unclean. Stay away from the unclean and be clean. You’ll be so satisfied. You’ll be so strong like Samson. Then your life will be filled with blessed events and things that happen because the time is short. Live consecrated. vs. 29. How could you ever
do that? How could you have a wife and live as though you had none? Come on? How could
you do it? It’s up on the screen. That’s how. How do you do it? How do you have a wife and live
like you have none? Answer: It’s a triangle. Lord, this is my wife but she actually belongs to you
and I’m a steward of our relationship and I love her and learn how to live with her and be a
minister to her, 1 Peter 3:7. But I find when I give my life, my wife, my things to you, that you are
in it. You are going to help me. My hair grows longer spiritual speaking. You have a
consecration when you love you wife because you are not possessing your wife. You are not
possessing. You are a steward.

You are ministering. She is one body with you. She is actually you. But how could I be also detached from in some sense, how could I manage that? It’s a thing of the heart and it happens. It’s the cross. You love your wife but I’m not possessing. vs. 30. How can you live like that, that I weep. I’m heart broken. I’m weeping and then I live like I’m
not weeping. How do you do that? The triangle. The weeping goes to God and he gives me
strength and I live as though I didn’t weep. There’s a power there. How do you fast? I fast before
God and Jesus said you clean your face and you act as though you are not fasting. How can
you do that? Consecration. There is an authority in your life. How do you possess your car and
take care of you car and love you car like a lot of guys do and then say, that’s okay. That’s
God’s car. Thank you. I used it today and at the end of the day, thank you. That was awesome.
That’s your car and I trust you. I will use it as long as you give it to me and I will be using it to the
glory of God cause this is a new kind of life.

This is the life the devil never wants you to find. He doesn’t want you to find the joy and the freedom and the love and the forgiveness and the wisdom and the understanding. Go to the next part. vs. 30. We had a great time. We had a
great time but it ended. It ended. Thank you, Lord. You gave us a time of rejoicing and then.
That’s alright. My life doesn’t have to be based on weeping or rejoicing. My life is based on
something that you cannot even define it. It’s a mystery. It’s a fellowship. Sometimes we are
weeping. Sometimes we are rejoicing. And we are stewards. Sometimes even the things we
possess we are not holding them very tightly. Look at the next verse. vs. 30b. Next time you buy
something valuable, give it up to God. I bought my house. That’s not yours. You buy it but don’t
possess it. Hold it loosely in your hand. I’m a steward of it. What is the meaning of this? This
means there is a spiritual power at work in your heart because God is in your heart so you can
live in this world and not be caught in a trap. In the trap, is my sister ruining my clothes and
throwing them away and treating me like nothing.

I get caught in a trap. I say what’s the way out? The Lord says the cross is the way out. That’s the way out. Love is the way out. Patience. In the story with the girl and she did this and gave it up as a habit and she says in her testimony
I don’t know how it happened but miraculously my sister changed. She stopped doing it. We
have the best relationship ever. Sometime happened. Let’s ask Samson. Where is your strength
really coming from? He’d say it’s actually from God. I’m just strong because of God. That’s the
way I want you and I to feel this. I believe we are. When we go through this pandemic, as we
went through it last year, it’s like a blip on the screen in my heart. I’m sorry for people that have
suffered and are suffering today. I’m saying there is something about your life and my life that is so important and it’s called consecration. You cannot drink the fruit juice. I can’t drink the fruit
juice? You can’t. You’re a Nazarite. I lose the fruit juice but I gain the Holy Spirit. I might even
limp like Jacob after he wrestled with the angel. He was limping the rest of his life leaning on a
staff. But what did he gain? He had power with God and men.

Canaanite people and Philistine people afraid of Jacob. He was like a little guy, a handful of people in his family. It wasn’t even a nation really. Just a small tribe of people that speak this language Hebrew. They are nothing.
Okay. Last verse is vs. 31. You use the world. Do you use your computer? Do you use your
credit card? Do you use your phone? Do you use the world? Use the schools and the hospitals
and the police stations. You use the institutions and the facilities. Do you use the world? Yes,
but there is a detachment. It’s not me and the world but me and God in the world. In the world,
our hair with God is growing and I have an enemy. I have an enemy who is against this power.
Those are the Philistines. They are against Samson. I have an enemy. And they are trying to
find out what is the secret? They can’t figure it out. How does Samson operate? How does that
roll? The world is also getting their eye. I believe they are going to train their eye upon people
like us. We are in the world but we don’t need them.

We are not dependent on them. We are not afraid of them. We’re not subject to them. We don’t agree with them in every way. We are not “anti” but we just have another source. We have the reality of Jesus Christ in our life. They put
their eye and they say something like “Love is love.” Love is Love. We go, let’s talk about it. Can
you think of where something is wrong and on and on it goes. I want to finish with the main
point. The Philistines go to Delilah. Delilah is Samson’s girlfriend. Wow. A consecrated man is
going to fall and he’s going to fall by telling his secret. By being in the lap of the world. He is
going to fall by a razor, a Philistine razor is going to cut his hair. He is going to be mocked and
ridiculed and brought down. And he is going to be shamed. He is going to be stumbling along
because he is blind. He can’t be strong like he used to be. He’s going to be ridiculed and
mocked and humiliated. Because he lost his consecration. What is the Philistine razor that took
seven locks off his head. Seven it says. I don’t know what that means but it’s a message for
somebody some day to preach on, what those seven locks were that Samson lost that resulted
in his. Did he lose his love?

His joy? His peace? His long suffering? Did he lose his gentleness, his faith, his meekness, his temperance? They’re nine. I don’t know what they were but the world has a razor to take you away from God and bring you to the common run-of-the-mill people that are just going like the penguins! They’re all the same and they go in the Antarctic
waters and they all go the same way. The story of Samson is in your Bible and my Bible for us
to think about how we are to live. And the key is bring God into everything. Bring God into your
argument. Bring God into your empty heart. Bring God into your fleshly nature in principle. You
understand what I mean. Bring God into your disagreement. Bring God into your life. Be serious
about it. When you buy something, bring it before God. When you enjoy something, enjoy it and
be enjoying it in the presence of God and praise him for it. But also be able to say if I did not
enjoy this, I know I have God who I can always rejoice in God. For at his right hand are
pleasures forevermore. I might not have the life that I was looking for, but I got the life that God
has given me and to be alive is a great miracle and work of grace.

I thank him for that. This is a new way of life. In closing, consecration. Many people don’t do it. Many people don’t have it. They don’t go into their bedroom and go on their knees and give it up to God. I remember one
time I was a little sick. This is a long time ago. I was living in Belair, MD at the time. I had two
little girls, Bethany and Amy, and probably Justin, too. I don’t remember. I only remember the
girl part. I couldn’t sleep. I had a fever or something and I went to prayer. I knelt down and God
was searching my heart. He said there is something that you love too much. And I go, yes, Lord.
I know what you mean. It’s my girls. I love them too much. They mean a lot to me. My little girls.
Give them to me. Give them to me. Very hard. Very hard. You know, very hard. Give them to
me. They are not yours. They are mine. Those girls are mine. Isn’t that good? So, I did it in my
heart as far as we know and now whatever, 40 years later, I have these two women that I am so
thankful for and so proud of in the Lord.

There is no way in our family that we could ever have the family – I don’t believe it could ever happen – without that triangle. It’s God that decides if we live or die. It’s God that decides what you have in you heart. It’s God that decides if he answers your prayer or not. It was tested. Because when they were 11 and 12 years of age and
Justin was 9 years of age, we moved to Hungary. And after a year there, we moved back and
my wife and I agreed my place was to be in Hungary and she could raise the family. My wife
could raise the family. What a woman! How could that happen? To bring that before God and to believe that that is God’s will. That’s amazing. But you know, you can’t out give God. What we
give to God there is the consecration that happens. You find strength. We went through years,
13 years. I’m not boasting. I don’t care about that. I care about what we are saying. It’s for all of
us. There is no hero here. There is nothing about that. It’s only to glorify God. I remember one
time I was without my family and I could cry. I could just cry. I was living in Hungary and I
couldn’t do anything because I was just crying.

Every day I could just think about my family and I was in a McDonald’s. I had to go into the bathroom and take a towel and just cry in the towel. And then go out and try to do the rap session in the McDonald’s. I really couldn’t do it. I had to
go home and cry. And I’m not like that. So I called Dr. Stevens up and I go, Pastor, I don’t know
what is going on but I am so emotional. Maybe God is saying it is time for me to come home
and this is over. He said do whatever God is leading you. Do whatever God wants you to do. So
I went before God in prayer. I knelt down at the bedside there in Hungary, in Budapest. I said
Lord, if this is from you, make it clear to me in the morning. I’m going to bed now. When I wake
up, I just want this to be clear to me. When I got up, it was all over and gone. It was over and
gone. No more emotion about it. God took it away. It was the most amazing thing. It helps me to
understand people a little better. When I understand people go through things. Sometimes there
are things we go through, you don’t know where it is coming from. You don’t know how God will
answer you, but God is in your life.

And if you have only this kind of model here, you and your sister fighting over the clothes, that’s one way to live if you want. Maybe you are going to win by beating her up or something. But there is another way. Give everything all the time to God and consecrate you life before God. That consecration will have an effect on you. It will help you and
the people around you. There will be a day maybe when you will lose it, and the world will come
and give you a hair cut and say, knock it off. It back in your corner, you nobody. You are
nothing. Who do you think you are? And remove us from the power and the ministry and the
work of grace and the Spirit answering prayer and leading us in faith. Our life is not up for grabs.
The devil can’t have it. The world does not own it. We are in charge. We are God’s people. We
have the Spirit of God. No, we decide. I decide what happens in my family. I decide.

God is in our family. I decide with God what is in our home. Turn that off. Turn that off. Turn that TV off.
Turn it off. That garbage is not coming into my house and so on. Where did Samson get the –
how was he able to do it? Because he was consecrated to God. This is not anger. This is not
anything malicious. It’s not hatred. It is the Lord is with you and this is how we want to live.



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