Daniel possessed a purpose of heart. He trusted the wisdom of his convictions by faith. This won Daniel favor and victory. Words of exhortation, direction, and correction should be welcomed. These guide us in success and protect from sin and disaster. (Daniel 1:3-15, 6:1-10; Hebrews 13:22)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon: 12583
7:00 PM on 09/20/2023

P. Roger Robbins –

Good evening and it’s so good to be here. Wow. I was just thinking during the worship what an
incredible summer we’ve had so far, you know. I’m just so touched by the messages today. I
don’t know about you, but I came home from church today and like I got to talk to my neighbor. I
did some work. I talked to my son. My son asked me about heaven as we were washing the
van. It was so cool. And just thinking about how amazing God is, and how Jesus has gone to
prepare a place for us. What a time we live in.

So, I’m just so proud of this church. I had a 20-year Greater Grace reunion of my high school
last week at Randy Rollins house. It was so precious to see people I grew up with here in this
church. But now, we’re new here. We need your help, Liz and I. We’re excited and so thankful
to be back here.

The kids came home, I don’t know about you, a couple of hours ago from Camp Life. They’re all
singing songs, Camp Life songs, like Flee Fly Misquito. They all make gifts for you at the craft
place, so they all have little treasures that they made and they hand you. I’m like this is the
greatest camp in all of America. I’m just so thankful. I don’t know how many years, P. Love.
Yeah, how many years has Camp Life been going? Maybe 40. Yeah, so it’s just amazing.
Would you turn in your Bibles to Joshua 22. (Prayer).

To continue this thought from today and from Wednesday night, and this teaching and illustration which is so applicable and so useful for our life. In Joshua 22, there’s the two and a half tribes, the eastern tribes, that were given the
land, but to sum up the chapter, their land is on the other side of the Jordan River. They are
isolated. They are amazing men of God. They’ve been fighting for six, seven years alongside
Joshua. Men of valor. They were commended by the Lord. They obeyed the Lord. They fought
side by side with Joshua. Now, they’re given their land. As an application for today’s message, I
thought about this because of what they did.

To sum it up, they are far away from the actual tribes and from the actual temple which was in
Shiloh. So, the real temple was there, but they’re on the other side of the Jordan. And
geographically, there’s like high mountains and it’s dangerous to travel across. It’s far away. So,
these blessed people, blessed by God and given their portion are still wanting contact and still
needing the presence of God, the people of God, even though they had their space, their land.
And so, what they do is they basically make a copied altar.

They make a smaller altar. It’s very interesting. And when the rest of the tribes find out, they’re very angry. And it says that in this chapter 22. But as they work through this, they say here listen to the other tribes. Please listen
to us basically. We did this so us and our children would remember that this copied altar would
be a witness to us.

That is something that I want to point out tonight. This witness, you know, we talked about it. It
was mentioned today that the witness that we have as 21st century believers is the Holy Spirit,
right? The Holy Spirit is the one that has given us this unction, this anointing, and this power. In
Heb. 10:15 it says that. He will remind us and be a witness to us.

So, these precious tribes, these two and a half tribes, did what they could that this altar and it
was said that it was put on the other side of the river that they would look and see this altar, and
they were reminded about where to go. And that’s what they said here. They said we weren’t
doing this to go against God. We were doing this to remind us and our children where to go, like
to remember the Passover, to remember the Red Sea, to remember all the great victories of
what God has done in our life.

And I was thinking like tonight as a church, we have this symbol. Not only the Holy Spirit, #1, but
we have an amazing reminder through many things. And one of them I thought was – I don’t
know about you guys but – having a Bible that is open. Having a Bible that is an open Bible. It lays on a table. It’s there in your car. It’s reminding you. The Word of God can be such a symbol
of what has happened. And it draws us to this holy place.

And another thing I was thinking about was just people. People are such a symbol of what
Christ has done. I don’t know about you, but when I see certain people in this Body around the
world, they trigger an amazing moment of rejoicing. That they are this presence of God. They
are this beautiful tabernacle of where God has dwelt in them, made a home, and transformed
their lives. Like Greg Ott. Whenever I see Greg Ott, I just get so excited.

So, yeah. This chapter so blessed and it’s amazing. I want you to read this one verse in Joshua
22:28. Between us and you. We have been given the Holy Spirit. We don’t have to make a copy,
but the Holy Spirit is making these copies in us. God in us. He’s given us this Holy Spirit. In Acts
1:8, it says you will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, Judea, and all over the world. It’s amazing
that we can go to any country and bear this name and bring this tabernacle with us. And people
look around. I was talking to a young man in the cafe who is going to another school, Perry Hall
Christian school. He was saying I want to talk to people. I want to reach people in that school. I
was like you can. You have the Holy Spirit. You can reach the school, that senior class. Redeem
the time. Don’t wait another minute.

So, we think tonight and continue to apply these messages. Thankfully, we don’t really have to
make this copied altar. This one has been put inside of us. Jesus dwelt among us in John 1:14.
But then, he gave us the promised Holy Spirit. And he said it’s good for me to go, right? He said
it’s good for me to go, cause the Holy Spirit will come. Tonight, we are like experiencing and
sowing that amazing seed of the Spirit. And I am so thankful and honored to see that and
witness that. Thank you.

P. Scibelli –

Acts 1:7-8, Okay, you may be seated. Good evening. It’s a real pleasure to be here.
Actually, for the first time in years, I can actually see you. I had my eyes worked on, and I can
actually see people clearly. Before I was seeing through a glass darkly. Now, it’s very clear. Very
clear. Anyhow, it’s great to be here.

We had a great time in West Africa this year in the month of July and into August. And we were
able to meet – we went to the Ivory Coast with P. Conan who is an amazing man of God. He
really has convictions, and took a stand for truth against all kinds of opposition. They have
planted 52 churches in the Ivory Coast. And that’s incredible. Then, we went to Togo. We had a
record attendance. Just incredible. Not that that’s evidence of spirituality, but we had 2,200
people at this Togo conference, Greater Grace churches and Greater Grace people. We had
1,000 in the Ivory Coast and 2,200 in Togo. I was like blessed out of my socks!

I was almost going to preach with my shoes off like P. Schaller did when he was there that year!
I didn’t cause I didn’t have any socks on, so I didn’t think that was the wisest thing to do. But it
was really a phenomenal time. Just the Holy Spirit, the life of the Spirit. We’re going to talk about
that at the rap tonight if that’s possible about seven things that the Holy Spirit does. We want to
speak a little bit about who the Holy Spirit is. I think this is so key. We’ve heard speaking and
teaching and the Word and initiation about the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

I’d first like to thank P. Wright. P. Wright, can you stand up so everybody can see you? Would
you stand up? In 1983, he was the pioneer into Africa. In 1983, he went to Sierra Leone. So, I
wasn’t the pioneer of the ministry. He was. He’s the one. When I heard about him going, I was
really touched by that and thought maybe I should think about Africa rather than eating pizza in
Italy for the rest of my life!

Cause that’s where my mission was, seemed to be going. Really, thank God, because when I heard that you went to Sierra Leone, you went to Africa and there was a great response, I started to pray about Africa. I started to pray about Africa, and P.Stevens said to me one time in 1985, have you ever thought about Africa. I said, no, not much.

Would you pray about it? I said, I’m not so sure I want to pray about it. And ended up there 37
years now. Thirty-seven years working in the continent of Africa. It’s been, it’s a great privilege
for me, because we have great churches and great ministries.

These men in Africa – P. Renaldo one of the keys – they planted 13 churches in June and July.
Just in two months. Thirteen new churches in two months. That’s really phenomenal. I think six
in Uganda. Three in the Congo. And Namibia. And really these people that are there, these
amazing men and women of God that are there are just going forward with this message of
grace, because the message of grace is not heard. It just isn’t heard. You talk about grace and
doctrine and the truth and categorical teaching, line upon line, precept upon precept. There’s not
a lot of that.

Thank God there are Christians there and there are some churches there and there
are some good ones. But this is really a, this is a move of God. Amen. I call it revival. It’s like
revival. To see what God is doing. Really I’m thankful. And it’s the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
As I was reading John 14, 15, 16, I was just touched about those six or seven things that the
Holy Spirit does. And the ministry of the Spirit, and not just saving us. I remember when I got
saved. That’s the ministry of the Holy Spirit without a doubt. The ministry of the Spirit comes in,
and we get transformed and converted. But sometimes that becomes secondary in our lives.
That can happen to me.

That can happen to anybody where the ministry of the Holy Spirit when
we get saved, but do we realize what the ministry of the Spirit, the person of the Spirit wants to
do in my life. This is so key. Am I led by my good old sin nature side, or am I led by the person
of the Holy Spirit. And there’s three possibilities. Spirit to Spirit. That’s great peace. Spirit to
flesh. That’s a war. That’s Galatians 5:22. Flesh to flesh. Just dead. That’s gone. There’s nothing

And so, we have a great opportunity in the ministry and in our personal lives to have a ministry
of the Holy Spirit speaking to me and he’s given me the person of the Holy Spirit. So often we
used to think about it, we would hear about it, that the Spirit of God is a power. But that’s totally
wrong. We heard a lot about that in Africa. The Holy Spirit is just a power. He’s a person. He’s a
person. Amen. He’s a person. And when I’m converted, I become a new what? New creation.
New creation. That’s the Holy Spirit coming in making me a brand new person.

I fought for years in my life. I think from ’73, ’74, ’75. I fought for years to try to deal with all kinds
of addictions and patterns of sin and evil in my life to no success. To no success at all.
Sometimes, you do something evil to replace something that’s more evil. Or something good not
in God to replace something not in God. But when the Holy Spirit came, and I received Jesus
Christ as my Savior, my life was transformed. This is what can take place in anyone’s life.
We were ministering Saturday at Aldi’s.

One of my favorite places. Where’s the church? I just point. That’s all I have to do. I’m not even so sure – we’re on Moravia Park Drive, right? Is that right? I’m not good with directions and those kinds of things. I go it’s over there. You mean the one with the big parking lot? Yes, and the gym at the end, a great, great ministry there. It’s over
there. Just go that way. You go that way. You got that way. Oh, that church. That’s great, you

And by the way, even if people don’t come, I was talking to some people that told me their
church started evangelism because we evangelized them about a year ago. So, they went back
and told their pastor about it, and they started a kind of evangelical outreach once a week in
their church. So, we have no idea what’s taking place. Our lives are a living epistle, known and
read of how many men? All men. When you’re at work, wherever you are. You’re in the home
taking care of your family. You’re working the job. You’re having the – whatever is taking place to
your neighbors, we are a living epistle known and read of all men.

And regardless, because you know, sometimes we forget about how wicked the world is. How evil it is, you know. That’s why Jesus Christ crucified the world, Galatians 6:14. He crucified the old sin nature, Rom. 6:6. And he did
a job of victory of defeat on the devil in Revelation 12:9-11. Took it all out for us. Amen. You think you
could take that out yourself? Forget it. And if you think you can, we need to talk. Something just
isn’t correct there. Okay.

So, the ministry of the Holy Spirit. And it’s amazing. I was thinking about these different
ministries the Holy Spirit has. #1. The Bible. The Word of God. Amen. The Spirit wrote the Bible and the Spirit lives in me. All I have to do to be spiritual is to connect what the Spirit wrote. We
have the Bible, and it’s the ministry of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Bible, teach the Bible, show
us the Bible, that we would be Bible-believing people in every area, not just some areas. Not
just in areas of my choosing. But in every area.

I thought when I got saved maybe I could still keep smoking dope. God showed me real quick.
Out! Out now! Like Lazarus. Out now! That’s gone. But Jesus drank wine. Out now! There goes
the wine. There goes the drugs. There goes all kinds of – looking at stupid movies. Whatever is
taking place. Chasing this person. Chasing that person. Living as a criminal. Out now! The Spirit
does that. The Spirit takes the Word brings an application into our life. Otherwise, it’s only black
letters on white pages. But God brings us to a place. We have the Holy Spirit in us and there’s a
connect. The Spirit and the Bible. The Holy Spirit and the Bible.

Some people tell me they don’t like the Bible. I think either they’re a brand new Christian that
doesn’t know God. They’re a carnal Christian that never knew God or they’re not saved. They
have no desire for the Word of God, for the Bible. Imagine coming to church and all you heard –
we love the music – but all you heard was music and offering and you didn’t hear the Bible. How
about going to Camp Life and no Bible? It becomes camp death, right? Camp Life becomes
camp death because there’s no Bible. Preaching, right? Preaching in the morning, right?
Preaching in the evening. Rap sessions, right?

P. Love is a Bible man. Amen. He’s a Bible man. I thank God for these men. P. Schaller. P. Love.
The leadership in the ministry. The Bible man. Remember Jeff Brunte’s song? The Bible man.
The Word of God. We got God’s holy eternal Word in our possession. That’s amazing. God can
speak to us. Can you imagine? Think about that. Sometimes we get familiar with that. God
speaks to me. God talks to me. When I study the Bible, 2 Timothy 2:15. “Study to show thyself
approved unto God a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
When I listen to the Bible, I hear preaching and teaching, 2 Timothy 4:1-4. I got the Word of God. I
can study the Bible. I can hear the Bible preached. I can go to Bible school. What did I say? Oh,
I’ve been to Bible school.

That was then. How about now? That was then. How about now?
Bible school. I can be among living epistles. Amen. You are a walking Bible. Yes. Love. It’s in the
Bible and it’s in you. And truth and grace and peace and mercy and what not. So, this is like a
Bible life. It’s a Bible life. The Spirit wrote the Bible and the Spirit’s in me. And so, I want to have
more of a desire. More to be desired than fine gold, yeah, much fine gold. Sweeter than honey
and the honeycomb. Right Zane?

I want the Bible. I want the Bible. You got a great wife. She’s a living Bible. Don’t forget that. No,
really. We got the Word. We got the eternal Word. When you go to heaven, what do you think
you’re going to be around? The Word. “In the beginning was the word and the word was with
God and the word was God.” Or absolutely is God in the Greek language. Not he was God and
now he’s something else. He absolutely is God. And we’ll be with the Word forever. The Word
lives in us now. We are in this world. And the world is so totally different than the Word of God.
Have you noticed? Have you noticed the garbage that’s everywhere? Huh? People get upset
when people don’t have their garbage picked up. There’s a lot of garbage that needs to be
picked up spiritually speaking. Just about everywhere.

You know what the government needs? The Bible. Do you know what the president of the
United States needs and the cabinet? The Bible. The Bible. Okay. You know what kings and
people all over the world need? The Bible. A priest came to me one time and he said – I asked
him a question. And he said, you shouldn’t be asking those questions. I said I’ve been reading
the Bible. He goes, that’s your mistake. You’re reading the Bible. You shouldn’t be reading the
Bible. We interpret the Bible. I said, I just interpreted something. He said, what’s that? That
you’re off. And I want nothing more to do with you anymore. He was a little funny anyway, you
know. You shouldn’t marry. What does that do? What does that mean?

The Bible. The Spirit and the Bible. It’s incredible. What is the ministry of the Holy Spirit but to
unveil and to reach and to manifest and to declare the truth of the Bible. And yet, what is the first thing Satan wants to steal? Huh? Right? Give a place to the devil. Jesus said in John. 8:31-34, my
word has no place in you. And then in Ephesians 4:27, he says don’t give a place to the devil. As soon
as the Word doesn’t have a place in me in any area, demons are coming in. Not to inhabit me
but to try and project at me and try to fill what’s not there with something from hell. Oh, yeah.
There’s no doubt about it. The Spirit and the Word. How do you know a church is of the Holy
Spirit? They proclaim the truth. They proclaim the Bible. The Word of God.

#2. The Spirit is directly connected to the grace of God, Zechariah 4:6-10. They went forth shouting
grace, grace. Grace, grace. The Spirit and the grace of God. If it’s not grace, it’s not the Spirit.
Are you with me? If it’s law, legalism, traditionalism, humanism, whatever it may be. If it’s not
grace, it’s not the Holy Spirit. Hello? You know it. We’ve been to churches that were not grace
orientated churches. Do this. Don’t do this. Stop doing this. Start doing this. It’s all about do.
What you do or don’t do. It’s legalism. Law.

No, the Holy Spirit has a ministry of grace, Hebrews 10:29. It’s a ministry of grace to us. In the book
of Acts, you can see they were filled with the grace of God and they proclaimed the Word, Acts
4:31-34. It was the grace of God connected to the Word of God. Otherwise, you define grace
your own way. I can define grace and just live a licentious lifestyle and say it’s all grace. I can
drink. It’s all grace. I can have a girlfriend. It’s all grace. It’s all grace. Shut up! You are weird!
You’re a weird person. You have taken grace outside of truth, and you’ve made it your own
special type of grace to promote your flesh. Huh? Are you with me? Yeah. It’s the Spirit of God
and the grace of God. They go hand in hand.

You know what else is great about the Spirit? It’s the Spirit and the church. Hello? “I don’t know
about coming to church.” Really? What does 1 Corinthians 12:13 say about the Spirit and the church. Is
the Spirit in the church? Hello? “I got something better to do.” Like what? Like what? What’s
better for me to do on Sunday nights, Sunday morning, Wednesday night and during the week
rap sessions? What’s better for you to do? You say you’re getting a little hard. Too bad! That’s
just the way it is. It’s the Spirit and the church. The Holy Spirit is in me and the Holy Spirit is in
the church and there’s a direct connect. Amen.

I come to church. I love church. I love church. I love driving down the highway especially now. I
can see! Before I couldn’t see. Now, I can actually see something. I can see something out of
my left side. And I don’t even care. Get out of my way! I stay in the right lane and I go very slow.
Not the breakdown lane. But I stay half breakdown and half lane, so you know there’s a
problem. But now that I got this eye fixed, watch out! I’m going to be in the passing lane! So I
can hit the – I don’t want to do that. God, please help me! The Spirit in the church. Wow! We
come to church. The Holy Spirit’s here. Amen! The Holy Spirit’s in our relationships. It’s Spirit to

Ever have it be when it’s Spirit to flesh? How about when it’s flesh to flesh? Flesh to flesh, no,
no, no. Spirit to flesh, war, Galatians 5:22-23. But Spirit to Spirit, John 3:3-5. Spirit to Spirit. We come
to church and we have great fellowship. We think correctly about each other, because we’re
thinking with the Spirit. We don’t have – there’s no prejudice. There’s no evaluating people.
There’s no intellectualism that rises a person above somebody else. It’s Spirit to Spirit whether
somebody’s 12 years old or somebody’s 84 years old. This is our relationship.

A marriage should be what? Spirit to Spirit. Amen! Thank God for my wife. Where is she? She’s
over there somewhere. There she is. Thank God for my wife. Wow! We can have a relationship
Spirit to Spirit. And anytime it goes wrong, it’s always me. Never her. Listen. Dr. Stevens said it
one time. Most marriage problems are the man, cause he’s not initiating correctly. Don’t take
that to the bank, ladies. Don’t use that against your husband tonight. You go home and say, P.
Scibelli said it’s all your fault! There will be people hunting for me tomorrow. Why did you say
that? You don’t know what you did. The Spirit’s in the church. Amen.

Then, the Spirit’s in God’s love. Romans 5:5-8, the Holy Spirit does what? Sheds the love of God
abroad in your heart. Sheds it abroad. Pours it out. It’s just coming out. We love each other. God loves us. We love God. We love ourselves and we love each other. One of the big problems why
people can’t love each other is they don’t even like themselves.

They don’t like themselves.
Right, Jenny? I got to love myself. It says love your neighbor as you what? Love yourself. Hello?
I don’t like me. Then, you’re not going to like the person that’s around you cause they remind
you of you. I don’t like me. You don’t like others cause they remind you of you, right? Knock it
off, Woody. Every time I shake Woody’s hand, I got to go to the doctore. He shakes so hard. I
say, Woody, I have all broken fingers from basketball. Give my bones a break. And he just
laughs. The Spirit and the love of God.

We can love unsaved people. We can love our enemies. Hello? Love our enemies. I came
home from an African country one time, and the seven elders in the church said we just voted
you shouldn’t be here in this church anymore. I said, thanks a lot! That’s awesome. Love you
guys! My flesh wanted to kill them. I can be honest with you. My flesh wanted to – and God said
love them anyway. Love them anyway regardless if they hate you. We can love people. They’re
not like us. They do something to us. Something goes wrong in the relationship. We can love
beyond that. I don’t want to see anybody’s flesh, their sin or their faults. Why? Cause love
doesn’t see that. Does love see sin? Does love see iniquity? Does love see flesh? No. We love
each other. That’s the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

If there’s no love in a church – you go to some churches and they’re as cold as Iceland in the
wintertime. They’re cold. Nobody says hi. Are you new here? Yeah. Coming back again? Maybe.
Yeah. I used to think when I first came to this ministry people can almost overdue it. We’re so
friendly. I thought what’s going on with these people? I remember the first time my brother and I
came to a Bible Speaks church service. We came – you can imagine this – we came with all
black suits with black shirts and a black tie. And nobody was dressed. I thought to myself, I’m in
the wrong place or I’m doing the wrong thing here.

Different people like P. Tom Stewart were so friendly. Came to my house. Remember when they visited us, Lynne? P. Loftus came to our house. And they really loved. That’s what drew me. The church loved people regardless of who
they are, what they’ve done, where they’re going, what their ideas are, what their opinions are.
Loving people. That’s what the Holy Spirit does.

Next. The Holy Spirit bears fruit. Amen. The Holy Spirit bears fruit, Galatians 5:22-23. The Spirit bears
fruit, Ephesians 5:9. If it’s spiritual, if a church is spiritual, if a Christian is spiritual, there’s going to be
fruit born. Love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, meekness, patience. All these things. There is
going to be spiritual fruit. Fruit. Without a doubt. That’s the ministry of the Holy Spirit to bear fruit
in my personal life, in my relationships, and even fruit of winning the lost, John 4:31-36. Bearing

Next, #6. The Spirit and faith. If the Holy Spirit’s there, we have faith. I told somebody in
October, I’ll be all October in Asia. November I’ll be in Morocco. December I’ll be in South
America. January in West Africa. They said, your brain has got a problem. I said, no. My brain
just lives by faith. I just trust God. I mean why wouldn’t I just want – what do you want me to do?
Sit in a rocking chair? And just sit there from the time I’m 76 or 77 till I’m 85 rocking back and
forth, spitting in a bucket or something like that?

What the heck? What am I going to do? What do you want me to do? I’m going to do this till it’s over, okay? When it’s over, it’s over. God says it’s over. I’ve gone 3 million miles in the air now. Three million air miles, 788 plane trips.
Somehow. Up/down, up/down, up/down, up/down. I get tired of thinking about it, so I repent of
even talking about it. Forget that.

The Spirit and faith. We live by what? Faith. A ministry that is a spiritual ministry has faith. Faith.
Has faith to move to Baltimore. Has faith to go into all the world. Has faith to reach 80 countries.
Has faith to plant all these churches that we have around the world. It’s incredible, 786 churches
in 80 countries. Somebody will say it’s only 75. So what! I exaggerate.

Anyway, faith! Holy Spirit. There’s faith connected to the Spirit. Does the Holy Spirit have faith?
So if I’m Spirit filled, I have faith. You’re going to Africa this year. Don’t be running away from me
anymore. You’re sitting over here now. Everytime you’re over there, I talk about Africa. You’re coming this year. I don’t want to be your free volition though. Just make a decision, but it better
be the right one! I’m only joking. I’m only having fun. P. Carl is my friend, right? Can I have fun
with you? Thank you. Faith and the Spirit.

Finally, #7 in closing, the Holy Spirit and the gospel. The Holy Spirit loves the gospel. The Holy
Spirit is in me. God through the Holy Spirit, give me a hearts desire for love for lost people.
Really. Somebody gave me a tract in 1974. And I kept that tract and I got saved. You know
what? Just a small person, a small little girl gave me a tract. I thought she was nuts. You know
what? The Spirit and the gospel. The Holy Spirit can take a person. I don’t care how big they
look, how tough they look like Patrick. He’s just a little meek guy. He just looks like – no, I can
knock him over in five seconds. No! Don’t try it! No, but really, the Holy Spirit can take a person
and totally transform their life. It’s the Spirit and the gospel.

We can look at countries. They say you can’t do it there. Really? Don’t tell that to me. Don’t say
we can’t do it there, cause that’s where the Spirit will probably lead. When you were young you
walked where you would and when you are old another will gird you and carry you where you
would not. Would not! Where am I going to go when I’m older? I’m not old yet. Where am I going
to go when I’m older? I don’t know. I’ve always thought about – I was on the Iraq border once.
I’ve always thought about Iraq, Iran. Some of those places. Really. Shouldn’t we pray about
that? I’m not saying you should go. Maybe some people could. What else are you going to do?
The worst thing can happen is you die and go to heaven. What’s the deal, you know. I’m going
over the edge a little bit now. I’m sorry! Okay.

The Spirit and the gospel. As long as we are a Spirit-filled people – this church is Spirit-filled and
it is, the leadership is Spirit-filled and it is, we’re going to bring the gospel into all the world. Into
our Baltimore, into our neighborhoods, into our neighbors, at our places of work, into countries
where people would rather not even go. But the Holy Spirit wants to be there. The person of the
Holy Spirit doesn’t have any fear, doubt. Doesn’t live in anxiety at all. “Well, I’m very anxious.”
Get Spirit-filled. “Well, I’m living in doubt.” Get Spirit-filled. Let the Holy Spirit fill you.

All it is, is a decision. Say yes to the Holy Spirit. “I don’t get along with my husband.” Let the Spirit fill you. “I
don’t get along with my wife.” Let the Spirit fill you. “I don’t get along with my kids.” “I don’t get
along with my parents.” How about the Holy Spirit? Do you think the Holy Spirit can get along
with your parents, with the kids? The ministry of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Let’s not take it lightly.
Let’s just say, God, fill me with the Spirit. And if you fill me with the Spirit, Ephesians 5:18, you can
lead me by the Spirit, right? In Romans 8:14. I can obey the Spirit in Acts 5:31-32. I can be a
spiritual person. I can live by the Spirit instead of living by the old sin nature even the good side.
That’s the most dangerous.

Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to have his way in our church, in our ministry, in our personal lives, in
our family, in our marriages, in our relationships at places of work. Go into work Monday
morning and say, Holy Spirit, give me somebody. “God, I’m praying you can give me somebody I
can share with.” I’m not going to answer your prayer. I don’t like your prayer. Is that how God is?
Don’t you think God likes that prayer? God, could you open a door for me? Could the Holy Spirit
give me an opportunity this week to speak to somebody about their eternal destiny? That’s the
ministry of the Spirit. He’ll do it. Amen. (Prayer)

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