People sought unity in their own name. God used this to bring languages and scatter men and then came the call of Abraham. Still, vanity rules and kings seek to break cords of God and the Messiah. Heaven’s plan proceeds, however, according to His decree and the victory of the Son begotten from death, seated now in majesty. The heathen become His in all parts. (Genesis 11:1-6; Psalm 2)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Jon Post
Sermon 12541
11:00 AM on 07/09/2023

P. Schaller –

It takes a long time for me to learn how to work a microphone! A short word here for our theological training,
learning. Isn’t it great to come to church and learn about God. Isn’t that a joy? We have a good
service this morning and it’s a blessing to have everyone here today and online fellowshipping,
listening. A great few weeks we’ve had together. We had a fantastic Convention. Tonight, we
have the teams going out to Argentina. We have prayer. I leave for Finland tomorrow night,
Monday night for a week. As many of you know, I used to live there, and so we are going to see
the churches that the Lord planted 40 years ago and be back. I look forward to being here in
Baltimore this summer, and teaching on the minor prophets. So, that will be our theme for the
summer and into the fall. Joel and Amos and Habakkuk and Nahum. Yeah, Jonah. So, we’ll see.
We’ll just have a very good time on that. What did they say.

All right. So, for our theology this morning, I want to say just in a few minutes a principle that I
think you all know and understand. So, I’m going to draw a diagram of God. All right. Are you
ready for that? Man, get ready! Take a picture of it! All right. So, I’m just going to draw God like a
triangle: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Can anyone give anything to God? Could anyone take
away anything from God, ever? Malachi 3:6 says that God does not change. So, if he doesn’t
change – when we think of change, we can think of an increase or a decrease, but can this
happen with God? He’s infinitely, completely fully is who he is. The infinite, Almighty God that
does not change. There cannot be nothing added to him or taken away from him.

So, when he made the universe, why did he do it? Was it for his increase? When he made the
universe, why did he do it? What was his purpose or plan? So, we will draw the universe like a
circle like this, something like that. So, the universe. In time has a beginning, has an end. In the
universe which we live in, we study it. Understand it in some measure. And we are held together
by God. That’s Hebrews 1:3. He is holding it together. He is actually bearing it or carrying it. Actually,
the Greek word can be like the way you carry something in a bucket. Like you carry it or bear it.
In the same way, the universe is held together by God. He is actually in his wisdom or his power
and his might and his greatness, he has a plan. It’s going somewhere.

Now, here’s our point. It’s Job 35. We can put that on the screen. Job 35:5-6. Okay. Let’s stay
there for a second. If you sin, what doest thou against him. If you sin, what do you do against
him? Can you take anything away from him? Can you demean him? Can you discredit God. It
can anything in the universe. Could that ever happen? Devil, Satan, demons, lies, wickedness,
rebellion, unbelief. Can it change God? Can anything in the universe actually discredit him or
take away from him? The answer is know.

vs. 6. Yes, he feels our pain, Isaiah 61:9. He does. He has compassion. When Jesus was here, he
went to the tomb of Lazarus and he wept. Of course, why did he weep? He was there saying in
his heart and mind I’m angry with death. Death is here, but it touches me. Lazarus is my friend.
Man was not made to die. Man was made to live. Actually, it brings it out in the Greek from what
I understand that he was very angry with the whole thing. He’s crying and weeping at the tomb
was basically saying, and these are in my words, the way I understand it, this should not be.
This is not why I made man. He is not to have this sorrow. We are not to have this pain. So, he’s
feeling our transgression and the effect of the sin. He understands us.

He has compassion on us, but in this sense that we are saying right now, it cannot take away anything from him. He is
God. He is the Almighty, infinite God, above and beyond the world that he made. He’s not a
human. But he became a human, so he could touch our infirmities. He could identify with us as
a servant. He could say I care and I love you. Wow! What a God we have.

Lastly, vs. 7. The meaning, you could be a perfect person, but it really doesn’t add to God
anything, cause you are the creation. The creation – before the world was made, let’s do it this
way. Before there was any universe and God existed, he was altogether fully satisfied with
himself. He was altogether perfect and always will be God. Nothing is added. Nothing is taken
away. He gains nothing, because he always is who he is and fully satisifed and complete in
himself. This is an awesome understanding for us of who God is. Yeah.

You could say from a human perspective, oh we mock God or we take away his glory or we
discredit him. Yes. That’s all in our world, but our world is not his. Our world, yes. We make him
an idol or we ridicule or mock or scorn, but it has no actual effect on his very nature. For he
transcends the world that he made. He is before, during, and after altogether perfect. Absolutely
lovely and fully satisfied in himself. What does that make us as the creation? We are privileged
to know him, to worship him, to be in awe of him, to bow before him as the Almighty God, the
one above and beyond all of us.

And of course, he wants us in the fellowship. So, he sent his Son so that would happen. And
this does glorify him, but he’s always had the glory in infinite degree. He’s always had it. But the
glory is in this sense that we are realizing and appreciating and enjoying who he is and what it is
that he has done. vs. 7. So, there it is. Welcome – let’s see. P. Eugene, did you have any
announcements? Do you want to turn to your neighbor and explain to them what I just said? Go
ahead. (Announcements).

P. Jon Post –

Praise God. Pastor asked me to share just a little bit about what is happening in
Romania. It’s been a beautiful year there. We went there, and P. Julian Timofte is there and his
wife Natella. We’re in a city called Cluj which is the second largest city in Romania. It’s got tens
of thousands of students. It’s a university town. And it’s a beautiful opportunity.
We went there, and I’d like to share a verse in Ephesians 3:8. It says to me, and this is for each one of
us. Cause each one of us can say this. Each one of us are witnesses for Christ. vs. 8. That’s
what we have to offer. That’s what we have to offer the lost, and that’s what we have to offer the
Body of Christ, the unsearchable riches of Christ that we learned about here.

So, we went just over a year ago, and there was just the four of us and a couple of disciples. We
knew we needed more fellowship, and we felt like God was calling us to help other churches,
other believers. And there were a couple of Baptist churches, and we started Bible school in
them. One of them, the pastor is a psychologist. And we were showing Biblical Psychology in
Romanian. And he loved it, you know! And he’s asked us to preach in his pulpits. They weren’t
doing any evangelism, so we started showing them how to do evangelism. And now, that’s going
forward. And they decided – and their church started to grow. Not all the people were coming
from the evangelism, but God was blessing them, because they were obeying God. And now,
they have to build a new church building. Wonderful problem, right?! And we’ve been ministering
in three different villages plus the city of Cluj.

I love – we have a man there named Ruf. He’s Muslim. He’s from Bangladesh. But he loves us.
He calls us his family in Romanian. And he’s come to church with us twice. He’s really heard –
he’s sat and listened very clearly to the gospel, you know. So, God is working in his heart, and
he’s waiting for us to come back.

God is doing a work there, and you are partakers of that work. You are partakers by your
prayers. You are partakers by your support. It’s an amazing – and this is happening all over the
world. Not just Romania, of course. You’ve heard several people recently. We’ve had a
wonderful Convention. This is what God is doing, and it’s powerful. It builds up the Body of

This fall, we’re not just going to be working with other churches. This fall, by the grace of God, P.
Daniel Timofte and his wife Christina are joining us. They’ve been 12 years in Africa in
Zimbabwe, and they are coming up to Cluj to help start a Greater Grace church there. So, yeah,
but we love our brothers in Christ, and we’re hoping to just to continue helping them with
outreach. Continue helping them with Bible school and discipleship.

So, our, I mean it’s the Body of Christ. We are one portion in the Body of Christ. And a very
precious portion. And it’s been given to each one of us to preach among the Gentiles the
unsearchable riches we’ve received.

And so, with that, I’d like you to consider the offering, and ask God what you should give.
Because what do we have that we haven’t received? Everything that we have has been by his
grace, so let’s pray.

P. Schaller – Okay. You may be seated. Psalm 2. This is our subject for this morning is just going
verse by verse through Psalm 2. Before we start on the psalm, I want to preface the teaching with
Genesis 11 to give you a context for the psalm. So, Genesis 11 we have a period of time in history where
we have the world that was united by one language. Language is an interesting part of life. If
you have been living in other countries and understand that people do speak other languages,
and this was a governing principle that God used in the human race to accomplish his goal in
bringing the world in a direction with the timing, the civilization, various geographical
boundaries, the history as we know it.

So, I want, as you know I like to draw little pictures to kind of get across the concept. So, we
have the world at this time. This is after the Flood of Noah. Chapter 11:1, so, if we were to stop
there and just imagine that everybody was speaking French, you know. Everybody understood.
Okay. There was one language, whatever language that was. The kind of, the connections and
the government also. And the world leader. His name is here in the Scripture. His name was
Nimrod. There is very little said about him. He was a mighty hunter, chapter 10:8-9.

So, we have world leader. One language. One government. We have a period of time this is happening. This
isn’t my message, but I want to set the context. The world was building a tower to the heavens
and they wanted a name. So, we have here chapter 11:4. So, I want to say there is a unity by
the language and also they wanted a name. And then of course we have a city and a tower. I
just think that this idea of people being drawn to a name is part of our makeup as people.

I want a name. What do you mean? I want to belong. I want a name. What name would you
want? I would like Johns Hopkins University or Toyota. I want to belong to Microsoft or Bill Gates
or the United States government. I want a name. Maybe Rockefeller or Kennedy. I want a name.
I want to belong. My value, my identity. I would like a global, I want to have – I’m insecure. And if
I could have a name. If I live my life and I have a name, this is a good thing for me. This is how
we are as people.

So, fast forward. The Lord saw where it could go and what could happen, so he scattered the
people with language. And languages – you could talk to any scientist, any anthropologist,
human language is beyond everybody. It’s incredible the fact that we speak languages. It’s
amazing how we communicate. The fact that we communicate is incredible. Okay. Leave it at

Languages made nations: Hungarians, Koreans, Japanese, Filipinos. You just go around – and
in a nation with political boundaries, you have people groups in the nation with different
languages. And in valleys and other side of the mountain there’s a ridge and another people
group with another language. I mean it’s fantastic study of 17,000 people groups in the world at
least that they have identified.

So, here we have the world as we know it. We’re not making it up. Just look at it the way it is. It
is this way. What did God do in his plan? He took one man. Who was that person? Abraham, out
of that nation. The Chaldean people. Out of that nation came one man. What did he say to that
man? I will make you the father of a great nation. What nation is it? Israel. The Jewish people.
Are the Jewish people a race of people? Yes, they are. They’re a race of people. Who are they?
They are the children of Abraham.

Well, who are they? Well, look at our Bible that we are reading today. Is this from God or not?
Huh? I know you know it is, but I want to ask the question, cause I don’t think everyone knows
or believes or understands what it is that we talk about here all the time. This isn’t just a society
of people who talk and are happy and slap each other on the back or something like that. This is
amazing. This is incredible.

That God has spoken to us, and he said to Abraham also, he said I will give you a name. What
do you mean a name? I give you a name. It’s another message, but make note of Jeremiah 15:16. It
says “thy Word was found…and it was the joy and rejoicing of my heart for I am called by thy
name O Lord God.” What? I am called by your name, O Lord God. Wow!

So, um, from this plan, this is where it’s going to go is that the world one day will be filled with
the glory of God as the waters cover the sea. Why? Cause we will be called by the name of
God, and this is where it’s going. The name of God. The nature of God. The Spirit of God. The
mind of God. Why? How do we know this? Messiah did it. The Messiah brought in the kingdom.
We said the prayer, Our Father. How does it say? How does it go? Our Father, who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come on earth. On earth, as it is in heaven? As it
is in heaven. Is there any death in heaven? Any sin? Any hospitals? Any police stations? Or
sirenes or medications or Tylenol? Ask God for some Tylenol! I mean is that real or not? Is that
going to happen or not? Are we just kinda – is that what it is?

Yes, but right now, the world has got another direction. Do you know that? That this Ge. 11 story,
this direction is a tower and global, global – appropriate word – global unity and a name. Not the
name of God. Another name. Names. And you can just, you know, and I’m not saying that
names are bad. I’m just telling you that man is not made for that to be, you know, – my name is
Toyota. Or my name is the Republic of the Congo. Or my name is, you know – that man is,
that’s too low for what we are made for and where it is going.

But we are also very stupid people. We are also blind and subject to a lot of error and
misleading. We are all prone to that. Lord, I am prone to wander. Lord, I feel it. To forsake the
God I love. We are prone to idolatry. We are prone to error. We are prone to sin. But that can’t
stop the plan of God. For the Messiah came to save us, and us being saved if we have a name,
that name is the name of Jesus Christ. And that is the name that overcomes all error. It cannot
be deceived. It cannot be misled. The only reason why we have any sense of what is true and
right, is because the Holy Spirit is sent into the world to guide us into the truth, and to show us
who God is. This is our privilege.

But we are living in a world of error. We are living in a world of many names, many voices, and
many directions that people go in. There’s room for a lot of error in life. But Psalm 2 helps us
understand the contest between these two ways of thinking, these two powers.

By the way, in Genesis 11:6, they wanted a name. They were with the same language. They were
unified. But it was prone to being broken apart. It fell apart like human governments do. And like
societies and groups of people it happens. But there is a kingdom that does not fall apart. There
is the Messiah who did something that no man can ever do. That we are born of him and
baptized into his Body. We have fellowship with him and with his Body in the Spirit of God, and
we have a purpose and a direction we are going in. Yes, we will die, but that’s not the end. The
kingdom doesn’t end when you die. You continue in that kingdom. You have eternal life. And
Jesus is coming back here one day. That’s ultimately where it’s going to go.

Okay. Let’s now go to Psalm 2. We’ll just go through the verses. This is about the kingdom of
the Messiah. The kingdom of the Messiah, vs. 1. Are you good? Are you ready to listen? I know
you are. Maybe because what I said for the last few minutes is so profound, you need to
process that a little bit. Why don’t you take a minute. You have a minute to turn to your neighbor
if you want to, and tell them what’s in your heart and mind about what I just said. You can repeat
back to them what I said, or talk to them for a minute.

Okay. Here we go. Psalm 2:1, who are heathen? They’re the non-Jewish people. They are the, you
could say pagan people. Unbelieving people. People that are not understanding God. They may
believe in God. Most of the world does. They believe in God. But they don’t know who he is.
Believing in God isn’t such a big deal. It’s kind of normal for us to believe in God. But who is
God? The heathen that don’t have any understanding of God, identify him as God or know his name or have a relationship with him, they rage. What’s rage? Anger. Emotion. Why are they
upset? Why are they upset?

And then it says the people imagine a vain thing. A thing that isn’t going to work. This is a good
word, “vain.” It has the meaning of empty. There’s no goal. It’ s like a waste of time. We’ve all
built sand castles at the sea shore. You build a sand castle and an hour later it’s done. It’ s
gone. In a sense, as far as it’s real meaning, it doesn’t last. It’s washed away. I did a vain thing.
Shot arrows at the stars. The arrows went back up and came back down. Like it didn’t go

Victor Frankl said something interesting about this. He was a Holocaust survivor, a psychologist,
a psychiatrist. Jewish. In Poland, in the camp. And he watched how people broke down and
they lost hope. What happens is the Nazi guards had them bring a pile of dirt from here over to
here. Like a hundred yards or whatever the distance was. And the next day, they had to bring
the dirt back to here in the same place. And then the next day, bring the dirt back over there.
And then the next day, bring it back over here. And people broke down, because they saw no
meaning. But the work they were doing was useless and meaningless.

This is a good word for the fact that man has lost his meaning, and therefore he struggles. And
here the human race can imagine empty things. Let’s see. Where are we? They say we are
going to build a city and build a tower and have a name. Okay. What name is going to really
last? Like Toyota? Or Kennedy? Or Roosevelt? What name are you going to be associated
with? What government, what people, what school, what noteriety, what newspaper, what social
platform? What does it mean? Where is it going? It’s passing away.

So, they imagine a vain thing. Save the whales or save the planet or any number of things. I’m
not saying these are bad things. I’m just saying it’s not enough. It can’t really ultimately work.
Even raising a family as beautiful and honorable as it is, a family will pass away also one day.
Everything goes. Everything goes. So, who do you want to be associated with? Usually we don’t
even think deeply enough about it or know where to turn? But we have found Christ who tells us
what it is we are part of and how important it is, what it means to be related to God.

Okay. Go back to the Psalms. They imagine a vain thing. You can plug in there any number of
things like our kingdom will take over the whole world. How about the Nazi party? Or many other

vs. 2. The kings of the earth. Who are they? They are in the United Nations. They are
presidents, prime ministers. They are kings. They are leaders. Maybe professors, teachers,
billionnaires. vs. 2. Wait a minute. They actually don’t like Christ? You mean they don’t like the
message of Christ or the Spirit of Christ? What do you mean? No, they don’t understand him.
They don’t understand who he is. They don’t understand what he’s saying. Like it happens when
he was here in the Gospels.

He said, how is it that you don’t understand me? Because you don’t have my Word abiding in
you, John. 8:47. You don’t have my Spirit. You have another spirit. You have the spirit of the world
which is we will build a tower. We will make a government. We will have a name. The Third
Reich Hitler said would last a thousand years. It lasted thirteen. I think you are miscalculating.
But I don’t want to make a joke of it. I want to say this is serious. This world is engulfed with
leaders and ideologies and ways of thinking that contradict Christ. They do not want him. They
will crucify him again and again and again. They’ll do the same thing again and again and again.
If he came a thousand times, they would kill him a thousand times.

They don’t want him. It doesn’t fit with their egotistical orientation, with their love for sin. Sex trafficking. Children being
trafficked. The industries of abuse and disadvantage and poverty and oppression of the
Read history, European history. Fascinating. About how where freedom came from and what it
did and capitalism and how it was born in Italy. This is the fifth century, sixth century, seventh century. What capitalism did in these four major Italian cities: Milan, Florence, and a couple
others. I mean it’s kind of fresh in my mind, because I’m reading about it. I think it’s amazing
what happened in Europe through another spirit. Not the world of despotism and tyranny which
is very common around the world, but by the spirit of a heart and mind where Christ is submitted
to, honored.

What it does in a human being. How they have fellowship with each other. How
there are revivals. There’s freedom, wealth, industry, technology. The development of our
western civilization. Amazing. I recommend a book called, “The Victory of Reason” by Rodney
Stark who explains this. Very interesting.

Okay, let’s go back to the text. Chapter 2:2, they are taking counsel against the Lord and his
anointed. vs. 3. They are saying about us, the anointed. When it says the anointed he means
Christ. But are we God’s anointed? Yes, we are. 2 Corinthians 1:20-21, we are God’s anointed. The
same Spirit that was on Christ has been given to us. We have his Spirit. We are his anointed. As
the oil went on Aaron’s head and down his beard and went down his garment, so it goes down.
It goes down Christ’s head and his body. We are members of his Body. That’s the Spirit is in us
and with us in our lives. So, there is an anti-Christ spirit too that is here that we are talking
about. And they say let us break their bands asunder.

So, let’s take two believers, and put them here like this. Or three. Three or four or five or 700 or
7,000. And just say there is a band. There is a unity. There is a band between them. We are
united in that spirit. And the devil says and these kings, governments, Nimrod, and the
governments are saying let’s break their bands asunder. Put them against each other. Break
them up. Break up the believers. Have them judge each other. Hate each other. Fight against
each other. Be unforgiving. Unforgiving. Schismatic. Opinionated. Arrogant. Let’s break their
bands asunder. This is what the kings of the earth say, because we need to have authority over

Hitler’s Germany, he had 20,000 pastors in a meeting, and there was a small number that didn’t
agree with Nazism. What was Nazism? Racism. Hatred. Of who? Jews. Gypsies. Polish people.
Hatred. Okay. I’m a pastor. Do I accept that ideology? No, I don’t accept it. That contradicts my
Bible. Yeah, but if Hitler’s in charge and the Nazis have the money, you better line up. Because
that’s the way it works. That’s the way life goes. And what do we say? No. Life doesn’t go that
way for me. I’m different from that. You cannot control me. You are not in charge of my heart and
my mind and my way of thinking. Not going to happen. I don’t agree with it. It’s lies. It’s
dangerous. And that’s not Christ.

So, can you discern it? Do you recognize what we are talking about? Because the kings of the
earth and the philosophies of the world doesn’t like us. They don’t like us. They want to divide
us. Then the verse says, let’s cast away their cords from us. I’ll put over here a king and a crown
on him. His buddy. They all have crowns. My drawing isn’t that good. I got to practice crowns
this afternoon! And they say there are cords from them to us. Cords. We got to get rid of the
cords. What are the cords? What are the cords that we have with the United States for
example? The president, the king – he’s not a king of course. The man, the groups in charge.
What are those cords? Conscience maybe. Get rid of that. We don’t want to listen to them. Get
rid of them. Break the cords. They have bands between them, and then they have influence on
us. And we want to get rid of them. Break them asunder.

That’s what the psalm is saying. Read it with me, vs. 3. You know what we need to do with
Jesus? Get rid of him. Why do we want to get rid of Jesus? He rose Lazarus from the dead.
That should blow your mind. He rose Lazarus from the dead. You should want to be submitted
to him. We don’t want to be submitted to him. We want to kill him. That’s the way we’re going to
deal with this thing. We’re going to get rid of Jesus.

It’s the same for us. We’re not there in our society. Thank you, Lord. We have the benefit. But if
you are – history, if you understand what is happening here in the text, we realize that in history
in the past it has happened. It has happened to Christian people. It happens today in Pakistan.

It happens in Saudi Arabia. It happens in China. It does happen. They don’t want that. So that’s
what it’s saying.
vs. 4. who is that sitting in the heavens? God. What does he think about it? He’s saying like my
plan is happening perfectly, Deuteronomy 32:4. My ways are perfect. Everything is happening perfectly.
You might say, yeah, Lord. But there’s pain. He goes, I know. That’s my plan. I know there’s
pain. Yeah but there’s heartache and broken hearts and so on. I know. But I sent the Comforter.
And I am wise and I have my plan and I am accomplishing my purpose. I’m training my people.
I’m saving them. I’m answering prayers, and I’m teaching them. They’re getting to know me,
Hosea 6:2. They follow on to know me. vs. 3. It’s not in vain. It’s not in vain. Their world is vain.
Our world is not in vain.

Chapter 2:4, so there will be a derision. There will be confusion among the kings. They will fight
with each other. One will get promoted. Another will get put down. That one will be
assassinated. Another one takes his place, and it goes on like this.

So, this is world history. This is not a surprise to us. There is constant activity in the
governments of men, and there are times of this way happening and that way happening, but
everything is subject to Almighty God and he’s accomplishing his goal and his purpose. vs. 5-6.
that’s the Messiah. This is what he does, vs. 7. Now, a decree isn’t like – a decree is a good
word you should know. It’s a theological word for a determination by God that doesn’t happen by
accident or just circumstances falling together. The way that our lives go. We feel that I just get
a good job or I have my career and this is something that I decided and I worked for and this is
like human beings. But this is different. God has a decree that he has determined in himself that
happens regardless of everything else. And what is it?

Look at chapter 2:7. You are my Son. That’s the decree. You are my Son. I decided it. This day
have I begotten thee. When did God beget him or what does that mean? It’s not Bethlehem
when the Son of God became a human being. It’s at the tomb on the third day. When Jesus is
dead, stone cold dead, his body is dead; God said. The kings of the earth are busy with their
stuff, but that amounts to nothing. When God said, you are my Son, this day sit at my right hand.
It’s over. The whole thing is over. You are my Son. This day I have begotten you from the dead
to sit at my right hand, and forever and this world belongs to you. Those people that are
believing in you are part of a kingdom that has no end. And it’s not fooling around. It’s not
inventing vain, empty things. It is the reality of God’s plan unfolded through his Son, Jesus

Look at vs. 7. And what is this? The LORD is in capital letters. It is that word Yahweh. Jehovah
is also used. We say Yahweh. It is the God of salvation, and he said unto me, the Messiah, you
are my Son. This day I have begotten thee. vs. 8. So, God says to the Son. Ask me, I will give
you the heathen for your inheritance.

What does that mean? Watch. We go back to the picture with all the dots. Where is it? Is it this
one? We didn’t draw it. Oh, it’s this one. There’s Abraham. He says I will make of you a great
nation. Messiah comes through the seed of Abraham. What does God say to the Messiah? Ask
me. I will give you the heathen. Who are they? Look at the dots. Jesus says, Father, I’m asking
you. For the Laotians. I want people from Vietnam. Korea. I want people from China. Russia. I
want them from Hungary, Romania, Ukraine. Albania. Turkey. I want them from every nation,
every tribe, every tongue.

Father, did you say to me that I could ask you for the heathen and you
would give them to me as an inheritance? And that I would have a people from every nation and
tribe and tongue? And that we would inhabit the earth, and I would be the King of Kings? And
your kingdom would be on the earth as it is in heaven? Are you saying that to me? Father? Yes.
Psalm 2:8, ask of me, I will give you the heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of the
earth for your possession.

Now watch this. vs. 9. We will finish in a minute. That means when Jesus comes back, he’s not
a weak – he’s humble, but he’s not expressing mercy. He’s expressing authority. And it’s like taking a baseball bat and going in to a pottery shop, and dealing with government and lies and
error and false ideas and arrogance. Dealing with rebellion and unbelief and he goes in with a
baseball bat into a pottery shop, and he just shatters and destroys. What a visual. What a
picture it is.

You would say, oh, that’s not right. You’re very liberally minded about what life is about. Life is
serious. Ask an engineer when a plane crashes or a building collapses or a bridge falls down.
Ask about it. Is life severe? Is truth important? You know, like, what’s when an airplane crashes.
Come on. Is life serious when someone is depressed and hurt and their heart is broken by sin?
Like is that serious? Put it on steroids. Just think about how God feels about the world we live
in. And we are in our arrogance strutting around the world thinking the world should be the way I
think it should be. No, we’re very happy the world is not the way that you and I think it should be.
We want it to be the way that God wants it to be. That’s big stuff, isn’t it.
That’s vs. 9. When he comes, he will have authority, and he’s not going to fool around with the
arrogance of the human race. vs. 10. This is a plea. O kings. Queen Elizabeth did it. She bowed
before Christ. Queen Elizabeth of England, right? The U.K. Many kings through history have
bowed before Christ. They said help me. Solomon did it. He said God help me so I could be a
good king. That’s needed. There are those for sure. Thank you, Lord, for that
vs. 10. How are we instructed? By God’s Word. By God’s Spirit. vs. 11. that’s another message.
That’s a great one right there. Rejoice with trembling. Have a fear of God, but have a great time.
Have a great time. Trembling. Respect truth with all your heart. Remember that Russian brother
that gave an illustration? P. Teplov of his electric box in his apartment building. His lights went
out and he went there. There’s the skull and bones on the cover of the box, and he knew he
shouldn’t go in there and touch anything. But he was curious. So he took a screwdriver and
stuck it in there somehow. I don’t know what he was doing. He would admit he was stupid. The
flash blinded him. It was fortunate he didn’t get killed. Blinded him. He made his way into his
apartment and laid down, but he was blinded for many hours. Trembling. Trembling. But then
rejoicing. Fear God, but then rejoice and have an awesome time in the truth. vs. 12. Don’t kiss
him like Judas kissed him, but kiss the son the way P. Andrulonis loved the Lord. vs. 12. Amen.
Would you pray with me. (Prayer.)


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