Jesus saw a funeral procession and He interrupted it. Compassion made Him do it. He raised a widow’s dead son, her only son. His interruption brought life. Weak, unsteady, troubled people are caught and used by God. He comes and there are big changes. (Luke 7:11-17)

Speaker: Ramir Manguling, Randy Rollins, Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 12653
Time: Sun 6:30 pm


P. Schaller –

let’s see. Zsombor. Do you have a verse? Who’s that? Ryan? You got one. Proverbs 10:3. Can we put that up
on the screen? Proverbs 10:3. Great. Huh. Beautiful. Let’s see. How about Karen over here? Karen
Walsh. Psalm 16:11. Will God show you the path of life? Thou will show me the path of life. Which
path? The path of life. Yeah. And then in thy presence is fullness of joy. With God in his
presence at thy right hand are pleasures forever. Who’s at the right hand of God? Jesus.
Pleasures forever more. Wow. Beautiful. How about one more? Rita? Rita Altham. Okay. He
bears our burdens. Is that Galatians 6 or where is that? Psalm 68. End of 55 maybe? Okay. We don’t
know. We’re working on it. See. That shows you we’re not perfect! Amen. But he shows us the
path of life.

We had a great weekend with the men’s seminar and the visitors that came. Also, we have P.
Wisot here from the West Coast with us tonight. Great to have him. And uh with the men and
the seminar that we had, we had great speakers. Two of them we want to hear from tonight.
That’s P. Randy Rollins. He’s going to share with us and then P. Ramir is going to share with us.
Here is one thought for us. It’s very simple about life in general that there’s three parts. #1.
Your ship that you are on. Your ship. Your life. Christ is on your ship, but he might be sleeping.
Does anybody here want to wake him up. Our God does not slumber or sleep, but in your life it
might be like that, that God is sleeping, or it doesn’t seem like there is much going on, on my
ship. My life, my ship is going somewhere.

#2. There’s a fleet of ships. How do you relate to others? Do you destroy them? Do you love
them? Do you care about them? How do we relate to other ships. Yeah. In this life. Are we
rejoicing when one rejoices? Do we grieve when one grieves. Are we organically connected to
each other? Are we living a life of purpose with Christ on the ship. The pilot. The admiral. The
one in charge. And that was the second point. Body life and receiving and loving and serving
and getting a sense of community. A sense of Body life, of victory. So, that was also, that was
Friday night and then also this morning.

And then thirdly is destination. Where is our fleet going? Where are we going? To the other
side of the sea of Galilee. There’s the Gadarenes. The people of the Gadarenes. There’s the
demonized guy and Jesus is going there. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to go there. My
boat is about me. My boat is about my maintaining my life. My life. My garden. My education.
My career. My wife. My children. My life. The purpose of my life is my ship.

But wait a minute. The purpose of my life is my fleet, the fleet that I’m in. That’s what it is. Wait
a minute. The purpose of the fleet is to go to the other side and there’s somebody there
demonized that needs the Gospel. We have all those three parts in our lives. And that’s
beautiful. I’m sweeping the floor. It’s a very small thing but I do it out of love. Jesus isn’t asleep on my ship. He’s with me. He’s speaking to me. He’s helping me. He’s filling me. He’s
comforting me.

He’s saying we’re going somewhere. There’s a plan. I have a plan for you. Just consider the fact
that I am here. We have a relationship. We have a relationship together. That is healing. That is
therapeutic. That has purpose. That helps us. That teaches me. That means that our lives glorify
God sweeping the floor or caring for somebody or just being together loving each other. That
was a good message. My own boat. The fleet. And the destination. That’s awesome.

And men, men all of us men, we need – you know, when I’m in the women’s seminar and I go
into the fellowship hall, the decibel level is like this one. They love to talk. They love to talk. I go
to a men’s seminar, one third. One third of the decibel but they’re all precious. But I was
amazed at how men can be so satisfied being quiet, you know. They’re just spending time and
being quiet and talking and just being together. We had a great time. We had a great time.
And at the heart of it is this understanding that Jesus is with us. He’s sleeping on the boat in
Luke 8 but in your life I want you to think about it this way that you got questions to ask him.
You got things on your heart. You got things going on in your life. And he can’t sleep when he’s
around you. You have some love. You have faith. You have something going on in your life.

Amen. Okay. Our first speaker is P. Randy Rollins. So, welcome him. What a great man he is.
What a great, great man. Let’s say it together. What a great, great, great man he is. Yeah. Huh.

P. Randy Rollins –

I got sort of a trick question for you. What are the type of people that God
speaks to? The type of people that God calls, that he chooses? The first verse is Isaiah 40:29. Oh, I
better put on my glasses. Those with no might. Does God call those with no might? Isaiah 40:29.
How about the sinner? Does God call the sinner? Anybody qualified? That’s the title of our
breakfast club on Friday mornings. We have a theme verse. It’s Psalm 25:8, he teaches sinners in
the way. Does God call the sinner?

How about the waiting person? Isaiah 40:31. How are we doing with waiting? Are we good waiters
on God? How about the foolish person or the weak person in 1 Corinthians 1:27. Does God call the
weak things, the foolish things of the world? Who is that? How about the base and the despised
person? Does God call the base and the despised person? Who’s that?

How about the enemies of God or the murderers of God in Acts 9:1-6? Paul said who are you? It
is I, Jesus. Did Jesus call Paul at that time? How about the troubled heart person? Anybody like
that? Psalm 25:17, he brings them out of their distresses. Does God call that person? The troubled
person? How about the backslider in Luke 15? Does God call the prodigal son? Did the father
have grace for his son and called him, right? Anybody fit in that category?

Those who have failed or fallen? Does God call that person? That’s in Deuteronomy 33:27. He does
because he wants you to know that his hands are there to catch you, right? How about the
fearful person? Jesus coming to the boat, and he says, it is I. Fear not. What did he say to Peter?
He said come. Come. Did he call the fearful person? How about the unstable person. Anybody
like that except myself? Isaiah 45:2. I will go before you and make your crooked places straight.
How often do we try to disqualify ourselves from God’s calling? Amen.

P. Ramir Manguling –

As the song is closing, I was like oh shoot! It’s my time. Like my heart is
pumping so hard. I just want to say thank you to P. Schaller. He always encourages me to look
above and beyond who I am. God is so good. His leadership is awesome, and he knows it. I
always say it to him.

I was looking at the room, across the room from my left to my right. Not your left, your right.
Whatever. I was like I’m so humbled to be here and just be in front of you and I see all the
amazing people that are doing the work of God. It’s just humbling to be here in front of you and
say something. So I just have one goal.

My goal tonight is just to encourage you and I hope that after this message, you will be not the
same as you walked into the room but will be much maturer and learning something and just
add some vocabularies to your journal or to your notes and that you will learn something
tonight and be encouraged and built up. Does that sound like a goal? Yeah. That’s my goal.
That’s all I want to happen and I’m praying to God that he will do it.

Just want to – my voice is shaking. We had a game in the men’s conference last night. Friday
night. Is Avery here? Avery, are you here? No, he’s not. We had this paper we put under the
chair. Whoever got the paper will recite the verse. Just to get along with what P. Schaller is
doing to recite a verse.

So we did that game. Just one game last Friday night. And so, you got a paper under your chair.
You go in the front and quote the verse. You got a booklet from P. Schaller as a gift. So, that’s
the game we had last Friday night, and all the men were thinking, man. All the verses that I
know is kind of like flying into the window. Like I know all of them but all of a sudden it’s all
gone. Avery stood up. He got one of the paper. He stood up. He came to the front, and we
asked P. Roger asked him what’s your verse? He said John 11:35. Jesus wept. That’s his verse.
That’s his verse. The shortest verse in the Bible. Jesus wept. And everybody was just blown out
with that. That’s a good way to put it. When P. Schaller asks you, grab the shortest verse. Let’s
pray. Isn’t God good? Is your God good? Amen. God is good. Amen. He’s is good. He’s
awesome. He blesses us beyond measure. (Prayer).

Luke 7:11-17. I would like to talk about God’s divine interruption. Have you ever heard that
before? Have you ever interrupted in the things that you are doing in your life? Luke 7:11-17.

Vs. 11-13. So when the Lord saw her – that’s the first point. Vs. 14-17. God’s divine interruption.
Have you ever doing something in the house. For the fathers, you’re doing something. You’re
cutting or you’re sewing something, and your son is grabbing your pants saying, Daddy! Daddy!
You know it’s kind of like interrupting you and he wants to say something to you. You don’t
want to be interrupted cuz you’re doing something important right now. At that moment.
I was thinking about do we give God the chance to interrupt our life? Do we give God the
chance to interrupt what’s going on in our life?

Like God’s divine interruption. I was thinking about like everything is going smoothly in your life, everything is planned. This is what I have for three months. This is what I have for one year. This is what I have for three years, and this is my
And God all of a sudden will interrupt that and just change the whole dynamics of what you are
thinking about and what you plan for. Did it ever happen to you? Like in the verses that we
read, there is a funeral service happening in that moment and Jesus is towards the gate of
where he’s going. He saw from a distance there’s a funeral and there’s a lot of people there.
And this is a chance for him to minister to these people. It’s a chance for him to show that I am
the Son of God, that I can do miracles right now where you are wherever is happening in your
life. I can interrupt your life cuz I have the power to do that. Not only God, not only Jesus the
Son of God had the power to do it, but he also had the power to accomplish what he wants to
do to your life.

So, he was toward that gate, and he saw the funeral and he interrupted the funeral. He touched
the coffin. He just looking and what’s going on? He came closer and in vs. 13, there’s four things
that he did. Vs. 13. The Lord saw her. The Lord saw the mother of the dead person. He had
compassion on her. He talked to her. He interrupted the funeral, and he comforted her and
what did he say? He said, do not weep. Didn’t he say that? He said do not weep.
So he did four things. He saw them. He saw her. He had compassion on her. He talked to her
and he comforted her and he said do not weep. He saw the funeral. He touched the coffin. He
prayed for the person. The young man became alive again. He came back to life. That’s a
miracle. To show that he is the Son of God.

But the point that I would like you to see is God can interrupt that funeral to show he’s the Son
of God, that he can do miracles in his life. God can interrupt our life. Let’s give him permission
to interrupt our life. Whatever is going on in your life. Let’s allow God. Lord, you can interrupt
my life. Cuz I know you have the right to do that. Not only do you have the right to do that, you
will do it.

So, when we interrupt somebody’s life, we as a believer we go to the street and we minister the
gospel and we say to the people, hey! I saw that you’re burden. You have addiction. You have struggling. You have this thing in your life. And can I interrupt you for a moment? Can I stop you
for a minute and say something to you? And you say the good words. You say the Word of God.
We have the power to do that because we have this. We have this. We can interrupt their life.
Amen. Cuz we have something to say. We can give them the Word of life, the Word of God. And
that’s the same thing that Jesus did.

He had the power to interrupt the funeral because he had the plan. His plan is to bring back the
life of the young man that they are about to bury. And in our life. My life is so good. God I don’t
need you right now. I have all the money that I need. I have the career. I have a good job. But
then all of a sudden, God will interrupt your life. And when he does, he has a better plan. He
has a better way to give you much blessings. More blessings and more spiritual maturity.
Like when God interrupted the funeral, he talked to the woman. He talked to the mother, and
he said do not weep. When God says that, that means he is providing a solution. He just did not
say, do not weep. He also provided the solution. He raised the young man back to life. He bring
the life of a young man. He is alive. He gave it. He gave the life of the young man back to his

So, Jesus is saying do not weep because I’m going to bring his life back. Did I say that right? Back
to life! Okay. Thanks P. Mark. I will bring his life – no! You know what I’m saying. He said to the
mother, do not weep. Do not weep cuz I’m going to bring his life back to life. He’s going to be
alive again. That’s basically what he’s saying. So when God interrupts your life, don’t be scared.
Just trust him cause he has a better plan. When he said, son, I can interrupt your life. I will
interrupt your good life right now. I have a better plan for you.

I was thinking about P. Schaller’s message Friday night about the ship. The ship. It’s when Jesus
said in Luke 11 let’s go on the other side, he said let’s go on the other side. But the disciples
don’t know that as they go, as they make their way on the other side, there will be storms in
the middle of it. But Jesus had the vision. His vision is to go on the other side. And they have a
boat between this side and that side. The boat and the people inside the boat but also it’s not
just people inside the boat, but in the boat is the Son of God. In the boat is the man who
created the heavens and the earth. In the boat is the Son of God who can speak to the clouds,
who can speak to the storm in a normal voice and say, stop! Be still! No effort. He would just
say, be still! And the storm stood still, and the storm stopped and all of a sudden it’s all
becomes bright.

But there’s a ship. There’s a fleet. There’s a destination. In the boat is Jesus. There is a vision. I
look at the destination as a vision. That’s where we’re going. When Jesus said, let’s go on the
other side, he had the vision. Their vision is to go on the other side and that’s very clear to
everybody. But then they said, how are we going on the other side? There is a boat. Peter had a
boat and on that boat was Jesus. When Jesus said to us, let’s go to the other side, that’s your vision. But you’re not going there alone my son. I am coming with you. I am on the boat with
you. I will be there on the boat when the storm is happening, and I can stop the storm for you. I
can do miraculous things for you just to go on the other side. I promise you, you can go on the
other side.

We have a mission, and our mission is the ship, the boat that we are in. That boat will bring us
to the other side. That boat will bring us to our vision. And I was thinking what is our vision. Our
vision is to go to heaven eternally, right? That’s our vision. We’re looking forward to that. We’re
going to be with the Father. And Jesus said as you are waiting for that moment, I’m going to be
with you. I can calm the storm. I can stop the storm. I can interrupt your life because I have a
better plan in your life. And you probably doesn’t know along the way but one thing for sure, he
will never leave you. He will never forsake you and he will be with us all throughout until we
make it to the other side. Amen. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Wow! That was awesome, wasn’t it? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right.
They’re going to come sing a closing song but I want to kind of fix ourselves on that message for
a minute. It was so good message, wasn’t it? Loved it.

P. Ramir has a recovery program on Friday nights and there’s a lot of folks here on that team.
There are people in our society as you know, they have problems with addictions. They have all
kinds of things. Depression, suicidal thoughts, drug addiction. All kinds of things. Now, he just
said Jesus comes in and interrupts your life. What a message that is. Has he interrupted your
life? Has he come in through the door? Has he come in through the window? Has he come
through the wall? Has he entered into your life? Has he shown up in a crisis? Has he come into
your life?

That woman had a son. Her only son. Dead. Only son dead. The woman is alone in life. That
can’t happen. Jesus is saying that can’t happen. That cannot happen. I’m here. I’m stopping it.
I’m changing it. It cannot happen. So, I want you to kind of have an exercise right now. Would
you all stand up with me. I want you to be Shakespearean actors. I want you to act it out and I
want you to do it with your neighbor and just say come on! Get up. Everybody. Come on. Let’s
go. Here we go. Just kind of act it out. That cannot happen. Get it in your heart. That cannot
happen. Go head. Act it out. Turn to your neighbor and just say that cannot happen. That
cannot happen. Let’s go. Yeah. That cannot happen. Jesus says that. That cannot happen. No!
No! No! That cannot happen. No! That cannot happen. No! That cannot happen. No! That
cannot happen. No!

Listen. Listen to this. There’s somebody that tonight somewhere in Baltimore has suicidal
thoughts and Jesus comes right into their life and what does he say? No! that cannot happen.
That cannot happen. I am here. I am Christ. That’s got to change. I will interrupt your life. I am showing up. I am here. I am Christ. I give life. I give forgiveness. I have God’s power and that
cannot happen.

Go ahead. Do it again. No! No! Go ahead. Come on! No! That cannot happen. No! That cannot
happen. No! That cannot happen. I am Jesus. I am Jesus. I’m coming into your heart and into
your life. Amen. Amen. Okay.

Second line. Say Jesus said, I am Christ. I am the way, the truth, the life. I am the answer. Go
ahead. Act it out. Hey! I am here. I am the way. I am the truth. Hey! I am God. I forgive. I am the
way. I am the truth. I am the answer. Hey! That cannot happen. Raise him from the dead. Hey!
Jesus is the answer. Christ is here. He’s the answer. He’s the one you need. I interrupt your life.
I am the answer for your life. I am the answer for your problem. I will take your drugs away. I
will take your alcohol away. I will take away your depression. I will take away your fear. I am
Christ and I am here. Go ahead. Say it. I am Christ and I am here. That’s what Jesus says. And
sing with all your heart.


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