All can be lost, but the Bible and the Comforter remains. Take Word and allow its thoughts from God to fill our comprehension. Let the Word form your activity. When brook dries up, God is there in what He says to you. Honor the Lord first and He will take care of you. 1 Kings 17:1-14

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12351
6:30 PM on 8/7/2022

P. Schaller –

Halleluiah! Praise the Lord. Amen. Yes. Wow. Great. Beautiful. Thank you, God. (Prayer). Turn in your Bibles
please to 1 King 17 for a message tonight. Praise God. Wow. How fun it is.
I was thinking of P. Mark Minichiello because his wife and children are in Norway and they are
by the ocean and they go up maybe near an island or something. They go up to the farm, up a
mountain a little ways. I know because when I traveled to Finland, we were on the same flight.
Did you know that? We were on the same flight so I saw Lucas and Sophia and we talked and
heard about their time in Norway this summer and thinking about poor, Mark, P. Mark! And
how many weeks do you have left? A couple? Three? Oh, one week more.

We had I got to say the message this morning, wow! What do you think? Wow. That was
amazing really. It was good. So, 1 King 17. I have the iPad. That’s good. Here is a – do you want to
hear a philosophical argument or a way of thinking if you talk to an atheist some day? If we
have God who is infinite. And what did he do? He created the material world. In the material
world, he made man from the dust. It’s a simple picture. We read it in our Bible. In the
beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Vs. 3 and God said let there be light and
Bam! There was light. How did that happen? We don’t know. We just know that God said it and
it happened. What kind of light was it? We don’t know because it was before the sun and the
moon which were made on the third day. But the first day there was that light.

Anyway, we understand that the material world was made from God. Isn’t that a beautiful
thing? You know what it does? It just puts you down on your knees and lift up your hands and
worship God who made the heavens and the earth. Then he made living things and then at the
end he made man. Beautiful picture. Do you believe that? Do you believe that God created the
heavens and the earth by his own wisdom and his own power and it came from the infinite God
who has no beginning and no end. He cannot be contained in anything.

By the way, the universe is contained in something. It’s in something. Like everything material is
in something but not God. He transcends all things. There is nothing that contains God for he is
infinite. This is the way we think.

An atheist says first there was matter. From matter came man. You know the theory of
evolution is very common and popular and the thought of the atheistic world and scientific
world, too. They believe that somehow that’s the normal teaching. We all learn it in school. By
the way, when you live in a post-Communist country, they want to hear this one. You say to
them God created the heavens and they are right there with you. They are not even believers.
The other stuff has been so commonly used for political advantage to teach them Communist
atheism and so on.

So let me get to the point. Matter made man and then man has a mind that comprehends the
infinite. Comprehends the infinite. What do we mean? Ask a man in mathematics what is
infinitude. He comprehends it. He understands the concept. Where did the concept come
from? The mind of man. Where did the mind of man come from? Matter. That’s all that they
say. There is no God. Matter made man and man’s mind comprehends the infinite.
Why does the mind of man have the concept of infinity? Maybe because he’s made for it. Why
does a man have a stomach? Cause he needs food. Why does a man’s mind comprehend
infinity? Because he’s made for it. He’s made not to die. He’s made to live. It’s just an
argument. Think about it. Maybe it will come in use some day. Which one of these do you
believe? Which makes more sense? The infinite God made the material world from which he
made man who comprehends and considers, contemplates the purpose of life transcending
time and matter. He comprehends, he understands that there could be a heaven with no limit.
The living God who has no limit. Okay.

Now turn to the second point is the ways of God. We preached this on Wednesday night and I
think we’ll do that now again, even though the morning message, wow! I’ve been thinking
about it all day. Man, that was good. Let me say one or two things about it. This will be – society
is built like this. Generally, societies are from the top down. The elite are in rule. The elite are
controlling economics, politics, education, power structure. The elite. The ones that have the
advantage. Maybe educated. Maybe wealthy people.

And then there is a great number of what we would call common people. 1 Corinthians 1 refers to
these people, vs. 25-27. Base people. It means that they are a low genre. They are low born.
They are low cast or low on the rung of society. They are the base. God has chosen the base

He has also chosen foolish people. MOROS which is the Greek word for moron. MOROS is a
good word in our Greek that has a definition. Let me read it to you. It means morally worthless.
It calls him stupid. Scorns his heart and character. Hence the Lord’s more severe condemnation.
A foolish man, fools. The Apostle Paul uses it of himself and his fellow workers. We are fools in
the eyes of the world. It doesn’t look like we have any social status. It looks like we are out in
the street preaching or we are doing these things of prayer or maybe ministry to children like D.
L. Moody did out in Chicago and other good works that are done that might be outside of what
the elite would consider to be honorable and high.

But God has chosen us to show the wise, the wise of the world that his foolishness is wiser
than men. That God uses common people. Giving them a new birth. Giving them a new heart.
Enlightening their mind. Giving them words. For out of the common people come leaders and
servants and humble and wise and intelligent people.

Do you remember George Washington Carver who took the peanut and he studied peanuts and
made different products. He became a professor. His testimony I read it tonight. I didn’t copy it.
I would have read it to you. He was called before a Senate committee to speak for only ten
minutes and they said keep talking. An hour and forty minutes later they said, how did you
learn these things? He said I went to the Creator and God taught me things. I asked God about
the peanut and God showed it to me. He taught me about the peanut. It was very interesting
story. I wish I had it to read it to you.

Here is my point. Do you know what God does with the common people? It says the common
people heard him gladly in Matthew 12:37. Jesus came to preach the gospel to the poor. That’s why
we love our work in Africa, in parts of Eastern Europe, in Russia, in China, in every part of the
world if you think about it. It gives a man or a woman dignity. You are born of the Spirit and you
have a new heart and a spirit from God. It doesn’t depend on the society primarily. It depends
primarily on God and his Word. Our emphasis this morning and this week has been the Word of
God. Amos 8:11, you’ll have a famine not of bread, not of water, but of the Word of God.

They’ll be no teachers of the Word of God. You’ll not have the Bible speak to you. You’ll not
have the Bible like in many countries in the world. They destroy them. They get rid of the Bible.
The Bible is the very center of our world and this can be said repeatedly over and over again to
get the Bible in our heart. To have the Bible talk to common people who will have the wisdom.
You get the idea that there are common people that have the wisdom and we may not agree
with the elite who are controlling our society, that our society in the United States is to be a
government by the people and for the people. That’s why it’s important to be in the political
process. Have your heart and mind and make good decisions and vote for people that have the
values we have that are given to us by Christ and we are educated regarding these values by
God’s Word.

Go to the point here. The ways of God. 1 Kings 17:1, he’s saying climatic change. By the way,
climatic change. The earth is changing. Why? Fossil fuels or immoral living? Or ungodliness or
too many King Ahab’s governing countries. Too many King Ahab’s empowered. The prophet
said there won’t be any rain for three years until I say so, Elijah said. Isn’t that amazing? He’s
taking a risk. But this is a good thing about common people.

When Christ gets ahold of a common man as we read in the book of Acts when the Spirit of God
fell on the church and these were Jewish people in Jerusalem at the feast of the Passover, and
Pentecost rather, 50 days after Passover. They were moved by the Spirit. I mean a team of
horses could not stop them. The Reformation that happened in Europe could not be stopped.
Calvin teaching in Geneva, Switzerland for whatever years, 20 or 30 years. I forget. Forty years.
Morning and night. Morning message. Night message. Morning message. Night message.
Weeks and years and decades and it changed the people. Wow. Bible school has that value.

Teddy Roosevelt said – let me read it to you. “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more
than a college education.” Okay. By the way, I got a thorough Bible education. I did. It goes on. I
think I’ve learned so much. God has helped me. Honestly, I stop and think about my high school
math which was hard for me. But sometimes I think about it and I’d like to take it over again
cause it’s so cool. Like logic and how things work and so on. Your new life is prone to education.
You are prone to learn. That’s why we love our church because we are learning. We are
learning the Scripture. But actually, it's useful for learning everything. Ask George Carver. Ask
the men of God that have led our country in a godly way.

Theodore Roosevelt said “after a week on perplexing problems, it does rest for my soul to come
into the house of the Lord and sing and mean it. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty. My great
joy and glory that in occupying an exalted position in the nation, president of the country, I am
enabled to preach the practical realities of the Bible to my fellow countrymen and to hold up
Christ as the hope and Savior of the world.” He said in 1910, “the material progress and
prosperity of a nation are desirably chiefly so far as they lead to the moral and material welfare
of all citizens just as in proportion as the average man and woman are honest, capable of sound
judgments and high ideals.”

There it is. I love that. High ideals. God. Let’s worship God. Let’s seek God. “…active in public
affairs but first of all sound in their home life and the father and mother of healthy children
whom they bring up well just so far and no further we may count our civilization a success.” He
explains here, “every thinking man when he thinks realizes the teachings of the Bible are so
interwoven and intwined with our whole civic and social life that it would be literally impossible
for us to figure ourselves what that life would be if these standards are removed.”
Well, I think we are there 112 years later. We have left it. And we are now figuring out what
society looks like without it, and it doesn’t look very good. Okay.

Go back to the story. Elijah is a prophet. He’s got God’s Word. vs. 2. You know what God is
saying to Elijah? You better get moving. Get out of here and hide cause Ahab is going to come
after you. He's going to say you are the problem. Later in the story, Ahab does meet Elijah and
he said you are the one that troubles Israel. Elijah said, no. You are the one that troubles Israel.
It’s not fossil fuels. It might be. I don’t know. I’m kind of provoking you. I’m just saying. Global
warming. Oh, we need to save ourselves. That’s humanism. We save ourselves. We need to be
wise but we need the wisdom that comes from the fear of God. Many of these elite leaders are
not living in the fear of God. And they’re controlling the world that we live in in some measure.
They may do so, but there is something deeper going on when you and I have what we are
talking about tonight, a relationship with somebody like Elijah. We have something in our
hearts that’s happening in our life. It’s not in a big governmental level. It’s right here in a very
practical way. God said, hide yourself.

Vs. 3-4. You will drink of the brook. That’s where you are going to live. You are going to live by a
little brook in a hiding place from Ahab. I will protect you and you are going to eat food that is
going to be brought to you by birds. I got a better idea. I want to be a missionary. I want
somebody to give, to underwrite me and provide for me every month everything I need. I’ll
even go further. I’d like some organization to get behind me and support me. I’ll go further. I’d
like a millionaire to write out a check for me for a million dollars, so that when I go to the
mission field, I can serve God and have that whole thing settled in my life. How about that,
Lord? The Lord is silent. And he goes, I’m going to teach you another way. You’re not going to
have that security. You’re going to have me. I’m going to tell you what to do step by step.
You’re going to trust me with all your heart. I will give you lands, houses, mothers, sisters,
brothers. I’ll give you disciples. I’m going to take care of you.

Does that happen? It does. It does. Many of the missionaries you could interview them and
they’d say I lived the life of ten people because I didn’t do it. I was being governed by
something higher than myself. That’s by living by every Word that comes from his mouth.
Matthew 6 says why do you care so much about what you are going to eat? Why do you care so
much about what you are going to wear? Why do you care so much about where you are going
to live? I clothe the fields. I feed the birds. That’s what I tell my wife cause she has a bird feeder
and she feeds the birds every morning. I go, Lee, our Heavenly Father is going to feed them.
And she goes, well I’m his agent, okay? I’m the one he’s using, okay?

Okay. Touché! Okay. You know what? This way we read about here is the way that is moving. It’s on the move but
Elijah can handle it cause Elijah knows God. You can handle it too. Start it up one step at a time
and start to trust God. Don’t worry so much about things. Give it to God. You can do it. God will
help you. God will show you. It’s not going to rain for three years. That means the water supply
is going to dry up and the food. And I don’t have the job. And I don’t have the place to live. God
is telling me to be by a brook of water and that the birds are going to come and feed me. Okay.
I’d be like no thank you but okay. Let’s go.
At the end of your life, you can say I lived my life and I saw the hand of God in my life. That’s an
amazing thing to be able to say. He took care of you. He helped you along the way. I saw it.
Let’s read the text.

1 Kings 17:5, there’s the key. The word of the Lord. Please understand this. Word of the Lord. The
GRAPHE. The GRAPHE on your page. The black markings are words. Black letters. Remember
Jesus said not one jot or tittle. Jot was a small – in the Hebrew alphabet, it was the smallest
letter in the Hebrew alphabet. And the tittle was a mark of one letter. None of that will pass
away. He is so serious about the Bible being from God and actually accurate and there has
never been an archeological find that has disproven the Bible. There are apparent
contradictions and various things we could teach and explain but it is fantastic. The Bible is a
fantastic testimony of God.

So, we have the Word and we have the LOGOS. The thought, feeling word. The LOGOS. It is a
phrase of the Bible, a collection of words like a phrase. It’s also one word, one word, the
meaning of the word. Logos is used for Christ. He is the Word in John 1:1. “In the beginning was
the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word became flesh and
dwelt among us.”

Then there is another word in the Greek for word and it’s the word we are talking about
tonight, the RHEMA. The living word. The rhema from the mouth. The word that you get from a
message. The word that comes off the page. You read one page and maybe one verse or on
phrase comes off. Maybe you meditate on it and roll it around like honey in your mouth. You
can roll it around and think about it. Meditating. Ruminating. A cow has seven stomachs and
regurgitates to one of them and it is digesting very fine the grass. The grass is very fine
emulsified. Very fine. The cow eats the grass but it’s totally broken down.

That rumination is a good picture for your heart and mind taking the Bible and thinking about it
and it being a living Word. Hebrews 4:12, the Word of God is living and it is the rhema word that
you build your life on. You build your life on that. You say I got a word and I’m building my life
on that word. I’m building my life on what he said. That’s the word I needed. It comes in many
ways in different expressions. Comfort. Subtle nuances of the word. Education. Meaning. Broad
doctrines of importance. The Incarnation of Christ. The humility of Christ. The Spirit of Christ.
Word of Christ.

How about this understanding that the flesh and the Spirit do not go together. They cannot go
together. They have different minds. The Holy Spirit and the flesh. They don’t have the same
mind. You see people in the world saying we all have God in us. We all have that gift of God
that is in us. No, we have the image of God in us as an unbeliever but we are not born of God.
We are the offspring by way of image bearing but we must be born again by believing in Christ.
The same with the Spirit of God and the devil. They do not go together. They disagree. Radically
they are enemies. The devil is an enemy of God. There is no compromise. There is no meeting.
There is no communication of any meaning of any agreement. They are absolutely opposed to
each other. Where does this thought? It’s the Word of God that teaches us how to think and
this is what promotes you as a person with dignity and community which we talked about

Okay. Go back to vs. 5. There it is. He obeyed the Word. He trusted the Word. He embraced the
Word. He digested the Word. He built his life on the Word. He went by the brook and he did it.
vs. 6. I wonder what that looked like? A raven is a good size bird, but it’s not that big to bring
me a whole breakfast! I wonder how many ravens came and how that happened, what
happened. It’s quite remarkable.

Vs. 7. The brook dried up. I’d rather have that millionaire supporting me and it never drying up.
I’d rather have that support from that organization behind me but the brook dried up. How
about this one? I’d rather have my wife loving me all the time, but what happens when she
stops? And the brook dries up. What happens when I have the perfect job. I have the dream job
everything about it. What happens when the brook dries up? I’ve got God. I’ve got the Word of
God that will take me to the next thing.

Remember J. C. Penney? I don’t know how many stores he had. Four hundred stores.
Entrepreneur. Built a big complex, a big company. J. C. Penney. The crash happened in 1929 and
he lost everything. I don’t know how old. Fifty years old or something. He lost all the stores. He
lost everything. Well, he had God. That’s his testimony. I had God. I listened to God. I followed
God. And I built a bigger company. It happened again. I built another company. A bigger
company. He did it again. J. C. Penney.

I don’t know how life will go for you, but I want to say to you if you get a diet of this Word in
your life as a way of life, you will be successful. That’s Psalm 1:1-3. You meditate on this word
day and night you will prosper in whatever you do. I believe our society is filled with athletes
who have found Christ, businessmen who have found Christ, politicians who have found Christ,
the heads of hospitals and police stations that have found Christ. And just the guy that works at
a factory and suddenly he’s like promoted. How did it happen? No education, but suddenly he’s
up, he’s got God with him. God is speaking to him. God is guiding him. He’s being promoted by

But the other can happen too. He can lose it all. When you lose everything, eyes are on you.
Who are you listening to. When you lose everything in life and the brook dries up, it's not over.
I mean I want to say that from an understanding heart. Life can be hard for people I know. I see
it. I understand it. But don’t give up hope. A man that rules his spirit is greater than a man who
can take a city. A man that can humble himself under the mighty hand of God and say God, I am
hurting. Help me. Heal me. Comfort me. Teach me. And God says I definitely will.

I sent you the Comforter. And by the way, there is no comforter in the world like the Holy Spirit.
There is no comfort in a bottle. There is no comfort in a drug. There is no comfort in another
relationship or a vacation or there is no comfort in some new car or something new that you
buy. You may do that. Happiness for you if you can do those things. That’s not my point. You
can do them. You are free to do them, but I am saying that ultimately in this world he sent the
Comforter who is the Holy Spirit who is the real Comforter.

Go down to vs. 7. Thank you, Lord. Did your Word come again? Yes. It came again. Vs. 8-9. I got
a better idea. Command a millionaire to sustain me! Don’t give me a poor widow woman who is
depressed and in trouble. Don’t give me that, but give me more security. Give me everything I
need. My retirement fund. All the plans I can get my hands on. Help me out. Give me the

security I am looking for. No, I want you to keep you off balance. I’m going to give you a widow
woman to live with. Go see her. Vs. 10. She didn’t have corban oil there. She was gathering
sticks. Vs. 11. She’s game. She’s listening to him and somehow it’s working. But she’s poor. Very
poor because she was gathering sticks to make her last cake to give to her son and her and then
die. That means she was very discouraged. She was ready to end it but God sent this man into
her life.

How many children need a ministry of God’s Word. How many young people need a ministry of
hope. How many young adults have found themselves floundering in our wealthy, informed
society without God’s Word to base their life on.

Vs. 11. He said, hey, by the way, bring me a cheeseburger! By the way, not only do I want some
water, but give me some bread, please. Vs. 12. We are done. We have no food. We’re very poor
people. Vs. 13. There is a mystery in that. You honor God first. You will be amazed at what will
happen. What will happen when you honor God first in your life. It will be amazing how much
peace and joy you will have if you honor God first. If you take his things first. If you worship the
infinite God.

Let’s go back to that little picture here. Which one is it? this one. The infinite God. He’s calling
us to worship him first. No, I’m gravitating to the bank account. No, I’m gravitating to the
security. Where’s the plan? Where’s the contract Where’s the guarantee? No, God says I’m
keeping you off balance so you can learn to live by faith in me and see my good hand in your
practical life. I’m going to take care of you Elijah. It’s not going to be hotel five start Karpinski.
It’s going to be a little widow woman, but you’re gong to have a ministry to that woman and
her son. You’re going to be used by me. I’m going to use you as a minister.

And so, this is how it goes. Our little Bible school, our little Bible school up in Maine with 22
students. Our little Bible school was something like this. We could say to Dr. Stevens, where is
the money? Money? There isn’t any money. Where is the education? It’s right here. Learn it.
Memorize it. Share it. Preach it. Share it. Go with it. God is with you. God will do it. God will
provide for you. He’ll give you the car you need, the gas you need, the friends you need. He’ll
give you the open door. He’ll close the bad door. He’ll open a good door. He will take care of
you. He is God. Our heavenly Father takes care of us. He is God. We are worshippers of the
infinite God who manifests himself in this world.

It was funny. When I went to Bible school I was looking around and thinking, wow! I don’t know
if I’ll ever get married if I’m in this Bible school. I don’t know. It doesn’t look so good. Prospects
aren’t that great. It didn’t matter. Cause I didn’t go there to get a wife. I went there to find God.
When I found God and started growing in God, God gave me a wife. Wow! How about it. And if
he doesn’t that’s fine. I got God. I got the next thing. The Word of the Lord came to Elijah. And

that’s how we are living our lives step by step. Every one of us. All of us. We all have our things.
We have the Lord speaking to us and leading us.

Look at what happens in the story. Vs. 13. Fear not. Go and do. He said to the woman, don’t be
afraid. vs. 14. You will not come to the end of it. It will be multiplying in the barrel. It will keep
multiplying until this famine ends, this drought ends. Vs. 14. When it starts to rain, this is over.
This arrangement is over. When it starts to rain, it’s going to be over. The food will end but not
until it rains. We’re going to eat good. We’re going to have everything we need during the
famine cause God said it. God will take care of us.

That’s a great way of thinking about your life and my life. All through these years and the work
that God has called us to do, we can say that God has taken care of us. We haven’t always been
able to figure it out with a tablet or a spreadsheet. We haven’t always been able to figure out
how all things go and how they work. But we want to be careful to never depart from the
constant reference to this amazing book, the Word of God, that will search our hearts and
break up the fallow ground and stir us up in our faith and say that God you are here and you are
with us. You are with our particular work that we are doing. You are here with our families. You
are with our children and our teenagers. You are here in our old age as we are finishing our
course pretty soon someday. You will be with us and going us all the way because you are our
heavenly Father that takes care of us and we have decided to live a different way. And that is by
faith in you.

Lastly, I’ve seen it in my heart. I gravitate to the earth. The psalmist said, “my soul cleaves to
the dust.” You gravitate to the things of the world. You get more concerned about the barbecue
than about God. More concerned about your clothes or your things or entertainment or
recreation more than the things of God. Don’t let it happen to you that you would gravitate to
the earth more than to your Heavenly Father. Jesus told us that. The great commandment is to
love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and the Holy Spirit has been sent into your
heart so you can do this your way. Not everybody is the same. We are all different but in your
heart it is very similar. We are like minded. We understand what we are talking about tonight
and we say, no. I want to let the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of your glory and
grace. I want to live beyond my capacity. I want to live beyond just being a man. I want to live
by faith in God. I don’t want to just do the status quo. That’s boring and you get dull and bored
with life. That’s what happens to people.

When you find God, walk by faith in God and follow God and obey God and God will show you
and use you and bless you and some poor little woman will live her life and she’ll say, man. The
greatest days of my life were when Elijah was with me. And what happened every day. We ate
every day. I knew it was God cause the bowl, I heard the scraping around the bottle but it never
emptied. I just had another spoonful.

Let me tell you another story and we’ll finish. Duane George, one of our pastors was in Uganda.
They made food for the church. There were 250 people. All the people could come from the
church. The church could come and eat. It was free food. They came and then they started to
tell their friends. The village people started to come. They told P. Duane we’re going to run out
of food. We only have enough for 200 people or so. He said just keep giving it out and don’t
look in the pot. Just don’t look in the pot. So, the server was just giving out spoonful’s and not
looking in the pot. And they kept giving the food and giving the food. It’s a funny story. I don’t
know if God multiplied it or not but I like the story.

Don’t look in the pot. Don’t try to figure it out. Live by faith. Do not look in the pot. Live with
God. Let God take care of you. You will be lighthearted. You will be thankful. You’ll be a
worshipper and you’ll be amazed at what God will do. I know the local bank says you better
look in the pot every once and a while. I understand that. But I like that story. It’s a good one.
Would you pray with me, please.


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