Body life for the believer is simply bringing the mind to God. Think with Him and rejoice. The result is unity in the bond of peace. Let’s work at it. (Ephesians 4:1-3; Philippians 4:2-8)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Richard Hylton
Sermon 12717
Date: 2024-05-12
Time: Sun 6:30pm

P. Schaller –

Let’s start our service off with a prayer time, so just as you please you can sit and pray or go be with
somebody and have a prayer for like five minutes or so and let’s just seek the Lord for the
week, the month, your family, the work of the ministry; however God leads you. Maybe
somebody far away. Draw them close to Christ. The unsaved. To reach them. Just as God leads
you. Take some time. Five or ten minutes. I’m not sure how it’ll go but okay. Just pray as God
leads you. You can go to be with somebody or make a little group if you want and just pray to
the Lord. (Prayer)

P. Hilton –

Well, I’d like to say thank you. It’s good to be home and I’m learning more and
more to take in the moment and absorb it. Not to rush through it. And I’ve been a truck driver
now for ten years. I drive a big, a big truck and so we’re always rushing to get to one dock to the
next dock to the next dock. But I’m learning uh slow down a little bit. Look at those mile
markers. Look at the smiles. Look at the Body. Look at the people who build you up, who
encourage you. And you do that every Sunday. We watch on TV every Sunday. We’re singing
and we’re watching and we’re praying and we’re with you still. And so, that’s what I just want
to do for a second. Just to you know absorb it and take it in and not let the moment just pass
by, you know. (Prayer)

You know, I found that if you’ve walked with the Lord for any length of time and even if you’re
just new with the Lord, I found that he has a very unique relationship with us. It’s unique to
each individual. Now, my relationship with him a lot of it hinges around humor and sarcasm at
times because through sarcasm, he can get right to the point. And I’m like oh, yeah. Okay. I get
it. I get it. And I’ve ran into people who, you know, if it ain’t deep, well, I should speak properly.
If it is not deep, they’re not interested. They want the deep things of God. The deeper the

And you know, sometimes God will say to me, okay. Well, now imagine this situation. Here’s
somebody crying out for the deep things of God and God pulls him to the side. You want to
know the deep things about me? yes. I want to know all the deep things about you. Nothing
surface. Deep. And he says, come near. Put your ear. I have something to tell you. And he starts
whispering all the deep things to them and they’re like, wow! This is, yes. And then when it’s all
said and done God says, but I don’t want you to tell anybody! It’s like, you know, you’ve heard
all those deep things and you can’t say a word. And now that will test your motive for wanting
to know them. Do you want to know them to show off or do you want to know them just to
draw nigh to him?

And that was his way letting me know, you know, when you study or when you approach me, it
always should be through just wanting to be near me and to draw life from me and to pour it
out on others. No other motive, you know, just bless people as you’ve been blessed by me.

And then I always say, you know, I don’t want a kazillion million dollars. That’s – I don’t need
$350 million and all that but 2 million would be perfect! That will suffice. And God said, I mean
he said, what if I were to give you 2 million on Sunday? I was like, yes. Yes. I know you can. He
said, but then on Monday turn around and ask for 2 million and one? Would you give it? And
I’m like on Monday? I just got it on Sunday! I haven’t – and I said, yes, Lord. I’d give it to you,
because what he was teaching me in just a very sarcastic but beautiful way, you know, the giver
of the gift is so much more important than the gift. The relationship with the giver of the gift is
invaluable. The gift very temporal. Very meaningless. It can affect change down here for a
minute but the gift. The gift is truly the relationship with the giver of the gift. The true gift is to
walk in a fellowship with me.

And so I just – these things, you know, as I’m driving. I used to drive at night. Now, I drive
during the day, so my hours are kind of like mixed up ’cause I just transitioned from night to days
and I’m like what day is it? Okay. But this was something that has been on my heart for a few
weeks now. As I’ve been driving, I’ve been mulling over these things and just meditating on
them and I just titled it the mystery of godliness, 1 Timothy 3:16.

And then Isaiah 55:8-9, And that made me think, you know, for all the times that I may want to
know the deep things of God, how could I really comprehend an infinite God with a finite mind
when a lot of times just balancing budgets can be challenging? Unexpected things blow our or
furnaces go bad and now you’re wondering now what am I going to do? Just the natural things
of life and God just refocused me to rather than want to know so much about the deep things,
here are some things that I’ve made crystal clear and that’s what I want to just share with you
briefly. Some things that are crystal clear. That’s not deep but very impactful.

It was funny because my oldest son – when my youngest son told my oldest son dad is going to
be preaching tonight, my oldest son said over the phone, he’s going to come from Proverbs I
bet you. And I said, yes. I am because Proverbs is the key to life, you know. All of the Bible is the
key but if you want to stay on the road and not go through those guard rails, look at Proverbs
and instructions will come clear and concise.

So just want to share a few verses from Proverbs and finish up in Psalms. Proverbs  1:8, it says it’s
not a deep mystery but it’s very crystal clear. Hear instruction from dad. Spiritual dad. Dads on
the earth and forsake not the law of thy mother. Very practical. Not deep. But boy will it save

Proverbs 11:17, And God recently shared to me be merciful towards yourself. Towards yourself.
When you’re trying to juggle a lot of different things and you’re trying to do things that may be
a little bit above your reach or over your reach and you stumble or fall, be merciful to yourself.
Receive his mercy. Receive it and then you’ll be able to pour it out on others that what you received. But be merciful to yourself and then you can be merciful to others because what you
receive, that’s what you give. Just be merciful.

And you know, I understand mercy and grace. You know, I’ll have to tell this quick story. I was in
a very good mood one evening and my wife and I were driving. And I mean I was just really
feeling good. Things were, yeah and I happened to with a CDL license I happen to just blow –
there was a red light and I stopped on red and then I proceeded through and then the blue light
started and I was like, oh no! ‘Cause I wasn’t supposed to make the right turn on that light and the
cop came by. This is – I can’t make this up.

The cop came by and he was giving me the ticked and my wife, you know, she was like, you
know, you’re doing a good job. You’re doing a good job young man. You are. You are faithfully
ministering and you’re giving out these tickets and I was thinking while she was saying that, I
was sitting in the seat like, oh no. And you know what? You continue to do a good job like that.
It’s good to have officers who, who really, you know, take their job seriously. And I mean I was
like oh, yeah. Okay. He got me.

And then when it was time to call a couple of weeks later to make the arrangements to pay the
ticket, I heard which is highly unlikely, that the officer never submitted it. I sat in the seat and I
– it’s like thank God for my wife! Boy. Thank God. Thank God. I mean cuz that was going to be a
big one and uh, so I know, you know, be merciful. It’s great to receive it. It’s also great to give it.
And then Proverbs 16:24. Nothing deep. Pleasant words. We can either have a redemptive tongue
and share pleasant words or not. And um but it says right here pleasant words are as a
honeycomb. Sweet to the soul and health to the bones.

And lastly, I want to end with Psalm 27:4. Nothing deep but very practical. Uh, one night I was
driving and I was listening to the Word of God on my MP3 player in the truck and I came across
this Scripture and it made a very big impact on me and I just want to share and close with this.
Psalm 27:4 It’s David speaking. Now, I thought to myself, wow. That’s awesome. To have a desire
to want to draw nigh to God. To draw nigh to him and to inquire of him in his temple. In good
times. In bad times. When I have utterly failed and everything in me wants to run from the
Lord, but instead of run from him, run to him. Dad, I screwed this one up. I did. I messed it up. I
messed it up, Dad.

To just want to constantly be in his presence like I said when you’re on top of the mountain and
when you’re in the bottom of the pit. To still want to be in his presence. To still want to draw
nigh. Why? Because there’s life. There’s life when you’re with him. You live. You thrive. You
overcome. You’re sustained. You affect your life, other lives. Even in the political scene, it
doesn’t matter because you know who’s in control. Because you want to draw nigh and you’re drawing nigh to him. And so, that’s my portion. That we would, you know, stay, keep things
simple and continue to draw night to the Lord. Amen.

P. Schaller –

I think this is it. My fault. Wow. That’s terrible. Okay. The reason I – thank you for –
I have, as you know, we were in India last week and I have a couple little clips we showed this
morning. The S. India conference and then a little bit of the Mumbai conference. And then I
have a very unusual clip I made for my wife when I interviewed children in Bangalore. And she
told me you should show that video tonight. So, what do you think? Do you want to see it?
Okay. All right. So, let’s do the Mumbai conference first.

So, this is just like I’m walking through the crowd and I’m making it really for my wife, so she knows I’m actually there. Okay. (video).

Yeah. Yeah. All right. Now, the children video. I think they have it. Do you have that? All right.
(video). Fun. Great kids, huh. Beautiful. Turn in your Bibles. You want to hear a message? All
right. Turn to 2 Corinthians 5 for a few minutes and thank you pastor for the word. Really sweet.
Beautiful. Yeah. Thanks for your prayers for the week. We – Fred Ellis, Gary Groenewold, Roger
Robbins. Roger stayed four more days and went to six hours a day. They remember P. Glen
Cannon a lot. Tony. You know him? Yeah. He was one of your first guys. P. Glen started the
ministry there in Southern India and people remember him. And we’re thankful for what God
does. It’s amazing.

So, 2 Corinthians 5. We talked this morning about Body life and how important Body life is for us and
it’s life changing. Psalm 133, God commands a blessing when we dwell together in unity. We have
unity in the Spirit and we endeavor for the unity as you saw in India. And these people are from
different places but they had this great unity there because in vs. 16, 2 Corinthians 5. Maybe I need my
iPad, pastor. If you could bring that up. Let’s read it. vs. 16.

And here is a good question for us: What does it mean to know somebody according to the
flesh? And by the way, P. Carl, good to have you here from Delaware. Did you preach on this
today? Probably. Did you? Did he? Maybe. No. In the car talking about it? I hear a little laughter
down there so wondering. Okay.

Knowing no man after the flesh. Galatians 3 talks about there is no female – male or female in Christ.
No bond or free in Christ. Imagine that we are people that are made in the image of God and
we know each other in Christ. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:1, I determine not to know anyone among
you anything – I’m sorry. I’m determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ
and him crucified.

That means there must be a different mind in Paul than in the natural man. Because naturally,
we know each other based on other criteria. Maybe how we are – what nationality we are,
what religion we are, what race we are, what kind of background we have. But then we
understand that we are spiritually minded and the epistles, many of them, – I’ll jot down a couple. Ephesians 4 put off the old man. Put on the new man. Colossians 3 Same thing. 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, our
mind, every thought is to be brought into subjection to Christ’s mind. Romans 12:3 mind renewal.
When we see each other, how do we look at each other? This is phenomenal. 1 Corinthians 13, how
love thinks.

This mind affects Body life. Body life is the result of Christ’s mind. Christ’s mind in
you and me. Christ’s mind in how we look at each other and know each other. How we relate to
each other in the faith. How we live by faith. How we live in the Spirit. How we relate to each
other in love.

And this is phenomenal because we also understand it’s very easy for us in our own families to
have problem in our family and the way we think about each other. We can put a group of
people here and how that group of people easily quarrels. Is jealous. Easily disagrees. Has
different opinions on things. Easily talks. Offends each other. Breaks up into small groups. Easily
happens on the earth with all kinds of people all the time in all kinds of groups. But God has
ordained for us to be in the Body of Christ and to have his mind and relate to each other a
different way.

So, that was our morning message on Psalm 133 and the reality of it is that God when there is
unity and we endeavor for it. Let’s talk about that for a minute here. Let’s say endeavor for it is
Ephesians 4 and turn there with me and read it. vs. 1-3. How important it is to walk in the vocation
where we are called. Not a natural bent but walking in the vocation where we are called. That
means the new man. That means the renewed mind. That means the doctrinal orientation. That
means new words. That means being knit together in the Body. That means the mind of Christ.
That means love. That means grace. That means faith. That means the Spirit.

Vs. 2. Maybe we could say we endure each other. We forbear one another. We are patient with
each other. We are not overly sensitive about each other. We are patient with each other. We
are forgiving with each other. We are gracious with each other.

Vs. 3. Now, we have the word “endeavor” here. We really work at it. Work at it. Wow. What a
big project that is. We work at it. We are really endeavoring to have God’s mind towards things.
Sometimes, there is a disappointment. Let’s write that word down here. Disappointment in life.
Disappointment. How do we think about it? Philippians 4:4-8. Do we have to work at it? yes.
Let’s turn with me please. Philippians 4:2 the names of two women that looks like they don’t have

Two women that are in the church that looks like they have a problem with each other.
Two women in the church that maybe are fighting with each other. Maybe everybody in the
church knows it and Paul calls them out and puts their names there in the epistle. Like stop it.
Euodias. Whoever she is. I beseech her. I wrote it. I write it in the epistle. I put her name in
there. I beseech the other one, Syntyche, that they be of the same mind in the Lord. The same
mind is mentioned in Philippians 2. Let this mind be in you which is in Christ Jesus and it is a mind of humility. Good word for us to think about. Humility. Let this mind be in you which is in Christ

If we took two people in the church that are having a problem with each other or maybe a
problem with the church and then they are just told be of the same mind. Like both be humble.
Both be submitted. Both be Spirit filled. Both control your tongue. Both say please forgive me.
Both say let’s endeavor for unity. Let’s work at it. Let’s make the effort. How can I serve you? I
forgive you or please forgive me and this kind of attitude and spirit that we have as believers
walking in the Spirit. That’s Body life. There God commanded a blessing. There is the unity
that’s in the Body. There God commanded a blessing.

Remember years ago, when Dr. Stevens was a young pastor up in Maine and he had a revival
going on in his countryside church and they decided to buy property on Route 1. The main
highway up, you know, road up through the coast there. And then they started to build and
then he cancelled the whole thing. I mean they had the property but he cancelled the building.
And it was because they were arguing about the color of the carpet. They were arguing about
building. They were arguing about it and he said, you know, we’re putting the whole thing on
hold until we have unity. Until we learn how to be together and have oneness and have a
spiritual mind and actually love each other and care about the deeper things like love. Like
forgiveness. Like talking, forgiving, being gracious, understanding, praying, seeking God, having
unity together.

But again, many times it doesn’t happen. Families are divided because of pride. Families are
divided because there isn’t oneness. Because there isn’t the mind of Christ. Philippians 4 gives us
some insight into that. Look at Philippians 4 and we’ll finish up here. vs. 4. A sense of humor has great
value. Being light hearted has great value. Being thankful for everything. And rejoicing in
everything has great value. Vs. 5. No anxiety. No worry. No fears. By prayer and supplication, vs.
6. That’s our part. Everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be
made known unto God.

Are you worried about your family? Then, don’t worry about them. Pray about them and give it
to God. Are you worried about your future? Don’t worry about it. Be thankful for the day. Be
thankful for everything we have and let your request be made known unto God.

And what will God do? Vs. 7. We’ll get tough in our hearts, in our minds. We’ll get tough. We
can endure it. We can handle it. We don’t run away. We don’t leave the church. We draw near
with our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. We learn to think with him and relate to each
other based on love. And we just keep loving each other, forgiving each other, praying for each
other, loving each other. And there God commands the blessing. What will God do? God will
raise us up. God will use us in ways. We have a life of faith. The mind of Christ is one of faith.
The mind of Christ is one of faith.

Let’s finish with this. Mind of Christ. Faith. And this is moving. That’s why the Body of Christ is a
group of people. The Body of Christ and you feel the direction in the Body. We are growing. We
are moving. We are living. We have a future. It’s never boring around here. It’s never dull. It’s
never stopping. Where God has commanded a blessing. God is on the move. God is working.
God is developing people. They are growing up. They are learning him. They are learning how to
live with him.

The Body of Christ is – many of us have been in it for 50 years. I can say it has never been the
same. It is always moving. God is always developing something. There’s always something
more. There’s like a reaching for. There’s like an increase where God has commanded a blessing
in your life. But if you go back to the other model – where is it – the family that is divided and
the jealousy and the pettiness and the criticism and the negativity and the un-thankfulness that
is so common in our society and in groups of people. It is unbelievable. It is like death and
people get hurt and they don’t know the way and they don’t have good friends. They don’t
have a fellowship.

There are people in our society that are lonely. Lonely and they are empty
and they are hurt and they don’t have what the Body of Christ has. We must endeavor for it.
We must work at it. We must have a spiritual heart.

We must be able to say I am sorry. We have to say please forgive me. We have to say I love you.
We have to say I encourage you. I am praying for you. You have to say I want to build you up.
We have to have something happening in our own heart that we bring into the fellowship and
we recognize with each other.

Now, you are not your sin. You are a new creation. Don’t worry about it. God’s got that
covered. Walk in unity in the Body. There God has commanded a blessing even life
forevermore. Why is there life here? Why is there life? Because Christ is alive. Why is there a
future? Because Christ is the head. Why do we always have hope? Because Christ is alive. Why
do we have a word in season? Because Jesus Christ is in the Body of Christ. Why do we have
faith? Because Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Why do we love people and
can’t stop? Because Christ is alive and he is love and he is God and you and I endeavor for that
in our hearts and mind.

Change your thinking if you struggle with any of these things. Jealousy. Change your thinking.
Stop it. Be thankful. Just be thankful for what you have and me. What we have. Covetousness.
Covetousness, jealousy, like stop it and just be thankful for what we have and rejoice always.
Our life is a precious gift to us always. My sister and brother, they hurt me. Forgive them. Love
them. Build them up. They will change. They will grow. They will be built up.
You have a problem with the church? Be an answer. Bring Christ into the church. Build us up.
Love us.

Forgive us. Build us up. Bring something to the table. Help us in God. We have a criticism of something that isn’t there. Help us. Lead – God give to us and build us up and God
commands a blessing and we are shocked. We are amazed at what God will do.
What God will do in India in reaching the subcontinent. What God will do in Russia. What God
will do in China. What God will do in our classrooms. What God will do in our families. We are
amazed at what God will do. God will bless us. God will lead us. God will speak to us. God will
help us because that’s Body life. Body life.

A Christian without Body life is a Christian that is
missing out on a blessing that God has commanded. And a Christian that doesn’t have Body life
should find it. Walk with God in it. Draw near. Learn how to live by faith.
How do you stay in the Body? By faith. How do you love your neighbor? Live by faith. How do
we forgive each other? Have God’s mind and think about it. Endeavor in it. Believe it and walk
in it. God will take care of us. It’s his mind that we must have.

Let’s close. It’s a little bit long but I got one, just quickly. A verse. 2 Corinthians 10. Very important. Vs.
4. We don’t need a lot of strength. They are not carnal. Vs. 4-5. Bringing into captivity every
thought, every thought, to the obedience of God. Every thought into the obedience of God.
Wow! Amen. Would you pray with me. (Prayer)


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