Wisdom has a house with all pillars. Stable and connected to the Cornerstone they are the foundation of God’s work. The Cross is where we meet Him. We lay aside things of the flesh and contention and enter His House. We are lively stones in a great building. (Proverbs 9:1-3; Proverbs 1:7; 1 Peter 2:1-5)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Jason Moore
Sermon # 12647
Time: Sun 11am

P. Schaller – (Prayer).

Okay. Turn to Proverbs 9. This is an introduction for our morning. Great to have you out today and
we’ve come to learn. We have this text in chapter 9. Wisdom. Our subject is regarding wisdom.
What is it? How do I get it? What does it mean to me to have wisdom? So, here it is. This is just
a few minutes to introduce one thought of it. It’s wisdom has built her house, chapter 9, verse

So, let’s make a house here if I can do this. Okay. All right. Here’s wisdom has built a house. This
is that kind of house. We got it up there? Nope. Not yet. (P. Steve is helping). What’s that?
Wisdom’s coming! How do those kind of people do that? By grace. Okay. Notice wisdom has
built a house. Is it important that wisdom built a house? Why? Why? Look at vs. 1.

Let’s put some pillars here. Something like this. There’s one here. She has seven and however
you want to do your configuration. There’s seven. All right. What are they? I don’t know. I have
said in the past justification, sanctification, redemption. These are theological words. Total
depravity. So, you can think about that. In any case, this house is doctrinal. Is sound attributes
of God. Grace of God. Mind of God. This is the mind of God. God has made a house. For who?
For who has he made the house? But for us people. Cause we need a house. We need a place.
We need instruction. We need what wisdom has for us. Wisdom – the Lord made the universe
with wisdom, and it takes wisdom for us to live in it.

So, the universe is like a glove. It’s like a glove and then your hand goes in the glove, and it fits.
But if you do live without wisdom, it doesn’t fit. It doesn’t go together. And we watch people
struggle in life and we all do. We all struggle. But some have understood better how life works.
They learn wisdom. Wisdom will help us understand things that you cannot understand a
different way.

Now, notice something here. There are other houses. A house of science. Let’s say knowledge.
Knowledge is good and there is a house you could call it a house of science, but it’s not able to
help you when it comes to should I get married or not? What can science tell me?
Should I but this house or that house? Should I live in this city or that city? What is my career?
How do I figure out? Who are my friends? When my heart is broken, what can science do for
me? When a man’s heart is broken, when he’s guilty and sitting in a prison and he’s guilty of a
crime, what can that house do for me? Right?

There’s another house and it’s the house of morality. Good and bad. That house is also
morality. Some people think I’m a Christian. The purpose of my life is to be good. It’s to be a
good person. No, it isn’t. That’s not your purpose. Your purpose is to get wisdom and learn how
to live and how your life fits in this life. It is good. It is good but goodness is not enough for you.

Cause goodness like I can have this job or this job. Which job? They’re both good jobs. But how
do I know which job to have. I need wisdom. Goodness is limited.

There’s another house of religion. There’s a house of religion. You can go to religious house but
go away empty. Can’t you? Turn to your neighbor and ask them. You can go to a religious
house. Could you go away empty? What? Yes. Been there, done that. Yes. Yes. That can
happen. Religion. There’s a lot of religion in the world. But is it wise? Is it God? Is it the house
that God built.

Now, closing. Look at this verse here, vs. 2. We could say the crucifixion. “She has mixed her
wine.” We could say the blood of Jesus. “She has furnished her table.” That could be the
communion table. “She has sent out her maidens.” That’s missionaries. Evangelists. Christians
have gone out. Like we’re in the house. We go out and what is our message? If you’re in the
house of wisdom, do you have a message? Yes, cause wisdom has a message.

There are people that don’t have a message, right? But when you’re in wisdom and gaining
wisdom, it says he that winneth souls is wise. That means you’re able to talk. That means you’re
able to help people find Christ. You are able to minister to them. Wisdom does that.
When you and I are in the house that wisdom built, then we are in communion at a table, and
she sends out her maidens. Notice the next part, “she cries out.” The maidens. Vs. 3. We can
debate Muslims. We can debate Buddhists. We can debate secular people. We can debate the
atheist. We can debate people. Have a discussion.

What I mean by debate is have a meaningful discussion. You can talk. Jesus is out in the hills of
Galilee and he’s in the city in the temple. Everywhere he goes, he can have an answer. He can
have a ministry. He can do a miracle. He can answer the heart. He can speak to the heart. He
can say to the woman at the well, you’ve had five husbands. The man you’re living with is not
your husband. I’m here to talk to you and it affects her because wisdom is like that. Therefore,
we get it.

It says here it’s better than money, silver, gold, rubies. It’s better than anything you could ever
desire in life. Now, let me say something about that. When you were five years old in Upstate,
New York in a snow storm and it was time to go out and play, you put on your gloves or
mittens. And your mother would try to get your fingers in the right holes in the gloves.
Remember? Like two fingers would go in one finger. Remember that? You don’t want to go out
so you kind of close your fist like this. And your mother is trying to unravel your fingers and get
them in the gloves.

You know, life is like this that people don’t know how to fit in life. They don’t know how it
works. They don’t know. They think it’s to be beautiful. If I’m beautiful, that works. Or rich or famous or popular or no troubles or no problems or just be good. it doesn’t fit in this world. You
can do it, but you’re going to have a hard time getting it – you’re going to feel I don’t get it. I
don’t get life. I don’t get life.

The sooner you can realize you need help, the better it is cause you can mess up your life. What
a good word to end on. Aren’t you glad you came to church today? I can mess up my life. I can.
And even when that does happen and I go back to God and I find wisdom, he will help me after
I mess up my life cause he is God. Isn’t that good? He will help me understand how to forgive,
how to love, how to believe, how to trust.

Pray. Grow in grace. He will help me. My hand will start to go into the fingers, and I’ll just say, okay. It hurts but I got it. It fits. God is with me. And wouldn’t it be amazing to live your life and at the end of your life to say, you know what?
The Lord. The Lord did this. The Lord helped me. The Lord answered me. I got to learn how to
talk, how to listen, how to not be jealous, how to not be envious, not to be hateful, not to be
judgmental. I learned how to walk with God cause God has given us a house called the house of
wisdom. Okay. Now, welcome – don’t know what comes next. They know. Thank you. God bless

P. Jason Moore –

Good morning. It’s so good to see you. Just looking at the family here. Yeah,
just sending greetings from Houston and my wife and I and family. We are co-laboring with my
brother, P. Jomy, P. Adam Speedy and the Speedy family down in Houston. And God is really
moving there. So, thank you for remember us and praying for us. It’s just exciting. It’s a unique
opportunity that we have, that all of us have really to really minister and be missionaries where
we are. Amen. It really is.

Houston is a unique city. There’s a lot of beautiful believers and when you start to share the
faith and kind of scratch behind the surface a little bit, and it’s really amazing how the natural
disposition of man. We are empty. We are so empty. And the finished work message, the grace
message is a whole other language, isn’t it?

And I want to look at something briefly here in 2 Corinthians 3. And honestly, I just wanted to come up
here. My wife sends her love. She’s actually home. She has pneumonia, so please be praying for
her, but she’s an amazing trouper with my son as well. And we have landed well in Houston.
We haven’t crash landed which is good. Houston, there are no problems that we’re aware of.
But honestly, your prayers and encouragement. I just think of the Body here. My heart is just so
broken in the good sense. How you warm my heart just thinking of you, your heart, your faith,
your consistent love. And we just are so honored to be an extension of Greater Grace in
Houston. Working with my brother is always a blast. We used to do that overseas and I feel like
we’re in part 2, you know.

We really are in a unique time in our country, aren’t we? We really are as things, as the wheels
have already come off the bus. We are just preaching. Loving. Ministering. Speaking. We have a
message. We have a message that does not depend on us, but it lifts up a great big Christ.
2 Corinthians 3, I love these verses. It just says, vs. 16-18. This is the Gospel, isn’t it? It is the Gospel. As
we work in Houston, there are three church plants that are happening. It’s amazing just going
and just communicating turn to the Lord. It isn’t just a religious form, but it’s this amazing
privilege we have to discover Christ, to discover him because we are thirsty. Psalm 63:1 says that
we are longing for something. And as we turn to the Lord, we realize he is everything we need.
Amen. Psalm 143 says the same thing in vs. 6 that our arms reach out and we are satisfied. He
satisfies every living thing as he opens his hand.

And what a great message. Amen. What a great message we have that we are bringing to
wherever we are that there is a God that we turn to that is not like us. He is perfect. And has we
turn to him, we are learning and enjoying his life.

It’s almost like looking in a mirror. I was reflecting back. We had looked at some comics with my
son not so long ago. There was this comic of a cat looking into a mirror and the reflection was a
lion. I like that because that is us, isn’t it? We are weak and then we look, we turn and the veil,
this complicatedness of the self-life is removed. And we see who we really are in grace. We see
who we really are in mercy. We see who God has made us to be in his Son, Jesus Christ.
Because the more we look at ourselves, that veil gets thick, isn’t it?

The weights get heavier. I’m working right now with a Christian counseling agency that is just an incredible grace-
oriented ministry. And we’re ministering as a marriage and family counselor. What a privilege
that is. It’s very busy just with the mental health crisis in our nation and the world for that
matter. But this man said to me, I feel like I have a layer of rocks across my body. I am so full,
heavy and I have so much pressure in my life.

I began to share with him about the grace identity, who God says that he is. And it’s amazing.
By the end of the session, he prayed with me for salvation. And he was like I need, I need this
Gospel. I need this life. He says, I am broken. I am broken. Isn’t that amazing?
It’s like we pour out our cup, right? Onto dry and parched land and people, they look good.
They sound good and maybe they smell good, right? But they’re empty. They’re broken. And
this is the beautiful thing. We look from our brokenness into the mirror and what do we see?
We see wholeness, right. Psalm 17:15, we are awakened and then we realize we are like him, and
we are him, 1 John. 4:4 in this world.

So, I love this principle because life can give us a leaky brain. It’s a concept I’ve been thinking
about. What I mean by that is life can puncture us, can’t it? Fear. Anxiety. Guilt. Shame. It can puncture and remove the content and we can have an overactive brain or a brain that never
turns off. Anybody ever experience that before? All of us, right? It’s incredible.
And what is that? It is this place where we’ve looked away from God and we look to another
place, and we’ve tried to establish our own righteousness as it says in Romans 10:3 and what
happened? It just doesn’t work. And our mind races and we can’t shut it off. But when we turn
to him, this is the amazing provision that we have that we just heard about. We turn to wisdom,
and we learn truth, right?

A lot of people have a tremendous amount of knowledge. We have Google Christianity. Just
Google this and bam! You have an answer. But what are we really learning? What are we
learning? We’re learning how much we’re loved and how much value we have. We are learning.
Because in Hosea 4:6, very interesting verse. “My people perish for the lack of knowledge.” Isn’t
that a powerful verse? If you read Hosea 4, it’s a serious read, you know, but we are perishing.
We are finding that wherever we go, but I’ll speak about Houston as we’re talking with people
and just – I gave this one couple, I’m able to give them resources and invite them into the

People are coming into our church in Houston from our counseling sessions. It’s really a
beautiful provision, but I gave this one couple the booklet, “Just Let God Love You.” How many
have read that booklet? Incredible. And I’ll never forget. I gave it to this couple. Just read it and
journal about it and we’ll talk about it.

The following week when they came back, their eyes were just like we’ve never read anything
like that, you know. And the man said now I understand a little bit about how to love my wife. I
said, praise the Lord! It’s got to be his love loving us and then the overflow to others. Books
like, “What is man?” “Failure’s not Final.” “Beautiful for Situations.” Right? “Beauty for Ashes.”
These are like amazing, amazing transformational things and this is the mirror that we have. I
just love this. We are changed. We are changed.

I think of Teija down here. I live five miles from her son, Josh, and Lindsay. It’s amazing. God is
gathering people together. And we’re saying let’s look away. Let’s look unto Christ. Let’s look to
his grace. Let’s learn it again.

Because, you know, we can all say this but it’s a needy time. It’s really a needy time. People are
looking. They’re seeking. When we see the liberty of God, we can say this is not our message.
This is his message and then we don’t perish for the lack of knowledge.

That word “perish” is pretty incredible. In Jeremiah 2:13, it says the same thing. It says we are broken
cisterns. We are pierced and there’s no real – there’s nothing to hold onto. But when we turn to him like you’re doing today, what’s happening. We are being changed not to live our best life
today. Right? You know what I’m saying about that when I say that? But I’m saying we’re living
his life. We’re living and discovering the beauty of mercy, lovingkindness, grace, temperance,
patience. And our brain, our brain is able to focus and concentrate in Is. 26:3 on him. On him.
Just like we just heard that song and we lift up our cares and we cast our cares and then our
anxiety and our fears and our overactive mind and our grabbing on the whirlwind as it says in
Hosea 11.

What happens? We say, Lord, we’re resting in you. We’re looking away from our
brokenness and we’re discovering wholeness. We’re looking away from our sin and we’re
looking into redemption. We’re looking away from our complicatedness and finding the
simplicity of grace.

Praise God! What a message we have! What a Gospel we have. What an amazing privilege we
have and people, people are hungry. I just see this. Mormons. There’s a lot of Mormons in
Texas believe it or not. I meet a lot of people that have a form of godliness but they’re denying
the power cause they’re looking at themselves. They’re looking at their best performance. It
gets tiring doesn’t it? It really does. But when you can fall into the arms of grace, into the arms
of love. Love produces the change. It doesn’t demand it. We are in this beautiful place of
watching people get transformed.

Thank you for praying for us. The church is growing there. You’re going to see a bunch of
Texans come to conference, Lord willing. It’s incredible. People come into the church. One man
I spoke with recently said I never read my Bible. I gave him a Bible to read just in our
counseling. He said I’ve never opened the Bible before. He’s in the church with his three
teenagers and he’s learning the Bible. His marriage is being transformed. That’s what it’s all
about, right? Let’s look again. Let’s discover and let’s be changed into his image.
So, we love you. Thank you for remembering us and for praying for us. We hold you very
precious and close to our hearts. Amen. God bless you.

P. Schaller – Okay. We’ll say a few things. Thanks, pastor. What a great – I mean. P. Jason and
Leah are just godly servants and ministering down in Texas and we appreciate them very much.
They worked here for many years with us and then we sent them out. We had to process that.
We became angry about it and then we shifted to like okay and then we’re happy they’re there.
All right.

Would you change your position just for a moment? Whatever you want to do for one or two
minutes. Turn around. Greet each other. Love each other up. Sit in your chair. Whatever you
want to do. Have a moment of fellowship. Okay. You may be seated.

All right. Turn with me to 1 Peter 2. Okay. Could we put up on the screen that sketch of the
houses? Yeah. Okay. So, wisdom has built her house. We heard P. Jason talk about the ministry
in Houston and like many churches, it’s so possible that we are helping people, but we really
want to help people deeply. I know we all do. We would like to really help people.

It’s interesting in some of these other houses if you follow that idea with me that somebody
could say that in this house what I learn is if I have money or this house. I have money, I
succeed in life. Or if I’m smart. If I’m smart, I can manage my life. And you know, there are
people that are smart and gifted and they manage their life, and they have a character
problem. They have a character problem, but they have so much they’ve succeeded but then in
their personal life, they are not together.

They don’t have it. They don’t have love. They can’t forgive. They’re jealous in their personal
life. So, that house couldn’t help them really live the life that God made them to live. Isn’t that a
good question. What kind of life has God made like that he has a life for me to live and for me
to find that life. I can get hijacked and say it’s to be a good man. I’ll be a good man. It’s not
enough. You need to be a wise man. No, it’s have a great job. How many of you have ever
thought or even the professional athletes. What a great job that would be to be able to be paid
for doing something that you really enjoy like playing a sport. Wow.

But those athletes have problems. They have problems. They don’t need, you know – you might
think that’s what I need or that’s what I want. How many people play the lottery? And why?
They think that is the way to solve their problem. Proverbs is saying getting wisdom is better
than silver and gold. It’s better. But do you believe that? I do. I do. Me with you, we have lived
unique lives.

Cause we have found – we’re not, I’ve very deficient in many areas of life. I know I am. I’m very
deficient. There are things I can’t do like put this screen up, this computer thing up on the –
many things I cannot do. But that’s not the point. There is something deeper in your life that we
need to address and talk about, and we do that every day here in our church. Not just once in a
while but every day. We’re focused on this cause it’s incredible. It’s incredible.

Let’s read a couple verses. Let’s see. Proverbs. You can put them on the screen, okay? Proverbs
8:12. These are synonyms. We have three different words. We have wisdom. We have
prudence. We have discretion. Basically they are similar, but one of them, discretion, has the
idea of paying attention to detail and understanding how things work.

Like understanding how life goes or how a relationship goes. We all know that we can have a
relationship with somebody, and I might say the wrong thing. And we know how that could
destroy the relationship. I say the wrong thing. Well, wisdom helps us in our relationships with each other. Wisdom does because it has discretion. And discretion is able to make
distinguishing, like recognizing differences.

I like the idea of how the ladies love different colors, you know. Painting a house. How many
painters have had to repaint the bathroom cause it wasn’t the right color, right? Or I’m just
fascinated how the ladies, the colors – no, it’s not. What’s the difference? Is this yellow or not?
Is this yellow or not? Okay. All right.

So, in the way what God does for you through the new birth, you wake up and desire the
sincere milk of the word in 1 Peter 2:2. You start to learn truth and it really stirs your heart
cause that’s what the nature of wisdom is. It’s to know what is going on.

When Jesus was in the world, he knew what was going on more than anybody. He was here and
he knew what he was doing, when it would happen. He knew how it would happen. He
understood how to talk to people. He understood how to touch their heart. He understood how
to help people, and he understood how to walk away from people. Like Jesus is the study on
wisdom. That person. Wisdom is a person. That person is in your life. Wow. He’s in your life. He
talks to you. He give you understanding and prudence and discretion. Like you’re able to
understand what is going on.

Raising a family. How many of you can understand, hey, raising a family. It’s not just being a
good person and it’s not a matter of money or science or medicine or systems or rules. It’s
something different. It’s something more is needed than just rules and science and money and
our opinion on things. It’s more is needed. Patience. Love. Understanding. Wisdom.
Okay, so Proverbs 8:12. Where do you get it? Proverbs 1:7, it says the fear of God is the beginning
of wisdom. Psalm 111:10, same. The fear of God. Maybe that’s up on the screen. Where are we?
Psalm 111:10, Proverbs 1:7. I think they’re – it’s a coffee break right now! Okay.

So, another one. Job 28:28 and so we have this understanding, this principle about life. In the
secular world like if you go to the university and you take science courses and you learn about
physics and the rules and everything, all the rules of the game of physics and science and so on
and that’s a good thing, but it’s not enough.

That house cannot help you when you have to buy a car. I’m going to buy a car. Which car do I
buy and how does that work? How about when somebody gets cancer like what medication I
take? That’s, maybe the medicine world can help me, but what if it doesn’t work. Who’s going
to help me? God. Wisdom. Wisdom will talk to you. Wisdom will guide you.

How about if I move away? Where do I go if I move away, and do I go with a family member? Or
how about healing a relationship in a family. How do I do it? How can that happen? How does it work? How about as we get older as people, and we lose some of our abilities and so on. It’s
like how do I now live? Well, wisdom. That’s the house that we live in. That’s where we want to

Now, there’s something about it that we want to see. To enter into the house, to be in the
fellowship takes the cross. I’ll explain that. The cross is where we meet God. And there are
things about you and I – we’ll look at 1 Peter 2 – let’s put that up on the board. 1 Peter 2. Okay.
Are we there yet? They’re waiting for the verse maybe. Vs. 1. Sorry about that. Yeah. Sorry
about that. They’re great! Peace. Peace be unto you!

1 Peter 2:1, there’s five words here. Malice. All guile. We could write them down. We have
definitions. I have them in my notes here, but because of time and I want to really be short
now, but maybe tonight we could cover more of it. There are five words that have to do with
my attitude and speech. You leave me. Here I am. It’s very normal for me to have malice, to
have guile. That means deceit, deceitful. I can be deceitful. I can tell the same thing two
different ways. If I’m a teenager, I can tell it one way to my friends. I can tell it another way to
my mother. The same thing. I got a flat tire. I tell the truth to my friend. And then I just tell my
mother part of the story. This is in our nature. We have this.

So, we have a couple words. Five words. Hypocrisy. And then we have envy and then we have
evil speaking. This is an important message for us. We have to lay it aside. We have to put it
away. We can’t do it like that anymore. We can’t live like that anymore. We want to enter into
the house of wisdom. I want to have fellowship with wisdom. Wisdom will tell me leave that
stuff at the cross. That’s a personal cross. It’s inward. Nobody knows about it. Only me. I know
about it in my heart. I bring this to the cross.

You know, I was thinking of somebody who is jealous of a family member, or they are jealous of
another family. Or a woman is jealous of another woman. Or a football player is jealous of
another football player. A businessman is jealous of – Rockefeller is jealous of J. P. Morgan. And
that whole story. You can google it and read about it. It’s very interesting. How we have this
problem in our hearts and it’s just natural. It’s normal. It’s a real thing.

But the new birth – look at 1 Peter 2:2. As newborn babes. Well, how did you become a new
born child but it’s in chapter 1, a few verses order. Is it vs. 23. You are born again so you lay
aside these five words, these things. They need to be described but I think you follow it with
me. I am jealous. Okay. Leave it at the cross and as a new born babe desire. This is normal.
A child to desire the sincere or the pure milk of the Word of God. We desire it. We’re hungry for
it. Like a baby crying when it comes home from the hospital. It’s crying out. It’s hungry. This
new desire is in you. You do. That’s why you’re here this morning.

You wake up. I’m going to church. I’m going to hear something. I’m going to think about something. There’s going to be a message. Maybe that will help me. Maybe I’ll get wisdom. Maybe my hand will fit in the glove
called life.

Well, the thing about life is it’s a mystery. You can’t figure it out. You might think money will be
the answer for your life. It isn’t. Or good looks or success or being this way or that way. No. No.
You and I need a lot more than that. And we need to come to the house that God has built.
Look at chapter 2:3. This is what fuels our hunger. Your hunger is fueled by tasting the nature of
God. This is God. Isn’t it? The nature of God. The graciousness of God. The nature, the power of
God. God’s love. God loves me. We are his children. Now, we have fellowship.

What do you do with jealousy? Okay, I’m jealous because as I said in Romania years ago I was in
a village preaching. I told it before, but I just made up a jealousy story about somebody in the
room and we were like in a barn in a village with a mud floor. It was like with people, you know,
like Romanians in a village if you can imagine it. Someone here has 100 chickens, and somebody
has 7 chickens. The person with 7 chickens doesn’t like the person with 100 chickens. They are

And somebody has an apartment with two rooms, and somebody has one with three rooms.
And you’re upset about that and you’re jealous. We talked like that to the people. Then, they
are laughing because it’s true. Like that’s what happens to us. We can be jealous over anything.
We can be jealous over somebody’s car or their clothes or the necktie somebody is wearing.

A pair of shoes. Where did they buy those shoes? What? Are they showing off? They have new
shoes! Don’t they know I don’t have them. Don’t they know they’re show – these ridiculous
things that you have to lay it aside and go more deeply and desire the sincere milk of the Word.
As you and I desire it and we grow in it, we discover that God is gracious. Then you start
praying. That person has 100 chickens. They have a lot of work they have to do. God strengthen
them. God bless them. Give them 200. Help them prosper. Bless their family. Bless them. The
person with the new shoes. They’re beautiful. God bless you. It’s a beautiful thing. I hope in
every way. However it goes. You know. You don’t have any – you are free from your sin and
your sin nature. You are free.

You rejoice with God and his goodness and his grace. You love it. This is wisdom. This is not
jealousy. This is wisdom speaking to us. And as you get wisdom, you actually, – you and I – we
kind of fit in the world and we end up having peace, having love, having joy, having friends,
having purpose. You end up hanging out enjoying the wisdom and the love of the Body. You
end up in Body fellowship and encouraged as a living stone.

Look at vs. 4. We are living stones. It says Jesus is a living stone and then vs. 5. You also as living
stones are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood. Let me finish with that. I need the church. I need the wisdom that is in the church. I need the life that is in the church. I need the
joy that is in the church. I need my brothers and my sisters in my life. They’re going to help me.
This is a house that wisdom built. We sit at a table. We have communion.

Then, we go out with a message to the high places of the city. What does it mean high places of
the city? It means you’re not ashamed of it. You go to the high places. Mars Hill. You say he’s
been raised from the dead. He’s been raised from the dead. You have a message. Wisdom has a
message. Wisdom cares about people. Wisdom is out front. Wisdom has a house. Wisdom is
able to navigate in a difficult world. Wisdom is able to discern the colors and to know the
differences and say I’m not doing that. I don’t want that. That’s not good. I don’t want to do it.
I’m not saying much about it but I recognize the difference and I’m able to navigate in life.

That’s because – okay. Are you addicted to a drug? Maybe you are. But once you are delivered,
never, never go back to it. Never go back to it. Don’t ever never go back to that. That’s what
wisdoms says. How about a bad habit? A sin that you do in your life that will destroy your life. It
will mess up your life. Maybe it takes a couple years but your deceitfulness or lying. It will break
relationships. It will affect you in your heart. It will affect your mind and your heart and your
stress. Your body will break down and so on.

Many different things can happen because of my sinful life. But wisdom will say come. Come. Eat and drink. It’s free. Ho, everyone that thirsts. Come eat, drink without price. Eat it and drink it without money and without price. It’s
something that money cannot buy but something that you are buying in your life.
How am I buying it? I’m buying it in my new life. We are born again. We are new born children.
We are desiring the milk of the Word. We are buying the truth and selling it not. Buying the
truth. Let me say it again this way. I had addictions in my life as a teenager. I had addictions and
I thought, wow. I don’t know if I could ever get out of this. I don’t know if I could ever get out. I
got out of it. Jesus led me. God put me in this church. This one. Fifty years ago. This one. More
than fifty.

This one. And I started to learn, and you helped me. Not you specifically back then
cause maybe you weren’t around then fifty years ago. But the Body helps. We help each other.
Okay, so once we are out of it, never go back. Never ever go back. Not even one time. Never
ever go back. You don’t need it. You have the desire, the sincere milk of the Word and you just
start to learn this Book. This page. And that page. And read that page again and again and read
that page again and again. That one. Go way back here and read that one. Again and again.
Make marks. I don’t know if you do that, but I’ve always done that. Make a mark there and flip
through and read that part. Go back and make a comparison. You desire the Word as a baby
desiring milk.

Now, are you jealous? No, I am satisfied. God bless you. God bless you. I’m praying for you. I
love you. I have no problem with you or with you. I don’t have any problem with anybody. May
God bless you and you and you. This is the Spirit of God, isn’t it?

I don’t say we don’t have problems with evil people. I understand that. But that’s not my focus.
I’m not rejoicing in evil. I’m rejoicing in truth and this way of life is the way that God has given
you and I and it helps us immeasurably. Learn that. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me.


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