When we meet God, it will be real — no phoniness. The Lord gets below our layers. Hear Him in local assembly. Esther was prepared with perfumes to meet the king. God makes us ready to hear Him. The donkey spoke to correct Balaam. Long before that moment something was at work in the man. (Esther 2; Numbers 22)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Date: 2024-03-21
Sermon# 12686
Time: Sun 7:00pm


P. Schaller –

Okay. Let’s have some minutes, just a minute or two of prayer. Thank you, Tim. Wow. Great. (Prayer). Amen.
Okay. We’re going to have a good – I believe we’re going to have a good word from the Lord
tonight. And um, I’d like you to be awake listening. I want you to pay attention. Can you do
that? Are you, um, are you with me? Ready? All right. Here we go.

Okay, turn with me to Ephesians 5. We’re going to scoot around a little bit. This is a very good
message I believe. Ephesians 5. Just for one verse about being washed and sanctified. Vs. 5. Talking
about the church. Vs. 5. By the way, I’m so glad to be in a church. What the church has done for
our lives as a family is remarkable. What it has done for our thinking, our friendships, our
future, our preparation in life. What the church has done in helping us to live this unique way
and slow burn. Like walk by faith and you will see what God will do for you.

Vs. 25. I don’t think I have the iPad tonight, correct? I don’t think I have it because of the play. Is
that correct? Anybody know? Nobody knows. Okay. I should know probably. Okay. We got that.
All right.

Let’s look at vs. 25-26. Sanctify and cleanse the church. I really believe us coming tonight we get
a spiritual food. We have spiritual fellowship. We’re drinking of the same Spirit and there is a
cleansing that happens with us because he’s preparing his bride where we will meet him in
heaven. We will be there with him and be absolutely clean and beautiful.

I want you to turn to the book of Esther with me and see how this happened to Esther and the
perfumes and the cleansing that happened with Esther. Okay. Chapter 2. Oh, good. Does that
work? Is it on? It’s not. Avery, can you just look at that. Okay. Ephesians, I mean Esther 2 in
verse – do you see this? It’s not on. Okay. They got to turn it on. Okay. Chapter 2:9, verse 12.
Verse 12. So, I think of this woman being purified. Coming before the king and she has months,
12 months total of this anointing, bathing, purification and then comes before the king. So, that
is happening to us. That’s the picture and then it is happening to us because of our hearts.
So, turn to Jeremiah 17:9. It’s not up there yet.

Okay. All right. So, okay. Here we go. The coughing is – that’s okay. Praise the Lord. We love you guys down here. Praying for you. Chapter 17:9. So, who knows a person? Who can know what is in our heart? The answer is the
Spirit, 1 Corinthians 2:11. Could that go up on the screen? 1 Corinthians 2:11, so, I could be going through
difficult time and then I meet you and I go, hi! How are you doing? How are you? I’m great.
Thank you very much. But inside I’m not. I could be after God and then maybe I’m not after God

How are you doing? Oh, I’m after God I could say or I could want to be after God, but in my
heart I’m not because this is the way we are as people. This is human. This is life for us. The
heart of man, who can know it? It’s desperately wicked and who can find it out?

But God is amazing because he loves us and knows us and he knows how to minister to us, how
to cleanse us, how to purify us, how to make us focused. And we learn how to do this. We learn
to walk in the Spirit. We learn to be people – it’s very interesting. We taught the high school
today about this subject, Proverbs 14:10. Could we put that up for me? Thank you. Proverbs 14:10. This
is psychology right there. That’s amazing, really. I know my own bitterness but you may not
know my bitterness because it’s mine. I know it. In a similar way, I know my joy. Like when I was
first born again and the months that came after, I had this amazing joy. I knew that joy, but my
friends didn’t know it. They didn’t know my joy and then similarly, people don’t know our

Hannah couldn’t have a child and she was sad and depressed and her husband said to her
something. He tried to minister to her. What did he say? Hannah’s husband said, am I not
better to you than having ten sons. Like how did she answer? It’s not recorded. I appreciate
that you have very high regard for yourself but that doesn’t minister to me. My husband’s high
regard for himself doesn’t minister to me. You don’t know my bitterness. You don’t know and
also you may not know my joy, right? Because we are people and there are layers. There are

And when Jesus is saying I cleanse the church, he’s talking about layers. Like going to our
hearts. He’s talking about speaking to us. He’s talking about going deep in our spirit and in our
heart. That’s why we love Jesus so much because he’s the only one that can do it. Everything
else is a game.

How are you? I’m great. How are you? Yeah. Yeah. Super! And also, the sorrow may not be – it,
that’s also a question. How my sorrow may be a phony sorrow. Crocodile tears we call them,
right? Just because somebody’s crying doesn’t mean that God has touched their heart. Or like
Judas went out and you know the story in Matthew 27. So, it’s God that knows you and it’s God that
gives you – I don’t know if I have my iPad yet. Nope. Not yet. Maybe it doesn’t work. Okay. All

So, because of the play. I told you. I told you. Okay. Now, let’s go to the main point here. This is
beautiful. When Christ came into the world, he’s the one that knows you. Remember Elijah said
the woman, her son died, 2 Kings 4. Her son died and she came run – she came to, they said,
Gehazi said is everything well? Is your husband okay? Is your child okay? Is everything okay?
And she said, all is well. And she came to Elijah’s feet and grabbed his feet and Gehazi wanted
to push her away and then Elijah said leave her alone. The Lord has hidden it from me. What is
bothering her? The Lord has not shown me what is her – I didn’t know this. But she’s
heartbroken. The Lord has not shown this to me.

I love the ministry because the Spirit gives us the capability to understand that people are very
hungry and thirsty and very needy for a relationship with God and also very actually very
sensitive to what the Spirit has to say to them, and to be led by the Spirit and have conviction in
our heart regarding truth. Because Christ said you will know the truth and it will radically affect
you. It will set you free ’cause God knows you and you know God. You are being cleansed by God
and being built up by God.

Now comes the third part of the message and this is very fascinating. It’s 2 Peter 2. Thanks for
following this with me. It’s first point. Heart. Who knows it? Nobody. God knows it. You may
know you own bitterness. You may know your own sorrow, your own joy.


#2. God cleanses the church. God prepares us to meet him and it can’t – when we meet him, it
is not going to be phony or empty or superficial when we meet him. We’re going to meet him
with our righteousness that have been imparted to us. With the righteousness that has been
imputed to us. We’re going to meet him with our new character, with our new nature. And in
this lifetime, we are learning that cleansing and conviction. We have like conviction about
things and that conviction is persuasion.

Like what I’m saying tonight in my heart and in the Spirit. I know the Spirit is saying these things and I know the Spirit is saying like in the Word. In the Word, there really is a fellowship in the Spirit and we know each other. We know Christ.
We drink the same Spirit and we have a similar understanding. And we know what sin is. We
know what a lie is. It’s like Psalm 101. Yeah, we know what this is but and here it is.

It’s 2 Peter 2. And I’ll make this just simple. I know this could really preach. This could really be
an amazing message, but I just want to show it to you for a few minutes. 2 Peter 2 about this
emptiness and what happens here with Balaam. 2 Peter 2:15. Oh, okay. Thank you. Oh, good.
Okay. Thanks All right. 2 Peter 2:15-16. Now, let’s just make a little sketch. Slow down here for a
minute. I want you to see something.

There was a madness with the prophet. Okay. That’s very meaningful. He could not stop. He
could not stop. He was moved. He was drawn by temptation. He was after money and he
couldn’t stop. Even the donkey talking, it couldn’t stop him. He talked back to the donkey. Like
where was the blindness coming from? What happened to this man? And I was thinking about
people who are driven.

Turn to Jeremiah 2 for another illustration of this drive. It’s about a wild, chapter 2:24, a wild ass.
Anybody know what that means? In her occasion, who can turn that wild donkey in the
wilderness? Who can turn? Who can control that animal? In her occasion is when she’s in heat,
when she’s like wanting to mate. Who could take control of that animal? Like she’s driven. Like
you cannot control that animal.

This is a – I don’t know what that is. This is an illustration of what happens to people that they
don’t have the control. They cannot say no. They cannot control themselves. They are driven by
their, by that thing, that thing that’s in their heart. They can’t stop and Balaam is an example of
a guy that you can follow the history. It’s in Number 22.

Let me just emphasize this. The madness of the prophet means he’s being driven, and even
crushing his foot against the wall does not stop him. The donkey going down to the ground,
going, laying down doesn’t stop him. The donkey talking to him in a human language does not
stop him.

That’s a drive. That’s Balaam being driven. He can’t stop. That’s an incredible thing. I’m
saddened by it because that’s how people live. They don’t have the authority or the control
over them, because it’s in their hearts. It’s in their heart and how do you know what is in their
heart cuz we’re very good with our layers. How you doing? Great. I’m fine and so on. And we do
that and that’s what I want to say tonight very simply and shortly and I want you to see it with

Turn to Numbers 22 and I’ll point out a couple things of how the sequence went. I want you to think
about it for your own life and maybe it helps you. At least, I want you to know we know about
it. We know that people are driven and they can’t stop. We know that people are prone to do
this. They can develop habits and they just cannot stop them. Of course, Jesus Christ is the
answer and hearing him in the local assembly. Hearing him in your spirit cuz as we said it’s the
spirit of a man that is more important to the man than his body. The spirit of a man is stronger
than his body. The spirit of a man is greater than his soul. There’s three parts. There is spirit,
soul, and body in a person. You know this. They are listed there in that verse.

Spirit, now Proverbs 16:33. It says this. A man that rules his what? Spirit is greater than a man who
can take a city. Who takes a city? Alexander the Great. Who takes a city? Napoleon Bonaparte.
Who takes a city? General Patton in Europe. Who takes a city? Those are, those are great things
but a man who rules his spirit, a man that walks in the Spirit, a man – thanks. Here we go. Take
this one. Turn it off. Hello?

Yeah, a man that takes his life with Christ in the Spirit is greater because long before the donkey
talks, the man is corrected. Way before his foot is crushed against the wall, the man is
corrected. When God says don’t go with these men, look at Numbers 22 and verse 9-12. Okay. You
shall not go with them.

There is it. It’s like step #1. Do not go with them. Could it be clearer? Do
not go with them. What a story. Because of time and because there’s a lot here, I want you to
read this chapter and think about it with me this week and think about it. And also, think about
people coming to our play and for the Spirit to move in their lives and for them to have hope in
their life. And for them not to be driven and run in the way of Balaam and they can’t stop it.

Now, I want you to think about God changing somebody’s life by the Spirit. And they hear God
and God says don’t go with them. Then, don’t go with them. When he says don’t go with them,
then don’t go with them. But Balaam couldn’t help it. What did he say? Balaam, Balaam
thought it was an opportunity to be with important people. To be with the king, to be with the
princes. Maybe also money. We know it became money but how did he process this? We don’t
know. But it wasn’t in his heart to obey God. It wasn’t in his heart.

So, he’s kind of like schmoozing, you know. Kind of like well, you know, could I go with them?
And then God says, go with them. He does. He says it in the chapter. Go with them. But the
whole thing takes on force. It takes on some momentum in his heart and now he’s going, you
know, again. There’s a lot in that chapter but you can follow it. It takes time but it can catch
you. You play with fire, you’ll get burnt. God said don’t go with them, and you end up going
with them and the Lord is saying and then Balaam says to God, could I go with them? And the
Lord said, Go with them. But he didn’t want him to, but he said go with him.

Because I think God wrote it for us to see how crazy we can be. How manipulative we can be.
How when it’s not in my spirit, when it’s not in my heart, when I don’t have conviction about it,
how upside down it can go. And soon I’m going in a way and nobody’s stopping me. I’m going
to get the drugs downtown and nobody is stopping me. If my car breaks down, I’m walking. If I
get hurt, my leg, I’m dragging myself. I’m doing it. I’m doing it. I’m going after that woman or
I’m going after that thing. I’m going after that thing and this is a spiritual lesson. It’s a powerful

And I’m sharing it with you tonight. I don’t know why. I’ve known about the message for a long
time. I haven’t preached it that I know of for a long – maybe, I don’t know if I ever have, but I
want you to study it. I want you to know that God has all authority and power over our sin
nature, and that we were crucified with Christ and if we hear him and follow him, we will be
free and say I’m not going with those people. God’s against it. I’m not into it. I’m done. I don’t
have anything to do with it. I’m not touching it. That’s fire. I’m not in it.

It’s the idea – I say this because maybe because it’s good for you to know about it and hear
about it and just to know that Jesus will help you so that you can be free. And you’re not driven.
They ran in the way of Balaam. It’s kind of like I think of a running and it’s like you’re not
stopping me.

The donkey, you know, he was riding the donkey of course, but the donkey talked. That didn’t
stop him. The donkey talked. That didn’t stop him. Wow. So, what do we do? We are loved by
God. Washed. The fragrance goes layers. Layers. The fragrance for 12 months the woman was
prepared to meet the king. And when she came, I mean it was, it’s a picture of what God does
with us.

And you can catch the fragrance of God’s visitation in our hearts and when we love
righteousness and we love his holiness and we love his person and we love the truth and we
love what he says to us and it goes in our hearts, then we have fellowship. And our fellowship is
a gift from God to us in an evil world.

And by the way, they don’t understand us because they only see the outside things. Oh, those
people. They just go to church all the time. They just carry Bibles with them. Oh, those people.
It’s like they don’t know like how we live, how we love, how we serve, how we forgive, how we
rejoice, how we weep, how we care, what we do. They don’t understand because it’s not on
the outside. It’s something on the inside.

Where did it come from? Jesus is with us. He has anointed us. He is preparing us. We’re
learning how to live and we’re learning how to love righteousness and hate iniquity in our
hearts. And the Lord says don’t go with those men. Then don’t go with them. And go on your

You know, that’s how we, how we want to live. Okay. Amen. Let’s pray. That was great. Thank
you, Lord. Amen. Okay. Would you pray with me. (Prayer)


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