Evil is real and there is a being — Satan — with power behind it. We must see evil and step back. Modern mind demands answers. Some things cannot be known. Job faced real evil and a depth of suffering. He knew the Redeemer and knew God in a new way when all was done. (Job 1:1-21; Romans 7:18)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon: 12606
6:30 PM on 10/29/2023

P. Schaller –

Beautiful. Worship. Awesome. And tonight there is Praise and Praise. So, P. Minichello is here to lead us in
that. Thank you so much for the worship. It’s so great. It’s a highlight, isn’t it? I think it’s
amazing to come into God’s house and worship. Thanks for your prayers, great love,
faithfulness. Phil Winslow and his beautiful family. So many amazing people. Great people in
this room tonight. Thank you, Jesus. P. Scibelli gave an excellent word this morning. It was so –
open door. Open heaven. Open heaven. Right? Open door. Open Bible. Open – what was the
other one? Open heart. Open heart surgery! Open heart.

I bought a present for Steve Andrulonis at the flea market. Do you want to see it? Okay. Okay.
This is for his birthday. They’re buying a new house. Christmas, Easter, all rolled together. There
it is! Would you like to come up and receive it. Don’t say I never gave you anything! Here you
go. Thank you for your service. So, Matt did the artwork on that. Matt and Tally. They’re a great

All right. So, for our message tonight, it’s a dark subject but an important one. But let’s lighten
it up in the beginning and understand that God has made us in his image and we are so
honored. Is this Kim over there? No, sorry. Is it? Oh, good to see you. Is your husband with you?
Okay. Is he still walking the earth? Praise the Lord! Ray and Kim. Thank you. Jones. Give them a
hand. Beautiful.

All right. So, we are made in God’s image. What an amazing reality that is. We have God. We
have three persons. We have God. We have angels, a whole category of created beings. They
are sometimes called watchers in the book of Daniel. They are called watchers. I like that word.
They are observing and watching. They are angels in heaven. God made them it looks like at the
beginning of the creation of the world, the universe. He made angels. Then when he flung out
the universe or however he made it, they sang. That’s in Job 38:7.

Then we have the birth of evil which is a mystery. Mystery of iniquity. Evil was in the heart of
Lucifer at some time in the history. They left. The angels. The third of the angels. God allowed
him to propagate his lie and his pride in heaven which is a mystery. He trafficked in it in Ezekiel
28. He was given the right to communicate, and he did so in heaven. It looks like that. That’s
how we read it. he trafficked in it, in his iniquity in heaven, and a third of the angels fell. They
came here to this planet.

This planet was not given to angels. But it actually was given to man. Sometime. We don’t know
how the history goes, but God made man on the sixth day. And made him in God’s image. We
are very honored to be made like God and one with the woman. We are one. This is one unit.
And they were to keep the garden. And Satan came into the garden.

So, we have three persons so to speak. We have God who is three persons. We have man, and
then we have demonic forces in the world. So, when we read the book of Job, we are fascinated
to learn about this world that we don’t see very clearly and understand it but it’s revealed to us
in the Scripture.

Sometimes, like when the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians and said there is dissension
amongst you and he basically said get it straightened out. He didn’t say and cast out the spirit
of dissension. He just said you folks have oneness. When there was incest, he said correct that.
Correct the incest. He didn’t say cast out the spirit of incest. And so, we in our western culture
we understand that, because rarely do we talk about the devil as being a real person, and the
demons and the armies of the devil that we read about in the Bible.

That being said, Paul didn’t overdo it. We could say overdo it and say that everything that man
does that is wrong and sinful is because of the devil. No, it’s because we have a sin nature. We
make decisions. We have bad habits. We say the bad words. We make wrong decisions. And we
sin and we own the sin in Romans 7. It’s when I sin, it’s I in verse 18. And I don’t know how. Let’s
make a note of it just so I’m not misunderstood here.

Romans 7:18, so he is saying I like to do good things, but I can’t find my way to do them. But he
didn’t say it’s the devil that’s preventing me from doing it. But it’s me. O wretched man that I
am! So, we have the study of the man here, but tonight I want to do the study of the devil. And
one of the reasons is because in the book of Job 1, we see the devil and his authority and power
and work in the world. What powers he has.

This in context to the sad, tragic killings in the state of Maine this past week. And to think of
how did that happen. I think the man might have been mentally sick. I understand that he was. I
think the man might have been very lonely, deranged, jealous. He went to social events. A
bowling alley for young people that particular night whether he knew it or not. I don’t know.
I’m not attempting to explain his behavior, but I would like to suggest tonight that we would
understand that life is more than just flesh and blood and the sin natures of man. But there’s
actually the work of evil that happens in the world.

Now, notice something here. This is a little diagram. I think you can follow it with me. We have
– let’s do a time line. Big time line. The end time is 1,000 years. This is called the Millennium.
Where is the devil in the Millennium? Let’s turn there and read it. Revelation 20:1, yes, Lord. Get rid
of the devil, Lord. We don’t need the devil on our planet. This is your planet. You gave it to us.
Christ is reigning. Where is the devil? Vs. 2-3. Now, by the way, when he does get out for a
short season at the end here, he is released and brings a conspiracy of evil around the world
against Christ and his kingdom. And we will see again the power of this fallen creature. We will
see again clearly what he’s capable of doing.

So, we should go back in time now. We will go back before Christ to the book of Job, and we
will read about him. Now, what he does here he requests Job. It’s very interesting. I’m just
making these little dots for the fun of it! He requests – during the time of Jesus here, did Satan
request anybody? Yes, he did. He requested Peter. And Jesus told Peter that. Satan has desired
to have you. And you don’t know what that meant. Did he go to God and say I want Peter?
Cause that’s what he said about Job.

When he went before God and God said have you considered Job, my servant? And Satan said
let me have him in my words. Let me have him. Can I have him? Cause I’ll bring him down. I will
bring him down. He will curse you. So, this is the story.

Now, notice something. What happens in this history here like through history with the work of
the devil, does not happen in the thousand years. He’s out of the picture. That’s why there is
like a paradise on the earth. That’s why there is not the murder, not the lying, not the deceit,
not the pride, not the error. There is a different society here during that thousand years, and
God is showing us like God shows us who the devil is and actually many other things. How great
God is. How beautiful he is. How loving he is. How gracious he is. How much he desires for us.
How much he builds us.

Look at Ezekiel 36:11 with me for a second. Ezekiel 36. I just discovered this verse recently, this
morning. Vs. 11. I will do better unto you than your beginnings. Where do we see that? In this
picture here up on the screen here. That’s what’s coming. It’s better. There’s a better country,
better covenant, better promises. There’s a better resurrection. How about in your personal
life? They give the bad wine up front and then with Jesus, the better wine comes later. How
about in your personal life? You got saved, and you’re walking in faith and God is saying I got
something better for you.

How about in the book of Job? Job, Satan is going to have you, but not totally because he’s on
my leash. Now, we better process that thought here for a second. I’ll draw it like this. Here’s the
world. Here’s God who is Almighty. Almighty. And then we have the world, the atmosphere
around the world where Satan lives in this world. He’s the kosmos diabolicus. He’s the world
ruler. The kosmos crator. He is the god of this world. He is the one that can deceive the nations
and is. I believe he is deceiving the nations today in Revelation 12:9.

I really believe that this is a real thing. And during the time of Christ, it really surfaced a lot, because he cast out demons.
In the book of Acts, we see it in Acts 8, 16. We see confrontation with demons. We understand
that in our modern age in the world we live in, the world generally doesn’t agree. They don’t
believe it. But it’s Halloween. Aren’t they like playing the game? Yeah, but it’s only a game in
their mind. How about in the movies? How about the demonic movies that they see. I don’t
know how they see it. They are afraid. They are maybe terrorized. Maybe they believe it to a degree. They don’t understand it. But we are born again Christians who are serious about it and
it’s fun. Cause it’s serious but it’s incredible to think that God would put us here and have these
powerful spirits under our feet.

And be walking through their territory. Let’s say a couple things about them. Look at our diagram. His reign is in the world like this. He’s in this atmosphere and he has authority here. And we could say that he is mighty, but he is
not almighty. But he does have power. We’ll talk about it in a few ways here. Turn to Job with
me in chapter 1:6. What can he do in this atmosphere? Vs. 6. Now, that needs some
explanation. I’m not capable of giving that to you accurately.

I don’t understand maybe because God does not tolerate evil in principle. But there was a day when he allowed Satan to come into his presence. Was that in the third heaven? I doubt it. Perhaps the meeting was done in the
atmosphere of this planet. I don’t know. It’s not told or explained. But no. I don’t think that
Satan just has access to God and go before him whenever he please or wherever he wants to
go. He is limited to this earth. This is part of his fall. The reality of his realm is here. It’s not in
outer space.

By the way, there are, there is information. You can google it and search it out. I should do it
actually. I have a little bit, but basically it reads this way. Astronauts that have left this
atmosphere have like a universal testimony that when they leave this earth, and they go into
outer space, it’s overwhelmingly blessed. Like they experience the presence of God. They are
overwhelmingly convinced and persuaded of the existence of God and the worship of God, and
some of them have returned and become evangelists and born again Christians and so on. I
believe that.

This world is under oppression. The human heart has sinned. We have been brought into like a
negative way of living and thinking. A lot of fear. A lot of anxiety. A lot of worry. A lot of human
living in an atmosphere that we don’t know how much or how it is but we do know that in the
Millennium – you may not believe me now, but you go to argue – in the Millennium it will be
radically different because the devil will be in the bottomless pit. The demonic world that we
know of right now, and we were born into it is going to change. That will be amazing.

So, when the devil went before God and the angels are there, the devil comes in and then the
Lord says where are you coming from in vs. 7. I’ll just make a couple personal comments here.
Where are you coming from? Maybe another way of saying, where is your home? Where is
your headquarters? Where are you coming from? And his answer is, vs. 7. That’s my territory.
And from walking up and down in it. You’re not sitting down? No, I’m busy. I’m busy. I’m
working. I’m walking to and fro. These are my words. In my heart, I want to spread around the
world the rebellion that I have in my heart against you. I want to bring it all over the world, and
I am doing it. That’s my mission. I’m an evangelist, the devil, with another message. You cannot
be trusted. I know who you really are. I hate you. And so on. Incredible evil in the mind of this
creature and he’s busy.

But they agree on something. This is interesting. The Lord and Satan agree on something. Look
at vs. 8. Now, what kind of person was Job? Was he good or bad? Good. He was very good. He
was a righteous man. He was a very good man. So, I think the devil goes after very bad men, but
he already has them. Very bad men, but then he goes after very good men because that’s how
he can ridicule God and show that they’re not really that good.

Here’s a little picture in a word about Job and God. Here’s Job. This is God. Job could love God
in the heart in the middle, the person of God. Job could love God in the person or like right – he
could love God because he gives Job good stuff. Big family, house, goats, cows, sheep,
possessions, land, territory, health. Everything that people desire to have in their personal life,
they could get it if they prayed to God, or they know God or walk with God and trust God. But if
they love God, then they could lose everything. Cause if we lose everything, and our heart is on
God and we worship God, then we aren’t worshipping those things.

We’re worshipping God. But God gave us those things. Yes, he gave us those things to us at different times maybe or not or he can. But they can also be gone, and what do we have but nothing or we have God.
So, Satan and God – this is interesting. Here’s Satan over here. There’s Job. Here’s God. Satan
says he doesn’t really serve you. It’s like a deal he has. He’s serving you because of what you
give him. But you take that stuff away, and he’ll curse you. Vs. 9-11. On this point – this is
interesting – on this point Satan and God agree. Cause we agree, too. We understand this. In
our little picture here if you can follow it with me, that we know like I could love my wife
because she is beautiful, but if she loses her beauty, do I still love her? I could love my church
because of what it gives me, but if it fails to give it to me, I don’t love it anymore. I will love God
as long as he gives me what really makes me happy. Then, my happiness is my God and not
God, right?

God knows this. Satan knows this, doesn’t he? He’s saying it. He’s saying it. You touch his stuff,
he’ll curse you. The Lord said, okay. Game on. Let’s go. Now, comes the leash part. You can
touch his stuff, but you got to save his life. That’s in chapter 2. Let’s read it here. Job 1:11-12,
do you know what? Satan, it looks like he has a lot of power, doesn’t it? It looks like he can do a
lot of damage.

There’s a war in the Middle East now. Could be a war coming here. There could be incredibly
evil things that could happen. By the way, I want to say something about the leash that God has
on Satan. He says you can have him, but you can’t take his life. I want to say that you know like
fish in an aquarium. They an only swim so far. And Satan can operate in the aquarium. He’s
limited. And how big is that aquarium, and what is it that God is allowing Satan to do? I believe
that every day Satan would love to be showing his power much more than he is today. I believe
the murder that happened in Maine, it could happen in every state and every city every day of
the year for ten years if Satan had his way. It doesn’t happen.

What happened to the Twin Towers in New York, he would like that to happen to every bridge,
every tower, every building. He’d like to destroy every family. He’d like to bring such misery
into this world, and he has the power to do it. He has the power to do it. I believe that, but he
can’t because of God. God is more powerful. God says only here. Not farther, right? So, that’s
what happened.

Look at the tragic things that happened. vs 13-14. He explains it. I don’t know that I should read
the whole text. Why not. Vs. 14. Now, in every one of these stories of tragedy – house
collapsed. Invasion by marauding band of murderers. Tragic. Horrible fire, destruction. There’s
always somebody survives to bring the message. There’s always one that survives to bring the
message. I think that’s like Satan, too. He’ll kill everybody but one to bring the bad news. One
to bring the message. So, we have this story here.

Let’s go to a couple points. It says in vs. 15-17. This is also like the devil, isn’t it? One after the
other after the other after the other. Before you hang up the phone, there’s another one and
another one and another one. Maybe we could take one, but could we take two bad reports?
Maybe we could take two, but could we take three? Vs. 17-20.

Now, let’s look at that for a second. Evil. Was this really from God? Yes and no. God is Almighty.
God is good. God is rich, abundant, but there must be something in the mind of God that
allowed this to happen that would result in something good. But what is it? Why in the mind of
God would he allow this evil to happen to this man? And I’m sure there are people in Maine
today and actually every where in the world that could say, why? What’s in the mind of God?
Let’s say a couple things about that. We should be careful if this happens to us. That we need to
be careful to say I don’t understand. I cannot get it. But I am going to trust. I am going to be
quiet. I’m going to cry a lot and he does.

He is – we are not talking about being stoic or non- emotional or trying to keep a stiff upper lip. Trying to behave and pretend like it’s okay when it isn’t. It isn’t okay. Something very, very bad has happened in my life. Something very, very sad. Very powerful. Very evil has happened in my life. Did God do it? Of course, because he’s
Almighty then he has allowed it. But we would like to know why.

Let’s make a point here. When you see evil happening in the world, step back and be careful to
keep it a mystery. We don’t have answers. We don’t have pat answers. We quote Bible verses
and Job did that and his three friends, but we want to be careful with this because God is
Almighty. He has made us in his image. He wants to walk us through and teach us something in
our trouble and in our pain. And he does with Job.

So, we have what we can call – I think it’s Timothy Keller who calls it the early Job and then the
later Job. What does it mean? It’s in the book, in the history. We have the first chapters, let’s say 3 – 31. And then later, we have Job, and we see how he’s processing. It’s actually 38 – 42.
He has gotten really quiet. Puts his hand to his mouth. Repents.

What does he repent for? Just things he has said. How he has been feeling. It’s all okay cause
God is saying he is my servant, Job. Cause in effect, this is who he is, this one here. He is this
one that knows God and loves God. But God is showing something like in the world. Showing
something to us who are reading it. He is showing something to the devil that actually I have
put in this man this capability, this heart, this faith, this trust. And he actually knows me and
he’s trusting me.

This is a famous proverb – I mean Job 13:15, “though he slay me, yet I will trust him.” So, he’s
kind of getting in that place where yes, I am. But I want to go back to the work of the devil for a
few moments here. I hope this isn’t getting to crazy for you to follow.

What can he do to us? Physically, he can hurt us. Physical ailments. This is Acts 10:38. Jesus
healed people who were afflicted by the devil. There was that woman bent over like a hairpin.
Just totally bent over for how many years was it? Eighteen years. And Jesus healed her and he
said it was the devil that had her folded over like that. That was the devil that did that and he
rebuked the devil and he healed her.

There are physical things that people go through in life. Let’s make a list here. There’s the
physical problems and ailments. There are like social phenomena that comes from the devil
that groups of people could attack or hurt. There are bad governments that are from the devil
that could oppress people and hurt people.

And then there is Ananias and Sapphira. They lied to the Holy Spirit. He said the devil has put in
your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit. Could the devil put something in my heart? Yes, he can. And
then the fourth thing. Can he speak to us? Can he speak to us? How? Is it through the air?
Through electronically to our brain? How do we hear from the devil? I do not know but we
know that the devil spoke to Jesus in Matthew 4. We know that Satan went into the heart of
Judas Iscariot, and we can imagine – I remember now. David numbered the people. He was
tempted by Satan to number the people. He was told to do that, and he received it. And he did
it but it was the devil and so we see that work happening.

Okay. Let’s go back and finish up here. We have this one. Okay, so Job is suffering a lot. He says
naked came I from my mothers womb and naked shall I return in Job 1:21. You know, I heard
about one of our Supreme Court justices who had cancer. He left the chamber. I was thinking of
a Supreme Court justice and then his chamber. The courthouse. And then he leaves because he
has cancer and his whole world is over. All the law books. All his power. All his influence. All his
money. I mean everything he’s done. His life is ended. He leaves the earth.

You can think of people that have billions of dollars of wealth and none of it is going. Everything
that people do on this earth. Some great things but it’s over. And it ends. Some are not that
fortunate, but they have a life and they say goodbye to their family. Maybe they have no family,
but it’s over. Everything. It’s all gone. Imagine that. Everyone in this room. Everyone of us. We
are not taking any family member, no buildings, no bank accounts, nothing.

All of it is all gone. Imagine. We’re all alone going to be with God. And with God, we are joined to amazing people.
Amazing people when we go to heaven. Amazing people. Amazing place. Amazing.
Now, Job is at the very low point here with all this bad news. He sees it this way because it is
real. It is. What is the difference between the early Job and the later Job is Job knows. Job has
been spoken to. Job has been comforted. Job has had some revelation. Job has matured. Job is
more of a servant than he was in the beginning.

In the beginning, he’s a servant. God said he is my servant. And Satan said no he isn’t. And at
the end of the story, he is more so. More than ever. He is a servant. He knows the whole thing. I
wonder where he will be at in heaven cause of what he went through on the earth had an
immeasurable value. Our suffering cannot be compared with the glory that will follow in
Romans 8.

Is that what it is, Lord? Here’s another thing. Here’s another thing. The modern world says to
God, why is there suffering? Why is there suffering? God says to us, why are you living? Why
are you living? Isn’t that good? We say, why the suffering? And the Lord said basically to Job,
can you answer some questions that I have? Could you answer where were you when I made
the universe?

It’s not to be seen like an arrogance. God is not arrogant. God is loving and compassionate. But
he’s trying to shift it another way. I am not on trial. I am God. But I want to ask you because my
questions will help you orient yourself to reality. And that is, Job, why are you alive? And the
answer is really Lord, I am alive to glorify you, Revelation 4:11. I am alive because I can see you in the
good times and the bad times. I believe I can see you. In Egypt, there’s a slave. I’m not saying
that but in prison like Paul. In trouble. I just think this is what the message is.

I have not mastered it. I do not know. I know what I’m saying. I believe in what I’m saying. I’m
also sharing it with you to say life that we live in isn’t so much putting God in the dock like in a
courtroom. Putting him on the stand and the judge is here on a big bench. This is a big bench,
and we are saying to God, why is there suffering? Why did you do this to Job? Why have you
done this and that? Why are there children dying of disease? Why is there poverty in the
world? Why have you made the universe this way? Who are you? What have you done? Why
have you done this? This is the modern mind.

But the mind of Christ is the other way. He puts us here on the witness stand and he says why
are you alive? What are you doing on the earth? What is your purpose? Why are you walking
on the earth? And our answer is I am made in the image of God. I am made as a worshipper of
God. That God is my Comforter and God is my Father and I am walking here in the world in the
good times and the bad times trusting in him with all my heart. That’s what I believe I’m doing
on the earth.

God would say very good answers. Very good. you must have been taught by Greater Grace!
You must be a Bible reader. You must be a servant. If God was to say to Christ who was over
here being accused, Christ, who are you? Father, I am your servant. I’ll trust you always. I’ll
believe in you. Yeah, but even if I have you hanging on a cross? Yes, Father. I will trust you. I
may cry out, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” But in my heart, I will believe in
you and trust you with all my heart all the days of my life while I walk on the earth, and I will
manifest the reality of who you are in a dark world.

And the Father will say, come up and sit at my right hand. You are the Savior of the world. You
are the one that is answering correctly. You are living for that purpose. And that’s the big
difference between God being my servant. God, why did you do this? Why did you do that?
Who are you? God being my servant versus us being his servant. So, we overcome the devil. We
do. He’s shamed.

Hey, devil! You archangel fallen. You can’t deal with us dust? Like bumbling along bleeding and
crying, whining, hurting. You cannot deal with us? You cannot get ahold of us? Martin Luther
once said the devil knocked at his door and Martin Luther said, who are you looking for? The
devil said, I am looking for Martin Luther. And Martin Luther said, he’s not home. Christ lives in
this house. And Christ answered the door and the devil said, where is Martin Luther? And Christ
said he has died, and he is hidden with Christ in God. How do we overcome by the devil? By the
word, by the reality of our heart and mind thinking like this. And we can take it. we can handle
it in some measure. We fall and stumble. Job had a terrible time. Miserable time, but he
overcame. And so God is going to have you overcome too.

I would say to anybody going through any of these troubles, give yourself time. Process it.
There’s no pressure. God is a loving God. Peace loving God. Gracious God. The Comforter. The
reality. The one we need. I need a church. I need the Word. I need love. We all need that. And
the people around us need it. Let’s invite them. Let’s spend time with them. I spent time with
one brother from Havre de Grace today who is coming here now. I’m just encouraged meeting
somebody who is hungry for this, hungry for this. Coming out of the other world, other lifestyle,
and saying I want it. And he sees it because he sees you. When he sees you, he sees a group of
people who are working at getting it somehow right. Not perfect, but somehow we say Jesus.
Jesus is the way. Amen.


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