The servant of Elisha ran with a staff to lay upon a dead boy. It had no power. There was still no life in the lad. Only when Elisha himself came and got face to face, eye to eye, mouth to mouth with the boy did life come into him. Christ sends us to His face to the faces in this world. Lost people want to see something great and celebrate. (2 Kings 4:28-36)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Don Fischer
Sermon 11963
6:30 PM on 9/27/2020

Donnie Fisher –

Good evening. I’ll give everyone 10 bucks after! Quick question. Audience participation. What is the job that
Christ left the church when he left and went back to heaven? What’s the job? To win the world,
spread the Gospel. Anyone here been in the Navy? Al. Big Al. If they wanted everyone on deck,
what would they say? “All hands on deck” to accomplish the job that Christ gave us to win the
world to him. As of now, it’s 99% of the Christians are in the stands watching a couple pastors
and evangelists and lay members do the job. To win the lost, we can’t be spectators. We have
to be in the game. If you disagree, say you disagree. Security! I hear amen on the internet.
That’s Marian. These Italians are loud! Pittsburgh Italians are loud. Her brother is just as loud.
It’s not going to get done if a handful of people are doing it.

“We’re praying for you.” How about joining us? What we experienced yesterday blew us all away. I think God has to move with that many people and probably many more praying at home at the same time. As of now,
it’s a bunch of people watching and a few people doing it. That’s not going to cut it. Look where
our nation is because of it. We need “all hands on deck.” If you are watching on the internet
and got distracted about doing it, or you say I’m too old, Caleb has an answer to that. Or I don’t
know how to do it. Then watch people that are good at it. What has to happen to win the
world? All hands-on deck. I don’t have that whistle. What has to happen? All hands on deck.
There were two men now in heaven. One passed away this year and one a few years ago. Patty
Calise’s husband Joe and James Kirby who passed away both had an impact on my life. Both
amazing men. Faithful man with a great God.

Not a great man or woman of God. They had both hands on deck either winning the lost or training people. I watched P. Joe Calise for 40 years, so I got good at sharing the Gospel. They are the only ones allowed to be spectators because they had been in the game. You only retire when the Lord tells you. Those two men were always all hands on deck sharing the Gospel or doing a Bible study. That’s how we mirror our lives, like
James Kirby and Joe Calise. All hands on deck. If not, get back in the game. You don’t need
permission…as far as winning the lost, just get back in the game if you lost your fire because of
details or work schedule. What do we need to be? All hands on deck.

P. Schaller – Luke 15, we have two short pieces to share tonight. Donny Fisher is such a dear
friend of ours. He graduated from the class of 1992 at MBC&S. An avid fan and servant and
Ohio, Youngstown and we love him very much. He’s so special to us. When we were there
yesterday in D.C. and saw all these believers, we couldn’t help but think how amazing the Body
of Christ is and what it is and all these people who have been the imperfect people or wrong
people, sinful people. Out of that crowd, how many thieves, liars, proud, angry, frustrated
people have been changed, saved, forgiven. How many of them also still struggle with
problems, addictions, unbelief or fears. When you look at the church, it’s amazing. What has
happened in our life? Proverbs 20:27 the spirit of the man is like the candle of the Lord and
searches all the inner parts of the belly.

Nothing deeper in a person than the spirit. He this is joined to the Lord is one spirit. We know that when Christ came, the first Adam was a living soul but Christ a quickening spirit. It happened when you touched Jesus you could be healed in Mark 5. When you listened to him you could become alive so much you don’t go home to get food. You just stay there. Honey, I think we should stay another day. We don’t have any food. Don’t
worry about it. Let’s listen to him. Three days passed. He didn’t want to send them home
because they are hungry and had no food. They were listening and the Spirit was speaking to
them. They liked it. They heard it. It resonated. Counsel in the heart of man is like deep waters
and the man of understanding will draw it out. Draw it out. How many of those people who
went down there for that prayer and the quietness was so many thousands of people and the
kindness and the spirit of peace and the prayer was noticeable. In Luke 15, the story is this way.
I’ll draw a little sketch.

Jesus in the middle and around him are publicans and sinners. There is a
group around him like a circle and on the outside are the Pharisees. As he is talking in Luke
15:1, why did they draw near to him? To hear him. What do you mean? What were they
hearing? They were hearing him. P. Butch Veader in our prayer group yesterday he said
something interesting in his prayer. He said America has lost its ax head. It’s from a story in 2
Kings 6. America has lost its ax head in the water. If you know that story. They were building
houses and needed more room and were cutting down trees and the ax head went it to the
river and was lost. They said to Elijah the ax head was borrowed and we lost it. When a prophet
like you and I in this sense the Spirit of God dwells in us, the church. The Spirit speaks and when
something resonating, and we draw near because we want to hear him. If there is a prophet as
there was in the story and Elijah did something strange. The ax head was lost, and you know
the story. He cut down a tree. No, he took a stick.

Moses cut down the tree in Exodus 15. Elijah took a stick. Both are wood. It’s a metaphor for something deeper coming in life, the cross, another tree. He threw it in the river and the iron floated. It came up and they got it. It doesn’t float but God’s ways are not our ways. The prayers prayed yesterday we do not know what it means. We
are flesh and blood. Take another look at us and we are spirit. We are spirit. Flesh and blood is
like an animal. Spirit is like an angel. We’re a blend like an animal and an angel. We’re a mix.
Somehow we are very unique. God made angels and animals and then man. He made man like
him. Wow! Something beautiful about us that is beautiful. It’s crazy in the story. This is from
Friday night’s class with P. Justin. He said the publicans are close and listening and the
Pharisees are one step outside the circle to catch Jesus. To catch him. This man doesn’t know
what he is talking about. This man is a rabbi gone off the rails.

This man is different. Luke 4:32, Jesus didn’t speak like the scribes and Pharisees for he spoke with power. It was spiritual. They were about three lost things. He said a man had a 100 sheep. He lost a sheep and left the 99
and went and found him and brought him back. What happened? Rejoicing. Party time. The
sinners like that. Party time! He came back rejoicing. The second one was the lost coin. The
woman found it in the house and there was rejoicing. Third one was a son was lost, and he
comes home and he’s rejoicing. It’s party time. Do you know that sinners need to know there is
something deeper to life than my sin and it’s God’s love. Sinners need to know that God is
seeking, loving, forgiving and that he bought these people with his own blood. He came into the
world to save us and give us grace.

The Pharisees are listening to the last story and Jesus told about the man that had two sons one lost and the other elder son was the good one at home. He was acting like a Pharisee. I’ve been with you all my life and you wouldn’t give us a goat and you take my lost brother and give him the fatted calf. Jesus is saying the Pharisees don’t know God and the Spirit of God. They don’t know the nature of God, the love of God. America has
lost its ax head. Our mission has lost God, has lost our purpose, has lost our foundation, our
roots. Only way to get them back is on a very personal level with the God that talks to us and
speaks to us. Let me show you that in a closing story. 2 Kings 4, a woman in the story had a son
by a miracle. The son grew up and had a headache. “My head! My head!” and he died. She
went to tell Elijah. Elijah said take him to my bedroom, my room and put him on my bed. Vs. 29.
2 Kings 4:29-30. She said I’m not going to leave Elijah.

Elijah said to the servant, go to the dead boy with my staff and lay the staff on him. That’s what I want you to do. Don’t salute anyone when you go. You are to go to raise the boy from the dead. So the man did. He went but it
didn’t work. It didn’t work. Why? This is different. This is not a program. This is not a religion. I
have an ongoing talk with the lifeguard at the pool I swim at. I swam there this afternoon and
talked with him for a longer time. He doesn’t know anything about religion. He’s a college
student. I said do you know about the cross? Yes, I heard about it. Do you know about the two
thieves? No. Do you know the name of Judas Iscariot? No. How about God? I want to know.
He’s smart. I talked to him two months ago and I saw him again today and he said I remember
the talk we had. I got out of the pool and sat down and talked to him. It’s that simple. It’s
beautiful. We have form but do we have the essence. We have form. The publican and sinners
have met someone who has the essence.

These guys that step out have the form but not the power, the authority. They are like Gehazi who Elijah says take my staff and lay it on the child. Yes, sir. It doesn’t work. Every generation in America what is needed is not the form but the essence. Every life in this room we don’t need the form; we need the essence. Every life we
don’t need the form. Every family we don’t need the form. We need the essence, but I gave
everything to my kids. But my kids. What are the kids crying out for? The party over here. The
party of grace. The connection. The joy. The wisdom. Jesus on the sermon on the mount.
Honey, if we go up there we won’t have the food. We’ll have to walk two days. We’re going.
We’ll trust God. We’ll go. I can’t tell you how it will be gained. I believe God. Let’s go listen to
the Son of God. Wow! You see. That’s great. Life is based on the essence of God, the reality of
God. How many seminars are as dry as cardboard. I’ve spoken to pastors in Europe.

They say, how do you know the Bible so well? I go, I studied it three years in Bible college. How much
study did you have? One semester out of four years. What else did you study?….it’s like Gehazi
with a staff. He doesn’t know anything. He hasn’t spent any time. He hasn’t been receiving. He
does not know what is needed. You know what the child needed? He needed a face on the face.
You need a face. You do. You need a face. In the American Civil war, photography was a new
thing. Some soldiers the dead bodies had a picture on their chest. It was the last thing they
looked at. I need a face. I was glad at the coming of Titus. I could see his face. What was the
name of God when Jacob wrestled the angel? What is your name? My name is faces. When I am
depressed, I need God’s face of encouragement.

When I’m legalistic, I need God’s face of anger. When I’m hurt, I need God’s face of compassion. The woman, the mother knew. She said I’m not going with him. I’m going with you. I believe you got the answer. You can send your servant all day long, but I need you. I want to stir you up and encourage you in your faith. I believe our
prayers are powerful. I believe our lives help people. I believe you are like these publicans and sinners. Jesus tell us another story about joy and finding something that was lost. Vs. 30-32. He
was just as dead before Gehazi went. Gehazi didn’t change a single thing. Some churches are
closed down. Stay closed down. We don’t need you. That’s the attitude I got! Pray for me!
You’re closed down. Are you crazy? Remember the woman here was a nurse…the nurse said
you need to go to church. She went and the church was closed but the liquor store was open,
and she started drinking. She said I never drank before. I started to drink. I don’t want to
overdo the thing but why would a church be closed during a pandemic?

Why would a church be closed when there is a need? Why would our kids be left at home without a computer? Why
would we not have some kind of face? I can tell some of you are getting nervous. Vs. 32. He
goes in, he and the dead child and he shuts the door. That’s when you mean business. That’s
when you don’t need anyone looking at you. It’s you and God. That’s what he had in his heart.
You and I have the same thing. We have the Holy Spirit in us. You can pray fervent prayers and
touch God. God uses you. We didn’t learn to fool around with some staff or something. Elijah is
all business. All business. It’s going to happen. I am into this. This little boy is going to live. I am
into this. This is going to happen. I have a connection with God….you got to have something
going on in your spirit and heart in this life that is so dull and boring without Christ. If you live a
life without Christ, you’ll gravitate to garbage.

You’ll say it’s not right what he is saying. What do you know. You empty person you. You judgmental, empty suit. You foolish, proud man. Are you listening to those people? Those people will steal your joy. That spirit takes the wind out of our life. That kind of spirit is not a gracious, loving spirit. Some people are led by their emotions and
the Spirit of God wants to communicate to us the mind and the emotions of God, the joy of
God. He put his mouth upon his mouth. Does that sound like Jesus to you in a spiritual way? He
is right with you in your face. He is identifying. He is transferring. We are transcending. We are
relating. This is not people. This is God. This is God visiting his people. This is a heart of God
answering to the heart of man that is hurting or this case is dead. Vs. 34. He went up a second
time and stretched himself. The child is getting warm. Elijah gets off of him.

He goes I’m going to do it again. I’m going back on him again. I’m in this thing. It’s amazing. I don’t know what It
means. I don’t understand the story except in the way I am explaining it to you tonight. You can
digest it on your own. There was something done that didn’t work and then a man of God came
into the picture and it worked. America lost its axe head…The tomb is empty. The Gospel is a
reality. He forgives sinners. He dwells in them. They are filled with the Spirit by the grace of
God. This book opens up to me and refreshes me like a glass of cold water. This book is
imparted. This book fills churches. Remember Oswald chamber in Egypt ….the tent was there
for movies and entertainment. Oswald Chambers showed up for the WMCA. He said there will
be no movies…people are broken. They need Christ. They had 8 people. They had prayer. They
opened the Bible. He started to teach and preach the Bible. In short time, 400 British soldiers
are packed in the tent listening to a wise man…that was mouth to mouth, eyes to eyes message
from the heart to people. Aweseome story.



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