Eve walked to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, deceived by the serpent, she forsook faith. Sight, food, and reason captivated her. We are called to live by every Word of God. This is our substance and this what defeats temptation. We are people made in the image of God to glorify Him. (Genesis 3:1-6; Hebrews 11:1-2)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12072
7:00 PM on 4/7/2021

P. Schaller –

Good evening. Just a few words as an introduction. Turn to Genesis 3. Tonight we’d like to speak about
faith and we’re so glad we have some new people coming into our fellowship. I want you to be
conscious of the new people. I want you to pray for them and maybe you get to know them and
be relaxed with people. To be relaxed with people is a blessing, isn’t it? Turn to your neighbor
and say you look pretty good tonight. Keep it up. Keep it up. Keep at it. Okay. Back off! Back off!
Calm down! Calm down! We live by faith and the new people that are coming into our fellowship
we care about the church as a whole. There are many awesome churches in our country and
around the world and we thank God we are a small part. We are part of the Body of Christ
worldwide. We are characterized by our faith. We are characterized by our listening, by our
worship, by our willingness to live not only by what we see but to live by what we don’t see.

We live by faith. In the beginning in our Bible in Genesis 3, we see Eve tempted by the serpent. In
chapter 3:1, we have the serpent who came into the garden of God. Is that right? Did the
serpent come into the Garden of Eden? Okay. Why do you hesitate answering me? You think
it’s a trick question! If you were God, would you have allowed the serpent to enter? I think right
there, you know. Isn’t it interesting God uses him as a tool. He comes in to the Garden and he
tempts these free will creatures that God has just created, Adam and Eve. When Eve looked at
the tree that was in the midst of the garden, the tree of knowledge, she noticed – where are we?
Genesis 3:6 Thanks to the guys that put it up there. Look how fast they are! Is that Cody up there?
Remember Cody’s very wealthy and he’s single! Or he’s becoming wealthy! Genesis 3:6 So there is
the first point. She was being misled. More like a way you could trick a child.

When you trick a child, he might not know exactly what he’s doing and where he is going. It’s like that with Eve in
the story. She did not sin as Adam did. Adam was well aware. Eve was more tricked into it. We
read that in 1 Timothy 2. What happened? Her eyes, vs. 6. there’s another point. No only was the
tree – wasn’t it beautiful. It was pleasant to the eyes. vs. 6. It was pleasant to the eyes. Isn’t it
fun to read the Bible. Now, food. Just kind of rub your tummy a little bit! Food. Yummy. Yummy.
It’s powerful. Your stomach. It is a very big part of life. And food is a big part of life, so you have
a combination of elements because she is in a state where food is part of life and she sees the
tree is good for food and pleasant to the eyes. The second thing or third we could say is reason.
vs. 6. And a tree to be desired to make one wise. There’s three things there: food.

The tummy. Okay. The eyes. It’s beautiful. And then it will make you wise. That’s reason. These are forces in
our lives that we have to deal with and we have to learn to live by faith. Let’s put faith in that
verse and change the verse. Not that we want to change the Bible, of course, but just for our
meditation. The woman saw the tree was good for food. She lived by faith. She is saying it’s
good for food but I’m living by faith. I have a stomach. I’d like to eat something. But I’m living by
faith. God said not to touch it or eat of that tree, so I’m going to live by faith. How many men
when it comes to sex and women they have a desire, like a hormonal, physical desire or
craving, but they don’t live by faith. They just give in to it. They just do it because they don’t live
by faith. The second thing it was pleasant to the eyes. Even though it’s beautiful to look at, my
life is more than what I see. My life has a lot to do with what people can’t see. I live by faith in
God and what God says. Okay. Then the third one: it will make me wise.

But I will live by faith. I don’t have to be wise. God can make me wise the way he wants me to be wise. I don’t have to
be smart. I just want to be godly. I don’t have to be clever. I just want to live by faith and have
God in my life. I want to trust in God. I want to live by faith in God. I want to see what God will
do. I will pay my tithes by faith. I’ll see what God will do with my life and my finances. Regarding
relationships, I will trust God for the meaningful relationships. We’ll look at that a little bit later.
Meaningful relationships with God. We are people that live by faith. We say prayers by faith. We
come to church by faith. We share our doctrine from our hearts with people by faith. We may go
to work or we may do things that we don’t like to do but we may do them because we are faithful
and loyal to doing the right thing. I’m going to do the right thing by faith. Isn’t that a great way of
life? If I don’t live by faith, I will, my reason will lead me out of the old pathway of Jeremiah 6:16. My
eyes will mislead me. Lot, which way do you go? Lot lifted up his eyes and say that Sodom and
Gomorrah was beautiful and a good land. I will go there.

Then Abraham said, then I will go there. And if you go there, I will go there. And it’s your call because I live not by what I see; I live by faith in God. Isn’t that a good lesson? Okay. So what does it mean in Matthew 4:4. I think I’ll just
keep going and then we’ll do the offering. Matthew 4:4 Jesus loves you. This is amazing. Jesus loves you. No, maybe not me. He loves you. Accept that by faith. Matthew 4:4 so Eve, you see the tree is
good for food and with reason you are kind of developing the whole idea of disobeying God. I’m
going to disobey God by what I see, what I feel in my stomach, what the tree is actually beautiful
to look at. Matthew 4:4b. We are learning that. To live by the words that come from God. Hebrews 11:1,
you mean I don’t really have it? I’m hoping for it? Yes, because I live by faith. That’s enough.
There’s some substance in that, what I’m hoping for. We are going to go to heaven and I’m
hoping for that. But now I’m living by faith and heaven is here also.

Heaven is here for we live by faith in God. God is with us and has anointed us. I think the new people that come into our
church in the last few months and coming months, I think people are looking for a message.
They want to be challenged in life. They want to learn to live a different way. They want to learn
their Bible. They want to learn to live by faith. It is different when you come into our church and
we’re singing passionately to God we cannot see, and sometimes we are raising our hands like
it says in the Scripture to lift up holy hands, 1 Timothy 2. We greet one another by name. We care
about each other in our lives. We have privacy. At the same time, it’s a community. We are a
community of people that can see things. We can see beyond what you see in 2 Corinthians 4:18. We
look not at the things that are seen but we look at the things that are not seen. Like love may not
be seen but it’s here. It’s in our heart (Romans 5:5). Making decisions in my mind. I will believe in
God. I believe that God will speak to my heart. I believe that because I’m living by faith and the
Bible says so that he does that for us.

We will hear a voice behind us saying, this is the way walk in it (Isaiah 30:20). Take the old pathways. Don’t turn to the right or to the left but do what God has called you to do. Do the right thing. Make decisions by faith. How can I overcome my stomach, bad habits, my way of thinking? By giving heed unto thy Word and hiding it in my heart
(Psalms 119:9-11). How can my life change? By the God of all grace who has called us to his
eternal glory after you have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish and strengthen you (1
Peter 5:10). How? By faith in God, Prov. 3:5. He’s not against any of us. He’s for us. He
redeemed us with the blood of his Son. What more could he do for us in Is. 5?Wherein have I
wearied thee (Micah 6:3)? Testify against me. Are my consolations small with you (Job 15). Yes,
Lord. You haven’t done enough for me. No, God, I haven’t seen enough. You haven’t done
enough for me. I need help. I need help. And God says he that spared not his own son, shall he
not with him freely give us all things? (Romans 8:32).

Yes, he will. He will care for us. Gather us like a hen with chickens in Luke 19. Deuteronomy 32 like the eagle in the nest and pushing the little chicks out of the nest to make them fly. So Moses said this is like God in Israel. God provokes
us in faith. Puts us in a trial and says, how will you live? I want you to live trusting me. So we
just went through the Easter season and heard messages about the cross and how Jesus
suffered so much. That’s got to be our standard for life. If he endured such contradiction of
sinners against himself then we should meditate on that lest we be faint and wearied in our
minds (Hebrews 12:4). If he had to go through what he went through and he did it, then he’s the
captain of our salvation. A captain is somebody that you follow. You follow his courage, his
righteousness, his love and his faith. That’s like us. So, we have good days ahead as we live by
faith. Hebrews 11:1, there is actually, because of it, there is actually the presence of God in your life.
There is love and joy and peace.

There’s actually substance in your suffering, your temptation, your trial and your struggle. When you live by faith, you become more than what you are. Set me on a rock higher than myself in Psalm 62. Hebrews 11:1, remember the disciples are all excited when they meet Jesus and they are running around and they’re in awe. He’s with them for 40
days and that’s a good meditation. It shows that they needed him. They needed him. They
needed Jesus. He didn’t just raise from the dead and disappear and they’re left. They need him.
They need him to walk with them, talk to them, teach them, be with them, comfort them,
encourage them. It’s not written in the Bible but you could imagine like Thomas looking at the
hand again on the table. He said I won’t believe until I put my fingers in his wounds and days
later, days later maybe Thomas is still amazed that this is the Christ. They needed that. Then
when he’s gone, their faith is the evidence that it’s true. Their love for each other is the
evidence. Our presence here tonight is the evidence of something not seen. Our love for each
other, the evidence of what is not seen.

The dear people that run great risks in life to bring the Gospel to the mountains and the ghettos and the deserts and the cities. It’s the evidence of what is not seen. When we live a godly life, it’s the evidence of what is not seen. When we say, no. I was thinking how – somebody said, it’s so easy to sin nowadays. It’s so easy to sin
nowadays. I was thinking what does that mean? They’re saying, you just go on your phone and you can pull up any number of things. It’s so easy to sin nowadays. It’s so easy to gossip. It’s so
easy to go on social media platforms. It’s so easy to express your anger. It’s so easy to be
selfish. It’s so easy. When we are wealthy people, and the United States of America generally is
although there is poverty everywhere. Of course. Always. But we, 1% of the world’s population
is something like 70% of the world’s wealth or something like this. We are wealthy people. But
without faith, we gorge ourselves with desires and lusts and passions. We buy it. We buy it. And
we buy it and we gorge ourselves and nobody is saying stop it.

Stop it. Stop doing that. Stop sinning. Stop it. What are you talking about? Stop it. Trust God. Live by faith. Instead of feeding your sin nature, live by faith in God and the Spirit will fill you and you’ll say, no. No. No. I don’t
know that we preach enough of those kinds of messages where you deny yourself. You deny
your lust and your passion. You deny your eyes. Go back to Eve in the garden in Genesis 3:6. Deny
your eyes. Don’t look at the tree. Walk away from the tree. I’m not looking at that tree. Why not?
Because I’m living by faith. I’m not looking at the tree. You got it? I’m not looking at the woman
the second time. I see a woman the first time but I’m not looking again the second time. Why
not? Because I live by faith. That’s why. I deny myself. I deny myself ungodliness because I
already know what that is. Do you know what that is? What it is to have nothing going on in your
life spiritually. America is spiritually dying.

It’s craving for what we have. They don’ have the connection. They don’t have the reality. They don’t have God. They don’t have the truth. They are starving for it. They don’t even know what it is. They have no idea. They are wasting their
life. They are living in a way without faith. I want to say very, very gently and I want you to hear
me. My request for all of us in these days is to pray that people, new people and all of us would
find Jesus Christ in a very real way. It takes, it’s just faith. Nobody knows how it works because
it is spiritual. And it’s a God thing. God can bless you so much out of your seat. You could be
blown away in one night and go home walking this far off the ground saying Jesus is real. That
can happen to you. It can also happen another way that it slowly grows like the pizza dough that
is rising and filling the refrigerator. We had some brothers who were doing the convention and
they were making pizza dough and they messed up.

A little refrigerator like this and they put it in there. But the dough was coming through the rubber seals of the refrigerator. And when they opened the door [noise]. That might be how your life is changing and how you will know that
God is real. That is he is moving in me ever so slowly. My life is changing because I have found
the reality of Jesus Christ. When you find the reality of Jesus Christ, you are lit up. Wow, now I
get it. Now I know what those church people are talking about. Now I know what is going on.
Some people are afraid of that. I don’t want my life to change. I don’t want that to happen to me.
Our answer to that is I don’t know what God has for you, but if you seek God, if you want God,
he is all about it. He wants you. He loves you. It’s better with God than without God. It’s better to
find him and know him than to not know him at all. The only way any of us get here is by faith.
For without faith it is impossible to please him (Hebrews 11:6). I feel that in these days when we
come into this room, there is some kind of joy happening.

We are excited about our faith. I don’t know what it is but I feel it is the time we are in right now. I believe there is a second coming of Christ. Glory to God I hope it is soon, but if it is not, this is a great ride. If you live by faith, you
will have a great ride. You come screaming into heaven in a dune buggy. I’ll come with mud.
Thank you Lord! That was awesome! Maybe you are different. You want to enter heaven
playing chess. That’s okay too. That’s okay too. But in any case, that the point of this new life is
that we are the evidence of that which is not seen. Some people call it crazy. We call it God.
And maybe some of our crazy is in there. But I like to live like that. That’s still not my point. I
want you to go to vs. 11. Hebrews 11:1 and we’ll finish this up. What do you have going on in you?
What’s going on your neighbor could say. This is the day and age of neighbors. Our neighbors.
Loving our neighbors. Who is your neighbor? Jesus answered that in Luke 10. Also the people
living around us and the people we work with. It’s a time of love. It’s a time of listening,
understanding and ministering.

There’s a lot of hurt, a lot of questions, a lot of fears because people don’t have faith in God. Faith grows by the way as you hear. Faith comes. It increases. Your faith is increasing by hearing. Faith comes by hearing. Criticism, and criticism has a place in a way, but there is a fleshly criticism and a fleshly unbelief and various emotions that happen
in people. They don’t like it. The flesh doesn’t understand or know the ways of God. But we
must learn them and embrace them. vs. 2. Who are the elders? The forefathers of the faith,
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, David and Solomon and Isaiah and Jeremiah. The prophets. vs. 3.
Where did the world come from? We say God made it. It’s that simple. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Are you satisfied with that answer? No, I’m not satisfied
with that answer but for us because we live by faith, we worship God and our world of reason is
subject to our world of faith. Our worship and our love, our spiritual life, our satisfaction, our
oneness with the Creator. We become occupied with Him. It doesn’t contradict science. Science
is a part of life and we appreciate it.

It’s a field of knowledge and study but it’s not in the same
category as our life of faith because by faith, Peter walked on water and in science, you cannot
walk on water. By faith the bones moved in Ezekiel, but by science, the bones don’t move. By
science, Christ is dead. But by faith, we know he is alive. They are not contradictory. They just
complement. One is in one field and you can’t bring the science into the world of the spiritual
because it’s not spiritual. It’s natural and that is where it is and it’s not enough for me. I’m not
satisfied by it. It doesn’t feed me. It doesn’t deliver me. It doesn’t change me. It doesn’t give me
love. It doesn’t help me in life. It doesn’t anoint me. It doesn’t motivate me. It doesn’t give me
any courage, any love, any passion. It’s not, science is not enough for us but God is. By faith we
know he made the universe. vs. 3. When people leave the faith – I don’t mean Greater Grace or
this church or any church – but when they leave apostolic faith and they go to Eve’s world of
looking at the trees. Thinking about the food.

Thinking about being smart and wise, then that world is so narrow. It’s so limited. There’s no prayer. There’s no love, no compassion, no passion, no mystery. It’s a frozen life. It can be crazy. Extreme sports and relationships from one
affair to another affair. A lot of feeling and emotion but alley cats live like that. Dogs live like that.
Animals live like that. But you are not an animal. You are like an angel. You are like God. You
are made in the image of God and the only way to know it is to live by faith in God. And because
of faith in God, God will visit you, fill you with the Spirit and satisfy you and encourage you and
open this book up to you and help you. You’ll be different. You’ll forgive. You’ll believe. You’ll be
kind and home to your wife and children instead of snapping at them. Where is my remote?
Where’s the remote? Who took my – just a nasty old man. What happened to him? He doesn’t
have faith. He’s not trusting in God.

He’s not asking God to fill him with the Spirit. He’s not humble. He’s just a mean old man. How did he become like that? He just lived without faith. No humility. No submission. No doctrine. No Body life. No brother or sister encouraging him,
correcting him. No edification. He’s just a frustrated, negative, complaining person. Have you
met any of them? Yes, and I’m fearful that I would ever become like one. I’m not really worried
about it but I want to say we are all the same. We are all the same but there are those people.
Look at this chapter. By faith Abel, vs. 4-5. Enoch. By faith Noah. By faith Abraham. By faith
Sarah, vs. 11. then you go down. It goes by faith Jacob. By faith Joseph. vs. 23. by faith Moses.
What does that mean? All of these people are the same as us but how did Noah build an ark?
By faith. How did Moses leave Egypt? By faith. How did Sarah have a baby? By the grace of
God and by faith with her husband Abraham. How did these many things happen through the
Bible? By people living by faith. And what about us?

Greater Grace World Outreach. We don’t have anything. We are no different from anybody. We got nothing going on except one thing. By faith. We live by faith. When we live by faith, something is going on in a spiritual way and the
demons flee in seven directions. And ten thousand and a thousand and so on in Leviticus 26:9. And
great things happen. We run around say, Jesus, he’s risen. He’s risen! And Pentecost happens
because God is at work in this world. He is at work in this world. Teenagers, they need to learn
to live by faith. I don’t care what your family problems are. You learn to live by faith. You love by
faith. You forgive by faith. You pray by faith. You go to work by faith. Adults. Everyone of us.
How do you get out of your sin? You leave it by faith. How do you have more going on in your
life than you could ever imagine? You live by faith. How do you overcome the devil? The victory
is by faith in Him. For this is how we overcome the world, even our faith. Now Samson was in a
lot of trouble. He was with a woman one night and he shouldn’t have been there. He should not
have been there. He gets up out of the bed with the woman.

The woman is in the bed. He gets up out of the bed at midnight and he has this amazing strength. He carries the gates 50 miles in a slope uphill to Hebron. It’s Gaza Strip. Gath is the old name. Gath up to Hebron is a 50 mile
walk. And he carries the gates of the city. How did he do it? He is a hero of faith. He is a man
that lived by faith. What can you do? I don’t know what you and I can do but I know that God is
our God. Our God is not the ungodly god, a selfish god, a foolish god, a stupid god.
Unfortunately, much of our culture is following stupid gods and making stupid decisions and
saying stupid things. And I don’t expect you to do that. I expect you and I to be wise, loving,
passionate, caring, having our family. If you are a dad, be a good dad. If you are a pastor, be a passionate one. A good one. A fighter. A believer. Be a pastor that cares for people and minister
the gospel and tell the people that are in the streets and in the highways and byways that Jesus
Christ is raised from the dead and come to him by faith and have your life changed by a living

If you are a woman, be a godly woman and a motivated woman and a quiet woman. A
quiet one in 1 Peter 3. A quiet one. A quiet one. That’s a good word. I got 2 Kings 4. We can’t do
it tonight but there she is standing in the doorway and there’s Elijah saying you’re going to have
a son in a year. And she says don’t play around with me. He said it’s going to happen and it
happened. The son died. And she just took the son and put him in and she just left to go find
Elijah. The people coming around her said is everything okay? Everything is fine. She meets
people on the way. Are you worried? Are you troubled? Everything is fine. Don’t worry about it.
Everything is fine. In her heart she is saying I’m going after Elijah. I need a word because my
son died. I know from Elijah my son came into the world in the sense of the promise and now
he’s dead and I don’t know what is going on.

I need a man of God. I don’t need to chatter. I don’t need to talk to you about how bad my husband is, how bad my – I don’t need to talk about stuff. I want to be a godly woman and I’m not talking about anything by any means. I’m going to the man of God. I need a word from God because I want to live by faith. You’re not going to steal
my faith away from me. I’m not going to talk to everybody in the world of reason. I’m not going to
talk to sensual and carnal people who are drawing me into temptation. I’m not going to be
seduced by seducing spirits in the end times. No, I’m going to live by faith in a holy, awesome
God. Find a quiet secret place under the shadow of the Almighty and he will deliver me from the
pestilence. Yeah! Covid. He’ll deliver me and I had it probably.

I lost my taste and smell, but it didn’t touch me like the statistics say 99% of the people that get it don’t die from it. Isn’t that good news? Wait until a real plague comes! That is a real one but oh, no. Hey, listen. Listen.
The arrow that flies by day. The pestilence that comes. The problems that happen to everyday
people. It’s all apart of life. Live by faith. That’s the message. Your daughter is in trouble. Live by
faith. Your son is in trouble? Live by faith. You’re marriage is in trouble? Live by faith. Come to
the church. Hear God’s Word. May it build you up, build us up and we live by faith. Okay.



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