The Holy Spirit brings a chill to the heat we feel — outside and inside. He was sent to be in us. He guides and works so we can rejoice even under the cycles of stress. We can choose to fast and disengage from agitation. (Philippians 4:4-7)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Chris Arman
Sermon 12721
Date: 2024-05-19
Time: Sun 6:30pm

P. Roger Robbins –

Okay. Good evening church. Tonight is family night. Do you sense it? Do you? Before church, I
could hear all the rumbling and the running around and the, you know, all the hustle and bustle
and I was thinking it’s a good sound, you know. This is a great sound. And it’s so good to be with
you guys Sunday night. This is our second family night service, so it’s our Sunday night service
with a family theme. As a Greater Grace Church is here in Baltimore, we have amazing families.
And we want to say thank you to all of you guys for making our families so blessed. There are so
many people here that we consider moms and dads, brothers and sisters that have made such
a difference in our lives.

So, tonight we have a special night. We have a special theme and there’s a lot of
announcements. I’d like to make maybe not so many but ones I don’t want to miss.
(Announcements). Welcome. This is an amazing start to the night already. It’s so great to have
new people here, and it’s also something I was privileged last week to go to India and be with P.
Schaller. And you know one of the things I saw that blessed me the most that stood out the
most was all the families. All the beautiful families with all the color and their clothes and their
just smiles and their love for Christ.

Their Bibles. Their Hindi Bibles. Their worship. I watched them as they took the children during the meetings and taught them in another room and they were all standing at attention and listening to the teacher and then after the
meetings, they would all eat. They was like – eating was such a big thing there. And they were
all eating without any forks and knives. It was wild. I was like just – I jumped right in and joined
the party and just started eating!

And so, tonight for families, we just want to let you know there is going to be pizza in the back
for every child. There’s a slice of pizza. So, we do not have Indian food and you can use your
hands, okay. But tonight’s meeting we want to just also honor the graduating high school

Do we have any seniors here tonight? If you are, please stand. We want to honor you. Yeah!
That’s so awesome. Amazing. We have uh to see the seniors and to see all the hard work they
put in, it adds up. And I think it reminds all of us the family life night piece of paper. Maybe you
got it or some of the kids here you got it. Our Proverb for this month is Proverbs 6:6 and it says,
“go to the ant oh sluggard. Consider her ways and be wise.” Amen. Okay.

Go to the ant oh sluggard. Consider her ways and be wise. Thinking about hard work. Thinking
about what does it mean as an ant? It says in Proverbs 30:4, that there are four creatures on the
earth that are small, but are exceedingly wise. One of them is the ant. And the reason for that is
actually there’s a twofold one is that they love to be – they’re social creatures. They love to be
together. And it’s such a beautiful description of the Body of Christ, actually. How every joint
supplies and is interlocked together in the Body of Christ.

And the second thing is they’re unified. All the little, little ants. Little, you know, insects that we
see that are coming together in harmony to do great things. I don’t know about you but I came
back to my yard and I saw ant hills like everywhere. And I was like what is this? They’re hard at
work gathering food for their winter. And they’re going deep down and digging and working so

So, families, a resource book that we refer to encourage you to read as well as maybe talking
points. As you can see tonight, we have a table. Last month, we had a couch. Tonight, we have
a table. The table will be filled with some young adults in our church. Young people in our
church. And we’ll sit down and talk about a proverb.

So, right now, let’s take a minute with your neighbor. Kids, you as well. Take a minute. Look at
this proverb right here and say to your neighbor, go to the ant oh sluggard! Consider her ways
and be wise. Go to the ant. Okay. Take a minute and ask your neighbor what does this mean?

P. Schaller –

Okay. Turn in your Bibles, please. All the sluggards here tonight! Turn to Genesis 1.
Yeah. One of the big differences between us and what we were before salvation is the Holy
Spirit. And we read about that here when the earth in Genesis 1:2 was without form and void and
darkness was upon the face of the deep. And then it says the Spirit of God moved upon the face
of the waters.

So, we have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and they’re all working relating to each
other. They are one God but then different administrations or functions. We say God planned
and has divine purpose and he sent the Son to manifest himself to us and that was Christ. And
then Christ left and sent the Holy Spirit into our hearts.

In a similar way here, when the Earth was in a state of darkness, confusion, emptiness, the
Spirit of God came and moved and did some work. And there it is. And in our lives the same
thing has happened. We read that here in Acts 2. So, it’s Pentecost today.

The holiday, the Christian holiday. Pentecost. And this is when the Spirit manifested himself so strongly by filling
the believer. One hundred and twenty people gathered in the upper room and filling them and
taking over their tongue. They preached in different languages and they could not be stopped.
And Peter stood up, chapter 2:14. He preached in Jerusalem. And the Spirit of God moved so
greatly on the audience that 3,000 people became believers on that day. They were, they gladly
received his word, vs. 41. Were baptized and continued steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrine and
fellowship and in the breaking of bread and in prayers.

Then, later Peter preached in a Gentiles house in Acts 10:44. Cornelius’s house. That’s another
manifestation of God that happened. I read in one of Spurgeon’s messages, he’s relating to the United States of America. He said “there has been a great awakening, 250,000 persons.” This is
about 18 – I don’t know the date actually but his ministry is 1860, 70, 80. There was a great
awakening, 250,000 persons. “That is a quarter of a million professed to be regenerated and
have united themselves with different sections of God’s church and that which makes me
believe the work to be genuine is just this. That the enemies of Christ’s holy Gospel are
exceedingly wroth at it.

When the devil roars at anything, you may rest assured there’s some good in it. The devil is not
like some dogs we know of. He never barks unless there’s something to bark at.” He’s talking
about the press and the states and the opposition to the revival, but it’s genuine because
there’s so much barking going on against it. And there is prayer. Prayer meetings. He says here
“prayer meetings were better attended than before.” And there has been real prayer. “Sinners
beyond all count have risen up in the prayer meeting” and he explains the work of God. I like to
hear that and think about it.

Okay. This morning, we said from Philippians 4. Turn with me there, please. Great time this weekend.
The graduation yesterday and then this morning and the subject of anxiety. We said that
anxiety is a result of our design. We are designed to guard the garden in Genesis 2:15. When Adam
was put in the garden to guard it and take care of it and feel the responsibility. We feel the
need to guard the garden. And we said that that’s life for us. Like we are wanting to guard and
protect the things we love, the things that are important to us like our children, our families.
Maybe our job or responsibility or whatever the Lord has given to us to care for, be a sentinel.
But because we don’t have the Holy Spirit, then we do this in the flesh. And even when we have
the Holy Spirit, we grieve him by our anxieties and fears. We live in unbelief easily. I’m troubled.
I’m worried. I don’t know what to do. I feel the pressure.

I was thinking about how people need to take a chill pill and fast from worry and anxiety and
fears. They feed on it. They talk about it. They worry about all kinds of things. But then they are
believers. And like why do I let myself be inundated with things and troubles?
I remember I was in Pennsylvania many years ago driving my little car and then car in front of
me hit a deer. And he lost control and then I’m trying to avoid him and I hit him. I hit that car
and it bends the front wheels of my car. And I end up driving home like this. You know, limping
on the way home from Pennsylvania.

And later, I got a letter that the man was suing me for $250,000. That never – I didn’t know
about the way things work. I don’t know. Like really? My car was messed up. Your car was, you
know, that kind of thing. But worry. I don’t know how it happened. I called my insurance
company or something. Like this is your problem. Not my problem. This is your problem. I have
insurance. That’s your business. That’s not my business. Not to worry about things. And the whole thing disappeared. It was just like a formality or procedure. The man I hit was a lawyer actually. I think. And so, like what do we expect, you know? What’s he doing?

So, what do you worry about? What are you and I afraid of and what kind of faith do we have?
And what Spirit are we of? The Holy Spirit has been sent into our life. What spirit am I of?
Where do I put my mind and my heart? What’s important? Setting our affections on the things
above, not on the things below. If I worry, I will bring that worry into my family and I’ll teach my
children to worry instead of rejoice.

If I’m troubled, I’ll bring that to my friends. And Roger said – P. Roger said – consider the ant
and I would say the thing about the ant like for us I think is more mental than it is physical. You
might be very busy physically but consider how focused and how determined and how singular.
You know, you study them maybe in the patio or something. Watch a long line of ants, you
know. And how they may bump into each other. They go two ways. How do they do it? How do
they do it? I don’t know but I like to take from that lesson my mental decisions.

Because one thing the Holy Spirit does when he moves on the waters and he’s doing his work
and he moves in the church is he gets ahold of your mental powers. And that’s maybe the point
of our message tonight. He gets ahold of our mind. The Holy Spirit does a work on our mind and
the Holy Spirit does not worry. He does not worry. The Holy Spirit is not worried. He is not
worried. He’s not stressed out. The Holy Spirit is not afraid. We are but the Holy Spirit is not
afraid and he’s not worried. That’s clear.

When Jesus said I will send another. He’s like me. I will send the Comforter. He will come into
your life and affect your mind. That’s Romans 12:2, Colossians 3:1. And you’re able to set your mind on
the things you can’t see. That’s context. I can’t see the invisible. But he’s there. God is in your
bedroom. God is in your life. God is in your car. God is in your heart. God the Holy Spirit has
been sent into our life.

Sometimes I feel we make too little of the Holy Spirit in our life. Sometimes I feel the
Pentecostals are actively preaching all the time about the Holy Spirit. I would like to emphasize
that, also. It’s the Holy Spirit that has made a big difference in our hearts. The Holy Spirit is the
one that fills us and governs our hearts and so we don’t worry. We don’t worry like we used to.
We don’t worry. We don’t have the anxiety. We guard but in peace. We care for our children
but in peace and spiritual conviction. And we teach them little by little. It goes down little by

Like, you know, I use that illustration about the Hungarians having goose liver. They have a
whole industry of goose liver. And one thing they do is they take a goose and they force feed it.
And the liver enlarges and they stroke the neck of the goose, so they’ll eat more. And that’s
what I want to do to you guys. I want you to eat more. I want your liver to expand. I want your spiritual mind and heart to be enlarged so that you will believe that what God has said is a way
to live and that it takes a diet and you just can’t like every once in a while hit the subject of God
and go live your own way. And every once a while, yeah.

Yeah. I prayed to God and all that and I’m happy about that. I’m thankful for that, but you understand what I mean.
Let’s close. Turn to Philippians 4 with me and he says here remembering he is in house arrest.
Remember he has a lot he could be worried about and he is not worried. He is rejoicing a lot.
Vs. 4. Wait a minute. I thought you’re in house arrest? I am. I’m having a great time. I am. I,
yeah. Things are, but yeah. I’m learning. I’m learning to be abased. I’m learning to abound.
Okay. Vs. 5. In brief, that’s a great Greek word. But in brief, it means don’t be so tense. Don’t be
so legalistic. Don’t be so tense about right and wrong. Enjoy your life.

The house got messed up. That shouldn’t have happened. Something that happened. You’re stressed out. You’re so tense in life. Like just cool it. You’re kids are having a hard time? Just enjoy the ride.
Have the Holy Spirit moving in your family. Love them. Be patient with them. Give them a
break. Give them a chill pill. You take a chill pill. Let, like don’t be so on their case. Like let them
grow up and learn that life is a good time. Life is a good time. Dad’s having a good time. Mom’s
having a good time. We’re making cookies and we spilled the milk and we ran out of butter and,
you know, we don’t have this and that. Yeah. Well, we can work it out. We can deal with it.
We’ve got the Holy Spirit in us. God is with us.

So, vs. 6. That’s the word for anxiety. Anxiety for what? Nothing. What are you worried about?
Forget it. Just have a good time. Now, I think I’ll finish maybe now. I’m not sure. I’m trying to
but I like the text. I mean don’t need to but just saying I read that rabbis, Jewish synagogues,
when there’s a marriage problem they send a comedian over to the family.

The husband and wife and the guy that’s a funny guy will have dinner with them and sit and just talk and they’ll
have a good time. Great idea. Great idea. There’s too much stress. It’s too intense. You’re on
each other’s case. You’re not forgiving enough. You’re not helping each other in joy. Like tell a
story. Have a joke. Hug. You know, forgive. Rejoice a lot. Have a good time. Come on.
What is it saying here? Why? Because I believe that the Holy Spirit is like this. He is the Spirit of
grace. He is the Spirit of freedom, of joy, of forgiveness. We have been forgiven of our sins. We
have been forgiven and brought into the family.

Now, I’m not saying there’s an automatic formula but I am trying to bring something out here in
the text. Look at it, vs. 6. Hey, I met so many thankful people. I’ve seen so much thankfulness in
many different places in the world. I’ve been amazed at how people are thankful for what they
have. The abundance of everything. The blessing of life itself. The blessing of a friend. The
blessing of answered prayer. The blessing of God coming into our life and saving us.

The blessing of the filling of the Holy Spirit. The blessing of faith and connecting with God by faith in
our mind and in our heart. We are blessed people.
Let’s be sure to trust God to change us and help us have the focus that we need to live in a very
troubled world. You know, learn to turn off the stuff that’s not good. Don’t read the books
about murder and adultery and all that stuff. Don’t read things that are not edifying. Don’t
watch movies that are horrible and poisonous to your soul. Stay like a child. Did you see them
on the stage? The little guy down on the box back here. Did you see Pasha’s son next to him?
Did you see the little kids. Yes. Beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah. Yeah, it’s great. Aren’t they good.

So, the kingdom of God is like these children. Martin Luther said when he read that he goes do
we really have to be such idiots to enter the kingdom of God? That’s what he said. Not good
word I think! They’re not idiots. They’re precious. They’re carefree. They’re fun loving and they
got a lot of energy. And they need our guidance and they need the guidance that comes from
us being Spirit filled. Us loving our church. Us loving God, loving truth. Us being gracious to each
other. Not arguing with each other and fighting with each other in front of our children. But just
loving and edifying and we can have a private talk in the back room. But we are nurturing them
in the Lord and they’re learning what it is to live in a healthy, happy place where there is hope
and trust and faith. Amen.

P. Chris Arman –

Hey, ushers! Great job. Let’s clap for them. Woo! It’s great. Okay, we want to
invite some of the seniors to come up to this table. We got water. Free water. We have a
discussion to have. Are you guys ready for this? It’s going to break open! All right. Come on up
here. It’s like a family talk. All right. Cool Bible. I wish there was dinner. Maybe afterward.
Maybe we can get one of those gift cards from the café. All right.

So, the verse that we want to talk about is Proverbs 6:6. Maybe I can read some of the verses a
little bit before it and a little bit afterward to give it some context, P. Schaller. That was a
message for the graduation. All right. So, Proverbs 6:5. What’s a fowler? A bird catcher. They don’t
have that job anymore. Then we have the verse we’re going to talk about. “Go to the ant thou
sluggard.” Isn’t that a great word?

Like there’s so many words that the new words for the young people these days. I know a
couple of them. That’s mid. Is that right? All right. That’s mid. That means it’s like average. And
that’s sus. Okay. But we need to go back to the – we need to start calling people sluggards.
Hey, sluggard! Sluggard! I was behind a sluggard on the way to church today. I got late because
there was a sluggard that was driving really slow, and I didn’t want to pass him like a lot of
other people do in Baltimore. But I just wanted to yell out, sluggard! But I don’t want to get

So, um, anyway, this, go to the ant. I should have gone to the ant. Vs. 7-9. There’s that word
again. So good. vs. 10-11. I love the King James It just has all these awesome words in it but um
you guys are seniors. I know my daughter was also graduating with you and I just saw the, you
know, what you had to do to graduate. All the work that you had to do.

So, do you feel like this verse kind of encapsulates what it took for you guys to graduate? Like
did you have to make a decision and say okay. I got to look at the ant. I got to figure this out.
So, who wants to go first. Okay.

Yeah, I think that this verse definitely it like you can’t be able to like graduating, you couldn’t
have gone – like I know like throughout the year, you could definitely have sluggard moments.
But in like to finish off the year, you weren’t able to be like that. You actually had to put in the
work and actually like break it down and figure your stuff out in able to graduate. You weren’t
able to just let it go and just be like I got this. You had to actually do, be like the ant not the
Awesome. That’s good. Let’s clap. That’s amazing. That’s a good word. We can use that
anytime. What do you think Micah? Cuz you also, you really had to go through a lot and get a
lot done. And you did it. That was amazing. I just heard the stories.

Yeah, I mean you can’t get caught behind in anything in high school. You get behind one day, it’s
going to just get worse and worse. Pile on you. I had a couple nights where Mr. Shish had to
keep me with him on Wednesday nights sometimes to get work done. Where’s Mr. Shish? Yeah.
We love Mr. Shish. He’s awesome. Yeah. He helped you get it done. Keep going. Sorry.
Yeah, you can’t just decide I’ll do this later. I’ll just chill out now. That goes for work and
anything else in life really. Especially. That can happen with church, too. You can say I’m just
going to relax this Sunday. I won’t go and that could start becoming a habit.
That’s awesome. That’s a great connection. Great. Great.

How about you, Brianna? Your turn. Yeah. I like this sign. How long will you lie there you
sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep? Sometimes, that is me. Sluggard moment! My
couch. Like it’s really easy to get stuck in your comfort zone especially like this senior year. I saw
it. But then, how faithful God was to get me up. Like wake up. Yeah, so I think this word is like
good in a time of stuck in a comfort zone or kind of a stagnant time in your life. ‘Cause it’s really,
really easy to fall into one of those. Yeah.

That’s great. That’s great. And what you said is so good that God is the one that wakes you up.
Like you’re not – sometimes we, the world tells us to be self-motivated. We got to pull
ourselves up. But really behind us is the Lord who says come on. Like he did to Adam and Eve.

He said, where are you? He knew where they were. He knows everything, but he said where are
you because he was kind of drawing them. I love that. That’s a great point.
The thing that I thought of it says in vs. 7 after it says go to the ant, it says these ants have no
guide or overseer or ruler. I thought that’s a lot like the church. Like of course we have leaders
and we have pastors but really we are all co-laboring together with the Lord. And we are like
ants that our ruler is God. God is the one that created the ant and God’s the one that gives the
ant the wisdom that it has and they really get from God.

And as many of you are going into the next phase of your life, you’re going to have some
decisions that now you’re making as adults, and you’re going – maybe you’ll be in a place
where it’s just you and God. And you’ll just have to look to God and say, God, like what do I do?
God, direct me. And he’ll direct you and that’s amazing.

Maybe we can talk about this too. Another verse in Proverbs that talks about the ant is Proverbs
30:25. And, maybe boys did this but had a magnifying glass and with burning ants with the ray
of the sun. If you want to just confess your sins to the Body, just raise your hand! If that was
you. Oh, man. Some people already, you know. Did anybody ever eat ants? Chocolate covered. I
ate them. They’re nice. They’re salty. We eat a lot of stuff in Africa that you know. Termites.
You fry them and their like peanuts. They’re really good. You want to try them? Okay.

But you know if you ever seen MacGyver. Does anyone know who MacGyver is? Whoa! Wow!
He had a mullet. Right. Mullet. Short. Business in the front. Party in the back. That was
MacGyver. And the one episode that was the most frightening episode was when he had to
deal with killer ants that overtook this whole farm. And if you saw that one, good luck trying to
sleep after watching that!

But the ants – the point is that the ants were all together. They were like a body. And if you just
have one ant, he gets burned with a magnifying glass. But if you have a whole huge football
field of ants, you’re running the other direction, right? And that’s what we also have. Like we
have God directing us and then we also have the church behind us. We’re a whole bunch of
ants and we’re working together and maybe we’re little in ourselves, but all of us together we
can lift a whole hamburger out of the picnic like Tom and Jerry. They lifted a whole steak and
[sound]. If you saw that episode. A lot of 80s resets today!

And so, we can look at the hard work of the ant. We can look at the ant’s wisdom. But we can
also see the ant as a group and they are with a big body of other ants. That’s like us, too. Any
thoughts about that? Maybe you can talk about your class? It was awesome to see the trip that
you guys did to the beach. We won’t give the details about it but you came together as a class
and that was really awesome. Isn’t that like a picture of that, too?

Yeah, so we all had our own idea like we should go to the beach together. And it was kind of
each individually, but then we got together and we’re like okay. Why don’t we just plan a trip?
So, we all went. And we did go to the beach on a specific day. Might have been during school
but. You guys are graduating now. None of this matters anymore, right? There’s no lunch
detentions that can be given out anymore!

But it is like in the class by ourselves, you can get stuck on like school gets hard. And some
people understand certain materials and others don’t. So, by yourself, school can really, it can
overtake you sometimes, but as a whole, you can work together and rely on others where you
get stuck and then you can help another. So, I think it definitely works as a class. You work
together just like the ants work together. That’s beautiful. That’s awesome.

Any other stories like that of how maybe you bonded with your classmates or something like a
story that happened. Even maybe not in school but in youth group or something like that. I
don’t want to put you on the spot. I know like you had your two friends that came from
Pennsylvania. What did they say about you when they saw you kind of in your element with
your class? Something like they’ve never seen you happier or something like that? Yeah. My
mom was talking to them and she said that one of them was like he seems so much happier in
this environment. Like he’s a part of something. He’s a part of a team. So, yeah. That’s great,
man. I love it. I love it.

And I mean even for us the way that you guys welcomed my daughter into your class. I know
some of those pictures you guys were together in fourth grade, and you guys were together,
gosh. I don’t know. In the mother’s room, right? But then for us to come back after being gone
for so long, and to kind of have her welcomed into your class and that was really special for me
to see that happen. I mean, when I saw you guys graduating yesterday – it was yesterday –
wow! It was a long party!

I was just, I was just like, I also walked on this stage and graduated, too. And I know P. Barry
maybe not here and Coach Lynch but they also graduated from the school. And it’s the same
love. The things that we are learning from the pulpit. The things that we hear being preached to
us are getting lived out in the school and that’s a blessing. It’s a blessing and it’s a blessing to
see the Word of God being lived out. And that’s one way not to be a sluggard. It’s like believing
God and saying okay. I’m going to really treat this person as my friend. I’m not going to say
something behind their back unless it’s positive.

And the same way that you guys bonded as a class and you take that out to wherever you go if
it’s college or Bible college or different places, people will want to be around you. People will
say there’s, they have a different spirit, you know. They have a spirit that’s like P. Schaller said
today, not someone that is always worrying about something, but someone that is carefree because they’re trusting in the Lord. And that’s a great benefit. So, wow, thank you that was
insightful. Even though we didn’t have a meal, we had a meal. Like a spiritual meal. Amen.


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