Do you know who God is? That’s the big question. We battle with our self life and lose that battle. We need holiness that we may only find in Him. (John 20:17; Hebrews 1:2)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12736
Date: 2024-06-16
Time: Sun 11:00 AM


P. Schaller –

Okay. You may be seated. Are you ready? Yes. Turn in your Bibles please to the Gospel of John. So, this Father’s
Day message has many different parts to it. I think as you listening in the beginning and follow
it, it’ll make sense and come together.

I’d like to make our first point is John 20:17. First point to make is the nature of reality. God’s
world. The universe including God. God wants to be known as our Father. Eight times in the Old
Testament we have him defining himself as Father, but it’s really not until Christ comes into the
world that we see more clearly because in our New Testament we have God called “Father” 80
times. When we study the Scripture, we understand that God is a Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy

And for many Christians, they just leave it at that, but the meditation on the Trinity means a lot
to us that God has always been the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have always related to
each other. They’ve always known each other. They’ve always been together. Never separated.
Never divided. Never angry in some personal way with each other. Never jealous. There’s not
been any strife in the Trinity but oneness with love.

Then, we read in the Scripture that Christ created the universe, that he is the one that brought
the material world into existence. And we also know – that’s in Colossians 1:17 – but we also know
that he’s holding it together. We could actually say that the nails that went in Christ’s hands on
the cross, the nails were held together by him, by the word of his power in Hebrews 1:3. The very
cross he hung on was held together by him. That this was his plan.

We have creation. Then, we have the creation held together by him, and then we have him
inheriting all things. That’s Hebrews 1:2 if you turn to that or put that up on the screen. Praise the
Lord! It’s so good to see you today. I’m very glad for the next two weeks. Don’t miss them. Be
involved as much as you can. You will enjoy it. And thank you for being here this morning to
study and to hear something that will help us in our life.

Hebrews  1:2, the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity. Vs. 2. Heir of all things. You have the
word “inheritance.” The word “heir” to be the one who legally receives from the predecessor,
from my forefather. From my father receiving an inheritance. I am an heir. I am an heir and
Jesus is the heir of all things. Well, he made all things. He holds it all together and then one day,
he will inherit all of it.

Well, all of what? The whole universe. Everything made. Everything is the Messiah. He will
return. He will return and bring everything subject to him. Where, 1 Corinthians 15:23, if you turn
there, this is important. I love it when we as Christians have a picture of the past, present, and
future where we are going. What’s going to happen? A kingdom is coming. A kingdom is
coming. How incredible that is. Keep coming to church and hearing about it. Reading your Bible.

We’ll cover that later in the message today, but listen to this. Chapter 15:23, that word “order”
is rank. Like everything in its place. Everything in its order. First, Christ being raised from the
dead is the first evidence of what is coming. He is raised form – he is the first fruits. First fruit on
a tree. You have the first fruit, the ripe fruit, the first batch and then in a week or so more
comes and then more comes eventually. And that’s how the fruit comes.

So, he is the first fruit, the resurrected body of Christ is the evidence of where things are going.
What comes next? Us. Transformed, changed, raised from the dead. Us. There are two parts to
his coming. The Parousia, the Rapture, the Harpazo, that’s the snatching away of the believers.
The bodies of the believers that are buried in the ground, in the biosphere. God knows their
DNA. Psalm 139 in a book their members are written. We would say in our modern language
our DNA is known by God. Of course, it is. And when he raises up our body out of the ground,
they’ll not be anyone left.

A good verse in Psalm 105 reads this way, when they came out of Egypt there was not one feeble
one amongst them. How many Jews came out of Egypt? Two or three million. We don’t know
the number but a large number and when they came out of Egypt, nobody was feeble. Nobody
was so elderly they couldn’t make the trip. Nobody had a fever so high that they couldn’t walk
out. Everybody left Egypt.

That’s like the Rapture. When we are raptured and taken out of the ground, we were taken out
of this earth and if you’re alive during the Rapture, you’ll be, one will be in a field Jesus said in
Matthew 24, one, two will be in a field. One will be taken. One will be left. Two will be in bed. One
will be taken. One will be left. What do you mean taken? They’ll be, their bodies will be
changed. That’s a mystery, 1 Corinthians15:52.

Let’s put that verse up. 1 Corinthians 15:52, now many of you are new in our church and you don’t
know how we read the Bible. We actually read the Bible literally. We are looking at what it is
saying and in its context and we want to know context. We want to know meaning of words
and we’re talking it for what it’s saying. In a moment. What is a moment? He is saying
something very small unit of time. Maybe we would say nano second. Like, like a very piece, a
small piece of time. What will happen? We’ll be changed. The trumpet. What’s the trumpet?
In the book of Revelation, you have angels and you have trumpets. And these trumpets are
calling. There’s a sound that is made for some change, something to happen. Because angels
are involved in God’s administration.

For some people, this is so crazy to think about this. But that’s the way we are. That’s how we think about it. Like we have an imagination. We can imagine that there is heaven, that there is God, that there are angels, that there are trumpets, that things will be happening. Things do happen now, have happened in the past, do happen
now and will be happening.

So, we have this and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed, vs. 53. And
this corruptible – that’s us – must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.
How do we know this? Jesus is the first fruits. That’s the evidence of it. If he was raised from
the dead, then we shall be raised from the dead. If he overcame death, then we overcame
death. If he went to heaven, then we go to heaven. Okay.

Then what will happen when we come to the end of the Millennial reign of Christ? That’s his
return and the material world will be glorified. There will be a change in the first and second
law of thermodynamics we could say. I’m not saying that to sound smart, but I’m just saying
there are laws of physics in our material world that are not broken. Those laws are like
functioning since the beginning of time, but there will be a change.

Just like Jesus was a body but then he ascended into heaven. A body but then he ate food. He
ate fish. A body and then he appeared. He disappeared. A body but then his body is different.
He has a glorified body. He is immortal. He lives forever and ever. He is God. But we are like
him. We have been made like him. We are made the children of God in the image of God and
we have not yet seen what we shall be but we know that when we see him, we will be like him.
We will be like him. Isn’t that good? We’ll be like him. We will be glorified. That’s where it’s
going. Okay.

Then, that vs. 15:23 which we left and we’re going back there. We have vs. 23, please, I hope I
don’t lose you as you listen. And just stay with me if you can, best you can. Follow this with me.
vs. 23. Afterward. Us. At his coming. That’s the Parousia, the Rapture. We’ll meet him in the air.
2 Thessalonians 4:16-18 is fantastic. Amazing. Amazing thing. The world will go through trauma. Terrible
times. Worse than ever in the history of the world. That’s called the Tribulation Period.
Then in his EPIPHANIA, every eye will see him when he returns, even those that pierced him.
Well, he was pierced in the first century. How could people in the first century, where are they?
And how could they see him coming? How could they be alive to see or how could that be? And
the answer isn’t explained except in Revelation 1:7 it says that every eye will see him. In another
place, it says every knee will bow, every tongue confess that he is the Christ.

So, the coming of Christ will be a manifestation to every person that has ever lived. Every
demon that exists. All of the angels that exist. There’ll be a manifestation, an Epiphania of his
coming and the kingdom of God coming in maximum strength at his coming. And there’ll be a
change. He will surrender the whole universe up to his Father, vs. 24. That’s not the “end, end.”
The world doesn’t end in an absolute sense but it goes through transition. Then comes the end
of the physical world as we know it. There will be a transformation. Just like his body was
changed, we are changed and go to heaven. And then when he comes back, the whole universe
changes and it’s all given to the Father. The Father.

Vs. 24. What kind of bad rule and bad authority and power. When it will be over. There will not
be any more any bad or evil rule. No lie. Amen. We’re anticipating. How do we anticipate it?
Cause we taste it. We taste a world where there is honesty, truthfulness, humility. We taste a
world where God, holiness, the reality of God. We have that in our heart. How did we get that
in our heart? By our new birth. By being born again. God put it in you.

I’ve got to make a couple points here that I want you to grasp. Lord Jesus help us with this.
When you were born again and you were by believing in Jesus Christ and the seed of Christ is
planted in you and it’s there. You have Christ in you. You sometimes you don’t, you may not
recognize it or feel it but it’s there. You are born of God. Christ dwells in you. That you have
Christ in you. That is different from just people being nice or kind or patient or people being
loving or sincere and so on. All those things happen with us as people. I can be a good father. I
can be a good man. I could be patient. I could be kind. All that is human.

But what we are talking about is something that transcends us. This is something we can’t have.
There is something that man – man can do many things but there is one thing he doesn’t know.
Many things he doesn’t know but one thing indeed and that is that God is a holy God and man
doesn’t have holiness. He doesn’t have it. But can he be an honest guy? Yes, but he can’t be a
holy man. He can’t be holy. I got to explain that to you, too.

This new birth when Jesus comes into your life, Christ is born in you and you have the Spirit of
God in you. This is called the Holy Spirit. That’s your new life. The Holy Spirit has given you this
love. First God loves you, saved you, and put the Holy Spirit in you and now by the Holy Spirit,
you love God. You love him. And it’s different. It’s not man. It’s more. It’s God imparted to you
his Holy Spirit and new nature. Christ is born in you. And you have that relationship. You have
the Spirit of God dwelling in you. You have the relationship with God.

All right. So, let’s go to this second part. And it has to do with us as people. I think I can explain
it. We used two chairs last Sunday. Anybody remember that? Okay. Two chairs. How many
don’t remember? No chairs. Two chairs. Okay. Let’s bring out the two chairs. Last week, we
taught this that in the Garden of Eden there was the tree of life in the garden. Adam never ate
from the tree of life. He could eat of all the trees that was all allowed for him to eat of every
tree in the garden, but not this tree here. That we use the two chairs to represent the tree he
was not to eat of which was the tree of knowledge of good and evil if you remember.

And we said that man, you know, lives here and this tree of knowledge knowing good and evil is
a big part of our psychology, our way of thinking about life, about knowing ourselves. It’s like I
am good. I think this was the good one over here. I am good but as I am good, evil is present
with me. Also, I find here living I’m without God when I’m living here at this tree. Because if you
eat of this tree, you’ve sinned. And when you sin, you lose God. And it’s not holy. But you could
be a good man like I’m in the good part of the tree. We could say that I know what is good. I know what is evil. It’s kind of written in my DNA in my conscience. The law of God is written in
my sense of right and wrong and it’s universal around the world.

Everybody knows that you should love your wife and be kind to her and care about her, but you
shouldn’t, you shouldn’t have uh, you know, your wife is special. You could have five wives but
everybody knows if you have, you should love them or take care of them. Okay. Like we know
we should be honest and care about people and not destroy people. We have things about us
that are moral and in our conscience. And this causes us a lot of problems. Because I don’t
always do what I should do in this relative way, and as I do it, evil is present. So, I might do real
well but then there is some time when I don’t. And as I do this, I feel the guilt. The presence of
evil. I realize that I do what I shouldn’t do. That’s written in Romans 7.

Notice something about this picture. This is a war. This is a war with myself. This also is a war
with people, relationships. I struggle with relationships because they hurt me, disappoint me.
And then I will say you shouldn’t have done that to me. What you did to me, you shouldn’t have
done that to me. I’m disappointed with you or I break my relationship off with you. I cannot
love you. I cannot forgive you. I have problems with myself. I have problems with people. I have
problems with life. This is the world we live in.

And by the way, all of us have this. All of us are human beings with a sin nature. You might
wonder why are there so many problems? Why am I disappointed? Why am I frustrated? Why
am I, why am I sad with things that happen in my life and how could I live a better life? The
answer is look at it. it’s over there. But this is what people don’t know. They know this but they
don’t know God. That’s what I need. I need God.

I have a life here. I can tell you a short story. I read a case study in one Christian counselor up in
Philadelphia. He said that a woman came to him and said I can’t forgive myself. And he said,
what’s the problem? She said I got married. After we got married, I got pregnant. I didn’t want
to have the baby, so I had an abortion and I didn’t tell my husband.
One year later after the abortion, my husband found out and he divorced me and I cannot
forgive myself. I cannot forgive myself that I murdered my baby and that I lost my husband. I
cannot forgive myself.

So, what would the Christian counselor say to her? What a good question, right? This is what he
basically said. There is nothing in the Bible about you forgiving yourself. There is nothing in the
Bible about you forgiving yourself. That sentence got ahold of me. I go, wow. I don’t understand
that. I wanted to learn that and then he explained it. It’s very good. I agree with it.
Listen to the sentence. I really messed up. Okay. I really messed up. This is this story here. Do
you know that? I want to – this kind of come into my heart. I just want to tell you. Do you know how messed up you are? I think some of you are proud. I do. I think some of you are proud
about and you sit here a lot in the good chair. I got it all together. Everything. You know. I got it
all. I’m capable. I’m a Christian. I read my Bible. I study. I do the right things. I go to church. I got
it all right.

It’s like you don’t know how wrong, how much you need, who God is. Do you know who God is?
I’m saying it to myself also, Stirring up myself a little bit. Do you know who God is? You know,
this whole thing about self-righteousness is in us. I am self – right? you know, I’m right. You
know, I’m right. I’m smart. I’m right. I behave well. I say the right things. I’m a good Christian.
It’s like, do you love? Are you holy? Do you have any passion in your life for God? Do you love
God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength?

This is amazing. I’m saying it to encourage you. But one way that you got to kind of realize and
this is how it relates. You got to realize that I need God. We don’t care about – this woman that
can’t forgive herself, do you know that the answer is? God. What does God say? What does
God say? God, who are you? God is saying I forgive you. I forgive you. Do you know what this
person over here is saying? I cannot forgive myself. What’s the, what are those, what’s the
sentence? Me, my, myself, I cannot forgive myself. What’s missing? God. God. God. But that
sentence is so common in our culture because our culture is all about me.

My culture is all about, our culture is all about me. it’s not about God. It’s all about us, you know.
Are you happy? Are you happy? Are you feeling okay? Are you doing good? Are you satisfied?
Do you live in a nice place? Do you live where you want to live? Do you have enough money?
Are you okay? Are you suffering at all? No, I’m not. I’m good. Oh, thank God you’re not
suffering at all. Thank God that you are happy. Thank God that you are okay.

That is like the story of our culture. And we got to say wait a minute. It’s not about where3 I
live, how much money, who my kids are. Am I a good dad or a bad dad? It’s deeper. There’s
another war. So, let’s call it this way and I’ll finish soon, but this is a war. War in myself with
that dear woman who’s struggling with herself and what she did and she could say, I really blew
it. I really messed up. I’m really a bad person. I really failed. I can’t believe it. I messed up my
life. I am so sad about it. I’m so disappointed. So, that’s one battle. That’s a battle that she has.
But that warfare, you got to shift to another warfare. There’s two warfares. There’s a bad
warfare and then Paul said you have fought a good warfare. What is that? That’s a warfare that
brings you from there over to here. How do I get here? I got to deal with this.

I got to say to Jesus, what do you say, God? I have to say to Jesus, I’m listening. And the Lord could say like to
Job, you’re not listening. And that’s a problem that we all have. I’m not listening to God. I’m
listening to myself. I’m listening to other people and I’m listening to my own disappointment,
my own heartache, my own pain, my own feelings, and that’s what I’m listening to. And that’s
my battle.

But that warfare is not our warfare. I mean it is in Romans 7 but Romans 8, Romans 8 if you can
follow this with me in the Scripture. If we took our time and we did last week, we read Romans
7. What I should do, I don’t do. What I don’t do is what I should. What I don’t do is what I don’t
do, Hey. I shouldn’t eat the chocolate cake but guess what? I eat the chocolate cake. Guess
what? Before I go to bed, I shouldn’t eat the Hubby Chubby ice cream but guess what? I ate two
quarts of it. What I shouldn’t do is what I do and what I do, I don’t do what I should do. I don’t
do. I don’t do. Okay.

Romans 8 says this carnal mind that mind is death. Get over it. It’s death. Why live there? Shift.
I have a short list of words for the shift, you know, and that’s what we want to say here. The
shift. The good warfare. I want to feel sorry for myself. The Lord says come to the cross.
Surrender to me. Drop it. Drop it. Trust me. Believe me.

Here’s a list. This is good warfare. I’d like to be a good dad but how could I be a good dad? Find
holiness. Find holiness. Holiness affects us. It’s the Spirit. Now we are patient but it’s different.
It’s God’s patience. Now, we have love but it’s different.

You see, this man he can be patient but he can’t do all of those things. It’s not possible and he
can’t do them all the time. He’s limited. This is his flesh. He can be a good man in the flesh but
it’s only a matter of circumstances and time when the failure is there because evil is always
present. You cannot win in this warfare. This warfare will destroy you. This warfare you will not
have progress. This warfare you will not win. Like leave it. It’s the cross crucified the flesh. Jesus
took us from death unto life. And this is now our life. And the way we enter into it is by faith,
#1. It’s faith. Quiet, simple, slow growing but it’s there. It’s faith. It’s happening. Be patient. It’s
happening. Faith in God. Come one. God. God can you help me? And it’s like silent. I believe you
are there but it’s like silent.

Remember that American missionary in Turkey a couple years ago, he was arrested. He was in
Izmir in prison for two years. He said the hardest time about my imprisonment in Turkey for
preaching the gospel was that God was silent. I couldn’t hear God. He didn’t speak to me and
I’m in prison for two years. And God is not talking to me. He had a very hard time but he lived
there by faith. So, that’s how we live. This is a good warfare. This is something that happens.
The Spirit will do it in your heart and you’ll get the fight in you and you say I believe God.
Though he slay me, I will trust him. Though I’m in trouble in some way, I’m trusting in God. I’m
learning to live from faith to faith. I’m trusting in God.

#2. Words. Read your Bible quietly. Thirty minutes a day. An hour. Five minutes. Put time into
it. Sometimes, when you get into it, you know one hour is not enough. You want to read more.
You are learning. God is speaking to you. Be reading your Bible. I don’t know how many of you
are reading your Bible but God will talk to you when you read the Bible. Underline something.

You make notes, you know, You just learn this part and connected with that part and you go
back to that part and/or go back here to this part and then you’re putting it together.
Comparing spiritual with spiritual and you’re learning the doctrines and they are, they’re
grounding. You’re getting grounded in holiness. Like the holiness of God. Touching God. God
touching you in your heart and it happens and do it all your life. Do it all the time. Be a Bible
reader. Learn your Bible. It’s so much fun. It’s so important. It’s so powerful. The Word of God is
life. It’s peace. And God is there in that Word. That’s the tree of life.

#3. Live in the Spirit by submission to God and say simple prayers. Quiet yourself. Be still and
know that he is God. Pray. Pray. Lord, this is good warfare. This is prayer. This is faith. These are
words. This is the good warfare. This is the bad warfare over here. I can’t win here. This isn’t the
answer. I like I cannot forgive myself for what I did. I cannot. I regret what I did. I messed up. I
did real bad. And I live here. This is a bad warfare. There’s no answer. There’s nothing here. I
cannot change it. I have to fight a different warfare.

You could say I come to the cross and here I am. I say Lord I have sinned. I have messed up. I
destroyed a lot. I tore things apart. I’m not that – this is me. here I am. What do you have to say
to me? Jesus is saying I have a lot for you. I have a whole life for you. I am God. I give you a new
name. I translate you from one kingdom to another. I fill you with my Holy Spirit. I have things
to say to you. I will build you up in your new man. I baptize you into the Body of Christ. Your life
is not in vain. I made you. I am God. I am – listen to this – I am your Father. Your Father. Jesus
said I go to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.

#4. Obedience and this obedience is important. What do you say, Lord? And you’re just there
before God and the Lord puts it in your heart. You start to love people. You forgive. This is not
in the presence of evil. This is in the presence of God. What’s over there? Presence of evil. A
good man in the presence of evil. Over here, we have a living God and we are in the presence
of a living God who is in the presence of angels. The presence of the Messiah.

The priest interceding on our behalf. The presence of promises. The presence of a coming kingdom. We
are in the presence of the body, spirits of just men made perfect. We are in the presence of a
kingdom that is coming. We are living in the presence of God.

But we have a sin nature. In a paradoxical way, our sin nature is very capable of bringing us
back over here. And our sin nature is saying, you know, this is your life. And the Spirit is saying,
no. The carnal mind is death but the spiritual mind is life and peace. So, it takes faith to live with
God in the Spirit of God, the presence of God and fellowship with God as our Father.
All right. Last thing just shortly. I read this book called “Wisdom of our Fathers” by Tim Russert.
Maybe you remember him. He got 60,000 letters and emails and he asked, he asked people to
write about their fathers. And he said he read them all and he said they were overwhelmingly
positive. And one person brought up that they were so sad that they see fathers portrayed on

TV as stupid, incapable when it comes to caretaking. Insensitive. Beer drinking. Sports obsessed.
Generally clueless fathers and everything I know is nothing like those TV dads and my father
was the complete opposite.

And he said I did get letters of bad fathers that my dad was a beast wrote one man from
Oregon. And so on but he said over they had certain threads of commonality and he talked
about what they were. And they were the things that the people wrote about was that they
were not remembering their fathers for material things that were given but the time that they
spent with their families, with their children.

Also, they were not big talkers. That generation after World War II, they didn’t talk about the
things that they went through in the war. And the children knew but they would say that in
their letters the silence was sometimes frustrating because they wanted to know more, but
these men were generally modest and silent about things that they did. But they were there for
you and they loved you. Another thread in the letters was that they didn’t say “I love you” but
they did things that express the love.

Yeah, so I remember with my own dad, one thing I remember about my dad was his hands. He
was a butcher, meat cutter. We had our own shop, a little family store. He had big hands, soft
hands from the meat and the grease of the fat and all that. It was always like soft and big hands
but he was World War II veteran. Knew about family. Cared about us and we could always
believe that he would be there and he was very honest. And I remember learning things. Little

We didn’t have like the kind of life that we live in the prosperity of today. We had a little but we
had a lot of love, a lot of fun as kids. And I feel that our church life helps us understand how to
connect with each other. Talk to each other. Spend time together and in our family with six
children, a little store, a lot of hard work and be learning, learning to be a patriot. Learning to
be honest. And I would just say the best part of the tree of knowledge is in life but we also
know the secret things that are done. The sinful things that are done and this can be so
disappointing and hurtful.

And just to close to say that as much as we love each other and we see the best that we can in
each other, there’s one thing we must always have as an anchor in our life and that is a second
warfare. And it’s to go from there to here and I could bring this real close to here and say God is
very close to you. God is very close right here. God came to save us. He came with the cross and
took upon himself us. Died and was raised from the dead and he is that life, that reality, that

And so now, war a good warfare. Have some fight in yourself. Say I’m not a dead man. I’m a
living man. I’m not giving up. I’m living in God. God is with me. I’m going to believe him and

trust him. He is my heavenly Father. He has big hands that will care for me and be there for me.
He will be there for you and me all of our life. He’s the one, the Father, our heavenly Father, the
perfect Heavenly Father, the Holy One, the one that is the real answer for your life.

So, in closing, Roger Robbins said to me yesterday, I didn’t like Father’s Day in our church
because we would have father of the year. This is years ago we would do Father of the Year or
Mother of the Year. And he said that I didn’t feel like I was doing a good job with my two sons.
So, Father’s Day, I lay in bed thinking I don’t want to go to church. I’ll be – the father of the year
will be there. And I’m a miserable father. I have failed. I have not done what I didn’t make or
produce great men of God. I just want to stay here. Okay. Yes.

There can be people like that here with us. Yeah. But the point of the message is yeah that’s
maybe a good thing to realize. Yeah. I’m not boasting in it. But I’m boasting in this. That God,
the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ has brought us by adoption into his family and he is our
Father and with him, and with him and through him we have a new life. And so, part of your
warfare is to forget the things that are behind. Forget them. Do not talk about them. Don’t
relate to them. That’s not your life unless you need counsel of course.

Move on. Move on. God is your God and he is our Father and he is the way and the truth and
the life and he is our new life. And he is the Holy One. That’s the thing. This isn’t – yeah, thank
you for the clapping. I agree. This is not the way. It’s like move on. And walk with the Lord and
learn to be quiet. Be still and know that he is God. Learn.

Some of you come from Pentecostal backgrounds like me. I also was in a Pentecostal church for
some months. And I loved it. I learned a lot. Prayer and praise and those things. But I also
needed to learn to be still and quiet and listen and worship and be in the Bible and apply it and
obey it and find God that way. Not in my emotions but I n faith. Find God. Learn to be wise.
Have words in season.

Learn how to live your – and I love the Pentecostal folks are perfect. I’m not saying it that way,
but I’m saying it our way which is to say walking with God is not, you know, it’s not that, it’s not
natural. It’s not that easy. You cannot figure it out. You can’t have a system. It takes a life of
faith and God is for you. Let us learn him, walk with him, trust him and see what he will do for
us because he loves us. Yeah. Amen.


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