Of our own selves we can do nothing. Great validation of our lives comes from the Word. Thinking with words from Heaven helps us in this present evil world. The power of words is so great.

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Carl H Stevens Jr, Pastor Gary Groenewold
Sermon # 11531
6:30 PM on 8/26/2018
P. Gary Groenewold
I was telling my son who is the wise man in the church. I’m not going to tell you who I said it was. It’s someone who came to church with their family Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night. They have incredible wisdom. Great to get wisdom from God.
I want to speak about the fear of God. That’s what we heard about this morning. And about summer harvest. We took it literal, not just the harvest part but the summer part. I took the whole summer. Anyone ever gone fishing here? Ever catch a fish? P. Barry but he doesn’t take the fish off himself. You know what happens when you don’t? When you take it off yourself, what happens? Do you know you are taking the fish off yourself? P. Barry uses a glove. What happens when you don’t? An hour later, you smell like fish. That happen to anybody? I was thinking we should always smell a little fishy because we are fishing for men. Our tackle box is ready and we got our poles and we’re always looking at the water and weather report and fishing for men. Considering different species and the season they are spawning. Great to be a fisher of men. We are looking forward to Bible college. We really do believe it trains – clap, clap! The Sioux Indians! I finally found out yesterday what, – there is a rhythm in the air and you can dance to it. I finally understood yesterday. I’m not going to explain it.
I want to talk about the fear of God. Jn 5, at the end of the second service, P. Schaller said before he mowed his lawn, God said read Job 31. And after mowing, he thought God said read it again and before he went to bed, read Ge 41. And that spoke to me about living before God.
This is Jesus Christ here saying in verse 19, we have a depraved man. That it’s so obvious. Jesus didn’t have that but had a relationship with the Father prior. He knew the glory of relating to his Father and we see our need to relate to the Father. It’s based on not being able to do anything. Not being able to do anything. This is incredible fear of God. The traps we are in, the traps we wouldn’t have to be in to get the manifold wisdom of God. You can’t trust in your own wisdom. Great to resist your natural solutions to fast from them. Say no, I can’t do anything. Take a step back. God starts to work. Jesus is saying here and this can be in all of our lives, in every aspect of our lives. The greatest thing I love – this is a testimony – I love when my wife says she doesn’t recognize me. I surprise here with someone I wasn’t before. I surprise her with who I am. This is such an opportunity that could be easily missed to not have a scent of God or lose our scent. To be trusting our own wisdom and never – before I read it – you know Crayola Crayons.
Remember the box of 6 or 8 thick ones and got down so far and unwrapped the paper further. Then you are really psyched for Christmas when you got the 64. Those 64’s how many of them are used? I’ve seen some of those boxes thrown away. People don’t know how to use them. You unwrap the red or black or your favorite aqua on a project. They are a marketing scheme. How many boxes of 64 did you see hardly ever used? That’s the manifold wisdom of God. We don’t use what we could. There are so many sides of God to use.
There is an infinite amount of wisdom to use from God. He says verily, verily. The Son can do nothing – that should be a revelation, the most powerful statement in the Bible in terms of how it relates to us, our depravity, inability and desire to access the person of Christ. This is our way of escape. This is God providing for us a way of escape. Whether we are at right now. So much wisdom from God available. Think of Jacob wrestling with God. He’s so one dimensional. He knows how to strive and got kind of rich. He was one dimensional, but when he had to reach his brother, he needs some manifold blessing from God. Otherwise, he just realizes his one dimensional life isn’t going to work anymore. He tells God I’m not letting you go because I can do nothing of myself. You have to bless me. You have to give me your mind. Think God is able to do that?
He asked us to in James 1. Ask for wisdom. I don’t mean wisdom you had before. The wisdom you think you learned in some clichéd statement but wisdom from the H.S. It’s so beautiful to fear God like that. You feel so weak but so powerful. You know you are accessing the right thing. You know you got the best. It’s like you could hope when no hope. Like Abraham. No hope but there is hope. That’s what Christ is saying here. The Son can do nothing of himself. This is like wow. This is ready to receive from God. You are at that place where you need something from God. What he sees the Father do. There is amazing communion there. What things he doeth. You don’t need much earthly wisdom when accessing this eternal perspective of God. Release your own wisdom because you know it’s so finite. You don’t have to judge a situation with your own judgment. You are trusting the Father. You can release it. He says that’s what the Son does likewise. This is our example. The Father loves the Son and shows him what? All things that himself does. This is accessing incredible wisdom. This is the fear of God. This is our potential. This creates an honest report in us. This creates something that glorifies God. He says I can of my own self do nothing. He was aware of that. The situations you can face and God allows you to face when live like this. It’s like Job. Let him go through it because he’s a man that fears me. This is how he thinks in situations like this. Go through trials, great trials, heart wrenching trials but it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to judge naturally. As I hear, I judge he says.

My judgment is just, vs. 30. This validates our life. This is incredible validation of our life. If I bear witness of myself. This encouragement from the H.S. If we bear witness of ourselves, we give up. There’s no validation from God. It runs dry. No wave pushing us. The one wave comes and it’s over. This is validation from God gives us when we don’t bring glory to ourselves but this brings honor to God. There is another that bears witness of me. I’m approved by God. He’s standing beside me. He is for me. This wisdom really works. This is powerful. This judgment is better than the judgment of the world. This is the fear of God we release in our trials. Trials are God saying here is a chance to trust me in this way. Christ didn’t have to go through a trial like that. We do so God can get our attention and we say I can do nothing of myself. I can learn to judge things as you do and see things as you see and do things the way you do them. This is the fear of God.

P. Schaller

How was Federal Hill this morning? I heard it was on fire. I heard you were on fire. How was Silver Spring? Is P. Shib home? Hi, Pastor Shib [to the camera]. We love you. He made it!
We have something a little unusual tonight and I want to explain it to you. If you were to say what does the church, Greater Grace, believe and you could package it in one message.
Thank you P. Gary. The fear of God. Jesus is God but he had such respect for the Father. He was always humble obeying the Father and listening is a new thing for us.
Dr. Stevens who started the movement this whole thing that is still moving and we are going. Two hundred countries I remember by the year 2000. Anyone remember that? It was 1997 when he said it. It was concentration and listening. And focus. We learned that. How many know what I’m talking about? The younger people, listen. We’re old! How many remember where you were when some event happened, when an event happened like 9/11. Do you know when J.F. K. was assassinated? How about when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated! (Ha, ha). Listen. This message Throne Words – this message was like I know where I was when I first heard it. I was in Finland, cassette tape player in my car and I was in awe at the message. I want to do something different. I want you to listen to this message. It’s 18 minutes. I want you to turn to Isaiah 30 with me.
Bible college starts tomorrow night. The whole week is free if you want to come. We’ll have a kick off session tomorrow night.
Is. 30:20-21, when I listen to this and I heard it many times, two days ago I listened again and I had this thought. The whole church could listen and be listening. Get your notebook out and your pen and get focused and listen. It’s from the Holy Spirit and God will speak to your heart and build you up. After you hear it, we will close and have our prayer and finish. Throne Words was preached in 1976. If you listen, it will help you and build you up. It’s from a pastor’s heart. Even though he isn’t here, we can hear a voice behind us. All these men and women through these decades we believe these things that are preached. We embraced them and they changed our life. We are not perfect and we mess up big time. What a mess life can be. I want that to be clear. At the same time, it will come through in the message there is a word that will help us and change our lives. It’s you listening and don’t get distracted.

Picture a pastor beyond the screen.

Pastor Stevens (audio)

Great dragon was cast out that old serpent. God called him old and a serpent. God doesn’t mind calling the devil names…scared of a few words that the Bible speaks clearly like Heb 12:6 and Mt. 23 but God isn’t.
He has words that best fit situations. ..the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the devil and Satan who deceives the whole world. That’s quite a statement. Satan who deceives the whole world. He was cast out unfortunately into the earth. And his angels were cast out with him. I heard a voice saying in heaven now is come deliverance and strength and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ. For the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death. Therefore is a beautiful word in its context. Rejoice ye heavens and he that dwells in them but woe to the inhabitants of the earth and see. The devil is come down having great wrath because he know he has a short time.
One of the most practical and important messages I could preach to you tonight. It’s God’s message. Several key things extremely important. Satan deceives the whole world. 2) The inhabitants of the earth and sea. Those are people he is deceiving. He is not deceiving the crowd that knows throne words and not living on earth except physically.
Two classes of Christians: the class that really inhabits the earth. Woe unto them. Another class that have strength through salvation and the kingdom of their God and power of their Christ and overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb first and the word of their testimony second because they love not their own lives to the death, third. This is extremely interesting.
Thousands of people that live and inhabit the earth and being overcome. How? By deception and accusations against themselves and others. The third reason is because they love their own lives still. They love to preserve their identity, heritage, to compete and compare. They love to be satisfied in the lust of their flesh, to resist authority through an independent walk, argue their rights and go on to God with their own declaration of divine independence. They are being overcome. I’m not going to spend much time on them. They have spent too much time practically speaking and this is a practical application…which is certainly true from the standpoint of reality even though dispensationally part of this is future and for a different class of people. How do they overcome the devil? He deceives the devil and accuses the brethren. Ever met anyone accused the brethren? He accused the brethren from morning, noon and night looking who he may use to do so to join his feelings against J.C. With all the deception and accusations and all the angels and demons of hell inhabiting the planet called earth.
Satan has his kingdom in Mt 12:23 and he’s the prince of the power of the air and the god of this world yet with all of this group of people living on the earth who have salvation right now perfectly and strength continually and in the kingdom of God constantly and the power of his Christ and always overcome the devil. They are not battling the devil. They overcome the devil and do it by the blood of the lamb and their own testimony about the blood of the lamb and…through their mind and emotions. This group of people can’t be overcome.
1 Jn 5:18b calls them untouchable. The wicked one touches them not. Not the ability to be better, no more strength in their Adam but a confession of throne words.
The blood of the lamb is adequate; the salvation of God is good enough; the kingdom God has won victory over the devil, Lk 17:20 and have strength right now and live by the power of our Christ. I want you to think that over. The power in words. Some don’t realize the power in words. How would we ever learn a single thing in academic education if it wasn’t for words, at least heart words? Words are so important. Throne words are so amazing. The Lord J.C. revealing himself through words. Think of it. What does he say? As many as receive him to them gave power to become the sons of God. I give unto you eternal life and no man pluck you out of my hand. Though you fall, not utterly cast down.
Throne words, Titus 1:2 promises from God who cannot lie.
I will never leave you or forsake you, Heb. 13:5. Throne words.
I love you Israel with an everlasting love and with lovingkindness I will draw you. Throne words.
Jer 31:3, I’ll uphold you.
Isaiah 41:10. Throne words.
If you sin, I’ll be your advocate and you got a mercy seat. I will not impute the sin, 1 Jn 2:2, Rom 4:7-8. Throne words. Words. That’s all but throne words.
Whosoever liveth and believe….Jn 11:25 Throne words. Words from the throne.
I will uphold you with my everlasting arms in De. 33:27. Throne words.
I have seated you together in heavenly places, Eph 2:6. Throne words.
Col 2:10, Throne words.
Col 1:17, Heb 1:3 Throne words.
Words from the throne, far above the earth, the flesh, demons, lies, above Satan trying to murder us in Jn 8:44, far above his accusations, far able his doctrines in 1 Tim 4:1. Throne words.
Ask and it shall be given you, Lk 11:11. Throne words. A promise that cannot lie.
Eph 5:18, speak to yourself in songs hymns and spiritual songs; give thanks always unto God and submit to one another in the fear of the Lord. Then you will glorify me and be protected experientially. Throne words.
Jesus Christ was never discouraged, Is. 32:4. Throne words.
As you listen to throne words, what do they mean to you? Throne words.
Words that cannot fall to the ground in 1 Ki 8:56.
Words impossible for God to lie in Heb. 6:18, Ezek. 12:25, 2 Cor. 1:19-20. They are all yeah.
Don’t you understand they are all yeah? None nay. They are throne words.
God says he won’t leave you and forgives your sin, Micah 7:19, Is. 42 and casts them in the sea in Micah 7:18 and removes them as far as the east is from the west, Psalm 103:12.
And says in Heb. 10:17 no I never remember them anymore. Those are throne words from the throne.
Don’t you see they are throne words?
Saved by grace, Eph. 2:8. Throne words.
Sealed with the H.S. unto the day of redemption, Eph. 4:30. Throne words.
I’ll go with you to the end of the earth, Mt 28:20. Throne words.
Imagine it. One thing after another, saved by grace, kept by the power of God in 1 Pet 1:5…one after another giving assurance, comfort, strength, power to make me a person after the throne through words.
Satan the Father of all lies and a murderer from the very beginning, Jn 8:44.
The accuser of the brethren tries to make you get occupied with what he is doing to replace throne words no matter what you’ve done. Is it any wonder, Lk 19:13 be occupied with me till I come.
If we are occupied with J.C. till he comes and give no place to the devil in Eph 4:27. Throne words.
Don’t make a provision for the flesh in Rom 13:14. Throne words.
How to experience what is his mind from the throne.
Is it any wonder Jesus Christ said in Mt. 4:4 man must live by every word of God?
Prov. 30:5 every word of God is pure.
Is it any wonder J.C. said hide the word of God in your heart that you might not self against God in Ps. 119:11.
Any wonder he said let the word of God dwell richly in your heart in Ps 138:2.
Job said in Job 23:12 I esteem you word more than my necessary food or room I sleep in. That’s more some can say tonight. They esteem the place they sleep in more than what they are taught from this pulpit because they don’t fall in love with throne words. I’m so thrilled tonight God is trying to teach people to be epistles, to be manifesters of throne words.
2 Cor 3:2. Can you imagine it? A man that walks by the throne because his heart is one and filled with the Holy Spirit with his words. His mind simply becomes a recorder for heaven to repeat what it thinks about a situation.

Ever see a man get mentally ill that knows the throne words? Ever see his emotions get bad when he has affections from above not inhabiting the earth with his deceit, lies, jealously, frustration, human soul power, self-knowledge but instead of that he says in a practical personal way, I’m seated above, my affections are above, to reveal what I am in Jesus Christ and I’m going to confess throne words.

P. Schaller

Wow. Is it true what he said? Is it true? This is a good question. Is that true? Are these really the words from God? Can we really believe? This is our testimony. We are not perfect people but he will never leave us or forsake us. We are more than conquerors and we can live by these words. Wasn’t the preaching amazing? You could hear it in his voice…This is how the church started, by a love for the Bible. One hundred thirty one Bible verses he quoted in that message. He wasn’t just quoting verses like a machine but the Spirit was giving him words. This ministry is not mechanical and not like systematic. It is a Holy Spirit ministry. Many manifestations and this was a preaching anointing and sometimes a broken anointing and sometimes a joyful anointing; sometimes motivational anointing and sometimes teaching anointing. Great message from God in our hearts. We talk about Dr. Stevens and it’s important to us. All men by the way, another message we can share in the future. We all fail. We are all only men and you and I are to prove all things.
By the way, what was the difference between Old Testament prophesying and the New Testament in 1 Cor. 14? Old Testament prophesying was absolute, “thus saith the Lord” like Isaiah and Jeremiah. They spoke with great authority. New Testament is down a notch from that kind of thing. You are to prove and test what is being taught in the pulpit. We have heard and believed this that by words we are over the devil and the system of the devil and the curses in the world. We live in our humanity yet in our Spirit we are seated in heavenly places. We are able.
I have met people in our church who got free from drugs immediately. You might say that can’t happen. Yes, it can. Deliverance from all kinds of things immediately because of words. God said let there be light and there was light.
So why did we play this? Because of the nature of it, the message of it and as we enter our 46th year of Bible school, – 46 years ago this man started a Bible college with a vision. He did an excellent job of teaching us and establishing us in the faith.
Until Jesus comes back, we will be doing this around the world sharing this message of the finished work victory for whoever believes. God is enough for you and me. You don’t have to be rich, just a believer and hear what God says. He will take care of us and lead us in faith. It’s an amazing message.

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