Only by humility can the nature of God fill us so that we may serve. We blessed as poor ones who mourn because we are meek, we know are nothing without Him. (Matthew 5:1-7)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Jon Post
Sermon # 11723
6:30 PM on 7/28/2019





P. Schaller

God is able. What about our health? Can he speak to me? Can he answer me? Can he give me love in my heart? Can he cast out demons? God is able. Halleluiah. Turn to your neighbor and say God is able. Praise the Lord. Thank you, God, for our church. God is able. Halleluiah. That’s amazing. He is able. I’m in the fifth grade in school. Is he able to get me in the 6th grade. I’m in trouble in my marriage. Is God able to give me a new one? I mean the same one! Stay married. Same person! He is able.

Tonight we had our dinner at the Fellowship Hall and Scotty Dubay and Harold and Kathy and Terry and P. Jason; they did a great job. The food was great. Do we have visitors here tonight? If you are here for the first time, we want to welcome you.

My sister Karen and Arnie are here from Long Island visiting my mom. My mom is up there in years and she held a five-week-old baby, Justin’s newborn. She’s 97 and holding this and she said I can still feel him in my arms. This was five weeks ago when he was born. I love to see our family get together.

Tonight is humble night. Turn to your neighbor and say I pray you will be humble tonight! If there is any night, we want you to be humble, it’s tonight! Turn in your Bibles to introduce the theme, James 4. How many love the Bible? My summer is my summer, but the Bible is the Bible. That’s where we live. It’s so great. We are blessed this summer. We had summer harvest to Wilmington, New England and different places. We had a great convention with a whole assembly of humble people. Any one here eaten humble pie? My wife knows how to make it and I know how to eat it! That was spontaneous. I never said that before! Eating crow. What is eating crow? I guess it’s not the best meat to eat. That’s what’s in humble pie.

Seriously, we assemble, and the Spirit of Christ is in us. There is one thing about God that is so clear to us and that is he is humble. We see that humility and we’ll speak about it later but look at James 4:6. He gives more grace, more grace to you and me. More grace. If we sin more, God gives more grace. It doesn’t mean I want to sin more. Sin is not a happy time. It’s not an answer for my life. In the long run, it kills me. But grace and more grace. Vs. 6. Pride is taught in our culture all the time. Pride. The beautiful, the rich, the powerful, the success, the diplomas, the certificates. It’s all part of life. It doesn’t mean there is pride but, in our heart, we want to achieve, succeed, do better. There are many things we can say about it. When we read about Christ and his humility before the Father and being obedient and doing not what he wanted. In one sense, it’s not about him but what my Father is doing. What my Father wants, to glorify my Father. I don’t know about me, but if I can be here in the world and glorify God, this is Jesus. He was submitted and humble before God and truth that was in him. We have the same thing. We are called to walk in humility and the humble God sees our heart and knows what is in us. He gives us grace. Grace to the humble. Can a humble person be strong? Yes, but is strong a different way. Can he be smart? Yes, but in a different way. It’s not natural. He has his life and ministry by the grace of God.

Our first speaker is P. Jon Post. If you are a Post, you should be standing. Would you stand? Christie, Daniel, David, Diane, Rebecca, and the two little ones. Many of us know this family, Diane and Jon Post. They live in Nepal and tonight they had a family time at the fellowship hall and tomorrow they fly, P. Jon and Diane, to serve in Nepal. They are blessed people. You are a blessed person because the humility of Christ is in you.

That humility is a mindset and because of that mindset, God gives grace. Greater grace to the humble. God empowers you and I in our spiritual life. We find peace in a difficult situation. Where others can’t survive. Maybe we do because he gives grace to the humble. Maybe the things we wouldn’t normally be doing – I wouldn’t normally be doing this, but God has led me into it, and I’m surprised myself the joy I have. God has given me grace. Difficult marriage, trouble in the family, health challenges, financial challenges – I want to encourage you. God gives grace to the humble. One of the marks of humility is willing to sit before him, not me, before God in the church in an attitude of trembling at his word, Is. 66:2. Lord, what are you saying to my heart? How can I obey you? What do you have for me to do? In the summer, there is a lot of vacationing and things to do and we enjoy them but never forfeit this principle of being willingly submitted to the ministry of the word of God. Because this is the highest form of worship, hearing from the Spirit what he has to say, and the humble will hear and be glad. This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice ad be glad in it. Let us respond to him and find ourselves fitly famed in the assembly. Like a bird leaves his nest, so is a man that leaves his place. There are people that are kind of lost, believers, and they left their place. When we are in our place of being submitted to each other and God and to what God is saying to our hearts, that is where we find grace, mizona charin. Great grace is given us. I’m excited abut this subject. We had it this morning and spoke about it. In the world it’s about pride. In the kingdom of God, it’s about humility. In the world, it’s about power and influence and who is at the top. In the kingdom of God, it’s about grace, love, the Spirit, the presence of God in a small place of unimportance. God is there and because he is there, that’s important.

P. Jon and Diane go to the Himalayan mountains tomorrow for another year. They like many here and in different parts of the world are not asking for much. They are humble before God and he visits them with his grace. He helps them, upholds them, speaks to them and guides them. Let’s give him a good hand and welcome him.


P. Jon Post

Let’s ask God to bless his word. Diane and I are greatly blessed. We have the privilege of going to a people that are what this world would call downtrodden. They are very poor. Their yearly income is less than one thousand average. Powerless, in bondage to these many false gods that can be very devilish and so they make sacrifices to these idols and false gods to try to prevent them from doing anything bad and buy their favor. We don’t have to do that. They are powerless people, basically. They have a massive nuclear armed neighbor to their south, India, and another massive nuclear armed neighbor to their north, China. If one of them decides to block the borders, they can’t get in or out which happened recently. They are ruled by these traditions. 86 or 87 percent Hindu and the rest are Buddhist. Except for those in power, most of the Nepalis we meet are very humble. They have been humbled by life. They have been humbled by the fact that they have very little. They see TV and people in the world with so much. They are humbled by the fact it is hard to get a government that works. Many don’t have education. A third of the national income comes from Nepalis who left their countries as common laborers to go to the Middle East or Malaysia to work for other countries and send money back to their families. Millions of Nepalis work out of the country. We as believers have a treasure. We have an incredible treasure to share with them.

I think of the parable of the sower in Mt. 13. Some fell along the path and some on thorns and some good soil. That which fell among the thorns I’m afraid is so common in America. The word is heard and starts to bear fruit and cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke out the word. Yes, Nepalis want to have money, but most don’t have that. They are not as burdened with the deceitfulness of riches. They can’t depend on what will happen tomorrow. In 2015, we had an earthquake and thousands lost their lives. For them, life is more day to day and yet when they hear the gospel for those that receive it. There are great struggles because family is so powerful there. Adult children are told who they can marry and not, where they will go to school and what they will do. Family is very powerful. If you disgrace your family by leaving your religion, you will most likely be persecuted and cut off from what you were raised in your whole life. In the world’s eyes, these are very poor people but what I love is Eph. 1:3 says in Christ we have all spiritual blessings. In Christ, they are just as rich. They have just as much opportunity. They have just as much blessing as anyone in America or anywhere else. Those are the true riches and they last forever. For us so often it’s a stumbling block we have so many possessions. Many of them would like that stumbling block but don’t have them. When they hear the gospel and message of grace, they don’t have to put out some bananas and flowers and nuts to keep the gods from being angry at me today and every day. That rock in the pavement is what you give your offering to. Or the tree down the street or the idol in their house. Almost every house has an idol. When they hear that, it’s like the seed that falls on good soil.

Some of these guys take the gospel and run with it. Run and walk! One of our pastors lives on a mountain and preaches there and hikes down and up to the next village 8 hours a day walking to preach there. He gets a place to sleep so the next night he can walk down a mountain and up a third mountain to preach there, another 10 hours away. They do this day after day and year after year because they found riches they can’t take away by the world. One of our pastors was framed and sent to jail five years. Seven children and the 16-year-old took over preaching in the church. He led 62 prisoners to the Lord in those five years in prison. He built a church in the prison. It’s illegal to evangelize. He has a heart for prison ministry now. So I wanted to share with you that our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nepal though they may have very little, yet so many of them are very, very rich. They are rich in the things that matter, that have eternal value. They are rich in their fellowship and Body life. Usually their families reject them. They are rich in the gospel of grace. I want to ask you to pray for them. I want to thank you for your prayers. You have these people here. There are tens of thousands of Nepali refugees in America.

My son was sharing with P. Schaller today. They did a Christian sports club and all the kids were Nepali refugees except one African American. This summer, they had a reunion and David thought maybe ten will come. They are in Ohio and Chicago and New York. Twenty of them came. They want to do it every year. Some of them brought friends. Our heart that has fed on ashes all their lives when they hear the message of grace becomes a heart of rejoicing. As P. Schaller said, I think our church here is exceptionally rich because of humility and knowing everything we have and eternity we have before us is by God’s grace.



P. Schaller

We were in Nepal a couple years ago and went to the building where a church in Utah had a heart and vision for Christian work in Nepal. They built a large building for our people. Nobody owns anybody but P. Rajan is a GG pastor and they built the building so we can have a Bible college there and people from the mountains can come and stay there for a couple weeks. P. Jon and Diane have lived in that building. I don’t know if you are still there. We moved out of there. Humble people. Don’t we love these people.

Then Rachel Jones is going to Romania as well. Could you give in the offering tonight. Would you like to do that? Would you give with these kind of people in mind and God’s blessing and will in your life.

Mt. 5, how many of you know who Tim Tebow is, the football player. He’s a born again Christian and his parents were missionaries in the Philippines. He moved here and started playing football and went to the University of Florida and became a quarterback and was drafted. When he made a touchdown, he did this, Teboe prayer or whatever it’s called. He’s a good example of a man that has a lot going for him. His recent history, it’s an interesting story but he’s not the point. I want to get your mind with me. You can be big, strong, successful, good looking and smart. That’s not a bad thing. We are not saying that is necessarily a bad thing. The good news is someone like that can also be humble. In what way? I may work very hard to get a gold medal in the Olympics, but you can do that with humility. I can be the head of the company and wealthy but also humble. People that are disabled and disadvanged can be proud. My state in life doesn’t guarantee I will be humble, nor does it guarantee I will be proud. I want to preface what we want to learn.

God is humble. Jesus came and showed us humility. He was subject to his parents, Luke 2:51. That’s good for kids to learn in Sunday School. If you are teaching here in our Sunday School, we want to give you a good round of applause next week. Thank you, P. Pete Westera and the team and everyone who is part of raising up 4 or 500 young kids. P. Love and the youth ministry and the work that goes on. Camp Life that is coming up this summer. Our kids get to do a lot of stuff. Our prayers are that the Spirit will speak to them and teach them and that seed, the Word of God would be planted in their hearts. Jesus was obedient to his parents. He also in Luke 9:58 was poor. He had no place to lay his head. He that was rich became poor so through his poverty we may be rich in 2 Cor. 8:9. He was a partaker of our infirmities, Heb 4:15. He was submitted to the authorities, Jewish and Roman in Mt. 3:13. He was submitted to his Father and being obedient to him in Jn 6:38. He associated with despised people in Mt. 9:10-11. They wanted to honor him in Jn 2, Jn 6; he didn’t want it because he knew what was in man. Man can make you a king and throw you away next week. That happened to him. Hosanna, hosanna and within days the same crowd crucified him. I won’t say same crowd but same city, the spirit of the city versus the Spirit of God. God said he was king, and the city said crucify him. He washed his disciples’ feet, Jn. 13. He submitted in his sufferings. He exposed himself to reproach and contempt. He was submitted in death, dying in the will of God. He died differently from the way we die. We die like this; I don’t want to die. I try to live. I try to live. We fight. We don’t want to die. Jesus died differently. He gave up his spirit. He surrendered. Maybe he couldn’t have even died unless he surrendered. Because he had no sin. Our sins were on him, but he was without sin. Our sins placed on him, so he died in a different way. He laid down his life because he was humble. Always doing his Father’s pleasure and will. This means a lot to us. It’s another way. It’s different from pride. My self-protection. You know how it is.

My comparison. You walk into a room where there are 30 people you don’t know. You go at the bus stop and 30 people you think about who they are and who are you and how do you relate to them and if you are accepted. It’s human, normal. Jesus would come into a room. He said I came not to be ministered to. I’m not insecure. You don’t have to honor me. You don’t have to give me anything. I don’t need your ministry. I didn’t come to get a ministry from you. I came into the world to minister. Mk 10. This is different. The reason I bring up Tim Tebow is because I believe he is a spiritual man who has found spiritual life by humility, just like you and me. When we are submitted to God and trusting in him, he is faithful to fill us with the Spirit. By the Holy Spirit, we touch the humility that is in Christ. He came not to be ministered unto. You enter into a room not thinking how I compare to them, but we carry the security and we are praying and looking to God that the Holy Spirit who will minister to people. We will have a sense of what we love. Like a sense of quietly, calmly in our heart and mind being present and we aren’t important. Maybe God wants to do something in ministering to people. That spirit you have is a spirit of obedience to the Father. It’s a spirit of discernment, a spirit of ministry. Now read the sermon on the mount and think of it this way.

Vs. 3. Ever been to a leadership meeting? I haven’t been but seen it and understand it. The world says blessed are the strong, powerful, smart, motivated, and energetic, alpha male, personality type, get all you can get, grab it all, be a winner and succeed. Jesus is saying something different. No, how could I be a servant. How could the nature of God fill us so we could be not promoting ourselves, but we would be able to love and serve. Poor in Spirit like we were saying. I love the Tim Tebow story because when he was trying to be drawn into being great or important or immoral actually, there were those ideas and to get him off of being a righteous man and holy man. There must have been something in his heart and mind where he is poor in spirit and not important before God. This is beautiful. I am an athlete but that’s not who I am. I am but there is something more than I am. I’m a servant of the Most High God. I want him to fill me and lead me in the way I should go. Football isn’t the point. Girls are not the point. Money is not the point. I don’t care what the newspapers are saying about me. That’s not my life. Being humble before God, poor in spirit, they shall inherit the kingdom of God. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn. That’s the opposite of the world. Happy hour. Blessed are they that are happy, entertained. Blessed are they that are happy. Take your Prozac pill, alcohol, whatever you need to get happy. That’s what it is. Jesus was humble and, in that humility, he shows us the Father. We read it earlier, the humble get grace. Tim Teboe gets grace that the Spirit can show him and teach him what it means to be a Spirit-filled person. Satisfaction that is flowing in your veins. Christ is in my life.

Blessed are they that mourn. What are you mourning about? I’m mourning about all the dear people that are hurting. That are lost. That are empty. It bothers me. I’m mourning about the lie, the betrayal. I’m mourning about the lying, the betraying, the deceit. I’m mourning about what is going on around me. The emptiness. I’m mourning because God is mourning. God is saying if you only knew what I had for you, but they are missing it. This is why Jesus is called the man of sorrows. He understand and he wept in Luke 19:41. Oh Jerusalem, if you only knew what peace I have for you. You have invasion after invasion, corruption after corruption, oppression after oppression and pride after pride. Come and learn of me; I am meek and lowly. Vs. 5. Blessed are the meek. Those meek people who are not famous. You are in Hollywood and you don’t agree with the homosexual agenda. You’re out of here. You may as well go back to Iowa. Go to the cornfields. You go back to Iowa to the corn field and you are meek. You bow your knee before God and say the world doesn’t want you but doesn’t want me either. What happens to the humble? They get greater grace. At the end of the day, this guy has got something going on in his heart and mind that the world can’t give you or take away.

Humility, obedience, this is a new way, a new message in the world we live in. They never speak about it. When you have your coffee time at work or at the cafeteria or at the bubble thing where you are getting your triangular cups that are worthless, there is one word they never hear about. What do you think about politics, NFL, weather. They can talk and talk. If you say “humility” or “humble” it’s a word they never hear. They hear pride. Proud. Gay pride. We are proud. We are proud. Proud Americans. Okay. Could we change it up? I went to church and I heard about humility. Humility? What is that going to do for you? You are a loser. You’ll be the meek person going back to the corn field in Iowa without a job. Yeah, I inherit the earth. The meek shall inherit the earth. You have not yet seen what Christ is going to do. You don’t know what Christ has won by his humility. You haven’t yet seen the resurrection out of the tombs or Christ returning with his army of saints. We haven’t yet seen the kingdom coming. In this life, you have the opportunity to taste it because we have the Spirit of Christ. We have found humility as a way of life. If you are thinking of doing some change in your life like a change of location or job or do something big like a boyfriend or a girlfriend or go to school, whatever it is; it would be an awesome thing to build your life based on a relationship where you bring everything before God. The meek will hear and be glad. Ps 25:9 The meek will he teach. He does a work this way. Let’s do a couple more.

Vs. 6. Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after chocolate cake, after a job, after the top rung in the ladder, the gold medal in the Olympics. What does it say? They hunger and thirst after righteousness. Righteousness. We had a couple bookkeepers that lost their jobs because where they were living, they had two books, one for the government and one what is really going on. They couldn’t do it. I can’t do that. They lost their job. That’s a tough call. I can lose my job. I have to live with myself. I have to decide what I’m looking at. I have to know what the righteousness of God means in this life. If you love righteousness, we are hungry and thirsty for it and we shall be filled. It seems all the results are in a way spiritual and not obvious to the natural man. The natural man looks at you and I when we learn and grow in this. Be very patient with yourself. Give yourself ten years, one year, six months, two years. Give yourself big blocks of time and be faithful and humble before God and you’ll see the hand of God in your life. The Christ in you will develop and grow. Christ forms in you. You put off the old man and put on humility in Col. 3:12, clothed with humility I Peter 5:5 and walk in humility. We are aware of false humility in Col 2:18. David and Jeremiah and Abraham found it. We have found the nature of Christ in us.

Vs. 7. Ever seen on the TV someone who was murdered and there is a court case and they are found guilty. The judge gives the victims’ relatives an opportunity to lambaste them and talk to them. I have seen it and they say I want you to know you destroyed my life. You took my son. I’m making this up, but this is the idea. I will never forgive you. You ruined my life. I hope you rot in hell. What does this verse say? It says blessed are you when you look for justice and judge and you find justice and get revenge? That’s not what it says. Blessed are the merciful.

I heard a story recently about a case where this person went to the prison and said I want you to know I don’t remember – I think it was this summer in Europe I heard this. I want you to know I forgive you. I want you to know you have a future. I want you to know I will put this behind me. God is a merciful God and he loves you. Jesus died for you and he doesn’t condemn you. Jesus saves you. Blessed are the merciful. They will give mercy. I want revenge is not humility. That is pride. Everything about the natural man is proud. You and I have found Jesus and that humility in Jesus has made us different. We have found another way of life. We walk before God and do his will. We have found his ministry and his way. We are growing in it. This summer is a launching for us into the fall. God is not done with me. We are walking in a unique walk with God and Jesus is coming back. We feel that. It could be very soon.

Why not be busy with what he is doing. Why not learn humility as a way of thinking and a way of life. Come before God and humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and in due time he will exalt us. It will grow little by little. I don’t know why but I’m blessed. God will say because you are walking in humility and trusting me. I’m rewarding you and I’ll lead you and help you. Your life will not be perfect, but you will find a new way, a fresh way, a new and living way. Heb 10 says Jesus is a new and living way. At the airports, there are these moving sidewalks and I think of Jesus like that. Get on there and he takes you. If you walk, you walk faster than the others. If you are blessed because of your faith in Christ, you will be moving in a living way.

God is doing this in your life. You take a look at it and say why did that happen? That’s amazing God. Walk before me and I will show you. Trust me and be humble yourself before me.






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