We can live in a very brutish way. We can live and think only with our flesh, our carnal nature. But Christ came to earth to be our Redeemer. In Him, we are foreknown, predestined, called, justified, and glorified. All of these things are the work of God Himself, according to the pure Word of God. We invite Him into our boat and immediately we arrive at eternal salvation. (Proverbs 30:2-5; Romans 8:28-31)

Follow this link for the verses on our Finished Work salvation:

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12022
11:00 AM on 1/10/2021

P. Schaller –

Proverbs 30 for our introductory word. That will be the message later, but I want to get your minds thinking with
me about the subject we have today about the finished work, what Christ has done for us. Proverbs
30:1 is the identification of the person writing the Proverb. Vs. 2. Would you say that with me?
“Surely I am more brutish than any man.” Turn to your neighbor. “Surely I am more brutish
than any man.” Here’s a definition of brutish. The word “brutish” – how many know what it
means? In our diagram that we often draw the house with two stories in the house and the first
story the natural life and the second story the spiritual understanding, the reality of God and
some people live only in the first floor of the house. That’ s like this brutish man. It means to be
stupid, barbarous, to be like cattle always seeking to graze.

What does an animal think about ? Food, survival, hunting. Domestic animals. Grazing. That’s how people can be. That’s all that I want is my breakfast. That’s all. A bed. Food to eat. Warm house. Good to see P. James Bryson
here today and his church in Edgewood. He started a church and has a good thing going on
Sunday afternoon at 4:00. They have services on Sunday. I am brutish. I am brutish sometimes.
This is also in Psalm 73. Bible college is starting in one or two weeks. The 25 th of January. Come
and go to Bible college. Oh, Bible college. Wow. You’re going to see today in the message.
Wow. Amazing. Vs. 2. I have limited understanding. What is it you don’t understand? Vs. 3.
What do you mean wisdom? I don’t get it. I have knowledge but like a cow knows to eat, that’s
all I have but I don’t have the bigger picture. I don’t have wisdom.

I don’t know it. I don’t have it in my heart. I don’t know what it is. But there is something missing. By the way, sisters and
brothers, do you realize we live in a world where there is a lot of people living a natural, normal
life but have not found the treasure hidden in the field. Haven’t found, they haven’t found
Christ. They haven’t found. Look at what he says? Vs. 3. Knowledge of the? What? Holy. The
holy. I don’t have a knowledge of the holy. The second floor of the house. I don’t have the
knowledge of God. I don’t have truth. Then he says, vs. 4. Why would he say that? He’s saying
we should know that, but I don’t know who has ascended up into heaven. But we know, don’t
we? Who has ascended up into heaven? Jesus. Who else? Us. We are seated in heavenly places.
When did that happen? The moment I believed. We died with him. We were raised with him.
And we were seated with him. But who has this knowledge?

Who has this knowledge? Not the cattle that knows to go eat food or the human being that knows to take a shower, eat
breakfast, and go to work. Drives home and you say, do you know who has ascended up into
heaven? The guy goes, I don’t if there is a heaven. I don’t know what you are talking about and
who really knows after all anyway? Then he says, who has descended? Who has descended? Vs.
4. What do you know? Who has descended. Jesus Christ came. He descended. Who else
descended? The Holy Spirit was sent to us. He descended. He dwells in us. He is with us. How
do know these things? I don’t know. How do you know these things? The Bible. That’s how you
know it. You don’t know it naturally. The wise man is saying I am brutish. I am like stupid. I
don’t have a knowledge of these deeper things. I don’t know who has ascended. I don’t know
who has descended. What else doesn’t he know here? Vs. 4.

Who has done that? You can answer me. God. God has all the wind in his fists. He has all authority over the wind. Vs. 4. Again God. God. What is his name? I don’t know the name of God. What is his name? Yahweh. What is his name and what is his son’s name? Why does it say what is God’s son’s name?
Because this is the Bible written without error or mistake. What is God’s Son’s name? Who
knows it? I am brutish. I am just like a man that drinks on Friday night and goes to work on
Monday morning. My team is in the playoffs. That’s the way I’m living. The writer is saying you
have no knowledge of the holy. You have no knowledge of God. You don’t know his name. You
don’t know who he is, who is holding the whole thing together. Who can answer these
questions? Listen, this is so amazing. This text is so amazing. We could spend much more time
on it. This text is amazing. “What is his son’s name if you can tell?”

Do you know what the answer is? Many people say, I cannot tell. I do not know. Why? Vs. 5. Why is that written?
Because that is the Word of God is pure. Means, the word “pure” means it’s not alloyed as a
metal mixing metals. It’s not a mix of one kind of water. It’s not a mix of different things. It is
pure. It is straight, clean, pure. The Word of God is the answer to all of these questions. That’s
how you know it. You know the answer to these questions by the Word of God. When Jesus
came he said man shall not live by bread alone – let’s put in the word – man shall not live as a
brute, a barbarian. What was the other? As an animal just seeking to graze. But man shall live
by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. And that word is pure. That word gives
you the knowledge of the holy one. This is the key to our new life.

It’s the Word of God that enlightens my mind and has an influence on me in my communion and fellowship with God by
faith. We mix faith with the Word of God. You just take the pure Word and mix it with your
faith, and you gain the knowledge of the holy one. You realize the answers to these questions.
Who has ascended? Christ and us. And us is not a common thing among Christians. Who has
ascended? Christ has ascended. Yes, but what about us? What? We have ascended also? Aorist
tense meaning it is a state that is like a perfect – it’s a, in a sense it means that it is simply just
this way and there is no, it doesn’t change. It’s like the door is closed. Period. There is nothing
about the future of the door. The door is closed, and it remains closed. It’s like done. The door
is closed. When we have ascended, it’s done. It’s finished. We have ascended. We are seated
with Christ in God. How do you know these things? Because the Bible is pure. And the Bible says
it. That’s what we are going to speak about this morning.

Now this is like a lost treasure. Let me finish with this. “There was a man in 1991 went to a flea market. He bought an old painting. He didn’t know that in the painting in the back there was an old document. He opened it up and
found a great find, an edition copy of the Declaration of Independence and it was worth $1
million. His four dollar framed picture ended up being worth 1 million dollars. There was a
contractor who found in a bathroom when he was remodeling the bathroom, he tore the wall
apart. He found $182,000 in the bathroom wall. A Chinese bowl was discovered to be a
treasure. It was worth 2.2 million dollars. A California family stumbled on a can of ancient gold
coins in their back yard. It was worth 10 million dollars.” There are people who stumble on to
treasures. I want to say to you what we are talking about today is the greatest treasure
anybody can find. When you know who has ascended, who has descended, who is the power,
what is his name, and what is his son’s name, then you have found something invaluable,
precious, a message, a ministry, something valuable that people need.

Eternal life. Forgiveness of sin. The Gift of God. My name written in the book of life. This is precious. Wow. Thank you, Lord. Okay. What kind of treasure? Eternal. Uncorrupted. Undefiled. Treasure that cannot fade
away. Do you think that money can disappear? Look what happened to me! How about, have
you ever thought of in the Bible all the things that are lost. When you read the Bible, what was
the first thing lost? Man’s innocence was lost. Then he lost what? Eve, I told you? Adam?
Maybe the marriage went under some stress. He lost the Garden. They didn’t have eternal life.
You go through the Bible and you see so many lost things. Lost sheep, lost coin, lost son. The
battles with Israel. The lost kingdom. Lost the golden, the brazen shields. Lost the tabernacle.
Remember the movie, the Hollywood move, Raiders of the Lost Ark. What was lost?

The ark. They think Jeremiah took it out and hid it somewhere before the Babylonians came. They don’t
know where it is. It disappeared. How many lost things. Lost men. Lost souls, right? We are
maybe brutish and not realizing what I have actually lost. Then knowing God who is the giver.
Restorer of my soul, right? Restores the years that the cankerworm has eaten. I’ve lost a lot of
time. Could God redeem the time? I lost a friend. Could God somehow visit me and give me a
treasure? Give me something I can’t lose. I remember I was in a country making a phone call.
This was back when we used the dial phones, not the cell phone. In a booth, in a train station. I
had my foot on my bag so I could feel it. I’m talking and I looked down and my bag is gone.
Why? My foot was numb apparently! I didn’t feel it go. I parked my car and went into the
apartment building and came out and my radio was gone.

That was the fastest thief you could ever! I lost a dog. I lost money on a plane. I got the dog back. I called the airline. I got the money back! Woe! Which century did that happen in? Wow! You know man needs much more
than good circumstances. He needs Christ. John. 6 we’re going to look at two texts this one and
another one in Romans 8. John. 6:16-21. One thing I want you to see in this story is the Sea of
Galilee is 12 miles long and four miles wide. We don’t know exactly their location, but
Capernaum is up here. They were on the other side. They may have been here. In any case,
they go out to leave. They have a storm. They see Jesus walking on the sea. They receive him
into the boat and immediately they are here at the other side. I just want to put down the word
“immediately.” We think of life in terms of process, time, what I do, how much does it take for
me to row to the other side or get to the other side. But this story is not about process.

It’s about a person. It’s about Christ coming on the boat. When he came on the boat, process was
done. It was finished. They were there on the other side immediately. This is important because
it’s supernatural. It’s extraordinary. It’s different. It’s new. It’s fresh. How did we get here?
Peter? James? What happened? Jesus came on the boat and immediately we are on the other
side. How did that happen? Jesus did it. He did it. This can illustrate what happened to you and I
when we believed in Jesus. I’d like to put up on the screen some of these verses for example in
the finished work of Christ. We get that phrase from when he died he said, “it is finished.”
Anyone remember the first thing he said as a boy in Luke 2:2 when he was 12 years old? What
was the first thing Jesus is recorded to have said?

I must be about my father’s business. What was the last thing he said in his life? He actually said I commit my spirit unto you. But one sentence before or two sentences before, right at the same time he said it is finished. I must do
my Father’s work. It is finished. What is finished? My Father’s work that I started when I came
into the world. I had to do something and brutish people, animal like people of which we all are or people that do not know what is happening. Who has ascended up into heaven? Who has
descended? Who has the winds in his hands? What is his name and what’s his son’s name?
Does anybody know? Yes we know. The Holy Spirit has taught us. The Bible speaks to us. Yes,
we know. What else do you know? I know that life is more than just a process. Many times as
Christians we think I need to pray. If we pray, we will get here. I need to study and if I study, I
will get here. I need to be obedient. If I’m obedient, I will get here.

This is how we think. This story is about something else. We are having a hard time. We are struggling with the boat.
Jesus is walking on the water. Why is he walking on the water? He’s saying something to us.
Brutish people or people only on that one level of life, they don’t understand us. They don’t
understand him. That’s what’s needed. What is needed in our country, sisters and brothers,
what is needed in our neighborhoods and people we work with they are struggling, and it won’t
get any easier. I’m asking you also to read Isaiah 59. I know many of you are Bible readers and
get in the habit of doing it. Read Isaiah 59 a couple times through the week and realize this is
where a lot of people are living. They are struggling with the processes. How do I get here? How
do I get there? How do I get my boat across the Sea of Galilee? There’s a storm. By the way, my
son is in prison. And by the way, I have an addiction. And by the way, I’m depressed.

And by the way, I’m lonely and empty. By the way, I’m not married, and I don’t have a family and on and
on it goes. This world is in a lot of trouble because we have left God. We are brutish. There isn’t
any God. I don’t know anybody. Who has ascended up? Who has descended? There isn’t
anything. Just eat and go to sleep and take a nap. Just eat and drink for tomorrow we die. Well,
we’ve already done that. We’ve already lived like that. We’ve done it, many of us. Sometimes I
say to people outside the door that are new here, I go welcome. A lot of people in this church
have had drug addictions. A lot of them have struggled with alcohol. And a lot of them have
many other things of an unfortunate and sinful past. Welcome! Oh, I don’t know that I belong
here. It’s like well, let me tell you. It’s not about the people. It’s about Jesus getting on your
boat. That’s what it is. Jesus got on the boat and immediately what happened?

Look up here. We are perfected forever. Done. No, no, no. We need to perfect ourselves. We need the
process. No, that’s not what we are saying today. That’s not what the Bible is teaching. Yes,
there is growth. Yes, there is a process but behind it has to be a mentality of this one. You and I
couldn’t make it across the Sea of Galilee without Jesus Christ. When he comes on the boat, we
are there immediately on the other side. Okay, let me say it a different way. You can’t live the
kind of life God has made you to live without Jesus Christ. Sure you can live like an animal. The
dogs do it. The cats do it. The cattle do it. Sure. But aren’t you more than a cow and a dog and a
cat? Are you made in the image of God? Don’t you have the mind of God? Who knows the
answer? The word of God is pure. It reveals to me that we are more than our hormones and our
guts and our impulses and desires and passions.

We are actually made in God’s image. We are precious in his sight. We have found a treasure in Christ and in the Scripture. What do you mean? We are accepted in the beloved, accepted in his family (Ephesians 1:6). I was at the Timonium Fair Grounds and saw this family gathered around this little boy. It was at one of these vending
booths where you throw the ball to win a doll. And this little boy was being rooted on because
he had no arms. And with his feet he was taking the ball to throw it at a doll to knock it over to win a prize. And his family was around him. They were just conscious of the love and the joy
and the good time that they were having. Imagine if God is not ashamed to call you brother.
That he says you are righteous like me. Imagine God the holy one accepting you in the beloved
and saying I don’t know you according to your sin. I have forgiven you and washed you clean by
the blood of my Son. We found a treasure. We found God. Wow.

There are 68 of these verses. We are posting them, and we have them already and you can find the link on this message. P. Steve is doing that for me, and you can just read the verses one after the other of what God
did, what Jesus did. These are just a few of them. We are “made meet” means we are qualified,
Colossians 1:12. We are qualified. We have been accepted meaning we hit the grade, you know. It
happened. How? By process? No, immediately you are accepted and qualified by God. You have
been made righteous. Romans 3. Justified. You’ve been redeemed, vs. 24. You’ve been
propitiated – God is propitiated so that you are accepted by him, vs. 25. We are reconciled to
God. 2 Corinthians 5:18-20. It’s all done. It’s accepted. It’s finished. Jesus finished it. Immediately. Our
boat is at the other side. This isn’t our boat. Immediately I am seated with Him in heavenly
places. We have been made righteous by God by his grace. We are crucified with Christ. We are
buried with Christ. We are raised with Christ. We are seated in heavenly places with Christ.

The second part and last part to our message. Romans 8. I have it in my heart that you folks would get
really grounded and rooted in this truth because you’re going to have a bad day one day. You
say that to your neighbor. Take a minute and have a good time with your neighbor. I have some
good news for you. You’re going to have a bad day one day. Did anyone have one lately?
Anyone get up and there is a cloud over your head, a big thunder cloud, a storm cloud? Dread.
Study that word in your Bible sometimes. The dread. Depression. Sorry. Disappointment. Let
downs. Shame. Fear. All these things are human and part of life. You know how I process it?
Through the finished work. That’s how I think. This is bad. And I could be just a cow wanting to
graze and that’s all I want. I want more. This is bad but where is God? God says to you and I, I’m
on your boat. I’m with you. I am for you. I say, yes Lord. What does that mean?

Immediately, you are at the other side. It doesn’t mean the cloud will go away but I got a good shot of that
cloud going away when I start to think about I have the knowledge of the holy. I can’t cancel
out all the things that happen in life. I’m not saying that. But I am saying we have fellowship
with God in the finished work. He is saying all these things that are done for us, this is our
position now. The place of authority. The place of privilege. The place of acceptance. The place
of honor. The place of sharing the glory of God and knowing Him. Rom. 8 we have this simple
outline here to look at in our closing part. Vs. 28. By the way, nobody loves God. When you are
saved, you love God. Nobody loves God. We read that in Romans 3. Nobody loves God. You
may love the same way – you don’t love with God’s love. We don’t have it. But with Jesus we
have his love and now we love God and are called according to his purpose.

We are saved. If we are saved, everything works for good. You might question that, but I don’t care about what you
want to argue about that. I don’t believe you. I believe what the Bible is saying. Everything
works for good to them that are saved. That’s the meaning. To those that are saved, there is a
promise that everything works for good, works together for good. It is the plan of God. He is
our Father. It works together for good. That’s another message. Vs. 29. It can’t get any better than that. It can’t get any better. You’re going to be like Jesus. That is the guarantee. It’s
guaranteed it’s going to happen. That will happen with our body from the ground will be like
him. That is going to happen. Our bodies are buried in the cemetery. We have left our body and
we are present with the Lord. Absent from the body and present with the Lord in Philippians 1:21.
Why? Because of our status. We are accepted. Already happened. Doors closed.

Already done. Doors closed and it remains closed and you can’t change that. It’s already done. Aorist tense.
You are seated in heaven. You’ve already died. It’s over and done. It’s already finished.
Immediately it happened. Immediately it happened when you believed. This is finished work.
It’s amazing. Vs. 30. Just because we are abbreviating here and want to get to the point. Vs. 31.
Do you know what is unique about those five words? Everyone of them is done by God. None of
them is done by you. Who predestinated you? You can answer me. God. Who called you? Who
justified you? Who glorified you? All of them are done by God. God cannot fail. Faithful is he
who called you and also will do it, 1 Thessalonians 5:24. This is all sure. What is the process? It’s
immediately done. You are already there. It’s already finished. You are predestinated. You are
called. You are justified. You are glorified. Let’s see one, two, three, four – and you are justified
and glorified. Do I have the right number there?

The foreknown is vs. 29. Foreknown, predestinated, called, justified and glorified. Five. All of them are done by God. Vs. 31. This is our closing part. I think P. Scibelli preached this one time and almost like I could feel it weeping.
What shall we say to the most incredible, unbelievable things? What shall we say about this?
You know. What shall we say about these things? The brutish person is too high. It says in
another proverb that wisdom is too high for a fool. Brutish person just wants his lunch and go
to sleep or sex or whatever his gut says. Brutish person. But you are not a brutish person. You
have been made like the Son of God. He is conforming you to his image. How do I know that?
Salvation means the minute you belive it is immutably done, and you are way over here. You
are way over here. You say, how did I get here? What happened? Christ. I believed in Christ.
God has done 68 of these things, these Scriptures that are teaching me who I am, what I have
received, who we are. And then they kind of percolate, kind of get absorbed, kind of
understand them. It becomes our mindset and orientation for life.

That’s what we are all about here. As we mature and grow and increase we glorify our heavenly Father. Our heavenly Father can say to the angels, have you noticed my people? Have you seen them? Have you seen what I
am doing? Have you seen the grace that I have poured out upon them? Do you see the faith
that they live in? Do you see what is happening down there on the Earth? The angels say, yes.
Psalm 34:7, we are encamped around those that fear you. We are witnessing. We are spiritual,
so we discern. We feel it. We know it. I always illustrate it like in Baltimore city on a hot August
day. You have some hamburger on your back porch and what comes? Botflies. Green and red
flies come around the hamburger. But if you have coke a cola out there, open up a can and put
it out there, what comes? Wasps. Bees. How do they know the difference? Why don’t the
botflies go to the coke a cola and the wasps go to the hamburger? Because they are like spirits.
Spirits know. They knew Jesus when he came.

The man filled with demons came running and threw himself and said depart from me. Leave me. What do I have to do with you thou holy one of Israel? He said to a man because demons know. They know. They said in Acts 19, spirits said it, demons we know. Paul we know. But who are you? That means the spirits know. What I’m
saying is if you live like cattle, if you live like a dog, like an alley cat and you sleep around with
whoever you want to and dogs and cats do that, but men of God and women of God have
found a treasure. This holiness of God is our joy, our satisfaction, our health, our fellowship and
the angels discern. They recognize and they encamp round about those that fear God. The fear
of God is the beginning of wisdom. Who has ascended? Job said, I wish my words were now
recorded in a book. I wish they were engraved with a pen of iron in lead in a rock that I know
my Redeemer liveth. I know in the latter day I shall stand in my flesh and I shall see Him. And I
know that he shall stand on the Earth in the latter day.

That’s what he said. Though worms shall consume this body, I know that in my flesh I will see him. Wow! That’s the Gospel, isn’t it? Job, how do you know those things? Because I’m not a dog. I’m a man of God. I’m a man of faith.
The Holy Spirit is faithful to show us who we are in a finished work. It means that it’s done. And
everyone of us, we have something going on in our hearts that is from the Spirit of God. Walk in
faith. Deny your flesh the right to have authority. This is another part of the message. This is a
good one. Do you deny your flesh things? Do you? I wonder. Can you say this is my flesh. You
say I’m not interested. You stay over there. He comes and he’s like a chain around my neck. I
drag him around. He’s a dead man. I drag him around. Back off. I don’t care about you. I don’t
obey you. I don’t submit myself to you. That’s my flesh. I deny you. Oh no. You need me. You
need the comfort. You need the satisfaction. You need the gratification. You don’t give me any
satisfaction. God gives me satisfaction. Ecclesiasties 3:10-11.

Modern man, the culture that we live in, it’s all about the flesh. It’s all about comfort. It’s about you being satisfied. It’s all about your rights. It’s all about you getting what you want. It’s about people understanding you in the flesh.
That’s all that it is. You lie down in sorrow. Isaiah 50:11. No wonder people are on so much
medication. They lie down in sorrow. They’re depressed and they lie down in sorrow and they
go to the doctor and in 10 minutes he gives them a prescription. They go away with a happy
pill. I’m a happy idiot. That’s all that I am. I’m a dog. I’m a cow that just wants to graze. I don’t
have any reality of God in my life. I am, and I’m talking about me and all of us that fit into that
thing. We’re the same. I’m not saying it down at anyone. I’m saying it with us. We have to make
no provision for that flesh and live by faith in God. I stop smoking marijuana by faith. I was
smoking marijuana for a couple years, and I was addicted to it.

I stopped it. How? By faith. I said this stuff I don’t know where it brings me but right now I’m not making much progress with this stuff. I’m happy but anybody can be happy. You just take some drug and you be happy. That’s
all that you are. Who are you? Nothing. It’s like nothing. Do you have any knowledge of the
holy? Do you have anything going on in your heart from God Almighty, the one that made you
in his image? I started to think I will go by faith. I don’t know how it will work but let’s go by
faith. More than 50 years later or what has it been? Yeah, about that. I can say back off. I don’t
care who you are or what you have to say to me. I got something else going on. Jesus came on
the boat and immediately I was at the other side. That’s more than you could ever do. I’d be
struggling with the oars and the storm all my life. That’s who you are. You are nothing to me.
My flesh has nothing to give to me. My flesh is not the answer to my life.

My flesh is not what I need. I don’t need to pamper it. I don’t need to console it. I need to crucify it. It is dead and gone and I don’t need it. It’s not talking to me. I don’t care about it. It’s not my life. We have
found the knowledge of the holy one, a way of life by faith. I preach like this but some people
they don’t believe me. They just go on their own way and do their stuff. They end up in jail.
They end up in a car accident. They end up in trouble. They get in trouble and so on. Remember
hang up the phone Eric? How many of you remember that? Hang up the phone, Eric. A kid here
in Baltimore city dealing drugs and people and everything. I said, Eric, you are saved. Knock it
off. Hang up the phone. Hang up the phone. How many times did I say that? I embarrassed him.
I brought him up front and I told him hang up the phone, Eric. Hang up the phone. How many
remember that? This is my modified version of it. I can’t give all the details.

It was in a rap session and he was a sweet kid. He got shot and killed. He’s gone. We tried everything. We tried
everything and we probably succeeded in a great degree but this—so that’s it. Wow. Man. You
may not believe me but I’m telling you Jesus Christ is the answer for the human race. There are
people that are in this world they don’t know us. They do not know us. We were knocking on
doors in PA yesterday near Carlisle, Boiling Springs on a front porch of a man. I had a beautiful
time. My son Kyle was with me and a couple young people, some from here, the Bible college.
We drove up there. We had a great time and my son came down from Wilkesboro and this man
said – he was very pleasant, a very sweet guy. He was so sweet. He said you know, I’m an
agnostic. My wife is an atheist. My wife said get off the fence. Be a believer or don’t be a
believer. I’m an atheist. He said I’ve been to churches. I was brought up primitive Baptist. I
don’t want any religion, any organized religion and so on. I said I understand that. That’s fine
but Jesus is the, he’s the one you need.

Jesus. We had that talk. I feel I went away and shared the parable in the rap yesterday that afternoon. The world is like a field. We can even say the church is sometimes like a field and you have to try and find the treasure buried in that field. Sometimes you stumble over it. You have to find the treasure. By the way, your marriage can
be a field. It can even be a swamp. Anyone want to raise their hand! Hey, you and I got to wake
up and find the field. The flesh has no idea. I mean find the treasure. The flesh has no idea
about the treasure. They walk past it every day. They are in a world that is filled with God and
they don’t see God. They don’t recognize God. They are just after their thing. The flesh doesn’t
know God, can’t find God, but you do. You and I are born again so we can know God as our
Father and say, Abba, Father. We are people of the faith. I said to that man on the porch I
understand you have been in churches. And you heard a lot of Bible and everything and is said
but be careful. The Bible could be used as a hammer by somebody.

But the Bible could condemn you. The Bible could hurt you but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about finding God
and God is the one that loves you. God came here and died for you. God is your Savior and find
Him. Church is not perfect but there is a treasure that is and that’s Him.


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