Soul power can rule us. Celebrity and possessions take hold. Natural strength can be energized in evil. A wisdom from below is at work as we cleave to the dust. Jesus brings wisdom from above. We are born anew and given the Spirit. We pursue the upward call. (Philippians 3:3-14; Psalm 119:25; Luke 13:10-13)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Date: 2024-02-28
Sermon# 12674
Time: Wed 7:00pm

P. Schaller –

Thanks, Tim. And band. Wow! That’s a happy group. Turn in your Bibles please for our teaching tonight, 1 Corinthians 15. Thanks for your love and your prayers. My wife and I are so thankful that we’re relatively happy
and in such a great assembly and doing what we are doing. We’re just so thankful for that. We
consider it, it’s all – how about it? If you’re healthy tonight, what’s that? It’s all grace, right?
And if we’re not, it’s all grace, right? Yes. Thank you. It’s not much but whatever! We’ll take
what we can get! Yes. The Lord knows. Amen.

Okay. So, P. Sterling and Barbara and Johnny Cooper, right? And your wife. Yeah. Thank you for
coming. Did you come down here for my birthday? You did? From Brooklyn? Wow! That’s
amazing. That’s like really an honor. Thank you for that. Wow. It’s amazing. Do you think I’ll go
up there for your birthday?!!

One time I was in JFK and it was covid time and I didn’t have the, you know, I had to get tested.
All that’s kind of blurry to me right now. That all went but I couldn’t get on the plane without
being tested negative and I was at JFK and I had to find the place to go to. They had closed it
down at 8:00. I was there at 9:00. My plane was leaving at 10:30. One of those. How many have
been in one of those? You know. Yeah, so, P. Sterling and his wife helped me. Yeah. They
helped me. Barbara was there walking with me through the airport like holding my hand. I’m
having a breakdown, okay! She’s saying it’s going to work out. Trust God. I go okay! She did.
Does she treat you like that every day? Huh? Isn’t that amazing? It’s so good. That’s so good.

1 Corinthians 15, now I’m wondering if I should preach this message. Okay. Yeah. 1 Corinthians 15:45-47,
what’s the difference? The first Adam has a living soul and the next Adam the last Adam, Christ,
that is Christ, was made a quickening spirit. One was soulish. The other one was spiritual or
spirit. Vs. 46. The first Adam wasn’t spiritual in the context. Yes, did he walk with God? Yes. Was
God in the Garden with him? Yes. Was Adam, was he teachable? Yes. Did he have options? Yes.
But he’s not, he hasn’t been tested. But he is alive, made in the image of God and he is soulish.
We can suppose that God’s plan was that he would be soulish and then he eat of the tree of life
and become spiritual, quickening spirit and never die. Never die. Death was not in the plan. But
be a soulish and then become spiritual.

That’s what we read Christ came and we know that Christ was able to make things alive. He could touch something and it would live. He was a quickening spirit. Even without him knowing somebody touched him – he knew somebody
touched him. Virtue went out of him and the woman that was bleeding in Mark 5 was healed.
He was a quickening spirit.

A leper, if he touched a leper, he didn’t become leprous. The leper became healed if he willed
it. Right? When Lazarus is dead in the tomb, it’s Christ, the quickening spirit that raised him from the dead by praying to the Father. You see the difference? I mean you’re following it with
me. Okay.

Let’s look at it, vs. 46. It does, it is obvious God does things in phases. The Bible. We have
history and there are phases. There are times. We have the coming of Christ soon. We have the
Millennial reign coming. We have the city of God coming down on the earth one day. Praise the
Lord. What a – blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Turn to
your neighbor and just say, are you called to the marriage supper of the Lamb? Are you? You
got your invitation with you? Are you called to the marriage supper of the Lamb? What do you
think? Blessed are they that are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Isn’t that beautiful.
Man. Wow! That’s going to be great.

So, by the way, many of us are gone next week. We’ll be here Sunday then through the week
many of us. It’s Spring Break for the schools. Some people are going to Eurocon. But come and
be ministered to here through the week as God leads you. Everything goes on.

Vs. 47. We have the earthly, earthy people. We cling to the dust. Psalm 119:25, could we put that
on the screen? Psalm 119:25, hello? Okay. Is it there? Yeah. Thank you. My soul cleaves to the
dust. So, we have – turn now to Ge. 1 and leave that up there. Thank you. Oops! Leave it up
there for a minute. My soul cleaves to the dust. It’s a warning for us that we do cleave to the

There’s that story in Luke 13 with the woman bent over. You know the story? Let’s put that up
on the screen. Let’s give our screen keeper a workout tonight. Luke 13:10-13. So, a woman is
bent over by the devil. Just an illustration. Maybe you’ve seen it with people. I’m so sorry for it.
I’ve seen people like that. They walk but they are like this. It’s like the devil, my soul cleaves to
the dust. And the devil kind of wants to rub my face in the dirt and put me down. And actually,
my nature is that way. The first man Adam was earthy.

But then, with sin he lost God. So, he couldn’t become spiritual cause he lost God. All he could
be is earthy. And he puts – I’m going to the grave. That’s all I got in my mind and my life. I have
sinned. That’s all that I have in my life. I have failed. This is all that I have. I look at my feet and
the dirt and the earth and this is how many people live and they are so afraid. They are not
spiritual. They are soulish. The first man Adam was a living soul and he never made it to being
spiritual. He didn’t. He just became a sinner that is earthy. Then he has wisdom that is below.
You know the Scripture in James 3. We have the wisdom that is below. We have the three
words: earthly wisdom, sensual, and then devilish wisdom.

So, this woman in a picture – I’m reading into it – but it helps us to see and remember what we are saying that there is a wisdom that is below and it’s from the devil. And that wisdom a good example is when Peter said to
Jesus no you’re not going to go to Jerusalem. No, you’re not going to be crucified. No, that’s not going to happen. And that’s wisdom from the devil. Jesus is saying to the earthy man, Peter, not
only are you earthy and you’re also sensual and you’re also devilish. And Satan, get behind me.
That’s a pretty powerful picture. That’s not my message tonight but I can’t help but share that
with you.

So, this is like a downward direction. Sensual is horizontal. And then devilish is an upward
direction. So, the upward direction is wrong. It’s upward but it’s to the devil and not to God.
Cuz I have lost God. The first man, Adam, he lost God. So that’s why Jesus said you must be
born again. When you are born again, now you become spiritual in Romans 8. You have the Spirit.
Now, you are spiritual. Now you have an upward. You have another kind of wisdom.

Wisdom. And there’s three words that I can share with you today. I taught it at the high school
with me today and it’s good. You’re following me. I’m sure you’re with me. Sophia wisdom.
Sophia. This is the three words that Daniel 1:17 with the four Hebrew words these words are
there. I guess that died for some reason. It’s over. Enough of that. Let’s go to Genesis 1:27-28. We
have the design of man.

The soulish design. He’s not even spiritual. He’s not even a quickening spirit, but he’s on the way. He’s made with a design to dominate the earth. He’s made to rule over fish and animals and life and disease. I mean there wasn’t any at that point in our history from what I understand, but he is dominating. He is ruling over. He is soulish. He is soulish. But
he hasn’t sinned. God made a garden.

Chapter 2:7-10, and there was a river. There was territory defined. There was the Garden. He
was to keep it. Chapter 2:15, thank you. Is he soulish? Yes, he is soulish. But can he keep the
garden? Be a farmer? Yes. Can he manage his life? Yes, he can. But he is soulish.
From what I understand, it’s a phase. Like he’s going to become like Christ and he is in that
phase and he has a design as a person and a plan of God in Creation as we said over the fish
and the animals and the birds and every living thing.

Man is the crown of the creation but he is soulish. Then, he sins. What happens to him? He has soul power. He is soulish but he’s sinful. He can manipulate. He can seduce. He can deceive because he’s made with a design that is
soulish and then he has sinned. Now, he can use his skill, his intelligence, his ability to dominate
and control and intimidate. He has the potential to do a lot in this life if he lives.

The Lord said you will live. You will die when you take of the tree and eat it that you will die
that day. So, he died spiritually but he didn’t die physically in that day. But he did die before a
thousand years old. He died when he was nine hundred and something years old and that fits in
with the Scripture, “one day with the Lord is as a thousand years.” So, in another sense he died
right away spiritually, meaning he lost God. He lost God but he’s alive and he’s capable and he
is soulish. So, this is the phrase here that I want you to remember. And this is just a short
teaching on it. I think it’s soul and we say soul power.

Soul power. Maybe you’ve heard us say that phrase. Soul power. A man could have dominance
over a woman but it’s not spiritual. It’s soulish. A man could run a company and have a hundred
workers under him and be very good at it, but is it from God? Is God in it? He could say I don’t
believe in God. I’m not interested in that. But I am very good at what I do. Where did he get the
intelligence? God. Where did he get the drive? In his soul. Where did he get the good feelings?
God made him that way. He is soulish. He is able. He is capable.

And this is a warning to us, because soulish people run our society. Our society generally is
operated by people that are made like Adam. They are a living soul but they have lost God, and
without God the powers that they have, the powers of intuition, powers of making decisions,
powers of emotion, conscience, powers of speech. The psalmist said Lord please don’t let an
evil man speak. Don’t allow an evil man to be raised up and have authority. Not an evil man as a
speaker. Yes, an evil man as a speaker. An evil man who is deceiving. An evil man who is a false
teacher or an oppressor. A tyrant. A false man who is a thief. Yes, that happens. This is soul
power. Soul power in every day life. Soul power. Isn’t it interesting? Yes. It happens. Like we
should recognize it.

It doesn’t mean that people who don’t have God couldn’t have something good to bring to the
table. It doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of good people, morally good people, who are not
saved and of course call no man good. In an absolute sense, no man is good. But in a relative
sense, things operate by people behaving and treating each other well. And on it goes.

The point is man left to himself is very capable and has an ability to have a lot of influence on
other people and to mislead us and lead us astray and us to be drawn into a relationship with
somebody that is soulish. But it feels good. But it’s soulish. But I’m succeeding. But it’s soulish.
But I inherited this in my family. But it’s soulish. But I’m comparing myself to other people. But
it’s soulish. Isn’t it interesting? I think it is. We call it soul power and we also have we talk about
in the Scripture soulishness. Yeah. The powers of our soul. Okay.

Now, let’s think about it. Let’s bring Jesus into the picture. Jesus comes into your life and he has
the Holy Spirit all over him. He is anointed. He is wise. He is not soulish. He is spirit. He’s not
sentimental but he’s loving. He can’t be seduced. He’s not a sinner and he’s not soulish. He’s
not drawn by the things that we easily are caught by, trapped by. Maybe good feelings or
getting high. That would be an example I think. Drinking or stimulation. I want to feel good. It’s
like a feel good society.

But where does it bring me? Where does soulishness bring us? Really to the dust. Like we’re
bent over and this is our world. And we get tired of it. We’re kind of bored with it. It doesn’t
really – I’m not really happy. I’m not really free. I’m not really worshipping God. I haven’t found
Jesus. I haven’t found God. I haven’t found the truth that sets me free. I haven’t found what it
means to be really free.

When Jesus came to this woman, he said she’s been like this 18 years. That’s like us too I think.
Soulish power and soulish living is a way of life for many Christians. They just go by their
soulishness. They are drawn and attracted to things that are horizontal. They can be fed
vertically from cosmic communication in the atmosphere to lead me and have me think a
certain way. And then also I’m way down in the dirt. My soul cleaves to the dust.
Okay. Now comes Jesus. Here we go. Turn to Philippians 3 with me and we’ll – I think this will be the
main point here to lift us up. Yes. Here’s the Apostle Paul. This is one of the best short
autobiographies of the Apostle. And he has been a Pharisee, but it didn’t give him anything. He
didn’t find Christ being a Pharisee. He didn’t find God being a Pharisee. He did all things right as
we see here in this text. Vs. 3.

Like us Christians. Vs. 3. Those three things. Make a note of that if you want. That’s a great text
there. You are born again so you worship God in the Spirit. You have a spiritual life. You do. You
have a spiritual life. You have prayer life. You have quietness. You have authority with God. It’s
not our ego. It’s authority with God. The Spirit does it. How do you have your joy? The Spirit
does that. How do you have your liberty? It’s the Spirit of God that does that.

Are you worried? Not really. Not that much. I’m rejoicing in Christ Jesus. How can you rejoice in
Christ Jesus? I’m telling you if your world is in here down here, it’s, you know, that’s not your
calling. Your calling is not that one. Your calling is for Christ to say stand up. You’re free. The
devil is gone. You’re free. Worship. Worship me. Know me. I’ve set you free. You’re free.
Vs. 4-5. Now, he’s talking about his portfolio. I’m an Orthodox Jew. I’m of the stock of Israel. I’m
of the tribe of Benjamin. I’m a Hebrew of Hebrews. Of touching the law, a Pharisee. I’ve got it
all. I got it all but it didn’t get me out of that. I was soulish in my religion. I was soulish in my
relationship. I was soulish in my way of life. I was soulish when I got up in the morning. I was in
bondage. I didn’t have it.

So, verse 6. But it was soul power. I was blameless but it wasn’t God. It was me. I was blameless
cuz I was soulish. I was climbing the ladder. I was at the top. I had it down. But I was of the
earth, earthy. I didn’t have this. Vs. 7-8. You know how you are spiritual? How many things have
you lost for Christ in your heart, in your life? The love of money. Have you lost that? The love of
money. The fear of losing relationships. Have you lost that? The fear about your future. Have
you lost that? The fear about what other people think about you. Have you lost that? The fear
of death. Have you lost that?

The things that I fear is a good indicator of if I am of the Spirit cuz the Spirit tells you. The Spirit
speaks to you. You don’t need the world. You’re not soulish. You see, the world and the soul
they go together. Los Vegas is one version. Walking in the woods on the Appalachian Trail can be another one, but it can all be soulish. But I could be a Spirit-filled believer in Los Vegas.

I could be on the Appalachian Trail also. It’s not the environment. But people that are attracted
to soulishness, they’ll find celebrities. Let’s make a short list. There are people that are drawn
to celebrities. Why are you drawn to celebrities? Cuz they’re cool. They’re famous. Cuz of the
way they look. Cuz of the way they talk. Cuz of the following they have.

What? Celebrities? Isaiah 2:22, fear not man whose breath is in his nostrils. God is putting man
in his place. The man’s breath is in his nose. And you take that breath away, and he’s gone to
the dust. Are you afraid of men? Yes. Are we afraid of life? Yes. Yes. Has the devil rubbed our
face in the dust, in the dirt? Yes. Are you drawn to celebrity-ism, popularity? How about the
love of money. How about my reputation and all of these things.

The Apostle Paul is saying I had all of it but I needed Jesus Christ. He came to me. He saved me.
I became a quickening spirit. Or said differently, Christ is a quickening spirit but they that follow
him have the Spirit and they are able to make dead things alive. They’re able to make their life
work. They’re able to follow God. They’re able to actually solve problems. And when they can’t
solve a problem, they can live with peace. And peace that passes understanding. Isn’t it good.
Let’s finish up here. Chapter 3:9, that’s what I want to be found in Him. I want to be found in
Him. Lord, have you found me? Yes, I found you.

Where was I? You’re in my Son. You’re in my Son. I found you in my jewelry box, Malachi 3:17. You are my jewel. I found you in my Son. I put my Spirit in you. You are for me. God can say you are for me. You are going to heaven. You have an upward call. It’s actually written here.

Vs. 9-10. Nobody suffered like Paul. He suffered a lot but he knew him. How did he know him?
Not this list here. This list is too small for you. This list is in the dust. It’s in the dirt. You’re not a
follower of the world. You don’t love the world. You have the love of the Father that is in you.
And that Holy Spirit that is in you, you lift up your head and you have an upward calling. How is
it? for my highest. The Oswald Chamber book. What is it?

“My Utmost for his Highest.” I like the verse here. That’s the book title but this is the Scripture, vs. 14. Look at this little
sketch here. Man is made a living soul and then he falls and he’s a sinner. Sinful man. Jesus
comes. He’s a quickening spirit. You and I believe in him and we have an upward call. How
about this woman here? She has a downward call, right? It’s terrible to live like that.
But I can decide. Cuz you and I are born again but we have to say we have that tendency to go
to the dirt and go to something a lot less than what we are really looking for. You’re looking for
something more. Our poor world is so distracted and so lost and they’re so bent over and
they’re so drawn by soul power and they are so much misled that you and I have to get real
serious about it and shut that down and walk away from the soulishness that is in the world and
shut it down and walk in the Spirit.

Have a lot of praise in your life. Be very thankful. Be a Spirit-filled believer. I press toward the
mark for the prize of the high calling. It’s kind of like so high that Jesus brings us like – here’s
the soulish man and Jesus brings us so high. We – when you climb a mountain, you got the axes
and the shoes and the ropes and everything. You’re climbing a mountain and you’re trying to
get there. But it’s another thing when you got wings. You got wings and you just fly. Which
world? The soulish man is climbing a mountain.

The spiritual man is above. He’s beyond. He is Christ. I’m crucified with Christ but I live. Yet not I but Christ. I press toward the prize of the high calling. That incredible, that transcendent life. The Spirit filling us. The Spirit comforting us.
The Holy Spirit in us. Yeah.

You know, when you’re seven years old – let’s say it this way. When you’re a little guy, seven
years old, how can you make decisions. Here’s a decision. A fork in the road. How do you make
a decision? You’re seven years old. What do you know? You’re in the mall with your father,
your mother and then you just make a decision and start walking. You see a dog or something
and you go. What do you know? You lack understanding. You and I lack understanding when
we’re seven years old.

How come you got – Tom? Where are you? You know, I start crying. I got lost in the mall. What
happened to me? You don’t understand. You don’t understand. How could a seven year old
understand? He can’t. He needs time. He needs time and experience and he starts to grow and
he learns.

There are people that never learn what we’re talking about tonight. They don’t believe that
Jesus Christ is the answer. They haven’t learned it. They just make their own decision and just
do their life and what happened to me? What happened to me? It’s like you – did you learn?
No, I don’t even know what you are talking about. I didn’t learn in the school. I don’t learn with
my friends and my parents. I don’t learn at the university. I don’t learn. I don’t know what
you’re talking about.

The wise man said my son, give me your heart. You need to learn. And the greatest learning is
spiritual. It’s not soulish. We all know there are so many words to be said. There are so many
things to be taught. By the way, there are fields of science and learning that are very valuable
and as a spiritual person you can learn a lot. I’m not saying that secular education or the
learning that way but I am saying this. How come people never realize that they just accept that
this bent over life that’s the life that they have and they have no option. That’s the life that they
live in and they don’t realize it.

But you and I have learned something. To trust in the Lord with all our hearts and not lean on
our own understanding. If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God who will give to him and
upbraideth not. Does not hold it back. But will give liberally to that person. Then you say I made the right decision and I ended up in a good place. I made a bad decision. I ended up in a bad

What will the spiritual man say? I ended up in a bad place but you know what? I’ve got God. I’ve
got God. I ended up in a bad place. I made a stupid decision. I’ve got God. I will get up. I will
trust in God. And the Holy Spirit – you see, the spiritual life isn’t like in the world and it isn’t
soulish. The spiritual life never fails. The spiritual life endures all things. The spiritual life is God.
It’s the anointing of God, the mind of God, the way of God. The training of God.

That’s why Paul said this other stuff I don’t care about. I’m going for the prize of the high calling
in Christ Jesus. I’ve found the way. I’ve found that Jesus is real. I am filled with the Spirit. I am
thankful and appreciative. I’m learning his grace and his mind and actually I feel like actually I
know him. That I may know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his
sufferings. Paul said there in that chapter but he said I’m crying, vs. 18.

They are Christians but they are the enemies of the cross of Christ. They are soulish. They are
the enemies of the cross. They have relationships and they may even be good people but
they’re in bondage. They’re bent over. They don’t have the joy. They don’t have the truth, the
peace. They don’t have it. They might have the name like all of us. We have but I’m only
provoking us to think I don’t want to live my life in soul power. I would like to live my life in
spirit power. I would like to learn how God thinks. I would like God to help me be a quiet, godly,
persuaded, wise person with my sisters and brothers being edified and built up in the plan of
God because one day we’re going to meet him.

You know, when you’re going to get there you’re going to say like – this is my take, not literally
but follow me. You’re going to get there and – I smelled this before. I smelled heaven before. I
know what this is. The angel could say where did you smell it? I smelled it when I was on the
earth. When I was in a human body. I smelled it here. I sensed it when I was on the earth. I
know the sound. I have the smell. I realize the reality. I know the purpose of it. I am not a
foreigner in heaven. This is my place. I know what it is. The angel could say, how did you find it?
I’d say Jesus found me and he’s a quickening spirit and he made me alive so I would never die. I
would not die. I didn’t die. I just left my body and I went to a place where there is no shadow.
There is only the presence of God everywhere and there is – I see through a glass darkly now
but now we see more clearly.

So, when you get up in the morning, bounce out of bed if you can. Crawl out. Groan and kick
yourself out. Struggle. Jump out. Do jumping jacks to the glory of God. And say halleluiah.
Sometimes get real down on your knees before God and just say you made me a spirit. Fill me
with your Spirit. Teach me your way. Help me learn and grow and be part of the answer for
others. Help me to pray. Sing and praise you cuz we’re not just climbing a mountain to get up
high. We’re soaring with you in your new creation while we are on earth in this body. And Lord,

have mercy on us cuz I don’t think I can take a lot of pain, a lot of suffering. I don’t know. But if
you give it to me, be sure to give me all the grace I need so I can take it. Help me cuz you are
good God, gracious God, loving God. Help me. And my family and our church and our mission
and do it. I know you’re not doing this by soul power. You’re doing it by your Son, Jesus Christ
who is alive and lives in us and made us his bride or one day we will be his bride. He made us
his Body. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me.


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