People suffer from experiences in life. There are too many voices we listen to. King comes and we learn who we really are. Holy Spirit reveals reality. Jesus is the Person we must see. We are straight up peasants who hear the voice of God. Behold the love he bestows upon us. Come away from all that psycho trash that you live in. Enter into the nature of the new creation. Stop defining life by the mud puddles. We become what we look at. Look to Him for He is there to fill us with Himself. (Song 2:8-15)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11654
11:00 AM on 3/31/2019



P. Schaller

The message this morning is going to be about our identity or who we are. That will be good. We’re going to turn to Song of Solomon.

Beautiful worship. Great song. As P. Bob mentioned, the play is a big deal for us as a church. We don’t have professional actors or actress or producers. Just us. Turn to your neighbor and say, just us. Nothing more. Do we have any Pharisees here that are going to be in the play? He is a Pharisee! You may be seated over there and behave. Humble yourself!

There is a story about an English king sitting on his throne and he got the idea, I don’t know what is going on with my people in the streets, in the slums. It was in the 15th or 16 century. He decided to dress as a peasant and go in the slums and get a feel for his people. Does this sound familiar? What’s it mean? Big Dave, what does it mean? Jesus. Jesus came down and he was king. Was he king before he came? Yes, really he was. He is God Almighty, the only wise God. The eternal, invisible, immortal God. The only wise God. Here’s the catch. When he was here, he had meetings. In these meetings, he told secrets. Everyone is welcome but not everyone could hear the story or believe what he was saying. In those meetings, the Holy Spirit was teaching the disciples, whoever would hear him. Life is more than what you can see or figure out. I am the Christ. I am God incarnate. I am here to tell you who you are. I’m going to tell you the plan, what I’m doing, where I’m going and who you are. This is important. The last big meeting, the meeting before the cross was at the Last Supper. The Last Supper was huge. He said I’m going to go away. I will send another and he will guide you in the truth. Through 2,000 years of church history, these meetings continue to happen. They are happening today around the world. Christ is speaking to our hearts and telling us he is the king living amongst the peasants. And in the meetings, he’s telling the peasants, I have purposely planned, executed so you are no longer only peasants but you are kings. You are like me. I made it possible.

That’s our subject today. Let’s think about it prayerfully for a minute. What if I am only living in the peasant world and I have a peasant identity and all I have is a peasant life. Probably some of you have that. Turn to your neighbor and tell them if that is so.

Second thought, forget it! I am a peasant living a peasant life with peasant words and at the end of my life is a cemetery. In my life is a troubled heart. My son doesn’t talk to me. I’ve been married twice. I have a cancer in my back. The state is against me. I might even go to prison. I am living like a peasant in a peasant’s world.

These kind of people are here amongst us. Someone said I shouldn’t go to your church because I have an alcohol problem. I said look inside. Half of them have an alcohol problem! I go, 2/3 of them have been delivered from alcohol. Another third have been delivered from drugs. And all of them have been delivered from death. Halleluiah! Thank you God!

We have been told by the King of Kings our life is not a peasant’s life. We have been told by J.C. who we really are. We have ten minutes left of the message. I just shot all my bullets right there. No, the Lord has plenty of bullets. High five your neighbor and sit down.

Song of Solomon 2:8-15. I’m so happy to be here today and speak on behalf of J.C. though a man, a sinful man, unworthy man and only a man but a forgiven man, a redeemed man, blood bought man, anointed man just like you are who has understood by God’s grace some things told in these meetings.

When I was not a believer and I went to church and fall asleep, and count the tiles on the roof and leave. I was 17 or 18 years old and my life was a mess. A friend of mine was killed in a car accident and I went to the funeral. His mother was out of her mind hysterical. Her son gone. I stood at the grave and wondered, where will I go when I die? I go to the church but don’t know anything. They say we will be resurrected and there’s the grave and purgatory and someone over here burning candles to help you out. It was all very confusing and I had no interest in it. I didn’t like religion.

We are in the city of Baltimore and doing all we can to touch people because they are dying people. They are living the lives of peasants without any message of eternal purpose. Someone said I don’t believe in hell. I said where do you think Adolf Hitler is today? If he’s in the cemetery and lived his life and murdered millions of people and you think it’s right there is no hell? There is a hell. God is a just God. Everyone in this room would go to hell except for the blood of his Son. Except God said I love the world so much I sent my only begotten Son. We are not going to hell. We are saved from hell. We are forgiven.

When Jesus has these meetings, the Holy Spirit is saying to the peasants, I came into the world to live with you and touch you and say I am for you, not against you. You have a deep problem. I was thinking of this today.

P. Scibelli preached a message on identity at the 9:00 service. I was listening to that excellent message he gave and thinking of how many people suffer in this life because I thought of two things. Experiences they have that define their lives. Before we do, I want to go to the Scriptures first. Back up a little bit.

vs. 8. When we are living in this world, the problem is there are too many voices we listen to. There are so many people that are talking. People are talking everywhere. Social media shows us how much people like to talk and share things in life. Photographs of their lunch and new shoes. Comments on, I like your shoes! I don’t like your shoes. We love to talk. Peasants talking with peasants is one thing. When the king comes and he talks. When God visits his people and speaks to our hearts, we need to listen. Quiet down. Put all your stuff aside. Put it in the back rom. My wife and I when we have visitors, we put it all in the back room, and duct tape it shut. Don’t pay attention to everything that comes up in your soul. Don’t repeat everything that bubbles up in your heart. Don’t repeat it. Don’t say it. You may reinforce something that can destroy, discourage and hurt.

Let me explain something to you about the Song of Solomon. We have the two levels of the house. Through the last 15 years, we use this for a diagram for the natural world and the transcendental. God, truth, and the practical life of everyday living and we can say details or particulars, a particular thing but behind it is the universal. We say as believers that Jesus came. Nobody has gone to heaven except the Son of Man who is in heaven. We are touching someone who is in both floors of the house. He knows his Father, hears from his Father. He is without sin. Touch his feet. They are dirty. He is a human being like you and me. He’s the most important person in the universe. When he comes into your life and talks to you, you can hear his voice.

Jn 10:4, my sheep hear my voice. They know me. Goats don’t. If you ever farm goats, they have a mind of their own. They are stubborn, strong, and independent. They don’t follow a leader. They jump over a fence. Goats are like some people like us. When Jesus comes into the world, we are born again. We are the sheep of his pasture.

vs. 8. The voice of my beloved. He comes leaping on the mountains and skipping on the hills. My circumstances can be painful. They can define my life. I didn’t graduate from high school someone could say. I got my GED, got in problems, served time in jail and this defines my life. Another person could say I grew up in my family and my father sexually abused me as a 7-year old girl and it defines my life. Another man could say I went into the military and got a dishonorable discharge and it defines my life. One time in Seven Footsteps, a lady was weeping and told me this was the first time in my life I ever got a certificate for accomplishing something. My life can be defined and it’s normally defined by my experiences.

The second most powerful thing is it is defined by your relationship with the most important person in your life. When the most important person in my life, let’s say my father, rejected me, it hurts. When my wife who I love for many years leaves me, the most important person in my life leaves me, it defines my life. It’s powerful.

We are peasants. We come to this meeting. The king is there and dressed like a peasant. He takes the veil away like Joseph in Egypt. I am your brother. They didn’t know. They thought he was the prime minister of Egypt. He speaks Hebrew. I am your brother Joseph. In this verse, this voice is bigger than how you have defined your life. It’s bigger than your father rejecting you or going to prison or failing in school or not getting a girlfriend or not being married or not have a child or losing your house. It’s bigger than your boss not liking you. Christ is speaking to you. Please hear him. This takes some work in a spiritual way.

When we were in Poland, at the Sunday morning message I said you heard great messages. These messages can change lives. You hear one message and go out the door and the way your life really changes is how you talk to yourself. Not only did you hear what God had to say to you, but you decide in your heart this is reality.

In our picture, God has put you in himself. We are members of his body and flesh and bones. We are all baptized into his Body. His Body is in heavenly places and we are on the earth in heavenly places.

What does he say? My beloved is like a roe or young heart, vs. 9. He stands behind our wall. Here is our world and where is Jesus? He’s standing behind the wall. She hears his voice but can’t see him. There is some kind of rapping on the pipes, some kind of finger print in the universe, some footsteps in Galilee. Though I can’t see it, I hear the voice of my beloved, come away.

vs. 9. I saw a fox this morning. P. Scibelli woke up at 4. I did too. I was totally 100% awake. I looked out the window and there was a fox. I watched it for a minute and then it was gone. This is like Jesus. There he is. Where did he go? There he is. Then, goes behind the house. I’m looking. There he is. He’s here. He is. He’s here. I haven’t seen him. Is that him? He’s here. I’m a peasant. You don’t understand. I do understand. You are not a peasant. You’re a king. He said so. You’re a king. You rule and reign with him. You have his Spirit. His Holy Spirit says to you who you are. In your spirit, in the communion of the Holy Spirit, the H.S. is faithfully telling you the reality.

Many of you live in this bottom floor and say this is the reality. You are cheating yourself by defining your world by your experience, by what the most important person in your life has done to you. You have to shift. Do you know who the most important person in your life is now? The one behind the wall. He speaks. He’s talking on Sunday morning. He’s opening up the Bible to us on Monday night. We are in a prayer on Tuesday morning in our closet. We are seeing God by faith. You are no different from the person next to you. We are all in this together. Peasants who are hearing the voice of God.

In the Bible, we sometimes have people with two names. It looks like in heaven we have another name, a new name no one knows but you and God knows that name. You don’t even know yet who you shall be. It’s so incredible. Behold the love God has bestowed on us that we should be called sons of God. When we see him, we will also be kings and priests. This is important. We struggle. We got to say where is Jesus? You got to talk to me again about it.

vs. 10. Come away from all that psycho trash you live in, all that guilt and condemnation that burdens your heart. Come away from self-consciousness. Forget about yourself. Enjoy me. I am sitting here in your presence. That must be why David’s mighty men enjoyed being with him. There was something genuine about being with him. It was the nature of the new creation where we know no man after the flesh. Come away. How do you do it? I don’t know. Just come away. Put on the new man. Just be relaxed and wait upon God. He speaks to your heart. He tells you, you are not your sin. You are a new creation. Don’t know yourself after the flesh. Build yourself up in the faith.

Timothy had it and he was warned. P. Scibelli mentioned it. I thought of the Apostle Paul. I want this statement to be clear to us. I believe the Apostle Paul was the greatest human being who ever lived. This man by nature he was very smart and gifted. That wasn’t brilliance. It was ordained of God so by the Spirit of God he would be able to teach and write 13 epistles so we wouldn’t just live like peasants but like who we really are. This man had so much courage and focus and wisdom and insight that God kept him humble by putting a thorn in his side. He was so persuaded by being with this King of Kings who walked amongst us and labored to tell us who we are. The Apostle Paul is saying this to the church. He’s saying it strongly as he can.

Please, if you could understand your identity. Who you are. You’ll shine as the stars in Dan.12:3. You’re anointed by God. You’re an ambassador in bonds. We are weak and strong. We are ordained of God to bear fruit. We say prayers that really move things. We are God’s ordained people. We must come away from the rubbish and the trash that we sometimes live in.

When I was a kid, this funny thing, my mom said we are going to go on vacation. My dad said see that mud puddle in the driveway? That’s where we are going for vacation. What about the beach, a big ocean, sand, toys in the sand. What about a real vacation? No, this is what our world is, the mud puddle. Then we get in the car and drive to Cape Cod and have a real vacation at the beach. Some of you and me we say the best God can give me is the mud puddle and that’s what we have to work with. I go over my regrets daily. I live in my discouragement all the time. I have depression going on. I can’t beat. I have addictions that tear me down. I have no way to get out of it. That is the way it is on the first floor. Jesus said come away. Rise up, come away my beloved. That’s there.

vs. 10. It’s so fun to say that. You can’t believe how fun it is to preach up here! We all can do it. This is my identity. Jesus doesn’t give me anything more. I’m going to go to heaven one day. This is how it is. This is what God gave me.

My prayer is can you give me a toy to play in the mud puddle. God is saying you have no idea. Give me your heart. I will teach you. It is more than what we can ask or think. Do you get it? I think you are with me. I got to get some juice out of you guys. I got to get you to feel it and think about it. The Holy Spirit’s ministers to us this thing because this is amazing. This is amazing. Stop thinking about your past. Stop worrying about that important person who rejected you. Stop defining your world by your mud puddle. We’re going to the ocean. Real sand, sunshine, waves. The real thing. Come away my beloved. I am the living God. Do you think I made you so you can live in a dump or in depression or beating up yourself? Do you think I gave my Son so you can be free? We could be Spirit-filled. When you are Spirit-filled, you have to realize the Spirit wants to fill you. You could say I don’t think the Spirit wants to fill me because you don’t know how bad I am or who I am. Don’t do that. The Spirit wants to fill me. He wants to fill me, and teach me and fill me. I want to receive him. I want to believe him. I want to believe what the Spirit says. I don’t want to believe what people say about me. I want to hear what the Spirit says about me. I want to be filled with the H.S. in my house where I live. I’m dumpy and down and in the mud puddle vacation. Come away and rise up and come away. Receive.

vs. 11. This is for spring time Baltimore. Though the winter is passed, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth in Parkville, Rosedale, and Glen Burnie.

vs. 12-14. You and I have to find it on our own. I can’t live your life for you and you can’t live your life for me. I got to find it on my own. God, this is your business, but I’m here listening to you. I’m in the cleft of the rock. Moses said I want to see your glory and put Moses in the cleft of the rock. It’s a place where you see God. You have to decide what kind of life I want to live. We are doing everything we can by God’s grace. Jesus is doing everything he can by saying to us, I have not called you to be a defeated person dragging around on planet Earth and look like a Christian who is baptized in vinegar. Rise up my love and come away. Be with me in the secret place under the stairs. In the secret places of the stairs.

We played hide and seek in the house as kids and under the stairs was a hiding place.

You are there by yourself with God. You find all of us are there. That’s how we get there. We have something personal. Bring your Holy Spirit self to the church and come to the church any way you can but come. Come to the church from the secret place of the stairs in the cleft of the rock. God is saying I got something secret going on with you.

The king came to the peasant and called the meeting in the back slum area and with the humble people he said I am the king. He’s the king. You people are precious to me and I make you kings. You are kings and princes.

We are on the same team. This is encouraging, valuable and important. No matter what happens in your Christian life, say to yourself I will never leave the cleft of the Rock in that sense. I never want to stop being filled with the Spirit. I never want to live my life for myself, my way. I don’t want my life defined by circumstances or important people. I want my life defined by Almighty God who came into this world so my life would be changed, deeply changed.

When I started coming to church and heard about my life being changed, I didn’t like it. I liked my life. I don’t want to change either. This is my life. I began to understand something. My selfishness needs to be changed. My bad habits need to drop away. My opinion about people needs to be changed by his grace. I need to be changed and become more like Jesus Christ. It’s for you and me. It’s a very real thing. Sweet is his voice.

vs. 14. When you see it, Lord please, we’re going to see it again and again. You become what you look at. You become what you look at and you start to look like what you are looking at. We start looking like him.

Ever see Winston Churchill with a cigar and a bull dog? The dog looks like him and he looks like the dog. How about the French woman from Paris with the poodle and they look alike. The people who worship false gods look as dumb as their gods are. They have no life, no music, no spit or vinegar. They have ears and can’t hear. They have feet and can’t run.

We are in troublesome times if you ever noticed. What is needed not people playing in a mud puddle having their life defined by others. We need to come away to real vacation land where we can see his countenance and hear his voice.

You hear one message and go out the door and the way your life really changes is how you talk to yourself. Not only did you hear what God had to say to you, but you decide in your heart this is reality.


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