Let’s walk deeply with Christ. May we put aside envy and strife and allow the Spirit to flow into us as experience the joy of our new hearts. Wholeness and fulfillment can only be ours in Him. (1 Corinthians 12:12-13; Proverbs 27:4)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11273
11:00 AM on 6/4/2017

P. Schaller

Why did you come to church today? We want to hear what the H.S. is going to say. Is that correct? Is that biblical? It is. How many of you really believe that? How about in the back? Pray that this finger will go all the way to the back of the room, not my finger but the Lord’s. Why did we come? To be edified, loved, encouraged. How about laughing? No, not in church! Yes, we can. Rejoice always and again I say. Why did he say and again I say? Because he knew we didn’t believe him the first time. Ask your neighbor do you have a sense of humor? Looks like you have been baptized in vinegar! Does God answer prayer? He does. Does he really? How about do any of you have a prayer need or request? Anyone have financial troubles? Family problem? Marriage problem? Health problem? Addiction problem? Fear problem? Emotional problem? How about intellectual problem! Where I live, maybe my boss or someone I work with. Can God do things and change things and answer prayer? I’m asking for water and he shows Moses a tree. Lord, I’m talking chimpanzee and you’re talking mountain! I’m talking water and you show me a tree. Christ crucified on a tree. What I really need is the cross. You get the cross and will end up getting water. Take up the cross and learn the cross. Do you know anything about what he is talking about? Help us in our hearts and assembly to walk more deeply with Christ. To learn not only am I saved but I’d like my life to be governed by the Spirit of God. I’d like the Spirit of God to minister to me and be satisfied from God. To be honest, sometimes that seems not to be the case. There are believers that are empty and struggling. I believe what we have to say will help us and we will understand our faith a little better.

Prov 27:4 wrath is cruel. Emotional anger. Maybe you have experienced that. Anger is outrageous, sometimes beyond reason. People can express anger and be violent. Not rational. But who is able to stand before envy?

Pontius Pilate realized in Mt 27:17-18. Who is able to stand before envy? Even Jesus Christ stood before envy but envy destroyed him. Of course we know there is a story behind the story and that was God’s will. You couldn’t take his life from him. He laid it down. He laid down his life but it was envy that motivated the people to say Barabbas, Barabbas. They wanted to destroy the winner. They couldn’t resist him so they were envious of him. There are many examples in our Bible of envy. I want to relate that to you and I in the flesh.

We will look at 1 Cor 3. The first part of our lesson has to do with the old heart, the deceitful heart of man.

This is the heart of man described in Jer 17 as being deceitful. If we were born simply the first time naturally all we have is this heart I have drawn on the screen. Why is there a hole in it? I can’t find peace, wholeness, satisfaction by nature. I’m yearning for the stars, for eternity, for peace, relationship. I’m yearning for satisfaction. I’m yearning for completeness. In Augustine’s words I don’t find peace until I find it in God. God’s name is the Prince of Peace. I can be honorable in this heart of mine and even be a hero. An unsaved person can have hero status in the war. They saved another at the risk of their own life. They loved their comrade in arms. Or a mother runs into a burning building to save her baby. There are many honorable things that can be done in the heart of man but if you go into the picture more deeply, yes, it might be the heart changes a few weeks later. It’s not dependable, trustworthy. The heart changes with money. When you offer money to someone they will do something they otherwise will not do. The heart can change with the weather, circumstances. Man is unstable in his heart. That’s why God said it is deceitful, desperately wicked and who can know it. I might say I know my heart but think again. Really? We change with the pizza we eat. Can I have another piece? I eat another piece and don’t feel so good and want to take a nap. We change with our hormones, our food, our age, and the people we are with. We are changed very easily because our hearts our unstable. God says I cannot trust your heart.

Jn 2:24. When they wanted to make Jesus king he left them. He did not trust what is in man.

Rom 7:18, in me dwells no good thing is in an absolute sense. On a certain Tuesday I am quite good or in the month of October. I might be quite good but it’s for my benefit. At work, I’ll keep my job. Scratch the surface and there is a judgment from God on us. When it comes to me he is saying I know you and can’t trust you. I sent my Son into the world to be the man, the one I do trust. Behold my Son in whom I am well pleased. Three times a voice came from heaven regarding Christ: at his water baptism and John the Baptist heard it.

Next on the Mount of Transfiguration and the three disciples heard it and lastly in Jn 7 and other people heard it. There is no one I delight in as I delight in my Son. My Son is the answer for the human race.

My Son will give you a new heart and a new spirit, Ezek 36:26. David had a heart after God and so do you. It’s called our new birth.

2 Cor 5:17 we see life in a new way through our new heart. You look in the mirror and you look the same. I still have the wart there, but are you different? Through the cross we have been given a new heart and there is no hole in it. That’s relationship with the God that made us and he made us to be with him as in the Trinity. The Father, Son, and Spirit are one so we are one in the same way.

Jn 17 Jesus said you be one as I and my Father are one. If you are around us for any period of time and looking to Christ and living in simple faith with humble attitude, you will sense the mystery of the fellowship. You will say there is something there. It’s the anointing of God, the Spirit of God.

1 Cor 12:13 we drink the same spirit. The Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is in the world to do one thing: reveal Christ to us. Spirit of God is in you so you can see Christ in life. Be patient. Trust God. Walk by faith and you will see him. Blessed are the pure in heart; they shall see God. You might say I’m not pure in heart. You are right. This heart is not pure. But you are.

When you believed in him, you are justified, saved, and God by his grace wants your sanctification so on earth you can experience the newness of life in Rom 6:4. Taste it, experience it. You are pure in heart. You are God’s child. You do have the Spirit of God ministering to you. Sometimes I have to be honest, Pastor. I have envy. Let’s admit it. David Jeremiah says it goes in circles. It travels in a circle. It can’t get out of its place. That’s what happens in our life. We find ourselves in the same circle. It happened to Samson after he cut his hair. Put him in a harness in the mill house and went round and round. That is what happens to people who are envious and jealous. It seems they can’t make progress. Don’t let that happen to you. You have another option. Don’t go round and round in a circle. There are circles of rich people envious and jealous of rich people. J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie were the riches men in the U.S. The industrialist that built the railroads and steel and the coal and oil. They were jealous of who was the richest. Envy goes in the circle you are in. Pastors could be jealous of pastors. Beautiful women could be jealous of other beautiful women. Or chess players or engineers. There is that envy or jealousy because of the heart of man.

1 Cor 3:3 on the board in a simply way describing the man who is missing the H.S in his life. The heart of man by nature is carnal. The carnal man doesn’t see what he really has. He doesn’t understand God. There are many Christians that are carnal. You can hear it by their language. They have that sound that thing that troubles them. They need love. They need the Spirit of God, the love of God. The fruit of the Spirit is love. Love does not envy.

Gal 5 and 1 Cor 13.

The flesh or the carnal person is written many places but in 1 Cor 3:3. Are you not carnal and walk as men. I would say I am a man. What do you think? I can’t believe you are walking like men. Like the way people are. I expect something more from me. What would you expect me to be? Jealousy is normal. That happens. I want this and that. “You can’t believe how I’ve been treated.” Why do you walk as men? Everybody has been mistreated. I expect something more. How could I ever be anything more than I am? Paul is making a point here.

In the middle of this diagram is the cross. What happens is I find myself in the flesh and I accept my flesh as my life. I have the envy in my heart and God says I want you to learn something because I want to take you deeper. I want you to process life through the cross. The cross means we don’t walk as men. There is something more in our life we didn’t have operating before. We have the life of Christ. We have the reality of Christ in our life. Easy for us to become petty, jealous, envious, maybe disgruntled people.

James Dobson, “If I were to draw a caricature that symbolizes millions of adults with low self-esteem, I’d pick a weary traveler. Over his shoulder place a mile long chain attached to scrap iron, garbage of all types. Each piece of junk is described with some humiliation, failure, embarrassment, rejection from the past…he is convinced he must drag it throughout life. Paralyzed by its weight, he digs a furrow in the earth as he goes. You can free yourself from the chain if but turn it loose.”

Low self-esteem. I am 65 years old. A lot of us are middle age or further. We have things in our history that we carry in our memory and are part of our identity. Paul is saying why do you walk like men? Why don’t you drop it? How do I drop it? The cross. What does that mean? Take up your cross. Drop it. I don’t want to drop it. The Lord says I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life I live I live by faith in the Son of God who loves me and died for me. There is a selfishness in our fallen nature. We want to carry our stuff because somehow in a twisted way this is the suffering we want or the memory or pain or humiliation or low self-esteem. God says no I need you to be Spirit filled. What I mean is something you don’t have right now the Lord says. I can fill you with my Spirit and satisfy you deeply. Drop it. Follow me. Take up the cross. There are some people who go on Facebook or social media and they look at things and get jealous in their hearts. God says go to the cross. When you see someone you would be jealous of – look, they are on vacation in the Caribbean. How can they afford that? They have a new grandchild and we have none. Or I am never married or whatever it might be. God is saying why do you walk as men? Why do you live like that? I have something for you that will satisfy you? More than a sandwich on the beach? Whatever you are longing for. Maybe the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect children. Come on. We all know what it is. No. I’m not going to live like that. We have the cross. We got the cross.

1 Cor 12. The Body of Christ as we are gathered here this morning we are drinking the same Spirit.

vs. 12. What’s another word for Body? Church. The Body of Christ is a metaphor for the church, us. We are different members. Every one of us is different from the others. Different DNA, different retina, different finger print but we are all baptized into the same Body.

vs. 12. Jesus, do you walk as a man? No I am God and I am a man but I don’t walk as you people do. Do you have jealousy in your heart? I don’t. My heavenly Father is not a jealous God. He’s jealous in a good way but that’s another message. He’s not afraid, guilty, carrying a heavy chain. I am God and created the universe and it turned out to be a mess. I hate what has happened. No, God is not like a man. Like your flesh and my flesh. You put him into the worst case scenario and he will shine. Don’t walk like one. You say how?

vs. 13. Remember the H.S. I got something cooking in my heart for the Convention. How many grieve the Spirit, quench the Spirit. The Spirit is like the bird that goes away, the dove. The two morning doves are related to the pigeon family. Pigeons will come in close but doves don’t. God the H.S. is a dove. There are a lot of pigeons. There are fewer doves. Doves are more sensitive. They have a different mindset. God has decided to be known as a dove. He’s not a common bird. He’s not a raven either, though we have a lot of respect for Baltimore Ravens! Noah sent the raven out and it didn’t come back but the dove did.

vs. 13. If you get strange you need to come to the church, get real humble and sit and receive. And you’ll be drinking the same spirit. Anyone get weird before? I have been in the flesh. I have been lonely, searching, afraid, worried, troubled. What do I do about it? The cross. There are many great churches. We thank God for denominations, all kinds of works of God. This is a work of God by God’s grace. I’m thankful I have been part of this. This is my 45th year. I’m not disappointed because we are looking not at our form but the reality of Christ manifested in the body. We are looking at the cross to deal with our hearts. If I can bring my stuff, my things before God at the cross by faith, he will fill me with the Spirit. If I’m jealous and envious and have that in me, how can I be Spirit-filled at the same time? If I don’t like someone or I’m irritated by someone I can bring it before God at the cross. You lead me, help me. I pray for my brother. It maybe goes away when I say I am not my brother’s judge. It’s none of my business but here is something that troubles me. I can pray and love him in my heart. Jesus could have judged the world but he died for the world. Why don’t I lay down my life for my brother and be Spirit filled. Why be a critic. It’s easy to be a critic. It’s another thing to have the Spirit of God in us. And love one another, endure and endeavor and tolerate the differences. Why do you walk as men? The church life becomes a social life. It’s nothing more than a baseball team. No, it’s more. It’s a place where God is manifesting himself by the H.S. The H.S. is leading us not to walk as men but walk as the Son of God. Feel the anointing and to encourage us. I need a place that is safe that will edify me through the cross. I want to get through my life and be victorious.

Finish my life with joy like Acts 20. When jealousy or envy or rotten motivation – Joseph’s brothers got rid of him because they envied him. His dad Jacob made a mistake and gave him a coat of many colors. May as well put a big bull’s eye on him! Rueben, have you seen Joseph? Hey Levi. What did that do in their hearts? Jealousy became a rage. They took him out. They wanted to murder him. One of the brothers said we will sell him to this caravan coming through. They said we got rid of him. Haman was jealous of Mordecai. He built a gallows to kill him. He refrained himself. He didn’t show it publicly. He told his wife and friends and said build the gallows and he’ll hang on them. They got it wrong. Wrong guy hanging on the gallows. I know it is so. With you, you got an answer the world doesn’t have and it’s called the cross. We don’t have water to drink. He shows Moses a tree. Now they can drink it. Lord, my boss is nuts. Lord shows me the cross. I put it in the water and it might be the man that hates you could become the man that becomes your best friend. It could happen. The marriage you think is impossible, it is possible. If God could show me the cross I’ll gain the cross. I may not gain my marriage. Someone getting built up in his heart.

I know of a woman 72 years old lost three husbands by death. She wasn’t the one killing them! Lost a daughter to cancer and had no money and cleaning toilets and bathrooms. She was shining. It’s ok. There’s no problem. She brought the cross into the bitterness. The H.S. anointed her and she had a ministry and got to know Christ in your trouble.

There is no mechanical formula. It’s a thing of your new heart. We are in the summer months now and sometimes the women dress immodestly. The men also may be. Just to say in that area of my life, why not go to the cross and say to God I want your heart and mind. This is not about me. My vanity, my hunger for attention. I want men to notice me or be noticed when I walk in a room. Come on. You’re more than that. You have something going on in your heart a life is from God. God’s H.S. is better than the attention of a thousand men. H.S. presence is better than a million dollars or even the absence of problems. When God fills our heart and satisfies us, we know it. I want to drink the same spirit. You come into the assembly. It’s anointed of God. It’s like the chiropractor, I got straightened out. I need God to work in my heart in certain areas. Don’t go crooked for months at a time.

I’m not saying it as one minute agreeing it and accepting. Sometimes the heart work is to take some time in my heart and say Lord I’m wrestling with this thing. My low self-esteem I’m dragging through life. Lord say drop it. Do some heart work. A few days later you pick it up again. A Spirit filling is a lot better than that heavy chain.



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