Trillions of words are spoken by people every day. What are they saying? The apostle Paul heard amazing things from God when he was taken to paradise. He lived on grace words even with a thorn in the flesh that God would not take from him. (2 Corinthians 12:1-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon 11775
6:30 PM on 10/27/2019


Get Caught Up with Grace Words


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P. Scibelli –

(2 Corinthians. 12:1-9)
Good evening. It’s good to be here alive! If you’re not here, you’re in heaven. I was thinking on
the way down to the church tonight to the living room, this is a vision Paul had. I love his
humility. He says I knew a man whether in the body or out of the body. He doesn’t say I’m the
man. He doesn’t want people pointing at him. He had tremendous humility and meekness and
understood his weakness.

Because of humility, he received grace. Because of meekness, he
received the word, and because of his weakness, he received God’s strength. The vision was
monumental in his life. Maybe something happened to you in your life and stayed with you. It
was encouraging, stabilizing, and gave a foundation for trials and tests. This was a tremendous
revelation of God for him. He didn’t talk about the pure atmosphere of heaven. He didn’t talk
about the angels that were there.

He didn’t talk about the beauty of heaven, the temple, what
was taking place there or the absence of the world, sin, and the devil. He talked about words.
He heard words. That was on his mind. It’s amazing what he said. It was not lawful for a man to
utter. I heard unspeakable words that were not lawful for a man did not have the ability to
utter. He heard grace words.

Grace words can only come from God. Certainly they can come
from us as God lives in us and the Holy Spirit motivates us and our words. No natural words in
heaven. Natural words don’t make it. I was reading about how many words people speak a day.
I don’t know if it’s true. Sometimes these technological statistics can be nothing but deception.
Women speak between 15-17,000 words a day. And men about 10,000.

I can’t imagine. How do they figure that out? I can’t imagine speaking 10,000 words a day. Can you P. Love? If it’s close to true, and we took the low one, 10,000, that means 73 trillion words are spoken every day if
my math is correct. What kind of words are they? What kind of words are being communicated
around the globe today? Paul said he heard words and they would be a motivating factor. What
he heard would encourage him and keep him in a trial and would develop a relationship
between people and something would give ability to withstand persecution and suffering.

What he heard. What he kept hearing. He said I heard these words and they were grace words. I
remember the first time I heard grace words on radio. I heard P. Stevens on WACE and
Springfield from Psalm. 16:11. They were words but something about them touched me and
changed me. Grace words change you. Think of the first time you heard grace words. How
much I need grace words on a daily basis.

When I read my Bible, I don’t let it beat me up and condemn me. The Comforter convicts you. The Comforter, the encourager will do the convicting. He’s not beating me up. He’s drawing me to himself with his words. Sometimes
people read the Bible and come away saying I give up. Maybe they don’t read it in the nature
and character of God. How important this is. I’ve been missing Jim Markowski come to my

He used to come all the time and we had long conversations and we spoke grace words
to each other. The words of grace are vitally essential to my life and your life. Paul said he had
infirmities. He used it in three contexts. He would be glad in his infirmities. I don’t want you to
raise your hand, but have you ever had an infirmity.

It means no ability to help myself. No ability and no strength. He was glad. His emotional response to his infirmities was gladness. Then he said I glory in my infirmity. When was the last time I did that? A decision of my will and
I glory in my infirmities. 2 Corinthians 12:5, 9, 10. Then he said I take pleasure in my infirmities. 2 Corinthians 11:18 to 12:10 he names 40 things. You count them tonight if you have a chance. It’s a great
way to stay away from television.

I counted 40 different things he was in. In, in, in. What he was
in was never the issue. The key was my grace is sufficient for you. My strength is made perfect
without your weakness. I want these infirmities and weakness to go. No, I’d rather have the
grace and let’s keep them. The grace comes in them. I want this thorn to go. It’s a thorn in the
flesh and you’ll have your flesh until you go home with the Lord.

How come when we got saved he didn’t take the old sin nature away? We would float to heaven with arrogance maybe from satanic initiations in the world. No flesh and no sin, I might just be like God. God allowed us to keep it,
so we have a dependency on his nature and character. The persecuted church, the most
important thing is to hear grace words. What is more important if you and I have everything
possible in this world and God wasn’t speaking to me.

I want to hear grace words from God. When I run away, I want to hear, Steven, where are you? Wasn’t that Adam? Those are grace words. Adam, where are you? It wasn’t a policeman chasing a criminal. Some look at it that
way. I’ve had too many of them chasing me in my life. I don’t like handcuffs. I was arrested in
Yugoslavia around a pole and they didn’t realize I could get out of handcuffs.

Don’t ask either ! Just a little pin! Let’s forget that. Grace words. When Noah was drunk, what did he need? When
he failed. Are you with me tonight? Don’t get the Sunday night la la’s. What Noah needed in his
drunken state was what? Grace words. He had to know regardless of his failure, God was still
going to use him as the federal head at that time. He needed grace words. When Abraham was
in the Ur of Chaldees, and he was involved with idolatry and all kinds of crazy worship, he heard
these grace words.

Get thee out of thy country, away from thy kindred and your father’s house and I will show you a land I’m going to bless you. And Abraham had never heard words and all of a sudden he heard grace words. That’s why he responded. People will respond when they are initiated to by grace words. My children, your children, our grandchildren, our friends, people at work, people on the streets, people we speak the gospel to on a weekly basis. What they need to hear are grace words.

They need to hear grace words that create a capacity to
know and respond to God. Everyone of us needs grace words. Aren’t we good at beating
ourselves up. We do that. The Bible says speak to yourself songs and hymns and spiritual songs
It’s hard to give anyone grace if you don’t give grace to ourselves. Are you going to give yourself
grace? Are you going to give yourself mercy?.

Ever encourage yourself in 1 Samuel 30:6. David did what? Encouraged himself in the Lord his God. He heard grace words from God. You will surely recover all. We get into situations and it looks like this is never going to be reversed and God says in my timing you will surely recover all. These are grace words. When you go into Hagar
and have Ishmael, I come to you and say I am El Shaddai. Walk before me and be perfect. I am
your sufficiency and your strength and also, by the way, your satisfaction.

I want you to walk before me. He didn’t hear condemning words. What are you doing? What is going on with this
Ishmael thing and this Hagar thing? Shouldn’t you be walking with me? I appeared to you. Don’t
you understand? He heard I’m El Shaddai. Walk before me and be perfect on the way to
sacrifice his son. There he is getting grace words from God. Genesis. 22 he gets grace words from
God. Jacob is going out of the Promised Land. He makes a decision I’m out of here. Every
wanted to do that. Come on. Every one of us has. I’m out of here. Everyone of us has wanted

to quit at some time or another. Not me! He’s on his way out and God gives him seven
promises. The last one is I’ll be with you and bring you back again. What did Jacob hear? Grace
words. In Gensis 32, Mr. Trickster, supplanter, schemer, liar. He hears it again. You’re no more
going to be called Jacob but Israel, one who has power with God. What is Joseph doing to his
brothers. You didn’t sell me, but God sent me to save many people alive.

What is God saying to Moses in Exodus. 33 after he murders an Egyptian? I AM. Forget about who you are. I AM is sending you. I AM. Ego emi…The eternal and personal one is sending you. You go. I don’t care if you are
stuttering and don’t know the Egyptian language. Just be there. That’s enough. Let my people
go. Are you with me? Grace words. When he fails and when Israel fails, Moses has grace words
in Exodus. 33 and 34 for Israel.

At the end of his life because of striking the rock, he’s not going into the Promised Land. God says to him, the eternal God is your refuge and your strength and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will thrust out the enemy. What do you call those? Grace words. Be strong and of good courage, Joshua. 1: 6, 8, 9 10. He was afraid. He didn’t need to hear; do you think you can do what Moses did? You’re not going to make it. Taking all these
people in.

Joshua heard grace words and they motivated him and created a capacity in him,
edified him, built him up and had him to go forward. That’s what grace words do. And you can
imagine, they are all coming back. The eleven spies. They go, giants! Look at these giants! Look
at these walled cities and sons of Anak and seven nations larger and greater and mightier than
our own. One guy steps up and says, Be still.

We are more than able to overcome them. His name was Caleb. His name means “all heart” and “attack dog.” I like both of them. He’s got all heart and he’s attacking. Caleb got up. One – they say that those 11 infected 603,500 people between the ages of 20 and 60. Infected them. Do you know what the wrong words can do in
someone’s life. Hello? We can listen to so much garbage. So much garbage words. I noticed
when my brother and I ran a counseling center for 8 or 9 or 10 years in Springfield.

We heard neurotics, psychotics, suicide people. Every day it was unbelievable. You need to know how to
listen with your ears closed. Are you listening? You say yeah, I’m doing that tonight with you!
You could hear that stuff and want to do what they do. This drug problem, this alcohol problem,
this marriage problem, raising a child problem. I don’t know if I’m a man or a woman. Heroin
addiction. And on and on it goes.

This crime and that crime. And before you know it, you keep hearing that stuff all day and you become one of them. But, if you determine in the midst of all this mess, and all these words that are floating around in the atmosphere, I’m going to close my ears and only hear grace words. I hear a sound like in Acts 9. The other men heard a sound and
God gave Paul a precise word. Those are grace words. I am Jesus whom you are persecuting.
Those are what? Grace words.

The devil and demons and the world love to infiltrate the old sin nature
with the wrong kind of words. Words not from God. Oh, but they are not bad words but not
God words. We hear a lot of words that are not so bad. Not from bad people, but they are not
from God and not grace words. And nothing takes place in my life. There is no comfort in my
life when I’m listening to those things.

You say but we are in this world so what do we do?
Learn to not let everything enter in. What is a shield of faith for? To quench fiery darts of the
enemy. Right? What’s a helmet of salvation for? Protect my mind. Protect it. I can hear.
Sometimes people come into the office and they got problems and they go, are you listening?Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come and say hello.

Some things you can’t listen to, or if you listen to them you have to filter them through the character of God. They heard grace words. This was so important for God’s men and women. Ruth, when she heard Naomi speaking, she didn’t listen. Naomi said seven times return. Return. Return. Why would you follow me? There’s no
more possibilities. Where you go I go. Where you live and lodge I lodge. Your people are my
people and your God is my God and there will be nothing part you and me but death. What was
Ruth giving to Naomi?

She was going to turn Naomi who renamed herself Marah, bitter. She
was going to bring bitter back to Naomi which was sweet grace. Sweet and pleasant grace. The
initiation of Ruth can change Naomi. There isn’t a situation in our lives through grace words we
can’t see a change take place. I think it was in Bangkok with some Chinese people. Who can I
have come up? Watch.

He’s so nice I don’t know if I can do the first part. There is a couple ways
of saying something to someone that creates capacity. Your dirty room. Did you clean your
room? Those aren’t grace words. He’s got a dirty room. No he doesn’t really. Hey, thanks for
doing a much better job on your room than you’ve ever done before. That’s amazing. Isn’t that
good? It’s how we say what we say. “How much was that?” What does that cost? That was
never that price before.

You’re at Aldi and arguing over the price of a candy bar. Huh? $1.50 for a Three Musketeer’s? You’ve got to be kidding me! Things have gone up. I know it’s not your fault. I wonder what they are putting in these candy bars to make them so expensive. There must be something very good inside there for energy for me. Certainly beats vitamins and green things. I told you I never ate a green thing until I was 27 years old. I despise green things.
I kind of still do but my wife makes it happen.

Don’t ever try spinach though! That’s one thing going a step too far! Please don’t buy me any. My wife said be careful what you say because people respond. Grace words. Elijah was backslidden and depressed. Elijah, what are you doing here? God comes with a still small voice. God sees the prophet who should be on top of it. He
just defeated all the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18 on Mt. Carmel and now discouraged because he
gets an email from Jezebel.

I can read the first three words of an email and know it’s time to
shred it. I don’t shred anything. I just tear it up. He hears this initiation from Jezebel and before
you know it, he’s on the run. This is the same man who stood alone against these people. A
little email from Jezebel has him running. Ever run away from God and he’s met you? You’re
exhausted. I’m out of here and there he is in front of you in a situation.

He gives you grace words. Where are you going? Why are you hear? He gives you grace words. When Jonah heard
Jonah 3:1 God’s voice to go again, he just failed. He went as far away as he could and ended up
in a belly of a whale and God gives him those grace words again. He goes back and everyone
gets saved and he’s angry. The whole city gets saved. Doest thou well to be angry? I like the
way God said it. Think of grace words.

Think of reading my Bible and hear preaching and when
I’m conversing in the body of Christ and at my job and evangelizing someone. I’m giving them
words that can change their life. I’m receiving words that can change my life and make a
difference in my life. I remember when I had the stroke and out of it for ten days in the hospital
in Ghana. Dr. Stevens would call me at least once a day and would say short sentences. You’re
incredible. You’re amazing. I can’t wait to hear you preach and I can’t even talk or think. My
wife can tell you stories about what happened when I got back. Going outside with my pajamas

on and not knowing it. He would give me grace words all the time. I could hear his voice
encouraging. He did it so often in my personal life. Those grace words made a difference. They
bring peace and joy and contentment. In chapter 4 rejoice in the Lord always and again I say
rejoice. Be content in whatever state you are in. You can do all things through Christ who
strengthens you. My God shall supply all your needs.

This is what they needed. I’m going to critique and analyze what is going on in your life. They need grace words. He calls those things that are not as though they are. These are what kind of words? Grace words. Neither do I
condemn you. Go and sin no more. He didn’t say you filthy, unrighteous woman in the temple
half naked. You are on the way to hell. That’s what the Pharisees where going to do. I met
religious people on outreach this week.

Thank you Jesus for delivering me. What did he say? Woman, where are your accusers? There are none Lord. Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more. Mark 2 he calls him my son. Your sins are forgiven you. Take up your bed and walk. What kind of words are those? Grace words. Go and tell your friends in 10 cities what Lord has
done for you. Come and see a man who told me all I ever done. Is this not the Christ? Grace
words. He’s so guilty over his denial.

Peter, do you love me? He meets Mary in the garden. Mary, Rabonni, master. She’s hearing grace words. This is what changes people. This helps me take the next step. I don’t care about your tribulation or failure. Micah 7:18-20 he says seven things that will build Micah up. I can’t get to the light. I can’t get to God. I don’t want to read
my Bible. I can’t pray. God says I’ll bring you to the light. Those are what? Grace words. Trillions
of words are spoken a day. What are they?

A lot of noise. Nothing noise. Noise of nothing. It’s amazing. The trip to Bangkok and hearing some of these men preaching. And hearing some of these Chinese preachers and India and Bangalore and hearing P. Brian and P. Benny and….being with these people. They are constantly giving you an initiation of grace words. I came
back not tired. What is this tired thing? How do you feel? Better than you. Are you tired? No.

No. When is your next trip? Could be tomorrow. I’ve been listening to people give me
grace words. That grace word energizes. Takes me out of the 40 aspects of what I’m in. Brings
me to the place of worshipping God. My grace is sufficient for you. My power is perfected in
your weakness. You are elevated to grace words. I preached a little about this in Bangkok. I said
tonight I’m going to prove to you there is a mid-tribulation Rapture! The word “caught up” is
HARPAZO. 1 Thessalonians. 4:14 same word as the Rapture.

In the middle of your trial, God wants to catch you up to grace words. I know I’ll get an email about this one! In the middle of the tribulation, God says I want to catch you up with a word from God. The Lord is my shepherd. I
shall not want. Be still and know that I am God. Thy lovingkindness is better than life. Those are
grace words. Maybe in a prison or persecuted. If their ears are open in Is 30:20-21, I hear a
voice from behind saying this is the way; walk ye in it.

If they hear grace words, they are going to make it. Of course we pray. I want them to hear grace words. Isaiah 40:1-3 the comfort of God. God is comforting us. 2 Corinthians 1:1-3, in the midst of my trial and tribulation and struggle. In the midst of the opposition and atmosphere in America. I can focus on all of that and drive myself
nuts or I can get raptured and caught up into grace words. God help me to always be available
to have an ear open in Exodus 21.

The servant after 7 years served his master and had a chance to go free and didn’t want to. He loved his master. That awl in his ear meant he would serve his master forever because he loved what he was hearing. I love what I’m hearing from the pulpit, the Body, the Gospel because they are grace words. Acts 14:3 Paul was longtime preaching the word of his grace. Acts 20:32. Paul said all you need, – you don’t need money or a church
building. All you need are grace words. That will be building you and giving you. In John 1:14-17,
he’s the fullness of grace. All I need and what’s available for me is grace words. Grace words
deliver you from the past, the present and the future.



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