The Messiah, the anointed One, the Son of David, was sent to bring life and gather people to Him. World can see evil on small scale and on a grand, empire-wide scale. Devil knows the Spirit and His Presence. Unity is power and the devil seeks to divide. (Psalm 110; John 1:4-5; Psalm 2:1-11; Matthew 22:41-45)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12728
Date: 2024-06-02
Time: Sun 11:00am

P. Schaller –

Good morning
everyone. Praise the Lord! Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! We have P. Sterling and Barbara here
from New York City. Right there. Great to have you. Yeah. Great. Our introduction on our
subject is from Psalm 2. We’re going to look at Psalm 110 this morning. I’ll just speak for a few
minutes to introduce our subject.

Are you glad to be here? Do you have hope in your heart, in your life? If not, we’re glad you’re
here cause you’re going to get some. So, we’re going to give out some hope. A message on
hope. How about that? We need it. We’re in difficult, interesting times as we understand in our
When we read our Bible, we read about the beginning of sorrows. We understand that life can
change and things can happen catastrophically. We see weather changes. We see political
directions. I’ve heard recently that 60 countries this year have free elections. Have elections in
their countries. India just had. Mexico is having. We are having. Like 60 countries with elections
which means maybe that change can bring instability and trouble. We remember the story
about Daniel in Daniel 6 and how they made a law that he could not pray. But he did. There are
times in life when we can see trouble and then we lift up our eyes. We look on the Lord for he is
our portion in Psalm 16. We have God in our lives. We are thankful for that.

So, if you turn with me to Psalm 2. Psalm 2, we see in a way we could say a bad psalm. It’s a great
psalm actually but very good one but there’s some evil that’s happening. I think of John 1 when
we have vs. 4. John 1:4, Christ has life. Vs. 5. They don’t go together. Light and darkness. They
just don’t go together. So, we are in a world where we have light but then there’s the other
side. That’s the darkness. They do not get along. They don’t get along with each other. A lie and
truth. They don’t go together. They just contradict each other.

So, let’s have a prayer. (Prayer). So, we have here in Psalm 2 something about the world that we
live in. Let me draw a picture just to get your attention. We have the world. We have evil in the
world. We could say like this. Pockets. There’s evil. Like organizations. There’s evil. It can be a
country actually. Evil in the world. Okay. It can be very strong, the evil in the world. If you are
history person and you like read about it and study it, it’s fascinating how a whole region can be
governed by evil and what can happen.

And then in the same picture you have – we could say the church in the world. They are the
anointed. They’re called the anointed. The Messiah is called the Anointed. That will be our
subject today. That’s Psalm 110. That’s what we’re going to read about the Messiah. Messiah. The
Anointed One. He is not darkness. He is light. In his is life, and the life is the light of men.
Darkness comprehended it not.

So, in a way, this is the way the world is. Like you can have big influence of evil and little. One
person. One homeless person can be evil or one director of a company can be evil and his
influence may be very small. But then you have evil that can be very influential in a whole
country of a billion people.

Where did that happen? One billion people under one atheistic dictator who eliminated all
missionaries. Eliminated Bibles, all believers and intellectuals. Who was that? Mao. That was
Mao. It happened in Cambodia also. Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge. It happens today. North
Korea. They’re very much against Christianity. Very evil governments. Very evil powers that
happen in the world. Through history and today. There’s a good picture for us.

I am saying because I want to talk reality but reality on one level and then talk about the
Messiah. Preach about the Messiah. Who is the Messiah and what has he done and what does
it mean to you cause you are with the Messiah. The Messiah has anointed you. You are indwelt
by the Spirit. You are not of the world. You are of God. God is light. The world is darkness but
we live in the world.

And when Jesus came, who are the names of some of the leaders that went against him?
Caiaphas, the high priest, Anas, and Pontius Pilate to mention three. What did they do? They
crucified him. They got rid of him. Look at Psalm 2:1, why are they angry? Why are they
emotional? Why are they ripping angry? Why are they organized? Why are they imagining a
vain thing? They are imagining. Making something up in their mind about the Messiah.
Look at vs. 2. Against who? Against the Lord and against his anointed. Who are his anointed?
You and I. The disciples. The believers. They are anointed of God. They are like Jesus. They are
like Jesus. We are humans. We have a sin nature. Of course, we know but we are those that are
sent into the world. He said, as the Father sent me, so I send you. We are sent into the world to
be the salt and the light of the earth. We are here on a mission.

The devil recognizes it. He recognizes it. He does. You don’t – I want you to understand that. If
you are a Spirit-filled Christian, it’s like you got a big bullseye on your t-shirt. You got a target on
you. Well, who knows that you are a Spirit-filled Christian? The devil knows. The spirits know
that. How do they know that? Because they are spirit. They know spirits. They know you.
Who identified Jesus first? Mark 1. A man filled with the devil. He was the one that ran at Jesus
and said why did you come here? I know you. I know who you are. I know you have come to
destroy us. What do we have to do with you? That’s Mark 1, maybe vs. 22. Very interesting. The
devil recognizes it.

So, to break it down and say it simply, Baltimore summers can be really hot. August summer in
Baltimore. Put a lump of hamburger out on your patio. What will come? Flies. Boat flies. Those greenish flies. Yeah. They will come. How do they know the hamburger is there? I don’t know.

They know. They know about it. They can smell – they know about it. They know what it is. If
you put a can of Coke a cola and open the top of it and put it out in your back, what will come?
A different insect. Hornets will come. Bees will come. ‘Cause they know about the sugar. How do
these insects know that? And how do demons know when you are with God? They know you
are with God. They know you are the Lord’s anointed. They know that you are Spirit filled. They
know that you have the Spirit of God in you and they target you and they make up a story about

Now, in the first, second, third centuries, P. Steve mentioned it the other day that the Christians
– the pagan world said that the Christians will share everything with you except your bed.
What’s the meaning? Christians will share their food with you. They will share their house with
you. They will be hospitable to you. They will share their money with you but they will not share
their wife with you or their husband with you. The Christians do not do that. How are we
different from pagans? The pagans are very relaxed. They do whatever they want to but the
Christians don’t. Christians have the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit of God. The Christians are
believers in the Messiah. And the Messiah calls us his anointed. And we have conviction in our

Now, the pagans do the other way. The pagans don’t give you any money. The pagans don’t
give you their house or hospitality. But they’ll give you their wife to you or their daughters.
They don’t have it. They don’t have the message. They don’t have life. They don’t have Christ in
their life. But you have Christ in your life. And so, the kings of the earth – these are the evil
kings. They crucified Christ. They imagined lies about you. They imagined lies about us. That
can happen. It happens. That’s not the total part of the psalm. I want you to see it however.

It says here in vs. 3. Let’s break their bands asunder. They will not have unity. Let’s divide their
unity. That’s what the Communists did in China with Watchman Nee. They just sowed discord.
They had Christians attacking Christians. That was their strategy. We would just be attacking
each other and unhappy with each other. Let’s break them up ’cause unity is powerful. When we
have the same spirit, the same anointing, then we have love. We have joy. We have connection.
We have harmony. We have edification. We have Christ between us. When two or three are
gathered, there I am in the midst and also you will ask and I will answer you.

So, we have a Convention coming up the end of June. Mark it on your calendar and be part of
that. Come during the day. It’s free of charge. The whole parking lot is going to be filled with
different activities. There’s food. There’s sessions. There’s workshops. Make it a point. People
will be coming in from India. A lot of people from India. From Europe, from Africa. Like every
year. Latin America. We’ll be coming together. We’ll be praying together, loving each other and
we’ll be getting along real well because Jesus put us together.

Okay. Turn to your neighbor and say Jesus put us together. Jesus put us together. I don’t mean
– hey! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Don’t misunderstand me there! Back off! I don’t know who you’re
talking to right now. Husband and wife you can say that but I don’t know about your girlfriend. I
don’t know about that. Okay.

Go to verse – I just want to make this an introduction. I want you to notice here. Vs. 4. I would
not want to be a wicked person in this world today. Why? ‘Cause it’s not good. It’s a recipe for
destruction. If you’re on the wrong side of things, then get on the right side. Come to Christ. If
you’re on the wrong side in life, come to the right place. Come to Jesus Christ and confess your
sin and get right with God. You’re in the wrong whole thing. Then, don’t. You’re going to be in
derision. God is against the proud. Gives grace to the humble. It’s not a good thing.

Sometimes, when I see the wickedness in our nation, I have pity on the people who are in a bad
place. I go that guy’s in a bad place. That’s not going to go well. That’s not a good thing. They
are in trouble. They are in trouble. They are in trouble. So many people. They need Jesus in
their life. Really.

So, the Messiah is seated at the right hand of God. The Messiah is told by the Father in vs. 8.
That means Jesus is asked by the Father. The Father says to Jesus, ask me for the Korean
people. Ask me for Koreans. I will give you the Koreans. Jesus said give me Koreans. Give me
Chinese. Give me Russians. Give me a group of Indians in the mountains of the Andes. Give me
a people group in the Brazilian rain forest. Give me a people group in the deserts of
Turkmenistan. Ask me. The Father said, ask me. You are the Messiah. I will give you people. I
will save souls. I will give you the Body. I’ll make you the bride. I’ll put together an amazing
group of people. Ask me. He says to Jesus. Look at our screen up here.

Who? In an evil world, he is able to save. He redeems. He indwells us with the Spirit. While we
are in an evil world? Yeah. While we are in an evil world. We know the Messiah. We have the
peace of God in our heart. While we are in a dark place where there is trouble, maybe as Paul
said, on every side, but I have the Messiah. And the Father says to the Messiah, I will give you
an inheritance. And that inheritance is not just mountains and rivers and the stars and the sky
and the whole universe, but it’s man. I will make man. You became a man to save man. I will
give you men. I will make a bride for you. I will put you together.

I will exalt man. I will go way down to man as a sinner. Redeem him. Baptize him into you. And
as you are raised from the dead, so they are raised from the dead. You are seated in heavenly
places, so they are seated in heavenly places. Is that reality? It is. Now, we have not yet seen it.
Look at the next part, vs. 9. This is the governments. The little dots on our map. When do they
disappear? When do those dots, the evil world, the evil governments, the evil world; when will
they be gone? When will it be minimized? It will be absolutely gone after the Millennial reign but before the Millennial reign, it will be way downgraded.

There will not be an evil government. Christ will take a rod of iron and clay pots. It’s like shattered glass. Going into a
glass store with glass with a baseball bat and it’s dramatic. It’s violent. It’s powerful. It’s
devastating. That’s the meaning.

I thought Jesus was real meek and humble and a real nice guy? Yeah. He is. There’s another side
to it. He hates evil. He hates a lie. He’s coming. It’s not going to look pretty. It’s going to be
incredibly profound. This world is going to change.

No more war. Is. 2, Micah. No more war. The weapons will be turned into plowshares. Become
an agricultural world we know in part. There will be peace. There will be leadership from the
Jewish people in Jerusalem with man on the earth. The world will nearly be destroyed. The
whole human race nearly wiped out. It would be wiped out except for the coming of Christ. And
when he comes, there will be no tolerance for evil like we see today. We see incredible amount
of evil and in Israel the prophet said that this is an evil nation. It’s an evil nation.

And it’s a prototype of what we are seeing happening even in our own country which we love
very much. We love very much. We love it very much and we are living here to do the best we
can to bring the message of Christ, the Messiah, into the world. Notice chapter 2:10-11. Be
submitted to the Messiah. Vs. 12. Kiss the Son. Get connected with him. He’s talking to the
king’s of the earth. Get connected to him.

So, we have two people groups that are going to be reigning in the Millennium. We have the
Jewish people, the Old Testament saints, the kings, and the men and women of God on the
earth. We have the Church also during the Millennial reign and it will be a new time. It will be a
better world.

I would like you in your imagination to imagine a world where there is not the evil that is
happening today. I would like you to imagine a world where there is peace. Where there is
righteousness. Where there is joy and harmony. I’d like you to imagine that in your heart. We
have tastes of it in life and in the Body of Christ that is one of those places where we can kiss
the Son. Be connected with him and sense the blessing of God in our personal life. Okay. Amen.
So, usually in the first Sunday of the month which is today, we have communion. Because of a
technical problem, we couldn’t do it today, so we’ll do it next week. Sorry about that.

Okay. You may be seated. Isn’t it incredible that Christ was incarnated. Always existing. From
everlasting to everlasting, thou art God, Ps. 90:1. And then unto us a child is born, a son is
given. His name shall be called Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Counselor.
Amazing. Mighty God. How could God become a man? The mystery of the Christian faith.
Incredible reality revealed in the Scripture. There is no question about it that the Bible is teaching that God is also the Son of David. That’s Psalm 110. So, let’s put that up on the screen.
Let’s go. Okay. Psalm 110:1.

So, vs. 1. Notice the text. Lord is capitals. L-O-R-D. Capital letters. That means that that word is
from the Hebrew word, Yahweh. Yahweh is the name of God used 6,000 times or so for the
Savior, the God that is involved in covenant. He is God.

And he said unto my Lord – that word is Adonai. That is also a word for God. We could say the
Father said unto the Son, sit at my right hand. Well, when did he say that? When was that said?
That was when Christ was raised from the dead that the Father is saying in heaven he’s saying
this is my Son. This day have I begotten you from the dead. I raised you from the dead. You are
the Messiah, the King of Kings. Sit at my right hand. So, five times in our New Testament, we
have Jesus seated at the right hand. Where is that coming from? This verse. God is saying to his

Well, when he was born in Bethlehem, that wasn’t when Jesus began. He didn’t begin as the, in
his existence. He didn’t ever begin. He always was but he was born or incarnated as man in
Bethlehem by the lineage of David. He had to be of the line of David and that’s in this Psalm 2.
So, in this psalm, we have three offices mentioned for the Messiah or the Christ. We have he is
a prophet. He is a priest. And he is a king.

Three main offices in our Old Testament. Like they are important. Men that – and also women in the case of Deborah who was a prophetess. She was a female prophet. She operated in the Spirit of God and was used by God. Now, the Messiah comes and in the Gospels we read the Messiah teaching. Messiah is instructing. He is exhorting.
He is rebuking. He is compassionate. He is predicting the future. He is the one that understands.
He has the mind of God as a teacher or as a prophet. Okay.

So, go back to Psalm 110:1. I sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. Let’s go
back to this picture. This one. Are those dots that are representing the evil authorities in the
world – they are spiritual and human. They are demonic governments. Principalities and
powers they are called, Eph. 6. Linked with human beings. Human beings that are being
affected by demonic powers. The mind of evil with people. Bad kings. Like I mentioned North
Korea, Mao, Hitler, Stalin. Murderers, destroyers, oppressors, tyrants. Obviously. They are
obviously evil.

But then there are other expressions of evil that are more subtle. More beautiful. More
cunning. More enlightening. They are religious leaders. They are called – Paul called them
angels of light. Like Satan was an angel of light in the Garden of Eden showing himself to Eve
and Adam as an angel of light. And he warned us not to be deceived by an angel of light which
he in that portion, 2 Cor. 11, likens them to false apostles. So, there’s a lot of religion that is
evil. A lot of false teaching and evil that happens in the name of religion. Okay.

Are these dots under the feet of the Messiah? Not yet. What did he say to the Messiah. Sit at
my right hand until I make, – until I bring your enemies under your footstool. Now, you have a
throne like the furniture of a kingdom. You have a throne and you have a footstool. The
footstool is the lower end of that throne, right? It’s where your feet go. It’s a place of
humiliation. Putting them under your feet meaning you have full authority over the evil.

But now, we don’t see that. We actually are in the presence of evil as Christ when he first came
was in the presence of an evil world. And they took him and they crucified him. Wow! What a
story! What a message! And he overcame death. Overcame evil. Was raised. Seated at the right
hand and he’s there until the word comes from the Father to go back and he’s coming. First
time as a Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world. Second time, as the King of Kings.
Rev. 19, he has four names. One of them is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. One other one is
Faithful and True. Another one is he is the Word of God. The fourth one is a name that nobody
knows but only him and the Father.

He is coming with a rod of iron, a baseball bat so to speak in a glass house and it’s over. The evil
is put under his feet and the lies are under his feet. Now, we live in a world like the world he
lived in and God has ordained this to be like so, so that we could learn to live and have God’s
mind in an evil world. How are you doing with that? How are we doing with having God’s mind
in an evil world? Right? Isn’t that a good question?

To me, I get upset. To me when I have a sense of justice in my heart, I get angry. To me, it’s not
always easy when they imagine a lie about you. When they make up a story. When they do like
Daniel and say you cannot pray anymore. When they take the three Hebrew boys and put them
in the fiery furnace or in the book of Acts they say to the believers you stop talking about it. You
stop preaching about Jesus. Be quiet. Don’t say anything more about it. You be quiet, Acts 4:19.
And they said we cannot but speak of the things that we have seen and heard in chapter 4:20.

We have the same spirit in us. We have convictions in our hearts about things. We have love in
our hearts about the Gospel. It’s the power of God unto salvation. We believe people must be
born again. We were out yesterday morning like many people. I was so happy to go to the
Fellowship Hall at the end of the property and be in a room with 50 or 70 believers that gather
on Saturday just to go out and to share our faith in a parking lot, at a mall, at a Home Depot, or
Dunkin Donut parking lot or somewhere and talk or go to some streets and knock on doors and
say that Jesus loves you, that Jesus is alive, that Jesus cares about you. To go to Towson
University on the street there on York Road as some folks do from here and we go out and we
do it as a way of life. It’s not hard. It’s loving people. I had tears yesterday with one dear lady in
the parking lot who shared her story and we had a talk and it was beautiful.

So, we are in the world to have a message about the Messiah. So, let’s go to the text. Psalm 110:2,
I have a paragraph here. “This psalm is pure gospel. It is only and wholly concerning Christ, the
Messiah. That’s all that it’s about. Promise to the Father and expected by them.” I was flying on
a plane somewhere and two Orthodox Jewish men were sitting with me. We talked. And I love
those people very much and I know a little bit about it. We talked and I knew what was a good

They asked me and we talked. I said, do you mind? I don’t get offended. I love to hear about the
psalms and the prophets, so maybe you can teach me something. We had a talk. A very nice
time. Then, it did come to a question that they couldn’t answer and the question was, Who do
you think the Messiah is? Is the Messiah God or not? Is the Messiah God? How could he be a
man, the Son of David and how he could also be God, right?

Could we put up on the screen Matthew 22:41. Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees. They are the
Orthodox Jews of the time. They gathered and Jesus asked them, vs. 42. What a good question.
That’s what I said on the plane actually to these dear people. Who’s son is he? Yeah, he is the
Son of David. That’s the easy part. He is the Son of David. Yeah, we know the Messiah is the Son
of David, 2 Sam. 7. We know that. And he shall reign forever and ever.

Well, what else? Next one. He said, vs. 43. How could he call him Adonai? Or how could he call
him God? Vs. 44. That’s from Psalm 110, right? Yahweh said to Adonai sit at my right hand till I
make your enemies – Jesus is taking that psalm and he’s asking the question. You know he is
the Son of David, but then how can he also be Lord and David would call him Lord? David’s son
is also God? Yep. Yep. He is. He’s the Messiah.

So, go to vs. 45. How could he be God and his son at the same time? It’s the point. It’s what we
have. It’s the incredible message that God so loved us that he was incarnated to save us. To
become a man. To take our sins away. To be raised from the dead so we could have a new life.
This is the message of the Gospel that is resisted by the devil.

This is why these tyrants sometimes remove all the Christians. Take all the Christians out if they
can. Remove all the Bibles, all the schools, all the churches. To murder them and kill them and
destroy them. It’s all demonic against the Lord and his anointed. They don’t want the Gospel.
They don’t want the message. They don’t want the Bible. They don’t want people like you and I.
They don’t want to have a Bible school in their country that is like our Bible school. They don’t
want to have a church in our country like our church and many churches like it that are around
our country. Thank God. That are the salt and light.

And we will keep doing what we do because it’s in our hearts. ‘Cause we are not the dots. We are
the triangles. In other words, we are not evil. We are of God. We have the Spirit of God and we
are encouraged. And every time there is some evil action or evil thing, then we are there. And maybe sometimes the darker the night, the brighter the light shines. And sometimes the devil
gets very angry about it and wants to destroy two groups of people that he hates. The Jews,
and please be aware of that and sensitive.

The Jewish people. That’s from God. Don’t touch it.
That’s from God. That’s the message of God to the world. Yes, they have not accepted. Many of
them have. Many – Christianity was born with a Jewish population. Born out of Judaism.
There’s no question about it. The Hellenistic Jews in Alexandria. The Hellenistic Jews around the
Roman Empire, more than a million of them. Maybe some millions of Hellenistic Jews have
become Christians. There’s a great story on that.

That’s not my point but my point is the devil is against the Jew and the Christian. If you have the
Spirit – He doesn’t mind the Christians that are not born again. You got to be born again. By the
way, it’s not like there are a lot of different Christians and then there is a group called the born
again. No, you are not a Christian unless you are born again. You are not of God unless you are
born of God. You have to be born of God.

You can’t – I grew up in a church and I was not born again. Just because you are born into a
church doesn’t make you a Christian. No more than my cat – what is it – my cat has kittens in
the oven. You can’t call them biscuits! The dog has puppies in the garage and you can’t call
them an automobile. They are what they are because of how they were born and you are not
going to heaven unless you are born again. And when you are born again, now you are talking
about the Messiah that saved you by his grace and gave you a new birth, gave you a new life.
And there are many people that say they are Christians and they are not going. They’re not
going up in the Rapture. They’re not going to heaven ’cause they must be born again. And God
knows them.

And yes, there are born again Catholics. I am sure of that. There are born again Presbyterians.
Born again Baptists. Born again people. There are born again people. You just have to be born
again. You cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven unless you are born again in John 3:5. And
you are if you have believed and put your trust in Christ.

Okay. Let’s go back to this psalm. I think we will just break it down quickly here. I’m reading
now from a paragraph. “Christ proposed the question to the Pharisees on the first words of this
psalm.” And we read that in Matthew 22. “where it takes for granted that David in spirit calls Christ
his Lord though he was his son.” Okay. So, “David does indeed speak of the Messiah” and “so
we say of him no doubt the prophet speaks of him and no other man. Christ is our Redeemer.
He executes the office of a prophet, of a priest and of a king with reference both to his
humiliation and his exaltation and of each of these we have an account. In seeing this psalm,
we must act upon faith in Christ.

Submit ourselves entirely to him, to his grace and government
and triumph in him as our prophet, priest and king and by whom we hope to be ruled and
taught and saved forever as a prophet, priest, and king of the whole Church who shall reign

until he has put down all opposing rule, principality and power and delivers us the kingdom to
God the Father.”

So, here is the idea in history. You need some imagination for this. It’s very important. I never,
never had exposure to this until I came into a Bible believing church with a Bible and
understood the Bible this way. This is so good.

We are living now in 2024. There is a day coming when Christ will come back in the air. We will
be brought up and meet him in the air. That’s called the Rapture. We will be with God but the
world will be under a curse. Many curses. And we talk about global warming and climatic
changes and governments and tyrants and so on. That’s puppy chow compared to what’s
coming. That’s little stuff. Tornados and climatic things and governments and wars and so on.
This is going to be global catastrophe of incredible magnitude that’s going to happen on the

That is written in the book of Revelation referred to Christ, by Christ in his teachings in
Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21. So, we have Psalm 110. Messiah, God-Man. He’s coming. While he was
here, he was a teacher. He was teaching us about things. Very good for you to be taught by
Christ. Very good for you to understand life through the words of Christ. Very good for you to
embrace it and follow it in your heart. Very good for you to learn about anxiety, fear. To learn
about death. About bondage. About religion. About false religion. Very good for you to read
your Bible.

I mean, I’m telling you. If you get in the habit of reading your Bible and learning the Bible, God
will speak to you and he’ll help you through the most difficult times in your life. God will give
you guidance even out of the blue if you got the Bible and you start reading it as a way of life.
The Spirit will bring something to your mind that you read and you got to get it in there. You’ve
got to be a Bible reader. You need it. We need it. Messiah is a teacher. Prophet, teacher, and
he’s still doing it today. He is your teacher. The anointing teaches you. That anointing helps us
live and navigate in the world. Very important.

Turn to Psalm 110:2. To a degree that is happening today. We’re able to bind the enemy. We’re
able to bind it by the head office in heaven. We can say head office is in heaven. The authority
is in heaven and it’s executed here on the earth. Ask Christ. Walk with Christ and it will be done
on the earth. The government that we are a part of is in heaven. That government extends to
the earth.

Your obedience, when you obey God, that’s the extension of the government of God on the
earth through you. You are empowered by God. “As the Father sent me, I sent you.” Go into all
the world and preach the Gospel. When God says forgive, then forgive. As you forgive, the
government of God is extended in the earth through your forgiveness. You have spiritual
power. You have authority. You have a ministry. You can see a life changed. Somebody get helped. Words. Comfort. You can see answered prayer. You can see a whole country turn.

Ninety-nine percent Buddhist. Korea. A hundred years ago, 99% Buddhist. The Buddhists would
take a Christian pastor – this happened to some. I know of this case – they took a row boat out
to sea. They put a stone around, a rope around the neck of the pastor. Through the stone into
the sea and he went down. They drowned him. They did that in Korea. It was a hundred years
ago against Christianity. It’s now the largest churches in the world are in South Korea. The
country divided. North Korea and South Korea. Remember. North Korea is evil. Yes, very wicked
and evil. South Korea is 60% Christian.

How? How did it happen? Messiah did it. How did the Messiah do it? His authority. Well, is the
evil still here? Yes. But it’s coming. There’s a day coming when his ministry will cover the earth
like the waters cover the sea. They’ll not be war anymore. There won’t be the lie that we know
of today, how we know it today. It will change cuz he did it. At the cross, he has the authority.
God is saying, I don’t lie. You lie. You people, you lie. I don’t lie. I’m coming. And when Christ
established my kingdom, there won’t be lies. I’m God. I am King. I am the Messiah.

I am in charge. It’s my kingdom and I’m bringing it on the earth. We say, thank you, Jesus. We taste it.
We want it. Come, Lord Jesus. Come. We’re with you. We’re on the same team. We love it. We
love it. We love you. We love what you said. We love what you did. You are the answer for this
world. And many people in the world say, no, no, no, no. That’s too crazy. We can figure it out.
Yeah, well, good luck figuring it out. You’ve never done it yet. Thousands of years. It just gets
worse and worse. Bad. Okay.

Next thing, priest. Vs. 4. What is a priest but a minister before God on our behalf. So, a priest
comes before God. Nobody can come before God. Nobody. Jesus can. You can’t come before
God. Are you kidding me? Demons come before God. Sinners come before God. We cannot. We
are sinful. We are unholy. We are lost. We don’t have God. We can talk about God. We can
hope in God. We can think about God. We could be inventing our God. Any number of things
people do, but people don’t know God.

Jesus does. Jesus is the priest that goes before God on our behalf and he comes to us. The
priest that comes to us to say you are forgiven of your sin. You have access to God. I made the
way. I’m the mediator. I’m the answer for your life. You are with me. At the cross, God put us in
him where when he died, we died. When he was raised, we were raised. When he ascended,
we ascended. When he is seated, we were seated with him in heavenly places. We are now in
the very presence of God in Christ Jesus. That’s what our priest did. Our priest did that.

He didn’t stay here. He went up. And because he went up, so did we. We are in him. We are
accepted in the beloved. All the verses for that I could give them to you. Ephesians 1:6, Col. 2:14,
Rom. 6:4, 6. We died with him. We’re crucified, Gal. 2:20. For us to live is Christ. I mean it’s all
there. It’s finished work. We’re accepted. The priest, Christ, the Messiah, has saved us. He has

saved us. He has put our name in the book of life. We have been accepted in the beloved. We
are born of God. We are in God. Our sin nature is done, crucified.
Okay. I’m still living in my body which has sin in it. I still have a sin nature. Yes, that’s another
message. That is true. That is for sure, but my sin cannot ultimately separate me from him who
has accepted me on the basis of the blood of the Son of God. That the Lamb of God has taken
away our sin, past, present, future. We have been justified by God, accepted by God. We are in
him and accepted in him in Christ Jesus. How amazing is that! Psalm 110.

Third thing. King. He is a king. The King. Look at Psalm 110:5, I want to put in here kings. That’s you
and me. We are priests and kings. I mean he knows who is going to reign with him but he’s
coming back on a white horse. Others coming with him. Colossians 3:4. Revelation 19, we are coming back
with him. We’re going to be raptured. The world is going to go through very bad difficult time
called the Great Tribulation but he will save the world from near destruction by returning with
his people and establishing on the earth his kingdom that will be a lot better than the one that
we are in right now. And the worse one that will be coming after the Rapture.

After the Rapture, the Christians are gone and the world in a phrase we could say the world
goes to hell. It does. Demons come out from high security prison. Evil is much greater. Armies,
wars, nuclear war undoubtedly. Powers, the seas are 1/3 blood. The sky is dark because of
fallout perhaps. Darkened moon. Darkened sun. Diseases that break out. No repentance.
Arrogance. Hatred for God and so on in that Tribulation period. That day is coming. That day is

Hey! That day is coming. Can you live with that? Come on. Wake up! I want to say it in the
context. I am saying it to the Christians around the world. All of us. Hey, are you worried about
your life? Are you worried about your investment or your house or your children? Are you
kidding me? the world is on fire. The world is in trouble. I better get serious with God. I want to
know who my Messiah is. I want to relate to him so that I have hope. I have hope when the
world collapses. I have hope when the economy collapses. I have hope when there is trouble on
the border and in the world and there is plenty of it. You need to learn how to live in this
wicked world. I mean come on. You got to learn how to live. You got to learn how to say no.
Come on! You’re not going to make it unless you learn how to live.

You got a Messiah who made it possible for you and me to live in the Spirit and to govern with
him and be a king when he comes back. That may not be my motivation. I just love Jesus and
whatever. I’m not saying it like that. But I am saying when he comes back, remember James and
John. The mother said, the mother said, could I have my son on your right hand and left hand.
Remember? And Jesus said, it’s not for me to give, but it will happen. There will be somebody
on my right and my left, but I’m not the one that’s going to give it out. It looks like the Father
will. Not mine to give but it will be there.

There will be kingdoms. There will be thrones when Jesus comes back. There will be authority
on this earth. Hallelujah! I want a righteous man ruling over me. How about it? I want a good
man ruling over me in the Millennium, right? I want God’s man over me. I want the Messiah
over me. And whoever he would put over me, I would like to be subject to that. I am looking for
that. I anticipate it. I want that because this kingdom has no end. This kingdom is a righteous
kingdom and it’s coming. Yeah. So, be comforted by it.

What we see in our country is like predicted. Not good ’cause of the way the world is in history and
how it goes. But be comforted. Have Jesus in your heart and do what we can to share the
ministry of the kingdom of God and never stop doing it. Be steadfast, immovable, always
abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as you know your labor is not in vain in the Lord.
Walk with him and then you will drink of the brook in the way.

This is a long message. I’m sorry. I’ll kind of finish here. Here it is, vs. 7. This is a just a beautiful
thought at the end of the psalm. And where we see drinking of the brook is Elijah the prophet
drinking of the brook. The ravens brought him food and he then was moved to a widow’s
house, but he drank of the brook in the way.

It’s kind of like an unknown, unseen, inconspicuous event or place. You drink of the brook in the
way. I think of our church like that. We drink of the brook in the way. We get a good drink and
we lift up the head.

Look at vs. 7. He will drink of the brook in the way. I will get a message here and a message
there and I will lift up my head. I’ll hear the bad news and there will be trouble at the border
but then I’ll lift up my head. I drink of the brook in the way. There’s a problem at the school or
the university or your working place or your family, but you drink of the brook in the way and it
lifts up your head. You’re able to realize there is a kingdom, that it’s God’s kingdom. It’s
inconspicuous. Not everybody sees it. It’s kind of behind the scenes but it’s there.

There’s more than 150 million Christians in China. The Chinese tried to destroyed Christianity
but it backfired. A hundred and fifty million they say. Some people say. Christians in China. Are
they drinking of the brook in the way? Does the Chinese government have the authority over
every human heart? Does the Chinese government have the authority over every word spoken?
Does the government have the power over where we go and how we do things? Sometimes,
but still, there is a brook in the way that we are able to drink there. And lift up our head and
believe that God is in history.

He’s sitting in heaven and he’s laughing at their efforts to destroy us. He’s laughing at it
because it’s a kingdom of spirit, and of faith, and humility and love. And that love, many waters

cannot quench it. That love you cannot resist it. You cannot tear it down. It keeps coming back
and keeps coming back cause this is the Messiah.
The Messiah is in the world and he’s on a throne and we are his anointed people. We have a
mission. We have a purpose. We have a ministry. We have a word. We have a message. We
have a brook in the way and it will lift up our head and help us live this life as hard and as
miserable as it may be. As tough as it might be, there is a brook in the way from this Messiah
who cares about us and is running things perfectly. Amen.


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