It is important to set our sights on wisdom. Too many are foolish in what they look to. Their eyes are on the things that distract from God and move us to actions that have no substance. Embrace wisdom. (Proverbs 17:24)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11956
7:00 PM on 9/16/2020

P. Schaller –

Praise the Lord! Great worship, isn’t it? And to sing with all our hearts and anticipate the presence of God here
tonight speaking to us and anointing us and comforting us and motivating us and hearing us.
Maybe something I hear tonight is just going to be like a nail in the temple. Not a nail in your
coffin! But the nails, the masters of assemblies has nails that come from one shepherd. Those
nails affect our lives. We have a proverb tonight we are going to look at and teach. We’re going
to have a great time here. I’m so thankful to be here. We are looking to Jesus tonight. Very
simple program tonight. The first one is the pastor’s choir. And then if we survive that and there
are still people in the room, then we are going to preach the message and take the offering and
then there will be later a rap tonight.

Could all the pastors come up for the pastor’s singing? Proverbs 17:24, that was fun! That was really good. Praise the Lord! Amen! What a great group to be with, huh? That’s amazing. “His word abideth still, one little word will fell him.” That’s a good line. “Let goods and kindred go, our mortal life also.” Isn’t that good? “Let goods and
kindred go, our mortal life also.” Yes. Beautiful. Proverbs 17:24, We’re going to work on that for a
minute before we preach on it. Let’s have a person here on the diagram and we will say he has
understanding. What is before the person who has understanding? Doesn’t it say wisdom? Here
we will put wisdom as a person. Wisdom is before him that has understanding but we’ll make a
countryside thing like this. But the eyes of a fool are at the ends of the earth. We’ll put here
ends of the earth. So we have a word of wisdom here that Jesus is wisdom and he is before us.
This is where we live. We live here with understanding and wisdom and if I don’t have it, if I
don’t have wisdom and I don’t have understanding, then my eyes can be on the ends of the

That’ s not a good thing. When my eyes are on the ends of the earth, it’s kind of over
there, far away, and there is also time and also the future, later. Later. The ends of the earth.
What is over at the ends of the earth? I don’t really know because I’m not there so in a way
there’s something abstract about that phrase “the ends of the earth.” I’m not there but that’s
what I’m looking at. The ends of the earth. But I’m not there. How should we live? How should
we live instead of looking at the ends of the earth? How should we live now and how do we live
everyday life? How do we manage our life and how do we live in reality or substance or
content? When Jesus came to Israel, he never left the country. He was only within it 200 miles
long, and he never rode a donkey except the time he went into the city. So maybe he didn’t
travel very fast and also he didn’t travel very far.

His eyes were not on the end of the earth. Instead what he had here, present, in his heart, in his mind, in his spirit this is what God has given to you and I. It’s a new way of living and it is really what Moses discovered. Because I
think in Moses’ life he had both of these ideas in his life. One was in Exodus 2. Let’s turn and
read it. Exodus 2:11, when Moses realized he is a Jew in a deep way, in a way that was from God, he
was 40 years old about that age when this happened. When he saw his people in bondage and
in trouble and when he saw this in a way his eyes went on to the ends of the earth. His idea was
that he could change things. In a way he went at life thinking what he could do and how much
he could accomplish and maybe was dreaming about what he could do. So he smote an
Egyptian and he ended up leaving as a refugee. When he ran away, is it not a refugee? What’s
the word? He’s a fugitive from justice.

A fugitive that he ran away into the desert and there God met him at the burning bush. In a way, this circle there is what he discovered. Not the ends of the earth. But he discovered God. Where is God? He’s at the ends of the earth but he’s also here, isn’t he? He’s in me. He is God. Is he enough? Is he present? Is he powerful? Is he God?
Yes. When Jesus talked to these poor fisherman, he did not put their eyes on the end of the
earth but in a way, that’s where they ended up. They became missionaries and they went out. If
you interviewed them, they would say I don’t know how I got here except every day I learned to
walk with the God that is here where I am. He is where I am. He is here. He is the living God
who is in my living room. He is in my prayer closet. He is the living God that speaks to me in my
local church and speaks to me through my Bible. Last night, I had this experience. I woke up at
4:30 in the morning and I was pretty rested. I just decided to pray.

My mind is wandering like so often happens. I went before God and tried to stop that and entertain and worship and love him. I felt maybe people are praying for me or something is happening because I experienced
the presence of God in a very real way. I felt the communion and I felt I don’t think I pray
enough. It wasn’t guilt but it was more like do I realize the God that is here is enough? The God
that is present in my bedroom, the God that is present in my heart, the God that listens to my
praises, the God that listens to our song, the God that listens to the $2 I have in my pocket and I
give them. It says in 2 Corinthians – this is a good example of it too. 2 Corinthians 8 is a beautiful lesson. You
know the man that said if I had a million dollars, I’d give half of it to God. The preacher said to
the man, you don’t have a million dollars. What do you have? He said, I have two cows. Well,
can you give one of the cows to God? 2 Corinthians 8:11, this is the offering. I’m willing.

The follow-up question is what do you have? I have $2. Then do something with the $2. No, I’m waiting for a
million dollars and then I can give half of it to God. The writer is saying it’s not based on what
you don’t have. It’s based on what you have. Vs. 12. Do you know what is wrong with putting
my eyes on the end of the world? I’m not there. It takes a long time to get there. It’s abstract.
It’s theoretical and it’s not where I’m living right now. I’m living here. This is the place where
God has put you. God is teaching you with understanding that you are standing before wisdom
not the ends of the earth. A fool looks to the end of the earth. He says if only I had. If only I was
stronger I could deliver Egypt. If only I had more money I could really make a difference. If only
my marriage or if only I hadn’t gotten married.

If only I had a better job, if only they would recognize me, only if they would realize what I really have. It’s all on the ends of the earth and it says a fool thinks this way. Nothing happens. Nothing happens. There is no content. Moses is a fugitive undoubtedly afraid. Maybe you could say depressed. We don’t know but he lived in
the wilderness for 40 years. He could say my life is, I don’t have much. Then comes the burning
bush and he’s got everything now. He’s got everything. He stands before the burning bush and
God speaks to him and tells him to take his shoes off. I can’t take my shoes off. I got to go to the
ends of the world. God is saying knock it off, you phony hypocrite, you empty person. You
dreamer. You person that hasn’t found and know who I am. This life isn’t about you finding the
ends of the world.

This is about you standing before wisdom and realizing who God is and what God does and how God answers, and God anointed and how God saves. Here’s a good example. Samson is in a lot of trouble and there’s a Philistine and he doesn’t have any means to fight or deal with the enemy. But there’s a jaw bone. He’s got a jawbone, but a fool’s eyes are on the end of the world like over there. Over there. But Samson learned about God. I can do this. I got
a jawbone. That’s enough. Moses says, God says what’s in your hand? There’s a rod. Throw it
down because I don’t want that rod to interfere with you and me. I want your job. I want your
family. I want your wife. I want you kids. I want your foolish eyes that are on the ends of the
earth where you are going nowhere. You are going nowhere fast. You are an empty person
because you need me. What’s in your hand?

A staff. Throw it down. There’s the beginning. It becomes a serpent. The Lord says take it by the tail. He did. Now life is different. I got it. I got it. I learned that Lord. I’m learning it still. I got it. It’s not over there. It’s right here where you are living. It’s in your kitchen. It’s when you wash your dishes for your wife which I haven’t done in
a while! It’s when you get up in the morning. It’s your attitude on the phone. It’s your stupid
social media communications with your eyes somewhere on the ends of the earth talking about
things you know nothing about, and you don’t have any walk with God, saying things that are
very foolish and empty. God would say understanding will stand before wisdom and wisdom
will say, let your words be few on the earth, for God is in heaven and you are on earth. Okay,
Lord. Will you bless me? God will say, I’ll teach you. I’ll show you. I’ll show you through your
broken car. I’ll show you through your troubled family.

I’ll show you in Rosedale. I’ll show it to you in Towson. I’ll show it to you in life. I’ll show you that I am God. I’m an ever-present help in every time of need. There is a jawbone. But the fool will say, the jawbone? I can do nothing
with a jawbone. I got to go to the ends of the earth to find an army or find the money or
resources. It will take me a long time to get over there to solve my problem. Lord will say, I
can’t use you. You need to listen to me. There’s a jawbone and it’s enough. There’s a dollar and
it’s enough. There’s a Bible class and it’s enough if you will hear it. Approach Bible school in a
prayerful way. Fill your life with fervent prayer. Fill your life with praise and learn to sing a song
and have a good attitude and be happy. The world is filled with people who never realize. They
never find it. They complain their whole life. It’s all so empty.

They are always going to the end of the earth. When they get there, they have to go to the other end of the world. It’s always short. Always late. Always an excuse. Always pain. Always a problem. Always some kind of thing
that isn’t right. Always it’s not fair. Always there is injustice. Always I got ripped off all the time.
There is something there. But you are different and me. Thank you Lord. I believe that. How can
we live here – this is the closing part of our message and it’s where we are all thinking okay
pastor. I got it. Tell me how I can live there. I want it. I would say the best starting point is what
we just said. You want it. I want it. I want it. I don’t need a better life. I got a better God. I don’t
need a better way or solution. I got a living God. I don’t need my life to change in some way for
me. I want to find God. If I find God, I find everything.

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these other things are added to us. How do you get it? I don’t know. I just wanted to go after God. One thing have I desired that I will seek after to be in his house and
inquire in his temple and behold his beauty. Vs. 4. There is something there in this message.
There is something there that is powerful. And again, okay, pastor. I got it. I want it. How can I
get it? In the sermon of the mount, Jesus said, Mt 6:19 unless you eye is single. He’s a jealous
God. That’s what I felt in my prayer yesterday, early this morning. I felt Lord I know you are a
jealous God. Let me explain the word jealousy for a minute. I’ve done it before and maybe you know it. I have a five-year-old boy and he’s outside playing. Tell him don’t play in the street. I
see him out there playing in the street. I go running out there and reprimand him. I drag him
into the house. I reprimand him.

I say I told you not to play in the street. What do I feel about that? What do I feel about my son? I feel jealousy. What kind of jealousy? I want him to live. I want him to live. I’m jealous for him to live. I want him to enjoy live. I want him to be blessed. I want him to have a full life. I want to protect him. I know nobody else will. That’s the point
about God. God would say I am the only wise God. There is nobody else that really cares about
you, but I do and I’m jealous for you. I want your best. I want you. I want you with all my heart.
I gave my Son for you. I brought you to a place and you are learning of it. I’m not showering it
on you so that suddenly you turn white and get a halo and float up to heaven. I’m using you in
your flesh. I’m teaching you by revelation and you are understanding little by little that life is
not vain. This is not a rip-off life.

This is a valuable privilege. You are learning through wisdom to live with God is so awesome and fruitful and valuable and meaningful and important on many levels the likes of which we cannot even imagine. I John 3:1-2. I would say I want you to walk this way. I want you to learn it. I want you to have a prayer life. I want you to learn to pray and learn these times for you are going to come and the Spirit is going to speak expressly sometimes. Paul
said it in 1 Timothy 4:1. The Spirit speaks expressly meaning very clearly it was the Holy Spirit that
showed Paul that. I think there will be times in your life when you say I’m floating. I’m like in
the heavenly realm. I’m in the Spirit. God is showing me and maybe this is preparing me and I’m
never going to forget this. I have found the wisdom with me because wisdom stands before
understanding. There is the prayer.

There is the praise. There is the silence. There is the obedience. There is the trust. Though he slay me, I will trust him. Many times I thought my life, I met people that said my life didn’t become what I thought it would be. It never became what I though it would be. I have to ask, what did I think when I was young? I didn’t think about what
it should be. I really wanted rather as much as possible to stand before wisdom and find
something. You don’t know whether you will die tomorrow or not. You don’t know how long
you will live. You don’t know what will happen in regards to your future. You and I are only here
for the glory of God. It’s only something that is a mystery, Revelations 4:11. We cannot get our hands
upon it. People that had disappointments had expectations that they invented. They invented.
Their eyes were on the end of the earth. They just kind of came up with it. In an abstract way
they read about it in a magazine.

They said this is what I want. I read about it in a book. I read about it in a magazine. This is what I want. The Lord is saying no. Don’t do that. Stand before wisdom. Just be obedient with my two dollars and my time. And my opportunities. There is a knock on the door and it’s Jesus. Jesus, please come in. I want to hear everything you say. Lead me in the way that you want me to go. You will be the one. I want you to be glorified. I want to
discover you. I want the Bible to be open to me. I want to learn how to love my enemy, love my
brother, love my country. I want to be salt and light. The craziness in our country is that a lot of
people are putting their eyes on the ends of the earth. They don’t know what tomorrow will
bring. How can you know what is going to happen in our future? David said in Palm 16 the Lord
is always before my face. This book is always before our face. What is it you would have me do
now, not later.

Not over there but here. What do you have for me now? What are you doing now? The Lord says seek me and then you learn about that. Seeking him. Asking him. Trusting in him. You realize he is God. He is God. He’s enough. He fills me. He satisfies me. You have this kind of peace and satisfaction. Are you going to get married? I don’t know. That’s in God’s hands. My eyes are not on the end of the earth. Are you going to have a nice house? I don’t
know. I’d like to have but I don’t know if I’ll get that. Maybe or maybe not. Do you have a great
job? I’m not sure about that. I can work at it. I can do those things. It’s not wrong to have goals.
I don’t mean that. Moses had a goal, but he didn’t have God. Later, when he found God he
went back to Egypt and that thing happened because God did it. Moses was in it and that’s
amazing. I wonder how many men and women of God can be used mightily in these days. How
many salvations.

We have 50 new freshmen in our Bible college in a covid period of time. Halleluiah! Thank you for sending it, Lord. That’s the way it goes. Who knows! Who knows how about things go. I just know I don’t lay awake at night hoping and dreaming about something that is way over there that maybe isn’t in the plan of God. I’m just happy about it. Here it is. God is present. Here it is. He speaks and it’s enough. Here it is. We have a place in the Body.
Here is it. We are being prepared to meet Christ one day and as things are going we are not
going to be ashamed. We will say thank you God for your grace towards us all through our lives.
Again, lastly, pastor, that’s what I want. What does it mean? How does it work? What does it
mean? God will show you. I want to say this last thing about evangelism. I’m learning to do it
more and more. I say to someone on the street, a stranger, I say have you prayed? Have you
prayed? No. I said I want you to pray to God because God answers prayer. And then I could be
gone. I could disappear. I don’t know. I didn’t win him to the Lord.

I didn’t win the person to the Lord. I don’t know. I didn’t get a chance to or I didn’t feel led that way. I could say to them have you prayed to God? Yes, I have. What are you praying? Better job? Better girlfriend? Better car?
What are you praying? More money? What are you praying? How about salvation? Pray for
salvation. Pray to God. He hears you. He will answer you. I might never see you again. I don’t
know who you are, and you don’t know who I am, but I got to tell you. You pray to God. God
hears prayers. He hears the cry and hears prayer and he answers. What am I saying? We don’t
have to invent something that isn’t here and go somewhere and produce something. No, the
living God answers prayer now. The living God is on the boat now. The living God walks on the
water now. The living God comes through the doorway now. The living God is an ever-present
help in every time of need.

The living God will teach me the Bible like no human being can. The living God will satisfy the longing soul. I don’t have to be living in a dream because I can be totally satisfied and contented in his presence eating the Lamb. And then we might end up surprised how much God uses us, how much he uses us. What can happen in a marriage. Wow! I wish it was different. Okay. We all wish it would be different but let’s be careful with that.
Let’s be careful with that and stand before wisdom and see what will happen and walk in the
holiness and grace and peace and presence of God.



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