God measures out His gifts to those who believe upon Him. By these gifts, His Church is formed and made to thrive. The gifts serve to bring us together and grow in community that operates in love. (Ephesians 4:7-11; Daniel 2:44-45; 7:14–15; John 3:34)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12519
7:00 PM on 5/31/2023

P. Schaller –

We can say I wonder how many people Christ saved today? What do you think? I wonder how many people
were ministered to in Asia? How many people in Latin America were healed by Christ today? I
wonder how many young people, old people, decided to follow Christ with all their heart? You
think that happened today? What do you think? Yes.

Turn just for a minute to Ephesians 4:7. Praise God! Thank you, Lord. (Prayer). So, God gives
measure. It’s Romans 12:3. We have also faith given by God. Look at Romans 12:3. Turn to your
neighbor and say, don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought to. Yeah. Knock it off! Okay.
How should we think? Vs. 3. We could say to think doctrinally about yourself or maybe not even
think so much about yourself at all. But what does it say? To think soberly according as God has
dealt to every man the measure. There it is again the word measure.

METRON in the Greek. It is both two things: It is a vessel or a measure, a degree of volume, capacity, like a vessel – a
quart or a pint or a bushel. It’s a measure and we have a measure. Where does it come from?
Where does the measure of our gift – notice it does say “according to the measure of the gift of
Christ.” Now, all believers have Christ 100% in our life. But not every believer has a full
manifestation of Christ in their life. There are various gifts. Various – I’ll put here we got the gift,
and then we have degrees. Degrees of what? Degrees of faith. Degrees of wisdom. Degrees of
knowledge. We have various measures that we have as individuals in the Body of Christ. It’s

My son, Justin, spoke about it last night in Fed Hill. I went to that Bible study and enjoyed it a
lot. It was very refreshing for me. I loved the meditation, and I want to share it tonight. So, this is
prefacing our message and the teaching. I opened it up by saying I wonder how many people
got saved in the world? How many were healed? How many people had demons cast out of
them? How many people met a man or woman of God? How many people went to a women’s
Bible study and they come away refreshed, because there was a measure, a measure of grace,
a measure of faith in that fellowship that was ordained of God, so that on the earth there actually
is the ministry of Christ that is happening. It’s happening all over the world.

I asked Pirjo to go to the newsletters and find stories of our people. I’ll read a few. It will take me
a few minutes, but follow it with me. (He’s reading portions of newsletters from Azerbaijan;
Sikkim, India; Cambodia, and Chad, Africa). I want you to think all of these people have a
measure of faith. All of these people are doing things by prayer, by the gospel, by love, by faith.
All these people, there are gifts that are operating in many ways, and there are many members
and many parts. Yes. Amen. Yes. Okay. Wow. (Prayer).

It’s Wednesday night, so when I say, would you stand with me?, there’s so many groans in the
audience! Let’s try it. Would you stand with me? [groaning sound]. Turn to your neighbor and
say, you are an awesome child of God, ordained by grace. Okay. You may be seated.
In the book of Daniel, there are many things. There’s one thing I want to say tonight, and to get
there, there’s a couple little pieces, and this is Daniel 2 is one of those pieces. The context for
our living today, 2023, in the year of 2023, in the United States, imagine we are honored by God
to be alive and to live at this time. And yet, we know God is coming. God is coming. God is
coming. What will the world be like when God comes?

What will happen when God comes? Look at Daniel 2:44. By the way, you and I are part of that kingdom tonight. We are in that kingdom. vs. 44. In a word, that means very profound, all civilizations, everything created by
man, all of the systems, everything, and it’s mounting as we know by technology and other
things, and it’s very powerful. But then vs. 45. What is that? The stone that was cut out of the
mountain. All of this needs some explanation, but because many of you are Bible students, you
know what it is saying in the context. The stone in a word is that kingdom. It is Christ. That stone
that hits the image and is broken in pieces, vs. 45. The stone is cut out of the mountain without
hands, meaning man didn’t cut the stone. It came from God. This stone is Christ. vs. 45. This
was King Nebuchadnezzar.

In a word, this is for your study, but in a word, God is coming. Christ is coming. He said it and he
quoted to the priests from Dan. 7. Turn there with me, Daniel 7:13-14. In a word, he’s coming.
God is coming. Are you afraid of that? No. We look forward to it. We are not ashamed at his
appearing, 1 John 2:29. We anticipate it. Why? Because we have gifts. In a word, we have gifts.
God gave us gifts. God gave us measures. God gave us degrees of manifestation. God gave us
a ministry. God ministered to us. Before he comes, he left the church here.

Listen to this, Matthew 13. It’s like a tree, and in the tree birds come. I won’t say much about it. It’s a
message in itself, but I want to suggest to you that the church is like a tree, and there are birds
that come into the tree. The birds are not the tree. The birds are different from the tree. The
birds are not the tree. They’re not fruit. They’re not leaves. They’re not branches. The birds are
different. So, we have the church age. We have the real church, and at the same time, we have
men and women coming in and they are part of it. They enjoy the tree, but they are not part of
the tree. They are not in the kingdom. They are not born again. They are not Spirit-filled, but
they like the atmosphere.

They like the money, gifts, ministry, words, conversations. They like it.
So did Judas Iscariot up to a point. He was like a bird in the tree that is Christ and the disciples.
Okay. Now, let’s go to John 3:34. My prayer is somehow the Holy Spirit will give it fresh to you
what I want to say. That’s what I believe will happen. Pray for that. John 3:34, this is about
Christ, so we’ll put his name here. Christ. So, I’ll put here “not by measure.” Did Jesus have, did
he have a degree of wisdom or did he have all wisdom? Did he have some faith or did he have
it without measure, like fullness? He had fullness.

How about you? You have it by measure. Christ had a ministry without measure for in him is the
fullness of the Godhead, Colossians 2:11. I think we all know this. He was God incarnated. There was
no limit. There was no degrees as we have. The Body of Christ has degrees. The Body of Christ
– there are times when we don’t have anything. In a sense, we are just broken vessels, and we
are just in faith and maybe even very little faith. But that’s fine, because this is his plan. He
keeps us humble. He leads us with hunger. We are hungry. We are imperfect. We have a sin
nature. We are desiring. We have this orientation. Christ had a ministry and all that he was,
100% man, 100% God, was without any measure, but it was full and complete. Okay.

Go now to Ephesians 4 with me, please. We’ll look at vs. 7-8. Let me explain that one more time. All of
Christ is in you. Everything about Christ is in you. You have all spiritual blessings in him. We all
have this 100% righteousness. We are justified. We are members of his Body. We are full and
complete in him. There is not a question about it. That’s important for our identity. There’s
nothing more to be accomplished. We have been imputed with his righteousness, and the
nature of Christ 100% is given to us.

But while we live here in this world, we all know not everybody is an apostle. Not everybody is a
prophet or a pastor. Not everybody has the gift of helps. There are – let’s put it this way. There
are three primary lists of gifts in the Bible. We have Ephesians 4 is one list. 1 Corinthians 12 is one and
Romans 12 is another list. The total is 19 gifts mentioned in these lists. Nineteen different gifts
that are categorically mentioned. Wisdom, miracles, faith, prophecy, speaking in tongues,
knowledge, helps, administration, and so on.

So, my personal belief is just as we are different biologically from each other, everybody’s DNA
is different. All of us are different. Our fingerprints, the retina of our eye. Everything about it. Our
facial recognition by these computers. We know we are all different. Every snowflake is
different. There are things about God that are beautiful. One of them is diversity. He loves
diversity. God made us all different. God is a creative God. He is a wise God, and he can do
this. And he did it. He did it! It’s amazing. Okay.

Now, what about the gifts? I kind of believe that all of these different combinations of degrees of
the gifts and the combinations of the gifts make all of us different. There’s never been another
Billy Graham or another Watchmen Nee or another Martin Luther and so on. Or another Amy

Carmichael. We all live a – we don’t all live different lengths of time, but we all have different
journeys. We all have different experiences. All of us when we go to heaven, we are both, – we
have something very real in a common way about all of us for we’ve all been saved by the
blood. We’ve all had all of our sins taken away. Our names, all of our names are in the book of
life. God is the Father of all of us. Christ is our Savior. We are all indwelt by the Holy Spirit. We
are all going to appear like him though we will be who we are. Isn’t that amazing! Okay.

Now, what I want to say here. Turn to Ephesians 4:7. There we have the word is suggesting degrees.
Various degrees. vs. 8. We were captive. He’s a conqueror. He goes into death. He goes into
the grave. He goes into the lowest part. He goes there. This is kind of unknown, but we know he
was buried. We know he brought Abraham’s bosom – all the Old Testament saints that were in
Abraham’s bosom they could now go to heaven, because the blood has been shed for all their
sins to be taken away. For the shedding of blood of animals could not take away sin, Hebrews 10. It
can in a form be a teaching lesson for the blood taking away sin, but animal blood cannot take
away sin.

The form, the teaching, the expression of it, we see it takes away sin. The high priest
would appear before the nation having applied blood atonement, and we have the lesson. But
the reality had to happen through Christ ascending. “For he that descended,” vs. 8, he took
people that were captive into another kind of captivity. He brought them from something less
than heaven. He brought them to heaven. He brought them from the incomplete, the paradise,
the incomplete salvation, and he brought them to heaven.

So, then it says – I think that’s enough to explain. You follow that with me. And then it says that
he gave gifts unto men. This is what struck me. I honestly believe this is completely real that he
gave gifts. There’s no way the church would be alive today, except that he gave gifts to men. He
gave us gifts. There’s no way we would be here tonight unless he did that. And he did that. Or
that we could read those stories tonight. There’s no way unless what he did when he

Now, the descending part is the question Justin last night mentioned four points. I’m just going
to mention three, because those are the ones that I remember. When Jesus descended, the first
one was he became a man. He descended. He became a man. Christ is God and he became a
human being. He as a human being died. The second one is he – let’s see. He became a man.
He was in his mother’s womb. In his mother’s womb. This is Psalm 139 and actually Psalm 22. That
when he was in his mother’s womb, he was in fellowship with the Father. And all his members
were written in a book in secret before. So, he descended and took on this humility. He that
descended went also – the third one was he went into the grave. Like Jonah was in the fish and
went down in the sea. Jesus said he would be in the earth for three days and three nights. He
that descended – I understand it to mean that you could not go lower than Christ. You could not
suffer more. You could not be more humiliated. You could not be brought to a lower place than
he went.

So, when he went up, he went of course to the highest place, to the Father’s right hand. And
there he had the authority. He had the authority to give what? Gifts to us. Your gifts are from
God and they cost something. Your gifts are clearly they are from God. You didn’t make them
up. It’s not your best shot given in the natural sense. It’s a spiritual ministry. It’s the gifts of God
given to us by his grace.

And I feel like in the work of the ministry that we see around the world, there’s no question. This
little stone is destroyed. This stone is so powerful that it one day becomes a mountain and fills
the whole earth. Right now, we are like the little stone status. We are not, we are not looking so
great, but we are. We’re not like powerful in the U.N. Or in the local government or whatever you
want to say, with big money or big tech or something. No, this is different. And we enjoy it cause
it is spiritual. And it’s because he that came did this, so that our life would be unique. Our life
would be very different. We’d have a new community.

Now, just to say a couple things about this new community. Look at chapter 4, verse – you know
the text pretty well, I’m sure. vs. 9-11. And so we have this text. I don’t want to read it, because I know you are familiar with it. But I don’t want your mind to follow that way. I want you to listen to
what I’m saying, because it’s incredible. It’s absolutely incredible what Jesus did. That he went.
He gave gifts. And again, there’s like 19 that are listed but there could be many more. Many
Bible teachers say that that’s just the list. I mean three lists. But it can include more words. And
you have the fruit of the Spirit that is the love of God that is of course at the very heart of it. And
then we have – what has happened to us now to us now with these gifts given in measure?
Let’s say one degree. I’ll put here one degree. Fifty degrees. Ninety-nine degree gift. There’s
one gift or two gifts. Two gifts. Gift of faith. Gift of mercy. Gift of helps with different degrees,
different measures that are given.

What happens with those? They operate in us. What happens when we gather? We have
hearts. We think about each other. We actually love each other. We have compassion. There’s
the gift of mercy. Someone has the gift of faith. They have knowledge. Somebody has wisdom.
Let’s put that gift here. The wisdom that they have is like one degree. Somebody has 57 degree.
This sounds weird maybe, but I just want to make a point here. Not everybody all the time has a
lot of wisdom. Not everybody all the time is going to be correct. Not everybody all the time.
There’s only one person that lived like that. That was Christ. Without measure, he had it all all
the time and we saw that. We read it in the Gospels.

Now, we are here without him like that, but we are here. We have this. That’s why we assemble.
Cause maybe we hope we will see Christ in each other. For I am determined not to know
anything among you except Christ and him crucified. This is what draws us to each other. You
see because life is essentially, really esssentially – life, God, and the whole universe is all about
relationships. It’s all about people. It’s all about God and people. It’s about relationships. Many
of us kind of grew up with an individualistic mentality, and our society is embracing that. You are
an individual. You are who you want to be. It’s your right to be who you are. And what do we
have at the end of the day? I have me and myself and a couple friends. But how much wisdom
do I have? How much faith? How much mercy? How much knowledge? How much education?
I might be just a simple, lonely, arrogant person, but I found Christ. What happened?

You find Christ, and in the fellowship with gifts, – God gave gifts to men and you see it and you recognize
it, and you go wow! That was cool. I don’t know what happened tonight at the meeting. That was
pretty cool. What I saw. I saw a guy play the guitar, and I was watching him. I was thinking about
him. I realize he really does believe. He’s a believer. I leave the meeting. That guy’s a believer. I
think a lot of those people in that meeting are believers. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t
know. I don’t want to be there. I don’t want to go back there again. And then, I think I’ll check it
out. I start thinking about it.

Do you see what this is? Do you understand? I am so much interested in this, understanding
this because it changes. I’m so happy I am not the person I could have been. I am so happy that
God gave gifts to the Body. I somehow by God’s grace came into it and I just made a habit. I
made a habit. I just started to learn. It made sense. I found conversations were a lot better
without the guys who were smoking marijuana. Those conversations, what do they amount to?
How many times did I sit with those people? How much did we talk about? What purpose did we
have in life? Where was it all going? How foolish was it? How stupid was it? Where would it
bring me in my life?

Jesus says, oh no. I am God, and I am coming. But before I come, I’m giving gifts and I’m giving
them out in measure, so that you need each other. You need a ministry from each other. You
need it to be not men. You don’t need it to be human beings socially. You need to be spiritual,
and then human beings end up being refreshed. Our conversations refresh us.
Let me ask a question, and I’ll finish up here. Have you ever been in a meeting where it was
very discouraging? Somebody attacked you. You were very discouraged. Have you ever been in
a bad meeting? Have you ever been – I don’t mean a church meeting. I mean any kind of
meeting. A softball team, Boy Scout club, or high school or whatever. Every been in a meeting
where you just say I’m never going there again. I’m not going back.

Okay. Listen. I am in these meetings, and I’ve never had a meeting where I said I’m never going
back. How come? I could have but I’m just trying to say something. Love. These people maybe
they love me. Maybe they are not criticizing me. Maybe they care about me. Maybe they invest
in me. Maybe they want to sit with me. Maybe joy. It’s a good time. I want to have a good time. I
don’t know about you, but I can’t survive without having a good time. And I need some
comedian around me. I need somebody who is light-hearted. I need someone thankful. I need
somebody wise. I need encouragement. You know what I am saying.

This is the Body of Christ, and I’m telling you, I believe the devil, he’s against Jesus. And now
he’s against the people on the earth, and we’re filled with the Spirit. Now, he’s against them
loving each other. I mean he will work to no end to stop God from being manifested on the
earth, and the church is the place where that manifestation takes place. And the church is the
place where demons are cast out. People are healed. People are saved. People are discipled.
People are edified. People are forgiven. People are prayed for. People are encouraged as
human beings, and human beings need it. We don’t like to admit it, but we need it. We need
help, and God gave gifts in the Body of Christ for this to happen. Amen. Okay. It’s good. I love it.
We’re going to have a Convention. (Prayer). I laugh so hard my ribs are aching. My sides are
aching. We fell off our chairs. I’m not kidding you. It was unbelievably funny. Meeting after
meeting. I mean this happened in the Body of Christ. In Holland it happened, and it happened in
Finland. It was so amazing. Let’s go back to the prayer! (Prayer).


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