God fills our mouths with His praises. We must be so thankful for what He does in and through us. Let us bless Him as He renews our strength and we soar as the eagle. (Psalm 103:1-8; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Testimonies from the congregation
Sermon # 11367
7:30 PM on 11/15/2017


P. Schaller

Job 33:22, P. Mark was speaking of a man very sick and contemplated physician assistant suicide in Switzerland. Then he spoke again to P. Mark and changed his mind.

vs 23. How many people have a message regarding eternal life? One in a thousand maybe. I remember I preached on this text some years ago and asked how many in this church have been shot. Five hands went up. But they didn’t die. One man was shot and is probably 45 or 50 and the bullet is still in his back.

He was shot at 16.

vs. 28-29. Many times car accidents, cancer, falling down, disease and so on. Many times and the man or woman or child doesn’t die. God does that.

vs. 30-31. This is the preacher Elihu preaching to Job. That isn’t our message. We’re going to do our message on being thankful tonight. For the sake of you sharing something, just a short word if God puts it on your heart to say a few words. Say I am thankful because God has saved my life and God has also delivered me.

How many remember Vince Madsen? He passed away this morning. That man had cheated death so many times. A motorcycle accident and God brought his life back. He came here and got saved. There was a deep part to his life and then it’s his time and he’s gone.

We’re going into the Christmas season. I want you in a personal way to think about the Christmas season in a certain way. We have six weeks, 2 months where we can have a strategy and think about other people. Some people may have a very short time to live. Maybe God has brought them back from the edge of the grave or the pit and are walking here amongst us. Christmas is the time we can make a big noise celebrating. Merry Christmas! And our neighbors. We can knock on their door. Not tonight! Maybe this weekend. And say I’m coming but to say hello. You don’t preach to them. You don’t have to do that. Care what they care about. Listen to them. You can share as God leads you. They are my neighbor. They are not going anywhere. At our church we have something going on. We talked today about going down to the Inner Harbor with a manger dressed up in wise men and I don’t know if we’ll have horses or not, chickens and goats! We will be convening in the Inner Harbor one night. Late afternoon Saturday or how it goes. We’re going to celebrate the fact that God came here. I know God is in that. He came here. That’s the thing that shocks us all. I would like my neighbor because sometimes they think it’s Christmas and I should go to church. They don’t know what church to go to. There is a candlelight service. There’s gifts. We’re going to do a photo Sunday where families get a photo. I’d like to see rolling pictures of people in our church, families. That would be a beautiful thing. Have people coming and they take a step. Believe me if anybody is walking vertically today it’s a great gift. If anyone is alive today it’s a great gift. I heard a doctor give a speech at Hopkins and a woman asked why this particular disease. The doctor said you shouldn’t marvel there is a disease. You should marvel that anyone is alive. All these pressure mechanisms and things going on in our bodies. Someone gets shot and survives. A car accident and survives. P. Merullo was addicted to heroin in Florida. Someone cut the heroin with soap. He went down and was pronounced dead at one point and was breathing out bubbles out of his mouth. That man is a miracle in more ways than one. I want to speak about thanksgiving tonight. There are so many things we can be thankful for that God has done.

When you share keep it short. The shorter the better. Give the message. I am thankful because. P. Love is a master with the microphone. When you’re not a public speaker it’s kind of hard to know when to stop. The only way we can do this, I believe it should be done in our church because God is working here. We want to hear about it. We do the Body a favor by saying something. That might be the thing we carry with us tonight.


(Psalm 103:1-3) how many of you have found yourself becoming negative sometime? How many have found yourself constantly negative? Maybe all the time. How do you deal with that? That is the way I am. The world is like this, or is it I can choose?

If you were to read 1 Thes. 5, – you know how they have all these how to books, how to repair a Volkswagen for dummies, how to be happy, how to succeed.

1 Thes 5:16 says rejoice evermore. How? It just says do it! Pray without ceasing. How? Just do it. Like telling a teenager, clean your room. How? Just do it. I go to church to hear that kind of reality talk. Just do it. Live by faith. How do you pray? By faith.

vs. 18. Jeremy crashed the motorcycle and when he came to he didn’t say why did this happen. He said thank you God. I’m amazed I’m alive. Thank you.

It is so easy to turn it the other way especially when there is pain. We are called to faith. In faith we have a spirit of worship. The finished work of Christ, the fact God came and gave his Son is enough. That’s enough for worshipping forever. God gave his Son. He came to forgive all our sin. What? All our sin forever. What? Thank you, God. We forget his benefits.

Ps 103:2 we have a great church in Baltimore city. This is a miracle. We have this property. We almost own the whole thing. I think next year it’s all paid for and don’t stop giving in the offering! Pay your tithes. We have missionaries. If we had one, that would be amazing. These people we have gotten to know and be part of their lives is a gift. The fact that Vince Madsen had all kinds of addiction problems he came in and out of. I love it he came here and it touched him. We heard it here tonight. Some of you never had an addiction problem like that. You have others maybe. Coffee! But you belong here. We all belong here. God baptized us into this assembly. We are fitly framed here. We are thankful.

Same idea with investing in our neighbors because Christmas is coming and I want to make a contact. I’m trying to say we are on a mission. And we’re all busy people, I know. God make this Christmas season a great one. Speak to them. All of us are on a time schedule. We will not regret the things we have done by faith.

vs. 3. P. Tim mentioned it. All thy disease. Jeremy said it. He was in a coma for 30 days. And he came out of it and God healed him of that. God heals people in our soul and forgives us of our sins. Don’t go back and dig it up in your past. Don’t think about them. Move on and become a thankful person, a merciful person.

vs. 4. Every night you could say thank you God I could be sleeping under a bridge tonight. I could be on a respirator. I could be starving to death. You have redeemed my life from being destroyed and crowned me with LK and tender mercies. You crown us. I feel it. I feel the presence of God in many ways in a course of a day. When I’m with these men at different times I go that’s a word of wisdom. You gave that person faith.

I believe Bill Alexson has a gift of faith. P. Cooper loves to invest and he loves people. My prayer is way beyond us that the H.S. will be giving gifts to these people who are using them. When there is another saint of God raised up and used in a beautiful way. This is what we anticipate. A prayer warrior like Brainerd or a missionary like William Carey or Watchmen Nee. P. Scibelli said P. Satellite’s church is extraordinary. After he was done preaching, the Chinese were weeping. These men and women in this work we could be filled with thanksgiving. Always get it you have a hunger for more and then I’m satisfied with whatever God has given me in my life.

One man said we should have two stones and one says you are dust and ashes and the other says the universe was made for you. I am dust and ashes, nothing and then I am important. My life is going to end soon but my life will never end. I’m so sorry I disappointed you yet my heavenly Father finds no fault in me.

Ps 103 if we understand this, vs. 5. He satisfied your mouth with good things. Your mouth. Good things. There is satisfaction in your mouth. I don’t think it means sirloin steak. My mouth speaks from the heart. We are satisfied from our mouth.

The mouth is a well of life in Proverb 11. A tree of life. Our mouth has authority and is blessed of God. Our mouth has the Gospel. As the Father sent me, I send you. Whoever’s sins you remit, they are remitted and whoever’s sins you retain, they are retained. That’s from your mouth. You have the authority to say your sins are forgiven and if you don’t come to Christ, you will die in your sin. Our mouth is extraordinary, blessed. Our mouth says prayers. Our mouth has the authority to make a declaration. Being filled with the Spirit is speak to yourself with psalms, hymns and Spirit filled doctrine.

vs. 5. They say the eagle is known for its vigor and vitality. It doesn’t get old. There are seasons when it loses its plumage and then it’s not as active. I want to suggest if we wait on the Lord, he will renew our youth like the eagle.

He will give us health in our body in Prov 4.

When we think with God, he renews our mind in Rom 12:2.

Ps 82:10, we live by promises and mix faith with them. We are renewed in the inner man and not get old and crusty and negative. Why be like that when I can be filled. All that is within me. It’s not partially baked or just part of my life or once in a while or only good times and not bad times. All that is in me, bless his holy name.

vs. 5-8. I got to say when I have done something wrong or sinned, and kind of braced for the consequences. Then they aren’t there and the Lord speaks to my heart. I am slow to anger; I am merciful. I don’t reward you according to your sin. I am like God. I’m not like man. I don’t need to explain it more than that. His grace, his mercies are new every morning. Great is his faithfulness. We don’t walk around condemned or introspective. He is slow to anger.

Ex 4 when Moses was chiding with God about going back to Pharaoh, he said four reasons. I can’t speak very well. Why would I go? God took it and on the fifth time then he got angry with Moses. Knock it off. I’m sending you back. You don’t have a thing to worry about. I

f God is for you, who can be against you. Even in his anger, it’s an expression of his mercy. Even when he deals with us, it’s out of love. He draws us by his gentleness and makes us great. He draw us by his mercy and we get to know him. The best thing we could do is pay attention to him. Recognize his presence in our daily life.

Assemble all the more as we see the day approaching us. We see brothers and sisters passing, and we say I am living life so I can meet him one day and we will not be ashamed.


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