God conceals things. He has washed away our sins, our past, our troubles. He longs to reveal to us the beauty of holiness and bury our ashes. He triumphs over master of secrecy and foolishness.  (Proverbs 25:2; Psalm 64-1-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11315
7:30 PM on 8/16/2017


P. Schaller

Prov. 25:2, The Lord will say something to our hearts tonight I’m sure as we are born again believers and have the Spirit of God in us. We ask God to bless our service and give us a slice of bread.

Turn the faucet on. The hose is on all the time, Is 27:3.

Prov. 25:2, it’s the glory of God to hide something, to conceal it, to not reveal it. To cover something. I wonder what that would be. My sins. It is the glory of God to conceal my sins. Are we sure about it? Is that biblical? Does he cover our sins? By the blood of Christ our sins are covered.

Heb 10 we read that. Does he hide it? Conceal it? Put it behind his back, separate as far as the east is from the west? What else does he conceal? “A thing.” What is that? What does he hide? It’s profound, isn’t it? Christ’s return. Who knows when Christ will come back? Would it be good to know everything in life? It would be a curse if I knew too much. What if you knew the day you would die? What a terrible piece of K that would be. My whole life would be rotating around that date. It’s a blessing we don’t know that. Let’s slow down. I’m going way too fast! Someone said are you from Kansas? You talk so slow!

vs. 2. What else does he hide? My past, my sin is gone.

How about knowing no man after the flesh, 2 Cor 5. God knowing me based on my sin nature rather than knowing me based on his Son’s nature. He knows me according to the Son of God. What about my old man? He puts up with it, recognizes it. The Holy Spirit is grieved over it but the Father cannot behold iniquity. He doesn’t know us based on our sin. He knows us based on our potential. If we were to talk to God and he were to talk to us, he would know us based on the finished work. This is how he would build us up.

vs. 2b. But the honor of kings is to search out a matter. I think there is a couple of ways we can read that. The honor of kings to search out a matter.

Two kinds of kings, the spiritual king like the king we are in Rev 1:5. We are priests and kings. What do we search out? The truth. We search out the S. Then there is another kind of king like Satan.

He is searching out iniquity, Ps. 64. I hope not to confuse you but want to make that clear. I think we’ll have a good service here. A good, powerful, simple profound message to teach us something.

Is. 55. Sometimes in ministry it’s kind of difficult because we want transparency in the church and each other. Transparency is the evidence of sincerity and honesty. But also it can be difficult when someone has sinned and there are people who are crying out for transparency. What they would like is a confession and for someone to publicly confess their sin and they would be satisfied and feel it is the right thing to do. Sometimes it would be appropriate, a public confession to admit I did something wrong and say I sinned and I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I want you to go deeper – not deeper but see it, more about it.

Is 55:8, my thoughts are not your thoughts. What are God’s thoughts about our sin? And the things he conceals. How difficult it can be if we are talking about people. A kind of morality and then excluding spirituality. Morality is part of life but behind it is God’s thoughts. When there is an injustice, a crime, and someone has committed a crime there is a judgment and penalty. We say amen but is there more to think about? Is there something more that God wants to say about it? Yes, my thoughts are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are judgment and penalty and I agree that’s true but it’s not my whole thought. The woman caught in adultery was to be stoned but God is saying my thoughts are not yours. I realize she is guilty and the penalty is stoning. Jesus, what do you say? P. Mati said in the Islamic world this story gets ahold of people. They know it carries a heavy penalty. P. Mati says what did Jesus say about it? No, what did he say? He tells the story. Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more. I want to use a little picture here. Here’s something beautiful. Here is something ugly. Here is God. God has a way of revealing the beautiful and covering the ugly. When Jesus comes into the world he wants to reveal God to us. He wants to cover our sin and our rebellion and our fallen nature and say to us, follow me. I am God and my thoughts are not yours. I have something to show you. I want to reveal a kingdom to you.

In the church life, we have a little bit of a problem. We want to know God and the Spirit of God and think like God. This means that there are some people that may get upset by the way we think. They might think it should also be our business is to expose, to make this obvious, and maybe even emphasize this. The flesh of man can easily cover the kingdom. The pearl of great price. I have seen no pearl of great price.

The treasure hidden in the field in Mt 13. KOG is like a treasure buried in the dirt and a man goes and buys the whole swamp, the whole enchilada [idiom] because he wants to find that. This is what the Spirit of God has done in your life. When you started walking by faith, and the Spirit of God anointing you in life, the Spirit stirring your heart and helping us understand what we didn’t see before. We are a community of fellowship in the mystery. The blue box is God and the red one is the devil (in his illustration on the stage). Better yet, we will have Greg hold him! This is amazing. What changes in your life is this. I’m not in denial of the ugly stuff in my life or in other people’s lives. I know what it is, but I know there is something more important in our fellowship and that is not to accentuate our iniquity and sin but we recognize it and when it happens, yes we are to admit it, recognize it and are before God at the Cross. He covers it, forgives our sin at the Cross. The blood washed us clean and we walk by faith and we get to know the ministry of the truth that is in this book. We dig into the book.

Ps 119 we had Sunday morning’s message on getting saturated in the Book and the Spirit bringing into my spirit the truth. I remember reading all the “begats.” You go through all the “begats” and wonder if it is important but you keep reading. I don’t understand all I’m reading, but I keep reading. I live in faith and prayer and the Bible starts to make me live. It renews my mind, stirs me up. Sometimes I can’t define the influence the Bible is having on me. I know it’s refreshing to me and an important part of my new life. You’ll find wondrous things that come from the Bible. He conceals a thing but it’s an honor for kings to search out a matter. We begin to search out by listening to Jesus, by our humility, our faith, our obedience to God. We search out the truth and find it. We find the reality of Christ in the Bible. Many live in a world where this is confusing. There isn’t any real operation here. They can talk about this or this or various things in life. They are searching out.

Let’s look at Ps 64:1-2. God hides me from the secret counsel of the wicked. We got this idea here pretty clear. Here is the secret counsel of the wicked. They have a plan. And it’s the opposite of what God does. They search it out and cover God. They don’t talk about forgiveness and mercy and grace and the revelation of Christ and his awesomeness. They are not excited about God and his ways. They don’t know about Body life and the pearl of great price. They are in another world and it’s very clever, very powerful.

I’m reading about the history of Hitler, 1923, 1924 period where he is rising to power. How politically smart he was. The different aspects of the German government at the time and the problems and how he was able to do it. He was obviously an evil man but he did it. We are in shock that he did it. We are in shock how such a man could have such power, unite the country, and build an empire that was devastating to millions of people.

Ps 64, I don’t know who he is talking about but not just a normal guy but someone who has the ability to do damage.

vs. 2-4. They may shoot how? In secret. They are masters of secrecy. Master plotters in the night. I remember P. Lange giving counsel to young people saying nothing good happens after 10 at night. No sleepovers. Nothing good happens after 10 at night. That’s something for parents to think about. We’ll stretch it to 10:59. Nothing good happens after 10:59 at night. Why? In darkness people come alive and start to do things in secret. It’s this picture here. They are covering up what should be revealed. That’s what the devil does. He doesn’t want you to find out God is so good and grace goes so far. That the Bible is a living book and it has an effect on your life, and that you have real friends. I’m an older guy now, but I’m so happy I have good friends. He doesn’t want you to know you will have good friends as you follow God.

Ps 64:4 enter J.C. into the world. They are recognizing him. They are demons that recognize the Son of God. They are after him to destroy him. Herod tried it when he was a baby.

Lk 11:53-54 when the Pharisees were listening to him…they were seeking to catch something out of his mouth that they might accuse him. This is what they are doing. (Ps. 64:5-6) They search out iniquities. That’s your life and my life. God goes like this (covers the ugly). And this is how I see you. I’m your heavenly Father. I already found all your iniquity. I know about your past and your motive. I know about your pride and selfishness. Who am I to judge another man’s servant? He stands and falls before his own master. We have to be careful with the sins of other men and women. It’s not my business. Someone says what do you think about this man’s ministry or that man’s ministry? What do I know about the hearts? Regarding doctrine, we meet everyone at an academic level and have our discussion. We have too many big fish to fry [idiom]. We have such a living God that is doing great things. We have to be led of God to evangelize the world. To be Spirit filled. What word should I use? What the heck! You got it!

vs. 6. Have you heard about the sin of that man or that? That’s Christian gossip. That’s done by Christians. There was a prayer meeting I used to go to and I hated it. It was just gossip. What do I care this person or that person if it breaks my heart or touches me in some way. I don’t need to know about that divorce, or that person left their husband or wife, or money problems, or foreclose on a house, etc. That’s Christians getting too close and knowing stuff they don’t have any business to know about. Mind your own business! That’s none of my business. Stop it.

vs. 6. Social media, all kinds of mechanisms and tools and books. Mind you, I am not naïve. Yes, I am but not totally. Quite a bit! I have something else I am excited about, something else I am interested in. I don’t have much to deal with them. Let the blind lead the blind and both will fall into a ditch. You get into that talk and other people are honored by God and blessed by God and they have peace and joy and solid stable ways of thinking because they think like God. My thoughts are not yours. I’m the God of grace and wisdom. Let the Word dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another. There is a time when God will say with you and your own business with people – you can go to them alone. You go alone. That person already died. You have nothing to do with it then. They died. That’s between them and God. Praise God we don’t have to judge anyone. They went to be with God. God will deal with it a lot better than you and me.

vs. 6. They are detectives. They are policeman of the highest order, CIA and FBI. Now comes the other way. They are taking this and searching it out. Instead of covering, they cover the beautiful and just search this out diligently. When Jesus died for my sin and teaches me to have a ministry of the H.S. I am more interested in searching out someone’s sin like a detective. Very diligently they are seeking it out. I understand there are things should be brought out in the open. Years ago we said “put the cat on the table.” It’s a Finnish Proverb that they got from the Russians; that they got from the Chinese; that they got from the Brazilians; that they got from the North American Indians! They accomplish a diligent search.

vs. 6. Heart is deep. They could be correct. They could be somehow right. I don’t know. But if we think about God and how God leads us in his ways and wisdom, there is something I have to be careful about. God is not a man. God is different from us. When we are fellowshipping together, how many of you know about the sins of the past of the people in this room? We don’t care about it. We don’t know about it or think about it or search it out. In our hearts our thoughts are very deep. They have not known the depths of Satan. Regarding the church at Pergamos.

vs. 7. Those people searching out the iniquity. I know we honor the police and CIA and FBI that do their work. They are in a particular field of work and we are thankful. They protect our country every day. They are trained to be thinking a certain way and do their investigation. I’m trying to say something about Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit who calls us to seek the things that are above. To find how God thinks in life. I’m going to change this whole thing and find something else.

vs. 7-9. Remember the rabbi in the book of Acts gave the counsel to the Jewish Pharisees, the Sanhedrin and they came before Gamaliel. He said let me give you some advice. A leader said he was the Messiah and they followed him and it resulted in nothing. A second man said he was the Messiah and it resulted in nothing. It this is not of God, you don’t have to worry about it, but if it is of God. This is what we are talking about. This is not of God. This is the devil’s work. Jesus said this and said that and we know he is a deceiver and has a demon and his name is Beelzebub and we know he is a bad man. This was the work of evil.

It’s happening regarding the church worldwide. The devil is at work to say the church is this and that and covers what it really is. We get messages every day in different parts of world about beautiful things….[In Hungary] we would go to an inner harbor and stand at a self-made pulpit and would open our Bibles and listen. That is what they do in Hungary. Thank you, Lord. This is God’s way. The devil has nothing there. God is saying I want to make my Son known and show you how good I am and what I have done for you and how much I care about you. This is the ministry. Every time we gather and see we are looking for the pearl of great price. I’m 40 years plus in this. How many like the New England Patriots? Some are Patriots fans and others are not. When a team is winning all the time, what does it do to the people? They love the team and also hate the team. I hate it when they win all the time. Maybe a basketball team or someone is succeeding. You start to think, when are they going to lose? The day they lose I’m going to have a party. I’m going to order extra pizza. Ha Ha! I think it’s the same with churches. When the Bible Speaks is winning all the time, people don’t like it. When Greater Grace is always so positive and talking about what God is doing, people resent it. I want to see some ugly stuff. I want to hear you talk about your sin, failure, I’m depressed, quitting or the pastor is in deep sin or they are stealing money. It’s a natural thing. That happens. Knowing that, I’m not happy to put that in someone’s face. I’m not rah rah but I am amazed that God is good to us in saying I want you to be blessed. I want in everything you do. Not just as a church but individually. I want your blessing in your finances, in your practical life, with the Spirit of God in your prayer. I want you to be broken. When your trouble comes, I want you to know I am your Comforter. I don’t want jealousy, envy, and disappointment and get angry and rippin mad and search out iniquity. I’ll get even with them. My thought is very deep. I’ll search out iniquity and nail them to the wall. That thinking is evil. That thinking is not of God. It’s the red bucket [in his illustration]. It’s the natural man. Let it be. It happened to Jesus.

2 Tim 1:15, I go to Hungary on Sept. 17 and come back on the 28th. I go to Kansas City the beginning of November. They have a ten year anniversary. Last week of November, I go to Finland. The doors are open if you want to go.

2 Tim 1:15, I’m expecting in the nursery there will be those names?! What’s his name? Phygellus and get the spelling right!! Who is the other Hermogenes? I didn’t ask if your milk is homogenized! What’s his name? Hermogenes.

vs. 16-17. What about the apostle Paul. This man said I know he has a chain on. I know he’s not so popular, and a radical rabbi. That chain got little to do with what I’m thinking about. I want to see him and we are going to have a good time. I’m going to edify him and build him up. All of Asia Minor has left me…all those churches, all that territory. They are not associated with me anymore. There is this man Onesiphorus. When in Rome, he sought me out. We broke bread together. We had an awesome time.

That’s what life is for us. I keep it right. Walk right. Be a good counselor to your wife. As a wife, be a good counselor to your husband. Keep it spiritual. Have prayer. Love the church. Take it home and talk about it. Make it relevant in your life and use it. This lesson on the piano stool you will never forget. There will be times when you say I don’t know what to do here. The Devil will say let me guide and lead you. You got it! God will say, I will show you my way and you follow me and you will do very well. When you live and think like me, you will be on the top of your game.

There might not be people singing your praises but heaven is. God is on your side and you’re following him. You are finding hidden manna and God is helping you and honoring you in your life.



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