How great is your faith? Some men had a sick friend and tried to get him to Jesus. The crowd was too much for them to get in the door. They went up and lowered him down through the tiles and put him in front of Jesus. He got forgiveness and healing. The Holy Spirit gathered those me to Him. (Mark 2:1-5)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon  11748
7:00 PM on 9/8/2019

# Forgiveness








Go Through the Roof

Schaller – 

Praise the Lord. 

We have a different color room. What a beautiful job Simon Aluisy and his team. It’s coming
along. Isn’t it nice. Beautiful! This is our living room, and this is our family. Praise the Lord!
Thank you Lord. First thought: God and his nature. His grace. How many Gods do we have?
One. How many persons? Three. Who are they? Father, Son, and Spirit. One way to think about
it, – give me some room here, but I want to provoke your thinking.

If you had two men in a boat, father and son and the boat is the environment the two are in, the two people are in the boat and they are boat people, the father and the son. Not like in Vietnam years ago. They go fishing in the Chesapeake. They talk about the boat…They have a life. They have something between each other. Not only each person but something so common between them. If you could think of something in your imagination infinite. God is infinite, the Son and the Holy Spirit who is not a boat. The boat people have a spirit of the boat. Even in the house, they have the boat in common. It’s a hobby. 

God has his Son. He delights in his Son. His Son is him. Not exactly. He’s
separate from him. The Holy Spirit is him but not exactly. He’s a separate person. The Father
and Son always loving each other and the Spirit expressing in that fellowship the reality of the
two. The Father and the Son and the H.S. This is eternal. They always have been in fellowship
and had perfect unity and divine purpose. They are truth, wisdom, love, all the characteristics
we read in the Scriptures. 

As people, we can somehow identify. We know what patience is. We
know what truth is. And we are made in his image. We are made to have fellowship with these
three. We are made to be invited into the fellowship on the boat, to know them and be with
them. This isn’t about a boat. This is about God. Infinite, perfect, a person. God then decided in
his own mind to make the universe. He created the universe. What did the H.S. do? He was
everywhere in the universe? Why? The H.S. is love. 

God is not selfish. The Spirit has put everything in God. The Spirit goes to every part of the universe and is there. He created but in Ge 1 it says the Spirit moved on the waters that were here on the earth. Why? This is God’s earth. The Father planned it, the Son executed it and the Spirit created.

 We can read it,

 Psalm. 33:6. Christ is holding it all together by the word of his power.
Colossians 1. Think about this. It’s like God is saying it’s my nature to love. My nature is to serve. My nature is to be here. My nature is to counsel, to draw and gather. My nature is to go to the furthest wherever and be there as God. Amazing.

 A great catastrophe happened. Lucifer in heaven fell. He was cast down here to
this planet. Darkness, evil, wickedness came to the human race. What did the Father and Son
and Holy Spirit do? The Holy Spirit is here. He is in the garden of Eden and when man is cast out of the garden, the Holy Spirit is there still. But the H.S. is not in fellowship with the man because the man had sinned. What is the Holy Spirit’s mind? 

The H.S. mind is I will not fail you. I will not leave. I am sent. I am God. I am the God that gathers. I am a God that cares. I am a God that serves. I am a God that will lose in order to gain. I am God and there is none like me. So all through the Bible, we see the Spirit striving with man. Man’s ways. And the Spirit being grieved. When the flood came, in Ge. 6, God said I cannot strive with man any longer than 120 years. And he put a cap on it. If you remember the story because man had lived hundreds of years. God changed it. In our few words here in our beginning of our time, I want to make a big emphasis about this point that God is a God of all grace. He is the God that to this day is kind of- the H.S. is baptizing us into the Body. 

The H.S. is convicting people of their sin. The H.S. is showing people J.C. When a person believes in J.C., the H.S. baptizes them into God and calls them by name. If we are in God, we are in God. You can’t lose God. God can’t lose you. Nobody can pluck you out of my hand. Nobody can pluck you out of my Father’s hand.

This great grace is our focus constantly. I want to know what the Spirit is doing. I’m finished with what people are doing. What is the Spirit doing, saying, leading us in? God the Spirit because our ways are not his ways and our thoughts are not his thoughts. Praise is a big consequence of the Spirit of God filling us. Praise is a consequence of our mind realizing that what the Father and the Son have planned, it’s happening today in this world.

God is caring, reaching out. 

Mark. 2, I think that’s a good little prelude to this text. Vs. 1. So exciting. None other than the Son of God.
He’s in the house. Jesus is in the house! Jesus is in the house! Who is Jesus? You have no idea who Jesus is. He is God incarnated. Wow! Vs. 2. Many came. Many were gathered together right away. We are sinners stuck, troubled, worried, sick, tired, unemployed, discouraged, bad background, troubled life, stressed. All that stuff. That’s people. Jesus is in the house and did the Holy Spirit gather them to the house. Maybe it was their curiosity. Maybe it was the Spirit of God. They have something altogether, the three of them. They are three persons. 

The Holy Spirit is not speaking about himself. He’s always speaking about the Son and the Son is showing us the Father. The H.S is in the world to show us the Son of God. If we see the Son of God, we see the grace of God. I was reading proverbs this afternoon and this phrase caught my attention. Seest thou a man that is wise in his own conceit. Then seest thou a man who isdiligent in business. Seest thou a man who is hasty in his words. What I got from it is are you studying people in your life.

Do you see a man hasty in his words? Have you seen a man diligent in his business? Yes, we have. We do study people. Seest thou Ahab. How he humbles himself before me and he was a wicked king. God said because he’s done that, I’ll bring the judgment on his house after he’s dead. Because he humbled himself, I’ll give him favor. Rain falls on the just and the unjust. 

God is gracious to the wicked. God’s ways. Vs. 2. Isn’t it fun to listen to
preaching. Isn’t it fun to have a diet in the word. Isn’t it fun when the H.S. says something. Isn’t
it great we can make decisions with God. A young man can find his way. He hears a word in
season. I was speaking to the staff about our phones. 

The iPhone, what a great tool it is, and I use it a lot of time, but it also has a lot of power or potential. It’s an instrument man has in his hand. A technical guy told me there is more computer power in your phone than the computers that put a man on the moon. What I have in my hand every day, there is more computer power than what put a man on the moon. What happens when a teen has one, a young person, an evil person. 

The phone isn’t evil. It’s the human heart that is the problem. The heart of man. What
he posts on the phone, says on the pone and pictures he puts on the phone. Just like my car is
not evil but can be an instrument of evil. A gun is not evil but can be used to do a lot of damage.
What is needed is Jesus. Seek him when you are young. I’m so thankful when I said goodbye to
many of my friends in my heart. I stopped being with them. I stopped talking with them on the
phone. I lost a lot of people I knew but no longer had anything to do with them. I was alone.
Can you be alone? I can when Jesus is with me. When Jesus Christ sends his Holy Spirit in your heart and anoints you, you can think with God, move with God. Look where we ended up. I got you and you got me. We’ve got God. I am a companion of all them that fear you. Ps 119:63.

We’ve been blessed by God, the H.S. Like in eternity past. 

The Father and the Son says I will go out into the universe to give your mind, to express your heart, to show your way. I will go anywhere even in the devil’s territory. I am the Holy Spirit and will not forsake your purpose. I will reveal your nature. I am the Holy Spirit sent into the world to reveal who God is. If we don’t have the Holy Spirit, we don’t know who God is. We’ll make him up to be like us.

The next part, vs 3-4. People came with a sick guy. Again, it was the H.S. doing something with this sick man and his four friends. His four friends come but can’t get in the house. I can’t get in the house. It’s over. Closing up shop. Pulling the bus away. Leaving town. It’s over. The Holy Spirit is saying no. You got to get in front of Jesus. So many dear people do that day and night around here. I love it we are not volunteers. We are baptized into our calling.

 Love it we don’t have professional pastors who work based on their paycheck. Soup to nuts. Everything. What did they say in the 19 th century? Lock, stock, and barrel. What does that mean? There is something here that you cannot explain it but it’s God. I didn’t come to church out of a duty. I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me years ago. This is his plan. It works patience in me. I learn how to be off my telephone. I learn how to sit and be quiet. We had the crank phones. Samuel Morris! We had the same distraction and life and temptations and girly photographs and evil people in the world all the time from the time of Cain who murdered his brother. 

Nothing new under the sun. Same problems in every generation. We are able to say he is the gatherer. He gathers. And it says to the guys – it doesn’t say this, but they said the roof. We’ll go up through the roof. That’s what happened. Thanks for the nursery workers. Thanks to Adam Obest teaching the teens. Thanks to Pete Westera. Thanks to the great staff, Barry Quirk, Jason Moore, and Ulla and Pirjo and all the gatherers. Thanks for bringing Adam Speedy back from the mission field and Renaldo Brown and Charity. 

The Holy Spirit is the one that gathers us together and says come on. I have a message for you. I’m speaking to you. I want you to go up and get that man in front of the Son of God. Put him up in front of Jesus Christ. Get the message on the radio. Get out to the town. P. Randy Rollins went out to Frederick last Saturday… they shared the message and had a good time. Vs. 4-5. I’m a wimp. You are, too. Turn to your neighbor and tell them that.

 I can quit. I can quit like anybody. I can quit when the things get tough. I can quit when I get
discouraged. I can quit by a bad telephone call. I can quit when I miss the train. We have stories
we have been through, unbelievable things. Waist high snow in Russia. What on earth am I
doing? What is happening in – we can quit. But they didn’t. The Spirit will say to us when we are
weak, I got this. Rest in me. I will help you. Just be patient. I will take you through your marriage
trouble. I’m with you. I’ll take you with your kids. Don’t panic. 

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. Don’t quit too early. It may be perfect timing. Don’t give up when everything else is falling apart. We are called to be Spirit-filled people. When that happens. we have the courage and the guts to take the roof off and let the guy down in front of Jesus. We have so much service going on in our church.

People do these things. They bring meals to people. They call. They go to the hospital and nursing home. We are not perfect. We are not the answer for everyone. You cannot lean on us in the wrong way. I would like to say a lot of good things happen because you and I are willing to take the roof off and get someone in front of Jesus, hand out tracts and say come to the church. We are at Sam’s Club a week ago. Come to the church. Come to Jesus. 

Come to Jesus. Do you believe in God? Jesus loves you. The Holy Spirit is in that. He is the gatherer, always has [been] and always will. There is a day coming when it becomes so obvious the kingdom of God will come on the earth and the Holy Spirit will be so strong he will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. There are times in Bible school the Spirit will be so strong and so anointed and precious. God will be visiting students and speaking

to their hearts. Trust me with all your heart. I will show you great things you know not of. I will
anoint you, train you, guide you, encourage you. It seems there is the other category of
Christians. Distracted, can’t concentrate, troubled, petty, complaining, worried. They start their
life crying like a baby. We all do. And we live our life nervously and we die discouraged. What a
history. I come in crying, nervous about my life and die disappointed. I come in crying, nervous
and worried, trust Jesus, born again, learn to think with God, filled with the Spirit, bear fruit
with God, gather with God, get a guy in front of Jesus and he’s healed, and my life has value. I
die not disappointed but full of days. Amen.

That’s the end of the message. I’m so tempted to keep going. I want to keep going. I love to repeat that whole thing over again. The man comes down and Jesus is there. Your sins are forgiven. Holy Spirit. The priest is there, and they have a different spirit. We are in a world where there is another spirit. Get used to it. That spirit is not of God. It’s destructive and some believer Christians live in that spirit. Don’t discourage or tear down or complain. Don’t murmur. You’ll die disappointed. Jesus read their hearts. 

You folks over there have a problem with that? I’ll tell the guy to stand up and walk. Up. Get moving here. Done. It’s over. Guy does it. Is God here? He is. Okay. Would you pray with me. If you get convicted by something in the message, if that happens to you, that’s a very good thing. That shows you God loves you. That’s a very good thing. That’s between you and God. You take it to God and admit it. Agree with God quickly. Best thing with a credit card is pay it in 30 days. We all learn that the hard way. But same with sin. If I sin and just deny it, it continues to accrue. Why not live in the light. My sin can take me away from God. I want to be humble and say God deal with that pornography thing in my life. Teach me and show me. The bad words and the gossip and the bad friends. I want the young people in our church to be men and women of God. I know it is happening. I know more of it can happen. I know they need help. Teenagers, eight-year old’s, seven-year old’s, and 10-year old’s. If we leave them alone, they are handling a phone that can devour their lives. I’m not against phones. I think they are amazing. It’s the heart. And decision making. We’ll have a good next few weeks, a month or so and have one night a panel on Sunday night and have some good things said to help parents’ parent their young people. Amen.


Scibelli –

We just came from LamCon. Someone told me you do so many conferences, are you
a con artist! P. Stan Collins is amazing. That man is a gatherer. He said it was double the amount of people since the last LamCon. We have a vision because there are 8 countries here that Greater Grace hasn’t reached: Paraguay, Uruguay and Columbia. Eight countries we are looking to reach and gather people. That was a great message, wasn’t it? We had a tremendous time. I end up…to cluck my way home. It was unbelievable. What a great time. Anointed. P. Heraldo from Brazil. Our theme was being renewed but I didn’t think I touched the theme.

It was something along the line of tonight’s message. Joseph was a fruitful branch. He stays by the
well and his branches ran over the wall. Stay by a well. We get weary. Jesus came in Jn. 4 and
he was weary from the journey. God the Son weary from the journey. What took place at the
well quickened and made him alive. Stay by the well of church service and unconditional love
and faithfulness and the gospel. Stay by the well of prayer. We stay by the well and the
branches run over the wall. That was a major theme of the conference. 

By a well and branches run over the well. If you don’t stay by the well, my branches wither, tossed away. I don’t want to be that.
Ex. 15 They came to Elam and it had 12 wells of water and 70 palm trees. 
Ge 26:18 wells are important. They dug wells. As we go tonight, as you heard the message of being a gatherer, stay and the Holy Spirit’s life living in us, being filled with the Spirit, and when we fail we get back up. When we sin, we confess it. Stay by the well and the branches will go over the wall. So many are looking at the wall, the obstacles, they forget the well. Stay by the well and the branches run over. 

Stay by that well.

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